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43 Negative Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 93.48%.


3 Positive Comments out of 46 Total Comments is 6.52%.

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    • 25.32 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 43 negative comments (93.48%)
    • 3 positive comments (6.52%)
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Posted by Anonymous

The Piggly Wiggly in Columbus Ms. Is awful, and so are the people that work there. I witnessed a cashier bullying another one she didn't say anything to the one who bullied her. And that same cashier was rude to me when I approached the counter she rolled her eyes and had a very nasty attitude. And I also witnessed the manager being nasty to a customer. I also saw bread so molded it was blue and the meat is so rotten it's green. Thank God all I bought was paper towels. PLEASE! DO NOT SHOP OR WORK HERE!!!

Posted by Mad

Its not about customer service, its about Dylan Parker a meat cutter in Butler Ga. 31006.
He has made several passes and advances to my girlfriend when she's in the store, and nothing is done about it; he makes her feel uncomfortable as she shops from him hitting on her.
I dont know what type of store Yall are running down here but I want him fired ASAP or I will handle it myself publicly.
We shop at the Butler store location alot but if this continues to go on toward my girlfriend, I will file a complant by a lawyer in court and press charges against thus Dylan Parker for sexual herrasment and rude conduct of a employee of your store in Butler, Ga.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very frustrated! I have been trying to talk to someone at the piggly wiggly company for days. I have a product that I am trying to find out if it is still good but I can't determine that since there is no best by date on it, only a code, which of course I cannot deciper. This is a simple need but your people cannot be reached. IT IS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME NOT WANT TO EVER BY ANOTHER PIGGLY WIGGLY PRODUCT!

Posted by Anonymous

Piggly Wiggly in Columbus Ms, Is a horrible place to shop. The meat is rotten and so is the fruit and vegetables the bread is so molded it's blue. And the manager and the assistant manager are fat lazy pigs who are rude to customers. And they make the employees work their entire shift without a break of any kind. Because they are to lazy to get on the registers. If this place closed down it would be a blessing.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Customer Relations Department,

Yesterday I attempted unsuccessfully to relate an unfortunate experience I had at your Apalachicola branch. This was quite out of the ordinary from our past experiences over the past nine or ten years visiting St George Island for the three winter months. In past years, the staff, including the meat department have been very pleasant and helpful.

Those past experiences makes my attempt to provide the meat department a heads-up so strake and unexpected. My unpleasant encounter with the meat department management begin last Friday, the 26 of January when I purchased 7.5 pounds of what was labeled as ground chuck. Given the chilly weather we were hosting a weekly potluck dinner party that was to feature meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gray. When I baked the meat loaf I was shocked to discover the outrageous amount of fat that was released in the cooking process. In fact, there was so much fat that it overflowed the baking pan and had to be ladled out so as to avoid a mess in the oven and the potential for an actual fire.

I thought that the meat department should be warned of that they had inadvertently ground too much fat into their ground chuck last Friday. Mistakes happen and those in charge should be kept informed so as to avoid future issues.

When I visited the store last Monday the 29th, I stopped at the meat department to relay my tale of woo. The worker who happened to be there, a tall, pleasant African-American man. Greeted me with a smile and seemed appropriately concerned. As I turned to leave the manager arrived. Unlike his assistant, this guy �blew me off� in a most disrespectful way. I was speechless. All I wanted to do was to give this fellow a heads-up and in return I got a disdainful glare and an abrupt dismissal.. This was so out of the ordinary, I thought that you should know.

As I mentioned, we send 10 to 12 months each year on St George Island. Your outlet in Apalachicloa is/was our favorite place to shop.

Thomas R Swartz, Professor Emeritus

Posted by marcus2692

Piggly wiggly in Tuscaloosa AL. On Culver RD. The sign said they close at 9pm. But they locked their door 10mins early. If thats the case, someone needs to change the sign. I don't like wasting gas.

Posted by Anonymous

On 12/19/17, Piggy Wiggly Store manager told me that they don't usually take out of town checks(the check was from Gadsden SC. and the store is in Orangeburg SC.#117) and he gave me my check back. I had written a check in Cola. SC. the same week and I was not told this. I had $104.78 in my cot. I would like to know If this is Piggy Wiggly store policy or is this a discriminatory policy because I am BLACK. The name on my receipt is Richard Craven.

just in case I don't hear rom you I will be submitting my complaint to other Piggy Wiggly centers

Posted by Billy

Never thought in a million years I would be treated like a nobody like our business was not important to your store. Seaboard auto sales Andrews sc

Posted by Anonymous

I was just left the piggly wiggly store on Trotwood ave. The clerk had a very nasty attitude with me. She was confronting in front of other customers. Because I asked about the tax. She continued even as I walked out of the store. She has done this before with me.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a Pastor of a church in wellston Ohio where one your stores are located . I was finished with my shopping and was checking out when one of the cashiers which had a VERY loud voice was complaining and putting down church goers to anyone with in earshot . I politely invited her to come and try it out and to put it politely she was very rude and offensive . Her last name is Kisor and she is a cashier . Myself and my congregation shop there regularly but we can just as easy go to Kroger's . For myself on days she is working I will go elsewhere so I don't have to go through what I did tonight it was very humiliating . Thank you for your time

Posted by Anonymous

Hello my name is Corey L. Jacobs and I just recently worked WTH your branch in Monroe Wisconsin. Your store manager there has no knowledge of anything a store manager should have knowledge of. He is very unprofessional and most of his employees get bad vibes from him because he handles situations in a very creepy way. The guy doesn't know how to be a strong leader. I used to be a supervisor at a factory and if I handled situations like he does I would be fired and the company would be out a lot of money do to haresment lawsuits. They guy is never there even when he is you hardly ever see him unless he's yelling at employees in front of other employees or customers.Dan is just letting your business just sit there in idle, if I were in his shoes I would be there bright and early helping in any way possible due to call offs and general work load I would be there to help and guide. A store manager is supposed be be more than a person who manages. Let me carry the torch and I could help turn around this franchise and make working less stressful and more fun to work. Help me help you.

Posted by Anonymous

I dont know whats going on with the store but Ive gotten spoiled meat and fruit and now ive just open a can of yalls Leaf Spinach abd coojed it to feed my family and there was bugs in it. Im getting worry about shopping from yalls company.

Posted by Anroid

I have been using Piggly Wiggly on 13th street for my grocery shopping needs so on new year morning me my daughter and grandbaby with grocery shopping early that morning and I goes to the counter and leave and get a toamtoe and return back leave my grandbaby stand there the cashier Anntionnque is excuss my grandbaby stealing in front of the store manager Tim I check her pocket it was nothing I was so devasted because I been shopping there for 2 years since I move in the area and to have a cashier to come in off the street and excuss my grandbaby of stealing was the worst day of my life there after I never did get apolize are anything what I got when I return the cashier looks at me and roll her eyes and talk to other cashier and make fun of me I talk to the store manager he say she can look how she want to not realizing this girl is a liar and I spend my hard earn money just to get assauth by her and him is very poor buisness in his part and her part ...

Posted by Cecil l Keeling

shopped at norfolk va store.worse service ever.after asking cashier could I play va state lottery she directed me to customer service,I waited 10 minutes before being told Customer service is closed.if so then I would like to know why it's not posted.

Posted by Pissed off

I will never go to a Piggly Wiggly store ever again there ad show's Morning Fresh Layer or Jumbo biscuits 10/10. We got 4 of the jumbo and 4 of the layer jumbo come up $1.59 we told the cashier they was 10/10 she was rude hateful telling us we was wrong. We told her it was in the ad in the flyer and on the shelf she refused to check being hateful to my 84 year old friend. If the cashier is to stupid to read a flyer I travel 50 miles to have a cashier smart ass and belittle a 84 year old woman the cashier glanced at the ad and said it's not there. My woman who has spent over a month in 3 hospitals and 4 ER's with a near dying daughter who's nerves are on end to be treated like that is unforgivable. My friend with us is a witness to the whole thing. The Cashiers name was Angel in the Gallipolis Ohio store.

Posted by Anonymous

The Boscobel Wisconsin store is absolutely disgusting. The floors are filthy. The produce is on its way out, especially the tomatoes. The meat, well let's just put it this way, I wouldn't feed it to my dog. The hamburger was the color of old chicken. The chicken looked like it went through a grinding mill. The pre-packaged ground Turkey was absolutely white, no color. I have not been to this store because of the treatment of some employees. I plan on opening my own business which would have given this store about $5,000 worth of business a month, but forget it. I will not ever shop at this store again and that loss to the store is anywhere between $500 to $600 per month. Ten years of this store not getting its business together is an embarrassment to the community and to its patrons. Just because it is a monopoly in this town does not give this store the permission to sell unfit food to the area public.

Posted by Anonymous

To whom it may concern,
Or l really expect not concern, these days. I am disabled. So, my husband went into store #272in Union Grove Wi, to get a cake for the grandkids. The box said:white butter cream frosting-with chocolate cake. Well, 2 of them, took 2 pieces out of the cake before l could call the store. Long story short...when l got to the right person, they wanted the cake back! LIKE I WAS BEING PUNISHED! Now, you can't tell me that l couldn't have left a slice of that cake-to prove it to them, that it was marked wrong. When all they are going to do is throw it away? But, l have 3 grandkids begging for cake still. Today he could bring it back...cause he cought a ride with his buddy here in Sunday. 8/14/16. The kids already took 2 pieces out of the cake. & then we had to tell them no, we had to put it away to bring back to the store tomorrow-for evidence. I worked in retail, just short of 23yrs straight, for the same place. That is "NOT" how proper business is run. (They made us try to feel like it was our mistake. While they should have been accommodating us in anyway they could!)

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a customer @the Pig for 7yrs at the s108th store.The younger cashiers were on the floor today.I proceed to pay for purchases when after Michell,the cashier says how YA doing,the next thing that comes from his mouth is: FOOD STAMPS?I could not believe my ears.Yes,i'm Black.Yes I have an EBt card But I found his approach so Out of Order.By the way I did not intend on using my card.Some employees need to check their people skills.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a watermelon at Childersburg Alabama Piggly Wiggly. Watermelon was bad. Went back to the store. Told manager the problem. He said he could not do anything unless I brought the bad melon back. Had already discarded it. Everywhere else I have gotten a bad one they were happy to replace it without the old one. Manager did not say he was sorry or any kind of customer service in any way. I got it out of the trash and carried it back. Got my money back and still no apology. Will not ever set foot in that store again.

Posted by cynthia

I was visting in Andrews South Carolina for the 4of july weekend with family a employee bt the name of Verónica Mccray was very very Rude and Disrepectful i told she is like that with everyone ! customers were leaving the Store i find that unexceptable behavior

Posted by Andrew

I went at 10 mins till 9 and the doors were closed. You would think that every dollar a company could make would be valuable. If the employees weren't so eager to get out of there in a hurry we would of got our kids milk for the night

Posted by Anonymous

I was shopping in my local Piggly Wiggly today in Beaufort, NC and witnessed an employee acting very, very nasty to a delivery guy. I was in shock at the way she spoke to this gentleman. I did not catch the entire conversation. It is possible that he provoked her, however, during the part that I did catch she was extremely rude and he didn't say anything back to her. This was very inappropriate behavior for an employee, especially in front of customers. I had my kids with me. If this is the kind of behavior that their employees will continue to have then I will surely take my business elsewhere and i'm sure my friends and family will as well.

Posted by Jules

The store in Calhoun City, MS is horrible! Sadly is THE ONLY grocery store in our small town so many people have no choice but to shop there. There prices are much higher than stores in neighboring cities. While the store is very clean (it's a new building) the customer service is definitely lacking. I went in Sunday night 19 minutes before closing. I needed less than 10 items & would have been in & out before they closed. Except, before I could make it down the first aisle, they turned ALL the ughts out except for lights in cases with doors (milk/produce/frozen foods). Then the child of someone who works there followed me around saying "we are closing, that's why the lights are off!" He continued to follow me around making those comments until I left. It took me much longer to find my items bc I couldn't see. There are no windows at the back & one side of the store so it was very dark. I knocked over part of a display bc I couldn't see. I could have easily fallen or tripped & hurt myself with the lights out like that.

I've worked in the grocery business & I know that 30 minutes before closing that everyone is tired & ready to go home. But sometimes people can't help that they need things last minute & as I said, I would've been out before they closed.

This store also won't order things they don't typically keep in stock. For instance, I use a certain brand of beef stock for seasoning. I've repeatedly asked if they could order it & they say they will but then don't. Or they say they can't. It really just depends on who you ask. The cashiers are not friendly. In fact, nobody at the store is friendly!

I will start driving the extra 15-20 miles to the next town to shop from now on. But it upsets me to know that our wonderful town has many elderly people that don't have the luxury of being able to do so. This Piggly Wiggly takes advantage of the fact they're the ONLY grocer in town & it's disgusting! I would think as a corporation that Piggly Wiggly would want more of their stores. I would think they'd want to promote a great community image. But this store falls very short of such a goal! Until this store changes hands or improves drastically, I will no longer take my business there & will encourage all friends & family to move their business elsewhere also.

Posted by Anonymous

Calhoun City, MS is having MAJOR problems with the Piggly Wiggly there. Investigations should be made immediately!!!!! All I see on social media is horrible customer service. Cussing customers for walking in close to closing time, turning lights off while customers are still there, following customers around chanting that's its closing time, and too much more to list. Horrible horrible horrible! My cousin knocked a display over because the lights were turned off and she couldn't see. Y'all better act fast. The local people are driving elsewhere to shop.

Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at this particular Piggly Wiggly several times actually I go there at least 2 times a week and sometimes more specific location is 3100 Washington Road East Point Georgia 30344 today I was in the store shopping as I normally do I do find the store clean however I had to use the restroom I asked two people they stopped person and the cashier at the front I was told they don't have restrooms for the customers I said Thank you and made my purchase and left I called the corporate office I was told each store is owned independently to call the location I did and I spoke to the store manager at the East Point location located at 3100 Washington Road the manager of that store said the restrooms was upstairs and they just don't let customers use it I asked them why don't you have a son he said because this is a privately owned store he does not have to do that I find that very disturbing as a public business.

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Posted by Anonymous

I have shopped at the Piggly Wiggly store in DILLARD, GEORGIA for many years.
Never has there been a better manager than Sterling G. He and his staff know and exhibit the best of southern hospitality and customer appreciation.
I hope corporate keeps these happy, because they are valuable assets to this community.
Barbara Taylor Woodall

Posted by Anonymous

I visits the stores in Maxton and Laurinburg NC. I enjoy shopping in both stores except for the loud music. I am unable to concentrate on my shopping due to it being so distracting. I don't know if its about culture, but the music is the same. So what about the rest of the customers?. I enjoy the store itself, but its just hard to concentrate on why I went to the store, and if I remember I just pick up that item and get out of the store. I go to another to do my quiet shopping. It would help if it wasn't so loud. I am ware that you can not satisfy everyone, but it would help if all your customers could tell you were trying.

Posted by concerned

At30clock this fternoon myself and2 other church members..watched as 3of your employees harass a costmer..one followed him around thestore..another cut a hole in a bag..placed the glass bottles the man purchased in it.when the glass shatters they laughed this happened at your store in willaimston nc..if this matter is not addressed.my church members will boy cott. Please views if store cam..the express lane..the lane closes to it.and the beer lane

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Posted by Anonymous

I am Rhonda Salazar I worked for the Homer Louisiana store. I no longer work for them..I DO NOT wish to contact the store for personal reasons. Could you please give me the personal Dept email or phone number. I have not received my paycheck for March 2 3 4 ..Please ASAP Thank you


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