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34 Negative Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 79.07%.


9 Positive Comments out of 43 Total Comments is 20.93%.

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    • 34 negative comments (79.07%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Mandeville, LA store today with my 83 year old mother in a wheel chair. First off,most of the aisles were not wide enough for her chair, but then she was embarrassed in front of the other customers when she tried to pay for her purchases and they refused to take her check. She is elderly and doesn't have a credit card or ATM. They said they only except checks to pay a Bill but not for purchases. Her money is as good as anyone else's. I live in California, but neither of us will be shopping at any of your store again.

Posted by Rielal

Hello I went to the Pier 1 store in Acton today. I brought two items in and told them I wanted to return them I have a receipt but I understand because of the length of time it will be a store credit. The young lady initially helping me was very nice. Then Bianca took over and she said because the receipt didn't pull up in the system, the prices were and she gave me the prices for what they cost now. I told her I her my receipt of what I paid for them. I understand it's a store credit but why can I get those amounts. She didn't say anything she took the receipt did the transaction said nothing had a gruff look on her face was not friendly at all like it was a total inconvenience. At the end of the transaction she didn't say anything, nothing. I said thank you she didn't respond she handed me the receipt and the gift card and that was it. I'm not used to a lack of customer service with Pier 1. They always have great employees. That is why I am leaving this comment.

Posted by Vvlowe

Worst experience i've ever had in Pier One Greenbrier in Chesapeake, Virginia on 12/17. My daughter tried to return curtains without the receipt and was told we could not get an in store credit because they were considered a "high theft" item. The associate"s name is Melissa, she would not give me the manager's name and did not offer any resolution for the $200 curtains. The manager who's name I found out from corporate is Kelsey never came out to address the issue. Instead they asked me and my daughter who is 9 months pregnant to leave the store. We chose to stay until the issue was resolved so they called the police. My daughter has purchased many items from this store including furniture. This incident was so upsetting to her that it sent her into premature labor. There was absolutely no reason to be treated in that manner. We will never shop at Pier One again and we are sharing this incident to many of our friends and family to do the same. I spoke with the corporate office they told me that someone from the regional office would be contacting me about this. To date, I have not herd from them so I feel it is necessary to ensure someone is aware of the treatment so it won't happen again. Melissa was so rude and was not interested in trying to help us and the fact that Kelsey the manager did not come to talk with us to discuss the issue is totally unacceptable.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been calling Pier 1 customer service for 3 days!!!! since July 3rd I have a Pier ! CC, but I lost it. I bought some acrylic glasses on my phone & it didn't show Freeship coupon, when I pulled it up on my computer it did. I want the 7.00 taken off my CC!!!No one answered the phone in customer service, this is AWFUL!!! for 3 days!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Was in your store yesterday. I needed help with picking out one of your reed diffusers. I usually get Island Orchard for the bathroom and needed help with one for my kitchen. The lady must have been new because she had to go to another lady for help with my question. She was helping me and one of the ladies said she needed her up front. So she left me standing there and no one came back to help me. Very unprofessional and you dont do that to a customer. That has never happened to me before. Everyone was always helpful and gave me good advice on what kind would smell good for areas in the house. No one ever just walked away while i was asking questions. Hardly any other customers and i did see about 3 ladies working at the time. Very disappointed.

Posted by Manjari

I am mom of 2 little kids.I visited eden prairie pier1 store to look around as I need to decorate my new house.

I was taking pictures so I can go back and decide after checking with my family. I was asked rudely by the customer service persons "when you are just looking why are you taking pictures". They just lost 500$ worth sales as I would not go back to that shop again.

At the same time I feel sad coz I love the decor items that they sell and some of the items they sell are from India.In this day and age where people take pics and whatsapp to decide what gifts to buy for their friend or family or for decorating homes, I am amused that I was asked this.

Posted by Manjari

I am mom of 2 little kids.I came to look around as I need to decorate my new house.

I was taking pictures so I can go back and decide after checking with my family. I was asked rudely by the customer service persons "You said you are just looking. SO why are you taking pictures". They just lost 500$ worth sales as I would not go back to that shop again.

At the same time I feel sad coz I love the decor items that they sell and some of the items they sell are from India.In this day and age where people take pics and whatsapp to decide what gifts to buy for their friend or family or for decorating homes, I am amused that I was asked this.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in Palm harbor fl today to purchase 5 picture frames Monica store manager was at the check out I asked if they were on sale she said she didn't know. I immediately went back and brought to her the sale sign which was 30per cent off, she became angry and took the sign back and then refused to check me out stating I know must wait for someone else to check me out....Needless to say I left without purchasing anything as I have never been treated so rude. I called back to speak with a manager only to find out she is the manager. Long story short you lost a $65.00 sale went to TJMax got beautiful designer frames for $16.00. Will not shop this store again.
Dec 16 2015

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I was in your store today in Geneva IL. There was this lady in there who had asked for some help. The clerk started talking real loud and the lady politely asked her is she could not speak so loud as she has a hearing device and it was really loud and it echoed. I stood by and saw the lady back away from the clerk.The clerk then walked away. She then proceeded to look around the store and again explained to the other clerk about the hearing device and then finally left. As I was looking around I heard the Mgr say to the other clerk I was so mad I could have smacked her in the face. I was astonished to hear this. How did I know she was the mgr. I asked the other clerk for the mgr so I could tell her about what took place she then told me who was on duty and she said that it was her.The lady that was talking so loud.. Needless to say I left the store. I don't think I will ever enter that store again, in fact I know I will not. One very unpleasant experience. This lady does not belong on the floor working with the public, or in any other customer service position.

Posted by Anonymous

I have tried to take my husband's name off of the flyer that comes in the mail, He has been deceased for 4yrs, and I still get them,, Either change the name from Ted to Loretta, or take it off the mailing list all together. the reference number and there is another number which is the name is Ted Kaminski thank you for you attention

Posted by [email protected]

I placed an order with P1 and two weeks later they are finally filling the order. Then they email me and tell me to take the email to the store as my receipt. I have no printer and cannot take their email to the store, so I emailed them to tell them that and they told me to go look at the FAQ section. I have told them I will cancel the order if they ( a person ) do not contact me in an hour the order is canceled. THESE PEOPLE SUCK AND I WILL NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN.

Posted by Anonymous

I am new to the Hampton roads area in VA. I shopped at the Pier 1 location right of Mercury Blvd. Let me tell you! Their are two women associates that will literally follow you around the store and stare, as if you are about to steal something. I have never stolen in my life and never been arrested for such act. It make me feel uncomfortable as an innocent shopper. What they don't realize, that if I am in their store or any other store, I have enough money to purchase what I need or want. I told my husband that I get more appreciation from shopping at Macy's. The manager at Pier 1 need to inform her two associates that their job is to make customers feel comfortable about shopping at Pier 1.

Posted by Anonymous

I usually shop at the Hampton, Va. store. I have decided not to shop there anymore. I have made several purchases and told the associte if the items did not work once I got the item home that I would return the item. Unfortunately, I had to return both items. When I walked in the store, an associate "Are you returning something else?" to say the least, I did not appreciate that. It's my money and if I want to return an item I can. I have your credit card. i have a balance of $150. i am going to pay it and close my acct.

Posted by Very angry customer

Store # 0677. Every time I come into the store they push the credit card down my throat. Also they can't keep the same employees. Every time I go into that store I see different faces. Who dont know how to do anything. That's really sad. Very poor management. Seems like the good people quit. So disappointed in this store. Don't think I'll return any time soon.

Posted by SusanInSFL

Many problems. First the website incorrectly stated availability at local store.Order placed for pickup at local store was virtually cancelled. Store said to come in and they'd place an order and have sent to my house so I'd have in a few days. I went to the store.The associated refused to place the order and told me to 'do it myself'. I phoned from the store. It took an hour. Customer service person Keisha said order would be to me in 7 days. That was on 1/30. I told her it could not arrive after that because I'd be gone and product would be in the weather and ruined. She said it would be here. She also said she'd remove shipping chgs once it shipped. It shipped yesterday. Shipping chgs were not removed. AND it's scheduled for delivery on Friday which is a day too late. I'm now on the phone AGAIN with worthless customer service. On hold for supervisor now - 20 minutes so far.I asked them to ph UPS and upgrade shipping. They say they 'can't'. I told them they can but that it appears they WON'T. They make it impossible to shop with them and impossible to TRUST THEM to do anything they say they'll do. Bad company top to bottom.Local store Mgr is worthless. Her staff? BAD.

Posted by Anonymous

Ordered product at online web site for pickup at local store. Received telephone call later that day stating items were not available for pickup at store and the order was being canceled. Was told if I still wanted the items I could reorder online and have it shipped. I inquired about the original charge and was told it was canceled and would not be charged. I checked my credit card purchases and it has been charged. It will take an undetermined time before my funds will be reinstated. Called Customer Service Support line. No support given just a rude rep who attempted to talk over me and was unable to provide actual support. This is the first time I have attempted to purchase from Pier One and it will be my last. If this is your norm for customer relations your market share will continue to be less and less.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased over $1500 worth of furniture on Dec 27,'14 at the Northville, Mi store.I purchased the Alton sofa in Russet off the floor.It does not come w/arm covers.I went to the Canton, Mi store to inquire about purchasing swatches to make my own.I was told to do this on line, when I tried on line I could not, I went into the Northville, Mi store.Tracey there helped me.She said the swatches were no longer able to be ordered, the fabric and/or sofa is discontinued but that store had two swatches and it showed other local stores had swatches as well.

I called customer service from home &spent-literally-45 minutes trying to find somebody to help me out.I spoke to 3 different people.Jerry,(female)who 1st took my call was nice &tried to help, she gave me to Matt who was less nice "sorry we don't carry it anymore, you can't purchase fabric swatches from the stores, they must be returned". I asked for his boss, Matt tells me "they will tell you what I just did" he gave me to Tiffany who finally explained why I couldn't purchase discontinued swatches.

If the stores and/or Jerry & Matt would have understood your policies better I would have been helpful and I wouldn't have spent 45 min on the phone and more time in the store trying to find an answer.You need to inform your employees of your policy, I wasted 45 min on the phone talking to three different people before I got an answer. The first 2 thought the company destroys the fabric that it was refusing to sell to a customer. stupidity.

I was not allowed to purchase the swatches in store because they had to be returned to the corporate offices. I do not understand why you do not offer customers the option to purchase swatches of fabric or why you do not offer arm covers. Am I the only one with messy kids, really? I can't say I would never buy from Pier 1 again but this experiences has made me want to look elsewhere. How can you justify to me you'll take my $1500 but I can't buy $10-$40 worth of fabric...that you discontinued?! It's frustrating & irritating.

A positive I will leave you with: Tracey and Jill in your Northville, Mi store are very helpful, Jerry (female) that first took my call tried to be helpful and Tiffany who finally was the one who could explain WHY swatches were not available to purchase was very helpful and understood why I was so frustrated after spending $1500 on goods and merely wanting to buy $10-40 worth of discontinued fabric. Please offer arm covers and please educate all your employees of your own store policies. I wasted a lot of time chasing a dead end.

Posted by shruth

I went into pier one imports trying to buy a glass bowl as a gift. They didn't have any materials to keep the delicate glass safe. What kind of a store expects you to walk out carrying bulky or delicate objects without even the barest packing? Suffice it to say it was the most frustrating shopping experience and I am not eager to step into that store anytime in the near future.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently received a flyer with a $10 off coupon attached. I went to the Frankfort, ky store and spent over $100.00 and was told I had to have a Pier One card to use this coupon. I am a frequent Pier One customer but have never had the credit card. I don't understand why I was sent this coupon if I'm not eligible to use it. The staff really didn't understand why I had gotten it either. Please advise.

Posted by Anonymous

Just received notice that my Pier1 order is ready to ship.. The order was already received . Please check this as I do to want duplicate order sent. Thank you.

Posted by IMingenius

Dear Sir or Madam:

On Sunday, July 20th 2014, I purchased the Serena 5-Pillar Holder ), as a housewarming gift from your Pier 1 Imports location at 3550 State Rd 38 E Lafayette, IN 47905-5121, Store #568. I was assisted by the store manager, Liz, and checked out by another store associate. The item was not wrapped properly in paper, but placed wholly into a store bag.

Leaving directly from the store to the housewarming, upon arrival I noticed that one of the large glass cylinders and one of the small glass cylinders were cracked, the larger having a large chip, as well.

I returned to the store on Monday, July 21st 2014 and approached an associate and explained the situation, asking her about the possibility of purchasing replacement cylinders. She informed me that she would check, as the one I purchased was the only one in the store. I let her know that I would browse and await her answer.

She approached me the first time and told me that she needed to speak with Liz in order to approve another Serena 5-Pillar Holder being shipped to the store. At that time, Liz approached the counter and I explained to her the situation as well. She apologized and mentioned that she couldn�t believe it was wrapped, as it was your policy. I informed her of my request to purchase replacements as I understood that sometimes accidents happen and as I am a very frequent customer at that location and never had a problem before this. The associate then told Liz that they were checking on replacements and I let the counter to continue browsing.

A few minutes later, the associate approached me and informed me of their inability to order replacement cylinders only as we walked back to the counter. I asked if there was anything in the store similar that I might possibly use, and that is when the associate said that Liz told her that, ââ?¬Å?there was nothing further they would do to assist me, as I probably just dropped the bag and broke them myself.ââ?¬Â? and was, ââ?¬Å?trying to get something for nothing and attempting to get one over on them.ââ?¬Â?

Upon hearing this, I was outraged at having been accused of such a thing after offering to purchase the cylinders; never did I ask to exchange the item. I let her know that, had I dropped the bag as I was being accused, wouldn�t all the glass been cracked, if not broken? And requested to speak to Liz personally regarding this matter. She left and returned shortly, informing me that Liz was assisting another customer but had, again, reiterated the she said they would do nothing to assist me and I was wasting my time.

At this point, I was not only extremely insulted (as these conversations were held in front of other customers), but humiliated at being accused of outright lying about what had happened. I was asked for the receipt, in which I again informed her that I had not brought it with me as I had not intended to either return the item, or exchange it and had not asked for either. She said that Iââ?¬â?¢d, ââ?¬Å?be waiting for a whileââ?¬Â? if I intended to wait to speak to Liz.

I was almost in tears at their treatment, asked for the cylinder back which I had brought to the store with me to show them, and told her that I was insulted, humiliated and hurt and wanted nothing more to do with them.

I have been both a loyal and frequent customer of Pier 1 imports for the past 15 years, having purchased two sets of outdoor furniture, as well as numerous gifts and home d�©cor items and am appalled at being treated in such a disgusting and disrespectful manner when I was nothing but kind to both of them, and trying to be understanding about the item not being wrapped, as this was the first time anything like this had happened. I can not imagine that your store manager would have the authority to, not only mistreat your customers, but to humiliate them and refuse assisting them.

Please understand that, as the reader of this letter, I know that you are not responsible for what happened, and I do not want to come across aggressively to you in any way. I am just thoroughly upset by this occurrence and would really appreciate your response and, hopefully, a means of resolution.

I appreciate your time and assistance.

Posted by unhappy customer

yesterday 1/8/14 I received my pier 1 statement for 23.55. The due date for a payment was 1/16/14 at 5pm, leaving only 8 days to read, and mail the payment and for it to reach an out of state payment center. I believe that is not permissible by law. there needs to be at least 20 or 30 days, I'm not sure which given to make the payment. So I decided to take my payment into the store that my wife made the purchase at so it would not be late.

When I arrived there was no one at the counter. It is a very large store in woodlands hills ca. One sales girl was on the floor helping a customer and another was putting away some candles on the shelf at the back of the store and oblivious to me and 3 other customers. I found her and asked if she would take a payment from me and she did not answered as it appeared that I was bothering her. she did however come to the counter but asked a lady that was there if she could help her and the lady told her that I was there first but the sales person kept on ignoring me until I said did you hear that the lady said that I was here first. She then took my statement and 25.00 that I gave her and put the entire amount on the account. My balance was only 23.55 so she didn't even look at what she was doing. If I would have given her 2 twenty dollar bills or more she would have put it all on the account as she never looked beyond the account number on the statement. when I asked her why she put more on the account than my balance was, she called over the other sales girl who said she was the manager on duty. This person began to explain why the other sales girl was stocking the shelves instead of waiting on customers because she can multi task. When I asked her why she gave the store more of my money than I owed she looked at me and said she didn't know. I guess that comes with the multi tasking. What a sad experience I had with Pier 1 yesterday.

Posted by ssh

I placed an order online. The order was cancelled and I was never notified. I waited 10 days and finally called in to ask what happened to my order. I was told that what I had ordered was now out of stock and I was out of luck. The csr tried to blame my credit card for the cancelled order. I got my credit card co on the phone for a 3 way call and the Pier 1 rep hung up on us. I will never do business with Pier 1 again. Poor customer service is one of the main reasons companies go bankrupt not this economy. Treat customers right and the will continue to be your customers Pier 1.

Posted by na

Went to the store in Tucson Az on old Spanish Trail talked with store manager about a purchase problem named maria and was told maybe K-mart was a better store for us. would ever think of shopping in that store again.Were do they find these people

Posted by furious

I am truly upset! I have been a devoted Pier 1 customer for many years and never had a negative experience; however, today was awful!! I left the store shaking, heart pounding and am still very upset several hours later. The store manager at store #0611 in Aurora, IL was the most unprofessional and rude person I have ever come in contact with at any store. Last week, I purchased over $280 in pillows and $400 in furniture. When I got home I realized one pillow was damaged. Today, a week later, I went back to the store to exchange two of the pillows. I asked a sales associate if I could keep the two returning pillows behind the counter while I shopped. She kindly said yes. I was browsing the store and was approached by another kind sales person, Linda, to see if I needed help with pillow matching and I told her thank you but I was alright. I was then approached by a woman holding one of the pillows I was returning. She forcefully asked if I was returning the pillow. I responded yes but was still looking. With a very poor attitude she showed me the damage on the pillow and told me it was damaged. I responded that I knew it was damaged, hence the reason I was returning it. She proceeded to tell me that I could not return the pillow due to the damage. Once again, I told her that I was returning it because it was damaged when I purchased it, but did not realize it at that time. She attackingly asked when I purchased it and if I had a receipt. I told her that I did have a receipt and I did not feel the need for her to be so aggressive. I asked to speak to a manager and she responded that she was the store manager. This all took place on the floor of the store in front of other customers and not even at the counter because I was still trying to shop. Needless to say, she did allow me to return the two pillows, handed me off to a cashier. I really was hoping to purchase 3 more pillows but was too upset to shop. At this point I do not believe I will ever return to that specific store or possibly a Pier 1 period.

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Posted by Jan

I was looking for a particular plate. I had been in the Ocala Fl store but they had none. The young lady checked on line but this plate was unavailable. I then called the Spring Hill Fl store. The lady who answered the phone was so pleasant and helpful. She located the plate and had it mailed to my home. Her attitude and desire to help made me feel like she cared about me and wanted to help. I wish I had gotten her name because she gives excellent service.

Posted by Anonymous

Southern hospitality reigned at the Daphne, AL Pier One store today, as employee, Heather, extended an act of human kindness and concern for a new customer. Having just moved into the area, I had purchased a piece of furniture several weeks ago, and had been unable to find someone to deliver it to my new home. After calling the store to inquire as to whether anyone knew a delivery person, I received a call from employee, Heather, who said that she could put the item into her SUV, and would be happy to deliver it to me at the end of her shift in a few hours. Her generosity and genuine concern for my situation touched my heart, and helped me overcome another hurdle in the "getting settled ' process. Everyone in the store has been so helpful and attentive to the needs of this elderly, new customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I might have a big long letter about the customer service rep who helped me last Saturday, but my computer died and I can't find the letter. The person was in Ft Worth, Texas, and her name was Gayle W. I think. So good I accidentally got disconnected I had the new person who answered this time, get her back for me to continue my order. Extra great service!

Posted by MSC

I recently purchased a cabinet and a garden stool at Store
0504, located on Biscayne Blvd in Miami/Aventura, FL
I am writing to commend Shavaughn who
worked with me inspecting the furniture when it arrived
at the store and helped in setting up the delivery. His
service was exceptional.

Posted by suetort

The staff at the Pier 1 store on Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver, WA are outstanding. They are warm, friendly, and helpful.

Posted by Monica

I had a wonderful experience today with one of your customer service representatives. Her name is Monica. Yesterday, I attempted to place an order for an Easter decoration and didn't receive an order confirmation. Today, I attempted to place the order again with the same result. I called customer service and Monica was incredibly helpful in completing the purchase for me. I wanted to let you know that this kind of service will make me return, without a doubt.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently bought the beaded Screen from my local Pier one store, and I love it.
After I bought it I looked at it online, but the photo did not do it justice at all. I never would of bought it online from the photo shown. If management happens to read this, I think you should know that quality photo's of certain items, like the beaded screen,can make all the difference. Thank you.

Posted by kjenness

The Sales Leader at the Pier 1 in Kailua, HI was exceptional! His name is Phillip Dennis. He went out of his way to help me with an expired coupon, and his service was so helpful. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to comment on an employee, Claudette Savino, at the Pompano Store. She spent so much time helping me price and locate all the pieces of the patio furniture I was interested in. I feel badly because I ended up buying furniture on-line.

I felt compelled to let Pier l know that even after she did all of that work for me and then I told her I wasn't going to buy it, she was still very pleasant and politely said that's ok, but anytime I need help she'd be happy to help me out.


Joanne Stewart

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Posted by Former Anonymous Employee

FYI to all the writers on this website and as a former Pier One employee most of your comments if not all of them (the negative one) are true. Pier one treats their employees bad as well and the store pushes their credit card on the employees' While I was working for them I only made $8.05 per hour, and the credit card has a 26.99% interest rate on their credit card and it should be criminal behavior on Pier One part to ask an employee making $8.05to open a credit card and it states in the hand book if you can not pay the credit you can be fired. hahaha! Crazy, right!

Also, the managers (MODs) pushes opening instant credit (IC) as one of the top priority for the store and management reminds the employee who has not opening up IC that they are not doing their job because "they" are not opening credit cards. As if the employee has some kind of special powers. So now you know why as a customer you are harassed about opening up credit cards. As employees we are harassed if we do not open a credit and share/harass the customer the entire time you are shopping to open up a credit card, and when the customer say no Pier One management tells the employees they must come the obstacle of the customer not wanting a card by being a little bit more pushy! So Pier one customer you are not the only one being harassed. To work for Pier One is overwhelming.... Pushing the Credit card is one of the main reasons I believe for the high turn over of employees, and I also believe Pier 1 Imports is in financial trouble, and it is only a matter a time before the doors close permanently for Pier 1 Imports.

The second reason Pier 1 imports has a high turn-over of employee is because of the rate of pay and you work 6-12 hours a week if that and those employees are called limited status which is most of the employee. Who can live of 6-12 or less than 20 hours a week at $8.05? Pier 1 Imports is EVIL!

Posted by Anonymous

Im an employee at store 1500 a
we have a new ASM, our whole team works great together, until the new ASM Carol Arbo joins the teams and starts micromanaging everything and everyone. Ive heard 75% of the employees say if she keeps it up there gonna quit and find new jobs.


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