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Phillips customer service is ranked #296 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.41 out of a possible 200 based upon 76 ratings. This score rates Phillips customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


69 Negative Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 90.79%.


7 Positive Comments out of 76 Total Comments is 9.21%.

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    • 39.41 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 69 negative comments (90.79%)
    • 7 positive comments (9.21%)
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 2.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by kristen

never ever again will i purchase a phillips product. tv wont turn on - did i mention 2nd phillips tv to break within one year. they require photos of tv front/back & receipt and CLEAR pic of serial # from back of TV which is IMPOSSIBLE. by the time you take photo & upload and attach to email it is blurry do to print being so small. phillips will NOT do a thing to help you unless u can email this impossible task. i took over 300 photos and not one was clear which included me trying to use magnifying glass.

Posted by Anonymous

i bought a Philips TV and we used it for 3mos and then suddenly the TV went black out and out of sound when we coordinated to the customer service for this and requesting for asap home service but up until now they don't have the schedule when to pick up the said item. I was the one who will coordinate things to them when they said that they are going to update they are not going to return to any inquiries. They already know what is the damaged at all but it took days for them to forward the details to their logistic for scheduling of pull out. You are offering a home service but you are giving us a hustle service and communication with your service you ask a lot of information to the buyer can you not coordinate with the malls about the concern of buyer? if you have the documents at first?. Compare to other items that we purchased if there is a problem they accommodate respond on their given time. You give us the 3-5 working days of service its been 8 days and nothing happen yet. I hope that your customer service don't yell at your buyer. And the personnel should explain further about what you offer specially your service. And please don't offer home service if this would bring hustle for your customer. I would like to add also that your quality control should check clearly all the items for us to avoid this kind of circumstances. We purchase item because we want to use them not to display.

Posted by Anonymous

Dreadful. Enquired about a product issue was told i would recieve a reply within 2 business days it has been 11

Posted by Anonymous

We paused the tv for about 5 minutes while watching a movie and when we got back the tv just stopped working. The power went off and it won't come back on. We checked power outlet and it's working. Just the tv has no power. Please help

Posted by annapb01

Waited over 30 minutes on my first call to order a replacement remote control, did not receive item so I called back and after a 30 min wait and an hour and 14 minutes later, customer service schedules a call back with me so I can speak to higher management because I wanted a refund (which representative claims was not possible) for the product that I never received. 2 weeks later from the last call (over 1 month after initial order), I call back because there is still no remote, no refund, no phone call from anyone from the company, 15 minutes later with another customer service agent on the phone who again is unable to assist me due to some sort of technical difficulties also tells me we are scheduling a call back to me. I have never been so furious with the customer service, urgency, or care to resolve my issue. It is to the point that I am thinking of seeking legal actions against the company if this issue is not resolved soon.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to get a refund for an item I did not order from Phillips. What a frustrating experience. I didn't order 2 parts yet I was sent 2 parts. they are hard to reach, hard to discuss the problem with and Im still waiting for my refund. I didnt give Phillips permission to charge my credit card twice so Im unsure as to why it's so hard to get my money back. worst experience ever.

Posted by Devi

Good Day
I received a Phillips Airfryer as a Christmas gift December 2015, which was purchased in Game Fourways. 6 months later, the basket rusted and the Teflon under the basket peeled. Took the fryer back to Game for repairs, was asked to pay R70 for inspection, which I did, was told the repairs is R1200
how ridiculous is that??????????

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely terrible. After two calls lasting over ten minutes, the operator was still unable to understand the simple question.

Posted by Really!

Bought a Philips Perfect Care Aqua Silence Steam Generator Iron about 12 months ago. Great for the first few months but have then struggled on for the last few months as the water tank which is not removable (and they say don't descale it) has scaled up despite using softened water.
Just spent 10 minutes on the phone with customer service to no avail. They are not familiar with the product but keep putting you on hold while they check the advice - then they come back and quote the manual at you (which I've already read for myself) and lo and behold they're in Poland and have never seen the product. Clearly didn't understand the difference between de-calc and de-scale either. Frustrating! Why can't we have a quick and efficient phone service in the UK with people that actually know the products...
Will have to try descaling anyway and see what happens...

Posted by Unhappy and never buying from th

Purchased an Air Fryer for my husband for his birthday. When I tried to return the unused item, I was told it would not be accepted since it was 30 days past the purchase. I was told that I could not get a refund or store credit so, I am out 200 dollars and have an appliance that my husband doesn't want to use. I guess I should have purchased it and immediately given it to him and not waited the 2 months for his birthday. He would have told me sooner that he didn't like it and I could have returned it and gotten him something he is going to use. I will never purchase another item from them!!!

Posted by Former Phillips Fanboy

I called their customer service yesterday to ask about which ear foam replacements to look for for a pair of bluetooth headphones. The rep refesed to look without the full model number (which I had given her). I called back today and someone named Alejandro refused to answer anything until he had a bunch of personal information. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, he hung up. I called back, and got the same guy again and asked to speak to a supervisor. He refused, and asked me for my personal information. I have been buying most of my electronics from Phillips for the last 20 years because they used to focus on quality to a high extent. But either having this policy or hiring someone like Alejandro shows they no longer care about this. You had a good run though, Phillips. I'm sorry to hear you sold out.

Posted by Mark

Tried contacting philips customer service several times via phone/email but haven't had any luck what so ever...when I finally got through the line died..
Even gave a phone number to ring back but nothing..thank you Michael for nothing...

Posted by Anonymous

I bought the Philips 5.1 home theater for my fiance for Christmas and when we opened it up to be able to use it there was NO power cord. My fiance was very excited for his gift and I tried to call customer service for help. Unfortunately the young lady was no help. She wanted me to pay $4 and change for something that should have been in the box in the first place. All I wanted when I called was to hear "So sorry we will send one out to you immediately. Sorry for your troubles and hope we can solve it." That didn't happen. If I have to I will return said system and buy a different brand. Really liked this with the surround sound but we will sacrifice that in order to be able to use the DVD. Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you soon.

Posted by anca

Terrible customer service have been waiting 3 months for a juicer replacement and still did not received it.last customer advisor spoken to was rude and sarcastic

Posted by MONITOR

I Buy A Philips Monitor 1 Years Ago Serial Number Uk0a13370481108 Purchasing Date 10/02/2014 From Barasat West Bengal From Barasat Computer.its Buttom Side Had A Black Spot Autometicly. I Complain To Philips Customer Care But No Body Can Attend It.its World Worst Company.dont Buy Any Product From Philips.......

Posted by steak

Very low quality customer service.
For some countries with more than one official language, Philips support is provided only in one language.
They don't read the question you send them.
Provide you with basic answers pasted straight from the user manual.

Posted by Lady J

Bought an air purifier that clearly states in the manual should come with the HEPA filter pre installed. There was no filter at all which means that the purifier is just blowing air straight through it.

I contacted Customer Care at the end of September and got an email back saying the relevant person would contact me. I never heard back from anyone despite sending 3 more reminder emails to them that I still needed resolution. They have ignored all emails.

I now have a £350 doorstop that is useless to me.

Posted by mad girl

Terrible customer service. At both times that I called due to electronic tooth brush, the person I had was rude, not informative, assuming problems instead of clear examination, wrong solution and made my entire conversation very annoying. Both times, they didn't even try to listen to why I was calling. They just said what they wanted to say, then finished calls. Why are they making attitudes to customers???? Totally non-sense.

Posted by Josh667

Went online today to ask for information on my faulty headphones. All I got was 'Please return to retail store'. I had clearly explained that I had lost the receipt and that the store wouldn't accept it. They still told me to take it back to the retail store. Sorry philips, i'm taking my business elsewhere!

Posted by Carlson

I had problems ( unit keep showing starting and hang - intermittent ) with Philips Blu-ray Soundbar Home theater HTB5150KD/98 after 16 months of usage (I seldom use it) . Apparently, It is an software-related problem according to the service center and I saw similar problem discussed in the Philip consumer forum.

Called up the customer care, I need to pay $60 assessment fee if I bring the unit to the service center even without servicing! What a service! Worst still, this is likely an inherited software bug, Philips should fixed it without any charges!

I shall not consider Philips product is future! Poor reliability, worst customer care service!

Posted by alucard971

3 months to return a headset. The product went discontinued while we were returning it! They said they do not have a comparable headset to return, so they offered to refund money. Why couldnt they tell me that 3 months ago! Product was poorly made and customer service does not care about customer.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Philips electric shaver. It's their top model 9711 which costs in Finland around 500 euros. First experience was really good...silent, good shaving result. After few months looks that the blades are pretty blunt and shaving is a bit annoying and takes long time without perfect result. new blade set costs around 70 euros. Philips recommends to replace balades every 2 years!!! Well looks like a total rip off.

Posted by Anonymous

Don't even think about calling their Customer Service line, you'll be put on hold for an eternity! When you do finally decide to use their crappy chat function out of frustration, expect to wait at least 2 months to get a simple replacement part sent out to you. What a disappointing experience...DO BETTER PHILIPS!

Posted by Ibrahim

In April 2015, My Philips LED TV model No. 40PFL5507H/12 got some problem. After inspecting the TV, Philips India Service Technician told me that the Main Circuit board was damaged due to high voltage.They don't have spare parts as the TV was imported from Middle east. So I bought the parts from Al Ghandi Electronics Dubai (Authorised service center of Philips). The cost of the parts is around 14,500/- Indian Rupees.Then Philips India Service Technician came to install new main circuit board. After installing the parts, TV doesn't work. and now he saying to change the T-con board also. and he is not sure that the T.V will work after changing it.(anyway the T- con board is not available in the market.) He says that once we replace the T-com board then only we can understand the status of LED panel. I don't understand whey the company is appointing these kind of technician. Now What will I do with This TV and the spare Circuit board. If he could check my T.V properly, I could have saved my 14,500 INR.( cost of the spare circuit board)

Posted by nath94

by far the worst service i have ever received. will never buy from philips again. my monitor broke and i sent it off for repair after they initially refused despite it being in warranty. i was given a 10 day time frame for the repair 8 weeks ago and am still waiting. no matter how many times i contact the customer service tea they say they will not d anything aout it as the issue is nothing to do with them and is up to the service centre, however they give me no means of contacting the serice centre or any way of raising a complaint. i have been without my monitor and unable to use my pc for 2 months and this is during exam season. the customer service staff are extremely unhelpful and the service centre is a complete joke!!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I can only speak as I find: Phoned customer services and was speaking to an agent within one minute to complain that my Azur Steam Iron purchased 8 months ago via Amazon Market Place was no longer functioning. Replacement was ordered and delivered the very next day!!!!! No complaints whatsoever, well done Philips.

Posted by trees

Our steam generator iron was not de-calcing properly 21 months into the warranty, the service centre were fantastic and the iron came back completely serviced and is now like new! outstanding service in only a week!

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely outstanding customer service from Philips' agents. An agent even called my home number to explain that they did not have the item in stock that I had been told was available. But this agent went above and beyond to rectify the situation. She did everything she promised too! Rare in todays world.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a philips iron from Debenhams 13 months ago but the steam function stopped working completely. Realizing it had a 2 yr guarantee, I contacted customer services. The man I spoke to was very polite and promptly arranged for a replacement to be sent. This arrived the next day and works perfectly. The service I received could not have been better!

Posted by Julie

My Philips wake-up light developed a fault within 10 months of purchase. Their customer service department responded to my email within a couple of hours, advising me how to return the product for repair or replacement. I was surprised, and pleased to receive a replacement lamp in less than a week, despite no longer having my receipt as proof of purchase.

Good to know that there are still some complanies that provide excellent customer service!

Posted by StateOfTheArts

Bought a philips portable lcd dvd tv combo from wally world {walmart}...internal battery lost effectiveness, called philips,,, couple days they sent me a new complete unit with free return shipping on my defective unit,, extremely satisfied with their service... very professional people.....

Posted by Anonymous

I wish I could remember the man's name in customer service but he was great in helping me get a user manual for my used DVD/VCR player. He stayed on the line & walked me thru what I had to do until the manual started printing.

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