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8 Positive Comments out of 13 Total Comments is 61.54%.

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    • 5 negative comments (38.46%)
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Posted by PAL

Anyone can give me the email of PAL regarding for refunding tickets.They are dammed.They gaved me 2 ticket at the same date.They are not thinking.They said that 2 transaction were cancelled cause unsuccessful transaction but when they saw my money appeared into their bank account they are very quick issuing me ticket.I made 2 bookings cause the first time they said transaction has been declined and the money will not be accepted from their system so i made another booking.Waiting within 30 min for the itinerary to arrive but nothing happened so i made another one cause they said that the money for the first booking i done will not goes into their account but they are lier...when the money appeared into their system,they send me 2 ticket even thought they said it was already cancelled.The worst part,i have bought another ticket from China Airlines.

Posted by Rey PR 655 30JUN2016 59K

A Humiliating Experience With A Flight Stewardess (ms Samson) Pr 655 Riyadh Manila Was Experienced When Distributing Newspapers.i Changed The Newspaper She Formerly Gave.because She Was Holding A Heavy Load,she Deliberately Dropped The Papers On The Planes Aisle(galit Na Binagsak).while She Could Have Asked The Help Of The Guy Seated On The Aisle To Momentarily Assist Her.although She Didn't Utter A Single Word Of Displeasure,the Gesture Of Suddenly Dropping The Newspapers She Was Holding Is Rude.i Could Have Confronted Her But I Just Kept My Composure Owing To My Respect To Women And Fear That She Might Not Give Me Inflight Meals And Drinks.
Worse Thing Happened When I Found Out My Baggages Were Left Behind In Riyadh And Have It Delivered In La Union 4days Later With Spoiled Perishable Goods And Forcibly Opened Lock With Missing D&g 100ml Perfume.i Seek Compensation From The Damaged Luggage And Missing Item From The A Frequent Customer And I Look Forward For Immediate Action.

Posted by Anonymous

Im a medical practioneer based in Cebu,Philippines. I do travel a lot for seminars, conferences worldwide and often times gave lectures in the ASEAN region. Last year i flew out of the country via PAL more three times. Of all the travels i had, I never complained until this latest travel of mine which happened last January 31, 2016 (Sunday) PAL flight 127.
My wife and I arrived at 7:25 am for the 10:00 am schedule at the JFK airport. Upon check-in the lady personnel was accomodating and courteous. When told i have a connecting flight to Cebu as my final destination. Probably, she noticed something with my flight details, she was kind enough(with a smile) to inform me of the situation (Baka mayroon tayong magawang paraan/maybe we we can do something). She then asked help to a Filipina co-worker, Tracy Santiago, 2 counters away to her left for some assistance. I guess she was a more senior employee.
Tracy did tinker the computer system and told me outright she can't connect me to my final destination. I showed her our tickets but still insisted she cant do anything about it since my connecting flight is not in the system.
Whom will i blame for the mix up?
I told her PAL issued these tickets and she must do something since its never our fault. Me and my wife requested and pleaded if she could ever help us due to the short layover time (Expected to arrive Manila at 2030 and our connection is at 2200) knowing PAL to be NOTORIOUSly late in arrivals/departures. Tracy was adamant in saying NO... until another PAL employee, Carl Pascual came to our rescue. He was apologetic to our misfortune and inconvinience. Carl took the tickets, assure us he will do everything he could and went to the far right end of the ticket counter. I noticed he was talking to someone over the phone. In the meantime, the 1st employee who entertained us excused herself and went to the counter where Tracy was initially seated. I then inquired Tracy about our luggages. She then informed us of our luggage excess for the domestic travel. Its either we pay it at JFK or in Manila upon arrival. My wife then butted into our conversation and showed Tracy the payment receipts for excess weight luggage for domestic travel (PAL Cebu advised us to avail of one since its cheaper if paid prior to travel). But still, she insisted its not in the system after reviewing the receipts. We were stuck at the counter for more than 30 minutes and not to create a scene, i agreed to pay the amount (domestic excess) at JFK instead and have it reimbursed once i got home to which Tracy agreed.
When Mr. Pascual came back he gave instruction to Tracy to tag our luggages to our final destination(CEBU). All along, i thought everything was OK.
However, she issued boarding passes only up to Manila and not to our final destination. She insisted we have to do domestic check-in Manila. My adrenaline starts to shoot up and questioned her if our luggages can go straight to our final destination and why can't we ... it doesn't make sense at all. Anyways, since i have to clear my luggages in Manila customs, re-tag the luggages for domestic flight (just like what they did when i went to Sydney last year). Since in Manila it takes longer to claim luggages, I requested if she can place a priority tag due to the short layover. She acceded to my request but against her will. Since i was up to neck already with this girl, Finally, I for asked her name and the the guy who happens to be Carl Pascual. I told straight to her face that she was acting rude, with poor customer relations. She replied back if she were rude she will not help me at all. I was wondering what has she done to help me and my wife (putting the luggage tags?). Simply, she made our travel stressful. Before i left the counter, i simply told her... Miss, it only takes a few of your facial muscles to make you smile and i will make an incident report of this situation and answered she back I DONT CARE. How i wished our conversation was put into audio. I said to myself this girl has a character. As i looked back she was already smiling to the next passenger who happens to be a Caucasian(uhh.... double standard).
Im just wondering whether PAL conducts customer relations seminars/workshops on a regular basis. The airline business is very competitive and if you have a frontliner, with a character like TRACY SANTIAGO, PAL would lose clients.

NB: i keep all our travel documents, receipts and the piece of paper where Tracy wrote her name and that of Carl Pascual.

Posted by Anonymous

Me and my family flew out from Guam on the 16th of August with my brother remains and expected that he will be with us all the way to Legazpi City when all of a sudden the connecting flight in NAIA 2 Philippine Airlines just downgraded their Airbus flight to a smaller flight, so we just knew from the plane that my brother's remain was not in the cargo. All I wanna say is they didn't even let us know about the situation we just knew about it when we're about to take off. So that day my brother's remain was left in the Airport for that day and they shipped it the next day. Please get your stuffs together Philippine Airlines. That was the first time I flew in Philippine Airlines and I won't do it again and recommend it to all my friends here in the US.

Posted by Fed Up

I booked and paid for a return flight from Sydney to Manila on 5th December 2014

I received confirmation that the two flights-Departing Sydney 11/6/15 and returning from Manilla 6/7/15 that same day
Accordingly I then made hotel and tour arrangements that same day.
On the 10th February,2015 I received an email advising me that changes had taken place and both flights had been cancelled and moved to the following day ie 12/6/15 and 7/7/15.
I called their customer service centre on 4 separate occasions and each time I was told that they were not prepared to compensate me in any way for the delayed day for my hotel and the extra hotel costs/transfer for the return trip.Philippine Airlines were relying on their terms and conditions to circumvent compensation.I then had to arrange to stay at a hotel for 2 nights in Manila
for my extra day layover and also airport transfers to and from the airport which were non-refundable.
On the 22nd May,2015 I posted a letter of complaint to their CEO who is also their chairman Dr Tan to their HO in Manila.

On the 16th June I received an email from their customer service office acknowledging my letter of complaint and offering 15,000 bonus points to their frequent flyer program and pay for 1 night accommodation (2 nights were required).
I sent a reply advising them that I was already in Manila and had been there for 6 days and that the offer was too late and unacceptable.

Never heard a word from them since then.
I chose this airline in the belief that they were a reputable and reliable airline given that I was fed up with cancelled flights with Air Asia and believed this airline was a viable alternative and was not a budget airline.

How wrong could I be.Experience has proven that Philippine Airlines
is worse than a budget airline (their tickets are at a higher cost).
I consider the MANAGEMENT of this airline to be completely unreliable,unrepentant,unprofessional and unconscionable.
The MANAGEMENT needs to take a good look at themselves and start
following their ground staff and cabin crew/pilots who show proper professionalism.

I will never use Philippine Airlines again and it is a shame that this airline uses the name of it's home country as I believe it does not reflect the caring of this country's persona.

I am just fed up with this airline and urge others to be very careful if considering using this second class airline.

I am applying through my travel insurance for compensation but the waste of time I have spent trying to resolve this issue with this airline has cost many many hours without result.

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Posted by Pinky

We recently flew PAL. Their food, amenities and seats are good, but the service is the best. The crew made sure to make our trip comfortable. They moved us to an empty row so I can let the baby lie. They provided baby food, baby cot and, when I had to eat or go to the lavatory, they happily offered to babysit my kids. Felt truly pampered!

Posted by Ryan A.

I was on your recent flight to NYC via flight PR126. I would just like to commend your Flight Attendants for being so accomodating and warm all throughout the flight particularly to your attendant name Lawrence Manalo if I'm not mistaken. The smiles on your FAs faces makes PAL really a home in the sky. Your Airbus A340 is brand new as well though Amenities might still need to be improve. Overall, the service was superb!

Posted by Anonymous

Just got back in San Francisco and took a flight from Manila via Philippine Airlines. Thank you for the wonderful time on board. It truly feels like Home in the Sky! haha!

Posted by Teresa Munoz

Attentive and Extra Friendly Crew. I still wish better service offerings on board though. Nonetheless, kudos PAL for the great improvement! Definetly you're home in the jky!

Posted by Anonymous

always get great service from PAL!

Posted by Stewart Hopkins

I have tried flying with PAL years ago from Las Vegas to Manila and I couldn't forget the wonderful filipino service on board. Makes me miss the Philippines beaches, food and everything about it more! I'm flying Back soon!

Posted by John Manansala

I am a Filipino living in LA and I always fly with Philippine Airlines everytime I go to Manila. I have seen the big improvements with PAL's service after the new management took over. Better days ahead for PAL for sure!

Posted by Harry Rushton

I flied with PAL twice from SFO to MNL then MNL to LAX both for business trips. Definitely has more to improve in terms of Cabin Features though it is Philippine's first class flag carrier. But service-wise, they are way better than any FA's in the US. The never fading smiles, the outstanding attentiveness and the keen on customer needs. Maybe it's the nature of Filipinos being nice! Good Job! Wish you'll have flights to NYC sooner as I am now based in Jersey!

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