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Posted by kahlun

have been trying to contact you regarding a product i used in the past for weight loss known as ponderal marketed by pfizer .it has seriously affected my health and i have been suffering for last 22 years of my life due to its worse effects on my health and life, now i have come to know that the usa authorities have asked your company to pay compensation to the patients .in view of this i am contacting you to please guide me with the procedure to follow in this regards thanks

Posted by backpainlady

I sent a prescription in to Pfizer 2 MONTHS AGO - I started calling a month ago and have called 5 times - I kept getting the run around as to where my prescription was - I was just informed that my prescription had an error and was kicked out - I should have been informed there was a problem so I could contact my doctor - They also said they tried to contact my doctor several times which is false - I talked to my doctor and they have no inquiries from PFIZER THIS IS RIDICULOUS - I just had my doctor fax in another prescription and was told it would take another 2 weeks to receive the prescription - THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

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Posted by Jen1983

I want to thank Pfizer for saving my life. I was so depressed that I did not want to live anymore. I was going insane. My thoughts were loud as if 20 people were speaking at the same time. My vision all grey as if I was wearing a dirty pair of glasses that was blurred. Every sound was as if it were coming out of a speaker turned up full blast. . I could even finish a sentence . My head felt as if a big knot was stuck inside and it was driving me crazy. Life was unbearable that I didn't want to live in that torture

Four days after taking Prisitq all of those symptoms were all gone. I was beyond happy. I thank Pfizer for saving my live. Thank you for the antidepressant Prisitq . Thank you, I cannot that you enough for saving my life. Kim

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