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Petsmart customer service is ranked #258 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.28 out of a possible 200 based upon 331 ratings. This score rates Petsmart customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


291 Negative Comments out of 331 Total Comments is 87.92%.


40 Positive Comments out of 331 Total Comments is 12.08%.

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    • 42.28 Overall Rating
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    • 291 negative comments (87.92%)
    • 40 positive comments (12.08%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Store # 2522, The Sunday Morning Manager Is Very, Very Rude..

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, my name is Linda Petty. I took my dog Harper, a cockapoo ti be groomed. Well 20 mins after I dropped him off someone from the grooming department called me and said they were taking him to the emergency vet doctor because his ears were red and he became very upset. They said they were removing hair from his ears. Then the vet doctor called me ten minutes after that and said your dog is here and he has a black eye. I s Asus what do you mean. The groomer said his ears were red and he reacted bad to them removing hair from inside his ears. She said your dogs ears are fine but they bought him here for his eye. I was very upset because the groomer at Pet Smart didn't tell me the real reason they took him to the emergency vet doctor. The doctor told me Harper needed two medications. One for pain and one for infection. So the groomer picks Harper up from doctor. They call me and tell me Harper is back and do I want them to finish grooming him. I said he he okay, cause I dont understand what happened. The girl on the phone began talking about eyes drops and the bath tub. I said well what happened to his eye. They said they didn't know. I said well have the manager there because I need to understand what happened to Harper. When I got there the manager said Harper had a blood vessel burst in his eye. I said how did that happened??? They said they dont know. So the manager paid for the grooming bill. My Harper is off white in color so you can see the injury and he has to have medication for seven days. I'm very disappointed and confused. This Pet Smart is located in Commerce Michigan on Haggerty and 14 mile. Looking forward to your response and help in this situation. I didn't call the news in my city. Thank you . Linda Petty is my name and I am Harpers owner.

Posted by NA

Returns are virtually not real. Boyfriend bought bearded dragon and took better care of it then they probably did in all honesty. As well as an expensive set up for him to live in, come to find out 25 days later he died and they will do nothing to compensate for the 60$ jip and grieving. 0 customer appreciation.

Posted by Bob p

I got a 35 gallon tank for my fish 2 yrs ago or so. Can't remember date and time for warrantee. Tank leaked all over my living room floor. I took it back. No refund without a receipt. I've been going there since they opened the store with three to for pets and buy all my pet supplies from them too. Think I'll go to pratts

Posted by I love my dogs

Bought a top paw dog crate it was missing a zip on door. Refused my return with my receipt. What happened to satisfaction and no hassel, customer is always right. I bought a 36 inch portable for my pups. Going to petco I guess.

Posted by Lj

Do I need to bring the dead lizard back for a refund?

Posted by Sarah Connor

The Moorestown NJ PetSmart went down hill in the last 5 to 6 months under new management. Wheres the old employees and managers that were there and cared about the customers and pets??? That store sucks now.

Posted by Mark

I will never go back to Pet Smart.It has been my favorite pet store for all my pet needs. Being a bird breeder, I normally purchased my birds, fancy bettas and all my supplies for my pets from your store. I recently went to exchange faulty filters and was told i could not replace these items. I want to exchange my 2 1 gallon fish tanks since the filters stop working on both and been 72 days and pay cash and no receipt they did not want to exchange them I was going to get a 5 gallon fish tanks in exchange now I'm stuck with 2 non working fish tanks.I went to the petsmart in Clovis CA

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase 2 1 gallon fish tanks and both filters stop working had them both over 60 days.and I wanted to return them both since I pay cash and had no receipt.they did not want to exchange I have 2 non working fish tanks and my bettas are in bowls.till i get new ones a petco maybe I have better service there

Posted by Histrung71

Lost my receipt for 3 items and at he Richmond, CA store the clerk called the super and since the items were about 10.00 a piece they said they would not return w/o a receipt even if they saw me walk in with it (at first I didn't get it but then I understood that it was because i could have stolen it) and that it was the new 2018 policy and I asked to see this policy and she referred me to the corporate office I told her that if that is the case the manager needs to be fired for lagging on posting any kind of notice and should have scrapped the "old" policies off the counters!

Posted by Chris

I will never purchase anything from here again ! I lost my Xmas resorption for my 2 items I purchased for my dogs at Christmas not to mention I am a police officer and I could not even get a merchandise card ! What a joke ! Petco here I come !

Posted by Gracesmom

I purchased the package for dog training that includes the three classses. I asked when I got it if I could cancel it anytime and if I needed anything to do so. They said yes I could cancel anytime and didnt need anything. When I went to cancel they said it had to be withing the last 60 days and I had to have my receipt. I cant find my reciept and it hasnt been within the 60 days, what should I do?

Posted by MAD AS HELL

I Been Taking My Dog To There Groomers For Past 5 Years They Charge Me $42.00 Now They Want To Out Of The Blue Charge Me $60.00 When I Set Up The Time They Did Not Tell Me They Was Going To Over Charge Me And It Is A Very Long Drive For Me And My Dog There Hour Away From Me So I Say This Never Buy Or Take Your Animal To There Groomers Not Supper Happy With Pet Samrt I Will Never Buy Anything From Them And Will Talk Them Down Till The Day I Die So Do Not Buy Anything From This Chain Store

Posted by Missy051987

Went to petsmart to return a gift that was given to me and they wouldnt return it cause i didnt know the phone number used. And because it was over $40 they said it was a high ticket item and without a receipt it was like i could have stolen it they wasnt like i wanted cash i asked for a merchandise card so that way i coyld get something i wanted instead.

Posted by T

I have been trying since Saturday evening of last week to obtain a direct contact in the corporate office of Petsmart. NO ONE in customer service, online or via phone can provide me with this information. Interesting. I received a reply from customer service that included only the mailing address for customer service. I send another reply which says they do not have direct contact information but also gives me a link that should tell me that information. Really? you can send a link but not the information? By the way, the link was to a news article posted by 'TotalRetail' announcing the resignation of the CEO. Does not help me now, does it? Can someone provide a direct email or fax number to the office of the CEO or must I put everything on social media to air it out?

Posted by Skye

I'm a current PetSmart employee. To all wondering what the return policey for animals is: it's a 14 day garentee. So if something happens where thr pet just doesn't work out for you or, sadly, they die, you can get a return. As a retail pet store with live animals, its very sadly a regular occurance that animaks get sick or are returned bevause they bite or something. Our breeders and shelters are not the best. We often recieve animals that are sick upon arrival. We do.all we can to take carr of them. But small animals are so subseptible to sicknesses, especially being paired together in such small spaces. Its tragic whenever a pet parent has their pets pass away. Im sorry to anyone who has had bad luck with PetSmarts. Honestly, it depends on who works there, but I know at my store a lot of us pwt care associates really care and do all we can. But ik sonetimes it can be really not good. Most of the time its not us, but the store itself.

Posted by Veronica

The returning policy isn't what it's said out to be, 100 percent guaranteed the return of dog food, used atm, store got their money as soon as transaction was made, yet 3 wks after the initial purchase they put it on debit card??? It totally all depends on the cashiers experience or should I really say their common sense, I shop more at pet smart than any other pet store and I like to shop, but honestly this little thing does make me question that, pico Rivera CA had employees greet, smile to all who came into store, it wasn't only nice but it made me feel like they were happy to work there, but lately thats not so, seems like they recruiting young and cold natured like. Economy's still struggling, retailers becoming obsolete over nite, every customer should be given 5 star treatment, remember word of mouth goes a long way, and thats how the ball bounces✌

Posted by Missm83

I have never had a problem returing anything at this usually is fish related tank equipment. Filter or heater..some are folty and some just don't work well..but I always return it with in the 60 days's usually with in a week or so ..I bring my recept they take it all back without a question they do ask if something is wrong with it so I explain it. I also have returned dog water proof booties..they didn't ask why just gave me the $ sorry for all of you who are having issues with returing stuff.. FYI I don't by pets at pet chain stores.only food /toys and other products.

Posted by AngelaD

We purchased a guniea pig 20 days ago and today he died. My friend also purchased one from the eastvale store and hers died within a week. My kids are heartbroken. He had no signs of being sick or anything wrong and today he is dead. The more I research this the more I find that this is a problem for the petsmart stores.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my dog for special price for bath and i supposed to pay 26.99 do not give you a description of what exactly you are paying for and what the bath include it, only you can read it but not print out with it, when i went to pay i end up paying a 10.00 more i do not know why and not a print out with description been give it to me. I do not think i will return, the treatment from employees was good.

Posted by Seanna

I bought an African Dwarf frog, on a Saturday... The following Monday, the frog was dead... What is the return policy?

Posted by Lola

I bought a bearded dragon less than a week ago. Took great care of him but was obviously sick and now dead. What's the refund policy on that??

Posted by Anonymous

I was 0400 to get my dog service I had appointment @ 2pm got there the young lady said we needed my dog rabies certificate. I told her the dog was not old enough for this plus I ask the young lady on the phone what I needed she explained not telling me about the age of the dog or rabies policy. The mgr. on duty Melissa Langley came out not listening to me,telling me her rules and that she was the mgr on duty, not counting how old my puppy was or any thing. We have use your company grooming before with a another dog on Woodruff Rd. in Greenville in S. C. but bad service to my Poochie then we tried again on Laurens road the service was OUTSTANDING would have went back with this dog again but my husband wanted to be close to home in Simpsonville S.C. but a bad chose I will not go there are tell any one about it I am a Petsmart reward person I was buying all my need with you'll but not again I work hard for my money plus I am in customer service my self but that young lady need a adjustment on how to talk to customer plus listen to them I don't how far this letter will go but just LISTEN SOMETIMES TO YOUR GUEST THATS IN YOUR STORE NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY SPEND A REPEAT CUSTOMER IS BETTER THAN A ANGRY ONE BUT DON'T WORRY BECAUSE I WILL NOT GO BACK YOU LOST ME ON MARCH 10

Posted by Eastvale

Annoying: employees wouldn't accept my return even though I have the receipt? It's over 60 days but the policy says I could get store credit at the lowest sale price. Wasn't even offered that: employee on scene said he didn't want his name on the override logs. Incredibly horrible service.

Posted by Teri

So, I get up at 5 AM this morning so that I can have my dog fed and ready to go for her grooming day appointment at 8 am at Petsmart on Remcon. I get over there, I'm walking in front of the store, my phone rings - it's 7:50. I see that it's Petsmart and figure since I'm already here, let me just go in, then I have to call them because the front door is closed since they're not open for business in the store. The lady comes to the door and says "oh my gosh..." we walk in and she tells me Valerie, the groomer that was supposed to groom my pet, has called in sick, she literally just called in sick at 10 minutes till eight. The girl tells me she called me right away. As if that's not bad enough, the girl tells me that there's another dog waiting for Valerie that they "have to take care of" and she has to reschedule my pet. First of all, this is a poor management. To call in sick at 10 minutes till eight knowing you have appointments waiting- that says it all.

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Posted by Anonymous

My 8 1/2 yr old min. poodle was groomed today at petsmart, we were delighted with the results. She was done exactly as we asked in less time than the estimate. We will return for this great service.

Posted by N/a

I'd like to take a moment to recognize an employee from the Six Corners location in Chicago " Nomee ". She's very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks for making my visit a pleasant one

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to advise your company about a encounter I had with your manager Mrs Ashley at your Owasso location. Mrs Ashley went out of her way to help and save me money this morning. She represents your company the way employees should! I would like to say thank you for hiring employees like her, and a big THANK YOU to her! I will continue to get ALL my pet needs at petsmart!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to share my experience at the Pet Smart on Brick Blvd in Brick NJ. We are frequent shoppers here as we have many pets in our home. The staff is always helpful and polite and offer assistance to load our Car. Today's visit was even better. Anne went above and beyond helping us with an outside shelter. She delivers great customer service and I want to make sure you are aware of this exceptional employee. Thank you .

Posted by Anonymous

I want to say thank you to Kaitlyn the groomer at store # 2283 Kaitlyn took care of my pomeranian named Rusty. I could not find a groomer to cut him and Kaitlyn did. She had her hands full, but she did the top dog pkg. and I am so grateful. I was told by the vets groomer he would have to be put to sleep first. I did not want to do that. So Petsmart you Rock and so does Kaitlyn. Thank You So Much.

Posted by Anonymous

On a recent trip to Petsmart in Crestwood, IL, I suffered a Diabetic attack. The manager on duty immediatly came to my aid. The manager knew what to do and did not hesitate in coming to my aid. In a world where people are content just doing their job and nothing more, this manager and the staff went above and beyond the call of duty. This manager should be commended as well as petsmart for hiring people that actually care.

Posted by Anonymous

Your Woodbury store assisted me in every way even looked up a product that they were out of and told me where closes store was in the area that they had it stock there. Your White Bear Avenue store didn't have the product and said the other store gave me wrong advice- didn't call the other store to find out or assist in anyway. Also their bathrooms had toilet paper on the back of the tank,none in toilet dispenser and hand towels sitting on counter because they couldn't take time to put that in dispencer.White Bear Avenue store has been one of the worse I have been in a long time. Thanks for your Woodbury store great people there

Posted by chilloutpeople

You people are all way to serious. I have never had any problems at any retail store, probably because I'm not an idiot who likes to make everything about themselves. As far as having to have a receipt to return something, save your receipt idiot. I just do not understand how people have such issues at retail stores. The world does not cater to you. Sorry. Just a fact. You are not the most important person in the world. Stop giving people such hard times and thinking you deserve everything good in life. You don't.

Posted by Anonymous

Had the best customer service at Petsmart in Madison Wi. have had in a long time. Our sales rep. Angie was very knowledgeable and patient with all our questions about fish supplies and care. The store manager Chuck was also very helpful to our concerns. Really enjoyed our shopping experience at the Madison Petsmart.

Posted by Shellie

I just wanted everyone to know what a wonderful store we have in Enid, Oklahoma. Hello. My name is Shellie Floyd. I was taking my three dogs to be groomed on Saturday, December 6 at Petsmart in Enid, Oklahoma. One of my dogs got out of his collar and began running towards an extremely busy street. The next thing I knew, a girl employee took off running after my dog and while in the process, dropped her cell phone and didn't even look back. I wish she could be rewarded for her dedication to pets and customers.Because of her my precious baby never made it to that busy street. Her name is Chelsea.

Posted by Anonymous

Store #1804 Baltimore Pike Springfield, Pa
My name is Patty and I just want to let everyone know how amazing the people at this store are. I have an Australian Shepherd that has been through training with Maria Saddler from Puppy to Advanced training and just want to say how wonderful Maria was with Peanut. Over the summer we rescued a 1 year old male Aussie who needed a lot of help. I went to see Maria the day he came to us and she got us right into a class and worked with us to help the new guy adjust and become a great dog. He was so sad when he came to us and had no formal training and after a few weeks with Maria . He is now doing amazing. I cannot say enough good things about this trainer. Moving on I also need to tell everyone how wonderful the grooming salon at thist store is. Iwent in on a Saturday to have the new dog's nails trimmed and he and myself were more than just a little nervous and they were so patient and understanding and took great care of us. I do not remeber the groomerss names but they were wonderful.

Posted by derpderp2

I had the nicest guy help me out about a week ago I went to Petsmart in Latham, NY and was helped by Sean. He answered all my questions and showed me the best products. I was a little skeptical when I used the product he suggested, but it worked great! I'm really glad I went there.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into the Petsmart in Albuquerque, NM off of Montano NW, and the person that helped me was very helpful. He introduced me to Simply Nourish small breed puppy food, which my two puppies really like it. Thanks Petsmart for hiring such knowledgeable workers.

Posted by Anonymous

This is for Store # 1071 and in reference to the dog trainer Justin. I have gone to many dog training classes over the many years I have had dogs and Justin was by far the best trainer I have had the pleasure to work with, this store is very lucky to have such a knowledgeable employee. His undetsanding of dogs and their behavior is the best I have seen and living up and down the east coast I have attended many classes throughout my years.

Posted by Happydoglover

I love my petsmart The groomers are amazing! I love my groomer Jessica W. The other girls are also very helpful and have even groomed my dog when Jessica was on vacction. I don't have any problem leaving my dog in Jessica and the other Grooming girls hands!

Posted by [email protected]

This message is just to recognize the good service provided by two of your associates at the store located at store #1023New Orleans,La 70123 "Anna" the register person: She is very nice and polite, also very well aware of custumer service she smile every time i visit the store and help me in all my needs,Randy the manager is excellent manager at this store.I visit ths store each month and to me is very important the service provided by this two persons.I dont return to any business "when" they don't provided good service.I work for a industry where customer service is the very important number one reason why they want to have return costumers,the revenue is base in..How well we treat the costumer. Thank you.

Posted by JoAn Crowder

I am thrilled that PetSmart is in Greenwood, SC. We have been taking our pet, Greta, there since they opened. Actually she was the first pet groomed there, Oct. 1, 2012. We are completely satisfied with all the staff as they always greet us and when I call I introduce myself as Greta's Mom. I do have a couple of ideas I would like to share. I am a "put it on the calender" nut, so my calender is always full. I am looking for Pet Stickers that would work. Stickers for "spa", "meds", "camp", anything that could be helpful in owners making sure their pets are taken care of. (For those of us who need reminding) Also, maybe PetSmart could offer several of their favorite foods as tasters. My pup is a fussy eater and I have bought food that she at first loves, then quits eating. Just a thought! Thank you for caring!

JoAn Crowder

Posted by KerriL

I bought some chemicals and put in my tank Sunday,it started killing my sharks, i put one in a bag and took it to PetSmart and a lady named Kimmy helped me with trying to keep the shark alive and treating it with chemicals they have at the store. I usually buy all my stuff at PetSmart and when i would ask anyone for help they didnt seem to know what they were talking about, with Kimmy i felt like she cared and she was very helpful and honest. She works at the Russellville Store.

Posted by Anonymous

We received excellent service from employees at your Point Loma, San Diego store; store #143, I believe. One person, (unfortunately don't have her name), helped us with dog leashes, and another, Aaron Williams, showed us dog and cat dental products, which we purchased. A very nice store. We also enjoyed watching the pet grooming activities.

Posted by Anonymous

I wish to compliment Petsmart and the great staff in the dog training classes. I help my friend GE Albright with her dog Tyler in their classes at the Signal Hill, Ca. store #96. We recently completed the beginning class and are finishing the intermediate. Our instructor, Allison Brooks, stressed the importance of teaching our dogs 'sit & stay'. Recently, while walking with Tyler he was startled a a flock of ducks suddenly flying from the path in front of us. He leapt, pulling the leash from my hand, knocking me over & running toward them. I shouted "Tyler, sit, sit!!!". Which he did, and I shouted, "STAY"!!! Which he did. Thus allowing me to get up and grab his leash and prevent him from running after the ducks. Thank you!!...and Allison... J.R. Klink

Posted by Anonymous

i am in knoxville for christmas. i went to the pet smart on morrell rd store number 214 on dec 2 around 12:30 pm. the cashier named lou ann was the nicest casher i have ever seen. she was nice to my kids and my dog. that is very rare theses days. she was a very sweet person. i just wish the cashiers in my home town was that way. thank you diane jones

Posted by Anonymous

I posted a complaint about Petsmart yesterday concerning a sharp increase in the cost of feline toenail trimming however I don't see it here. I am reporting the follow-up and resolution. The district manager did call today and said after reviewing my history as a customer in the grooming salon, they will honor a price adjustment for my loyalty. I still believe that almost tripling the cost of a service in this economy especially when so many are struggling to keep their pets and others have had to give theirs up, is extremely ill-timed. However, I do have to be fair and report back on the resolution and follow-up done by Petsmart.

Posted by luke

my son and I just purchased our first ball python at petsmart and our experience was nothing but positive. Our salesperson was very friendly and knowledgeable. Her name was Lauren and she needs to be bragged on. Thankyou

Posted by lmg5150

I was vacationing in Las Vegas and while driving I noticed a Petsmart store.I decided to stop in and look around.I wandered to the section for cats. I was approached by a Petsmart employee who asked if I needed assistance. I began talking about my cat and how he is overweight. The employee gave me a 20 minute run down on cat food and suggested I use Blue Buffalo.She showed me the ingredients and explained the benefits of the product.Her name was Sue Winter. She was very knowledgeable and professional. I now shop at my local Petsmart in Los Angeles-canoga park. Ms Winter suggest the weight control and explained how I should introduce the new food gradually to avoid digestive irritation.She explained that the average brand has corn as a primary ingredient and is not healthy for pets. The way she explained everything in detail combined with her mannerisms, friendliness and professionalism I could easily mistake her for a Blue Buffalo rep or veterinary assistant. Thank you Linda G.

Posted by Morgan

I buy my cats needs at the petsmart at Eastman parkway in Gresham oregon. You will often see the day manager checking out customers and the care is excellent. This manager is honest, caring and does his job with the upmost pride for this company. The staff are very helpful and I appreciate the low prices... Thanks petsmart staff. You are very appreciated.. :)

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Posted by Jobless Americans

Back in September of 2017 the Moorestown NJ store on Nixon Drive (store in question) came under a new store manager (L'erin Gaines and assistant store manager (Amanda). Corporate knowingly transferred one Mr. L' erin Gaines from the Fairless Hills, PA. store due to mistreated employees threatening to all quit if he remained employed there. Knowing such an awful tyrant of a person is in charge of people's livelihoods and careers, corporate desides to transfer him to the Moorestown, NJ store location. It didn't take long at the new location in Moorestown that Mr. Gaines continued his tyranny and threatening ways towards the employees that were working there for months and even years. It didn't take long for Mr. Gaines to force employees and managers alike to quit, resign, walk out or get fired. His tyranny and very poor management continued for a better part of 8 to 9 months upon arriving. Why would corporate back a store manager knowing that he has a history of being a major problem, just to cause it elsewhere? This is why a petition and grievance soon will be done in place of over a dozen employees and managers that lost, forced to quit, walked out on or gotten fired while Mr. Gaines was the store manager at the Moorestown, NJ location.

Solution????? Yes, an investigation should be done immediately. All employees/managers that were abused by this man and forced out of their livelihoods by him should get their jobs back or offered so if they want it.

Posted by Lizardbrain23

I like working for this company. I feel like we aren't just another big corporation in it for the cash - we will actually take a loss to save an animal, or refuse a sale if we think the person won't take care of it properly. We'd rather the pet thrive than get the sale. I like my coworkers, and the store has a constant attitude of, "okay, what can we improve today?" Every day is another day to hang out with pets and pet parents. It's awesome!

Posted by Rosa Martinez

My son started working at PetSmart store 335 Boca Raton Fl on 6-4-2011, and all went well for 14 months, after that, the manager who hired him decided that he didn't like Sean anymore, cut back his hours to one day a week, and then to 3 hours every other week, sometimes my son only worked once a month. Sean asked for a meeting with the district manager, h
this man did nothing to help my son, instead he told Sean that nobody would blame him if he turn in his two weeks notice. I took me almost 4 months to find a human resources rep ( PetSmart keeps these people under wraps) My son hoped this rep would help him get more decent hours, he got to work 10 hours two weeks in a row, only to be put back on a 3 hour shift again for calling the hr rep to ask if he could get more hours. I have to add that my son is a college student, never a problem with the law, no drugs, no drinking. The store manager treated him like a convicted felon on a work release program, he wanted my son to quit, until finally on 6-16-2013 he fired Sean becouse he missed one day of work in the two years he had worked for this company. I am disgusted with this manager, and the company.If you complain about a manager they retaliate against you.I know of other employees who make mistakes all the time, one of them is my friend, her hours have not been cut back like they did with Sean's. So, what what do I think of PetSmart? I wish my son had never worked at that place, he is heart broken. The management team is disgusting.If my son was such a terrible employee, why didn't he get fire him sooner? why wait almost one year?. Think about it .For the store manager it was a personal thing, he wanted to get rid of Sean no matter what.

Posted by anonymos

If you are unhappy with petsmart grooming, every transaction you pay for is a save $3 dollars towards your next purchade there is a grooming survey attached. Give them your utmost ferocity of unhappiness with that survey and they will be paying attention. It goes to corporate and no manager wants to let something that bad get unresolved and go to corporate. Also when calling petsmart to speak directly to a manager, press 0 while its doing its little spiel. They also have a money back gurantee if you are unhappy with the service. I was a dog bather there and seeing the way other dog bathers treated dogs, I would highly recommend taking your dog where people actually care.

Posted by Anonymous

I worked in the Petsmart store in Lk.City, Fl. since it was set up. As a matter of fact, I helped set up the store. Things were good until I caught the store manager trying to steal. I reported it to another manager,and was told she would take care of it. Now here it is several months later, my hours kept going up & down. When I told them I found another job, and I could only work certain hours, everything changed. I was told I could not talk to anyone anymore,and my family needed to stay out of the store, even though they always purchased things when they came in. My family was told by several employees that they could not talk to them anymore. The last straw was when they put me back on a register yesterday and today accussed me of stealing over $400.00. I have never, nor would I ever steal from anyone. But, it is funny that the manager I caught trying to steal, is the only witness to this. I told him I would take a polygraph test, but now he said it will not matter. But, when he had me in the office today and my boyfriend came to get me, he told my boyfriend I wasn't leaving until I said I did it. He also told him that he better leave and not come back or he would call the police on him & have him arrested for tresspassing. He would NOT let me leave the office and basically held me in the office. All they have to do is look at the tapes and would see that I did not steal anything. I wish that someone in a higher position would investagate this matter. All I want is my name cleared! Funny, you catch someone stealing, and you get in trouble!!

Posted by Anonymous

I have been working at the PetSmart Grooming Salon in Pembroke Pines, FL for some time now. I am appalled when I hear such negative comments about other stores because I have not witnessed a single case of abuse at my store! Perhaps we are lucky to have such a wonderful manager, but I can guarantee you that every employee at my store is there because they love animals. We treat the animals in our care as if they were family. I mean, we are at the store so often we see each other as family, too.

PetSmart is an incredibly large corporation with over a thousand stores. It is not realistic to expect every store to be absolutely perfect. Yes, there are bad people out there and people who are only in the business for money, but that is true for every aspect of life. Is every Straffordshire aggressive? Is every Chihuahua nervous? Are all Golden Retrievers gentle and sweet?

Posted by american bulldog owner

I worked there 10 years ago and even though I loved dog training the managers were terrible. Every paycheck had between .70 to 3 taken off. if they do this with all employees they are making a killing by screwing the little people only making $7. I got let go after my dad's funeral was on a day I had 3 training classes, they said I could not get the day off. It is hard to go past one of those stores and not have bad feelings.

Posted by Anonymous

I had worked at PetSmart for many years and it was the worst experience of my life. Management is irresponsible and rude. I have seen multiple situations within the store that would push away all customers if they only knew. I know all jobs have their ups and downs, but PetSmart is all bad. The one thing that upset me the most at this job was the disrespect and abuse towards the animals in the facility. I hate seeing animals abused and this happens often in the groomming salon. Personal experience with PetSmart has brought me to the point of never bringing my dogs to another groomer ever again.
One incident (keep in mind this was one of the less abusive sadly) was when a groomer got upset at one of the dogs she was grooming. She brought the dog out of its kennel with a self tightening lead as all PetSmart stores use, and used this lead around its neck to pull it onto the table. Never touching the dog's body, she yanked it up onto the table which was over four feet high BY IT'S NECK!!! I stopped the situation and informed the managers and the employee was never even spoken to about the incident. MANY OTHER SITUATIONS HAVE HAPPENED ALMOST ON A DAILY BASIS!! Please, do not get your dogs groomed at PetSmart. The only thing these employees care about is their commissions. Even if they tell you your dog was the best one they have groomed, I promise it means nothing. They are not allowed to tell customers their dogs were bad or that something happened.
During another day, a groomer-in-training was grooming an old dog and a new salon manager had just been hired. This dog went into shock and the manager told her to keep grooming it. Right after the dog was picked up, the owners brought it to the vet and it had to get put down due to the stress it endured in the salon. And everyone except the one person who groomed it will admit to this.
I am not just a mad previous employee. I worked in the salon and I am tired of no one knowing the situations. I was fired and was given no good reason. It was retaliation because I contacted corporate about the abuse towards the dogs. All of the managers said I was lying and covered up the situation.

Again, please, please, do not bring your dogs to get groomed at PetSmart. I do not want to see animals abused at these stores while the customers get over-priced grooms and pay for their dog to be harmed and remember it for life.

Posted by mscorvette2002

I am a spouse of a Petsmart employee & a manager by the name of Jim at the Dallas Wheatland location provided the worst possible customer service he could have given.
I was calling to advise him that my spouse who had the flu would not be in that day. Because I didn't call at 5am(2hrs before the scheduled shift) I was surely disrespected, not heard as well as dismissed. Never mind the fact that the night before at 7pm the highest manager Bob advised my spouse to go home because clearly he was coming down with something or another. As well a totally different manager named Teresa also advising my spouse to go home and "get better".
I would think that management would immediately attempt to find someone to cover this shift just in case he doesn't miraculously recover in 8-10 hours.

As a result.... the manager Jim decided to verbally vent his frustration on me by being EXTREMELY RUDE, SHORT FUSED, NOT LISTENING, NOT SHOWING ANY EMPATHY in the given situation nor an OUNCE OF PROFESSIONALISM. As a person in upper management I cannot believe that I experienced this sort of behavior from a manager for a corporation as large as Petsmart. I will never forget this and I will share this experience with everyone I know until I receive full satisfaction in his reprimand and a written apology from Petsmart on behalf of this pitiful excuse of a manager.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a PetSmart groomer for over 5 years, worked in two different states and 5 different stores. And believe me I've seen some good and bad things that go on. First of all not all groomers are bad groomers. For example, some have a lack of communication when it comes to the groomer and pet parent relationship. When a dog comes in with mats behind the ears that are so tight they have been pulling on the skin for who knows how long. The skin will get red and irritated, shaving it off is a relief to the pet. Also the Pomeranian breed has a double coat that can get very thick if it is not properly kept up on. The undercoat will mat up so thick to the skin that it may have to be removed by being shaved down to the skin. Over excessive brushing to try to remove the undercoat has a high possibility of breaking the skin and causing severe brush burn. The skin has not been able to breath so therefore is irritated and dry. A lot of pet parents don't realize how important it is to keep your pet groomed on a regular basis for health reasons. I work with quite a few groomers that will educate the pet parent and let them know what they found and what they had to do. Also the groomer should always inform you your pet needs to be shaved before doing so. Granted I also work with groomers that aren't passionate about their work and don't care to do a very good job and do not take the time to talk to the pet parent. I'm not gonna lie, I work with some that WILL shave your dog and not tell you about it. I think that's wrong but what can you do? You are gonna find good and bad everywhere you go it's not just at PetSmart. My advice is talk to your groomer ask questions, you should be able to tell if you're comfortable with them taking care of your dog. My animals are my kids, so I wouldn't trust just anyone with them. I'm not saying what happened to your dog was this exact situation i presented, but I've seen this a lot over 5+ years. Take care of your animal and if you neglect their grooming needs, don't go blaming a groomer for doing your dog a favor and taking the cause of their pain and irritation away.


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