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Pep Boys customer service is ranked #123 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 54.51 out of a possible 200 based upon 279 ratings. This score rates Pep Boys customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


224 Negative Comments out of 279 Total Comments is 80.29%.


55 Positive Comments out of 279 Total Comments is 19.71%.

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    • 54.51 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 224 negative comments (80.29%)
    • 55 positive comments (19.71%)
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Posted by Anonymous

i wish i had it to do it over i would have gone to discount tire. customer service stinkz

Posted by Anonymous

Absolute rude jerks. I go into the warwick r.i store to get a pair of tires for my mothers car. Upon enter the store a blonde girl says to me can i help u . i said I'm looking for a pair of tires for my mom's car. She said to me (( you can wait over there by the service desk some one will help you. )) I said.... no i want to go look at the tires first. And walked to the back of the store so I could see what brands they had and what the tread looked like on them. This tall guy Dave ones walking to me at the back of the store, and starts talking down to me in an aggravated manner. He says . you can't go back there Thats the storage area. First off I knew that and didn't plan on it. Second it was not roped off or labeled so u wouldn't know if u had not been there before.. I told him I knew that you can't go back there i wanted to look at the tires. In a rude manner He says to me you can go to the service desk up front and wait. I repeated again no . I want to look at tires and treads first. Its a personal choice. And the employee guy, Dave is his name says to me. It sounds like a personal problem to me. So I was treated rude and mean.and was made to feel that i was not allowed to look at tires and tread patterns. This is not the first time I had a problem there and I, my family will never be back and I will post those everywhere. So everyone can see how theses jerks like to and enjoy treating customers, just so they can steal your money.

Posted by Elizabeth

Pep boys in Panama City, FL is being managed by an immature, unprofessional punk kid. HORRIBLE customer service, no ethics, morals or professionalism from staff. Rip off!! Will never go there again and i plan on telling everyone I know not to use them! They shouldn't be in business - period! Even the district manager didn't have the descency to follow up on my complaint or concern.
What a joke this company is!!

Posted by Suave

3 yrs ago I Went to my scheduled appt. For tires installed, and when I got their apparently the tires never were ordered. OK, re schedule for the following week. Went in, was told that the tires they had to order were discontinued. Went somewhere else and bought tires . More$ but got tires. 3yrs later and a different vehicle I went back to Pep Boys figuring "no way, they can't do this to me again". Sure enough, different excuse same result. I'll never go back even if they're offering "buy one, get three Free". DON'T GO to PEP BOYS.even for car air fresheners!! Lye, lye, lye.

Posted by sabrinachap

Let me be the first to say that I have been going to Pep Boys in Kingwood, TX since I got me Chevy Cruze back in 2011. They have done everything from oil changes to complete tire changes for me. About a month ago I went in to have an oil change and the first challenge I experienced was upon checking in. They couldn't find my phone number in the system and had no record of me having gone to that location before. I went ahead, re-registered myself and they proceeded with the oil change.

Usually they will replace washer fluid as well as put air in my tires when doing an oil change. This time, the oil change took over an hour, and I was the only customer there. When I got back into my car I noticed my tire pressure was low and no washer fluid had been replaced. Giving them the benefit of the doubt I went about my day since technically those services are not included in a routine oil change. Then the real problems began...

Two days later my check engine light came on, and my car was feeling sluggish, I then noticed oil drops in my driveway, and a burning smell along with smoke whenever I drove my car. I went ahead and re-scheduled an appointment to have my car checked, once again. I went in on a Monday evening, once again maybe 2 customers there, and it took TWO HOURS. Within these two hours they were able to determine 2 things. 1. That someone who did the oil changed spilled oil all over the engine and the dripping was from the excess oil in the pan that had over flowed. 2. The IMT valve had been snapped in half. When i asked how this happened the guy respond with "I don't know, maybe it happened during the oil change" to me that response means someone broke my IMT valve, knew about it, and proceeded to give me my car back in a worse condition than I brought it in. They then told me they could not locate an IMT valve and it was too late in the day but it wouldn't hinder the performance of my car and it was okay to drive. I was told they would call me back the next day once they located the part. A WHOLE WEEK went by and no one contacted me.

That following Wednesday I was going through a car wash when my driver side window motor broke. At that point I was unhappy and decided to take my car to the local chevy dealer. Upon taking my car to the dealer they were able to diagnose what REALLY happened to my car...something Pep Boys should have done immediately when they saw the check engine light on. There was a hole in my radiator (something pep boys misdiagnosed and proceeded to tel me my car was ok to drive), oil all over the engine, and the IMT valve destroyed. The reason why they could not locate the part for the IMT valve is because you cannot by that part separately...and entire intake manifold housing unit would need to be purchased. As mechanics, they SHOULD HAVE KNOWN this. Chevrolet had to repair the radiator as well as the IMT valve which they notified me DOES HINDER the performance of your car and was a result of the sluggishness I was feeling. Not only that, but the IMT valve doesn't just snap, this is something that occurs due to human error...highly likely to have been done during the oil change. The total repairs on my car? $2,144.19...I went in for a routine oil change, and got my car back broken and needing severe repairs done to undo he damage Pep Boys did to my car.

I WILL NEVER BE GOING BACK!! They have lost a loyal customer and in my opinion...should be responsible for the repairs I had done.

Posted by engage757

Took the vehicle in to have the wiper sprayers replaced, brake lines bled and the trunk latch button repaired. They ended up telling me it was a master cylinder. It was not, I've bled the lines in this car before. Either way, I agreed to the replacement because it was $119, and I thought of it as preventive maintenance. A day later they call me and tell me the part they have doesn't work, so it's going to be $200 more . Come to find out, as per the Assistant Service manager, the part worked fine but the manufacturer had left out one mounting hole. Rather than call another store, they ordered one straight from a dealership, and then told me it was "too late now". They replaced the Trunk button, charged me $80 to LOOK at it and then another $80 for parts. Fine. Then they call me to tell me "My car needs struts and strut mounts". According to another local shop, this is absolutely false. Every time I spoke with them they tried to sell me tires. I do not want nor need tires, nor alignment. I need 3 things done. NOT difficult. Pep Boys was running a promotion on these items at that time. Coincidence? I think not. They didn't touch the wiper sprayers, despite me asking them every one of the 15 times they called me to sell me tires or lie to me about another "problem". I finally said "HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE SPRAYERS I ASKED YOU TO?!" Their response? "No, but we can for an extra $80 have a look." According to Pep Boys Corporate, this is absolutely NOT their policy. They never even looked at it in the end. Then they called me to tell me I needed to replace the steering bezel cover. I told them that was absolutely fine and their was no issue when I dropped it off. Response? "Oh no, it's broken, you need to buy another one." They broke parts in my wife's car, called me to tell me I needed to pay to replace them, ( I knew they were not broken, so do multiple people that have been in the vehicle) and threw them back in the car. I get there to pick up my wife's vehicle and One of their TECHS told me the part wasn't broken on my car when I brought it in. The vehicle had oil and dirt throughout, and they balled up the plastic seat covers and threw them on the floor with the steering bezel they smashed off. I brought this to the Assistant Service Manager Mike and the Tech's attention. They both apologized profusely, and Mike wrote down the VIN of the vehicle and all pertinent info to order a new one. He said the VW dealership was closed on Sundays, but he would make sure he ordered a new one Monday. Then they told us they ordered a replacement. 2 weeks later? The Assistant Service Manager Mike told my wife they were having a hard time finding it. One week after? The service manager Aaron is calling me telling me I'm a liar and so is my wife. He proceeded to LAUGH and YELL at me. They tried to bait and switch me, didn't fix half the things they were told to. I'm filing with the Better Business Bureau, have started a chargeback and opened a complaint with their corporate headquarters. Even their corporate people have told me there have been a myriad of complaints against this store and these people. Their service manager said they had "proof" the proof? The destroyed parts I have them back in their parking lot and then saying they "told me I needed to get the parts fixed and I told them no, they we're fine when I brought them in". Yeah, you broke it? Their service manager said "he felt disrespected". You know what? I feel disrespected that my wife still has a broken to pieces car and you called her a liar. And me. You pay for it, you broke it. I cannot say enough bad things about this month long ordeal and my previous experience buying tires there.

Posted by Big Red Wagon

On Line order...totally fouled. Have to return a complete brake kit...missing pads, wrong rotors, etc. Store refused to honor price on printout for installation. Wanted double and more to install. Awaiting response to my email to them requesting pick up of incorrect parts and refund.

Posted by Sad customer

I have 3 different vehicles all of which have been serviced by the same pep boys location at West pike street in lawrenceville georgia. For the most part their service has been up to par in regards of servicing my vehicles. Hence the fact I've brought them back. Howeve, the last time I've brought my Mercedes to this location for a replacement of a serpentine belt. They replaced it. Within a month it popped off. Wierd because it didn't pop off the first time it was just time to replace it. None the less I called and they replaced it under the 3 year warranty. 2 months later it popped off again. I called yet again had it towed up there yet again and four days later it was replaced and I picked it up. On the drive home the vehicle ran hot,check engine light came on multiple indicators popped up on the dash board. I had to return back to work as MOST of us do, so I had my father call to get the vehicle looked at (a senior citizen and a war vetern). My father immediately called me back and told me the individual named Tyler with no last name began to tell him bring it back we won't drop you off we will get it looked at we dont have any techs avaliable for at least and hour and a half and we don't know the price in what my father felt was an absurdly disrespectful manner. So when he arrived I asked to speak to Tyler. Which I then was reluctant to tell me more or less the same. We can't get to it now I already to you that and if you have a problem with that your mire than welcome to come see me etc.. whoa wait! Tyler just disrespected my father over the phone and in person and I feel as though he just threatened me over the phone. Over a car? Not to mention Tyler hung up with no resolve. My father never asked for a ride home (my father and i both live within 3 miles of this loaction. Not to mention have an additionl 5 OTHER vehicles to drive. I'm writing this because at this moment my vehicle that only needed a serpentine has caused me to miss 3 days of work. Multiple headaches and now put my elderly father in a very uncomfortable situation.I regret to inform you that after this whole debacle I've yet to been able to reach a supervisor or any form of management. So to my last attempt I will write this to the corporate office, fix the vehicle at another service location and write as many letters it takes to tell everyone I know my expierence.

Posted by YAO

My car was totally broken in one of your chain store in Pittsburgh, but your staff tended to conveal the truth On purpose at the beginning, which leads to my misunderstanding of the true situation of my own car!
Secondly, I drove my car to your store to check the tire. But your staff suggested me to check my whole car and told me it may take within an hour. So I accepted their advice to check the car. However, I waited there in the center for more than three hours. Thirdly, although it maybe true that there is something wrong with my timing belt, I did be able to drive my car properly, but after your checking, my car was completely damaged of its engine, which is the result I could never accept according to my own common sense.
What is more, the checking result really gave me a big shock in spirit! The actual words from your staff, "your car can no longer be driven." I really cannot accept the result. The following day, I took my friend who knows how to fix car with me came back to the store again. Again, your staff gave me quite different story regarding the whole process of car checking.
I ask the manager to take the responsibility, all even part of the duties of my car's total damage.He refused with terrible attitudes . Although later, he called me back and explained the situation. Still, the attitude was bad and rejected to admit any duties they have in such event. Right now, I am
Seeking the assistance of legal system unless the center manager is willing to compensate for my loss in repairing the engine in car financially and spiritually!
Thank you for your time and look forward to your reply with further information. As one of the biggest chain store and well-known brand in the State. I really hope you can have a further survey with your irresponsible staff who are afraid to shoulder any mistakes they made at work and gain the trust and respect of your customers again!

Posted by Anonymous

Pep boys prattville ala are rip offs u sit and wait for 43040 minutes at a time looking through the window they're not touching your car but yet they'll hold your car for 4 to 6 hours to get extra labor I thought these places were made to moving in and moving now it seems like they take advantage of a people with labor cost thank you disgruntled customer

Posted by White.sue

  I visited one of your Pep Boys location in Mobile, Al located at General Bullard and Airport Blvd,  recently and I was thrown off by the way one of your so called managers spoke to his employees, and also how he spoke about a customer. It was mid day around lunch time, I know this because your manager was eating and talking with his mouth wide open, smacking (very unprofessional). Well, the young lady, I believe her name was Jenny, walked in and was trying to tell the manager (his name was James) about what the vehicle needed that she was she was currently working on at the moment. He interrupted her and said "he doesn't care about the car and that it was, and I quote, a 'haggis' car and they will not buy and anything so he doesn't care period." I was dumbfounded by this comment and so was the young lady that was working on it. Then he proceeds to tell her that she needs to get outside and stop "taking" his a/c. Which in Alabama it is ATLEAST with humidity 99-100 in the dead of the afternoon. This has been bothering me for about a month and I could not stop thinking about the way he carried himself, the way he speaks to his employee, and the simple fact the company needs to know how unprofessional this manager is that you have employed.  The only reason I would go back would be for the fact that the young lady upheld herself in a professional manner even when she was being talked down to in such a demeaning way. I have never in my 46 years of being alive heard the a manager speak to his employee like this, especially in front of customers. I figured this was something that needed to be brought to someone's attention now more then never. I would hate to know what is said when there is no customers around.  On top of all that, the young lady saw that her manager was in need of help, after being spoke to in such a nasty manner, still came inside and was answering phones and writing up tickets for that man and he acted like she was in the wrong for trying to help. He even said that he doesn't need her help and that she needed to stay out of his office and his way. There is no reason on gods green earth for some to be spoken to like that. I fully believe that someone should do something about this manager unprofessional ways. I truly, truly hope something will be done not for my sake but for that young lady's sake.Â

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased 4 truck tires from your West lane Stockton store. Thursday the 28th,

I made an appointment to rotate my tires Sunday the 31st. I arrived on time for my 11am. Which was supposed to be an hour. Service manager explained they would need 2 hours. So I had someone pick me up. I returned at 2:30 to find they had not even touched my vehicle. I asked the manger why he was making appointments he can't complete. He made alme excuse of being short handed. Then he should apologize and ask me to try a new appointment. He did neither.

this is not the first time this has happened.

I have purchased shocks and brakes, etc. everytime there is an issue. From stripping all my lug nuts and trying to conceal the fact while I waited over 7 hours.

No one could come for me that day. I have waiting for hours before any contact phone calls or apologies. Between the this west lane and Martin Luther dr location I don't know how I can possibly trust your company to take care of my needs. I will have to go to another dealer to rotate and balance tires. A service that was supposed to be included. Good luck staying in business with the reviews your company has.

lathrop, ca

Posted by ed whittamore

e.whittamore,went to pepboys to buy new tires and frontend alinment,dropped car off on satjuly30 at appointment was for 9am sunday july 31,while in church they called and said it needed 3 new lug nutthe order wasput in saturday when dropping durango off i even had the sailsman walk out side and showed him it needed 6 new lug nutsthey were put on the order,what urks me at 1215 they had never started working on my vehiclewhy was a900 oclock appt.made the appt.time means nothing to there employees,its the consumer who helps pay there salary no wonder complaints are made they give you a appt time and then let your vehicle sit bad customer realationship you pay for the job to be done and right they need to look into these matters right away i feel customers are not treated fairly when it comes to good quality service,

Posted by Anonymous

i took my car to pep boys for brakes on july 5,2016 i was their 6 hours, they told me the repair person was having a problem with my rt. front brakes, when i left with my car it sounded like something was loose on the rt.front side and every time i hit a bump something was rattling, my car was driving worse when they finished than it was when i took it their when i took it back they told me that i had outer tie rod end that needed to be replaced and a anchor torque strut mount loose, none of these things were wrong with my car when i took it their i paid 724 dollars for my brakes and they said the other repairs would cost over 600 dollars the first they guy said to me you people always come in hear trying to make it look like we did something to your, iam 72 years old and i do not have that kind of money,all that i know is that my car was not in the condition when i took it in that it is now, iam afraid to drive it for fear something might fall out.

Posted by Paul Priester

I never give my business to pep boys again, Manchester is for sure.vary bad work and service. Tried West Hartford same thing. Don't be a fool,save your money and time.

Posted by anonymous

On Saturday July 9th, 2016 I took my care in to have the windshield wiper fluid cord attached to the washer tank. Hours later I get a call from Pep Boys that they had fixed it BUT they cracked my windshield. Really?!. I was told that they were sorry and the tech was trying to adjust my wipers when they hit the windshield it cracked. They stated to bring the car back in on Monday and they would fix. I like other people have to work so I took time off so that I could get this issue taken care of. Hours later I was called and told that they ordered the wrong windshield. OK now I need a rental as I am not taking more time off from work and this needs to get fixed. Pep Boys covered the cost of the rental and on Tuesday ( the next day) Pep Boys calls and states your car is done. I come in after work get in my car and go home, I decided to run my windshield wipers. YES you guessed it they don't work!!! NOW I am HOT. I call in and let them know the issues they apology again and tell me to bring the car in AGAIN and they will fix. I bring the car in again on Wed after work ( as PEP Boys is my new hang out spot 3 days in a roll). I was told I see what you mean I think the vendor that put in your windshield did something wrong as it was not like that before. Blah Blah I dont care FIXED it! Oh our tech is busy and you may have to come back on Friday. That is what I will NOT do! I need corporate number as this is unacceptable and poor customer service, I stated. I called corporate filed a compliant. The tech finally came and fixed the wipers and all good or so I thought. NOW since my windshield is rain sensored it is not working. I am done, I will go to the nissan dealership have it fixed and take up with Pep Boys Corporate office to pay for the work done of real professionals. This is one Mickey Mouse operation. I will not be using their services again or recommend them.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, would someone call me concerning my experience getting new tires at pep boys located at Thank you, keneuvn

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible Terrible Customer Service Incorrect Quotes for Tires!

Do not shop at Pepboys! They are "Terrible". If I did not want that particular type of tires I would have left. I made an appointment for 1:00 pm Thursday to purchase and have installed 4 new tires. I arrived at 12:55 pm. They did not even have my truck inside the shop until 1:30. I was not given back my truck keys until 3:30 pm. That's 2 1/2 hours later. Another customer across from had been waiting for 1 hour to have a battery installed. There employees just stand around and do nothing.

I was quoted different prices several times for the tires. I called there customer service the night before and they could not explained to me the cost of the tires verses online purchase or in store purchase. When I arrived for my appointment it took them for ever to figure out the cost of the tires.

Buyer Beware!

Posted by Anonymous

Store #70 is very ridiculous whn it comes to customer service...I stood in line to be waited on...14mins went pass and no one even ask me if I needed help...6 employees walkin around but again no one is asking me If I need help...1 other customer walks in after after me...they were kind to her and even ask her do she need help...customer walks out the door and Im still waiting to be help. Again im waitin for 14mins.. I just left..Not sure if it is because im Black....No one didnt even bother to see if I needed help...I needed a timimg chain...nevermind now i will never return to PepBoys...its a disgrace....what ever happen to Customer Service where did it smiles, no greeting looks like they were mad that they came to work...

Posted by Anonymous

Pep Boys employs liars and thieves. I took,my daughter's first car in to be looked over..Was told they were dad's and would treat her right...NOT! She was hearing a rumble under hood..They say its brakes and rotors and charge over $600. Two weeks later, same noise..They say other brakes and charge $400..drove it home and same noise came and then belt flew off..took it back and they was over $700 for belt and water pump. Come to find out her brakes were less than a month old. Seller of car provided proof...don't shop or go to pep boys at Lynnhaven in Va beach.

Posted by dette

June 1 I had coolant system evaluation, radit or drain and fill, and a electrical evaluation. Come to find out fan relay was bad...supposed. .got that repacked costed me 125.16 for parts, 289.49 for labor and 59 60 for other amounts. Went home without problem next morning car battery dead. Found out radiator fan still on and killed battery. Brought car back 7 am June 2 and as I am writing this post still here at 2.22 pm. I was told that it is my relay which I already paid for. This is crazy I WILL NOT BE GOING TO PEPBOYS!!!!!!! I will not recommend this place at all!!!!!!!###

Posted by Anonymous

On 05-18-2016 I had my vehicle towed to Pep Boy's to do a compression check and inspection on my 2009 VW Routan Van. After driving approx 15 miles after having my oil changed at a Wal Mart in Aurora Co. I spoke with a young lady at the store on 12820 E Mississippi Aurora Co 80011. I explained to her the problem and she explained that they would do a inspection on engine and a compression check and I would have an answer around noon on the 19th. I told her I would be in with the van to complete any paperwork that needed to be done. After finding out from the tow driver that I would not be at store until after store closed, I called this same location and spoke with a gentleman there and told him it would be late and I asked him what I needed to do to ensure all would go OK. He informed me that the driver knows what to do with the key and that all was set that they would call me after inspection with results. The next day on the 19th I awaited a call from Pep Boy's until 12:30 that afternoon. I still hadn't received a call so I called and spoke with a John Tesh, who informed me that they had been trying to reach me all morning after finding out that they wrote down my number wrong. I was informed that they had no idea why my van was there. I explained to Mr Tesh what I was told the night before and he said no one left any messages as to why the van was there. Mr Tesh informed me it would take about two to three hours to get results and would call me with his findings. I received a call approx. 3:45 that afternoon in which I was told by MR Tesh that the motor had been overfilled with oil and it had caused compression to build up in motor and something broke inside motor damaging sparkplug and no compression in motor. I asked him at this time if he thought this was caused by the oil change done at wal mart and he assured me that yes that is what caused the damage. I then asked him if it would be OK to give his name and number to manager at Wal Mart, he agreed and I went to Wal Mart filed a claim and assumed all would be taken care of. On Tuesday May 24th I received a call from Scott Abbott a claims adjuster for Wal Mart. Mr Abbott informed me that he had spoken with Steve Prell the general manager of Pep Boy's at the location I had the diagnostic check done at. He informed me that after speaking with Mr Prell he was told that the motor was overfilled by a quart of oil, however that would not cause the engine to go. Therefore Wal Mart will not be paying a claim and the case would be closed. I called Pep Boy's and spoke with Mr Prell, and he informed me that he didn't know anything about the van and that he had just gotten back from vacation he just went by what one of the technicians had told him. I explained to him that I had spoken with Mr Tesh (John) and he informed me that is what caused the damage and that he had just cost me the claim with Wal Mart. He then told me that he would investigate this himself and get back with me early on 5-25-2016. I again waited until after 3pm that afternoon with no call from Mr Prell. I went down to speak with him and was told he was in a meeting and I left my number. I received a call from Mr Prell and was told that the damage was not caused by the overfill. I asked him what caused the damage and was told he didn't know that engine would have to be taken apart and they don't do that work there. I now have it at my mechanic to have an engine put in. I am very unsatisfied and disappointed in the way things were handled by the General Managers lack of understanding of the situation before he spoke with a claims adjuster. When I spoke to MR Prell the first time he didn't even know my van was still sitting in the parking lot. When I went in to pay my bill at Pep Boy's this morning 5-26-16 I spoke with John, the original person I spoke with after the inspection was done. he informed me that he had spoke with the technician(Zach Gerber)who had done the check and was told that the overfill is what caused the problem. I told him that the general Manager said it wasn't and he said he can't go against his manger. I have a professional checking out the motor and giving me another opinion on the damage done. The bottom line is this. I left Wal Mart and drove 15miles after an oil change and my engine shut down. I had it taken there to have an honest neutral evaluation done. I was told by John that the damage was do to the overfill. Then I have a General Manager, who admits that he had not seen my vehicle and wasn't even aware that it was still there who tells an adjuster that that is not what caused the engine problems but he can't tell me what did. This is the "MOST UNPROFESSIONAL" service center manager I have ever dealt with and I regret that I ever had my vehicle brought to your company. I am filing this complaint with The BBB and I will peruse legal action against Pep Boy's if it is determined that this is what caused the engine problems and Wal Mart will still not cover damages. I would be more than happy to discuss this further. I can be reached at Thank you for your time and consideration.

Posted by Anonymous

Pepboys has the absolute worst service on the planet. They are unprofessional, rude, and overprice for their mechanical services, their return policy is absolutely the worst, I changed my mind on a item and wanted to exchange on a poor quality product not return it, they wouldn't even grant a exchange because I opened it. They do nothing to compensate for your inconvenience or poor service not even a simple stinking apology which proves they could care less about retaining long term customers for repeat business. They make no efforts to make anything right as a result I literally stopped shopping at Pepboys three years ago and never bring them my car for services. They suck raw eggs.

Posted by cass

Your Howell, NJ store ruined my car after a routine oil change. The mechanic and store manager lie to cover their ineptitude. Now I have no car. I will make sure all our friends know never to use your stores.

Posted by dakennison

Complain about the Glassboro store. I believe they took advantage of my Son not knowing automotive at all and did unnecessary work and guilty of over charging. I work on cars myself am cf know what parts cost and how it takes I will not let this go. Planning on contacting main office and probably the Better Business Beauro. There I'd all kinds of FCC complaints against they. They're nothing more then thieves.


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Posted by Anonymous

Greetings Pep Boys,
I visited Pep Boys on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs to buy wipers for my Kia today and I met Jay. He was Exceptional!! Very pleasant, friendly, courteous and most helpful. He replaced all 3 of my wipers. Thanks Jay for outstanding customer service!!
Dianne C

Posted by Anonymous

I thought it was time to write a positive review about customer services and my recent experience. Went to a local Pep Boys in East Brunswick, New Jersey to replace a blown headlamp bulb. Normally a very easy, 30 second procedure to take out the burned bulb and pop in the new one. So I drove down to Pep Boys, bought a new bulb, drove home and installed the new bulb in the car. New bulb didn't work. So I drove back to the store to ask them for another bulb (thought the bulb I had just bought was bad). They checked the bulb I bought, and it worked in the store. OK, now I have a problem...bulb works in the store, but not in the headlight. The parts tech (a young guy named Pat M.) came out to the parking lot with me to see what could be the issue. He took another bulb with him, and a voltage checker to make sure that power was getting to the bulb. Sure enough, no power was getting through to the new bulb on that side (passenger side). The high beams and and right turn indicator lights both worked. So, next possibility is a short or break somewhere in the wire harness where the bulb connects to the housing. That would mean a trip to my mechanic, a few hours trying to determine where the break may be, not having my car while the mechanic tries to fix the problem, etc.
Just as a final check, Pat checked the fuse box to see if I had a blown fuse. Oddly enough, the fuse for the passenger headlamp was MISSING (not blown, but missing altogether from the fuse slot). He popped in a spare fuse, and the headlight was on. So, he saved me the time, trouble, and expense of having to bring my car either to their repair shop or my own mechanic.

Posted by Anonymous

My car was serviced at the Dedham Mass Pepboys. I was very pleased with the great customer service by Fernando. He took time and answered questions I had about my brake warranty. You don't usually get that kind of service from people, he is the exception! Employee's that deliver excellent customer service is hard to come by.These are the folks that will keep you coming back! Thank you, Fernando!

Posted by JD

We had to make a check engine stop on the way home from the Keys going to Jacksonville, Fl. We stopped at the store in Jupiter (2064 west indiantown road). Justin not only educated us on the issue we were having but also made arrangements to get parts and then had a technician test the vehicle first to ensure we would not spend $ for nothing. Exemplary Customer Service at 5:00 on a Saturday - very rare these days.

If you are in Jupiter, see Justin at Store # 397. You will have a pleasant experience I promise you.

Posted by Daniela Wallace

Kyle was sweet and kind to tried to mount my riding lawn mover tire on February 12, 2016 at the Walzem location in San Antonio, Tx. He was success also. Please note that Kyle was professional and technical in his efforts to help me.

I want you folks at Corp to give him something extra in his pay and in front of his peer group for being a wonderful employee of Pep Boys.



Posted by william1166

Went in to get an oil change at pep boys in athens ga and was warmly greeted by Mike He got us in and out in about 15 minutes! David the manager was also very helpful with tips for our vehicles and upcoming service procedures that will be performed on our vehicles. Overall serviceis excellent! Very helpful and friendly staff!

Posted by Anonymous

I was searching for snow tires and having no luck in finding them I decided to stop at Pep Boys in Washington,Pa. I was told they had them but only 2 were on site. John the store rep I was dealing with searched until he found them.He told me I would have to come back the next day and in the snowstorm he kept that promise. I would like to thank him again for going above and beyond in securing snow tires for my vehicle.

Posted by George Bell

I took my car in the pep boys Wood not idle as I waited for them to test it the mechanic came in and told me it did not need repair it just needed to be driven some more I had disconnected the battery to clean it not knowing that it would mess up my memory in the truck no charge thank you very much

Posted by Anonymous

Excellent customer service
Very professional worker Mr.Rodolfo and Mr.Richard
I would most definitely recommend Pep Boys auto service to family and friends

Posted by Terry

We came in on Saturday the 10th of October they were very busy but worked us in!! Had 4 tires purchased and balance and mounted. We went to the Shop on 44th and Wadsworth. They all were very helpful Thanks Guys so appreciated!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently went to Pep Boys in Frederick MD. I purchased a BMW 750. It needed new seals and Pep Boys did a great job. I would recommend this store in a minute. They took the time to show me what was the problem and the best way to fix it.

Posted by ceerob

This was the second place I came to get my breaks and rotors change.The manager Michael and his service team provide me with fast friendly service. I highly recommend pepboys Piedmont location.

Posted by Anonymous

Would like to say we received above and beyond service at pepboys in York PA. On Sunday on labor day weekend we were traveling and about 2hours from home when a screw came out of our brake shoe and brake was rubboing against tire and pulling tire off rim. We slowly made our way to pepboys they worked us in but unfortunately said they checked all around nd and could not get a part until Tuesday. We had to make arrangements to have someone come pick us up. While we were waiting went to get something to eat we received a call mechanic found a part after a lot of research on their part. We were on are way even though are whole day was lost we Thank You Joshua Herman for your great save and great thinking.

Posted by Anonymous

My comment concerns the Pep Boys located in Aububon, NJ. EXCELLENT service there.
I have worked with John, who is one of the assistants at the Service Desk. He ALWAYS is very helpful. I go to him not knowing what is wrong with my car. He will listen to me, tells me what he thinks and then will test drive it to confirm what he thinks. He monitors what is going on in the shop and gives me updates. He has NEVER steered me wrong. I trust him completely. My entire family now goes to Pep Boys looking for John. I have also talked to John's manager Vincent and again get great attentive customer service. Good listeners, good service, honest team at Audubon,NJ Pep Boys.

Posted by [email protected]

Went to the Pep Boys in Colerain Ohio for two SUV vehicle's tires I had replaced. Ronnie and Adam provided fantastic customer service and great pricing. Pep Boys has a great loyal program and prices, the drive from Springboro Ohio, 30 miles away, was worth the time and drive!

Posted by henry smith

I,Henry Smith posted two complaints concerning Pep Boys on Broad River Rd.,Columbia S.C.,on 7/13/2015.Today the service manager made everything right.I think he actually cares about doing the right thing.What happened with the car battery was just one of those things that you can't always plan for.I was not asked to post this, by the way.I am doing so on my own volition.I will take my cars back to this shop for future repairs when needed.

Posted by AlikatLovell

I went to the store in Mesa, Arizona off main street for two tires. I had called them the day before to order the tires to the store and they told me they would be in by eleven. My spare blew out on the road ten minutes from the store. I had a family member pick me up and take me to get a tire while my friend stayed behind in the Arizona heat of the summer with no air conditioning. I got to the store and not only were the tires not in, but Debbie was trying to charge me almost $50 more than what the price online had shown. The general manager of the store (Debbie) was extremely rude and was talking about me like I couldn't hear her and passed me off to another woman named Stella who was the service manager for the store. Stella understood my situation and immediately got me a tire to get my car into the shop and my friend off the road. She gave us all water and even upgraded my tires for the same price as the original ones since they still had not come in. She was the nicest person I have ever met and took very good care of me. If you ever need anything for your car, go to Stella. She will definitely take care of you. Debbie needs to go. I almost had an anxiety attack talking to her because it was so overwhelming.

Posted by lisa

I had to get my car towed and I chose to get it towed to Pepboys. I needed to get a new battery and Greg was Johnny on the spot. I went there in the morning and left in the morning, very fast service. The service manager Greg, here in Richmond, VA on Nine Mile Road was very helpful and very eager to please and for that I will be returning. Excellent service from you Greg, Keep up the good work!

Posted by 07RAM

I decided to go to pep boys for set Cooper tires, they deal going on. Buy 3 get 1 free also Cooper had $100 mail in rebate. First time buying Cooper tires. What I did is the evening before
I to pep boys and made sure they had the tires I wanted and kinda got the paperwork started. Showed up the next morning (first in line) about 2.5 hrs. later I was out. After a few days
I noticed a vibration/shake in the steering wheel at about 50 to 60 mph.
Following weekend Sat. morning (first in line) explained the problem to manager Mr. Hines. (nice guy) So worked the tech and explained the problem. Between the tech & Mr. Hines they noticed 3 of the 4 tires had separation issues. They visually showed me with tire on the balancer while it was spinning. So great job on noticing the problem were the tires. 3 new tires and I am now good to go.
Thank You Robert Hines and his team.

Posted by Anonymous

I have never felt more taken care of with auto repairs than at this Pep Boys!

I had called around 5 or so other places in the area, and they were either already closed for the day or couldn't do the job. Jim gave me a very reasonable price quote and told me to ask for him when I got there so he could check me in quickly and get started on the repair. And he followed through with that promise! I was in and out of the shop in about an hour and got a great deal on the service.

I've been to a lot of service shops over the years, but this Pep Boys was the best shop I've ever experienced. The workers were friendly, the prices were transparent, and my car is now good as new and I've found my service shop.

Posted by Cheryl427

I went in to have a tire repaired and received the best customer service I have had in a long time. Al Pal was a true gentleman and extremely helpful I was in and out. Cannot say enough things about this Pep Boys located on Tilton Rd. Thank you.

Posted by TWEETY'S

this has been my best account out of 6 the Tropicana store is my commercial account and have not had a single problem even on special orders on return because of customers cancellations. the staff there is great friendly even calls from time to time just to see how things are going they make you feel like family they joke with you as though you work with them really enjoy seeing the guys and very helpful in many ways and just your parts. would highly recommend them to all of my custormers. keep up the good work pepboys on E trop. las vegas nev.


1/20/2015 I Purchased A Set Of 4 Defender Michelin Tires. I Was Only Stopping For A Comparison Price At The Time. After Talking With A Salesman And The Manager I Was Convinced This Was The Place To Buy Tires. My Service Was Excellent. The Employes Were Very Helpful The Coffee Was Good. The Manager Was Very Helpful With The Other Problems I Have With The 2012 Cheve Malibu. I Will Be Getting All Of My Service There (athens Al)

Posted by Cheryl

After work one evening I went out to my car to a dead battery. I was able to get a jump start and went to the local Pep Boys on Broad River Road, Columbia, SC. I received excellent service from the whole team. The manager, Todd was very personable and professional. I got a new battery in no time at a fair price. They closed at 8:00 p.m. and I was there about 7:30 p.m. I never felt rushed or that they were annoyed with the time.
I would definitely recommend this Pep Boys location for their excellent service.
Thanks Todd and crew!!

Posted by Anonymous

Service Manager, Andrew Hutchinson #180 of Elmont NY provided excellent customer service. In a professional manner, Mr. Hutchinson swiftly offered a solution and assigned a competent mechanic to make the repair.

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Posted by disgruntled

I am an ex employee, and first off I'd like to say they do screw customers almost as bad as employees! I was a mechanic and was screwed out of thousands of dollars of commission pay simply because they put it in someone elses name that was paid lower commission rates. The manager also lied about me getting hurt on the job after not filing a workers comp claim. I have seen tire techs doing mechanic work simply because they don't want to pay a mechanic to do it right. I turned down jobs simply because the shop wasn't equipped to do such work and the lifts weren't even safe enough to actually use since they were never really maintained correctly! I would advise to NEVER go to Pep Boys! The integrity and professionalism that once was from the famous company is no more! They are only worried about lining their own pockets and screwing people out of money, customers as well as employees! I have also personally been asked to rig a vehicle that was inoperable to at least make it run long enough to get off the premises, I was even told I would lose my job if I didn't, I didn't touch the vehicle and they had to tow it somewhere else. Again I would advise to NEVER shop or bring your vehicle in for service at ANY PEP BOYS! I have contacted human resource of Pep Boys and they put me on hold for 30 mins then transfer me through 20 people before they finally hang up on me!

Posted by Anonymous

I am an employee at this company and it is a horrible company it screws customers over with horrible service cheap fixes and occasionally extremely poor fixed that leave your vehicle worse off. This company welcomes employees as family but treats them like slaves severely underpaid for what we do and cheated out of pay (if a company warranties something they should NOT take part of that out on the labor an employee does it should be at the companies exspence) horrible managers and higher up that do not know how to run shops. If you want a horrible experience and a probability of your vehicle in worse shape bring it to pepboys where the employees are mostly under trained (besides the master techs who pay for there ase certifications out of there own pocket) screw this company get your parts somewhere else because pepboys suck and are not the cheapest around.

Posted by ABJQ

I work for Pep Boys and would not recommend their services to anyone. I've done repair work professionally and served in an advisory capacity for other stores. Their training does not build the employee to the level of customer service or knowledge needed to meet the customer's expectations. They place current sales over training to the point where you have to argue with your manager just so he will let you complete one or two mandatory training assignment out of the ten to fifteen that are currently overdue.
On the service side, most shops will not charge a diagnostic fee if they find the problem and you choose to repair it in their business. Pep Boys will charge you the diagnosis then charge you repair, not an unheard of policy, just not a "pro-customer" one.
If you do decide to use Pep Boys, take advantage of their price match plus 5% gaurantee. Just find a shop that has the capability to print a physical estimate sheet with a fair price, and take the estimate to Pep Boys, they will match the price of parts and labor, then take 5% off.


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