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PeoplePC customer service is ranked #255 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.32 out of a possible 200 based upon 53 ratings. This score rates PeoplePC customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


47 Negative Comments out of 53 Total Comments is 88.68%.


6 Positive Comments out of 53 Total Comments is 11.32%.

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    • 42.32 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 47 negative comments (88.68%)
    • 6 positive comments (11.32%)
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    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Michael Dubin

When I spoke with supervisor the evening of May 21, 2018, he looked into my inbox and told me what he saw without my permission, and later peoplepc sent an email warning that an employee saw or used my personal password.

I am very disappointed after being a subscriber for 12 years that an employee would endanger my privacy by his actions. Please contact me with an an explanation and an apology.

I tried to write this complaint on the Earthlink site ( but got the following error message ‘ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key reCAPTCHA
Privacy - Terms

Michael Dubin

Posted by Anonymous

My brother has peoplepc email. He has been ill for more than a year. He is trying to get into his email. He entered the last password he remembered and was sent a code to the email he can�t get into. He wants to read the mail he has. I am his sister. Contact me at with instructions or number he can get help from



Posted by Anonymous

People pc is the worst company I have ever delt with they will not cancel the account after calling them several times they keep asking for banking account # ?

Posted by Anonymous

very hard to understand the customer service representatives long waits for them to accomplish anything that you asked

Posted by dan ferguson

I found three contacts from you in my spam email account this morning. All three were asking about my satisfaction with your service.I can tell you I am not very satisfied with service.I have never been able to get connected properly. I had to find a way to connect myself.I could not use some of your services because I couldn,t download them.

Posted by [email protected]

I have used this service for over 10 years and loved every min of it. The customer service was great this morning and very kind when i needed to cancel my service. Yes they as you for your information to verify its you...DUHH its the 2014 year and people are hacking peoples accounts every if you get upset at them for verifying your information your stupid. thank you again people pc and people pc customer service

Posted by Brownie

I called Tech support because I couldn't get online at all. The Support Tech told me to try a couple of things and still no luck. She said she tried everything available and that the problem was my phone line. I told her all my phones work and that wasn't the problem. She insisted it was. What was I supposed to do? I'm not a tech specialist and I needed internet service. I called the phone company and they sent someone out to check my phone lines. Because the problem wasn't caused by their equipment I was charged $96.00. The repairman said he'd look at my computer since he was charging me $96.00 and said the tech I spoke to only had me remove the old modem info in one place. It was showing up in two other places. Tech Support stinks.

Posted by Anonymous

I've never signed up for peoplepc and very angry that money has been removed from my account without permission to do so. This has caused over draft fees on my bank account for the last three months. I've no screen name or anything.

Posted by Anonymous

Called to close my account and they couldnt access my acount because it had my old card number on it and i couldnt remember the last 4 digits. Faught with the guy for 10 min then he tells me i can give him my password. I was on the phone for 30 mins just to cancel my accout and 25 mins was fighting with the non english speaker on the other end of the phone. Worst service and comunication i have ever had.

Posted by Paul

I closed my Peoplepc account in February, now in July they have turned me over to a collection agency claiming I owe them for 3 months of service. They claim they sent me past due notices to my closed account mailbox.... Duh, yet did not send any notices to my USPS mailbox at the top of my driveway.
The many alleged customer service people I spoke to at 800-736-7537 told me they couldn't do anything about it because the collection agency had it now.
This is how I am treated after 10 years of using their service.

Posted by ssh49tn

I closed my account in March, & this week they took out a month's payment, which overdrew my account. My bank said to try to call the company & tell them to refund the money, but if they didn't then I have to file a protest with the bank. Guess which one I'm going to do? Especially after reading all the comments on here!

Posted by kayelbe907

This is unbelievable! that a company can take money out of peoples accounts every month! after these people do not want and are not using there service any longer ! How many millions of dollars is peoplepc made on this scam..Wow ! Something must be done I have been trying to get them out of my bank account for years !I tried again today,, NO after this big spill on live chat ..and how they were going to resolve this problem,,, um no live chat isnt authorized to close my acct ! ..I said no its been cancelled years ago ..No, the guy tells me i do have a active acct.!!to call 1-866-772-6277 ..This has to be against the law!!

Posted by dan in Texas

Cancel People PC if you have it. I got a call from People PC offering to "save" me money by paying annually instead of monthly for the "same" services. They lied - my services were significantly changed. When I challenged them, they said the attendant had "notes" stating they told me they were changing my services. I asked them to listen to the recording of the conversation - they refused. I cancelled - so should you!

Posted by Texan

Current People PC customers beware of "bait and switch" by the billing department at People PC -- they will offer you an "annual discount" with the same services... sounds good but they are lying. When your "Billing change" is made, they really delete some of your services without your knowledge. The confirmation email you will get will be entitled "billing change" but it really includes service changes also. Their customer service will tell you that the representative notes says they informed you of the changes -- they do not!!!! I cancelled immediately. Can't trust them.

Posted by Anonymous

WARNING - If you have PeoplePC cancel your service as quickly as possible, remember to get a reference number. These people are SUPER Scam artists and someone needs to exposure their game. Just received collection notice of non-payment for services due. After explaining to "Amber" that I have auto-pay and this should not be an issue she contined to assert that I didn't pay for (2)months so my PC account was closed. Dah...AUTO-PAY what is your problem, none of my other bills which are on that same account have not been paid. Asked to speak to a supervisor who continued with the same party line. I was told that they attempted to reach me through my PC email but I never responded...ah I haven't looked at that mail account in over 3 years as I use HOTMAIL which has more options and much more relible. I asked why they didn't attempt to contact me at the alternate email address which was given when I signed up - there is nothing listed you must not have given one, not so I used my HOTMAIL email excuse after another. I'll pay the (2) months service charge plus the $10 Debt Collection fee. But believe me PeoplePC is now on my list to bad mouth to all I know...

Posted by donna

horrible internet service. never worked correctly. had to call every night. wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.

Posted by gary

You can never git rid of these people charging ur account unless u change banks. They have settled lawsuits but still do the same thing. You have to call, not email to cancel your service. Guess what, you then have no way to prove u called to cancel. I read on another site where they went into a guys acct 2 yrs later and accessed his monies.

Posted by annie

I switched to comcast in October and immediately called People PC to cancel-I was offered 3 additional months free while I decided if I liked comcast-I declined as I already experienced the new found speed. In November People PC proceessed another direct payment from my bank account I called again and requested cancellation-I was referred to another number- I called that and cancelled declining offers for additional service. December came and another payment was pulled from my bank. At that point a 4th call was made to people pc informing them that my bank had been instructed that no further payments were to be processed-I know someone processed my cancellation as I no longer could get into my email when I tried. In April I was contacted by NCO telling me I was 3 months behind in my bill-I provided cancellation #'s and my letter to my banks fraud department-they closed my file but continue to list on my credit-PEOPLE PC- NEVER EVER AGAIN!

Posted by Anonymous

I called to cancel this internet service in Jan., 2011. My computer had crashed and I was not going to replace it. I have called three times since then and they are telling me that I did not call but one time and I did not cancel my service. Instead they gave me a month free. Alot of good a free month is going to do me with no computer! Dial-up is slow but I could not get any other type of service where I live. The service was fine, but trying to get it discontinued has been my one free month has cost me $64.00....
Not so good.

Posted by catherine2778

People Pc provides poor service---extremely slow. I canceled my services in January and they are still charging me. I told them I wanted my servuces canceled and they clai its still on. I have another isp as of mid June. This is outrageous robbery. I'm with you. They won't stop taking your money.

Posted by Jayden

People PC, don't even remember how their service was it was so long ago. So I ask why am I still getting random charges from them!? It's been years and many cancellations ago. I just got off the phone with a rep (whom I could barely understand). She claimed I never canceled. Sound familiar? How do they get away with this? I think they figure it's such a small amt. that no one will notice or care. Wrong! It's the principal. If I knew how to start a class action suit I would. p.s. The customer rep. still had the nerve to try to offer me deals from PeoplePC. GET REAL!

Posted by damiam

Wow...wish I would have read all this sooner,but..
I cancelled service for the third time today. The first time I did not get ref.#. The second time I did. So when I called today to dispute the recurring charge, I was told that we never cancelled initially. When I provided the "supervisor" of the reference# he said that we had actually cancelled 3 weeks after what we recorded. Really? Now your memory comes back, you liar? You just told me I didn't cancel. So they DID have some record of our cancellation yet refused to stop taking our money.
Call your bank. Talk to claims dept and unauthorize the auto-withdrawal. At that point, if you get charged again, you should take it up with your bank.
Peoplepc=unethical and illegal

Posted by Anonymous

peoplepc is the worst internet service to out there. you have to close your checking account to stop them from taking money out of your account . they argue with me when i tried to cancel. this is a scam! nobody should join this internet service ever!

Posted by PeoplePCIsAScam

They have been taking money from my fathers bank account for the past four years after we were told the account had been cancelled. They were taking out a small amount so he never noticed it until recently on his bank statement. This company needs to be stopped!

Posted by Anonymous

Agree with the comment that PeoplePC sucks! Called to cancel my service and the rep I spoke to would not or could not understand what I was telling her. If the reps understood English instead of reading the printed procedures, it would be beneficial to the company as well as their clients. Hopefully I will not have to deal with this company ever again! Advise to those who currently have service with this company----CANCEL NOW!!! It's worth paying more to advoid the headaches & frustration.

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Posted by concerned

I recently had to call tech support to have my checking account information changed due to someone stealing checks from me. my person that I talked to was very rude and got mad because he insisted I had to have 12 numbers in my checking account I only have 6. After I called the bank and called the tech support number back, I got to talk to a very polite young lady who took my 6 digit number and was very helpful. THANKS

Posted by Jenny46

If you have problems with charges on your credit card, call People PC and ask to speak to the Billing Department. They resolved all my issues that the techs could not. You have to ask, they won't direct you otherwise.

Posted by bgardner

I am on hold right now again for the third time trying to cancel and all I got is hold I got Chris hopefully he can help me it is hard to understand him (no one speaks good english and they work in Cust Serv Call Center.....Yeah Chris has successfully cancelled this service and I got credit for this month....Thank you

Posted by X customer

When i contact to PPC agents, they are too helpfull and resolve my issues...
My personal grettings to Alexandra, she is the best agent i have spoken.

Posted by james

Good customer service, i thank them for being patient with me !

Posted by Anonymous

nelson was a great help i could not have done this without him

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