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Pentax customer service is ranked #441 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 33.56 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates Pentax customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


17 Negative Comments out of 18 Total Comments is 94.44%.


1 Positive Comment out of 18 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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    • 17 negative comments (94.44%)
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Posted by mary wong

To Pentax Technical Support,

Pentax optio m60

After pressing the shutter release button, I hit the right arrow button to view the image. The picture on display was blurry. Could this be the memory status being full ?

I tried to delete some of the old pictures I do not want in order to get more space. It does not work.

What could be the problem ? If I want to buy a new memory card,which one should I buy

Please advise.Thank-you.

Mary Wong

Posted by Ted

I have Pentax K10D digital camera and I want to use my old film lens, a Tamron XP zoom-Macro lens with it. I tried it and it worked fine for 2 small shoots but the next time, the shutter would do a few shots, then quit, then in further attempts sometimes it would work for a bit, but eventually it got so it would do one shot and refuse to depress the shutter button after that and now it pretty much won't shoot at all. I read a suggestion that I should input the focal length of the lens but the camera's range of possible focal lengths does not extend enough to include the focal length of the lens. I tried to use the Pentax forums online but they keep telling me my message is Spam and I have to register, so I di, but then they told my I had not properly filled out proof that I am human. Right. I guess there was supposed to be one of those "captcha" boxes on the page, but there wasn't . And there was no "Help" or "contact" button so that I could say that the Proof-of-humanity button was out of order.

Posted by Colorsgreen

I came threw tonight with my family and was told to park my own car without my money being taken and than once I had to walk back to the window to give them my money they forgot my soda. Once I got my food the shift manager Dustin extremely rude like told my girlfriend not to come threw during rush hour when we where full paying customers and she was with family worst experience I have ever had and do not like their attitude toward her one bit

Posted by Anonymous

I am a happy customer of the compact camera Q series 02 standard zoom camera. my battery no is D-L168. I cannot find my battery on any site. Please let me know where I can get a new battery. I am very saddened because I paid over $600 for my camera. Need a battery ASAP. Thanks.

Posted by Never buying Pentax again

My camera is not very old. It started going out of control. Called and they said go look at the minimum repair cost. Most people find that this is so high they just buy a new camera. If my camera is not expected to last less than 2 years then the company is selling junk! I should have never bought this horrible camera! I am just going to go buy a product from a company that actually cares about it's customers and sells products that are not the definition of junk like Pentax is. This company should be embarrassed to be selling something as poorly built as this is and then act like we the consumers should be stupid and keep buy this kind of JUNK. DO NOT every buy anything from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Alain

In 2012 I bought a Pentax "waterproof" as a chrismast gift. My son used it 5 monthes latter in Greece for about 20 minutes including some 1 meter (3 feet) snorkeling dives. The camera took 5 slides and died...
I contacted the after sale service of Pentax in France, where I live. I was told to send the thing to a company which seems to service different other photo brands, at my own expense of course. I had to call several times in order to know what was happening, and several weeks later I received an invoice for a bigger amount that the price of the camera. Reason given for the warranty refusal: oxydation traces.
On a waterproof camera which was quasi new when I sent it!
I managed to have them return it, at my own expense. Luckily, I had bought it at Amazon (they advised me to contact Pentax first) and they refunded me the buying price of the camera. I only lost my time, my cool and the postage expenses.
It seems Pentax is a subdivision of Ricoh.
To avoid.

Posted by Anonymous

Last December I purchased a Pentax underwater camera from Lighthaus Camera Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Their customer service was terrible. I brought the camera back to them today as the camera was difficult to charge, it filled with water, and the port (which we have never used) to connect it to a TV was not functional. The camera shop employee would not exchange it for the same model. H said it had no exchange value in a rude fashion. All he would do was send it to Pentax for repair, if that was possible.

This my third Pentax camera. I will think twice before purchasing another Pentax camera if this is the customer service standard you accept.

Ken Running

Posted by Consumer Advocate

I have to add my voice to the poor rating for Pentax Customer Service. My camera is a K-r DSLR. I had to return the first one with issues soon after receiving it. The second one never worked correctly either. IT was intermittent and unrelaable. Problems ranged from battery indicator issues, to getting blank (black) images, dirt appearing everywhere inside the camera even if I did not remove the lens (coming from manufacturing issues), poor focusing, and many more electronic malfunctions. In Canada they come with a 2 year warranty. It was sent in to service twice. They repaired most of the problems, but not all of them, and added new ones with the parts they replaced. I sent it back and they claimed there was nothing wrong with it, after they tested for the wrong problems. They ignored my emails for weeks and then claimed tehir server was down for 3 weeks. They then claimed their repair department was on vacation. They kept the camera for months, until the warranty ran out, and shipped it back unrepaired. They refused to replace it, offering me a demo model of unknown history or another model for almost the same cost (plus also asking for shipping and tax) as it could be purchased retail, basically valuing my $800 camera at a bit over $100.

I had purchased several lenses for this camera early in my ownership, thinking the problems it was having were with my use, since it was my first (and last) Pentax. I have been a photographer for over 40 years. I will now have to sell the lenses off at a loss. I will never buy another Pentax product. The company have been bought and sold numerous times over the last few years, and they are now owned by Ricoh. There last few DSLR offering have been poorly received and get mediocre reviews and I wonder if the company will even survive. No loss as far as I am concerned.

Posted by Anonymous

My son bought optio wg-1 as a gift for my husband, who is avid fly fisherman, kayaker. The camera is supposed to be waterproof, but DEFINITELY IS NOT! My daughter and I took the camera on Caribbean cruise snorkeling excursion, and it quit working as soon as we entered the water. I didn't get the camera returned in time for warranty replacement, but hoped the company would do the right thing...THEY DIDN'T. They chose, instead, to hide behind the expired warranty as an excuse to do the wrong thing. They confirmed that there was water damage to circuits and components and returnedthe broken camera to us 'as-is.'. The guy I talked to on the phone admitted that if I had returned it earlier, they would have replaced it with a new one. Won't replace it with another Pentax. Very disappointing stance by the company. Now I understand their poor rating for customer service!

Posted by calmarkid

Bought a Pentax Q from eBay seller. it was BRAND NEW! Camera had a flash syc issue. Sent it Pentax. They called said would not fix under warranty as it was not bought from a Pentax dealer. Said they would call back with estimate. Five days later no call. Attempted to call them. Get answering machine saying they will call back within 3 days. Called Pantax head Office got the same voice machine. If and when I get my camera back repaired or not, I will never buy a Pentax product again and will spread the word when I can to all to not as well. I work in CS and I have never seen such terrible CS support


Posted by Phil Thomas

Bought a K-r a few months ago like others I had lots of front focus in tungsten light. Contacted Pentax and was fobbed off with a standard email which said they knew about the problem but couldn't do anything.

I'm annoyed they are selling a product that has a known fault and happily letting customers buy it.

I tried to take things further send a letter to Pentax and they never replied or called me. They ignored my emails simply giving me a link to a site that might have a firmware update, but doesn't.

Horrible experience a very amateur company with very bad customer service. I've decided to sell all my Pentax equipment and I've been a user for over 20 years.

Posted by Brandosees

Purchased a Pentax k5 in January of 2011. Called customer service in April because of spots all over my images. I was told they knew nothing of the problem with other k5's and that the wait to get my camera back to me would be 12 weeks, which is unacceptable for a working photographer. I asked them if there was a professional photographer's program and they said, No. Months later, still having the spots on my images and having to photoshop them out, I got sick of it and started researching. Found out that the sensor spot issue was a huge deal with the k5's and that there was in fact a "pro" program. Called customer service back and told them my issues and got no friendly service. They said they were creating a work order for me and that a shipping label would be sent. No shipping label a week later. I called back and they said they didn't even have my info in their system. They were rude and impatient and offered not one apology. I sent emails and letters to Pentax corporate and got no response. I have spent thousands on Pentax and own all of their highest quality lenses(which are great), but the lack of customer service it too important a part of a company for me to stay with them any longer.

Posted by John Boy

Problems with severe front focus on a Pentax K-r.
Contacted support standard email saying they know about it, but have no fix (good eh?)

Made more phone calls got a call back tech talking person, not once did I get an apology, they can't fix it, service has no solution and they think it's just fine to fob you off after this.

Emails sent, letters sent to UK HQ and Japan HQ. All ignored. All future emails to Pentax UK support ignored no replies.

Pentax have awful customer service, and worse if you have a problem they just ignore you. Also they've been selling a model that has a "major design fault" with the autofocus and continued to sell it!

Abysmal company I would avoid at all costs

Posted by cat

Sent a pentax 6x7 in august, november and still not back. Can't reach anybody, phone numbers are always busy...

Posted by BDHamp

Pentax customer Service very poor, Quality of lens shipped with K-x camera very bad. Lens literally fell apart in my son's hands (I witnessed it). It was 3 months old at the time. WHen sent back to warranty repair told we must have damaged it, so no warranty. This is crap.

Posted by Anonymous

I received my Pentax K7 and enjoyed the camera very much. I wanted to use the software and tried to install the SilkyPix, but it would not install though I tried it on several computers. I called Pentax from Japan several times, but was unable to get any help. when I returned to the US, I called and talked to Matt who did some troubleshooting over the phone with me and said he'd send a replacement disk. I talked to Edward after months, and we did troubleshooting again, and he said he would have a disk sent. It never came, and I called and talked to a manager, maybe David. He said they would not send it. Pentax customer support is dishonest, inconsistent, and I would avoid working with Pentax at all costs. Spend the money on a Nikon. at least they won't leave you hanging.

Posted by rmoorez

I purchased a Pentax A40 last December. In November the screen just went blank. I sent it in to Pentax Service right away. Just got a call that it would cost $94 to repair. They said that the LCD screen had leaked and was due to rough handling. My wife and I are senior adults with no childern around. We kept the camera in a semi-hard foam lined case and it did not have one scratch. I called Pentax only to be told too bad. So...unless you want a disposable not buy Pentax


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Posted by anonymous

I complained about not receiving Pentax software replacement after several calls. I did finally receive a replacement at no charge, and everybody was civil, and the software still doesn't work so it was probably my computer that was the problem in the first place like the techs told me. I'm going to stick with teh camera and feel good about Pentax again.

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