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Posted by Anonymous

The Jackson Michigan pearl vision is run by idiots my next step is to call my lawyer the idiots can't even order me new lens
For my glasses I paid for insurance they screwed up my first pair had to have them fixed in Grand Rapids wrong lens now the idiots
Can't find my right lens this is pure crap customer service no dam help what a joke.

Posted by Anonymous

This company is terrible! We were loyal customers for decades. THey closed the local store with no notice to the customers and worse, to the wonderful staff! Now they keep sending us letters to schedule an appointment at a location that is not convenient at all.

I have repeatedly asked to be taken off of their mail list but the letters keep coming.
THey don't listen to their customers, or former customers.

Posted by Uli

A year ago I purchased Glasses with Transition Progressive Transition Glasses withScratch Protection.
When I picked up my glasses I said to the Lady at Pearl Vision, that they donât seem to fit
right and she adjusted the height of the glasses on my nose, and said that it will take a few
days for me to get used to them. (This is not the first pair of Progressive Transition Glasses I owned, I am wearing glasses since 40 years and 10 years with Progressive Glasses).

After wearing them for a week I went back to Pearl Vision and was told by the Manager that
the Lady that did my eye exam wrote down the wrong prescription, therefore the glasses
are not fitting me. they ordered new glasses for me and after another 2 weeks I finally
got the glasses that were ok for me.

After 6 month I had to go back because the scratch coding came off. The Manager looked
at them and said that he will get me new lenses because the scratch coding is peeling off and
he was even able to see the manufacturers name imprinted on the coding.!!!

3 month later I had to go back because same thing happened again, the scratch coding is
peeling off. This time, the Manager said right away: you scratched your lenses.
I told him no I did not, it is peeling off. He insisted that I scratched my glasses, but he will
be so kind and replace the lenses. I informed him again that I do know how to clean
glasses and never ever had this problem before until I used Pearl Vision. He would not
let me finish, got up and said, we will call you when we have your new lenses and left
the room.

The way this was handled is unacceptable and unprofessional. Especially since this is
a recurring problem. I am using only the glass cleaner provided by Pearl Vision and microfiber
glass cleaners by Pearl Vision.

Posted by Amelia

Pearle Vision Lyndhurst in Legacy Village at - deceptive practice and horrible customer experience.

It was truly a disgusting experience beyond comprehension.

On August 1 2015, I walked into Pearle Vision store in Legacy Village at 24539 Cedar Road Lyndhurst, OH. I was greeted by a lady by the name of Christal M (shown on receipt), thus began my ordeal. I had a pair of glasses with frame partially damaged but still wearable. I asked Christal to see if the lenses can be still used to fit on a new frame, since they are ââ?¬Å?high-indexââ?¬Â? lenses with anti-reflective coating, and wears perfectly for my eyes. She took it to the backroom for a technician, and the feedback is Yes. There is frame match my lens. After paying for this new frame, she took it to the backroom for technician to fit on this new frame. Unfortunately in the process, one of the lenses were broken. The technician probably misjudged - incidents happen. Christal offered to provide replacement lenses for free. At that time I felt I just need to tough it out without a pair of glasses to wear for a few days. But turns it, there was the least of my trouble.

My original lenses have a strength of 375/425. I had an older prescription with a strength of 400/450, which I showed to Christal for temporary contact lens just to get by the next few days. The strength is too high and uncomfortable for me. I immediately went to get an eye exam, and returned with a new prescription which is 375/425, matching the broken lenses exactly. When I returned the store on the same day, Christal was still there. Something very strange started to happen, she said Pearle Vision can only provide the free replacement pair for the old prescription, because thatââ?¬â?¢s the paper I had when the lenses were broken. Since I went to get a ââ?¬Å?newââ?¬Â? prescription, now I have to pay for the lenses myself. What kind of twisted logic is that? Does she not care that the ââ?¬Å?newââ?¬Â? prescription matches the broken lenses exactly?

After some lengthy and painful argument, Christal finally agreed to do a ââ?¬Å?one-time exceptionââ?¬Â?, and use the ââ?¬Å?newââ?¬Â? 375/425 prescription that match the original lenses. She also agreed verbally that the replacement lenses will be of equivalent quality to those broken, with reflective coating. I paid for the amount owed after insurance coverage, and asked her to provide a copy of the order with lens specification. She said it will take her some time to enter everything in the ââ?¬Å?systemââ?¬Â?, and will provide a print out at pick up. After spending half a day at the store, we finally left, thinking finally I will have wearable glasses in a few days. How wrong that turned out to be.

On August 7 2015, I went to pick up the new pair of glasses ordered. Another lady initially helped me with the fit, the strength immediately didnââ?¬â?¢t feel right, the glasses did not wear comfortable to my eyes. There was paperwork in the box which showed 1) the strength was ordered at 400/450 against the agreement and not matching those broken; 2) the lenses were ââ?¬Å?Single Vision Polycarbonate Clearââ?¬Â?, thick and curved, no coating at all. When we asked Christal what happened to our agreement, she started repeating the old argument all over again, as if her verbal agreement was completely worthless. As the debate dragged on, there wasnââ?¬â?¢t the slightest trace of logic and honesty in her reasoning, it became painfully obvious that we were not going to get the Pearle Vision promise on that day. So we simply asked for a copy of the paperwork which is in the box. She refused in a very rude manner. And for heavenââ?¬â?¢s sake, what kind of business would refuse to provide paperwork for its own product?

The climax of this drama came, when we didn�t want to leave the store without the paperwork. Christal M resorted to the lowest of the lows - she called police to force us to leave. Yes, it really happened, in the upscale Legacy Village shopping center, several police cars arrived at Pearle Vision store with sirens sounding, it was quite a scene. We calmly explained to the police officer what happened, and he suggested that there are many other ways to see the matter to a resolution, instead of returning to the store, an advice we are now taking actions on.

To confirm all the facts, we drove to another Pearle Vision store in Rocky River OH. Within minutes, the optician was able to confirm 1) my original broken lenses has a strength of 375/425 which matches the prescription we verbally agreed to order with 2) the broken lenses of is ultra-thin high-index type with premium anti-reflective coating. Those are simple facts. Does the staff at the Legacy Village store lack the competency, or basic honesty, decency and respect for customers?

Posted by Anonymous

Worsed customer service I have ever experienced glasses wasn't done right when I wanted them changed they gave me all kinds of excuses why they wouldn't and couldn't do it ...a waste of 468,- dollars and a sassy unprofessional black lady at the counter . North charleston store rivers avenue ..I will definetley make sure that people know how unprofessional these people are.

Posted by debivinc

I lost my glasses and was told by the Pearle Vision Franchise that they could get me the "thin HD progressive 1.67 lens" and charged me $315.00 for each lens. I chose this store in Plano, TX because the general manager was the only person of all the places I visited that told me I could get the thin high quality lenses in 2 days. So I compromised on frames in order to get glasses quickly. In fact, that is not what I was sold. The lenses were thick and magnifying glass like. I wanted a refund but the manager would not do that which would force me to wait the traditional week to 10 days for another pair and with frames that were not to my liking. That is what my own optometrist had quoted me as well and lens crafters and 2 other places, that I would have to wait a week to 10 days for the HD lenses. The owner of this franchise wanted the sale and used the deceptive tactic to make me believe she could get the lenses I needed in 2 days. She also sold the sample frames from the store so the selection of frames that I would now have to wait for was not good at all. In addition to that I had been deceived on the quality and had no quarantee or expertise that I would receive the quality lens I was paying for.

Posted by jimiswans

Worst "store" ever.Crest Hill Illinois Can't get anything right. management places order for wife's contacts... orders colors with no prescription.really?
Can't get my glasses right. Just keep telling me to get used to them.... yeah so the "30 day guarantee " can expire and I get even less satisfaction. I truly hate this place.I feel like I'm on a used car lot when I walk in.
How many 75+ year old women want to be told the have "swagg" when trying on glasses? Place is run by a bunch of idiots. ..

Posted by [email protected]

Pearl vision made me an appointment at there store at hamilton place mamall.when I arrived they were not there.9.30 am.waied 15 min.then left

Posted by Anonymous

I recently went to your shop in Mansfield Crossing, MA and was very disappointed. Having previously purchase at this store, I stopped in to inquire about new glasses. A man (did not get his name unfortunately) offered to help me. I was inquiring about some rimless glasses and he told me he could cut any shape I was interested in. Great, but when I asked him if he could give me an estimate he said " bring your prescription and your check book back and I will". Not a very professional way to ever want me to go back. I have been in sales for 40+ years and would never use such a poor tactic.

Posted by michael cooper

I was told they put a rush on my glasses and I have then Monday or Tuesday I call everyday asking about them they tell me they have to check and they call me back they never do call me now that I have been waiting its Friday the 13th this started on the 4th I feel this is long enough I paid over $500 and to be treated like these and not receive a call back again is poor business I have eyemed insurance we have about 130 people I personal will post notes on all the brake room and let them know about the service you people offer


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