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Pearle Vision customer service is ranked #938 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 13.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates Pearle Vision customer service and customer support as Terrible.


35 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 100.00%.


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    • 35 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Betsybug

The Pearle Vision franchise in Georgetown, Texas is either crooked, incompetent, or ignorant. After an almost comical run-around with AARP, the store, and Pearle customer service, it is clear that Pearle wants me to pay full price and AARP is helpless to enforce the discount. The store manager kept telling me I had no vision insurance or AARP discounts despite showing her both cards and the AARP printout ("but it is not in my computer"). She denied the AARP affiliation ("they shouldn't be putting our name on their website"). AARP says it can't help me and Pearle corporate says it cannot help--because this store is an "independent franchise"? Aren't they all franchises?

When I asked the nasty store manager if she could refer me to a corporate store, she said: "Good luck with that. The nearest store is in Dallas (200 miles)". And hung up on me.

Posted by Irishlad1959

Your company sucks and your staff don't know a damn thing of what they are doing and it is costing me valuable time to retrieve my glasses that I had already paid for because of incompetent workers. I will never use your company again and I will take out an ad on Facebook to let people know not to use this company anymore.

Posted by Yvonne

In Sept I purchased glasses at the Burnsville center pearl vision. The manager told me I didn't have insurance .I gave her my insurance card .come to find out I do have insurance and almost my entire glasses and exam would have been covered I've been trying to get her to reembersse me but she keeps saying shell look into it and call me back i have talked to her five times with no results can you help me get reimbursement or at least contact her to find out why she's not helping me

Posted by Lisa Marie

Pearl Vision has horrible customer service retention and satisfaction quality. Like other customers on the comment section, I too have been duped by Pearl Vision. My purchased glasses prescription was not correct and did not relieve this until my next visit. The manager gave me some song and dance about my warranty expiring. Well that would have been fine if my original purchase was correct. Now I wasted my annual visit with Pearl Vision and now I have to have my prescription for a new pair filled at another vendor. I will never patronize another Pearl Vision due to their lack of ethics and poor customer satisfaction.

Posted by Harry Lehmann

I had purchased a pair of progressive eyeglasses from the Eatontown NJ last June. I had been using this store for over eight years. My old glasses I still used for work so I would not damage the new pair. I did not wear the new pair until 4-5 mos. later. When I began to use them I noticed that the prescription was way off. I called the store about it and was told The 'bring back period was over"! I recently went for my annual eye exam and asked them to check the prescription on these new glasses against the good pair I had and they acknowledged the prescription was off. I asked if they could do anything or give me store credit and they replied" we are new franchise owner and there was nothing they would do! I have spent a lot of money at that location over the years getting a new pair almost every year. I am considering another Eye Care vendor now. Bad business practice for a great customer

Posted by nanalena

I sent an email to your office last week about a complaint I had with your Needham Ma. facility. Gave my address, email address and all the information about the complaint. Have had no response from your Corporate Office regarding my email so it is quite apparent that the supposed "big shots" don't care about what is going on in the stores you have. I am so sorry I ever stepped foot in your Watertown Ma. store which is where the problem started. Because they closed I went to your Needham Ma. store where the problem escalated. I am 84 so have many, many friends, young and old, and have passed the word along. Am sure the "big shots" don't really care as long as the money is coming in to them.

Posted by Annonymos

My experience is with the Easton Pennsylvania office. I had to go back 3 times in order for them to get my glasses correct. I live 30 minutes away. And they also charged me an additional fee of $70.00 to finally get them right. Every time I went to that office there were different associates there. It seems like they can't keep their help.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to state that myself and my husband worst customer service experience in Pearl vision of Nellis in Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband had an eye exam which went very well,and the doctor took us to the eyeware department to pick out my husband frames, that is when we meet Alma,yadira eyeware associates that talked really fast like they were on a high doses of possible drugs or medication with very poor poor poor customer service skills without being more helpful and lack of giving my husband all the attention of purchasing eyeglasses. Therefore I am planning on contacting the corporate office of Pearl Vision on Nellis. I want a displinary action and I want an investigation to take place due to the poor customer service that myself and my husband experience...

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I have been going to Pearl Vision in Wilmington Ma for years and have spent a lot of money during those years. This year we had coupons for $25.00 off each with insurance. I forgot to give them the coupons during our visit so I asked if they could be honored when our glasses were ready and was told due to new systems they could not honor the coupons. I feel that this is not good customer service and they lost two good customers over coupons that were sent to us I assume for being good customers. Going forward we will be going to new eye doctors for our eye care.

Posted by Anonymous

The absolute worst experience at the pearl vision in Murray Utah. The receptionist literally rolled her eyes at me and said stuff under her breathe. Literally the worst experience I've ever had. I will never return to any pearl vision and I'll tell everyone I know to do the same.

Posted by Anonymous

Topics: Discriminatory practices vs Cultural Sensitivity.

I am a 52-year-old African American male. I am writing to share my experience at your Pembroke Mall location on 7/15/2017 at approximately 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm. I was assisted by a sales representative named "Toni" while shopping for a pair of Ray ban sunglasses. No one else was inside the store but the two of us. She was assisting me until two other Caucasian people entered the store. Without excusing herself, Toni turned her back to me, asked the people if they needed help, and proceeded help them -- leaving me all alone. In short, she abandoned me. She sensed my frustration and later assured me that she would take care of me. I replied noting I did not want her help after the way I was treated. I asked for a business card which was provided by one of the Caucasian people she decided to help. She later apologized for her behavior which I did not accept. Instead, I explained that her behavior and customer service was unprofessional and offensive. Moreover, it was "culturally insensitive." I explained that I felt she was discriminating against me based on race. She denied it and found it necessary to explain to me that was it was not true because her daughter's husband was black and she has black grandchildren. This was an attempt to minimize her behavior, its impact, and my experience with her and the Pearle Vision store (Pembroke Mall Virginia Beach Virginia).

I believe in good customer service. Clearly, the sales representative "Toni" would benefit from some additional customer service training to include a training on cultural sensitivity. This was truly a traumatic experience for me.

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

received a letter on 6/8/17 and said it has been a year and a half since my last visit, but it has only been since 2/8/17 about 4 months. Maybe pearle vision needs to update your records - and besides I probably will not use your service anymore due to this is the second year your 1371 town center dr. Lakeland has messed my order up . Maybe your staff needs more training . I just think a month to get a pair of glasses is a little to long, I mean both years . I do not mean to be rude but if corporate don't know they cannot fix it .Thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Do not purchase anything from Pearl Vision I Repeat DO NOT purchase anything from Pearl Vision they are BAD BUSINESS can't get orders right at all!!!! They don't let you know about fees either util the lasr second what idiots the one in Goshen BAD BUSINESS!!!!! And they will not try to make things right when they mess up hot mess!!!!! Glasses not back in a timely manner like they tell you smdh!!!

Posted by Shirley

Went to Pearle vision Frederick MD ordered new eye glasses over two weeks ago.
Paid the clerk in full. Said glasses were in went to get them and the eye glass
was wrong prescription for me. Told the manager cannot see through glasses and
she wouldn't make correction so I told her I want my money back and you just
keep the glasses. She didn't seem to care and said OK. Got my money back and
left store and I will never ever return to a Pearle store again. I have ordered
eye glasses before with no problem. I feel Pearle employees needs an overhaul
just right down bad service and bad management!!!!! I certainly am glad I got my
money back without a hitch on that for they are so------- bad!!!!!!

Posted by ROZ


Pearle Vision in incompetent.

I ordered a size 54 frame and they had my glasses made up in size 53 but management will not admit it (after one of the clerks verified that the order was made up wrong). The original order cannot be found, they say. Now I am out my vision plan's benefit.

Can this store (in Oak Creek, WI) be that desperate for $400?

Posted by Anonymous

Went to the Jacksonville FL., San Jose Blvd. PV today, I was completely ignored for 15 minutes, then I left. No one else was there except for the 2 PV attendants, one was on the phone the whole time, I was never even acknowledged. Will never go back there and will tell all of my customers ( I'm a vision insurance agent) not to ever visit there. Pearl Vision does not care about customers otherwise someone would have acknowledged my presence.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is chad pometo ordered my glasses 1 month ago and they still are not in i trust my vision with this company for years as a cdl driver this will definitely be the last time if i ever get my glasses i ever deal or go to this company again

Posted by broken glass

I went to Pearle Vision 12/19/2016 to order glasses, got there around 8:40 p.m. and there was no one in the front area, so I kept saying for three times Hello, Hello, Hello and no one answered. So after a few minutes this lady came out and ask me if I was out here hollering and I said yes. I told her that I was saying hello, because there was no one in the first area. So afterwards she ask me how could she help me, I inform her that I need to order glasses. This she ask me was it going to be through an insurance company and I said yes it's going to be through VSP, this lady start going crazy, she ask me did I think that I would be able to do this and it's a 8:45 p.m. I inform this lady that I was told when I called in that they didn't close until 9:00 p.m. she said that her doors needed to be close at 9:00 p.m. and that she had to be out of there by 9:00 p.m.I kept saying to this women over and over, I'm a customer and I should be served since I was here before 9:00 p.m. Long story short this women never served me. I left that store so disappointed I forgot to get her name, I went into the store to ask the clerk what was her name, she inform me that her name was Maureen.

Posted by Anonymous

Deer Pearle Vision. I came to your store with confidence that I would receive good service and be able to obtain eyeglasses. However I I have nothing but frustration because not only did they not accept my insurance butt after paying for my classes 3 weeks later I have not received them. The Ferndale store 22757 Woodward Avenue Ferndale Michigan does not even give you satisfying reasons why your glasses are not back. You have a 30 day guarantee. 3 weeks have passed already.
No glasses.... Gary from Southfield MI

Posted by Lynn

I purchased a pair of Versace glasses from the Homewood location approximately 7 months ago. I had no problem with them until last week they fell on the floor and the arm fell off! I visited the store, the sales associate told me that the arm can not be fixed because the spring had broken. Really? She offered me a 50% discount on the same replacement frame. But guess what? The frame were discontinued! Then she wanted me to purchase a different frame AND pay for the bifocal lenses to be put in them! There were NOTHING wrong with the lenses, why am I paying again for them? What a rip off! Only 7 months of wear, I paid near $700 for the glasses and they expect me to pay more money! NO I'm NOT!! I will NEVER go there and purchase those CHEAP frames EVER again!!!

Posted by Goldie

They filled a prescription after a verbal and written request to cancel the order and refund my money in less than 20 hours after ordering glasses. They were well aware of my request and clear, then hurried up to fill the wrong prescription to keep from returning my money. They were rude and threatening me. With all the complaints about waiting weeks for glasses, who would have thought they could fill a prescription in less than 72 hours?
Filed a dispute with my bank for refunding my money, sent CRRR letters to manager (who would not return my calls) and general manager. They lied about the glasses price (it was triple what they told me) while trying to sell me the most expensive glasses in their store.

Posted by hdglvnv

Your False promise Guarantee: (All the way to Corporate level)
It has become apparent to me that your customer satisfaction Guarantee is not only an irrelevant statement at the store I purchased my glasses(Plano Texas #8683),but to corporate as well. Price $450 minus $150 discount final cost $304.46 Still too much money for a pair of glasses that I cannot use. Both Point of purchase and corporate office customer service can do nothing to remedy this issue. Refusal from store & lip service from corp. 4 months of no result after multiple attempts to correct this. My current pair of cheap store bought reading glasses serve me better than what I received for the price mentioned above. BBB & consumer fraud protection will have to be my next step.

Posted by Dan

Pearle vision in Watertown ny is a joke!! Manager Kim will not stand behind her glasses!! She recommended to me what I should get and they are junk!! I have been back 15 times in two mounts to get repairs done on a pair of frames she sold me that are discontinued ! My lenses fall out at least three times a day!! They keep trying to get me to get different frames and refuse to give my money back!! The people at Walmart know more about glasses than she does!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My Glasses that I purchased less than a year ago became scratched, I had paid extra to get scratch resistance on my glasses. When I went into your Livonia location were I purchased the glasses your sales associate who was the same women who sold me the glasses ask if I purchased the warranty my response I was never offered one. When you pay extra to have something done why do you ALSO have to purchase the warranty so it is done right? They did nothing to try and satisfy me or to fix my scratched glasses.My only option was to pay for replacement at full price.What does buying scratched even cover, since it will not work with the scratches I have you to fund my extra purchase of scratch resistance because I guess fixing them is not a option? Thank-You Calvin Williams?

Posted by Gladys

Good Morning, my husband and I purchased frames from Pearle on January 15, 2016, the associate asked if we wanted new frames instead for the one on display, we said yes. she also said it would take about 5 days for the frames to come in. We paid for the frames. It snowed January 22, 2016 so I know there would be a delay but we have not receive our frames as of yet and I am very upset, every time I call Pearl vision they say they haven't received them but they show they have been shipped. It has been over 3 weeks, that don't make any sense, I wonder if they have received them and sole them to someone else because it's been too long. It should not take that long for frames. I will never purchase frames for them again. That is bad business for your company and it make you look bad. I hope you don't just read these complaints and do nothing about it. These people that file complaints are not doing for fun they want answers.

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