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Payless Car Rental customer service is ranked #767 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 23.43 out of a possible 200 based upon 142 ratings. This score rates Payless Car Rental customer service and customer support as Terrible.


136 Negative Comments out of 142 Total Comments is 95.77%.


6 Positive Comments out of 142 Total Comments is 4.23%.

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  • Payless Car Rental

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    • 23.43 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 136 negative comments (95.77%)
    • 6 positive comments (4.23%)
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    • 1.2 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Kmason

You guys are trash and so is your customer service department or lack thereof.. I'll never sent from you guys again.. and the saying is true, you get what you pay for. You payless and also get LESS service..

Posted by Cj

I have called four times for the shuttle. Terrible customer service!! I�ve been waiting close to an hour!!!

Posted by Erobertw

Very disappointed today when your representative at atl airport demanded to see my return flight and itenary from my email or she needed a light bill etc. I know when a scheme scam is in play. I may not do business with you again. Car rental . I have rented from you for YEARS. She is running your customers away. Contact me.

Posted by Debbie Ortiz

My rental rental confirmation number is #05565436US2. I accidentally made a reservation for September 26 instead of September 23 pick up time 1030 at Orlando international airport and they were not able to accommodate me with a car until today at 10:30 PM. I'm trying to communicate with the office at the Orlando international airport but I am not able to get through to anyone and I can't even leave a message for the manager as the mail box is full . I'm trying to call them to see if I can pick up the car earlier and what is the earliest time that I would be able to pick it up please help.

Desperate for a car

Posted by Company Complaint


Re: Company Complaint

To whom it may concern,

I Yash Slaughter Reservation # 05626284-US-6 ) had a pleasant pick up and driving experience with the Mid-size vehicle that I rented in Las Vegas from the rental center at the airport from Sept. 4th to the 7th of Sept. It wasn't until the day I had to drop the rental off and experienced a poorly managed and handled situation with a young lady Susan and her manager Mary Shea. On Sept. 6th I arrived around 10:45pm at the return desk in the garage for my 12:45am flight. I get to the counter and express that I won't be using the card on file, I will be using cash as I adamantly expressed to Bryson during my pick up of the rental. At that time nothing was said to me about not having issues with paying cash. So I inform Susan that night that I would be paying with cash, she informs me that it was drawer switch over time and I wouldn't be able to pay with cash until after 12am. I said how is that possible when my flight leaves at 12:45am, I would never be able to make it back to the terminal. She looked at me and said, "There's nothing I can do". I then went on to say that it wasn't explained to me that if I returned the vehicle back at 10:45pm that I would have to wait until 12am to pay cash. She then just stared at me like she didn't care, she never once apologizes for the inconvenience. I then ask for the manager who was Mary Shea who was walking up, so I explained the situation to her, she does the same thing as Susan looks at me like "Well there is nothing I can do". I then said "do you understand my dilemma Mary Shea, shrugged her shoulders and maintained that there was nothing she could do. I then said I would write the corporate office and I was also a manager and she wasn't resolving my issue or even sympathizing with me. By then I used a card that that I didn't want to use and expressed my displeasure. At that point she got upset with my forcefulness, and slammed the sliding window shut and said "F YOU" as she was closing the window. At that point I made a scene, and I was highly upset and walked away with security. In the future, I should hope that no customer experiences what I did. Going forward you all need to change that change over policy for cash or shorten it for the risk of customers potentially missing there flights.


Yashurun Slaughter

Posted by rudy

Waiting for charge of $83.00 to be resolved. I called the rental place where I got the car and was told I was charged for gas. I filled the tank 5 minutes before returning, right next door! I was then told I would be refunded. No refund still after 2 weeks. I filed a complaint and was told I would be called back and receive and email in 24 hrs. Nothing in 2 weeks. I called again. HAd to open a new ticket. I was told they tried to email me because they didn't have all my information. I never received an email. I even checked my spam folder nothing. I asked her to repeat back my email to insure it was correct. So I have filed again. Waiting on an email or call. I will never use payless again.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never use Payless again. They have taken money out of my account a bunch of times which has made my account over drawled. You can't talk to anyone at customer service it's all via email. Nobody knows what's going on there. Sad very sad

Posted by Anonymous

Reserved a car at hartsfield atl for 4 pm on the 17 of feb when I got there I was told they overbooked and I'd have to wait until a car is returned.This is unacceptable waited mire than an hr.What us the purpose of a reservation.Isnt to have a car available?

Posted by FED UP

Do Not Use This Company !!!! Bait And Switch !!!! Customer Service Is Out Of Mexico And Really Exist, Way To Go..worst Service Ever

Posted by PAYLESS TICKET # 3 6 6 1 8 2

Reserved a vehicle at two different locations. First Payless Location: Phoenix AZ was so RUDE that I just to another company. Second Location; Alb NM - Car had a flat - No Spare Tire - Girlfriend stranded for two hours on the side of the road!! Wrecker brought another vehicle, Payless over charged my account and also charged my girlfriend. Jason Ramon in Alb NM does not return phone calls, voice mail is full in billing, Did a Ticket # 3 6 6 1 8 2 Still NO RESPONSE. UNIMAGINABLE NIGHTMARE.............F

Posted by never again

I rented a car on Friday, Nov 11. I had originally reserved it for 2 days but actually needed it for 3. On Saturday Nov 12, I called the 1800 number to get it extended. No problem, the representative said my new charge would be $86.81. I returned the car on Sunday, Nov 13. Their system was down so the service rep took my email address and said he would email me my receipt after their system was back up. The next morning I got up to pay some bills online and opened my bank account link. To my surprise, a charge of $799.91 and $599.91 from Payless. I spent the entire morning on the phone trying to get answers. Finally, I was informed that there was nothing they could do immediately. I would have to wait until the system processes at midnight. So the next morning I got up and checked my account and the $799.91 was returned minus the $86.81 I was originally to be charged, but the $599.91 was still pending. Another morning on the phone. No answers, just a case number and the possibility it will be resolved in the next 72 hours. This is horrible customer service. I made the mistake of using my bank card and this has affected more than one thing. This company is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. I will not ever use them or their sister companies again. This should be a crime.

Posted by noel

after a few hours today of talking to at least 4 customer service reps. the last one tells me that the email I am using (.mil) will not be receiving correspondence due to the firewalls. why didn't all the folks before her tell me and have me waiting for my documents?
the call centers take the request and submit a ticket for someone else to process (then you have to wait for 2 hours for the processing time). and you cant call the person who is processing because apparently they don't have phone numbers. somehow I don't think this is the best or nearly a good process/system for customer support. not sure how you can call that customer service when you call to submit a ticket and there is no follow up process to ensure the issue has been resolved.

Posted by Ro were suitor needhsm

The worst car rental place ever. Over charged me held my deposit. Drained my bank account. Left my son and I penniless at the airport. The should not be Llowed to do business. Definately am should be off alll list for any car rental servixe

Posted by Steve

WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED. Back in March of 2016, I prepaid for a rental online. When I arrived at the counter, the rep added $79 in additional fees that I did not request. She was unable to remove the fees because she didn't know how to work the computer. I tried working with Payless customer service to get reimbursed for the charges and they refused. My credit card company sent the charge to the litigation department and Payless refused to reply so my credit card company reimbursed me for the charges. Six months later Payless has a collection agency attempting to collect the $79 the credit card company reimbursed me. There is no one at Payless you can actually talk to about problems like this. Worst company ever!!!

Posted by L

This has to be one of the worst customer service rental car place it is ..I am currently in my 72 hour waiting on customer service to return my call in reference to money taken out of my acount .that should have never been removed..of course this filling out information waiting on customer service return your call or email is a bunch of bull..if you have to nickel and dime your customers for every penny ..maybe you should change your name because it makes no sense that I got to give email and continuously call you for something that should've never not even about the money it's the principle of doing business with what is supposed to be a reputable company..

Posted by FPizzle

Rented a car at Tampa Airport. Declined all extra coverage, insurance, etc and had an confirmed estimate from AARP for $715.00. The car they gave me reeked of smoke and the rear seat was badly stained. When I returned the car, on time and undamaged, the shuttle bus was leaving and the man said that it was all OK and they would send a receipt. I never saw any receipts and the bill showed up on my Amex card for $1,400.97, a 100% overcharge. I lodged a complaint with Amex and filled out "a customer service ticket" with Payless. Stay away from these people!!

Posted by Vasu

I had booked a rental in Seattle airport last week for $207. I have been charged for &434. Have been sending mails to Payless ever since to resolve the issue. I'm told that I agreed for an upgrade. This is absolutely untrue. My consent was not taken at all! I hope Payless can train its staff in a better way at the rental centers on how to talk or get consent of customers. This is not the right way to bill customers.

Posted by Brian

Rented a car at the Tampa bay airport. Complete scam. Watched another person who was so angry he went back to the airport instead of rent a car. I should have form the same thing. We were here in Florida to take my handicapped father to Florida university for a Parkinson's therapy. My wife made the reservation through Southwest Airlines. Shame on them for being in business with a company like this. They charged us $350 on out debit card, and wouldn't let us use my dads credit card to charge the acct. they then hit us with two added driver fees of $65 cause I was the only driver. Also charged us $15 to use his card like I originally anted to do. The agreement says 10$ not 15$. Wouldn't even give me the receipt for the $350 return to our checking acct they debuted. What an incredibly rude and awful company. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are a minus 5.
Brian Hulsey

Posted by Anonymous

Worst company ever! Rented for the first time from them Friday in Orlando. I have written 3 emails and no one has replied. I called the facility on MCoy ave and no one answers. When I return the car this week, they will hear from me then

Posted by Korey

Worst company to ever book with. You make a reservation and then they lie to you don't ever use them I'm extremely pissed off

Posted by NamaDiane

NEVER NEVER rent from this company.

I flew from Atlanta, GA to Seattle, WA to bury my husband. I was rather stressed at the time.

When I got home, I realized that I had been charged insurance, which I did not ask for. The insurance fee was more than the rental fee per day. When I tried to call the company, the customer service can only "file a ticket" which will be responded to in "24 - 72 hours."

The company insists that I signed for the insurance, but has no proof of my signature.

I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, but the response was the same and the BBB closed the case.

Now, two months later, I get a bill in the mail for nearly $400. Nobody can tell me what the bill is for. I asked and was sent a copy of my receipt which shows "Paid in full." I am still waiting to hear back from the company.

Posted by BVTARTER

I was hit by an unexpected charge for a vehicle upgrade I didn't request, and which was NEVER specifically offered. The agent NEVER mentioned the word "upgrade." I was told to initial for a full tank, vehicle exterior in good shape, and declined insurance. When I turned the car in I was surprised that the agent receiving my vehicle could not give me a receipt, even though I was the only customer in line. It was an emailed receipt that shocked me with $150 of non- requested upgrade fees ($100 a day, plus adjusted taxes).

Posted by Anonymous

On 8-6-16 my mother passed away. That day I booked a flight from

Boise, ID to DFW. The Alaska agent asked if I needed a rental car and

then transferred me to their affiliate, Payless car rental. I reserved a car

for pickup at the DFW airport at 4pm and received an email with the following

confirmation numbers:

A total cost of $263.56 was confirmed.

Unfortunately we flew on a Delta affiliate on 8-8-16, the day the entire

Delta computer system shut down. On that day Delta canceled 1000 flights

& delayed 1800 others. We arrived at DFW about 2.5 hours late. We

called the phone number, for your DFW location as listed

on your web site at 6:16 & 6:18pm and there was no answer either time.

After a long shuttle ride to the rental car facility. Your agent at the desk

stated our reservation had expired and it would cost an additional $10

per day. We told him we had been delayed by Delta and we were on a

bereavement flight to bury my Mother. He was very rude and said there

was nothing he could. The $10 per day increased our charge from $263.56

to $370.72 per your rental agreement number and the $370.72

was charged to my Alaska Airlines credit card. Your rental agreement was

time stamped 7:26pm 8-8-17. We were at your DFW desk for a long time

and doubt we were 3 hours late as documented by my 2 earlier unanswered


I am disgusted. Your agent saw 2 greiving senior citizens and decided to

scam us and he did, absolutely reprehensible. Every statement I have made

is fully documented. I intend on contacting your parent company, Avis Budget

Group, the Better Business Bureau, the DFW airport car rental manager and

every other organization I can think of.

Dan Merriman

Posted by Anonymous

I rented a car from Payless a MONTH ago. When I picked up the car from the Oakland Airport, I was given a slip and was told to go outside to the car they selected for me, and write on the slip all of the damages/soil stains that I saw. I did. The car outside had scratches all around the car. The inside seats and carpet was soiled. I took the car because I needed it to attend a Funeral 2 hours away... One month later I received a letter in the mail stating that I was being charged $150.00 for soiled floor mats. Really!! How in the Hell can they charge anybody for anything when for one, they don't even go out with you to view the damages, and second of all, how can you convince me that you did'nt rent that dirty car again within a MONTH. I not only filing a complaint with the BBA, but I'm suing, hopefully it will be a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, so every body who filed a complaint will get their money back!!!

Posted by [email protected]

I had a very poor experience with the whole process as listed like other people. They over charged me, lied, and tried to cover up the issue. I am going to call the CEO of the company when I get a chance. You can do the same, on Been Verify. Get the corporate officials names and complain, as well as get their personal cell phone numbers.

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Posted by Anonymous

Nate was my representative on a recent trip to Denver. His attention to detail and excellent customer service was exemplary. He was kind and thoughtful! He was also a gentleman who loaded my luggage into the car...My experience was terrific...

Posted by coper3

I wanted to contact the Payless Car Rental corporate office and express how much I appreciate the excellent customer service by the staff at the location nearest to the Philadelphia International Airport. They were wonderful and made sure the shuttle got me to the airport on time. I was running late and it was raining. I not from that area, and not only was I close to missing my 8 am departing flight, I could not find a gas station open at 630 am to fill up the gas tank. They were so helpful with everything, and definitely expressed a sense of urgency and concern about my flight time. I am so appreciative of their kindness and professional manner and will highly recommend this company to anyone renting a vehicle.

Posted by Anonymous

We rent often from the Las Vegas McCarren site. We have had customer service Rep Demarro 3 times as our agent. He has always been very friendly, professional and efficient. Outstanding customer service!!

Posted by pamu

Hi.Greatest rental cars at cheapest prices? Try to book at the cheapest car rentals . I always use this every time I travel especially in Europe and America. Feel free to ask about any concerns you have. I highly recommend them.

Posted by Ms. Worthy

I rented a car from payless on July 11 through July 14,2014 at Savannah, Ga/Hilton Head Airport. I was very pleased with the price. My son rented from thrifty. Customer reps at Payless were Brian, Joshua and Alicia.
They said instead of getting two cars, we have a SUV that would fit all of you, (4 Adults, 2 small children) including our child seats. Well, my son said no. By the time he got to Thrifty and was very disappointed in the condition of the car and not great service, I laughed, because I was very pleased.
Well, I wound up getting the Durango SUV for all of us. Your three customer reps were absolutely wonderful, over and above helping. The SUV was great, no complaints and a great price.
Before I left the airport on July 14,2014, Joshua and Alicia were on duty again. I rented my vehicle for my next trip to Savannah, Ga at the end of August for a
week. Great Price. I am a perks member.
Thank you so much for great customer service reps such as the three that took care of myself and family. We were in town for a family reunion, in August, we will be back for my sister's 70th birthday.

Posted by OwenVig

Had a billing issue. They resolved it quickly and were fair.

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