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Posted by s

I Have a business, there for i have a personal agent who assists me. she is the rudest person iv'e ever met!

Posted by Anonymous

hello its very frustrating trying to look at my paystubs & IM told i have the wrong user name & get no emails back plz call me JoAn I need to look at my paystubs now not next week, . thx

Posted by Anonymous

There is something wrong with the way they handle 401(K)'s. The "customer service" people clearly read from a script and are not permitted to actually answer questions. The new 401(k) web-site does not work. It has very little information. It cannot be printed and the pop-up window cannot be enlarged. The history feature is completely gone. I have been trying to file the 5500 report but I need info from Paychex. Last year by the time I got the information for the report it was filed late and I was penalized $1800 from the IRS. No one at paychex cares! I have discussed this with our President about changing companies. It cannot come fast enough!

Posted by FedUp

Paychex should be investigated. There is something very wrong with the way run and handle the FSA and 401(K)'s. The "customer service" people clearly read from a script and are not permitted to actually answer questions. The new 401(k) web-site does not work. It has very little information. It cannot be printed and the pop-up window cannot be enlarged. The history feature is completely gone. Paychex already refused to show their fess in the history now we have no history, including purchases. The purchases always delayed by 6 days. I have NEVER had a company delay buys. Purchases should be made the day our pay, period. They took the funds 4 days prior to payday to make the payroll so they damn well the funds are available, yet they hold buys for an additional 6 days after pay day. The "old" view can still be accessed but all printing capabilities are revoked. Even a copy and paste will not come out right. They have programmed it so it is more difficult to prove they are staling our money. Nothing but problems and lies. I have discussed with our VP about changing companies. It cannot come fast enough!

Posted by frustrated

They are the worst for FSA and their agents have no idea what they are doing. Literally was on hold for 2 hours. I am not kidding!

Posted by RogueDude

I have been using Paychex for Payroll and Workmans compensation insurance for over a year. Also have tried to use them for health insurance. Not sure what's going on with this company but in the year I have had 4 "specialists" on payroll processing, no support from their workmans compensation agent, and a total mess created by their 401K and health insurance representatives. The reason to use Paychex is to make Payroll for a small business easier, because of the mistakes and changing in staff, I have had to correct numerous issues that they caused. As a result, I'm moving to Intuit Payroll. It supports all the "value" that Paychex provides without the issues of having to interact with representatives who change every 3 months. I caution anyone on using Paychex under the assumption they know what they are doing.

Posted by Emoji

My go around with this company has been exhausting. The customer service representatives, have forgotten that the customers are the one's who employ them. I've spoken to several representatives and I was just like WOW. I even had a representative yell at me and I contacted her supervisor. You would've thought I stole the enamel off her teeth. I will be using a local payroll company because this nonsense with Paychex is just awful.

Posted by Anonymous

Very satisfied with Paychex payroll, COBRA, workers comp services. Would highly recommend. However, their insurance division's handling of ACA documentation is very poor. Extremely difficult to reach a knowledgeable rep during peak season. Inaccuracies in documentation that must be corrected (multiple times). Still waiting for documents 7 weeks after requested. Customer service poor overall by insurance division.

Posted by BH Manager

Our FSA through Paychex is the worst. We recently signed up and they completely screwed up the paperwork. Less than half of the employees who signed up actually made it onto the program. Then they had some employees added with a company matching contribution which the company never agreed to. They told me there was a computer glitch and after hours on the phone they finally "fixed" it. 2 moths later we still have employees missing from the program. I have copies of emails from me (HR manager) to the sales rep with copies of there enrollment forms attached, these emails were sent within the enrollment period. Now they are saying that they can't be added because open enrollment is over. The paperwork was submitted on time but they lost it, now they are blaming us. Terrible terrible company.

Posted by Hugo

I will never use Paychex again. Their 401K service is loaded with embedded fees. They charge a draconian $1,200 fee to be rid of their service. Plus they will drag their feet to actually transfer participant funds. We had to send three termination letters before they could get their act together to start work on converting to our new service provider.

Posted by General Manager

NIGHTMARE! Our CPA decided to stop doing payroll so we started using Paychex (even though our accountant suggested PayCorp). We've been in business for over 50 years (15-19 employees) and this has been the biggest mistake we've ever made! It's always something: missing paychecks, wrong hours, wrong deductions (e.g. no 401k withholdings), paying our city taxes late, mistake-laden W-2s, not having us up to date with Jobs & Family Services, etc. We got sucked into their HR program too and what a joke that was. They sell you on all of the benefits but you find out months later that you have to "turn those benefits on"??? Their incompetence and lack of giving a rip is simply mind boggling. "You'll be assigned your own personal payroll rep"...we've had at least 3, in as many months! I'm not sure what we're paying for at this point because all we've received is stress, headaches and lost productivity trying to fix their mistakes. If you're a business owner, try to find someone local who is accessible and actually cares about your business. These payroll companies do thousands of payrolls each week and don't have the time for any personal service. You're just another account.

Posted by Rick

Unbelievably bad customer service. I'm still dealing with errors for almost two years and no amount of escalation has made a difference. A little bit of attention, no resolution and then silence again. I wouldn't let my worst enemy use them. I've got serious payroll issues and they cannot help. And nobody seems to care.

Posted by droopy128

customer service are the worst.. ADP is much better.. every time i called the 866.. number, i'll be on hold for at least 20 mins then sommeone else would transfer me cuz either they don't want to assist or don't know the system well enough to assist.

Posted by CDNCompany

Literally the worst company I have ever dealt with. We are a Canadian company who is entering the US market, and Paychex was attractive to us because they touted their ability to hold our hand through the process and take care of all necessary registrations, remittances and compliance related items.

In actuality, we would've been better off trying to do everything ourselves. From the hop, the customer service has been atrocious - saying they had submitted business license registrations when in fact they'd done nothing at all, not returning our emails or calls for days at a time, doing the absolute bare minimum as it relates to informing us of what we need to know... you name it....

We will be leaving Paychex as soon as everything is fully set up with Ceridian.... advice to other Canadian companies (and probably American ones too) - avoid these guys at all costs!!!

Posted by David

Whatever you do - do NOT use Paychex for payroll or FSA programs. These people routinely deny EVERY FSA purchase and require you to jump through so many hoops that you will just give up before claiming YOUR MONEY. Even when an item paid for in a drug store is marked on the receipt as an FSA-eligible item, they will still deny it. They make this process so onerous that we are not even going to set aside FSA money in 2016. The incredible hassle they put you through isn't worth it.

Posted by Ed D

Paychex's retirement service division that handles your 401K plans are very incompetent. Very poor customer service and if they make a mistake on the administration end, your holding the ball writing letters to them to correct their mistakes and on the phone with them for hours to correct the problem. ...and they never call you back . Very poor customer service !

Posted by bach2112

Paychex changed my Cobra insurance plan without informing anyone. Changed me from a co-pay excellent plan to an HSA plan with an extremely high deductible. Basically have no insurance but still pay for first plan. People there are rude, incompetent, and accept no responsibility at all for their mistakes. Finally have filed a complaint with Federal government over them violating federal law. This company is the way to start a business. Collect people's money don't do job and say it's someone else's problem. My former employer is probably going to be sued over this company's lack of action when it's their mistake.

Posted by [email protected]

Paychex 401K service. They offer "daily fund rebalancing" when you sign your business up for a 401K. Then they confirm a rebalance on their website but they only cash out your securities when they are much lower in price which may take several days. I've brought this to their attention most recently today 11-10-2015 and they have always told me that I am out whatever money they lost in messing up my portfolio rebalancing. This time its $2,000. This is the fourth time. My holdings have always been sold days later at a lower price, not once accidently at a higher price. This has made me very cautious and I'm now looking more carefully at the fees and fine print of a different 401K.
I also tried to get a loan of 50K to save my house. They are still putting me through the ringer by asking me to obtain "General Loan Paperwork" before they will authorize the transfer of my money. The home lender keeps sending me something that Paychex will not accept. Be very careful of a Paychex 401K and read the other comments regarding it. It seems like a pretty bad and possibly even a crooked outfit. Someone has to be taking the money by always selling my holdings at a lower price and shaving a few per cent out of my account. They have never made this right despite repeated requests for review.

Posted by Marty

Customer service - some good, some bad. Time and Labor - website kept crashing, spent more time fixing things than ever before. Many employees lax about answering phones or returning calls, which makes me believe management may be lax, since they get away with it. The worst was the call from some supervisor when we left Paychex. Condescending remark: "You'll probably be more comfortable with your accountant." So it's my fault, not theirs? That may be why they have so many bad reviews.

Posted by Melissa

Paychex is terrible. Customer service is non-existent. They're slow, uncaring, and unhelpful.

Posted by DRM

DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR!MANY, MANY issues! 1) Multiple systems being passed off as ONE by Paychex - CALL BS to them. 2) TLO (time keeping) is just horrible! Not easy to use, supervisors making adjustments hate it, doesn't look good in presentation 3) Paychex NEVER shows you a demo BEFORE you commit - HUGE error on our end 4) You WILL DO MORE data entry than they tell you - MUCH MORE 5) Systems DO NOT talk to each other, HENCE more data entry 6) YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for entering YOUR GL - WTH!!! Am I the client or Paychex programmer??? 6) You WILL BE responsible for filing several taxes. AGAIN - my bad- I thought I was the client 7) When you voice your frustrations you get... crickets. 8) RUN!!! Do not frustrate and create more stress for your HR and payroll folks.
One great thing is HRO. Other wise - it is NOT worth it! PERIOD!

Posted by Anonymous

Very inefficient company. Double bill us insurance fee for more than 5 months after we reflected this issue and currently it's still unresolved. Their contacts are either very inefficient or not taking your business serious. I do not know how much they charge our company for the outsourcing HR service. It may be a cheaper price. But personally, I highly recommend you do not hire this company. It will be a big mistake. A waste of your money and time!

Posted by P Thompson

Paychex is famous for making changes to the programs they offer such as payroll and when you go in it is totally different from 2 weeks ago. Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen.

Posted by Busy Business Manager

I run a small business and payroll was taking up too much of my time so I outsourced it to Paychex. They offer the most absurdly bad customer service that I've experienced. There are errors in EVERY payroll. They now have my payroll specialist, his supervisor and her supervisor checking over our payroll before it goes out and it is STILL wrong.

They pay the wrong pay rates to employees who have been with us for years. It takes SEVERAL attempts to change a pay rate or address. Just a few weeks ago, they FAXED the entire payroll journal to me instead of just the cash requirements. Now, everyone in the company knows who much everyone else makes.

They have whiny employees who think continually making errors and apologizing for them is OK.

Posted by Lindsey

Unless you want to deal with several notices from the IRS due to not filing your quarterlies, I highly recommend NOT using this company. We have had an ongoing issue with this for a year now. VERY disappointed with this company and their customer service. Nothing is being handled and we have thousands of dollars floating around somewhere for their lack of using the correct tax ID number. Their agents do not have the skills needed to do their job right.

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Posted by Brian

We've used Paychex for many years and while they're not perfect (who is?), they've done a very good job for us. Phones are answered quickly, problems resolved in a reasonable amount of time, pricing is fair (we check them regularly against the competition), and their 401k is, frankly, great because it has all the funds we want and we don't have to do any work to run it.

Posted by Josie

Used Paychex for more than ten years. Reps are super friendly and always have the answers and information I need. Excellent service - can't say enough.

Posted by AED

We have been with Paychex for many, many years. We've seen them regularly roll out great new technologies that are highly useful. Their new phone numbers are a little bit of a pain because they now have a 7 digit extension instead of a 5 digit extension, but that's no big deal.

Paychex has many other services that integrate with payroll and make our lives easier, including 401(k), Flex Spending Accounts, Health Insurance, and HR. You wouldn't think so at first, but by tying these things together we were able to take these things off our General Manager's plate (who didn't want them anyway) to free her up to concentrate on landing new business and improving profit margins.

Can't recommend Paychex highly enough. Don't pay attention to the negative reviews you see about Paychex from others - no company is ever perfect, all the time. Is yours/are you? (Of course not - and neither am I/are we.)

Posted by Craig

We at Shear Pleasure Have had Shannon G as our customer service rep for Paychex.

She is Paychex best by far. She has made our payroll system simple, I can ask for no more than that. Very busy but had to write this review. We are at Paychex because of her efforts. Thank you Renee and Craig of Shear Pleasure

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is exceptional. My rep was fantastic, on boarding was personalized and helpful, and since then my payroll specialist is always helpful!!

Posted by Anonymous

Paychex has been great about helping my small business. If my payroll specialist is on the phone I can always call my rep. I dial a local number, rarely an 800 #. You can always tell the person on the other end of the phone is actually smiling when helping you. They may cost a little more than some other companies out there, but to me it's worth the peace of mind that everything is correct/compliant and having zero aggravation. A+ in my book!

Posted by oldri5

Love the service and my sales person. Made the transition a breeze!

Posted by Anonymous

Paychex offers best in class solutions that helped me run my business better. Will definitely recommend this great company 100%. Very grateful for six years of service and excellent customer service.

Posted by payroll queen

Paychex has been good. I moved from my CPA who did a bad job.
I have a dedicated single point of contact, they take care of my unemployment claims, they download in to my QuickBooks, mail me employee posters, give me an HR website, and my employees are glad they can see their paystubs on their phones and computer with Direct Deposit. All this for only $100 per payroll for 12 employees. I compared a few companies and I am happy so far. been about 8 months.

Posted by Annie

We used Paychex for many years and were very happy with the service. One day after many tries by the persistent efforts of the ADP rep we finally gave in and went with ADP because they offered a lower price. We quickly realized this was a mistake - we no longer had a dedicated rep, the switch over process was, to be polite, very bumpy, and the overall experience was just not good. We also did not like the format of the reports we received - they were not only unfamiliar but flat out hard to figure out.

So we switched back to Paychex and we were very glad to have done so. Now we have a single point of contact and everything runs just as smoothly as it always did. Some people think payroll is a commodity, but I don't think a service based on something as complicated as payroll can, or ever should be, reduced to the lowest common denominator. You really do get what you pay for.

Posted by Anonymous

Was using a ADP and thought it would be difficult to switch over. It was very easy and the switch was painless. It has been a nice change to have a local person to call and a local office doing everything for me. Would defiantly recommend Paychex to anyone in the Orlando area.

Posted by JK

We were using local provider for a number of years and switched to ADP. When we met with their sales team, we were told that the transition would go did not. Over the 15 months we used ADP, there were countless issues that we had to deal with. We have 600 employees across 10 locations (3 IDs) and were continually fixing mistakes...not to mention the inconsistent invoicing that we could never reconcile accurately...and different service reps (as we could never speak to the same person twice).

When we decided we were going to be leaving ADP, we met with Paychex. Our minds were made up very quickly that the technology and service that Paychex provides was the best fit for our company. The advantages were seen immediately and the fact that we would have a dedicated customer service rep was a huge plus (no more case #'s!!!).

Although we were nervous about the transition because of our experience with ADP, there was no need to be. Our implementation specialist kept us informed throughout the entire process. Our trainer, came to our office and guided us through our first two payrolls which went very smoothly.

Our weekly payroll processes quicker and is much more user friendly. We also use Paychex for their HRIS and online benefits enrollment (with carrier connections)...which has saved us a ton of money and time in that area as well.

We would happily recommend Paychex to any company looking to make a change to their current systems.

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service! They offer a great product and are there to answer any questions or concerns.

Posted by Brian E

My local Paychex rep wasn't acting like a used car salesman. He was very knowledgeable and actually taught me things I didn't know I needed to know (ashamed to say). He and another local contact helped me get started the same day with 8 employees. Everything has been smooth now for the last 10 months. I have a rep that calls me every wednesday at 10:30am and they do all the rest. Life is good. I'm proud to say I use Paychex!

Posted by JB

We just switched from ADP to Paychex and couldn't be happier. My Chase banker was "nice" enough to get to move to ADP (which I later found out they get a referral commission from ADP) when we switched to a new CPA who did not do payroll like our old one. They offered us all sorts of freebies (free months of payroll a debit card) and I never received any of it. My payroll balances were not properly carried over and as a result I incurred penalities which ADP refused to pay...even though I could prove it was their mistake! I must have opened up 10 different case numbers and never received satisfaction. I finally told my friend who got me in touch with his Paychex rep. Not only did they do the leg work of having to add each pay period to get my number corrected (something ADP never did after 5 months) my sales rep got my specialist to help me refile my incorrect quarterlies for free!! I also love having one person assigned to me rather than that ADP 800 # hell where no one is ever helpful. Paychex is light years better on follow through and accountability. Best decision I ever made.

Posted by Acly

We use Advantage/Paychex for our small business (4 employees). As far as I know, every payroll period has been correct. Customer service has been very helpful. Would recommend. My only negative is that their prices have gone up twice this past year for a total of $600. This may not seem like a lot for large companies but an increase from $1700 to $2500 in fees for one year is a lot for a small company.

Posted by BethCares

The company I work for experienced a lot of growth very quickly, and that had us expanding into a number of states. Paychex made this process really easy, and that hasn't been the case with other companies and PR providers I worked for/with. I think it's probably because I have one person to work with. We do custom signs and banners, and my rep has brought me back a lot of business as well. When there are problems, we get them ironed out quickly. Great company.

Posted by Anonymous

Paychex service is very good, I'm not saying it's perfect, but because I have a dedicated specialist, the rare issue is handled very quickly and I know who is accountable for making it right.

Posted by Mathew

Up to the customer service. They work for you...not you work for them.....something unlike ADP. I have been using ADP for last one year and one my friend suggested this company...and here you go I see a lot of difference and that too for a fractional of the cost. ALL i say is PAYCHEX rocks and ADP SUCKS..

Posted by PhilT

We have used Paychex for 8 years (payroll and 401K) and have been very satisfied.
12 employees, and we change HSA contributions frequently, which means the Paychex person must make new entries for the type of HSA deduction, with only a rare mistake.

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Posted by No Bueno!

I am a mere employee, but when we switched to paychex, it was obvious that leadership did NO DUE DILIGENCE. I hav had issues from day one just setting up my account (day three now). It doesn't connect how it should, I have been on hold for a total of over two hours (over the course of three days), to reset my account as there was some technical issue with the browser I was using (had to use explorer instead of chrome.....this COULD HAVE BEEN in the manual...right)? Its clunky, ugly and customer service is terrible. This is my first (and hopefully last) experience with a company using this clown outfit.

Posted by Anonymous

This is my second time working for Paychex. When I left I thought the grass was greener. I quickly learned that it is not. I worked for another payroll company who had no concern for their customers. Their only objective was to get there money and move on. Needless to say I left there quickly. I came back to Paychex realizing what I took for granted. It is imperative to me that customer service be the center of focus for ALL departments. And Paychex stands up to that. I am proud to say I work for Paychex.

Posted by Long Time Happy Paychex Employee

I have worked for Paychex for 12 years now. Having come from a small company with 15 employees, I wondered how well I would fit into a large company with 12,000 employees. As it turns out, I'm am pleased to report the answer is "very well!"

The #1 thing that impresses me about working here is that everybody I work with internally really cares about the job they do, and the level of service given to each and every customer. Do we succeed all of the time in making people happy? Of course not. But I would say 98% of the time we are trying, and succeeding, to give our clients the same level of satisfaction we would want for ourselves.

The other thing I like about Paychex is that it is a very forward thinking company. We are frequently the first to come to market with a new capability based on new technology, such as running an App on a smartphone to report payroll. Paychex has been the pioneer in any number of areas, from benefits administration (think 401k, Flexible Spending Accounts, Workers Compensation Insurance), to HR Outsourcing.

Is Paychex perfect? No - I'd like a raise. And it irked me beyond belief when the company suspended its 401(k) match during the recession of 2008-2009, and took far too long to restore the match, and did so grudgingly - first 2%, then a year later 3%, then a year later finally 4% where it had been.

But all in all, the corporate culture is positive, the people intelligent and fun to work with... I'm glad I'm still here and did not make the decision to work for Paychex'es #1 competitor 6 years ago, because hindsight being 20/20 I have come to realize that leaving Paychex for that other company would have been perhaps the biggest mistake of my working life.

Posted by happy employee

Paychex is by far the best company I have ever worked for! We are offered so many benefits and job security in a shaky economy. We are offered state of the art weekly training so we are the most educated and competent payroll specialists on the market. Paychex offers assigned payroll specialists. This means my clients have my email address, my extension number, and voicemail access. Hell, I will even meet you any day of the week in person. We are treated well, and this in turn motivates us to treat our clients well. I love every single one of my clients and am so happy I get the opportunity to help my clients succeed while working for such a great company. I am an Accounting Major student (Paychex pays my tuition btw) and plan to be CPA. I hope even once my career grows beyond a "payroll specialist" I can continue my business relationship with Paychex. Highly recommended if you are in the job market, or looking for a payroll processing company.

Posted by Anonymous

I Love working for Paychex! They have the best training out there and we are constantly given the most up to date information to ensure that we give the best possible service to our clients. I have a specific list of clients that i am in charge of and they know that if they have any questions, i am always there to help them answer them! Much like we are there for our clients, our supervisors are always there for us!


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