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PayPal customer service is ranked #231 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.94 out of a possible 200 based upon 443 ratings. This score rates PayPal customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


383 Negative Comments out of 443 Total Comments is 86.46%.


60 Positive Comments out of 443 Total Comments is 13.54%.

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    • 43.94 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 383 negative comments (86.46%)
    • 60 positive comments (13.54%)
    • 2 employee comments
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

Recently I received legal letter from PayPal stating contact attorney or pay 100. Within 5 days. I contacted PayPal on Sunday. Representative said I owed $140. Within 3 days I called for minimum payment again. Automated phone line said I owed $189.00. I have one thing to say about these loan sharks, if u participate be prepared to empty piggy bank, sign over your first born, offer a blood donation cause they will want all of it!

Posted by ROASO

My last transaction with ROASO is incorrect. shipping is free according to their site, but I noticed after ordering $10 shipping fee was added. this fee was not added to the last item before this one. Please cancel this order if they insist on charging this fee...I can be reached Total should be $25.12 and not $35.12

Posted by Susie

I tried to change my primary email address. After talking to a guy for over an hour, I finally gave up and asked him just to close my account. He told me my account had been hacked and infected and couldn't be closed unless I paid $299.99 to have it fixed. He gave me another number to call to close the account. The girl told me the same thing that I would have to pay to close it. I told her I didn't have time to fool with it. She was very rude and told me I didn't care about my account and I might as well hang up and I had just made up not having time. I am furious!

Posted by Fancy 51

I have been trying for two days to Find a customer service number or even something on line to contact both PayPal and or Apple in order to check on some charges being put on my credit card which is up to $90.00 There is NOTHING listed on either. I go to your billing your credit card contact sites and you get nothing helpful just more information on the company. I need to get intouch with someone ASAP

Posted by Anonymous

You folks have got to have a better system. I have been on hold for over 35 minutes, not a good way too do business. Your automation systems is terrible, there is no way to get anything resolved following your promps, BAD BAD BAD!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Allen Clark. On April 27th I ordered karaoke disc from a company called "Sing Elvis". The only correspondence I've seen is when they billed my credit card through you. They left me a phone number, but have not been successful getting them to answer. I also sent an email and still no response from them. I'm at the point of canceling my order if I don't get some answers in the next day or two. Thank you,
Allen Clark

P.S. This is not a good way to do business.

Posted by grasshopper

I purchased a hotel thru Travelosity and paid with paypal. Reserved and Cancelled the same day. Travelosity refunded immediately and paypal put a hold on the money and I called customer service and the hold will be on the account for 6 more days.. Why.. Travelosity refunded SAME DAY.. You are just gonna use my money for 6 days. That is just wrong..

Posted by cookeen

Very disgusted with PalPal at the moment. On the phone for 45 minutes with no resolution. Why are you holding money. Are you that greedy.

Posted by Anonymous

Your website is down and credit cards cannot be processed. Unable to get through Customer Support line. Your notification page shows No Alerts. Please provide a better means of communicating outages and report to your customers!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, On March 27, I ordered a pair of croc wedges. They were 19.99 + tax. On April 6, I ordered another pair and was charged 54.99 but used a coupon for I think 10.00 off and the total was 41.57. I received an email and said I was selected for a fixed price. Ref # 161675081. I am hoping for the special price of 19.99 again. It their a reason why your prices change from one day to the next. Thank you I tried to get a ph # but could not find one, not sure this is the right way to contact you but couldnt find another way

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service sucks! I've tried to reach you by phone only to be given the run around by your automated bull s... service. When I log in to PayPal for customer service, every thing is answered except for the problem that I am inquiring about. I lost my wallet today with all my credit cards including my Capital One Visa which is the one I use to pay all of my PayPal purchases. My driver's license was also lost, but what concerns me the most is that I had my password to PayPal in my wallet as well as other passwords to other venues. I have reported my losses to all of the credit card companies and I am to receive new cards within the next few days. I just want to make sure PayPal will not accept any purchases until I notify you of my new card number. Please respond!

Posted by Deborah

I tried to get a person on the phone tool for ever.when I did I couldn't understand a word coming out of her mouth I asked where is she said the phillipeens, so didn't get help today I called the same number the automated machine came on and said this number is no longer in service.spent all that time for being scammed.thank God I didn't give them my personal credit card number.

Posted by LRS

Over an hour spent on hold without resolution. I paid a person $150 orphanage donation using paypal, as I normally do, the money has been cleared through my bank for over two weeks and paypal is still not releasing the funds to the recipient. Instead, they sent me a request to pay this person AGAIN. The recipient has already received a confirmation from them that I sent the payment, and the recipient has also been on the phone with them to receive the funds. Left me on hold again when I asked to speak to a supervisor (and I could hear the person on the background telling the representative to put me on hold again for "a few" more minutes. That ended up being longer of course, so I ended up hanging up and will have to call again after work. Still no resolution, paypal is still holding my $150, and valuable hours of my time and the recipient's time has been spent on hold or on the phone with this company that has not helped at all. On top of this - it is orphanage funding (for a child's food, welfare, etc) that these people are holding on to. I will not be using them again.

Posted by 15-20 various

I have spent hours and hours and hours on the phone trying to respond to an email from Pay Pal notifying me of unauthorized activity on my account. I get passed from one representative to another and get disconnected after especially long holds. I can never get connected to a rep who can cancel my account. i have tried email response to your email without any reply except to call or go to my account. The email notices of unauthorized activity continue. PLEASE CANCEL MY ACCOUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy Hassab

Posted by CONHALG16

I Have Tried To Reach Paypal For 2 Days With No Avail. I Need To Resolve A Issue. I Filed A Complaint With My Discover For A Item I Did Not Recieved, Talked To A Janna & Ivy.but 1 Day Later The Item Did Come.

Posted by brian_demps

It is very frightening that a company with this much ineptness has access to our bank accounts and personal information. Rarely do I post reviews, but I couldn't sit on my hands with PayPal anymore. Spoke with a client service rep named "Kevin". Kevin was rude, evasive, and whenever I pointed out his mistakes, he simply put me on hold for 15-20 minutes. It was clear that the error had occurred on their end, but zero responsibility was taken. I suggest staying very far away from this service ... if that's what you want to call it.

Posted by Ws

I wish I had of read the comments below before agreeing with a client to accept a credit card payment for a service rendered through PayPal.
When I tell you this has been a very stressful process it would be the under statement of the year.
I have only done 2 transactions so far and it will be the last, My first payment was withheld for 2 weeks and then took 3 days to clear to my bank account so I called them and explained that I supply a service and I can not have my money on hold for weeks on end, they told me my the next payment would take 24 hours so when it didn't I called and the they said it was with out fail going to clear that day. It didn't and now I was told today that it will take a further 2 days. That payment went from taking 24 hours to 7 days and that's if I actually get the money on the 7th day!!
This is border line criminal activity if you ask me and the amount of lies and conflicting information I received on the so called recorded conversations should be investigated.
I am now exposed to my contractors who I have giving checks to because Paypal told me I would have cleared funds. this is going to be an expensive lesson for me and as its the holidays it will no doubt ruin a lot of Christmas's.
If you are a service based company DO NOT US PAYPAL.

Posted by Anonymous

I need to talk to someone about my account and I can't get through the stupid automation.

You are not acctivating my new card because the the code on the back of my visa. can someone call me at my name is Kathleen McLaughlin

Posted by Anonymous

Dear pay pal

I got somethink from zooke dating agency have not order any think from this company

This is a breach security

This needs to be sorted out need to e-mail on



Posted by Anonymous

This has been the most frustrating experience I've ever had to deal with ..getting my money transferred to a savings account. .been ting for 4 days to get my money an still have nothing...I will NEVER use PayPal EVER again ...

Posted by Anonymous

Hate Paypals website.
They LOCK you out of your own account that has YOUR money.
Then the ONLY way to get their number is if you log in.
You can't log in when they lock you out.

Posted by nikiba36

Paypal really sucks!I have 200 dollars on my paypal that's been on there since April or may,I tried uploading my money plenty of times and nothing.I even called and actually got someone and wanted my money back...she told me keep trying still nothing...I just want my money off!I will never get a paypal card ever again!

Posted by Anonymous

Unacceptably rude and dificult to understand customer service. Will never do busines with PayPal again. There are other ways to pay.

Posted by Monkey

PayPal's Resolution Center is a joke! Don't waste your time. It is better to use your credit card so that you can get resolve and customer service when a seller try's to rip you off. PayPal employee's (Faizel and Poovan) are either too dumb or too lazy to read emails and properly deal with customers.

Posted by Maul

I had a question about my account on ebay, i followed the ebay support flow, and it sent my question to paypal. I was very specific in my email.

I receive a pre-made response telling me, "hey you are experiencing something regarding these things, please see these support articles. If that doesn't help, contact us again"

So I contact them again, and I get ANOTHER pre-made response that tells me to call them. I get that 48 hours after the first email. So I call, and they say i have to call ebay.

UGH. If I knew all of this 2 days ago, I would have just done that. But support was delayed by 2 whole days, because they don't have actual humans reading their support tickets!

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Posted by Andyc24_uk

Great customer service from Dean in Paypal's Irish helpdesk office - he sorted my bank account registration out and deleted an old duplicate account for me with no fuss at all in about 3 minutes. Really couldn't be happier with the service I received here; providing a code from your already-logged-in account saves the hassle of going through multiple security checks on the phone and makes things much smoother and faster. Well done Paypal!

Posted by Anonymous

Pay Pal was GREAT with a problem that I had. They have a system that works but you can rush them, it took more than one call. I also was very please with customer service, English was very good in all calls but one. Joyce F

Posted by veterangirl13

This morning I reached a customer service rep at Paypal to report my account was hacked. She said she would make sure the transactions didn't go through, but she only did the easy ones. She said she would send me an e-mail to change my password and security questions, but it never came. Then she said I had to call back this evening or tomorrow to get it done. I asked if she could just talk me through it and she said "no", because if she did it would help change my password, but not my security questions. So, I called back this evening and was able to talk to a rep named "Clare" employee number: 58411.
She said that I was given wrong information and that the first rep could have helped me change both!! So, Clare helped me change both! She talked me through it and also helped me change my Visa number. Then she said she would personally see to it that the last two fraudulent purchases were not going to be authorized (something the morning rep did not bother to do)!! I was ready to get my funds returned and then close my Paypal account, but thanks to Clare I feel that I will continue to do business with Paypal. I cannot have another rep do to me what the first one did ever again or I will certainly have to close the account. Thanks Clare!!! :)

Posted by buttermilk

They do have a prompt...but there is options to talk to a real human.
They are the BEST to me as far as customer service..

Posted by havanajohn

NICOLE a PRO. Very difficult problem solved, she was calm, knowledgeable and calmed me down and solved my problem. She needs to be promoted and teach the rookies HOW IT'S DONE.

Posted by emilythurman10

Amazing, awesome people that are knowledgeable and very polite. Quick to answer calls anytime. Easy automated system. Refunded my money no questions asked.

Posted by ANN

Customer service rep at pay pal.
ANN ?? 21/5/15 9.30am
Outstanding service, well over and above expectancy.
A very understanding and Helpful young lady.
Ann, is the kindest sweetest employee I have ever spoken to at pay pal since I have been a member, (some years now).
Ann sorted my problems, very professionally, and with understanding, and time.
A pleasure to speak to.
I hope pay pal gives recognition to employees like this.
If I had a business, I would love to employ this young lady.
Truly yours.

Posted by Larry B

My service person was Larry B # .because of my chat with Larry, which was NEVER hurried i was able to completely understand how PAYPAL works and all my questions were answered. Larry made it very clear that i wasn't stupid ( i told him i was since i just couldn't understand PAYPAL) he was so compassionate and kind . I enjoyed my chat with him and will continue to be a very happy PAYPAL customer...thank you Larry B

Posted by dorerjenny

I called and talked to MATT. I was on a minute phone and he called me back which was wonderful. Excellent Customer Service. He knew I needed PayPal Credit to help w/my problem so he had TRISTEN from PayPal Credit already on the line. I talked to TRISTEN who was very Knowledgeable, Professional, Helpful, Patient, Understanding, Used Empathy, Honest. Please give him Praise for his Excellent Customer Service. He is in the right profession and definitely an Asset to the Company.

Posted by donnaangel

Kudos to the Paypal agent who helped me -

Felix S.,

Extremely kind & patient with a computer illiterate senior citizen.

Posted by The water element

Attn: Arron

Outstanding customer service!

She is way above the rest....

Thank you

Posted by no

I've had to call customer service twice for minor issues, and the reps were awesome. It took maybe 1 minute to get thru the automated system (compared to 5-10 for companies like bank of america or Time Warner/Hitler).

Posted by Ladybug

I contacted customer service due to a malicious email that supposably came from PayPal. They answered immediately and informed me of what to do and checked my account to mae sure it was fine. They are top rated in my opinion.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to say that Bri#47146 was absolutely excellent.She stayed on the line with me for over half an hour and helped me resolve some payment issues that I was experiencing.A huge kudos out to you Bri.

Posted by graymo2hkj

I just have to say that Paypal has always helped me with my problems, and very courteously, and promptly. They are just great. I found their number online, and gave them a call. It is much easier to settle problems when talking to a body!

Posted by Blesed

My name is Tali Karriem,I was making a purchase through Pay Pal. I could not pay for the item I want to buy with my debit card. After working with the seller,trying to get Pay Pal to make the payment, to no avail. I called customer service, the person who gave me the help I needed He understood the problem I was having and talk me right through it. Thanks Eric

Posted by noam

I never write reviews but I was floored by how empathetic and knowledgeable the agent who spoke to me was. His name is Nick and he basically saved my life. I am so grateful.

Posted by limey_pete

PayPal number worked great! Got through to a very pleasant customer service rep in a very short time, who handled my problem quickly and efficiently. I have been dealing with this problem since the end of May. I was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for providing a good number. I checked multiple other sites that came up in my search,and yours was the only one that had a phone number that worked.

Posted by bubblewrap

Paypal is awesome. most of the people complaining about it dont even speak good english. and they fell for the craigs list scams paypal has nothing to do with that. they just dont know how paypal works and never bothers to call and ask and are just plain dumb to fall for a scam that asks for you to send them money thru western union. it say clearly on craigslist when you list an item do not send money thru western union at all cause its a scam. so dont blame paypal for getting scammed its u the dummy for not following instructions.

Posted by pay-pal

This for the supervisor for Kim K. at E-bay pay-pal. Kim was a great help. She was very friendly and kind. I hope this is where I put this information Her number is Kim K. Thanks.

Posted by Sergio

My group teaches Italian and we started using Paypal to accept payments. Since there is no product to ship we could not prove delivery, and our payments were being held 21 days.

I asked Paypal to speed up money release, they did so withing 24 hours, and sent me an e-mail confirming.

I could not be more pleased!

Posted by debi4you11

I have been with PayPal for many years and I use them for two reasons.
Security of my credit card, and if I get ripped off which is the case here PAYPAL IS there to help me. But when I call PayPal I seem to always mostly get a young lady name "Rose" I believe she is over seas in another country. But she has to be one of the kindness, sweet, adorable young lady and I hope PayPal realizes what a gem they have working tor them.
When I call its for a problem I am having with a seller or my account. And she listens to every word you say and lets you vent and tell her what the problem is.
She never has lost her sweet voice and was ever rude to me. Like some I have dealt with. I just want to tell PayPal what a beautiful understanding and helpful employee they have working for them. I don't know this lady, but if I ever had the pleasure of meeting her, I would give her the biggest hug I can give. I am a women and we get into problems and I, at least, usually can pick out good people when I speak with them. She is the BEST. Absolutely the BEST person at PayPal.

Posted by [email protected]

Today I Had The Nicest Guy When I Called With My Problem Regarding My Paypal Account. He Solved The Problem (after 30 Minutes) Of Trying Different Options. His Name Was Justin 41220. He Never Lost Patience. He Is Definately An Asset To Paypal. Thanks Justin, Audrey Ballon

Posted by Jazzman

I would like to say that i had a very positive customer service experience with Britni #42523
She was quick to resolve my issues with a friendly and positive manner and also very patient with me as we worked together to fix my issue of resetting my password.I would like to say i have had customer service issues else where and never had such a pleasent experience.

Thanks Jim paypal member

Posted by [email protected]

I am new at pay pal,since 2013.02.08, and my experience was terrible, someone tried to fraud I am so afraid to open e-mails from pay pal that I cancelled everything.
But, thanks to you, everything is ok, I was able to speak to an agent fast and he gave me all the instructions to stop that fraud. I would have been better in french but no one was available.
Thank you pay pal!

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Posted by Anonymous

I work in the fraud department at PayPal. We do the best we can to try and prevent people from getting ripped off but sometimes peple are just careless and hen we get blamed. Soemtimes we have to limit accoutns if activity looks suspicious but if you are being honest then you should be able to provide us with the documentation we require. The limitations we put on accounts are not done just for fun. PayPal is risking it's own money in these transactions. If say you are selling a Rolex for $5k and have no history of sales and have entered no tracking number, why should we believe you are honest? Because you know how to use a computer? We don't know you. If the item does not get delivered PP has to pay not the thief. The most we can hope is to get the money back through a collection agency and with a suspicious ID that is pretty much impossible. The limitations are the only way PP can protect itself or the buyers. And some buyers are just plain stupid. I had an accoun toiday buying concert tickets on Craig's list from someone she did not know who had just opened a new account and was withdrawing the money right away. Maybe the seller is honest but should I let the seller withdraw the money? Would you? Of course I limited the account. We need some proof these items are getting delivered.

Posted by Dehor4

As a customer service rep for PayPal, I understand the frustration. I also understand online buying/selling online is a risk. Unfortunately the statistics show that 74% of all people prefer to use a alias name online to hide their identity. I spend the majority of my shifts talking with frustrated buyers, and sellers, who are opening accounts with fictitous names and addresses. We do not have a face to face business, and all is fine until a customer has a issue. When compiling customer information, we find out that they used bogus info. We usually flip the coin on a dispute towards the person who has a good history, and who has not given made up info. If you open a PP account using false info, and file a dispute, unfortunately we cannot just say o well you lied to us, and now we trust everything you tell us regarding your transaction. Bottom line is we service 80 million users, and we process online payments. We protect all financial info provided, and request only that you have a secure password, but if you do not and someone logs into your account, you are guaranteed to have all funds reversed, and you never have to worry about losing your personal info. Buyers never pay a fee, and have the easiest most protected way to process purchases. As a seller you have 80 million shoppers, and if you deliver your goods, or services as promised you will have the most economical, user friendly payment processor. Just think if there was no PayPal.(10 years ago) Could you just start selling online, and or buying with confidence. No. Waiting 4-7 day for a check in the mail, then the seller had to wait 5-10 days for a check to clear, and then they would ship (another 2-4 days). This means every online purchase would take atleast 18 days to process orders. 94% of PayPal sellers, can ship within 24 hours, they do not have to go to the bank, and will have the funds in their personal bank in usually 4 days. If they have the free PP debit card. they could withdraw the funds at any ATM within minutes from receiving payment. I have only been with this company for only a year, but could not be happier with the commitment to ensuring a safe shopping/selling experience for all. We take protecting customers against fraud very seriously, and do everything possible to stay ahead of the fraudsters. Can we stop every bad seller, or buyer? No! Will we do our best? Yes!! For all of the frustrated customers, I hoped to help you in the future.


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