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Party City customer service is ranked #841 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 20.62 out of a possible 200 based upon 146 ratings. This score rates Party City customer service and customer support as Terrible.


141 Negative Comments out of 146 Total Comments is 96.58%.


5 Positive Comments out of 146 Total Comments is 3.42%.

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    • 20.62 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 141 negative comments (96.58%)
    • 5 positive comments (3.42%)
    • 4 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Anonymous

I ordered the order I recieved only one email stating my order will arrive on Friday August 3 the order was delivered on Saturday afternoon about 2-3 o'clock which was too late I dont think I should be paying for shipping of the order I also need a return ship labeled to return the order back

Posted by Guliesmom

I don't know why I can't get cash back on a return that I used my debit card with . You can get cash back only if you paid in cash but if you use your card you would have to have the card with you in order for you to get a refund that can take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days !! If you don't have the card even with a receipt they will only give you store credit !! I will not be purchasing from Party City again !

Posted by Anonymous

I bought some items from Party City three days ago. I lost the receipt but needed to return a few of the items. They would not look up receipt with credit card and said they can only look it up with phone number or email. This should be verbally communicated to customers when they make a purchase....and customers should not be penalized for not wanting to give out their personal info. Horrible return policy equals poor customer service.

Posted by PJ

I would like to take a moment to let you know about my experience at the Sugarland location. About a month ago I went in to speak to someone about needing several balloons for my daughter's upcoming college graduation. I spoke to Tamia who was so nice and caring, I wanted 14 bouquets and 20 Mylar letter and number balloons made, I showed her a picture of a simple bouquet, she told me, I think we can, but let me check with a Manager, he came by and said they would do the best they could, I was really excited and paid over $200, and was told when I brought all the Mylar balloons to pay the rest. When I went back, a different cashier proceeded to help me, immediately Michelle who I had no idea was the store manager, took over and VERY RUDELY!!!! told me that she was not responsible for any of the Mylar balloons being damaged because I didn't buy it from them. I was so shocked at her attitude and told her if Party City would have carried the product I wouldn't have to look all over for red letters. She also told me in a rude manner the company doesn't want to do any special things any more!!! I was really taken aback at her behavior!!' As s manager she could've explained it in a polite manner. She also yelled at the cashier who was assisting someone else in front of everyone!! When I went back a third time, I apologized to the cashier for her behavior and was told she does this all the time!!! How can you allow someone to run your store that's so RUDE to customers and employees????? When my daughter went to pick up the balloons, we get to the venue and half the Mylar balloons were tied UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!! I spent half my time re tying them!!!! I spent over $300 on balloons there for a special occasion and I will NEVER go to party city or recommend it to anyone again!!!! What a HORRIBLE experience Michelle made it for us!!! David and Tamia were so helpful but you have to do something about Michelle or I will report her to EEOC

Posted by Katey /Mary

I just want to say thank you and job well done. Went to pick up my order I had placed on line but there seemed to be a problem with finding it but your staff was great polite yet concerned never questioned if I was wrong but I am sure the thought was there, I just wish I took there names,the store was very busy but all smiling nice to see. Anyway your attendant went and filled the order piece by piece I appreciate all that was done store 1071. TRN 356. REG 4 Ihope that is her # 4/29/2018. 02:52:02 PM THANKS AGAIN. I WILL BE BACK It's. Nice to shop where staff is pleasant regardsless of suitation.

Posted by Anonymous

We decided to changes the baby shower theme so we are no longer need these items

This websites is really difficult to use

Posted by JenD

I ordered a costume from Party City and had it two-day shipped, but never received the item. Apparently there's no way to contact anyone from the company, because my messages were never returned. I will never shop from this company again.

Posted by Unhappy Customer

The Mobile, AL Party City on Azalea Road has horrible service. I placed a large balloon order for a major event and was told that "I was lucky they waited on me" as they did not have to. As the customer, I was to know that what they have on the shelf is all they have. And, two days later when I went back to drop a color of balloon they didn't have 0navy - the assistant manager proceeded to interrupt while I was trying to finish the correct order that had not been done properly two days before and then informed someone else I work with that I was rude. I had already called her superiors who were both on vacation to talk with them about her lack of professionalism and rudeness. She was even rude to her own employees as one employee had to explain a billing cost to her. THe second sales person I talked to who rewrote the order was the most knowlegeable. She deserves a raise. The experience last year was a 10; this year was a 1,

Posted by Karen Brooks

I went there today 11/28/17 to purchase some party supplies for my son’s birthday and tired to use my coupon that was giving to me on my last receipt. I just purchased party supplies about 2 weeks ago. So when I showed the cashier my receipt she scanned it but nothing come off. The coupon was for 30% off. It had a start and end date. I’m not sure what the start date was but I know it was not expired because the end date was 12/23/17. So I asked the cashier why it didn’t give me the discount she said she doesn’t know but sometimes it gives out coupons that don’t work and then to make matters worse she then stated your stuff is so cheap maybe that’s why it don’t work. I was so pissed at her comment I just left all items and walked out because I didn’t want to be rude plus I had my child with me. But she was so unprofessional. Whether I’m spending a dollar or more my discount should have been applied. I don’t think I’ll be shopping back there again.

Posted by Anonymous

Human resoces dept I use to work for your company recently, would you please email me a paper stating i dont work there anymore. My name is brittany conklin it was the boca raton fl location please email me

Posted by Anonymous

I am disgusted with Party City's return policy. 30 days really???? No other store gives a 30 day return policy when you have unopened items and the receipt!!! Signs on the back of the registers state that returns can be made for full refund with receipt..... nothing about the CADDY way they put a 30 day statement on their receipt. I would have settled for a store credit. I purchased birthday items for my grandson's First birthday party. Of course I put them away for safe keeping until his birthday. Of course I forgot that I purchased the items until after his party. I went to return the items today and was told to reference the 30 day return statement on the receipt. Listen my grandson Will Only Be One Once!!! How ridiculous. I will not be shopping at this Leominster, Ma store or any other Party City store again. Thank you.

Posted by Stephanie42

I am very upset and probably will never order online through this company any longer...I paid additional shipping fees to receive my products next day air sod have time to make sure everything fit and I got the product 6 days later...and guess what? Nothing fit and it was too late to fix it at that point! I will be returning my order and I better get my 105.00$ refund back immediately!

Posted by Anonymous

Store #1119 Liberty Missouri.

My problem with this Party City, is that there is a manager that is very rude to his employees. I am not sure if he is the only boy manager, but his name began with a "B". I went to return a product and the cashier had said to the manager that she had a return and he completely ignored her. The Cashier then stated again I have a return and he finally looked at her and stated I'm busy and next time use your walkie talkie, and was extremely rude to the cashier in front of me as the customer. I felt so bad for the cashier and at the time I didn't say anything. No one deserves to be bullied at work and this young Manager thought it was ok to do this in front of a customer. How does he treat this employee when customers aren't around? I would seriously get someone to look into this. I am guessing this isn't his first time treating this employee this way, and if she was my child I would be up there discussing the issue as the cashier was a young girl.

Posted by Laceyb4 @ aol .com

I bought a jake the pirate costume from party city the hat is a disgrace is not made right or sized right does not fit Its horrible there are many complaints about that hat. It�¢ï¿½ï¿½s a toddler 3-4 and the hat is like infant size. So we have a costume with no hat Your clerk in the store didnt know what he was doing costumes were stuffed back in bags after being tried on by customers like rags he said he didnt have time to fix them I am very disgusted with this and yes its halloween so its wear it or have nothing and a very upset child !!! The store was in jensen beach store 350. Bought on 10/7 and put up cause he wanted to wear it Its a shame the hat was a disgrace. I paid 29.99 for it and I am not happy at all The hat was not made right At all very poorly made And I think I deserve my money back. And dont tell me a hat Because it has ruined the whole costume Ill be waiting your reply. Ty

Posted by Anonymous

I was visiting a store on yesterday in the Memphis area that was located off Poplar Ave. I made a purchased but clearly spoke to a manager of the store about their policy and it was explained to me and when I returned to the store to return merchandise he act as if he and I never spoke about anything. I think this is poor customer service as well as poor management skills.

Posted by Courtney

Tony was the rudest customer service agent I have ever dealt with. EVER !!!
And to make the matter worse he did not even know who to connect me with who could offer help.

I ordered several hundred dollars of items online, which were to be shipped to my address. Not only did Party City NOT ship a single item, they charged my credit card immediately, and now Tony's advice to me was for me to dispute the charge with my bank.......... I did not create this error, nor did my bank, so why should I be expected to handle this situation???

Save yourself time and aggravation, order from another source, like we did :-)

Posted by Jenny

Attempted to exchange a damaged item. Was told no because it was 1)opened, how else would I find out it was damaged if I didn't open it 2)no return on leggings where does it say that on the policy???

Posted by Anonymous

Called the 1-800 customer service # and there is no option to speak with a live person. I tried every option available but it is only prerecorded instructions.


Posted by Anonymous

Shipped me product that did not match the description and there is NO WAY to get a live human being on the phone. Store would not help. I will NOT buy anything online at Party City again.

Posted by DB

I purchased over $200 worth online and needed to return an unopened item. I went into the store with my emailed itemized receipt only to find out they won't accept that. They wanted to shipping paper!? They had no idea how I was supposed to return this item and I even said I would take store credit! Won't be shopping here again and will spread the word TEEEIBLE SERVICE! My emailed receipt with sku numbers should have been enough.

Posted by Stacy

Hi I was in your store yesterday in Waterberry Connecticut I have the worst customer service experience I have ever had in any store the employee plus the manager I think her name is Veronica was very rude to me a pain customer just because I had a few question about my order I would appreciate if someone could get in touch with me as soon as possible I was charge for items they did not even put in my bags the cashier was slamming the stuff down on the corner simple because she had to do avoid

Posted by Anonymous

I am out raged! I made a purchase through Party for party favors for my mom 80th birthday and I have yet to see them. Not to mention that I paid to have my shipment expedited. I cannot reach anyone by phone .

Posted by Anonymous

I was just in the store on Josey and Trinity Mills and i had purchased ballons in Lewisville but instead of someone letting me know that i had to go through a register as a walk in I stood in line for 2o minutes because it was only one person getting ballons blown up...two ladies blowing up ballons and NEVER said a word...

Posted by Moi

Seriously...bout a week ago unopened....and no receipt...BUT NOT EVEN STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGE ...

Posted by Anonymous

Worst customer service ever will not spend my money ever at St Clairsville Ohio store I waited in line at a register that had the light on for 20 minutes then the manager who checked me out was rude I can spend my money anywhere but not at Party City and will be spreading the word

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Posted by Anonymous

the difference in two stores!! I went to Party city Forestville Md to get some party supplies and one couldnt find anyone too help me!! Walked up to manager on duty who only pointed and acted like we were disturbing him!!! Couldnt find what we were looking for so asked another person name tag was Tom! Same results we were disturbing him!!! Passed us on to someone else so walked out of store!!! We went to Waldorf store was greeted coming in by Art! we asked him for some help and he told us what we were looking for you didnt have so he went on to say sometimes think outside the box and procedded to help put together our Party needs!! He was up on a ladder and came down to help us!! No pointing no passing off to someone else! we ended up spending over a hundred dollars!!! but didnt mind because he was on point with all his suggestions!! what a difference a store makes and great customer service makes!!! we will return to Party City but not Forrestville!!!!! even the cashiers are friendly!!!! Great management!! Hope he gets thumbs up!!!!!

Posted by Jaime

Lauren at your Pico Rivera store in California is absolutely amazing. She helped me until my issue was resolved. Very professional. You need to know this!
Thank you
Jaime Cabral

Posted by Anonymous

Good Morning, My name is Colleen Tyner, I visited the Party City store in Charlotte, NC last night. My daughter and I were there looking for a costume for a school dance. My daughter wanted a Bat Girl costume, we realize its not Halloween season but figured we can try to find something. We did not see anything for her, we asked a worker by the name of Ashton. Ashton was very approachable and eager to help. We explained to her what we were looking for. She showed us to the aisle, pulled merchandise off the racks but unfortunately the items were too small for my daughter. She then said let me go in the back and see what I can find. She came out with a Batgirl costume that was perfect!!! Ashton was fantastic, on our way out she even said to my daughter have fun at your dance.
She is what customer service is all about, these days you do not find that too often. Please recognize her, she made my daughters night!

Posted by Anonymous

I just had the BEST experience at Party City in Shakopee. Not only was SEAN full of pep and personality, he was SO HELPFUL in helping me fill a request. He made phone calls for me and everything. Thanks, SEAN!! Thanks, Party City! I got everything I wanted, thanks to SEAN! XO �k

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited the party city by 34th st NYC . I had the most pleasant experience with one of your cashiers I think her name tag read Estephany, very customer service oriented went out of her way to help me with an expired coupon after I had spent over 80 dollars worth of birthday goodies . I feel she deserves some recognition, I've come to this location multiple times and this is the first time one of the employees went above and beyond . Thank you

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Posted by Babym001

Staff is very rude and I found out that one of the franchise's may actually be violating tax exempt laws and they were not very receptive as it as an employee. I have been trying to contact that office as well as the accounting office to get an EIN number. I was told by the accounting of store 127 that she was not required to give it to me and she didn't feel like giving it to me period getting ahold of anybody in order to go above this has been extremely difficult. It seems that very rude staff is a common denominator and acceptable. It's amazing how you can go into the store as a customer and see the Sparkle and the shine and when you work there you find out just how inappropriate they really are.

Posted by Haley

I work at one in the party city's in Georgia. I'm reading all these comments of other stores getting the same bad reviews. People are complaining about line waiting and lots of people. Which isn't our stores fault, it's the costumers for coming in. If you don't agree then don't ship there. Also people don't like waiting for balloons. You can show up to any party city on a Saturday morning, with 50 balloon orders before yours and expect to be out in 10 mins. It's not our fault!! We are told by corporate and the managers. Same rule applys anywhere you go, you can't just jump in line infront of other people also waiting. Overall people need to wake up, we're humans too.

Posted by aae234

This is a horrible place to work. Their payroll is absolutely ridiculous for the work they want done every week. If you want a store that is up to high standards, then your payroll should reflect it. Otherwise, do not be surprised when things are halfway done and the store is in shambles. Get a clue party city. I will not be encouraging people to work here what so ever.

Posted by commonsense

to the dissatisfied customer, you do understand it is not allowed for the employee to leave the store once it is dark, ESPECIALLY with someone unknown such as yourself. Many workers at PC are teenagers, and if they were allowed to assist anyone outside in a dark parking lot near a vehicle that could lead to kidnappings or etc. You probably werent a kidnapper, however that rule is there to ever prevent that. If you're child was abducted at work, you would be outraged that the company let them leave the store after dark with a stranger. Although not all employees are teens, adults may be at risk of theft or muggings in a dark parking lot, away from where their managers can see them, and so it is just easier for the rule of no one leaving after dark to be set. understand.


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