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Papa Johns customer service is ranked #629 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.49 out of a possible 200 based upon 242 ratings. This score rates Papa Johns customer service and customer support as Terrible.


235 Negative Comments out of 242 Total Comments is 97.11%.


7 Positive Comments out of 242 Total Comments is 2.89%.

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  • Papa Johns

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    • 27.49 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 235 negative comments (97.11%)
    • 7 positive comments (2.89%)
    • 4 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.7 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 2.7 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Glam82

Store 1700 ... Sigman Rd Conyers Ga

This store racial profiles customers. Everytime I order my orders are purposely messes up. My pizza has no sauce my pizza is cold or they send a part of my order and then I have to wait for another hour or more for the rest of my order to arrive. They even help themselves to add large tips on my credit cards. I order large pizza they send me a small pizza. I never get what I pay for. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years but after dealing with this store for the last year I am done. The manager never take me seriously when I call. Today my pizza arrived with no sauce and I was told some people like their pizza like that. And that she can't watch them make every pizza. My order said extra sauce not no sauce if your cooks can't read they should not be in the kitchen. Also I ordered a XL pizza and was sent a small pizza with a sticker that says xl on the box. I can tell The difference between a XL and a small I'm not dumb. The manager said they could send me another pizza in a hour. It was already 9:30 pm and I order this for my kids. Why is my orders always wrong every time. I gave this store multiple chances but yet they send whatever they want Everytime. This is truly unfair and I'm taking this very personal.

Posted by Bmuffin

Tried to order pick up from Somerdale NJ Papa John's at 10:20pm and they told me they were closed for carryout because they were closing at 11. I was only able to order delivery which makes no sense to me. This wasn't the first time this happened either. My dad went there one night about the same time and was told he couldn't get a pizza thatvhe was willing to wait for. I was just trying to make it easy because I knew they were closing soon.

Posted by Anonymous

Papa johns in smithfield North Carolina is the rudest no customer service not caring bunch of people I had ordered pizza and they charged my credit card and didn't show up then when I called them he said we cancelled your order after we waited all that time and they didn't even contact me I will never go back and will let everybody know not to go there

Posted by Ed

I had the worse experience ever today i ordered pizza with my card online and waited and my pizza never came so i called and was told my pizza was delivered but it didn't get delivered to me! I was informed the delivery driver gave my order to someone else who actually signed my name on the slip! Then they say they will send me another order and it took 2 hours to get my order after that i was so upset my grandkids were hungry and they had to wait for a long time which was very aggravating cause it was already paid for now i feel like as a customer my money isn't important! So now i won"t be spending anymore with your company.

Posted by Concerned consumer

Disappointed!!! I guess the official Rule at papa johns is if they mess up a order they will replace the unsatisfactory items..BUT ONLY ONCE.If it happens again in the following weeks or month they say (we see hear in our system you already got you a free pizza this month sorry) and I should not have to defend myself on the phone when the manager that said he would take care of me and he said he would note in the system the items that would be replaced cause of a similiar error happening twice in one month which happens when we order from your establishment as often as we do..also the person on the phone seemed very unhappy to a point I felt uncomfortable like I was bugging them at a busy time. Maybe it was because it was a large order that was messed up and the manager didn't wanna report the error fearing repercussions either way long story short prob'ly won't be eating as frequently as we used to at the papa johns Redondo beach CA store on artesia..I guess its good to mix it up every now and then..time to give dominoes and pizza hut another try.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been regular customers for several years now. Ordered a pizza tonight. One hour later we discovered the driver could not find us. Called the manager, he offered absolutely NOTHING WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. You lost a good customer today. Salem Va 24153. I plan to share with all my friends! No discount nothing!

Posted by Anonymous

Ive been a customer for many years and I'm usually and generally satisfied with your product and the Cedar City store has very good customer service. I was very excited about trying your new loaded with ingredients and cheese delicious looking pan pizza so I did that on Friday and was totally disappointed with the result. What a letdown. I can tell you that the only thing loaded was the very deceptive TV ad. Loaded with BS. Very disappointed!!😢😢

Posted by Anonymous

Ive been a customer for many years and I'm usually and generally satisfied with your product and the Cedar City store has very good customer service. I was very excited about trying your new loaded with ingredients and cheese delicious looking pan pizza so I did that on Friday and was totally disappointed with the result. What a letdown. I can tell you that the only thing loaded was the very deceptive TV ad. Loaded with BS. Very disappointed!!

Posted by Anonymous

I called for a pizza at 7pm. After waiting 1 hour I called to see how much longer. He stated that the driver came and left because a dog was outside and the store gave him the wrong cell number so he left. I asked if he could make me another one and add a Pepsi. After waiting another hour my husband called back to see how much longer. The person who answered the phone called for the female manager. She started yelling," I called the drive and he won't answer the phone what do you want me to do. She was very rude and disrespectful as a leader. Finally at almost 9:15pm he arrives but forgot the Pepsi. He volunteered to go back and get it. When he came back I still tipped him but when I went to open the sofa it was the wrong one. It was A Dr. Pepper, something we do not drink. This was the pizza order from hell. The one on Redan/ South Hairston in Stone Mountain Georgia. That store needs to be careful because directly across the street is Pizza Hut and a Little Caesar. I do not like those but for the people who do not mind. Thank you.

Posted by mandolynnh

I am making a complaint about a pappa John's store in Goshen Ohio. They are rude, when I called to see if any special they acted like I was asking for the moon. They didn't tell me about the 50% off if the Bengals win, I called another store in Milford Ohio, they were very helpful told me about the discount. I am on a fixed income and my grandson likes your pizza, but I can get pizza that I like for less. This is a great for grandsons. But when I was told $13.95 for a large cheese that is crazy.

Posted by Anonymous

II want to share a bad experience at your store at Carl T Jones Dr,Huntsville,Al 35802. Today at 7:30 pm when I called the manager to express my dissatifacton with my order. The manager was rude and besides hanging up on me told me to go do whatever I need to with absolutely no concern.
This response from a franchise that advertises customer satisfaction is not at all living up to it.

Posted by Upset in Valpo

On Oct 10th at 6:23PM I placed a pick up order with the Papa Johns location in Valparaiso, IN. (1 LG 1/2 Peperoni and 1/2 The works - onion - Mushrooms and a smal cheese bread)
I asked the order to be made 1hr from the time of the call, so pick up would be roughly around 7:30PM.

When I arrived at the store I was told that there would be a few min wait, which was fine considering it was Monday night and the Chicago Cubs had a game as well.
I waited for over 20 min only to receive my order and it be incorrect. (LG The Works, the cheese bread was correct though).

After bring this to the cashiers attention she went back to the manager and asked them for assistance. She returned and told me the manager would refund my order and provide me with the correct order and a free 2 liter. To which I only agreeded to a correct order and a refund.

While I consider the refund an appropriate measure I am disappointed that the manager never came out to apologiz after I received my correct order 1 hr and 30 min after I actually placed it.

Posted by Anonymous

I just purchased two topping pizza's at Buford GA and Buford Hwy location. I will not be ordering Papa Johns Pizza again, the quality was very bad with the crust being burnt and overall quality short of Papa Johns quality standards.

Posted by [email protected]

I love papa John's my favorite pizza .how ever my local location 4711 north main street Dayton Ohio 45405 needs some fixing.i order a large pizza and a second large for .99 cents Friday night I know the delivery is a long wait however I received a call from the delivery driver stating hay do you still want your pizza ? I said well yes I've been waiting 2 and a half hours .he said I'm sorry my car broke down .I said well you will bring me hot pizza he said yes I'll be there soon so 3 hours later he shows up with my pizza I said sorry your having a bad night I understand is your car ok he said yes I just ran out of gas .one of my pizzas was cold and hard the other one they had re- made but with the wrong topping .I would not be complaining if he had broken down. but to put me out, delivery me a wrong pizza and a cold hard one because you ran out of gas and then not at least offer me a large 3 topping new pizza that was hard and cold at least all though the second one was made wrong it was hot upsets me .what delivery driver shows up to work with no gas ? Thank you for letting me rant have a good day

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a pizza at Papa John's on East Henrietta Road in Rochester, NY. I posed a question on the total price of my order while on the phone and told it was tax. Upon picking up the pizza and checking my receipt, I again questioned my total and was told one of my toppings was an additional charge. I should have been told that when I ordered the pizza. I received less of the topping because I asked for it on the side. When I called back on the phone to talk to the manager about this, he was very rude and hung the phone up on me. We returned the pizzas back. I am not going to spend my money where this type of customer service is allowed. The manager was very rude and sarcastic with his responses. We let him know we would be calling the manager on Monday. After speaking today with the manager today, the response is just as bad as the night managers. I do not feel as if he was concerned at all. It appeared he was already made aware of the incident and was not concerned at all.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Sherrie Collins ....I am wanting to file a complaint on this location... Unsure of location but store .I placed my order at 7:57 p.m.......placed a call to store about 845 pm.....1st call Rep hung up on me after phone rung over 20 times.... 2nd call placed Rep placed me on hold never coming back to line, on hold over 15 mins...... 3rd call placed only for the rep to tell me order in route and hung up without even giving me chance to ask how much longer Rep hung up.... This is absolutely no way to conduct business when individuals like myself spends our money and I'm huge on customer service... Their was absolutely no empathy or any concern for me when I call to check status of my order... Plus I could hear all the noise in the background ((((just playing around and laughing)))). I made another call at 9:49 pm only to be told by a manager they are short handed and for me to advise on my next order that I can get 10% off next purchase... At this time I'm requesting a full refund because I'm not satisfied at all...I NEVER received my order and called them again to request a refund for the person to tell me it'll take 2-3 days and he hung up... I called back to get his name....CARLOS not people friendly... So rude and not satisfied with this service I received!

Posted by Adam

I ordered 2 pizzas last night and was given a price of $21.00 for both pizzas. When the driver got to my house 45 minutes later he handed me a bill for 41.00 dollars. He went back to his car then came back and said they will charge me 24.00 for both pizzas. The Mgr. calls me before he leaves and says she will charge me 22.00 for the pizzas. On principal I would expect that you charge me what you had originally price quoted me when you said you were going to charge my card. I was proceeded to be told that the night Mgr is under alot of stress and it is what it is. Not only did this ordeal waste an hours worth of my time, but I ended up having to drive to go get dinner. Absolutely chaos last night out of your franchise.

Posted by Anonymous

This evening I ordered two pizza's from Papa Johns Pizza in Wichita, KS, 3236 N. Rock Rd. and when I received my order I only had one pizza. In trying to clarify the mistake, the clerk was very irate, nasty and unprofessional. Her name is Reagan and she never acknowledged that she had made a mistake nor was she pleasant to talk with. Because of her actions I will not nor will send or refer anyone else to Papa John's Pizza. In the future I will do business with Pizza Hut.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently left my local Papa Johns franchise and left a Coach wallet with money in it on the counter. This was approximately 2:25. Realizing I left it, I returned a little after 3:00 to retrieve it. I asked twice if it had been found. I was told no both times and no one offered to check. The young lady I spoke to was the same young lady who waited on me and I was her only customer. The value of the wallet was $130.00 and the wallet contained $220.00. I am positive I left it there. I understand that it was my mistake and I will never see it again, but be assured I will not purchase anything from Papa Johns again.

Sent from my iPhone

Sent from my iPhone

Posted by Anonymous

Almost always,we cannot order on line for great promos and build rewards.has been happening too often.therefore we lose rewards that could have been built.we have been customers for years but do not was to wait for our meal due to time on phone.

Posted by Anonymous

Drivers with Papa Johns display on top of his white car/suv almost driving on top on my car Memorial Day up first Street in Simi Valley; horrible customer service and need to train these drivers to drive with respect and caution; horrible driving standards ((((((((

Posted by Anonymous

Your website is the worst I have ever used!!!!

I complained about it before but received no response. After using your site to order a pizza, I got into a loop and could not order. I had to telephone the order in. Can't you get someone who knows how to design a website and make it easy to order a pizza???

I wouldn't think this should be too difficult.

Posted by Anonymous

Sorry service over two hour delivery time called they told me I had a free pizza tried to oder free pizza was denied said knew nothing about free pizza

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered online a pizza with Dodgers5 which gave me 50% off the order. I ordered a extra large works. I received a cheese pizza with very little veggies and meat in the middle. Definitely disappointed in the Chino Hills, Ca franchise! Let's see if they keep their word on the credit for next time. That credit might be there for a while.

Jo Ann Mischlich

Posted by Anonymous

Our first time ordering Papa John's Pizza, thought we'd give it a try. We placed the order on line almost and hour and a half ago and its still not here. I called she said they are running 90 minutes+ tonight. I've ordered many pizzas in my time and this is the longest I have ever waited for any delivery and you are less than 10 minutes from my house, kinda crazy -hope it's worth the wait !

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Posted by Bettygartin

I would like to say Lance Tyler is assume!!!! I was a delivery driver for 15 yrs at a competitor pizza business....It's scary out there sometimes.You were very helpful and supportive...You deserve some recognize!!!!! I hope this helps you with the company to recognize you.....You rock!!!!!......

Posted by Anonymous

The papa johns in Decatur, Al. Is awesome. Every order is hot, fresh, and awesome!

Posted by Tyler Cole

I Was At An Extended Stay America in Austin, TX and Sometimes I Like to Order Papa John's, The Pizza was Wonderful. Service was Pretty Good & One Time I Had The Garlic Knots, They Are Awesome, But One Day My Mom's Breath Smells like Garlic. But, I'll Still Eat Papa John's.

Posted by Anonymous

Just left Papa John's on Big Bethal in Hampton Va. AWESOME experience. Customer service is a lost art, so I had to let you know Everyone was pleasant, wait time...none! Even as I was leaving out the delivery driver smiled and spoke. Didn't get any names but it was around 4:30 on 01/08...Bravo to this awesome team!

Posted by Garfield

First of all I'd like to say hello to all the idiots who post complaints about the companies they are trying to contact on this site. "Hello mouth breathers"!.

That said, I was able to get a hold of a Papa John's call center rep after almost 5 minutes on the phone. Their IVR (the phone computer system that routs calls) offers you two options (1) if you are a customer and (2) an employee. If you press (1) you will begin a loop that will never end in a live person, but if you press (2) and wait till then end of the employee menu it gives you one last customer option. If you press it you get one last menu that will give you a person. Once I found this (took me all of about 5 minutes) I was speaking to a rep inside a minute. This number works as of 8:45PM Central time on 09/16/2014

Posted by queencolleen

Insanity!!!!!! Keep repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome!!!!!! Why oh why do I do this to myself I know when I place that order along with the delivery will come anger, unhappiness and a still unsatisfied hunger . Way to expensive, portions way small, never cooked right I could go on and on why bother

Posted by Hard2Please

I was unable to order a half & half pizza online so I left an online comment. Got a phone call from a live person the next day! Nice and friendly as can be. Walked me through the process, patiently and with a great sense of humor. Problem solve, in the best possible way! This is the model for customer service!!!

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Posted by luz neidaTU

a manager from papa jonh is bullying and harazing my daughter at work and that is wrong there was no need for him to tell my daughter who was waiting for a ride to leave or was going to have her arreste this need to be fix i dont need my daughter to be stress and bully at work

Posted by JOhn

There are some concering activities going on at the chatsworth store, i work here and there are some ways where mrs rojas and mr rojas who is her had.
His daughter lorena and him do personal orders that do go in the books,
they are stealing supplies and not putting everything in the system, i came to this realization at the time of inventory, there is a reason why lorena is always at the store, they are stealing money and pocketing the money. Her dad and mom and her whole family works at this store,
her aunt, her grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, so the whole family is running the store like theres.
i tried confronting Mr rojas about it and was given the reply everyting is good, then next week i got my hours reduced.

Posted by pizza man

first of all pa pa johns treats its employs awful an ro ho ho is the company I work for they own many pa pa johns in fl they are always looking for ways to cheat their gm s out of money they pay most of their drivers waiter wages well on the road driving they charge the customer 2.35 cents delivery an pay the drivers 1'15 a delvery they have a very large area an yell at the managers all the time to keep their labeor cost down all in all drivers an help treated bad an it is passed down to the customer everyone suffers because they are so money hungrey

Posted by Former Employee

I worked for Papa Johns in the past and I have seen many things, especially with new managers that would steal money and ended up putting the company out of business. The pizza was incredible and we maintained optimal cleanliness(washed our hands & sanitized after each computer encounter and after making a few pizzas. We sold a lot of pizzas, but my managers found ways to keep the $$ for themselves. I loved the customers, we had the best time, and we gave whatever discounts we could to keep the customers pouring in. I ended up quitting my job because we moved and started at a new papa johns. The manager was always flying off the handle and very verbally abusive. They couldn't keep people there because of his temper, and he also would not turn on the exhaust for the oven because of money, which made people sick. I had chest pains and would get very dizzy until I got into the car to go home, then I would feel better. They ended up having to get it fixed(exhaust) because an employee ended up in the ER with carbon monoxide poisoning. It's crazy to think the there are people out there who will put others lives in danger just to save $$. This guy also sent me my tax return info and I made a lot more than what he sent me for my W2, this year and last. I think something funny is going on with this guy. Please check into it to keep the new employees safe. Area codes are 17745 and 17701


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