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Pantech customer service is ranked #633 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates Pantech customer service and customer support as Terrible.


18 Negative Comments out of 18 Total Comments is 100.00%.


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    • 27.40 Overall Rating
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    • 18 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I keep getting a beep every 8 hours with the phone trying to update but can not, and now I can not turn off trying to update. Tried to call Pantech and all I get is that the number has been discontinued. Customer Service -- WHERE ARE YOU???

Posted by Anonymous

I have a phone problem and find that there is no way to contact technical assistance or Customer Relations. This is inexcusable for a company in this day and age. Why would a company such as Verizon wireless deal with someone like this. My phone is 18 months old and will not power on. Verizon states that there is water damage but the unit was never wet. I need to talk to someone.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank thank you "Kelly"!!! You helped me and revived my tablet, bringing it in ckeck and better alive. Spent hours with Att, was frustrated beyond. One simple call, voila. One very pleased customer with your expertise and care. Again Thank you. Now back to the Internet....

Posted by JohnLabib195

At&T gave me this number for HTC, and Pantech had nothing to do with that, AT&T gave me a secondary number which was actually the real number to HTC

Posted by Anonymous

On the advise of Pantech I sent my phone to Finetechwin on Aug 29. As of Sept 18 no one has responded.No one answers calls. no one returns calls. No one answers e-mails. If a tech transfers you to a supervisor It goes to voice mail. I will probably never see my phone again and they don't care

Posted by kathy

pantech phones are really bad phones to go out..I have had 2 phones in a little over a year and now both are out.the phone service and pantech will do nothing about this.will not buy another pantech

Posted by cherie

worst cell phone ever. drops calls all the time after texting you can't get back in to call someone till you turn it off and than turn back on. just a bad phone.hate it

Posted by sparky1958

Seems as I am not the first with this particular problem. I WAS ALSO ASSURED of the fact I could transfer pics from my phone to my PC with usb cable..NOT!! Have been trying for two days every thing I can come up with, as well as all friends and Tech. Support. Seems you do not REALIZE the INCAPABILITIES of the phones that YOU MAKE!! I have HAD IT!! Only thing I am trying to decide now is what SUCKS worse: Your equipment/or your customer service!! WILL NEVER,EVER buy another of your products, PROMISE!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Pantech Renue from ATT and was guaranteed that the USB cable was what I used to download photos to my computer from it.
I sent a note to support on the Pantech USA site when my computer would not recognize the device as such:
My computer is not recognizing the device to download photo from phone to computer.
I have windows 7 OS and their site says it is compatible with a free download, but when I click on the link to do so, it brings me only to the Pantech home page. Where is the download, please?
I got an automated response back stating:
Success! Your message was sent to the Pantech Mobile Customer Service Team. You will receive a response to your inquiry before the end of the next business day.
Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.
Pantech Mobile Customer Service Team
I have heard NOTHING since and it has been more than THREE business days.

Posted by Iris

I own my second Pantech phone this one is the Swift. I've had to Warranty it twice and the Warranty phones are not inspected before their sent out, one of them came with the screen saver peeling off on all four corners, so obviously Customer satisfaction is not at the top of your list. As well your tech dept. would just prefer to instruct you to refer to your Manuel. I'm currently 9 days past my Warranty and the speaker is distorted and crackles, but I'll be changing phones sooner than I expected due to so many issue's with your phones.

Posted by Dissatisfied customer

Very stupid technicians. I want to get a picture off my cell phone for a court case, for protection from abuse. The first tech told me to download a program for it. It didn't work. I downloaded it a second time. Still didn't work. Then he had me find that my computer was a 64 bit, and said the program only worked with a 32 bit computer. I couldn't work on it anymore that day. Another day wasted. The next day, another tech said, "It will work with a 64 bit. We just have to make some changes to your hard drive." I said, "No thanks. Just send me the USB gizmo that will make it work." (They originally said the USB wire that came with the phone would transfer pictures.) So I waited a week to get the Micro SD chip and its cartridge. Now, it doesn't work at all. The tech just told me to run from store to store, Walmarts or some other store that does photos, and "they should be able to print your picture." How's that for a FINE PRODUCT AND GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE??? Their motto is "the customer be damned."

Posted by Kittychow35

Horrible !!! Just Horrible customer service!!!
You spend hundreds of dollars on their products (pantech element)
The customer service department called me a lair...refused to tell me where the company quoted manufacture warranties, and hung up on me twice.... The guys went on to say that they can type what ever they want into our customer profile so we won't get help!!!!! Plus they will not allow you to speak with a supervisor,
I stupid malfunction on a tablet and they won't help. Spend the extra money on any other type of brand.... This customer service SUCKS!!!! They don't even carry manufacture referbished... Told me to bad for you,

Posted by mcollins

-program incompatibilities
-pantech pc suite, the official program CANNOT BE DOWNLOADED b.c it isn't hosted properly
-phone crashes all the time
-phone only holds 150-200texts
-phone often 'fails to delete' things. wtf.
-customer support is worthless

will never buy pantech again.

Posted by krystal

horrible experience tryingg to get my phone to stop sending out my gps location to random people. very errogant guy at first then a voicemail for the manager, who never called me back.

Posted by Bill

When talking to Ethan at customer service and he could not answer the complaints I had, he hung up on me. Great customer service.

Posted by ktheo1999

I purchased a tablet and had it 4 months. They updated it and never worked again. I called they where rude and advised need to send back. I explained used 3 times and wanted replacement do to warranty. They refused to replace and got nasty with me. Kept trying to make me get it to work. Any company offering these products will began to loss business do to unprofessional reps.

Posted by kristenality

Pantech has the worst customer service. I called in regards to an issue I had playing music files on my phone. Most songs play perfectly fine, but when I shuffle I get the error message "Playing error occurs for some reasons or other as the case stands." Initially, I sent the company an email about that error message and only got a case number in return. No other solution. A month later, I decide to follow up and call Pantech customer service directly. The man I speak with (I believe his name was Joel) was rude and completely unhelpful. I told him my problem and starts talking to me like I'm an idiot and don't know how to perform basic functions on my phone, like uploading music. Then he tries telling me things I "obviously" should have tried, but doesn't tell me how to do them, like reformatting the SD card. When I explain that I still don't understand why that error message comes up, he says that "this isn't a computer, it's a smartphone and won't tell you the exact problem." For one, yes, the phone is a computer in the general sense and, two, even if it won't tell me the exact problem, I should be able to troubleshoot it online or in my manual so I can figure out what to do. He also rudely stated that I can't play any music files except mp3s, "not .wav files or anything." Strange since nowhere I have looked has ever mentioned anything to that effect. At that point, I was so tired of dealing with him that I gave up and concurred with him (even when that wasn't entirely my initial problem). He said "yup" and didn't ask if I needed anymore help with anything or had more questions and just said bye and hung up. I love my phone, but the experience I had with customer service makes me want to dump it as soon as my contract is up.

Posted by DeeJay

PANTECH is a company that just wants to make money. I called and e-mailed about a broken screen on my phone and they said I had to shipped it in, and they would charge me $39.00 to diagnose the problem, when I already told them that it was just the screen. Terrible deal if you buy a Pantech Phone. They should have parts available, when product is offered to the public for sale. Instead they want to rip people off just to make tell them what they already know. I would never buy another Pantech device again.

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