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Panera Bread customer service is ranked #187 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 303 ratings. This score rates Panera Bread customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


276 Negative Comments out of 303 Total Comments is 91.09%.


27 Positive Comments out of 303 Total Comments is 8.91%.

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    • 47.31 Overall Rating
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    • 276 negative comments (91.09%)
    • 27 positive comments (8.91%)
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Posted by Ana

I was at Panera bread in my lunch time at 2.49, I did ask for salad after 23 min I decided leave, I don���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½t know what I did wat to long for the salad, people after me got first, I got my refund from the lady. Sharon whom was unfriendly after I decided leave. That happened at cafe 7014 at 2.49 pm I hope in the future that not happened to another customer

Posted by Anonymous

Panera in Rolla, MO should be shut down. What a waste of money. Stopped while traveling and did Rapid pick up so it would be ready. It was 20 min. Late. Even after i pointed out it was late they told me there were still 2 orders in front of me. Then the chicken in my salad was FROZEN. Solid. Some hunks were frozen stuck together. Couldnt eat it but i didnt have 20 min to wait for a new salad.

Posted by Anonymous

I looked up on line what I wanted excluding prices. When I placed my order at the restaurant drive up window, the prices were different, can you explain why. When I aske the cashier, she said the prices went up but have not caught up to the prices on line. I can’t believe that a National company the size of Panera Bread can not keep up with current prices on line, can you explain this to me?

Posted by KimUngro1

Don’t get me wrong. I love Panera and everything it stand for. What I dislike is when they consistently get my order wrong. I always order a steak & arugula & soup pick 2. I ALWAYS request the sandwich to be “panini’d “. It is on the receipt but it never happens. Mind you the first time I personally called it in for a company meeting. The second I don’t know how it was ordered. (Phone/online). The first time I called about it I got a great response and was told they would replace my meal. The second time the same thing happened and she even threw I a free pastry for the inconvenience, but when I went to pick it up I had to talk to 3 different people about what I was told to do...each time made me feel more and more like I had done something wrong. Finally the Manager came to me with a bunch of questions but eventually gave me what was promised. I asked if there was something more I could do to make sure my order was prepared correctly and she said “no I did everything right. I am still not convinced this will not happen again. I cannot eat cold sandwiches as I have hypersensitive teeth so when the order is delivered I cannot eat it.
Please advise.
Thank you
Kim Ungro

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to speak to someone about my visit today at a Panera restuarant located at 9350 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, ON Cafe 5101. I tried to find a contact in Canada but was not successful. My phone number

Posted by Carol

Went to milford, Ohio panera last night. Got a pick two with soup and turkey bravo, pick 2 with green salad and French onion soup., also ordered an order of Mac and cheese. Total was 26.35. Got home and I Mac and cheese. Tried calling 4 times no answer. Also felt they did not fill our soup cups up like they normally do. Went back down they gave me another soup and a Mac and cheese. Mac and cheese had probably 5 bites in it for almost $9. I probably eat at panera once a week or more. Mgr was rude and portions were way less than you normally get.

Posted by Anonymous

I was recently visiting your store on youree drive in Shreveport I notice it was a young lady at the cash register and another older lady and the way that older lady was speaking to the young lady was unacceptable. I don't think no one should be spoke to in that tone and of course the young lady was a black and the older lady was white. I seen the manager standing within 3 ft. Of these and did nothing. It should more respect in the work area.if it was my daughter I would have made her walk out.But it seem that this was something that goes on all the time and nobody care they just stared and whisper to each other.The management team is really a poor management.

Posted by Anonymous

Flowood Ms Panera bread. I am very X10, tired of going there.
It seems like 6 out of 10 times my order is wrong.
I buy a lot of carry out. My wife loves the food, though expensive.
I can afford it but I am praying for a simular place to come into the Dogwood Mall so I can take my business ELSE where.

Posted by Anonymous

I was in the Fort Myers Fl Cafe 1233 yesterday and I just have to say the cashier, Elizabeth was wonderful! Very professional and a great sense of humor. I hope she is working the next time I visit! The food was great too!

Posted by Anonymous

We love to go to Panera in Carlsbad ca. I also love the pictures on the walls. Can you tell me the name of the company that supplies those pictures.

Sharon Roberts

Posted by Anonymous

I wanted to leave a complaint and let Panera Bread know they have lost a customer. I go to Panera Bread almost everyday sometimes twice a day. The service is slow but what is really upsetting is twice in the last week and a half I have gotten home to find a 1/2 cup of lettuce no chicken or crotons. All I had received is lettuce and dressing for almost 9.00. This is so crazy. Stop asking for donations and check the orders. I am over Panera Bread! Sorry

Posted by Mjenbie

I am very unhappy with your 2002 el Camino real Santa Clara store. I went to use my $30. Gift card on a 11 meal and was told the system has been down al day and the tech people haven’t fixed it yet. I asked if I could use my rewards from the loyalty program and was told again no cause the system is down. In my opinion the manger should have tried to make it right instead said sorry maybe try another day. I see why this store only has 1 1/2 stars on yelp where the other franchise Panera’s have 4 or 5 stars.

Posted by Anonymous

Just went to drive in window at Panera in College Station Tx. Your store has changed. Kept going back but still everything is always wrong. Big change in all the help. Today was overcharged, sandwich was burned, tea was sweet when ordered unsweet, not given sandwich or bread and had to ask for it. Charged me 2.19 for cookie and wanted to give me another cookie instead of the cash as I paid for it. The French bread was yesterday�s. The ends were totally dried out. I eat there two to three times a week and no matter what time I go there is not a line. Sales have fallen off I am sure from quality of food and orders being wrong. Please return the quality and people who can get the order right. This has been going on for a while but usually one mistake per order. Food bad.,overcharged, no bread, wrong tea and not given sandwich. Too many mistakes on an order not even an apology.

Posted by Muffet68

The general manager at the Parma store, Mary is very disrespectful. I had a problem and tried to talk to her she was too busy, there were no customers in the store. I tried to resolve the problem, she wanted no part of it. Even after she found out she was wrong, an apology would of been nice, but as expected nothing was retrieved. There have been numerous complaints about this person. Very rude, racist with the I’m always right attitude. With this type of employee running the store you will be losing many customers. As for myself I’ll never return to this store and I have spread the word via social media regarding Mary. Many unhappy employees at this store. Act like a manager and treat people as you’d like to be treated. I’d apreciate someone to reach out to me to discuss my situation.

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday at Panera bread Caf�© 4819 Parma Ohio 44129, I ordered the vegan quinoa bowl to go. When I opened it to my dismay, I found it had chicken in it. I couldnâ��t believe that they mixed up my order and must have read the screen wrong. I thought chicken would be more expensive as I paid $8.99 for the vegan version. Needless to say, I was upset and disappointed as not being able to eat something for dinner that I was looking forward to. I took it back to Panera and spoke to the manager, Leona. She refunded my money, but I expected her to allow me to get something else as well as refund my money. I went away with a feeling of disappointment about not returning to Panera again. Please send me a gift card so that I can comfortably return to Panera and order something vegan And feel confident that I will get the right order and enjoy my experience. C. Lindblom

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a panera customer at many of your locations for many years and have been satisfied enough. However I now live in Hilton Head, S.C. I have been visiting the Panera on Hilton Head regularly. (everyday). For at least one week they have been out of Chips, apples, ceaser salad (dressing). This store is now covering the overflow from an Atlanta Bread establishment that went out of business in the area. Apparently whoever is in charge of ordering supplies does not know how to compensate for the increase in your stores business. I would appreciate if you would look into this matter for my sake as well as for yours as I and my party have left your store at least 5 times because of this problem. I am sure I am not the only one leaving and pretty soon your store will also be closing
thank you. Phyllis Reddeck

Posted by Anonymous

The store on 138 in Conyers Georgia has serious problems. I was there on 2/16/18, went through the drive-thru, ordered, and given the incorrect items. When I questioned my order I was laughed at, had disparaging remarks made by the employees, and not satisfied with my order. Do they not understand customers can hear through the drive - thru windows. Management replies, "I will speak with them". This is Panera moto - "We are Panera. We are bakers of bread. We are fresh from the oven. We are a symbol of warmth and welcome. We are a simple pleasure, honest and genuine. We are a life story told over dinner. We are a long lunch with an old friend. We are your weekday morning ritual. We are the kindest gesture of neighbors. We are home. We are family. We are friends." Is this how you treat family? Is this how you treat friends?. Do you want to go home to a place of unkind gestures? Think about this!!

Posted by BestCom

This is in regard to Springhill FL ON #19.
This store has problems in 2018, and they appear to be management. For 3 weeks, they had lost their Cinnamon shaker and repeated requests to replace were ignored. Each week, the coffee or cream is empty. Sometimes we wait 5 minutes to get it replaced. Often you go in in AM and they're out of standard bagels...poor inventory control. I have been going here for 5 years and this store has problems that can be fixed, but are not being addressed.

Posted by Anonymous

My wife and I are good customers of Panera's .Today we went for breakfast at your Caf Our Panera Member# My wife ordered 1 Oatmeal

StrwbryPecn. Brian on cash register, asked would you like something else on your oatmeal, my wife said like what,he answered Blueberries, my wife said fine. After We got home and I reviewed the bill and saw in our total of $18.11 was a .99 cents charge for Blueberries . I believe your cashier should let you know there is an extra

charge so one can make the choice Acct in wife's name.

Posted by Mike

I was in the Lancaster, PA area for my daughters' dance competition (1/28/18 . . . Ck # 254326) and stopped by Panera # 1131 to purchase a bagel w/ cream cheese only to be told that the location had no cream cheese (any flavor) available.

Cashier was nice and apologetic but I was not given the reason for the issue and myself and wife were forced to use butter.

Obviously not the end of the world but I greatly prefer a bagel w/ cream cheese (as opposed to butter).

My local Panera is in Collegeville, PA area and when I questioned them a few days later they were shocked that the Lancaster, PA location was out of ALL cream cheese. "Maybe the refrigerator broke and everything spoiled", thought one employee.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention as myself and family were disappointed by the experience but continue to frequent our local Collegeville, PA Panera.


Posted by Save Paper Cups

On hold at customer service phone number for ONE HOUR and still no reply. Yesterday, January 28, I sent to my local Panera in Vinnin Square, Salem, MA for a coffee. I have been going there for 7 years, but yesterday when I handed over my travel mug the barrista refused to take it, saying that Panera cannot bring travel mugs behind the counter. When I asked why she just said it was about contamination. When I asked why this new rule, she became indignant and asked if I wanted to talk with the manager. I said yes. A very pleasant manager came out and said the problem was new ownership. Then he said he thought maybe there was a state law. He said that, when I come in, I could ask for the manager and he would fill my travel mug by pouring from a paper cup into my mug. I told him my goal was to save paper and that it seemed silly to call a manager every time I came to Panera. The answer: when a customer comes with a travel mug, brew the coffee into a small pitcher and then pour it into the travel mug. Voila! No paper cup wasted and a happy customer and no wasted time by the manager. I suggested that the barrista who was so huffy with me be given some training. He said he would see to it and went back and started talking with her.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a long time customer ever since the store opened in Jefferson city Mo. At time twice daily. However over the past 3 months the ICE TEA has continued to become more and more undrinkable. I have talked to the store managers and the GM. The tea taste like to has been stored in a Rubbermaid container all night. Your sign says FRESH and NATURAL not STORED IN RUBBERMAID OVERNIGHT. Would you think about saving coffee at the end of the night in a Rubbermaid container to serve the next day, What about Milk would it be stored over night in a Rubbermaid container. Perhaps all of your drinks are stored nightly in a cooler in a Rubbermaid container. Is that FRESH and NATURAL.

Posted by Anonymous

I went to the location on Kirk Road in Aurora, IL today. I'm not asking for any free stuff, but I will say the staff is rude. The first woman rushed me through the Drive Thru and when I got to the second window, I tried to add something to my order and the cashier rolled her eyes at me. I told her "nevermind" and left. I work in customer service and understand what it means to be an annoying customer, but regardless, I didn't feel welcome there at all. In fact, the staff always makes me feel like a burden or I'm inconveniencing them whenever I come in there. I've had pleasant experiences at other Panera's but this one could use a staff adjustment.

Posted by Anonymous

Panera! You may have a good product but your customer service is the pitts!!!!
I am a frequent customer at your St Lucie West locations. Its not the only Panera bread store I purchase from but it's definitely the worst. 1- tell me why they never have coffee and if they do it's always luke warm, 2- rarely do they have milk containers filled.
I was there 3 times this week and each time no matter what the hour you have to ask for coffee to be made. Why do they run out of bagels on a Saturday morning around 11 am???I have never got what I ordered for. If you say no seeds you get seeds on top of your soup, if you say no onions, you get onions, if you say dressing on the side, yes you get your dressing poured on top of your salad. You get asked 3-4 times if it's for here or to go....
I never see the same people at the register and they are poorly trained. Half the time they don't know the product or they don't know whats still available. It's so sad to see how bad your location in St Lucie West has become. With a fast growing community it won't take long before there's no one waiting on line. It will only be due to the poor and so unprofessional way your mangers are conducting business. As a former restaurant owner I can tell you once more opportunities we get to choose to have a good cup of coffee with our breakfast or lunch many will leave and go else where. As I said, It's sad you have a good product but bad service.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase lunch on a regular basis from Panera, today I ordered the Greek salad and tomato soup and prickly pear ice tea, when I returned to my office and opened the bag there was no dressing for the salad or croutons, I knew that the tea was plain tea but when I accepted that at the drive thru I did not complain just took it. I contacted the store and was asked if I could return which I was not able to do, I was offered $2.00 off my next purchase.

Add your review!

Posted by Mitch

Sally at Niceville Pancera location was so helpful.
I walk in the door and there is no coffee. Yes,All 3 Coffees are empty and the cashier tells me that I have to wait and they will get around to it. How hard is it make coffee?
I sat down annoyed for about 5 minutes.

Sally came over offered to get my coffee and offered a free pansty. I am very thankful for her kindness.

Posted by Cody

I wanted to leave a comment about a customer service rep named Cody I just dealt with. He was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.
Please pass this on to his higher management because praise is required for him. I did the live chat and it was a very good experience

Posted by Francesmary

I ordered online using the app bit it didn't have a spot for me to claim my 50 % Discount on the order delivery form. I had set up an account. It was order I was also due a free pastry.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you so much for having people line Leah Meeks in Café #4030 in Houston, Texas. She is a life saver!! We order our New Hire Orientation lunches from this location and she is wonderful. I don't know what we would do without her. We have tried other similar places but the quality is not as good and neither is the service. And Leah always is so pleasant to work with. Thank you for having people like her!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you to Mr. Eric Taylor, Manager at the Union Avenue location in Memphis, TN. I had an unpleasant experience last week and today (Feb. 11, 2017) he corrected the situation. He gave me a call and apologized for the service on last week. It's that kind of performance that turns a client's head and it's that kind of performance that we are proud of. I had lunch on Panera Bread today and I will continue to visit the Union Avenue location because the manager's disposition was great! Thank you very much. Ms. M. Davis

Posted by Kim

I come into your Collegeville store often. I
am always greeted with a smile and the best customer service cashier Emma!! Emma will even use my name. Please be very proud of a courteous hard worker like her.

Posted by A customer with an opinion

I am a regular customer at the Panera on Jefferson and the freeway. I had an issue yesterday because I had came in on my way to work only to get to work and then realize that my entire order was wrong. I called and spoke to the manager. He said his name was James. Well James the manager was completely dismissive of me and I did not receive the help I expected. After work I went in and spoke to a manager named yuri. She was extremely helpful, she corrected everything and was so helpful and attentive that I even ordered dinner! To my satisfaction! She was very friendly and I the staff with her were absolutely amazing. 1 star for the morning manager but I will most definitely give this manager 5 stars! I will be continuing my business here! Thank you!

Posted by Gail cozart

Natalie at the OFallon MO bread co on hwyK
Is very friendly fast & efficient !
Always smiling nice to see in the mornings!

Posted by Anonymous

Love Panera Bread. My top choice for casual dinning. Went there this morning after church. Ordered at 10:09:10am per receipt (store 0603). It's Father's today. 100% of bagels and pastries where gone. Not even one to buy and enjoy. The cashier says it's Father's day. Yes, does Panera Bread know it's Father's day. I don't go to the supermarket at Thanksgiving and no turkey to purchase. Would the cashier say, what do you expect it's Thanksgiving. I understand that you will not always have everything and that happens periodically. But to have nothing at 10 am when you are a bakery shop/café doesn't make since. Still love you, just want to help continue the normal fine experiences when dinning there.

Posted by Mike N

I've always loved Panera because of the relaxing environment and music. It seems as though in the past year or so the music went from relaxing classical and jazz music to rock or pop music which is very annoying. Panera always set a higher standard than the others cafes like Starbucks, and now seems like all the others. Just a suggestion to please bring back the classical or jazz music.

Posted by TINA LEE

Seeing Familiar Faces Are The Main Reason Most Customers Return.i'm Very Excited To See My Favorite Still Working At This Location. Her Name Is Kathy And The Reason I Come Back Constantly. The Food Is Pricey. But Her Service Is Remarkable. I Love To Visit This Location At Union Square When She's Around.

Posted by Anonymous

I've had an incredible experience at Panera Bread Nanuet, the cashier there I believe her name was Uliyanna was extremely friendly and helpful. This young lady was very patient and took the time out of her day to look through the whole nutrition book to show me meals that were gluten free. I was very indecisive and she recommended a great meal for me. Even though there a big line, she treated me like her first priority. The best customer service I have ever received, definitely will be coming back there.Panera should clone her.

Posted by Anonymous

My friend and I had a delicious lunch today at our local Panera restaurant here in Napa, California. The service was excellent. The young man who took our order was pleasant and courteous. Both my friend and I wanted to leave a tip, but we were told that the employees are not allowed to accept a tip. Is this Panera policy everywhere in the US, or only in Napa? I cannot understand why you would not want your young, excellent employees to be compensated for work well done. It would be easy to leave a jar on the counter for tips that could be shared equally with all employees at the end of the day. I would appreciate a response.

Linda Orvedahl
4124 Mataro Street
Napa, CA. 94558

Posted by JT

I am a frequent patron at the Panera Bread in Catonsville, MD. I have to say that the customer service is always phenomenal and especially the morning crew. One employee in particular stands out, her name is Lauren (nick named LuLu) and she is always friendly, smiling and working hard. She knows everyone who comes in regularly and makes us feel like valued customers. I absolutely love coming in and hearing her greeting and seeing her smile. She knows what I get and always makes sure I am satisfied with my order. If every store had customer service like she provides it would be such a pleasure to shop. She is an outstanding employee :)

Posted by mclovin2010

I just want to say that my experience at panera have always been very satisfying. I go in there all the time and am always greeting by the same cashier Jennifer G this is at the glendale location in colorado. She always has such a positive attitude and is always so very helpful with making my food decisions. She always has a smile and is very knowledgeable when i have questions. By far one of the BEST customer service people you have working for you i am very pleased by her everytime we have a conversation. I feel she should be a manager or something because of her talent for handling the front end by her self most of the time. Everytime i go in i see managers just standing around not doing anything but jennifer is always eager to help out the next guest and has such a positive vibe about her. I give her five stars for her customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently visited a Panera Bread in Pentagon City Mall and the customer service was excellent. The associate that I dealt with was names Cee Jay and he was number one was customer service, politeness and caring about the customer. His skills will definitely send me back to store in Pentagon City Mall in Arlington VA. Please pass this onto his manager and to him.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Panera,

I AM WRITING TO LET YOU KNOW THAT I have had excellent customer service from Tiffany the lady that takes my orders frequently in Port Jefferson
Station New York store. I frequent often and she is the best. You reallyneed to know what a great job she does and sheisvery personable.




Posted by fychris

I had a problem and talked with Nick in St. Louis. He was very nice and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I think that the Panera bread on w 38th ave and Lowell is the most friendly of all the different Panera I have went to it is so nice when you go into a establishment and they great you with a smile and know your name it is a good feeling that you are appricated. Thank you John and your crew

Posted by Anonymous

I love the Panera Bread in evans,georgia. Brionna the cashier lady always makes sure that my order is right. I also love how they work together as a team. The food is always great.

Posted by pbj

We love coming there. The talk spanish lady always remembers us and says hello. Shes always smiling but we love all the cashiers. Their boss is a happy huy also always accomodating.

Posted by jacqueline matsuo

the food is amazingly good, the girls and boys at the register are great but the General Manager I found out of this Panera of Montclair was Yelling at the kids in front of the customers THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE, on top of that since i am a regular all i see her doing is complaining and smoking outside, the yelling made my family and my staying there a bad experience, my kids were scared of her, but they like the salads very much so everytime i go I have to verify this woman is not there, and There is another manager His name is Li I overheard, he is nothing but polite and educated. You should hire more people like him.
Outraged and upset about smoking lady in CHARGE!

Posted by ms jennings

I visited the panera bread in timonium.baltimore maryland.the service there was absolutley perfect.from the cashier to the food service.I want to say the food line kept me pleasantly entertained with their lovley conversation.they kept the work stations clean.they smiled.not to mention carried my meal to the table for my mom.I want to personally thank Ms lovley.Ms shona.Mr danne.Mr chris .Mr aric.and Ms.brianna.form thhe bottom of my heart you guys made me feel welcome and appreciated.Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Panera Bread,
I would like to give your company a great compliment.
On February 24, 2015 I was a customer at your Naples, Florida restaurant Store #0982.
It went like this....
I ordered my meal and then presented a Panera Bread gift card as payment.
The employees found that the Gift card had never been activated. The gift card had been a Christmas gift so I had no knowledge of where it has been purchased. The employee attempted to help me and then asked the manager, Mr. Kelley Allen, for his assistance.
Both the employee and Mr. Allen were extremely courteous to me.
Mr. Allen explained to me that I needed to contact the person who gave me the gift card to get it activated.
I thanked him for his help and said that I needed to cancel my order for my meal.
Mr. Allen said "the least we can do is to take care of your meal for all the trouble you're having".
Mr Allen did not charge me for my meal.
He was extremely courteous and extremely kind to do what he did.
I have always been a fan of your restaurant as your food is delicious. Now I am an even bigger fan due to your excellent customer service.
Mr. Allen is an excellent employee and a real asset to your company.
Jan Carr

Posted by Kellyboggs

My name is Kelly and I have been coming to the Lakewood Panera for years. I know all of the people in the morning and afternoons. I bring my 5 year old daughter in with me the majority of the time. I came in this morning a little after 10:30 a.m. I order a pick 2 with a bowl of delicious chicken noodle. Everything was like a normal day except I noticed a new face on the line. A very friendly blonde hair lady, she looked a little lost however when I approached the area to get my order when it was done she was very friendly to me and my daughter she asked how our day was going asked if we needed silverware. When I requested to have a yogurt instead bread she was very pleasant about it. "Told me no problem at all". I love coming into Panera bread. Always such a great experience for me and my daughter. Rather it is the normal people or new people. WE LOVE LAKEWOOD PANERA!!!!

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Posted by Offline2014

Please retrain employees in the Hattiesburg, Ms location. Things have changed in the past month.

Posted by Anonymous

Have tried to find where to go to complain about a coworker. His name is anthony He is very rude to fellow coworkers. Have complained to management and even district manager. Something needs to be done about the way he treats people. Please look into.

Posted by Anonymous

Brian Finley is a horrible GM. He is best friends with his DM Matt. I am referring to the Skibo Road Fayetteville store In North Carolina. The do the top sales and that is why no one seems to see how the GM doesn't work. Danny Matt's boss over sees 90 stores. Matt has been lazy as well and a horrible DM. The GM and DM does not care about anyone but their selves. Brian Finley is a horrible and unfair scheduler. He can not show up for his job and Matt the DM will let him.

Posted by Stacee

Went to the Panera at 1109 Ogden in Naperville for an interview.The manager Janice never even bothered to show up and wouldn't answer her phone when I kept calling.She only called back 2 days later after I complained to corporate.I believe she was there and didn't come out because Im African-American.The staff kept giving conflicted stories.So she finally calls back with a lame ass excuse and apology and a promise to send some coupons as way of compensation.Guess what???The loser never did.That was 2 months ago.After driving for more than an hour to get there she could have at least had the decency to cancel.Real loser.Beware of JANICE at this location.She's a snake in the grass and a liar.


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