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Panasonic customer service is ranked #597 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 28.18 out of a possible 200 based upon 942 ratings. This score rates Panasonic customer service and customer support as Terrible.


897 Negative Comments out of 942 Total Comments is 95.22%.


45 Positive Comments out of 942 Total Comments is 4.78%.

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  • Panasonic

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    • 28.18 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 897 negative comments (95.22%)
    • 45 positive comments (4.78%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.6 Issue Resolution
    • 2.5 Reachability
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    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 2.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Unhappy

The ring on my wireless telephone handset is turned off. I have attempted to contact Panasonic several time to resolve this issue with no success. Due to my experience, I will no longer consider Panasonic when I have to purchase any product.

Posted by A D

Please see the feedback that I have left on Amazon regarding my Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K. I had a very disappointing experience trying to get in touch with Panasonic support. I'm including it in text format, but you can find it under the product on Amazon's website.

I'm writing this review mostly about warranty policy. I bought this camera as a "pocket camera", a camera that I could carry around in my pocket and take out as the circumstances or need arose. I do a lot of street photography. Size and speed of focus were prime considerations. In that regard, it has performed adequately, though not well. Pictures taken with care and time have come out well, but those taken quickly and on the run are often not as sharp as I would have liked. I can't definitively say that there is a camera that would do a better job, but there's a lot of room in the market for a better competitor.

Because I knew that it was going to lead an active life, I purchased an extended warranty through Amazon which included accidental damage coverage.

Yesterday evening, I found that the lens covering mechanism would neither open nor close fully, rendering the camera unusable. Further, over the course of a little less than a year of use, dust and lint had begun to creep into the lens mechanism and could not be removed by cleaning the surface of the lens. The problem with the lens covering mechanism appears to be subtle, but mechanical in nature. In truth, I do not know whether it would be categorized as ordinary or accidental damage. It does not correspond to any specific accident.

At any rate, Friday night, I called the Amazon-sold extended warranty provider. After giving them all my information (they are available 24x7), they informed me that the camera was still under warranty by Panasonic and that I would have to go through them first. (Usually, one is lucky when damage occurs under warranty, but not this time.) I called Panasonic support only to find that they are only open Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. (Which time zone, I don't even know). Their only published means of obtaining warranty support was to ship my camera to Texas (at my expense). And this for a repair that I didn't even know whether they would cover. I also made several unsuccessful attempts to create a web-based repair ticket. Their site was unresponsive (or should I say, it responded by bringing me back to the same web page where I could unsuccessfully try again.) To me, this level of support is unsatisfactory.

1) they should have more availability than weekdays, 9-5.
2) repairs should not require mailing a unit to Texas at one's own expense. Lord knows, there are plenty of competent repair faclities in New York, where I live, but they even had a web tool that offered to find the closest repair site to my zip code and all it could come up with was Texas. and

3) the possibility that my problem was not covered under warranty left me the possibility of mailing my camera to Texas (at my cost), being told that it was not repairable under warranty, waiting for it to be returned from Texas (at whose cost, I don't know), only then to have to deal with Amazon's extended warranty provider.

And this, for a camera that I try to carry with me wherever I go. Just wholly unsatisfactory.

And for the record, my rating is for the camera when it's working. Factoring warranty and support coverage into the rating would bring it down to two stars.

Posted by Pete

I purchased my Lumix FZ1000 camera in 2016. Already from the beginning the zoom had a bit of a jitter as it approached the farthest optical zoom setting. So this weekend the zoom failed on most of the settings. The warranty had expired but I needed to confirm the failure. I had to search through their entire website to find the tech support number. Tech support wanted $9 to answer my question. I hung up. Their forum support (yeah - free tech support form other customers?????) was worthless. I went to other forums and was able to find how to run the camera's self diagnosis. Yep ... main PCB error code failure. Panasonic lost my business not only with the unreliability of the camera that was hardly used but for being so cheap as to charge for simple tech support! I am hoping my Square Trade extended warranty works out. I will be sticking with Canon from now on.

Posted by Panasonic NO WAY

Called Panasonic 3 times today with a simple question. " Does the 517L French Door Fridge have additional shelf divider (parts) available for purchase. 3 operators were unable to answer and simply kept blaming poor reception for their incompetence. Will not be buying this brand now due to the preview of their appalling service. Supervisors were all unavailable and "in a meeting".

Posted by nomorepanasonic

I am disappointed that there is a fee to pay for live support. I will not purchase a Panasonic product again and I will share there policy of charging for speaking to customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

a nine dollar charge for customer service is outrageous. just because the product is out of warranty is irrelevant. I just have a question about the operation that is not in the manual and you people want to charge me for it.This is disgusting. Because you can't write a comprehensive manual you want me to pay you.I will never buy any more of these products. You call sears, moen, general motors, you name it and they are glad to help you. You want to charge me for answering a question about your product that I paid for?? unbelievable. this is part of what's wrong with this country.

Posted by GRAHAM

Just Tried To Contact Your Help Desk To Ask A Simple Question. Before I Could Do Anything U Want Me To Pay A Deposit Via My Credit Card

It Would Seem All You People Are Interested In Is Money Rather Than Support A Very Old An Loyal Panasonic User.

To Say The Least I Am Disgusted With Your Service ( Or Lack Of).

I Shall Think Long And Hard Before I Ever Buy One Of Your Products Again

Posted by pissed

Have a hair trimmer and no instructions in the manual on how to remove the blades. Agent wants me to pay $10.00 so I tried their chat and they referred me to a You Tube video made in Bangledesh. Couldn't understand the guy and still can't get the blade out of the trimmer. Extremely poor service from Panasonic. Won't buy their product again!!

Posted by Anonymous

I am returning a Panasonic Phone set to the Costco Store that I purchased it from on Dec.20th 2017. Since you want me to pay a FEE to talk to a person to fix a problem with the fact that three to four hours after I set the Date and Time the Time changes. I will not again purchase a Panasonic product again. "Your COSTUMER SERVICE SUCKS"

Posted by moosedel

Without a doubt the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Just try to talk to a human being, been trying for two weeks. Gave Groupon all the information requested about a purchase and their automatic reply will be to get back in 72 hours; what a joke.

Posted by Anonymous

Have KX-TG6645--How can I determine if I've entered a number more than once when blocking calls?
Any way that blocked calls can be prevented from ringing even once as they presently do?
Respectfully Submitted.

Posted by Madeline

Good Morning, I have been trying to contact your company for over a week with a product of yours that I am purchasing from Flexshopper who in turn is giving me the run a round about this problem. My microwave stopped working almost 3 weeks and since then I have been getting hung on on, placed on hold and forgotten, given all kinds of false information, lied too. I was then directed to your company where I have not been able to contact anyone. I am reaching out to you at this time to help me get my oven . It just stopped working for no reason. I am still paying for Microwave that does not work and is still under warrenty. This is the second time I have been let down by Flexshopper. Please help me out. Madeline Nixon

Posted by Anonymous

do not buy from this company -- no support, computer run-around, charge for information not a good company, just a waste of time trying to get simple info - VERY ANGRY

Posted by Anonymous

I am so done with this company. Getting tech help on one of their products is like taking blood out of a stone. The manual was a little sketchy if my new cordless would work with my cable modem. I wanted to know before I unpacked everything âtechsâ answer was plug it in if it works itâs good if not then it wonât and their chat wasnât working either

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to get customer warranty support for an Eneloop battery charger. Got a very big run around from phone to phone number.

Posted by UK G

Panasonic 50 inch tv dead within 6 weeks of delivery.
Panasonic too week to understand to either replace or refund. Keep insisting with repairs. Have changed 2 repair company and both in a confused area as they cannot fix the TV. Shame on a brand product where the cistomers are unhappy.
They may end up like Toshiba if not aware of the situ and being ignorant.

Posted by Anonymous

have been trying for 45 min to get help, no help

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to get help by phone and by CHAT. In both cases I was on hold for a very long time. The help I need is this: I want to TURN OFF the TALKING Caller ID. I selected OFF and SAVED it. But the TALKING Caller ID is still ON. Please help!

Posted by Anonymous

The WORST brand..the WORST service..the WORST team members.
(REHMAT HOUSE) Kanpur....they don't have any of the part available on time..they always make ur request on pending..and it remains on pending...they never call u to inform abt the part status which he to be replaced.
it's better to prefer Daikin Hitachi Mitsubishi instead of this C grade PANASONIC.

Posted by Anonymous

2 weeks ago purchased a digital cordless phone...model #KX-TGC222S

I am unable to record a greeting message by following the manuals

instructions. The answer on/off red light is on

Posted by David

Have a faulty PANASONIC micro wave oven (NN-E281MM) that lasted little over a year and PANASONIC'S patronising advice was to check the fuse and or try another power point.

Think I'll be trying a different micro-wave maker.

Posted by Anonymous

ARE THEY STUPID?! I was trying to qualify their sensor for a product i am making (sells 10,000+ units a year) and they cant even email me manufacturing variances. I would HATE to imagine how they treat individual customers when they cant even provide customer service to industrial clients.


Posted by Anonymous

When I called with a problem regarding with my call block feature I was asked if I had another number that I could use while I would be assisted in correcting problem I gave number and I am still waiting for a call back from Brandon the rep. I hope this was not because they could not be charge me $9.99. This is my last Panasonic purchase.

Posted by Harry

Had a flaw in a brand new RC Panasonic air conditioner, if you want a challenge in trying to contact them to honour their warranty, enjoy prevarication, avoidance,vacillation and incompetence then Panasonic customer service for warranty issues is right up your alley.

The company hides behind its service e call centre in the Phillipines, nice people doing their best but way below par.

Panasonic should be run out of the country.

Posted by Wendy

Called customer support about my parents new Panasonic phone. Just wanted to ask a few simple questions and they said they need them to send an E-Mail or Fax of receipt before they will help and there is a $9.99 service fee if it is not a now phone. Taking the phone back since I can't get customer service to help for free after buying there product. Very disappointed.

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

We are thrilled with Panasonic who stood by their product. They replaced our 55" Tv which was 3 years old but had failed - the only Panasonic product we have to have done so. The delivery and installation was also at no cost to us - a very good service by NZ Panasonic. Thank you - we will enjoy our new TV tonight!

Posted by Anonymous

Our 55"4K TV failed . Harvey Norman contacted Panasonic and Pansonic stood by its product - no questions asked, just an assessment by a firm paid by Panasonic. The delivery of a replacement Tv was prompt & installation was paid for by Panasonic. We have always bought Panasonic products and havehad no issues at all, which helped our decision to buy the TV. Good on Panasonic for standing by their product - and thank you, Panasonic.We are very pleased with the service.

Posted by Accidental Hipster

My experience with Panasonic Warranty Service was exactly the same as AD.
The only difference I bought my camera at Costco, and I use my camera only for family events.
I sent a camera with lens cover not fully closing, beyond that the camera worked find.
They sent me a bill for $220 (plus the $20 I spent sending it to them) for they were not going to honor the warranty, claiming I had damaged the camera. However the photo they sent me shows a camera with the lens cover closed. This response from Panasonic took more than three weeks after they took possession of my camera.
You can find this same camera on Amazon for $205, you do the math.
There phone staff was most unhelpful, it seems this is there mode of operation.

Posted by Anonymous

Adrian in Jamaica was very helpful in resolving my problem with the flashing light indicating we have voice mail, even though the voice mail has been disabled.

Posted by sportstertlynn

I was experiencing the same !!! Very annoyed also. After going through customer service which actually you have to ask for customer support was a joy (not) !I got a number for repair, very nice gentleman in technical support . Sean was very understanding and gave me this .I hope it helps someone else !!!! By the way When automated answering service you have to ask for customer support talk to a Human !I felt like Dorthy!!

Posted by Anonymous

Came across paperwork for my Panasonic NE-7950 microwave. Bought it on 10-10-1983 for $366.76. I have used it most every day since then and have never had a problem with it. I just want to thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Posted by Anonymous

Well, I guess I got lucky. I was able to get through to a live person who helped me with my new Panasonic land line set including guiding me through the steps so that my cell will ring on my home phone. It was a little tricky getting to him and I did have to say "customer service" a lot until I did get to the "phone" product area. The tech couldn't have been nicer or more patient. So hang in there and choose your words carefully!!

Posted by Tero

I always have loved Panasonic products. I bought nn-gd3715 microwave oven. The panacrunch grip could be better. When you pour food from panacrunch it's failing. Better simple grip could do the trick.

Posted by cmonday

My 4th Panasonic camera began having issues after 3 months. Emailed Panasonic & on the same day they replied with the McAllen Texas address to send for repair.
Sent it, they emailed when it arrived with a phone number to call if I wanted more info. I called after 4 days, they answered on 2nd ring, told me the replacement part had arrived, and technician was assigned. They were extremely polite, & helpful. Called back 3 days later, I was told it was on its way to me. Received fixed camera next day. The whole process played out within 2 weeks.
Super happy with repair & service.

Posted by Ainsley

I found this very helpful and would recommend the site. My experience was with technical support agent Ainsley who was professional, personable, and persistent.

Posted by Old John

Excellent service Panasonic, top notch! Thank you! Had a problem with my TV and weren't able to find my 5 year extended warranty papers anywhere.. Called customer service, got to talk with Dave, gave my details, friendly chap, very polite, reassured me that everything will be allright, gave me the nearest service engineer details, received an email from Panasonic with my warranty certificate number all the details within minutes. Service guys picked up the TV, returned it in a couple of days, functional, good to go, thank you again Panasonic! Excellent service! Good to know we can count on you!

Posted by Mary Kate

Tried fixing the problem I had with my Panasonic telephone on my own, via the Operating Instructions as well as some quick on-line research on the website, but had to call a live person. Thank you for offering that live person option!

Excellent quick response from your Customer Service rep. I fixed the problem with her instructions, and was on my way. Mary Kate

Posted by Rory

Fantastic..solved My Issue Quickly And Easily.thank You

Posted by ram

i got excellent service from panasonic.

they were super fast to serve my query.


Posted by Anonymous

Rep named George was very helpful. Tracked down info on our camera and provided work order number, reason repair is still onhold, and a direct phone number if we need to call again re:when to expect return of camera.

Heidi E

Posted by TX-P50GT308

Our TV was out of warrenty as it was 24 months old(was not offered the 5 yr Panasonic warranty by Commet - though they did offer their expensive insurance).
Panasonic told us to contact their closest service dealer (Archers of Dartford).
Archers collected (and returned the TV) which we paid for but Panasonic paid for the repairs themselves.
We live 70 miles from Dartford and the call out fee is a flat £90; which for 2 return trips toally 280 miles and a minimum of 4 hrs driving was excell;ent value

Posted by robo

My lumix DCM-TS20 stopped working,would not turn on,one month before the 1 year warrenty was up.I mailed it to Texas on 7/9/13 and after no camera or phone call for a month I called them on 8/9/13 and asked the status of its repair.I was really concerned about there service after reading so many negative comments and expressed this to the person I was talking to...she seemed very by the book as to taking the info,gave me another Email address and phone # and said I would be contact,but I did recive a new Lumix camera,ups delivered yesterday morning 8/15/13....thanks

Posted by Anonymous

Hello, I just got a 4733 with three handsets. I had a problem with the time changing after each call. Could not find an answer in the guide that came with the phone.
Called tech support and Liz helped me through the entire process to set the time. It was quick, she answered all of my questions and now I am using the phone as it should be used.
Thank you --Susan

Posted by Anonymous

our company has apx 400 toughbook laptops, each and eveytime we call the service in nothing but professional, I wish all companies had this type of service!

Posted by grandma

I called about a problem with my panasonic
home phone. My called was answered
within 2 minutes . when one person
could not answer my question he gave
me over to someone who did and my phone
is working very well.
thank you for your help.

Posted by betrob

I have a Panasonic telephone for which the answering device stopped taking messages, even though it was on. I called the number which I found on their site, and after following their instructions "say 'customer service three times through prompts' and a short wait, was put through to a very nice
person who solved my problem. Only positive ratings for me!

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Rohit

This is regard to the Panasonic 1.5ton AC which I had complained earlier.

Complained this Panasonic India and after couple of hours got a call from Panasonic Service head and visited the site the very next day. They were very generous and accepted that mistake has happened from their side. On visiting the site, he designed a layout where to fit the AC and the outdoor unit also marked the same. He also guided where the electrical connection needs to be there. Very next day, he send his best team to install AC which went very well. Finally Happy about it.

I think this is the procedure one needs to implement, an engineer from Panasonic needs to visit the site, design the suitable place and then let installer do his job.

Posted by dvw

I have owned a 50 or so inch panasonic hdtv for 5 years no problems great support for home theatre outstanding.

Posted by hotsaucy1

Customer service rep Lisa was very helpful. Helped me get rid of a green screen on my LCD flatscreen. She told me what to tell my cable provider who did just what she said and everything worked out great. Help was quickly given. Thanks again.

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