Posted by Monique

I purchased a palsonic tv with a built in dvd player and within the first hour of using it the dvd player completely stopped working and could not eject the dvd disc. I immediately rang palsonic customer service and explained the situation and was informed that is was a technical issue and that I was able to take it into the store of where it was purchased and exchange it for a brand new one. When taking the tv back into the store (2nds world) they stated that it was not their problem and that I will have to contact palsonic directly to get it fixed. So I contacted palsonic customer service again in which they said they aren't able to replace the tv but are able to organise for it to be picked up, fixed and then delivered back within a few days. So the tv was picked up the next day but wasn't delivered back until over a fortnight later... When I set the tv back up I realised that they hadn't returned the dvd disc that was stuck inside the player, so again I rang palsonic customer service and informed them in which he replied with there was no written notes of a dvd disc insitu and that the technician who worked on the tv found no dvd disc inside and that there was nothing he could do. I found that strange because the whole reason why I needed the tv fixed was because the dvd disc was stuck inside? This whole event has been such a hassle considering I bought the tv which turned out faulty straight away and yet no one could offer some sort of convenience? Really poor customer service and I will not be buying another product because if it breaks they won't offer a new product.