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Palm customer service is ranked #427 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.00 out of a possible 200 based upon 10 ratings. This score rates Palm customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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    • 34.00 Overall Rating
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    • 10 negative comments (100.00%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Having a problem starting up the tablet keeps circling around as if it is loading the message appears to contact - server message appears to contact you- cannot download anything if I am not able to get in the tablet thanks in advance

Posted by Frozen

I have a palm Z22. It charges up, but when screen is on, it does not react to stylus. I've let the battery die down and recharge, but still I can not get it to do anything. What options do I have?


Posted by Anonymous

The phone number that you have listed for customer service is not getting me to you. It's somebody else that wants to sell me a medical device and I don't know if I'd be interested is that right now. What I would like to have is to speak to some live person that could discuss my problem with me. I would appreciate some contact from your firm as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Pete Davis

Posted by Anonymous

Called my carrier and switched to palm pixi that just arrived. Now I have had no phone for over 24 hours and not able to find someone to help get my palm pixi to actiivae. After reading today revies!, I am not sure what to think

Posted by Ethansmom2010

I am in total agreement with Madmark. This is my 1st and last Palm purchase. I had no idea HP had bought them. I was finished with HP a few years back when I purchased a laptop through QVC and received horrible horrible customer service while the laptop was SUPPOSELY still under warranty. I first argued with online customer support that I purchased my phone in 2010 and not 2009. The online rep kept typing I would be charged $199. I disonnected and called customer support this past Saturday and the lady kept placing me on hold, my phone died and it takes a while to charge and come on so she said to let the phone charge and she would call me back within 3-5min. Here it is Monday, no callback. I called again and spoke to a gentleman that even though he placed me on hold 3 times he did get some resolution. I can pay for shipping and send my phone in to the repair center for a free repair and it will be sent back to me within 5-7business days OR I can pay $29.95 with a credit card today and a refurbished phone would be sent out. He said if I don't return the nonworking unit I would be charged $400. I asked if he was aware that Palm is the only brand that charges to send out a refurbished unit WHILE the phone is still under MANUFACTURER warranty? He only explained that this is Palm's policy. I advised PALM is the ONLY brand that does this!! I will never purchase another. This is ridiculous. WHY did the 1st agent argue with me about my purchase date. This company does not want to take responsiblity for defective products!! BEWARE!!

Posted by trinty5:7

This number has been changed to 877-426-3777 for customer service.

Posted by Madmark

Absolutely the worst customer service department I have ever dealt with. after 5 hours of phone calls and 3 1/2 hrs with one rep from corporate customer relations department (usually the people that are actually able to resolve issues) I thought I had resolved a warranty repair issue and Palm would actually repair the Palm Pre Plus smart phone without a $400 deposit. Yes, $400 deposit on a phone still under warranty. I was to ship the phone back to their repair facility and call corporate customer relations with the tracking number.At that point, they were to ship a refurbished phone back to me.I shipped the phone on Friday afternoon and called them with the tracking number.A few hours later, I received a tracking number from Palm, which when tracked, showed that they expected to ship that day and the phone should arrive on Monday.While occaisonally checking the tracking over the weekend, it became apparent that the phone was never shipped as promised.Upon inquiring as to the staus of the shipment on Monday, I was told that it would "PROBABLY" be shipped Monday and I would have it on Tuesday. I asked the rep if she could do better than confirm that the phone had not yet shipped (I already knew that) and "Probably" was the best she could do. I do not have the luxury of spendidng hour after hour talking to a Palm Corporate Customer Relations Rep who did not seem to make any effort to deliver on their promise. After arriving home from work and tracking again and finding that there was still no progress at all I called and talked to my 4th Corporate Customer Relations Rep who told me that since it was after 7:00PM, he could not accomplish anything until tomorrow at best. I am skeptical at best.I now understand why Palm was in bankruptcy when HP bought them. I caution everyone to avoid purchasing ANY PALM PRODUCT. In fact, the phone in question was purchased through the HP online store and was not only FREE with a 2 year contract extension with AT&T, but I also received a $50 gift card for thr HP store. The net cost of the phone was -$50. Moral of the story--You get what you Pay For. Caviat Emptor. Once I get this phone backm (if I ever do) I will be done with Palm and HP FOREVER. Enough is Enough.

Posted by sundancej8

I am so frustrated with this phone. And I cannot get a person. My phone blows. Very bad service and support

Posted by peekay

I was calling about a PALM T/X that was malfunctioning, and purchased from Dell with a Dell ESP. It is VERY difficult to find an appropriate phone number for PALM customer service. Then I am told that since the product is more than 90 days from purchase, there is a charge for the call, then I get to speak with a gentleman who speaks English quite poorly with a very thick accent. Eventually, I got the problem taken care of...after a few hours and at least a dozen phone calls....

Posted by B

they charge for tech support?!?!?!?! I'll try a blackberry next. I Hate Palm!! P>O>S>, horrbile products, service, and reliability

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