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Page Plus customer service is ranked #622 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 27.63 out of a possible 200 based upon 71 ratings. This score rates Page Plus customer service and customer support as Terrible.


68 Negative Comments out of 71 Total Comments is 95.77%.


3 Positive Comments out of 71 Total Comments is 4.23%.

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    • 27.63 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 68 negative comments (95.77%)
    • 3 positive comments (4.23%)
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Posted by Smiling In Ohio

I love Page Plus!! I have had this service for 5 years, and have been to several states without any problems. There are times when customer service call volumes are up, but I have always had great service with polite representatives willing to help. I recommend Page Plus all the time!

Posted by Anonymous

This is BULL! I CALLED n lady said she'd call me on another # n DID NOT!! THEN I couldn't get back thru b4 they closed... Now I've no working phone BECAUSE they're tech support Sucks

Posted by Leet

I tried to get services with page plus they they couldn't get my phone activated I just use that on page plus they try to say my phone was not working I think I'm going to another company

Posted by Anonymous

I cannot reach a representative

Posted by sam

u like your page plus? god forbid if you need customer service....
I am on the phone for 3 days trying to get my internet to work, all you getting after 2 hours of holding a Indian idiot that knows nothing....

Posted by Anonymous

This is the longest I have ever had to wait for service and i am very pissed a whole hour omg seriously?

Posted by thefinalstand

I have been a Page Plus Customer for many years. I always liked that their phone plans were very reasonable. In the past when I purchased a phone I would simply call them up and ask them to port my phone number. The reps in OH were always very nice and helpful. Over a year ago I called to switch phone. The customer rep was very rude and started lecturing me about how that was not their responsibility and that I should have my phone switched over using one of their vendors. Last month I purchased the 55 unlimited data plan. The service is supposed to be 4G at high speed and 2G speeds when over the allotted data amount. My speeds went down to 6kbps. That is slower than dialup. Page Plus blocked the loading of Verizon Wireless and other competitor websites. The customer rep was extremely rude and refused to help me. I filed a complaint with the FCC because data throttling is illegal. Page Plus fired everyone in the OH data center. All of their customer reps are illiterate people in the Phillippies who can not speak English and are extremely rude. Avoid this company like the plague.

Posted by Pjn44130

I have been with pageplus for over a year. Their customer service is barely AUDIBLE or understandable. I have not called one time and gotten an american. The language barrier is terrible. Then the customer service reps get upset when you ask them to repeat themselves or speak slowly. Trust me, I AM NEVER RUDE. I am always apologetic "Sorry, can you slow down?" "Im sorry, I didnt understand what you said". But these people are HARDCORE RUDE. They double billed my checking account today, and I called for refund. LUC #525273 was the worst representative I have had YET. She actually YELLED AT ME because she could not find my account! She actually said I did not have an account with PagePlus. I asked her to transfer me to her supervisor, and told her to FIND my account. Anyway, I HATE that I have to deal with these people, but I hate even more spending over $100 a month, per phone line that I have. I would much rather be on a prepay phone plan. But PagePlus really needs to step up their game. They are worse than REVOL or any other prepay provider.

Posted by Jerry

I filed a formal complaint with the FCC and Attorney General consumer complaints on the lousy crap you pulled with 1500 minutes I paid for, that you screwed me out of

Jerry Thacker Chandler, Indiana 47610 I am a certified paralegal. We will take this to court if necessary I am not going to be screwed by you or any one else

Posted by Anonymous

It's extremely irritating to pay you bill two days ahead and your damn phone still gets cut off. Then takes HOURS to come back on. Gotta be the dumbest crap EVER !!! They need to work on this like ASAP. Whats the point of paying your bill on time if they still gonna chop your line.

Posted by vbaby

This is a sorry wireless phone company!i feel this company needs to be slapped with a law suite,i pay my phone bill every month on my due date and my phone stays off for hours, mad!!! Also whenever page plus feel like it they turn my phone off,and i be 15 days in my plan,an i would need to pay my monthly fee once again to get services back on! What type of business is this! I will be filling a complaint with The Attorney General and Better Business Bureau! What good is the phone and paying my bill and can't use the phone!! I will try to transfer my phone number to Another trusted company!!This company is fraudulent

Posted by Anonymous

Y'll Service Stink For One Someone Called My Phone In As Lost.and The Page Plus Company Made Me Pay For Another Sim Card And I Had To Pay For My Plan Again After Just Two Days.i Work Hard For My Money And To Give It Away Like That Is Insane.all Thay Did Was Give Me The Run Around Im Thinking Bout Getting In Contact With The Bureau Cause Thiz Company Iz Really Getting Over

Posted by Shirley

I had a terrible experience trying to activate my phone. Basically it took over a week and I talked to about 7 different customer service reps that all gave me different directions. It is a miracle I finally got the number transferred.
The worst part was trying to talk to them through chat. One man that I talked to was incredibly rude. I was confused about something and his response was "what??? do you even know what you are talking about!?" It was bizarre, I felt like I was on the receiving end of some IT guys rage and all I did was ask a question. After such a negative experience I wish I had never gotten service with them.

Posted by Maybe cricket would be easier

Frustrating. Kiosks close before the time posted online and Mega Stores turn you away to make a payment. Customer service is a nightmare. We have spent 15-20 minutes on line trying to make a payment which is not automated. A live person (language barriers) taking debit card information and having to spell out everything...unreal.

Posted by Anonymous

Why is it that when you buy a card and try to refill and when added you can't make a call until after 8:00 am that's very unfair to the person who has paid there money the phone get cut off every time of renewal date it would help if that person had until the next morning thing could happen in the middle of the night and no phone this needs to improve

Posted by Angie

I've been with page plus for years but it sad now because every time I call in I can't understand one word they are saying and vice versa they can not understand ENGLISH EITHER HOW CAN U RUN A BIZ IF NO ONE CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT THE OTHER IS SAYING

Posted by pissed Valdosta ga

Phone bill was due on Feb 26,went in office @ 4:30 PD bill.late that am tried to make a call it says Phne bill wasn't is going on. This one day they gone catch pure hell with this sista once I get a hold to a rep.switched Frm Verizon wireless a month ago & this what kinda service I get.gtfoh

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a phone on 2-9-15 and as of phone. I call constantly but am told to wait a few more days. I email and no reply ever!! I use the online customer service and save every chat. I'm pretty sure my money is gone but reported and filed a complaint with the BBB. Worst company in life!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I purchase a cell phone on 2-16-15 and as of today I still haven't got it. I have called at least 7 times to find out were it was and I got 5 different answers I have been a page plus customer for 6 years now and they say press 1 for English but customer service reps cant speak plain enough to understand.

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a cellphone from pageplus on January. 27th & one month later no phone?? The worst customer service I ever experienced. I must have made at least ten phone calls to them.EdPfister

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to cancel a order I placed for a new cellphone I ordered on 01/27/2015. They put me on hold for 30 minutes after I spoke to 4 different customer service reps. Who were clueless. They could NOT get my phone # right? The customer service is horrible!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Three days and eight phone calls to "customer service" and I still have not been able to cancel my account/phone. Offshore "customer service" is hard to understand; very accented English and very limited understanding of technology. First call to cancel, was told to fax request with reason, phone number, security code, and photo ID. I asked if email was possible and I was told no. Tried faxing numerous times, but Page Plus fax machine never picked up. Called and agent did not understand at all the problem; she kept saying I did not have to call the fax number, I just had to fax to it. I finally got her to give me an email address: [email protected] I faxed all that was required and received email back saying I was denied. Called and agent told me I did not include my MEID. I said I'd never been told to include an MEID and didn't know what an MEID was. Agent said it is like a serial number and could be found on back of phone, underneath battery. I removed battery and found MEID and re-mailed to [email protected] 24-hours later I had no heard anything, so called to check on status. Agent said to call back in another hour; request was in process. Called back in two hours and agent said request was denied. Agent said I sent an incomplete MEID. I said I got it off the back of the phone, underneath the battery, just as advised. Agent said I needed to go into Phone Settings, Phone Info, and under SW/HW Version I would find complete MEID. I asked if I could give new MEID to her and she said no; I have to refax to Am about to do that and expect multiple phone calls tomorrow...what will they want next? All I want is to get out of their clutches! How hard should it be to cancel service?!!?!

Posted by Anonymous

I'm tired of this company. I paid my bill and still at 12:00am .it cuts off out of no where .it's now 1:00am and it's still not on . In my email I have a receipt and the time that it was paid . Now if I have to take a trip they will not like me

Posted by Anonymous

Due to poor customer service, I will no longer be using Page Plus cell phone service... After giving a detailed description of the sim card needed for my new phone, your sales associate shipped me the wrong card. Before the purchase I was promised a refund if I did not receive the correct sim card. After receiving the wrong card, I contacted Page Plus. I spoke to the highest possible manager who could not help me. She was unable to refund the item or credit me my money even though Page Plus was at fault. I was also denied a contact name to file a complaint. During this whole process I was very disappointed overall with the customer service.

Posted by lina

Worse customer service ever. Plans are to expensive and once you use up your 5gb of data, it doesn't slow down...NO...they shut it off completely. Pathetic phone company. Wouldnt recommend this company to my worse enemy.

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Posted by mesmorized

I have been with Page Plus for 2 years now. I have to say that I have always been satisfied with the service. When I opened my business I decided to become a dealer for Page Plus. I'm sorry to hear there are so many unsatisfied customers. I am always available to help any customer inquiries if needed. I will keep my faith in the company. I'm looking into expansion and want to fully represent their brand. They are a good company. If you speak with the right dealer or the right sales person you'd be amazed by the results.

Posted by vibrantgreeneyes

Wow.....I click on website and all I read is negativity. I've had Page Plus for quite some time now and honestly I've not once had any issues with from what I read in the comments. Here I am living in a small hick town in New Hampshire!! I get service, web, etc. Yea when I call customer service (occasionally) Im sometimes on Hold. But im never on Hold long enough to complain. Trust me I can get impatient very quick n become the biggest witch to. But not once have I lost my patience being on Hold. Why??? Maybe Cuz Im not on Hold that long!! They are a business which require live one on one customer service. So sometimes just maybe sometimes they're extra busy at some hours. Can't predict when they will be or not. If you are soooo unhappy change your plans n move on. Some places service will work some places services won't work. Find a plan that works for you. How about this......

Posted by ComputeTHis

Decent service (sometimes the employees do not know their product. A few times I have had to research my question after I talked to a rep. and found out the rep. was incorrect). Good coverage, excellent price, limited phone selection (but I purchased a phone via EBay because I did not like PPs selection). I have been with PP for 3 months.

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