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Posted by Anonymous

Had a very bad experience at Bayonne,N.J. PSE&G office on 2/21/17 at about 12:35 p.m. Customer service rep.advised me he was on break and proceeded to speak to cust.rep. next to him and another customer about hamburgers, this went on for about 20 min.,when he finally decided to wait on me he asked me when I wanted service disconnected, when he had already checked computer and then told me it was already changed. In all whole dept. are a bunch of slackers.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is deplorable. Representatives on the phone were rude and lacked any motivation to assist the customer. It is is no win situation for the consumer as there is no other utility company available. Therefore, there is no incentive to provide efficient services and/or competent customer assistance. My frustration level with this company is through the roof...

Posted by GK

I have had to deal with PSE&G for years.

I still remember their endless stream of screw ups restoring power after Hurricane Sandy. I also remember years of grossly over estimated bills because they were to lazy to send out someone to read the meter.

Recently, I rented a new apartment. They sent me a bill with no meter readings on it and a long form to fill out. I paid the unexplained bill in full via online banking. After I received no follow up bills, I tried calling them. I was put on eternal hold.

Yesterday, some sadistic SOB PSE&G employee disconnected my electrical service. When I caught their employee tampering with the meter and politely asked him what he was doing, he refused to answer me. I then politely asked again. Again, he refused to answer. Once he was done, he then lied to me about calling his manager to straighten out my problem. As a matter of fact, he went to his car, made phone calls, and then put down his window just enough to talk, and made a series of clearly false and misleading statements.

I then had to drive to one of their "Customer Service Centers" where I was told that he was just following orders. I remember that same defense being used by the Nazis during the Nuremberg Trials. After the "customer service" representative got done doing whatever it was with the computer, I was told to go home, so I could sit in the cold, dark apartment and wait for PSE&G to show up and restore power.

Posted by Anonymous

PSEG warranty is a ripoff. When it comes to transparency, don't look to them as they will find a reason not to provide a solution to your problem especially in their inability or lack of enthusiasm to find a part.

They will dodge any responsibility to the consumer whenever it may potentially cost them time ( therefore, money).

Posted by lorax144

Terrible customer service.
My gas was shut off. Upon paying bill, I scheduled for tech to come turn gas back on. 24hrs passed so I called back. I then found out that someone had to be home so I rescheduled again for following day and gave # for tech to call. the very nice tech called and said he there so I flew home. he waited the 10-15 for me. we I meet up with tech he said he had to get into house because he had to turn gas on slowly as to not mess up anything. that's great and all but I didn't bring purse and house keys I just had someone drive me home thinking I just had to be there incase house blows up. soooo again I had to reschedule for another day. I tried wed and thurs and was on hold over 20 minutes so I hung up. I just called now at 3:30 and was informed that there is 12-24 hr turn around time and that I cant just schedule for tomorrow and I have to call back again tomorrow. this experience has showed me that pseg's service is even worse than the cable company and the 1st chance I get to get another source of energy that will knock pseg off im jumping for it.

Posted by Anonymous

I Had Called Pseg Multiple Times No Response I Had Clicked The Option To Leave Phone # To Have A Call Back And I Never Recv Anything. Well When I Finally Get Ahold Of Them To See How I Can Set A Pymt Up Because I Recv A High Bill After Not Recv Anything At All From Them They Tell Me " Oh Well We Dont Post Date Payments But I Can Add A Note" So Are They Paid To Add A Note And Not Help The Customers. She Was Rude And Wish I Could Go To A Different Company.

Posted by Sneda

I see here that negative comments outnumber positive by far, and it doesn't surprise me. I'm a property manager, and one of my tenants disconnected her services 3 months prior to move-out and PSE&G did not notify me or disconnect her service. I found out because they finally disconnected the service 3 months later for non-payment. So I am stuck with a $700 electric bill that they "cannot legally bill back to tenant." I'm taking this one to court.

Posted by pissed consumer

Pseg customer service reps are very unprofessional, rude, disrespectful and down ruthless. Unfortnantly we are at their mercy until they receive competition...the day will come!!!

Posted by Pseg is the worst

I had a pseg truck almost hit me this morning because he was driving down the wrong side of the road. Than he gives me dirty looks as if it was my fault. His truck plate number . And it happend at 0820 am on the 26 of May 2016.

Posted by Cohmi55

PSE&G is very lucky they don't have a competitor!
I'm still baffled to this day at how they allowed anyone's PSE&G Bill to get to $5,000.00 before shutting off the service.For crying out loud the man is disabled and on a fixed income! Then for the readings to be estimated because "it indicates you have a dog" so meter was unable to be read is a bunch of crock!!! My father has never owned any pets and the meter is easily accessible. Just because your rep is too lazy too do their damn job, now he's paying out the nose! I don't even know if writing this complaint is even worth it cause apparently COMPLAINTS FALL ON DEAF EARS!!!!

Posted by yariveli

hi i been waiting for information since i move 2yrs ago so they can change my gas metter so they can read it from outside this ignorant people are rude but when it come about they family the will find any way posible so they get what they need .i guess after all you have to have connections everywhere ...i hate customer service of pseg .

Posted by Jay

What a disgrace pseg is....Two power failures in less than an hour...4/2/2016. Of course, it's raining so I expect to lose power!

Posted by Anonymous

It Is Impossible, I Repeat Impossible To Speak To A Pse&g Human Being!!!!!!! I Have Tried Various Methods For Days Without Success. I Wrote To Customer Service Days Ago, Received A Number, That Someone Would Call Within 7 Days Which Have Now Elapsed. I Am Ready To Contact The Public Utilities Commission About Your Lack Of Service.

Alvin Levine

Posted by Scam79

PSEG shut my electric off in the middle of Fridays storm on January 22, 2016. My intention was to pay on Friday January 29th 2016.
They shut me off, plus being able to make a payment today January 25, 2016 PSEG takes up to 12 hours to restore services. On top of no promises of a phone call from the PSEG worker to let you know when they will be out.
PSEG is a waste and will gladly take your money, "with an oh well if your not home no electricity."


I am very disappointed in PSE&G I been with you for over 15 years and I would never think that PSE&G would have double standards. I and other paying customers are frustrated about what is going on. it regarding shut off notice if you are going to cut off utilities it should be like that for everyone. one of my neighbors is bragging that his utilities are still on and they haven't been turned off yet and he only paid partial payment and didn't pay the amount required to keep the utilities on. That's not fair when I didn't pay mines and other people I spoke too there's got turned off with in a couple of days. His utilities suppose to be turned off since 31st of Dec. He said this has been going on for over a year a shut off notice and it never get shut off and he don't pay it for over a week or 2 and he only pay partial. WHATS GOING ON.
check for yourself he showed proof. 143 Sheppard Ave East Orange. I am not the only one who has complained and sent complaints. Maybe we need to get an attorney regarding this. I want fairness we all do...

Posted by Maria

My hot water heater broke and had a sense of relief because I enrolled in PSE&G WorryFree program only to find out, it is not WorryFree and does not include replacement of water heater, just repair. I actually can accept that as I have found out in my life that warrantees usually aren't what they seem to be. Anyway that is not my complaint.
I called PSE&G to report that my water heater went and asked the "customer service" representative what next steps where for replacement... In a very condescending manner he informed me that the program does not include replacement just labor and parts to repair a water heater. Then goes on to tell me why would PSE&G charge you 3.75 per month when the cost to cover a water heater is so much doesn't make sense. Obviously this representative doesn't understand how insurance works. It's because they don't anticipate everyone will use the service. I then began to get upset at his tone, and he did not give me any information to help me with my ordeal. When I asked to speak with his supervisor he refused to put them on saying that I was being defensive. Of course I was defensive, he was absolutely disrespectful and condescending. Then he told me to call back when I can speak to him respectfully and then he HUNG UP ON ME....really? First of all, I was upset but was never disrespectful. I am a business woman and I do not understand how a company like PSE&G would hire someone of this nature and put them in CUSTOMER SERVICE. I called back and spoke to another representative, Diane, who was extremely helpful and provided me with the information I needed for next steps. I did share my experience with Diane and asked her if I could speak to a supervisor to report this incident. After all, if it were my business I would want to know. She put me on hold and after a few minutes came back and told me that all supervisions were currently on the other line...but that she would give them my number and she would have them call me back. I'm not even sure that they will call back. But I wanted to post this on the internet in the hopes that someone at PSE&G sees this. They say that all calls are monitored for quality assurance... I sure hope that someone reviews the recording of my initial call so they can hear for themselves the unprofessional nature of this particular customer service rep. But given this person's nature I'm sure I won't be the last complaint. And I'm a big believer in's just a matter of time before this "customer service" rep strikes again.

Posted by Anonymous

Today I was cut off on the entry ramp to Rt 78 at exit 26. Traffic was not moving but your PSE&G driver was not about to let anyone get in front of him. These are the kind of people that cause accidents. The Lic Plate number was This very aggressive man should not be driving.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to file a complaint with PSEG for 2 days now.. I am still waiting for a call back from a supervisor...
I have been a customer of PSEG since August 2000. In that time I have been a good customer and have not failed to meet your expectations. However today you gave failed to meet mine.

I have been in customer service for a major utility company for 26 years and I do not expect exceptional service but I do however expect acceptable service.

I am not a repair man nor have I ever claimed to be one. I leave that to the professionals, which is why I always take advantage of your parts and labor plans. In fact I am very gullible and just recently signed up for the gas line protection.

I called tonight to set up an appointment to have my oven checked out because it is having some difficulty lighting. Since this is a gas appliance, I do not want to jeopardize my family's safety. I was told by your representative that obviously I didn't have the plan. I was astounded how rude and condescending she was toward a customer. I mean you are in business because of the customers. She has a job because of the customers. I asked for a supervisor to call me back last tonight and was assured that someone would. I advised her I expected a call or otherwise I was going to call the Utility Commission. Apparently she found that extremely humorous and laughed at me.

I called back three more times: one time I was transferred to a busy signal, the next time I was transferred and waited 10 minutes before the phone went busy. The last time I spoke to a supervisor I told him I was going to switch providers due to my frustration he informed me that a list of providers would be in the mail. He made not one attempt to retain me as a customer.

WOW.. a company that doesn't want it's customers. Let me know how that works for you.

Posted by taz23

They are the worst people to work with u pay them cause u get cut off but then they dont send someone out for 2 days so now i have to wait another day but they quick to want there money worst company to have if i did not need them i would not have them.

Posted by Business owner

As a business owner I rely on invoice numbers on bills.
PSE&G sought to remove their invoice number from their invoices created a business headache.

Posted by SN

I took picture of meter when I moved to new place for exact readings. I went to JSQ office in person to report reading but he never corrected. Afterwards I reported through online system still they have charged me with old reading. I called again for customer care to correct my bill but till date they never did. They are really ripping customers.

Posted by To Hot To Trott

PSE&G has submitted the land lord bill to me when I was residing in Newark New Jersey. The air conditioner stop working for two months and when the land lord Larissa Ferria Pinto got the repair done through her warranty plan PSE&G placed the $510.00 on my bill and the other tenant bill also was very high that month. the land lord took care of his bill. When I did not get no co-operation from the land lord I went directly to PSE&G on several occasion to get this resolve including asking them to look at the other tenant large billing for that month and the work order that was performed during that time. no co-operation from any of those employee's that sit behind those windows. I sent a certified letter to the corporate office, no response. now they have put some one else debt on my credit report and also having it in collections. This could have been so easy to resolve if some one who work for this company would have just took the time to research the issue also I have never had a bill over $200.00 and I had been there for over 7 years, this is absolutely absurd that they can place someone else debt on you and the worst thing about this is they do not give a damn.

Posted by Sabrina

Today I called PSE&G about changing my services over to another Address. The first person I spoke to was Doug, he was very kind in helping me. I ran into a problem with the amount of my next security deposit and asked to be transferred over to collections. To my surprise I had over 200 dollars due and I never once received a bill. I spoke to a RUDE representative names Tracey and explained my situation to her. In JUNE I received a bill from PSE&G that was not in my name. I called customer service and explained that I had a bill that was not in my name addressed to me. The man I spoke with on the phone then apologized and told me my bill amount and I paid it, he reassured me that my account was in good standing. In July the same thing happened I never received my bill, but instead got another bill under the same person's name from the previous month. I went to the actual office in my area and spoke to them about it, I mad sure my name and information was correct in the system. I was once again reassured that my account was fine and in good standing. In August again the same situation. I said everything to this representative and she made it seem as though I was trying to rip off the company. She spoke to me in an extremely disrespectful tone and manner. I am the consumer! It is not my fault the bill that they are in charge of sending out to me monthly was not sent out. I tried more than once to fix what ever mix up there may have been. But still it some how was my fault? Every time I spoke to someone they said my account was in god standing.... and now I owe over 200 dollars in backed up payments that they never once told me about when I reached out to them, never once tried to contact me about it, I didn't get a bill for? Most definitely looking into canceling my services and I plan on filing a complaint against them about this. I am a consumer, I have paid for their services for over a year. And when they mess up and I tried to fix it more than once and they somehow couldn't fix the problem I became the bad person? They have no respect for anyone, they treat you as if you're stealing from them.

Posted by Anonymous

My service was due to be reconnected. I was told someone was coming on a Monday, waited all day, all week Noone showed up. I have a job and I took off to let someone in the house....I called on Thursday and the order was never even put in after the payment was made. The representative told me Monday someone would be out that night. Bottom line, you are quick to shut people off, which in fact the service shouldn't have been in the first place, yet lack proper follow up....the least you can do is be accurate.

Posted by Barbara

The PS&G service in Edison NJ is the worst service relating to turn on your service. I reasonly paid to have my service turned on they sent out a gas man fisrt know that the electric should be turn on first. Now i have to wait for the Electric man to come. Praying that they will send both at the same time. Call on the phone to the PS&G the representative cant help you because this is and outside service. But all i see driving around is trucks with PS&G printed on them. Help the hours are from 8am to 12midnight what happened to the great service my Mother use to get

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

PSEG has some of the worst customers (not the employees but the customers) this world has to offer they are very rude, lazy, non comprehending and some just think they are to good to suffer consequences. Understand this. we have bills that have to be paid on a monthly bases rent, phone, cable, electric, and gas ! for you people to complain the way that you do you would think that you at least have some common sense of this. i walked into a center and just hearing the excuses and the way that some of you people talk to the workers are horrible. one customer said " i havent recieved a bill since i moved and they moved in 2014" -__- so you are saying that it took almost 2 years and a shut off for you to notice that?! then you complain with the balance you have to pay and a 12 hour wait! you shut off was probably sent out a year ago so no they were not quick to shut you off and they will not move quickly to turn you back on you just think your to good to have to wait 12 hours to be reconnected let alone youve been living light and gas free for years its obviously time for you to pay !then some of you parents are so sick that you bring your children involved " my son/daughter has asthma" an inhaler does not require light and if there well being was so important you should have paid your bills if not on time at least in general. (this does not apply to people who are on machines but in that scenario you should make sure all your paperwork is in so that does not happen to you) then you guys ask for help and understanding of something and as soon as one of the employees try to speak you become irate and interrupt them while they are answering a question that you just asked them. they are very rude to the technicians as well. especially when it comes to meter. you guys expect for them to wake up early or work overtime just to assist you because you couldn't be available the time that they came that is simply selfish of you they work and want to go home after their shifts just like you do. like i said i have never experienced such rude customers in my life when i ask for assistance i have never had a problem with a pseg employee not in new york or new jersey i do not give them a hard time and i do not give any reason for them to tell me something i do not want to hear. pay your bills on time and shut up then you will not have to worry about being in the dark even though some of you probably deserve to sit in the dark for a while. some of you have such a hard time reading your bill that it is hilarious! you cant read it because you simply do not look at it it is pretty self explanatory especially when it comes to credits that you guys are complaining that you did not get when it was obviously applied to your bill. if you calculate which some of you either are to lazy to do or just not bright enough to figure out how to add and subtract on your own. you guys beg for more time on you payment after you have just cursed at the person you are expecting help from. you cry because you are not eligible for an arrangement when you have already had a few that you did not keep up with. one lady came in a asked the supervior if they could turn her power back on for 3 days and she will pay them next week. if only you had seen the supervisors face. he simply told her "you havent paid in over a year. i couldnt do that even if we were allowed to" she became so upset..just think of it this way if you do not pay you will not get. there is a reason why you have to be 18 and older to have a service in your name be the adult you are and take responsibility for your own actions..they help you better when your honest,responsible and civil.

Posted by PEANUT18

Furnace installation and follow-up help. Audubon service station. The gentleman Rob who over sees it and his employees were nothing but exceptional to me. March, April and July 21, 2015.

Posted by jakemaster

Well I just arranged a service call for two days out via the phone voice service ... they id'd the part was in... gave me 1st date available ... I change that without a problem ... all is good with me an PSE&G

Posted by anonymous

I want to thank "Junior", a PSE&G serviceman, for taking the time to fix my dishwasher. He sure knows what he's doing ! A serviceman named "Diago", who came first, was totally useless. Thank you again Junior, for saving me the cost of a new one.

Posted by Marci

Yesterday Mr. Patel a PSE&G Supervisor and his crew in Woodbridge went over and above. I needed assistance in order to get our 100 employees back to work and we were without power for two weeks. They did not have a pole in order to take care of the live wire. Mr. Patel was going to drive to get it from whatever service truck had it. He did not need to as a another truck was in the area. Because of this and working with me we are able to get our employees off employment and back to work on Monday. We service the medical field and our customers require our their orders delivered. Thanks Mr. Patel!

Posted by PamB

PSE&G - We only just got our power back, but I want to say thank you! You never appreciate something, till you lose it! Thanks for all of your efforts during Sandy!

Posted by JohnNiewojna

We would like to thank all the hard working men and women at PSE&G and from all around the country that came to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy! We really appreciate everything you guys are doing around the clock to get everybody back up and running as fast as humanly possible!! Thank You and God Bless!!!

Posted by rumppy

I would like to thank the PSE&G crew working in Maplewood,NJ for getting our power back on earlier than the expected date of Nov 9th. I was very worried, have kids, an elderly aunt and a pet that was becoming more and more difficult to provide lodging for.






Posted by mikey98

Had PSE&G out to look at my A/C. The repairman was very nice fellow. There on time, very professional. Checked out my whole system. Problem he said was that I was low on refrigerant. Said he had to charge me for the refrigerant at $32 a pound. Charged the system back up and it only took 1 pound. The man had it fixed in no time. Three days later the burner on our stove stops working. The same guy comes out and had all my burners working great within ten minutes. The guy is a great mechanic. A credit to PSE&G. Made me feel good about my worry free contract.

Posted by K. Muraca

Had the worry free for my oven. Got a serviceman in a a few days time. He was knowledgeable, polite and tidy. They had to order a part which came pretty quickly, got two different guys who were just as good as the first and the part was installed but something else broke so they had to order more parts. Again, got a different tech and he was great, too! Stove is fine and I couldn't be happier with the service. I suppose I could grumble and complain about the multiple trips but this was out of the hands of the techs. Sometimes things happen! They called me to let me know the parts came in, right around the holidays, and I did not call them back immediately--THEY took the initiative and got back to me a few days later! I know there is much to complain about in life but I have to say, this was a great experience!

Posted by [email protected]

To Mike Demeo:
I want to let you know the exemplary service I received from one of your men, Greg Bernicki. He not only serviced my furnace but gave me helpful hints as to how I can conserve the heat in my 100+ year old house.
You should be very proud of Greg and I hope you place this in his file as he is a great champion for PSE&G.
Olimpia Jahrling, a very happy customer

Posted by Anonymous

I had great experience with the fixing of my washing machine, the serviceman Douglas Henderson came on time, fixed the machine and found a problem with the plumbing which we did not know about.
Thanks for the great job!

Posted by Anonymous

I had a thermostst replaced under my worry free contract.The serviceman left the old thermostat.I found that it contains mercury.I would like it to be removed by PSE&G.

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