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PG&E customer service is ranked #249 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 42.58 out of a possible 200 based upon 82 ratings. This score rates PG&E customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


73 Negative Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 89.02%.


9 Positive Comments out of 82 Total Comments is 10.98%.

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    • 42.58 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 73 negative comments (89.02%)
    • 9 positive comments (10.98%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.0 Issue Resolution
    • 3.5 Reachability
    • 2.8 Cancellation
    • 3.6 Friendliness
    • 3.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Costumer service of pg&e sucks!! Rudest representative I have ever talked.. uncaring and so impolite.. si rude..rudest of all the rudest..

Posted by Anonymous

Yesterday i call pg$e because I was charged a deposit and by asking questions this guy keeps on interupting me saying you you're asking multiple questions and saying do you understand what I am saying, so rude and so uncaring .. Unfortunately I didn't get this rudest persons name.. I toldHe saidi was charged deposit because my service was cut without because of not paying, cutting my service without notice, and my due date is April 5 and I have 15 days to pay for it and I pay April 12 and my service was cut without notice.. so rude ..

Posted by Connie

A women in Madera has been without power for 5 days now. The storm broke the line at the house, PGE would not touch it. Electrictrican fixed it, she had to wait 3 more days for pge inspection. Day of inspection, they found a hole in the wall by the box, won't pass it. Now she has to wait longer. This women has a bad heart and and has to have oxygen. PGE told her to go to the hospital then! Are they going to pay for a weeks stay at the hospital? This is rediculous! Where's the compassion? What's wrong with you people?

Posted by ltorres

We received a call from an individual claiming to be from PG&E...trying to collect requesting a credit card number BOGUS.. today Saturday 10:00am 10-21-17 they even answered as pge NOT PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC

please look into this fraudulent collection attempt.

Posted by Anonymous

I was cut off by a PG&E truck driver today while on the freeway. He was going way under the speed limit on the freeway, and forced us to slam our our breaks (in the rain, mind you). Then when we were finally able to pass him, he flipped us off and called me an ass hole. I couldn't get the till free number from the back of his car, but his license plate number

Posted by Vishwa

Worst customer service. I was on hold for 35 minutes before I got to Fresno Call center and spoke to Victor who was not much help and very unprofessional. No wonder these call centers are getting outsourced.

Posted by Concerned citizen

Today, Aug 5, 2016, at around 3:00pm the PG&E vehicle 6F09619 was driving erratically and almost got into a car accent on Tharp rd. in front of LOWES. This driver was as unconcerned about the safety of anyone as he was about the law. I hope you take a look at his driving habits before someone gets hurt.

Posted by Anonymous

Thomas Moore started off by giving a false name. Beverly shirey was very rude cussed at me and was not helpful at all. Set up my account 2 months ago never received the bill called to verify billing address they said they updated the billing address still never received the bill never received a phone call anything and my power was shut off. Your employees were very rude stating that they did make phone calls and it wasn't their fault that they didn't put the correct address into the computer. This is all being documented and forwarded to a lawyer. Monopolies are illegal in this state.

Posted by Briajake1

I was on a payment plan with PG&E, but they turned my service off because I missed a date on the plan. I received no notice, no e-mail, no call. Now they want a 400.00 deposit or someone to sign for me, a customer of 35 years. It is humiliating how they treat their customers, especially when we have no choice in who we buy our energy from.

Posted by American

Dear PG&E,

**Alert** There is NO email notification that online payments have failed and or were never processed.

I recently had my power shut off due to an online payment that was never processed in December. Although I had received a confirmation emails explicitly saying "PG&E One Time Payment Confirmation".

In addition to the online payment never processing and my power being shutoff when I called about my bill I had the worst experience of my life. Silvia Sanchez from the call center in Fresno Ca was belittling, demeaning and was probably the ruddiest person I've ever spoken with in customer service.

Silvia Sanchez continuously treated me as if I was a common criminal that didn't pay my bill whenever whenever I asked a question.

Silvia Sanchez behavior was an extremely poor reflection on PG&E as a company, brand and reputation.

Posted by Anonymous

I moved to an area in Santa Rosa off Calistoga Rd in April of 2014. I have never experienced so many power outages in my life! Most of them of course are by falling trees during storms which I get but PG&E also schedules power outages to do work. It's never in the late spring or early summer.... It's in the dead of winter. One is scheduled today 3/8/16 from 8am to 4pm and the high is going to be 54 degrees.......
Since I've lived in my home we have had 11 power outages due to weather and 6 power outages due to PG&E work.

Posted by angryman

after making a payment that did go thru there pay by phone service, I was contacted by a rude collections rep and informed that the payment had not been received. she was no help and very abrupt this is not a person that is helpful and frankly she was very arrogant
Most collections personal will help work thru a problem, she was a finger pointer and angered me greatly

Posted by California

Waited half hour to speak to a human then that person could not hear me I could hear him si he disconnected
My bill it way too high for a under 100 sq food duplex I've asked for assistance to have someone check my place and am today to read the meter myself. I can't I don't know where it is. I've asked for financial help and I make 100 too much a month living on social security I've arranged to make payments but it says I owe full amount today in addition to feb small installment
Ver frustrating

Posted by Anonymous

This is the most stupid thing I haver ever saw in my life..
I trust you handling my power and you can't even keep your site open. I wanted to check my bill to see how much you are gouging me because my neighobers bill went up 60% havr you ever concedered all the people that make less than 75,000.00 a year and can't affored your outragedgs pricing. All I want is to check my bill and you cant even do that what a pitiful job you do.

thank you
rod gasser

Posted by WHY

On 11/3/15 at 12:38, I had waited 41 minutes to speak with someone. The person who answered, named Alisha or Alicia, didn't get too far with her as she figured I was calling from a business and immediately transferred me without a word. I now have been on hold (again!) for now 63 minutes. I'm working as I wait so no big deal. However, I work in customer service and its so sad to see a company like PG&E have employees that tarnish everything they work for. I would LOVE to work for such a great company and undeserving people like that disgust me! Her attitude will catch her eventually and I hope the door hits her on the way out.

Posted by Anonymous

Today, October 8, 2015, at 4:30pm the PG&E vehicle PE77301 ran a stop sign at the end of the Echo Valley Road exit off Rt 101 directly into the path of my vehicle causing me to slam on my brakes, swerve into the next lane and almost hit a truck. I leaned on my horn and took out my camera. When the operator saw me taking a picture of his vehicle he sped up to over 60 mph to avoid it. He was slowed by another car in front of him but swerved back and forth as if to blur the image. Echo Valley Road is 40mph, windy, and fairly highly populated. Your driver was as unconcerned about the safety of anyone as he was about the law. His attempt to flee the situation demonstrated cowardice. I hope you place a restriction on this idiots driving before he kills someone, but I expect nothing will happen.

Posted by Nan

Since you turned off my power for 5 hours for routine maintenance without any notice my well tank ran dry. I have clothing with all fabric bleach in the washer on prewash and no water to rinse them. If the clothing is ruined I will expect you to replace it.

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Denise Peters Jenkins, and I live at 515 Chesapeake Ct., Pittsburg, CA 94565. I signed up for an electrical discount program a few months ago. Since then, I have had solar panels installed. The problem is that the solar company can not start our solar program until I am out of this electrical discount program. Would you please release me from this program so I can begin my solar program? I can be reached at if I am not available, please leave me a voicemail.

Thank you.

Denise Peters Jenkins

Posted by Anonymous

I have consistently tried to change my billing date due to SSI payments but PGE in there infinent wisdom have dropped the ball for 6 months running freaking corporate idiots. To hell with PGE

Posted by Anonymous

what ever happen to professional courtesy with businesses these days??? today pge did some sort of survey flagging where your two employees went up and down white ave. in chico, ca. with out giving any courtesy notice just went ahead and traipsed through any property they wanted not telling the owners of the property anything that was going on or even asking any permission trespass on premises. yes we buy your services but that does not mean you own the world!!! so take your rudeness and shove it down deep, and come pick your flags up out of the streets!!

Posted by jeff

Individual Joey Rymer was extremely rude and disrespectful. He was even undermining of military veterans with my contact with him

Posted by Anonymous

Just called PG & E to transfer my service and the guy who answered said he couldn't do it because of my name that I had to go to an actual place to prove my identity, they have received an onetime payment every month for some months now and my name hasn't bothered them until now come on PG & E, that was very unprofessional of you and I feel truly discriminated!!!!!!

Posted by Frustrated To No End

We have had accounts with PG&E for over 40 years at our homes and rental houses, with never a late date of payment.

Today I tried to get services transferred to my name, as my son't account was delinquent. I spent 60 minutes on the telephone with supervisors, etc...they checked our past credit at the home where we just was within a year and I was not supposed to be charged a deposit...they wanted a deposit because it was in my husband's name. This is discrimination. We are now three levels up in supervision and have been on the phone for over 70 minutes to obtain service. They have found my previous credit at the other residence...(after looking through the records.) When I complained about the time, Adolfo Ochoa of Sacramento stated he could cancel the call and I could start over...I am now waiting for his supervisor. Calls to supervisors are taking 5-10 minutes hold times. Finally, someone is taking care of it....85 minutes later to get an account transferred to me. Really sad, PG&E...

Posted by pissed

Was given until 3/15/2015 to make payment or services not guaranteed, I was able to borrow the funds and made my payment on 03/15/15, I contacted them today 03/16/2015 to see if payment was pending/posted (showed still available in my account) they said no, gave them confirmation #, he stated that even with that, there is no guarantee. he told me to cancel my payment (bank charges $35) I wish we had another service provider in our area, pg&e is horrible, & their customer service reps are rude and heartless. btw I have a 4 month old baby.

Posted by Tri

Our home was on fire in Aug. 2013, until now all the work had been completed, but over a year, PG&E still giving us hard time, and not to install the circuit breaker, and person in charge did not answer the phone ever, and still over a year, PG&E still not taking call and not install the circuit breaker, we are just hopeless now. dont know what to do...can some one help us...

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Posted by Anonymous

Customer service technician "EUGENE" in Fremont, CA should be recognized by PG&E for providing excellent service. He was thorough, answered all questions, provided information, and was very friendly and courteous. He is definitely an asset to the company.

Posted by Anonymous

PGE Technician.Steve.H came to my house Monday morning 12/28/2015 to Relight the Pilot.He was very Professional.He Relight the Pilot he checked both heaters make sure there oN.and check the thermal stat. It was not working to get the heater going he change the battery of the thermal stat.Now my house is Nice and WARM..With a last introduction call us back if there's a problem.Awwwww,Thanks Again...

Posted by rick

Audrey in Team G in Sacramento was so helpful I can't tell you . thank you for having great people who speak english, are in the USA, and answer questions that help customers pay their bills. THANK YOU. Great Job Audrey.

One bad thing- waiting 22 minutes to speak with her was disappointing.

Posted by Snakoff

We had a willow go down on our property. Bob from PGE came out and took care of the problem expeditiousy. Thanks for all of the support. Thank you for the help.

Posted by Anonymous

We want to acknowledge the exceptionally positive experience we had with AAron McDaniel who came to our home when we smelled gas in the basement. He was terrific, taking great care to tighten up our water heater fittings to eliminate any leaks and testing all the gas appliances in our home. He also discovered that our furnace was malfunctioning and wrote out a clear diagnosis for the repairman who would fix it. Just a wonderful service call, prompt, informative and very helpful. Call was on Saturday, April 25, 2015. He's a gem!

Posted by none

We had a bothersome outside meter gas leak on Lanewood Drive in San Jose, which was repaired today (12-16-14) by Service Technician James, who was very professionally efficient, courteous, and helpful. We are very pleased with PG&E's promptness and helpfulness in correcting the problem. Thank you.

Posted by pjw

I really just wanted to say Thank you to the young man that worked on gas meter... His name is (sp) Pomill. Good worker

Posted by tom

Your service person who responded to home disconnect and reconnect numbers:(Fresno Center)did an outstanding job. He responded to a pulled away conduit on our house in Oakland. He coordinated with the private electric contractor Gill Electric, climbed a steep ladder to get the house wiring reconnected, reconnected pole service, stayed around while Gill Electric did their part including testing the wiring in the conduit and was civil and understanding through the process. He is a model for how customers should be treated. Give him a Thankksgiving bonus!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to say that the service I received was excellent tonight. I called at around 9PM and had a technician, Rocky, at my door by 10PM. He was very professional and friendly. Problem solved. Now I can sleep.

Thank You,
Connie Pudlak
Patrick Ct
Vallejo, ca

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