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PETCO customer service is ranked #397 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 34.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 423 ratings. This score rates PETCO customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


391 Negative Comments out of 423 Total Comments is 92.43%.


32 Positive Comments out of 423 Total Comments is 7.57%.

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    • 34.97 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 391 negative comments (92.43%)
    • 32 positive comments (7.57%)
    • 11 employee comments
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Posted by Turtlearlo

Can i return water filters? I bought one today, and I put it into our tank but there is no way for the cord to leave the tank without the tank having no lid.. this is very inconvenient and I would be devasted if i had to buy a new 200$ tank because of a filter issue

Posted by Anonymous

Interesting to see all the negative comments regarding the return policy when the policy is visible & accessible with every purchase. Instead of fighting and complaining about a policy you were more than likely aware of, just order a copy of the receipt, then return your items. The stores are not independently owned and operated, so they have to follow the corporate rules and guidelines. Notice they scan the receipts when you return something.. guessing this is the way the system works and probably is a safeguard from being scammed. Plus I imagine they need to draw the line somewhere as they take almost everything back with a receipt.. half eaten, broken, or whatever. They do a lot of good in communities so throwing a fit and disowning them for protecting themselves from potential fraud because you lost your lost receipt seems a bit overboard, no?

Posted by Anonymous

Bought a harness for my dog, which broke several days later. I attempted to return the item to Petcio for an exchange. I was told no due to not having a receipt. Who keeps extra clutter -like receipts anymore? This is a ridiculous policy in 2018. I simply wanted an exchange- not my money back. I will drive an extra 5 miles and give my business to someone else before I spend another dime in Petco.

Posted by Jen

I bought a harness for my dog and it rubbed too much under his arm so I ordered him one online instead. I had lost the receipt so I took it back to Petco and asked for store credit. They said no you have to have the receipt . Wil only be going to PetSmart in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I always go to Petco for my dogs needs, so I bought a dog collar didn't fit so I ask if I could exchange it for a bigger size or if I was able to get my money back but I didn't have my recipe and they said no to both how F..... stupid is this like really I couldn't even get an exchange this policy sucks won't be coming back here no more, PetSmart you got a new customer..Petco you just lost one!

Posted by Jason

Tired of spending to much money there get everything from doctor fosters and smith you put color dyes in your cichlids so you can sell them and the marion Ohio store can't even get there tanks clean all diseased and have ick and dying the worst I have ever seen and I have ran a pet lamb before and it's not hard to clean tanks and get rid of that problem just use their herbal tonics and they do not work I offered to fix their tanks for free so wouldn't kill all the fish and they said no and a pack of wants to keep killing fish like they have been expensive fish like blood parrots I will never ever shop there again I'm part of PETA and it will be turned into pita and I will do everything in my power to shut down the Marion Petco store with pita because of what you guys do when you put dies and fish people think they're getting the mail and they end up with the female that's not good business and the prices of your food compared to dr. Foster Smith food there's like a 70% drop from your prices that's just taking advantage of the customer I wish PetSmart would come in take over for you guys cuz they know how to take care of tanks and it's horrible disgusting I posted all pictures on social media from YouTube to everything and Marion Star and the local radio station cuz you guys don't need to be selling fish if you can't take care of them some of them do live 30 years plus

Posted by Dog lover

What a ridiculous experience, I love to spoil my dog I shop at Petco often. I purchased a harness ( Petco brand, Bond Co. ) for my pup and realized it was to small. I went to exchange this harness for a larger size and was told I needed a receipt or I couldn't even do that. Of course I could not locate the receipt. What a questionable policy. I will not be shopping with Petco anymore. PetSmart has always been very helpful in all my pet care needs. Unrelated, anyone need a free harness? It's all yours.

Posted by Anonymous

The Petco in Dundee road has some management issues. Some of them are combative and no people skills leave alone very errigant. They are argumentative. Been going to that store for at least 25 years and to be honest they’ve always had some issues. It’s even hard for them to hire people and they never fire the terrible ones.

Posted by Britt

Returned $60 worth. Two items. I was able to find them much cheaper else where. I needed it in my account for the new items to be paid. It has yet to load back on my debit card. It's usually instant when I return with my debit card. Any suggestions?

Posted by Anonymous

I received the wrong package on the right date so I called to have it replaced. They sent the right item but left the wrong one. Now I've had 2 for a week should I just keep both items?

Posted by Sick

So I purchased a hamster last week from petco only for it to have a contagious disease called wet tail which is a very horrible way for a hamster to die and the hamster died within maybe 2 days of me having it a week later (still within the 30 day gaurantee) we went back to get a refund because didnt want to support a store that carries sick animals, and they wouldn't refund us unless we brought the lifeless body of my deceased pet into the store, in which I had already buried the body. I understand this is most likely a store policy but seriously that's just sick to make a child lugg her dead animal back into the store for a refund.

Posted by Ashley

I bought a heater at Petco about a week ago. I wanted to put this heater in my fish tank, it worked alright for 4 days. Now it doesn't heat up my tank and the water tempature in my fish tank has dropped! I still have my receipt but, I don't have the plastic packaging that came with it. Will I still be able to return it?

Posted by pbrunner

We had just purchased litter, food, treats and hay 58.00. OUr rabbit passed away 2 days later expectantly. We have been going there for 3 years spending 50-100.00+ dollars per month. In the past they could look up the receipt, and I had misplaced the receipt. When I tried to explain and return all unopened, in original packaging items, I was refused and said I could get a gift card. For what???? my rabbit died, and I am not replacing him. I WILL NOT BE RETURNING TO THIS store!! HORRIBLE policy!! And they knew us :(

Posted by Jennifer

I bought a harness for my female chihuahua. It did not fit or could be adjusted to fit. She slipped out of it. Store at 646 & I45 South refused refund due to new store policy. Store credit was refused as well. I did not have a receipt. However, I spend $50-$150 per month in that store. Will not be returning.

Posted by Bri

I purchased a spray that would get the smell of cat pee out of my room as my cats were spraying to mark their territory. When I purchased this item I was told it was almost like "holy water" after a few days the smell still wasn't coming out, in fact it was getting worse. so I returned it. It has been a week since the return but the money is still not reflecting in my account. How long will I have to wait to receive my 20+ dollar return for that god awful spray?!

Posted by Lamb7

My very timid recent rescue dog had one of his trading sessions and was terrified. May I get a refund for the rest of the sessions?

Posted by amoperub

I bought a Cat Tree for my cat about a week ago. He is scared of it. He has in on top of it once because i put him on it but he jumped right off and ran under the bed. I guess he thinks its a human. I don't have the recipe but I do have the date of when i bought it.

Posted by ladaigs

Don't trust the on-floor-specialists. "African dwarf frogs (ADF) will eat betta food!" "African frogs will live great in this tank!" (tank had holes at the top for feeding and such). Not only did both frogs escape, one died. And my poor frog that is living is thin because they DO NOT eat betta food. I understand I should have done my own research, but she was very confident in the "facts" she was telling me, so I felt comfortable in listening. I know how to care for my little ADF now.

Posted by i was a victim of robery at a pe

hello my name is brandi a monahon and i live in west deptford new jersey. an employye that works at a petco store, near me stole money out of my purse. his name is Anthony Shorrock and he was helping me find a muzle for my dog and i had set my purse on the ground so i could fit it on my dog. i saw the money in my purse in the amount of aproxamitley $310. he was sitting next to my purse as i was distracted by fitting the muzle on my dog. when i had turned around the money was not in my purse anymore and out of the corner of my eye he was slipping something into his pocket. i emediastley asked for the store manager by the name of Victoria Barcklow to review the camereas. she had told me i will see what i can find. only 4 minutes later she and the employee anthony returned and she said "i didnt think i was going to get such a GOOD VIEW BUT I SAW YOU STANDING HERE AND YOUR PURSE WAS RIGHT HERE THE WHOLE TIME. NO ONE WENT NEAR IT OR IN IT." i did not believe her because i was not standing near my purse the emploeee Anthony was and i was 1 foot maway with my back turned adjusting the muzle on my dog. i left the store and 5 minutes later i called ther police. she then laughed and shook her head as she saw that i had called the police and when the police officer arrived only 5 minutes later, that employee was "gone" and when the officer reviewed the cameras there was NO camera the was viisible to where this had taken place. the only view he had was me walking in and out of the store. the manager lied to me and because of this i did not get my money back. had she just told me the truth i wouldve contacted the police right away. i was not taken seriously and an employee got away with $310 of my hard earned cash and Victoria Barcklow, the manager of the store helped him get away with it. i want this matter resolved and i want it resolved now! i will not just let this go if something does not get done about this i will sue petco and the two employyes there that night. and i will contact the news about what happened to me. this happened sunday january 22 at 6:00 pm again my name is brandi and i would appreciate this matter gets taken care of please contact me by email as soon as possible. thank you.

Posted by Ptmama115

My poem will NEVER come to a petco again!! I have had him to groomers before..private And corp....never have I been charge extra for his undercoat! I dropped him off at 9:45 the woman came out early to get him and he is still in there. 2 hrs. And 45 mins later and all he got done was bathed and toes and butt trimmed..REALLY?? He is still in there too!! I will tell everyone I know with dogs about ypir service!! Oh and when I did call and make my appointment. And asked them price was told 45 dollars!! Drove an hour to come here..

Posted by Geozer566

I had just bought a ferreton 12/13 for my other one that was just given to me 2 weeks or so before that and my one that i bought died today. He had been shivering like he was cold even though it was warm for the past couple of days and i turns out ferrets have developed a genetic mutation the makes tumors grow on the pancreas and that causes theyre blood sugar to go up intensely or drop intensely well my ferret ended up having seizures right on my counter until her finally passed away. Not only am i extremely dissapointed that i now have a dead ferret but so is my other one because now he doesnt have a also extremely dissapointed in petco for not actually inpexting theyre animals for any problems that may exist before the animal is sold also im extremely upset that i just spent $100 on a ferret that i didnt even have for a month.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to find an email address for Petco customer service after discovering worms in a newly purchased bag of Purina Pro Plan from Port Richey FL store. Sell by date was seven months out and the bag had no visible signs of damage. I was so disgusted by the infestation of small white worms crawling all throughout the dog food, as well as small white patches of crusty areas on pieces of the dog food it had me speech less, totally grossed out and vowing to avoid that store in the future. No excuse could make me feel safe going back. Yuck

Posted by RosieRedDog

I bought a Thundershirt recently from my local store. I still have the receipt but not the packaging. I need to exchange it for a bigger size. Thundershirt has an 100% guarantee. Will I have any problem?

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a parakeet 3-4 days ago at a petco and I was just taking off the cover for night time sleeping and then my bird was just laying down on the bottom of the cage with both eyes closed and the feed looked like they were crossed so I started getting worried and wasn't sure if it was dead or sick but I read the guarantee on the paper when we got when we bought him and it didn't say anything about dieing and exchanges so I'm not sure what to do

Posted by dead ball phython had only a wee

We naught a ball python. For our girls and less then a week later the snake died. I tried to take back to get a new one and they would not take back or exchange. I do not have my receipt I do not no were I put it. Freaking crap. I get to brake it to my girls there snake died when they get home

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Posted by Ptmama115

I was upset when I wrote my complaint earlier and never gave them a chance to fix it about the grooming..I talked to the manager about it when I picked up my dog and he was very helpful..I will shop petco again because of the managers assistance! Thank you!!great job petco!

Posted by Anonymous

We thought there had been a mistake made in the ringing up of our bill. Bobby at sotre 1466 on FM 1960 E in Humble, TX 77346 was patient and professional. He walked us through it. It was then that we understood there had been no mistake. The bill was correct.

Thank you, Bobby and thanks also to Alfred the checkout clerk.

Jeane Officer

Posted by Dbrodie72

I think your employee at the Hampton, VA store needs to be recognized. I took my dog there to have her nails trimmed. Due to my dog being 17, deaf & blind i dont take her for grooming because we try not to stress her out. Since they were slow & able to give her a bath & trim right away i decided to do it. I stayed close by incase she got upset. I observed the process without them being aware. I am told the groomer that worked with her was named Sidney, i am hoping that was correct. She needs to be recognized for her incredible service. She talked with me about her elderly dog who had very similar skin allergies etc as mine. She was very loving and caring towards Mia (my shih-tzu) i observed her hugging Mia, giving her kisses & loving on her throughout the process. I was so incredibly touched by her care for my dog that I will recommend her to everyone I can. When someone knows they are being watched they tend to act differently. The fact she didnt know i was observing and was so loving and caring towards Mia showed me she genuinely cared, understood my concerns with keeping her from being stressed out & really trwated her as if she was her own. My Mia means the world to our family so Sidney's customer service was incredible & she needs to be recognized for it. Most folks only contact places to complain but I am contacting you to recognize this young lady. She blessed my heart beyond measure and she will be the only person i will trust with my dog when she needs another grooming visit. Please make sure she is given a copy of this as well as making sure she is commended. Sidney, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you are truly a blessing to us. God bless you.


MiaGrace Brodersen & her humans, Dana & Andrew Brodersen.

Posted by Akasha

I frequently visits the petco in Slidell Mississippi and 2 employees stand out. Chelsea and believe the other girls name is Monica .
Chelsea is always very pleasant and informative in regards to what I am looking for at the time.
Monica ( mainly the sly water fish dept) is so kind and willing to go out of her way to assist me. It is employees like this that keep me coming back due to the friendly and helpful environment that make each visit pleasant.


I am OUTRAGE my Bather and Brusher is getting pushed out do to changes in the company. How could you? I love Ruth taking care of my dogs. She is great with both of them. I'm speechless where do I go? I don't trust know one else there. WOW, ITS A CHANGE FOR EVERYONE!!!


Posted by Anonymous

I recently made a phone call to your Alton Illinois store a young man by the name of Ryan I believe helped me on the phone. I have never in my life receive so much good information on products and about products from a person at any store in my total life as I did from this young man Ryan he is a plethora of knowledge. Companies should employ people like this more often and give them incentives to stay his help was extraordinary

Posted by Hatchi

Hi i was shopping in a petco store this afternoon. The customer service at the petco in the camila shopping center was out standing. The young man who helped me his name is Derek and very knowledgeable and very very nice. A lady by the name of Karen also was helping me to pick a good dog food for my dog Hatchi. Hatchi is very thin and Karen told me that he needs more protein and to feed him 2 times a day instead of only once. My dog took to both of them immediately and for me that was a great feeling. Thank u thank u and a million times thank u. Erin

Posted by LjCisler

My husband and I went to Petco the other day very excited about the huge sale on the crates. Much to our dismay the Manager informed us that online prices are different than store prices. He took some money off the crate because we were very upset, and felt misled by the company. He then went on to help us with our new puppy in every way possible. His name is Greg, and it's at store #2510. I can tell you folks he now has a customer for life! In this day and age you never see customer service anymore, or at least not at this level. Greg is a great guy who helped us in every way possible, and is a credit to your reputation.

Posted by Anonymous

I absolutely love going into Petco. The service is wonderful and the associates are amazing. Today Ian and Matt was with me, how they both treated not only my pups Ridley and Ruby, one rambunctious and the other so so timid and shy... Today Ian took his time and worked with Ruby and built her trust and she let him pet him. My heart was just so happy.. She let Mat as well pet her. Not only did they pay attention to how they were, they paid attention to me as well.. I can't tell you how proud I am of my girls and how happy I am every time I go into Petco to have the best service ever. Thank you for a wonderful staff.

Posted by Anonymous

Used the grooming section as we always do and the service by Kim is always great. When we go to pay for the grooming the cashiers are always very polite and helpful.

Posted by Bella323

I am beyond happy with the amazing experience from petco. The customer service was outstanding and the gm, Lacy, and her staff went above and beyond for Santa pictures. She remembered the little things that make a big difference, loved the Christmas card!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

I shopped today at the Burnsville Store in Minnesota. I was very pleased with the great service and help I received from Jay (Jacinta?) on 1/1/15 at 10:29 a.m. She was so pleasant and helped me find exactly what I needed. Thank you for hiring her. Please reward her.
Signed, Darla Mathews

Posted by Thanks

I work in retail and my experience today made me go home and google where to leave this comment. I don't really know the names of the lady that was involved and I am sorry. Apparently, before my 5 year old son and I arrived, there had been a big spill of dog food at the front cashier. While my son and I were waiting in line to check out, I noticed another cashier with a big shop vac ready to clean the mess. I was trying to imagine how the next few moments would play out when the vac was turned on because my son has a small hate of loud noises. When I vacuum our home he runs to another room crying and screaming. This is not what I wanted to deal with on our little adventure to Petco. THANKFULLY, the cashier that was cleaning the mess looked at me and asked if it would be ok if she started the vac. That was amazing! Most people in retail wouldn't really care and would have just wanted to get the mess cleaned up so they could get on with their days, but she was thoughtful and courteous enough to ask first. This made our visit so much more pleasant than I was imagining it to turn out. I wish there was a more direct way that I could get her recognition for her actions. That is the way you put customer's first. Thank you for employing such a shining star!

Posted by gsmo1972

Love love love the Petco in council bluffs, Is. My puppy trading experience is as good as it gets. The trainer is awesome. The workers are also very good. I will definitely send my puppy for another round of classes. And there was no pressure.Council Bluffs,IA has the best dog trainer ever.

Posted by Cathy Gerlitz

We found an experienced dog trainer for our puppy at Petco in Medford, Oregon. We did 2 full 6-week sessions with Leane Caldwell who was an experienced dog trainer. She was wonderful!!! She knew how to communicate with our dog and other dogs and the response was amazing! We were angry and upset to find out that she was let go of her job at Petco. We were given false information about why classes were cancelled. This made us more angry!!!! We think Petco did an injustice by letting Leane Caldwell go of her job at Petco. What horrific thing did she do to lose her job? We are not happy with this at all! She was a trained and experienced dog trainer with a college degree in animal behavior and a M.S. degree and years of experience with dogs!!! We wanted to let you know about our sadness and anger over this matter!!!! We chose not to pursue more training at Petco because of the following reasons. The replacement dog trainer, Bonnie, is not near as experienced with dogs as Leane Caldwell is; we were given false information by Bonnie over the phone that the class had been cancelled due to a family emergency and when I asked Leane, she said, No, I did not have a family emergency, I was suspended for a few days"; when I confronted the Assistant Manager, Shannon, at Petco, asking why Leane was let go, at first Shannon tried to tell me that Leane left on her own, and I said, Wait, stop"!, I know she was let go, then Shannon backed down to admit that she was let go. We don't like lies and deceit. We are contemplating not to shop in your store any longer!!! We realize that we are only 2 people in this world, but we could not let this go without expressing our deep concern and dissatisfaction with the way things were handled with Leane Caldwell, our wonderful dog trainer. Thank you for your time.

Posted by PACK 198

Last night, the cub scouts of PACK 198 in Cheshire, CT were at the PETCO Store #796/Wallingford for an educational session about animals, their habitats and taking care of them. The session was led by Assistant Manager Tim and aided by Store Manager, Andrea.

I speak for our whole den in commending the awesome job done by Tim and Andrea. What was meant to be a 30 minute session, lasted a little over an hour- and our little scouts continued to pose questions. Besides having an in-depth knowledge about the subject, Tim excelled in teaching it- patiently answering each and every question. It was evident that not just scouts and parents, but Tim and Andrea were enjoying every bit of this session.

PETCO professionals have a phenomenal capacity to reach out to the community with its educational programs. I do hope they continue the great job they are doing.

Thanks Tim and Andrea !

Posted by Anonymous

I just had the best shopping experience I have ever had today at your Fairbanks Alaska store! My dog is on a strict diet of fish and potato puppy chow. The new brand we buy him was sold out of the big bags. They were expecting a shipment in later today. But instead of making me come back later, General manager Sean offered to price match the small bags for me. I have always loved the employees at the Fairbanks location, but more so now. I go in a few times a month and will continue to give my loyalty to Petco. Thank you again for providing and awesome shopping experience!!!

Posted by Jess Hubbard

Thank you Steve Dulack, from the Davenport, Iowa store, for owning up to your Petco guarantee. Ruby now has medicine to help her feel like a normal ferret again.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you to Loel at your Bend OR store!! You were so helpful and knowledgeable.

Posted by CCallie

I have just reciently had the best CS experience with Petco. At first I bought a Midwest Series XX-Large Dog crate. I received the item in terrible condition - corners torn on box, scratchedup/dented metal and broken crate tray. Because of a previous CS call it was supposed to be picked up and another one sent out. I received the other one today with bent up/ scratched corners again and spoke with CS. They have come to the conclusion to give me a partial refund, pick up the first item and call it a day. Because of all my troubles I am getting the crate originally $220.00 for quite a bit less. The damages are will not keep my husband from using it and we got it cheaper. With a little communication, we are happy customers again. Petco CS really is good if you are doing right as a buyer.

Posted by Anonymous

My sister and I were pleased by employee Pam's professionalism and amiable presence when browsing through the fish department. She was knowledgeable and efficient in answering our questions. If it wasnt for her help my 4 year old sister wouldn't have gotten a new pet fish whom, after much debate, we named Mr. Fredrickson. Great job and keep up the good work. Thanks again!

Posted by Almona Phileen

Although I was upset about the grooming of my dog; e.g., there was a skin irritation that resulted in a vet bill, Stephanie, the manager at Petco, Staunton, Virginia, was sincerely sympathetic, she listened, she apologized, and after conducting an investigation, refunded the cost of the groom, and will have the corporate office issue me a check for the vet bill. (Moreover, I saw a sign accepting applications for a groomer). Hence, I am really pleased with the customer care I received and I will happily return to Petco to make purchases in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been a Petco customer for years and now work for the SSC and I am proud to work for a company that believes in adoption first. I understand things go wrong at times and its unfortunate that all employees don't have the same feeling that most of my co-workers do. I do know that all store managers are highly trained and their main goal is to make our customers happy in all instances. If you have a problem with any store, please contact the store manager immediately. And if you feel the store manager is not helpful, please contact the corporate office. 858 453 7845 .I assure you someone will rectify the problem.

Posted by CFord

PETCO. 11985 N. Oracle Rd. Oro Valley, AZ 85755. This is to say that the staff at this location are great! They are so helpful and knowledgeable and have exceptional customer service. My little dog walks in and feels at home. We visit about 2-3 times a month and how the staff still remembers "Noel's " name each time she stops in I'll never know. When I enter the store alone with out my dog--they smile and tell me--I am "Noel's" owner. They really are a great team and I think reminder the pet's name instead of the owner is "great."

Posted by Bella's Mom

I love my dog trainer at Petco! Laura Matkin has done an awesome job teaching our dog.. Bella was completely untrained and aggressive toward visitors at our house particularly men. Thank you Laura for you patience and expertise. I am sooo glad we found someone like you to train our Bella!

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm a former employee at petco I wonder how can I get my w2 form can you guys email me the form

Posted by MarissaVonFrankenstein

As a former employee in a petco grooming salon, I can say they often do not follow saftey guidelines, putting pets at risk, but theyre also very rude to customers and fellow employees alike often using the intercom as away to avoid talkative customers by calling each other to office, salon etc. Poorly run establishment to say the least.

Posted by Joan

Kaylee is a dog trainer for Petco in Warrenton Oregon. It is a shame that the store there does not appreciate their associates. They made it impossible for her to get any business as a trainer after she transferred hundreds of miles to be at their store. They cut her hours to 8 a week and made it impossible for her to sell classes. She was a top performer at her previous store in Idaho, but this store does not put any value on its associates. Instead they are top heavy in management and have the I don't care attitude. It is a shame to see such a dedicated employee leave this company. I personally will spread the word of the injustice that has taken part in this store and make sure I never visit it again. How can a company put up with this kind of policy? How can this company spend money to train someone, then force them out? Shame on you!!

Posted by Animals are first

I was hired at Petco 11 years ago. I got a good job offer from a different store so I gave my notice. I told a customer that I will leave and some more personal information. I had two more days left at Petco but then got fired from my GM because of the information I gave a customer. Now that is strange to me because the grooming manager was abusing dogs about 1 1/2 years ago. I do not think she got reported to Petco and got only a little talk with the GM.
She kept her job and her position as Grooming Manager.
Animals are first, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess not. Only the money they may loose from a customer.
I hope the big guys will read this and think about what is more important. I was hired at Petco 11 years ago. I got a good job offer from a different store so I gave my notice. I told a customer that I will leave and some more personal information. I had two more days left at Petco but then got fired from my GM because of the information I gave a customer. Now that is strange to me because the grooming manager was abusing dogs about 1 1/2 years ago. I do not think she got reported to Petco and got only a little talk with the GM.
She kept her job and her position as Grooming Manager.
Animals are first, right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess not. Only the money they may loose from a customer.
I hope the big guys will read this and think about what is more important.

Posted by Scary

I have been a very loyal Petco customer and PALS member since 2007. Two months ago, after submitting an application to every Petco in Seattle, I finally got hired onto the Petco staff at Aurora Village in Shoreline, WA, as a part-time sales associate. The manager in charge of hiring me knew that I lived in South Seattle and that it was quite a commute for me to get to work, but it was something I was prepared to make because I desperately needed a job.

It didn't take long at all for my morale to hit the crapper during my employment at this store. First, after being sent home for a customer complaint regarding my strong fragrance, I stopped wearing scented products to work altogether and yet continued to receive complaints from the RGM, Tammy Carlson, about some so-called phantom smell that she swore I was responsible for. I was told that I'd need to contact her to explain how I was no longer wearing any fragrances to work, but when I managed to get a hold of her on one of my days off last week, she couldn't even be bothered to talk to me to hear what I had to say. She blew me off and referred me to another manager, who ended up not even having much to say to me on the matter after I was pulled into the office on my next scheduled shift. In addition to other examples of interactions I've had with the RGM, I can't help but feel that I'm being targeted for some covert harassment, possibly due to the fact that I appreciate a greater depth of understanding of the processes of Petco than the upper management's prepared to give. They seem to feel their authority's being questioned, but I'm a college-educated adult who needs more than a simple command to be able to function effectively on the job. I like to know why things are the way they are.

Second of all, I've now had three different occasions on which my schedule was changed and I wasn't even notified. One day last week, I showed up to work at 1:30 and saw that the schedule had been changed to have me start at 4:30. Today, I got all the way into work only to discover that I was no longer scheduled to work at all this evening. Imagine the frustration of being a loyal Petco customer and new employee who thought she was working as part of a team and discovering that the upper management can't even be bothered to spare a smidgen of respect for the commute some of us have to make. The schedule was put out last Wednesday, which I made note of, and then was changed on Thursday, the first of four days off for me. According to one of the managers on duty, Tammy should have at least contacted me to let me know of the schedule change. It would have been a simple act of decency that would have greatly earned my respect for the leadership of the RGM. Instead, it just confirmed my suspicions of her generally substandard leadership ability and the fact that she seems to give preferential treatment to those employees she gets along best with.

See, as a long-time Petco customer, I now get to see the other side of the curtain. The facade of customer service, at least at this store, leads me to believe that it is not the type of establishment that I need to continue to give my loyalty to. If this is how they treat their employees at the Aurora Village Petco, then how can I believe that I'm actually receiving genuinely good customer service? It's all fake, after all. Perhaps they only hired me because I'm a veteran of the United States Navy and Petco receives some kind of a tax break for hiring vets. What a way to treat a veteran, Petco!

Posted by Anonymous

I was the cadm at staunton petco store 2862. I went in on a very snowy day to unload the truck, which was driven by a woman that said she had 'never' delivered for petco before & was very upset that the pallets were stacked so heavy and tall.the cashier & her husband arrived before the store opened and came in, the husband ask could he help put pallets in backroom as he seen how we were struggling. only thinking that we were struggling and wanted to get truck unloaded I said yes. Little did I know that I would be terminated for this action. My gm says because he was a non-petco employee and it was a, let me ask, a few months before this, my gm allowed my husband to come in the store and put a shelf over the water fountain & also take the sale stand 'home' and fix it {which is a petco fixture}..isn't that the same thing?? He is not a petco employee, and anything could of happened...I think there needs to be more consistency in the store on following P & P..everyone should be treated equal, including the GM...Maybe this is something that should be looked into. I will be contacting my lawyer on this issue, as unloading the truck is not even 'my' job description.

Posted by aquaman

I am currently "laid off" from the petco I work at. Keep in mind this store is new. There is not another pet store within 25 miles. Their excuse, the advertising department hasn't got our fliers in the news paper yet, so people 4 miles from us don't know we are there. 14 people were hired to open the new store. They laid off 7 within the first 90 days. The bad thing is there are constantly customers complaining about no knowledgeable person in aquatics, except me. Yet I'm still laid off. This store is going to fail to petsmart before long, and petsmart is 30 miles away. Nice company

Posted by FormerGM

I am a former General Manager that worked for PETCO for almost 3 years. The reason I left was because of the cutbacks in staffing. Cutbacks in staffing caused POOR customer service. There were many times that my store had to run on 3 people with me being one of the 3. Heaven forbid that someone was sick and couldn't make their shift. So that leaves one cashier, one person in reptiles/aquatics, and one person in small animals/birds. When it was breaktime, or lunchtime that left two people in the store. You can do the math if we had more than 2 customers. My store did 75k a week in sales, so it was often that we ran into this problem. No it wasn't a scheduling problem, it was an hours problem. PETCO didn't and still doesn't give the stores enough hours to run their business so that it can have happy satisfied repeat customers. Bottom line is PETCO only cares about the Bottom Line!

Posted by Anonymous

Petco is the most underhanded company to ever work for. They promice you a job then give you the run around. Once I contacted corprate office my son was given a job,then turned around about one month later and fired him stating sexual misconduct and slandering the company both of witch are NOT true. The manager of the local store Tammy Jones tried to go behind my sons back to get someone to write a statement stating sexual misconduct and the female employee told the manager she was not being sexual harrassment. Tammy wrote my son up when someone else was telling a story about how funny my son was and thats when Tammy wrote hin up. As for the slandering of the company he posted a comment on facebook that stated he needed a ride to get to the store for a meeting and could not get there and he stated "way to go petco" what a what to take care of your employees".He evcen called anr was told he would get written up if he did not show up. The way I see this is Tammy was called on the carpet for promsing to hire him then go back on her word, she even went as far as telling the groomimg manager to only work him 4 hrs a week.She was looking for a reason to fire him and when I called corperate to discuss the matter I was told a district manager would contact me and its been over 7 days and not call to discuss this. When I contacted corperate today the girl was rude and hung up on me. I even told corperate how Tammy spent several hrs in a mens bathroom with her ex husband while at work, do you think thats professional?? I surely don't. Petco will NEVER receive any further business from me and I will certainly tell all my friends how employees as treated.I hope this local petco goes under and closes thwe store!!!!

Posted by ANON

It makes me laugh how people will pitch a complaint because of a bad experience at ONE store. If you go to any retailer and have a huge complaint, odds are, one of their other stores you won't have that problem. Any retailer obviously won't tell you that their policies often go by the book, but more likely than not, are based on the on-duty manager's judgment. Exceptions can be made, but if you, the consumer, are rude, irate, come in with an attitude, or flip out on them, they'll pretty much tell you to go eff yourself with an apologetic tone cause you pissed them off. Inside, they don't want to help someone who is an a**hole. Show some compassion and more than likely, the store may be willing to do something to help you. Flying off the handle gets you nowhere.

Posted by Anonymous

the grooming dept is a great placeto work.. its fun, exciting and challenging. Everyone there including the store is very helful and extremely nice.


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