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Oster customer service is ranked #398 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 34.90 out of a possible 200 based upon 27 ratings. This score rates Oster customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


26 Negative Comments out of 27 Total Comments is 96.30%.


1 Positive Comment out of 27 Total Comments is 3.70%.

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    • 34.90 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 26 negative comments (96.30%)
    • 1 positive comments (3.70%)
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    • 4.7 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Dave

First the door to my toaster oven stopped closing so I had to use a screw to keep it closed. Then the thermostat broke, so that no matter what temperature I set it to, the elements all just glowed red continuously. If I had not noticed I could have burned my house down. Even when it was working, it made terrible toast and took forever. Never buying an Oster product again and am telling all my friends. If they had any semnlence of customer service this could have been avoided.

Posted by Anonymous

I own a Oster 4 quart. I cleaned it with warm water and soap. The top of the fryer door got totally discolored. Please advise what I could do. It looks like it�s rusted and embarrassing to me when I have people over my residence.

Thank you for your time regarding this matter.

Ronald Fontana

Posted by Anonymous

Apparently Oster hasn't come into the 21st century.. no email to customer service. I had an Oster toaster I used for years and when it seemed to only toast one side of the bread I bought a new OSTER. This one does the same thing.. ONLY TOASTS ON ONE SIDE of the bread. I'm very disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Tried To Contact Oster Several Times This Morning. Message Says To Busy To Talk To Me Buh Bye. I Need To Find Out My Blender Model To Order Replacement Parts. Could The Model Number Be Z-00? It's About 7 Years Old. Are There Other Numbers/letters To The Part Number? If You Can Tell Me This Information I Will Not Bother You Anymore. I Will Find Someone Who Will Take My Order Elsewhere. Seriously Is This How You Treat Your Customers? I Don't Have Time To Talk Click!

Posted by Roberts Carpentry

I purchased a Oster 600W juicer this summer. (June or July 2016, can't find receipt!) I did register my purchase online, so this should suffice for proof of purchase? The juicer was on clearance, as it was probably older stock, but customer service has told me it was 2 years old and warranty is not valid? Can you please check your registration info and verify my date of purchase? Motor is not working at all anymore, after seizing before, and working intermittently. I would like to have the juicer repaired under the terms of warranty, as it's only about 6 months since I actually made this purchase. Please help resolve my concerns.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a 6 serving Dura Ceramic Contact Panini Grill. Its not a cheap one $ 89.99. Unpacked it at home and noticed same peeled off flags around the Cermanc part. Took it back to the store and we inspected it and the same has happend whit the other once.We got another one- same problem. That is now the 4th one we inspected and had default. The Manager ordered me another one. I went to the Store today and we inspected it again and there where again peeled of spots. That is the 5th one. I give up. What is wrong with the inspection? Doesn't anybody care anymore? I wont buy another Oster brand again.

Posted by Anonymous

The bottom hinge on my microwave oven has come loose and the door hangs down when opened. Is this a problem with a screw or a rivet? What is required to do this repair?

Posted by Tammy

I bought an Oster coffee maker PSTX series. Unfortunately the coffee pot leaks where the plastic and metal connect. I would return the product but have misplaced the receipt. I paid good money for this coffee maker I am extremely disappointed by its performance. Since it is brand new I would expect the product to be in perfect working order.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm sooo fed up at buying your product to have it break 3 months down the road I have bought 3 Oster dog grooming clippers in the last year and in a few months they break or the plastic is so old it is falling apart and breaking off the clippers. I pay alot of money into your products from clippers to clipper blades and I'm SOOOO tired of wasting my money. I will not be recommending any product that you guys sell.

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service is atrocious. I emailed several weeks ago stating that our coffee maker decanter had shattered and asked how to go about getting a new one. No response in spite of the promised 3 business days. When I did hear back about two weeks later after I sent a second email, I was told to go to your website and find a supplier. The supplier I found was 4 hours away from me. I called Dorothy's in Edmonton, left a voice mail and never did hear back. So today I tried calling your customer service department directly. I was polite until I was told that I have to again find my own supplier to order the part. I have to buy my own decanter because apparently my coffee maker which I bought last year is no longer under warranty. When I explained to the agent I spoke to that I tried calling the supplier in my area (lol), she told me that she couldnt help me, they don't have the part in inventory, I need to find a supplier and it's basically my problem.

I won't buy your products again. Also, please note that this is the secondition oster coffee maker I have owned. The first one had its decanter shatter as well. I just went a bought a new coffee maker. What a complete waste of money.

Posted by Anonymous

I HAVE GOTTEN POT AND PANS FROM OSTER...MY 12" frying pan when and how it happened

I do not know. it is 3 months old and the pan has a big dent in the bottom..pushing

the fry pan inward... I love this fry pan...but in my 70 years have never seen a defest like this...

requesting a new one.. I will surely return this one.

thank you


Posted by Anonymous

I am Robert Martens, I sent you an email a short while ago because of happened to my toaster oven Mod. TSSTTVXLDG. First I must say that I loved that oven as a matter of fact I still have your blender from 1968. It is far better than the newer ones. But what happened is not right! I bought i at Kmart less than or around 2 years ago. But what happened is a few weeks ago the device that holds the door when it is opened and supports the door so it can't opened started to make a scratching sound it started sticking and was hard to open the and it did not want to close all the way. I was cooking a roast and needed to get it out, but the door would'nt come open. So I tried pulling on the handle a bit harder, but not near hard enough to move the oven. All of a sudden the glass shatterd, since there was no frame around the glass it was hot and it almost exploded it was so sudden. There was'nt a piece bigger than my little finger nail, it hit my hands and arm. Please respond, I just feel this was not right. This flaw is dangerous when 400 degree shards land all over you, Regards Robert Martens.

Posted by Alabama

I purchased the 1.5 qt gel canister ice cream maker. I have used it approximately 4 times. I have used the guide that came with it for recipes and operating instructions. At best, it is a piece of crap. It has NEVER made "ice cream"....I have to pour it out of the canister and freeze it in my freezer. The motor cuts off....etc. Spare yourself the misery.

Posted by georgia

I bought your 20 quart roaster oven to use Christmas, I read your instructions on roasting a 19lb turkey stuffed, the instructions were poor at best I guess China don't have turkeys. I followed your guide, nothing about trusting the big bird but I did. Needless to say the wings and legs touched the side of the roaster and were burned, it cooked way earlier than the guide said, I think the temp was to high. So Christmas dinner was almost lost. Please have better instructions, make your product in U.S.A .

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a hand mixer 7/17/14 and the cord retractor has quit working. It will not retract, and will not let me push the cord into the slot. Please advise.

Posted by Anonymous

i purchased the oster removable pan electric skillet from walmart and the skillet bubbled up the first time i used it. The non stick coating just flakes off. I have read some of the other reviews and, sorry to say oster needs some work on quality.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi Just Wanted To Inform The Company I've Purchased Several Osterizer Blenders That I Had To Return Back To Walmart This Month, Because Each Blender Was Missing The Same Piece( The F). Your Blenders Are The Only Blenders Ive Purchased Through Out The Years, Because Of The Good Quality. I Hope This Matter Will Be Looked Into. Thank You

Posted by Anonymous

I recently purchased an Oster two slice toaster. I must tell you I have never been so dissapointed in a product in my life. First, I did not realize until I tried to use the toaster that you failed to take into consideration that some bread is wider and now it does not fit into the slots. 2. This is the cheesiest toaster I can imagine, it toasts the bread brown on one side and barely toasts the other side at all {I am not using "bagel". This is no way to build product loyalty,I may never buy an Oster product again. Oster is now a far cry fron what it once was. Charles H. Graeff,,

Posted by Emily

It has been god awful. I think I just have a packaging problem for a toaster over shipped from Amazon. Quantities of time online and on the phone starting 6 days ago when it arrived.
I feel like I'm in a third-world country....
This is the third ranked appliance on Comsumer Reports' website!! Unbelievable.

Posted by ?

Have just purchased Oster manual 4 slice toaster. Would like to obtain warranty service. Why is this proving difficult?

Posted by Donna

I was unable to reach Oster customer service by phone. I have a hand mixer and the silver metal is flecking off the blades. Is this dangerous? I know it has to be in my food. What kind of coating is being used? I had another mixer for years and that never happened to the blades.
Should I report this to the consumer safety commission?

Thank you, for your assistance.

Donna Bunce

Posted by Anonymous

I ordered a wall mounted hair dryer from you some time ago and want to know what the status of it is?

Thanks Diana Milling

Posted by hjholliday

I called the company to replace my toaster, as the slots no longer stay up or come up at all. This was a couple of months ago. I called today to see what was the hold up. I was informed that my toaster no longer was under warranty and that unless I could produce a receipt showing that it was purchased within the year, they would not replace it. When I originally called, I was well within the year. Now, that they dropped the ball and failed to process my claim, it isn't covered. Excellent. I will never purchase another product of oster or any of their sister companies. I really could care less about the money. If it wasn't covered in the 1st place I would have just gone out and bought another toaster and not thought another thing about it. Instead I waited and waited and then was condescended to by 2 service reps.

Posted by Anonymous

I reciebed an oster electric knife for thanksgiving and it recently became defective. I went back to the store and they said to contact you request a per- paid shipping label to return the item to you for replacement. I have attempted to call several times and got busy signals each of 7 times over 3 days . Please contact me below to facilitate the service exchange of repair .

Bob Goldner

Posted by tea kettle user

I bought a digital electric kettle at the end of December. Today is Feb 25 and it no longer heats water. This is my second kettle by Oster. I liked it for the temp control settings. I am not going to buy another Oster kettle. What a disappointing kettle. Buyer beware!!

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Posted by Anonymous

Called the customer service number when my blender jar broke and after a short wait I spoke to a representative who shipped a replacement to me with no charge and no mention of the warranty. Great customer service!

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