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Oreck customer service is ranked #386 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 35.16 out of a possible 200 based upon 18 ratings. This score rates Oreck customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


17 Negative Comments out of 18 Total Comments is 94.44%.


1 Positive Comment out of 18 Total Comments is 5.56%.

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    • 35.16 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 17 negative comments (94.44%)
    • 1 positive comments (5.56%)
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Posted by Skeeter

I received an email telling me I can get a free cleaning for my vacuum. When I went to the store, the sales rep tried to sell me everything under the sun, my vacuum was still working like a champ and I didn't need anything but the free cleaning that was offered. They said it would be 5-6 days. I asked for a receipt for dropping it off, he said the service ticket (they kept) was all that was needed. This was on May 2nd, 2018. On May 12th I went back to the store to pick it up, they said I didn't drop it off until May 10th (which was a lie). Now I'm concerned if they didn't log it in until May 10th, how do they no which vacuum was mine. Will I get MY vacuum back. Service agent was the same one I dropped it off with. I told him he had until the 16th to have MY vacuum ready for me to pick up. This is in the Maplewood, MN location. I have had my vacuum since 2012 and it is a good vacuum. I previously traded it on this one and have dealt with this store on numerous occasions. The quality of service has really declined. Need a new sales associate!!

Posted by Mjean

I just spoke to Jason, in the Santa Monica store. I told him my long story of dealing with a man named Kale. He seemed to know exactly why I was so frustrated. I left a previous review about Kale, who is rude, disrespectful, and I would go as far to say, a liar.

Anyway Jason was very respectful, nice and genuine. He promised to call me back, and he did. He promised to try and get help for me, and I finally felt some relief that my problem with Oreck, namely Kale in Santa Monica, would be resolved.

Thank you Jason for showing respect and professionalism, which one should do in any customer service. I am very thankful I finally got to speak with someone other than the very rude disrespectful, Kale. Who is doing harm to Oreck's name. This man needs to take curtious classes, or be fired as soon as possible.

Thank you again, Jason it was a pleasure, and a relief to know someone finally listen and heard what was going on.

The below reviews are on Kale, not Jason.

Martha Lennon

Posted by Anonymous

Oreck store in greensburg pa route 30 location does not return customer calls promply

Posted by Lester

My Oreck power scrubber broke while under warranty. Took it to the repair shop oreck customer service sent me to. Each time I call repair shop says oreck sent the wrong part and they should replace the machine. Customer service puts me on hold, calls the repair shop and then advises me that they have instructed them to order the correct part. This has happened 3 times. I took the machine (M900) to the repair shop in April. It is now September. 5 months! To say I am dissatisfied would be an understatement.

Posted by Anonymous

The absolute worst at repairs and customer service,,,do yourself a favor,,,NEVER do business with this company,,,have no clue how Oreck has managed to stay in business!!!!

Posted by WTH

I purchased a Oreck rinse-a-matic,steemer ultra.This appears to be a easy piece of equipment out of the box.I should have returned this nightmare.I had to wrestle with putting the water tank on,it would not pop,slide, or lock in place to get a suction.Finally after 20 minutes,it worked.Now attempting to use once again,cslled customer service,put a little lotion on the nipples,another wrestling match.For fear of getting arrested I would give this to a salvage company for just what it is a piece of junk, they don't want it.This is my perception.I truly will not purchase any oreck products

Posted by Anonymous

VERY MAD CONSUMER...LIVE IN PHILADELPHIA PA.BROUGHT 4 oreck vacuums for my business. They are crap, they have been back to the oreck store a dozen times since I brought them.Only had them 13 months. Ardmore area,I have two their now it is taking them almost two months to fix them. WHY??? Sales man is very Rude.. What can I do. They guarantee their vacuums??? Don't think so.. ok now it's time to call the BBB ON THEM... better business bureau.. whatcha think???

Posted by Cleanqueen

I have an Oreck 100 steamer. I have replaced the head after using it about a dozen times. With the new head and using it just two times, inside where the head attaches to the handle, the plastic shattered causing steam to come out the top. Oreck's customer service was of no help. They basically told me it is out of warranty so sorry for your luck! My dealer was trying to get me to buy a newer version. Are you kidding me!

Posted by I was a loyal Oreck customer

I bought their carpet cleaner machine. First time I used it, I wound up with a huge puddle on my wooden floors because a hose came loose. Had to take it back to them, I couldn't see where to reattach it, they assured me they secured it now with tie wraps & it should be good...WRONG...same puddle. When I called them I admit I was angry, the Owner did nothing to satisfy me, just gave me a lecture & hung up on me!! So rude, so I called back & got a worker, to quote him "go ahead & report us, we are the #1 Oreck ctr. They wouldn't do anything to us anyway". Real nice Oreck corporation, these are the type of people you have representing your company. It's because of this treatment you have lost a loyal customer!! Stay away from the Carle Place store people

Posted by JANE

I have and Oreck carpet cleaner and it does a great job when it works.
Every time I use it I have a problem. The cleaning lq in the small containers are very expensive. I have used the machine less then 10 times and have had it in the shop 3 times. I will put it in the church rummage sale and buy another brand. It may not do as good of a job, but hopefully I won't have all the frustrations! Jane Zehnder

Posted by blazer

Chapter11. Now know why after 3 e-mails no contact, and service rep very rude. Sent my oreck back. (Junk)
When took it in for a tune-up salesman advice we don't cary that model, and tried to sell me another brand for $799.99, and allowing me $100.00 trade in.

Posted by Anonymous

I am in need of vacuum bags for my Oreck and I called the local store (20 miles rt from my house). The store is open on Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00. I arrived at 1:30 and the store was not open. I waited around till 2:00 and the store was still not open. I asked the clerks in the next store if they knew anything and was told that the person who should be there has trouble getting there on time. He used to call at times to ask them to put on sign on the door, but the manager said "no more" Altamonte Springs, FL

Posted by Pam Travis

I recently purchased an Oreck XL Edge. I hadn't had it two months when the cord came loose from the handle and the base of the vacuum falls when you pick it up. This vacuum is a piece of junk. I was sold on Oreck years ago with an upgrade XL but this Edge is not worth having. I called customer service and was told I had to take to the Oreck dealer. Well should it not last longer than 2 months??? The closest dealer is about 30 miles away. It's kind of hard to take and leave it there when I use this for my work. I would not advise anyone to purchase this machine.

Posted by BKNY

Not a happy customer! I took my Oreck to the York Pa. store for a check up. The sales person Kevin said I needed a new brush. I told him not now that I don't use it that much, he said that's what everyone says. He was very rude. I will never get a Oreck vacuum again!

Posted by Kim

I recently went in to the Oreck outlet store in Mayfield Hts, OH to claim my free tuneup from a flyer I received in the mail. My Oreck vacuum is 10yrs old and still runs great and was serviced last year. Upon walking into the store, I was approached in an aggressive manner, and was subsequently berrated for attempting to service such an old vacuum. Mike Saracene, the worker from the store, was rude, abrupt, and treated me like I was not even wanted it the store unless I was going to consider trading my vacuum in for a new model. I was being lectured on all the parts that would need replaced, etc., and how the "free offer" isn't even worth doing. I was offended and embarrassed and surprised that this employee was so shocked that the wonderful Oreck vacuum was still functioning after all these years. I will never return to this store because of Mike and I think he should consider working in a place where he has no contact with consumers or the public. I took my vacuum and left the store without claiming my free tuneup...thanks for nothing.

Posted by BBrown

I find it incredulous that my XL21 user's guide does not identify the roller brush among the 34 parts otherwise listed! Why isn't such a critical part shown and listed? The Rockville, Maryland Oreck dealer told me my roller brush needs to be replaced at costs of $49.95. He, too, was puzzled that this part is not listed, apparently in ANY of the Oreck manuals!

Robert W. Brown

Posted by Anonymous

Took my Oreck in for its annual cleaning and tune-up ... service technician told me it would be 2 or 3 days. I've usually get it back the same day or the next day at the latest. I called today (third day) and he tells me that it usually takes a week!!! For cleaning and tune-up????? Come on!!!

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Posted by Hard on carpet cleaning

This website will not accept positive comments on Oreck machines which have served me flawlessly for over 10 years under impossible conditions.

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