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Orbitz customer service is ranked #357 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 36.31 out of a possible 200 based upon 978 ratings. This score rates Orbitz customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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    • 885 negative comments (90.49%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I had a very bad experience in this 5 star hotel and am going to share
it with everyone. I checked in around 10pm on Nov 9, 17 (3 nights). On
the morning after, my husband & I went down to lobby to get
breakfast around 8:45am, 45 minutes later he came back to the room and
found out that the cash envelope was left inside his wallet was gone
(all cash /1,140 usd). He reported it to the front office and the
manager came in with IT technician to check the door lock, which
showed a housekeeper opened the lock at 9:05am and my husband came to
open it again at
9:43am. We were asking local Zurich polices to investigate and also
do a request fingerprint search + floor hallway camera search but
both sides (hotel manager and 3 police officers) denied my request.
The hotel manager brought the housekeeper who serviced my room and
her supervisor in but of course that lady said "NO", even
though her face looked very pale. After more than an hour
interviewing ours and that lady (separately), everything was gone.
And then, late that evening I got a police report like that:
"Die unbekannte Taterschaft entwendet Bargeld aus einer
Umhangetasche, wetche im Hotelzimmer auf dem Burotisch abgestellt
war. Sie fluchtet unerkannt in unbekannte Richtung." I brought
this to get translate from all customers in Lobby they all shook
their head on this story. After 45 minutes have passed after the
incident happened, the front end manager and 3 local police
officers could not find out who is and all customers in lobby said
those officers
+ manager tried to cover up to their employee. When police officers
and the manager were in our room, I told them this: I had been
through many many hotels for much traveling and that I made a big
mistake to put my
#1 trust in this 5 star Marriott hotel and also to very honest
Switzerland people while all of them were ready to betray mine.
Even though there was proof from when the IT technician retrieved
the data of the times when the door lock was opened which showed
the housekeeper was the one who came into my room in that time
frame, they claimed that they could not find any conclusion. I
showed the police report to everyone and all have had big laugh on
it. How about yours?? I would need more opinions about this. All
though will be very much appreciated. I still kept local Zurich
police report as well.

Posted by Orbitz

Need to talk.to.a live person immediately before I pay for my.flightd. Have to review with my driver.

Posted by Anonymous

trip was great. Private car did not meet us at the airport. trying to get my money back was a pain. No one UNDERSTOOD ENGLISH. Oline and the phone for over 30 min.

Posted by Anonymous

I booked for a friend and his wife at the Best Western Plus, 25 Willow Springs Road, Lexington, Virginia 24450 with Best Western Reservation The dates were 4/27/17 through 4/29/17. The Best Western hotel clerk said the reservation came from Expedia. I tried to cancel the reservation and the Best Western Plus Hotel knows I want it canceled; however, Best Western said I must call Expedia to cancel. Juan at Expedia tried to assist but finally said I need an Expedia confirmation number to cancel. I did not receive an Expedia reservation/confirmation number but my credit card was charged.

My questions, why wasn't I provided an Expedia confirmation number, why is it so difficult for Expedia to cancel the reservation, and why do I have such a bad feeling about my capability to quickly resolve this charge problem.

Posted by Anonymous

On November 13, 2016, I began to purchase two tickets from Heathrow, London, England, to Portland, Oregon, USA, for May 19, 2017. As far as I was concerned the transaction was not completed because we had not decided whether we wanted to spend an overnight in Iceland. Charges for the flight appeared on my credit card on 11/13/2016. I have tried twice to cancel this flight. First with IcelandAir. They told me the transaction had not been completed and I would have to cancel with you. I e-mailed you and there has been no response from you, or refund to my credit card. In the meantime, I am paying interest on these charges. If these charges are not refunded within the next 48 hours, I will contact both Oregon and California Attorneys General and lodge complaints.

Posted by Renata Siffert

On the 20th of October, I booked a trip from Oslo to Miami. On the 31st of October I called Orbitz.com customer service to change the dates of my tickets, It took me one hour on the phone, I was informed of the fees to change the flight date and provided my credit card details. I had to change the date of the outbound flight again, so another one hour on the phone with customer service on the 4th of November, I was informed of an additional cost of USD 528,00 and provided my credit card information. So it was confirme to me on the phone by the consultant that my outbound flight was moved to the 13th of November as per my request. On the evening of the 12th of November, I called the airline to request seats since I am a frequent flyer. For my surprise, I was informed that the reservation was never ticketed and I needed to call Orbitz to have this fixed. Then the real nightmare started. I called (Oslo time) on 12th of November for assistance and after exact 53 minutes on the phone and my issue far from being resolved, the call got cut and I received no call back. Since there was no call back, I called again, it was 00:22 (Oslo time) on 13th of November. I spoke to 4 different persons, and was hold on the phone for 4 hours, exactly FOUR HOURS being transferred from consultant to consultant and all of them seemed like they had no clue on what to do, they would put me on long holds while calling another call center in order to ask what to do...the consultants were nervous and some treated me in a rude way. After 4 hours on the phone, my issue was still not resolved and the call got cut...this time I get a call back. The call back was at 4:24 (Oslo time) on the 13th of November...The call lasted one hour. So at 5:30 in the morning, when I was supposed to be in the airport for my international flight which was scheduled for 7:25 am of that same day, I was just finishing a very frustrating call. I could not sleep the night before my trip, I was forced to spend the whole night on the phone begging for solution. The consultant informed me that since the changes I requested were never really performed and no tickets issued, and since it was their mistake, I would be charged only the amount I was supposed to pay for the latest change I requested, USD 528,00. The consultant also forced me to accept a change on my returning flight, she said that it would cost too much for Orbitz to keep my original returning flight and buy only a one way for my outbound flight and made it clear that this would not happen, they would not pay for that. 5:00 am on the morning of my flight, tired after spending all night on the phone and desperate because I could not miss the outbound flight, I had hotels and meetings booked, I had to accept the change on the return flight. So for my surprise, when checking my bank account yesterday, I notice that I was actually charged USD 1050,00 instead of USD 528,00. So after all, I still get overcharged. This is total lack of respect and compromise with the customer. What serious company make a customer spend the whole night on the phone????? What serious company refuses to fix their mistake but instead imposes conditions to the customer in order to get the issued resolved? What serious company after giving hell to the customer, charges the customer double of the honest amount that should be debited from the customer's card? So now, I probably have to come home tired after work and spend another whole night on the phone begging for a refund. I totally lost respect for this agency.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Orbitz, I am Nan Gouin Mandala. I made 2 bookings on Sunday 20/ November from my computer in Hong Kong! You have not sent me my e-tickets and when I try to log into my account you have no record of my upcoming tickets. you have 24/7 service but I have been trying to contact you all day. My number in Hong Kong I need to make a minor change to the Boston FF ticket within 24 hours....but I cannot locate my booking on your system. Please help!! Sincerely,


Posted by Anonymous

Dear Orbitz,

You have the WORST customer service! Twice you have changed my flight and all I wanted to do was talk to someone IN THE UNITED STATES who speaks plain English and is COMPETENT to resolve problems that YOU CREATED. And yet, that is an impossible request because Orbitz is so pathetic. I will NEVER use it again! Most other companies were wise enough to understand that talking to untrained people overseas is pathetic, but not your stupid organization.

Posted by Robert Mack

I booked a flight . I arrive on time was told my 12:55 Sept 2 2016 was cancelled, was not given a reason.I was upset because my flight was changed to 10am, I had a job interview in Raliegh at 4:15 pm which I fail to make, also a family gathering at 6pm.Now I was upsetand disappointed because neither American Airlines or Orbit travel textedor via phone/ email me the flight was cancelled. Prior to coming to airport I had worked that evening and with little rest before and after news of cancellations because it was inconvenience to go home, and unable to get a hotel due to my budget.I just hope in the future if I choose or recommend Orbitz you think to notify your customers of flight changes.I have been happy with Oritz but my last two trips I have experience a change in customer service.p

Posted by mike

my hotel was cancelled due to weather problem.I informed the hotel as well as orbitz about this and they said I wont be charged any money and even then my credit card was charged.When I got in touch with When I call their call center they don't know what to answer as they are located in india or some other countries.
ITs ridiculous.They are soooo unprofessional.

They are thieves and thugs..Stay away from this site.

Posted by Anonymous

So orbitz frauded me for 580.00 this june. I called and spoke with their cs before giving my card over the phone for a special room I needed they were advertising in la. After making sure that room was available I glady gave the girl my card and drove 8 hours to la. After getting there I learned there was no such room. After calling orbitz and was on phone for 4 hours while waiting for a manager because they kept calling the hotel manager asking him to accommodate me, but hotel manager kept telling orbitz he can't give me a room that doesn't exist in his hotel. I told orbitz to refund my money but they said no not until they listened to a recorded line of their cs rep messing up. I told them I needed the money to book another place but they said no it would be refunded in 7 to 9 business days. So I told them they were frauding me and I was hung up on after 4 hours. How can a company take your money for something that doesn't exist and not call the fraud?? Now it has been a month and nothing is being done.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought my flight tickets with Orbitz to fly with TAP from Sao Paulo (Brazil) to Madrid (Spain).
On my way back home, TAP changed the date and time of the flight, but Orbitz didn´t inform me and I just heard about it when doing check in at airport. So I had to go to a hotel to spend the night once the flight was 12 hours later than the planned.
I called the airline direct and they said they couldn't help me because I had to deal direct with Orbitz. Then I call then and spent more than 3 hours (on 4 separate occasions) and most part of time I was waiting and at the end, they told me they have nothing to do.
I want Orbitz refund me on the hotel and dinner.

Posted by Anonymous

Very disappointed. Paid for hotel up front and was charged again by hotel. It was considerably less than Orbitz and now I have to deal with the dispute.

Posted by Ahmed

Booked a ticket 2 ways from Chicago to Alexandria,EGYPT by Turkish airline in March 2016. first flight was ok and everything was fine. On July 15th was a coup in turkey and USA stopped any flight from Istanbul - where I have transit - so I called the Customer service and they sent to me an Email to confirm my flight and they told me I should be ok and no worry.
July 17th I am getting ready to go to airport and they while they sent to me an cancelation for my flight from Istanbul to Chicago.Called again the customer service and try to explain that I need to go back to USA ASAP, They said We will give your money back ( TOTAL AMOUNT WHICH IS 890$ ) and I need to book another ticket.I said Ok and start looking for cheap ticket and as you know last minute flight ticket should be expensive.
Anyway I booked another Ticket and now after struggling with this mess, they give me 462$ only back because I used already the first flight. I said Of course I will use my ticket because I book it and need it and you guys the one who cancel it and throw me under the bus.
they changed their mind and I keep calling them Everyday for 2 hours and they put me on hold and no one want to help me. I am so mad and disappointed and never have business with them again.
Hope I can find someone who can help me.

Posted by Jorge


I need to make a name change in passage for my wife January 2017.


Or if not I can not make hotel booking

Posted by Disgusted with Orbitz

Worst. Customer. Service. Ever.
After 6 phone calls, the last of which they put me on hold for over half hour, trying to resolve a cancellation, that THE HOTEL ALREADY HAD PROCESSED. The Hotel wanted an additional $100.00 over the booking price IN CASH, which is obviously shady. When I told the hotel, that I would not pay, they gave me a hard time, but then relented and advised to contact Orbitz directly to cancel the reservation. I did so, and The Orbitz team, which could not figure this out on their own, actually gave me as a resolution to the obvious price gouge, "Since the hotel has a no cancellation policy, Maybe you can just find a friend to take the reservation" As if the shady business practice, might be more agreeable to me, if a friend or family member was getting the shaft! I would not book through Orbitz again if my life depended on it. Terrible....shameful, but tthen again, thats what you get when you farm your customer service to a country that pays pennies a day to their employees.

Posted by Wish

what a horrible experience this was. The car was not available on the pick up day and I had to cancel my trip.The insurance that I bought from orbitz was a rip off according to the car rental agent. It took three days of phone calls to get a refund. Their customer service is a scam, when you ask for a refund they put you on hold and do not come back ever. I had one tell me she issued a refund and even gave me a bogus confirmation number. I finally got someone who did not put me on hold and sent me a refund receipt to me email address instantly, the others were all just lying to me and hoping I would just give up. I have yet to see the refund, as they told me it could take fifteen days. They took the money two weeks before the trip date instantly but giving you an instant refund is impossible. I recommend you use some other agency for your booking. It should be called orbutts.

Posted by kay

I tried booking a flight to Fort Lauderdale from Kingston Jamaica for July 29 2016 and then back to Kingston on September 29 2016. When I entered the card details and submit i got an error. I called Orbitz who told me there was no booking yet when I checked with my bank there was a deduction for Spirit airline and 2 separate hold for the same amount for JetBlue. I have made calls to Spirit airline and JetBlue both are not seeing a reservation. So am stuck with no resolution..Orbitz I do believe are Scammers with uneducated representatives. I have not been able to get any help from Orbitz or the Airlines.so I have to be making claims throuh my bank because i believe this is scam

Posted by Anonymous

Hello we Rino and limot Tsror bouth two tickets from TLV to Tirana.

I have to cancel those tickets due to my halth.

At sundsy Imy wife bring me to hospital with hot Choaecystitis and at hospitalthey made gallbladder surgery.

Tillnow I am at hospitalsnd need to bo mor few days than I have to wait one mor week for stiching remove and than few mor week to test

So I have to cancel our flight for this year

Please dhelp as to refund the ticket fee

Thanks ahead

Rino and Limor Tsror

Posted by [email protected]


Just a year ago I had to cancel a subscription (SF to Sarasota, Fl) because my husband had emergency surgery. During the rest of the year we had so many medical issues, I delayed and finally forgot about the unused tickets we purchased from Orbitz.Just today while searching for some photos, I came across a cellphone photo of my trip confirmation on Delta. I phoned Delta, was told the tickets had been 'voided out' but I was given the ticket numbers.

I did not receive any kind of refund from Orbitz. Should I have?

Could you kindly tell me the status of these tickets?

June Brott

Eugene Brott

Posted by cali805

Contacted them three times about the best price guarantee. Have not even heard one response! Seriously why claim to have the best price guarantee when there is none! The lower price that I found was from their own website! I attached the print screen for the same date, hotel, room type and flight! I am going to post this around and send a complain to BBB.

Posted by Anonymous

This was absolutely the worst experience of my life. I never have had an experience like this before and I hope I never will again. It was a costly lesson, that won't be repeated by me!

Posted by Anonymous

I am totally devistated on receiving my credit card bill for accommodation booked for Gold Coast conference. All information on the booking showed value in Australian dollars but I was charged in US dollars so in actual fact it wasn't reasonably prices - ended up damned expensive for 2 nights. No where could I find that I would be charged in $US. If you are booking accommodation in auz DO NOT USE THIS SITE. I have learned the hard way.

Posted by SD

I booked an iceland air flight for my family(my husband, son and I) and misspelled my son's last name. When I realized the mistake I called orbitz to correct it, the first time the rep said they werent able to contact Iceland air, after putting me on hold for 32 minutes and asked me to call back. I did, and this time I was put on hold for 1 hr 30 minutes, and the name change apparently happened. The red gave me a new iceland air conf number that had my son's corrected last name, BUT this time he was entered as an adult. She assured me that this mistake will be corrected and I should see everytthing corrected within 6-24 hours. Unfortunately, I really have nothing else to do but to wait to see if this will be corrected. How does a simple name correction take an hour and a half, and why can't the agents/reps call us back when the 'system' is functioning? She said the policy was to not call the customers back! Terrible terrible service, terrible policies. THIS IS AFTER I AGREED TO PAY FOR A NAME MISSPELLING!

Posted by Alma

Terrible customer service! Was hung up on TWICE! And that's after waiting forever on the phone each time! As soon as i mentioned best price guarantee, they hung up on me.
The Best Price Guarantee seems like a scam! we submitted a claim and they replied back saying we had 3 adults in our current reservation while the screenshot of the lower prices showed only 2 adults and 1 child. Sent them back a reply following their instructions and showed them our itinerary (screenshot again) that we in FACT had 2adults and 1 child. How do you mess that up?!?! Anyways, the email said if we believed the decision was made in error (duh it was) then to email them back with necessary documentation. We did that and still no reply!!! Here's the kicker, the lower price package was their own website. How do you not pricematch that. We followed all instructions and our claim was submitted within 24hrs!

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

I actually didn't go through Orbitz but I should have!! Our Frontier flight from San Francisco to Orlando got completely screwed up by the airline and we were a full day late getting home. Another lady on the flight booked through Orbitz. She got a full refund and a flight home the same day (no delay) on a different airline. We still have not even heard back from our many complaints we sent to Frontier. I will always book through Orbitz from now on, you guys impressed me!!

Posted by clarissa

We arrived on last night and found that our confirmation was never sent to Palisades Resort. I called the resort and spoke with Debbie was going to reserve a handicap / wheelchair accessible room for us. Unfortunately, the confirmation was not sent and subsequently the reqired accommodation was not made. It is not fair that we may have to make additional alterations to our trip due to your negligence. We came to visit our brother who is in a wheelchair. His coming here may add additional inconvenience in his trying to maneuver throughout the room.

Posted by evde

Orbitz is a handy site. Could improve significantly by also quoting prices in Euro and including taxes in the prices it shows. Hotwire does...
Not possible to make suggestions on their site..

Posted by Bette, Lauren, and Erin

We went through two days to get hold of someone. We called last night to upgrade to a deal with our cruise line and were disconnected from the representative with the line and had to call Orbitz because that was what it was booked through.We were on hold for over 3 hours and eventually had to give up because it was too late at night. On top of that, though, I'd been in contact with their Customer Care on Twitter and that still gave no help at all. I called again this afternoon, 25 minute hold which I was thrilled about, but they didn't know about the deal we were talking about. Not the agents fault at all, more a family misunderstanding I believe. The agent was friendly and I believe did her best to assist us and dealt well with my 81 year old grandmother retelling everything I said which was great. The system is slightly flawed and we're disappointed that we couldn't get our upgrade but the service was very good.

Posted by Eduardo

Being honest, the services provided to me on 02/11/14 were excellent, in the middle of thousand claim for cancelled flights I was able to do my reschedule with no problem.
Thanks Mrs rose at Orbitz !

Eduardo Vila

Posted by racacharlie

Just called customer servive number listed on this page to add a couple days to my vacation and it didn't even take 5 minutes, very easy and pleasant experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Orbitz is very good company service is good. agents are great and fares and package deal are literally GREAT DEAL!. please use orbitz.com. Nice Customer service experience!

Posted by Kanyarat

Dear Orbitz

I made a reservation of Flight ticket from Bangkok to Manchester on 23 July about 18 pm . And your website told me that my credit card cannot be used. Then I check it with my Bank at Thailand, they said that your website have finished the process of my reservation, and amount of money, about 1294 us are in my credit card receipt already. However, you did non confirm about the status of our ticket and did not send anything to me by e-mail. Therefore, please check it for me. Thank you

Kanyarat (your customer)

Posted by Anonymous

After reading all the comments here, I was pretty apprehensive about contacting Orbitz for help on a hotel booking problem. I reached an agent named Melody on July 15 2013 with relatively little problem through their automated call system. She was very helpful and was able to make the change I needed without my being charged an additional fee - which is what I dreaded was going to happen. My hotel subsequently confirmed that the change had been made and everything was OK. I need to give credit to Orbitz for helping me resolve the problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Re: Orbitz record locator:
United Airlines Confirmation:

Depart: Thursday, November 21 UA1077

Return: Monday, November 25 UA1595

I am a 72 year old widow and senior citizen (will be 73 this month). I made a reservation through Orbitz with United Airlines to attend my 55th reunion in Miami Beach on June 26th, for departure on Thursday, November 21st, returning on Sunday, November 24th. I later learned that there was an event scheduled for November 24th and on July 1st, when I requested that my return flight be scheduled a day later, November 25th, I was told that I would be charged a $230 fine ($200 by United and $30 by Orbitz) for changing my flight.

I spoke to Phyllis Davis of United Airlines (832-235-2027) with my feelings concerning this "punishment" being a bit steep since no damage was done to United since this reservation was being made five months in advance and I was still using United, only returning a day later from this momentous event. Phyllis told me she understood my concerns but that it was up to Orbitz, and that I should contact Orbitz regarding this matter since United did not collect the money, it was collected by Orbitz.

I hope you can find it in your heart to reimburse that "punishment" fine.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything you can do for me.


Stephanie Kennedy


Posted by os

This is just an update to the comment below. I just received an apology email from Orbitz. They are also promising us credit for the service fee which in our case means that we are getting back every single dollar we paid.
While it is premature, since the money has not yet been credited to our account, I am presuming that they would follow up on their promise this time. I would be (negatively) surprised and will update further if things do not work out fine from here on. So a provisional thanks and credit to Orbitz for satisfactorily addressing our concern and complaint.
Still, it is distressing to note that the customer service is horrible and that Orbitz tries to make the customer jump through hoops to get satisfactory service. I feel that if I did not go through all this trouble I might not have seen the money. Having said that, admitting and addressing it, suggests that they are aware of the issue and are trying to rectify it. During our research into this issue we came across several other cases of aggrieved customers who did not get satisfactory service from Orbitz and after effort similar to ours, Orbitz representatives did try to get in touch with these customers to resolve it. That it took posting on public websites to get attention is worrisome.
Still, it must be acknowledged that they have thousands and thousands of customers who book through Orbitz and never come into any trouble. What would be great is to see what percentage of people seamless, great customer service once they contact customer service. I consider case closed until proven otherwise.

Posted by Joyce S.

On two separate occasions, your staff were extremely heplfully in resolving my concerns. The first was Jamie who assisted me with cancelling a flight that I had booked in error. She even help by contacting the bank to drop the hold on my credit so that I could reorder the correct flight. She then called me to ensure everything was corrected. Now, today, Monica assisted my by confirming the seats I had selected on my flight to Las Vegas because I had received information that there were flight changes. Thank You, Jamie and Monica!

Posted by JP GILL

I had trouble changing tickets. It took no more than the required amount of time to resolve. Katy in N. Dakota was my savior. She was looking after my best interest. She did excellent work on a complicated flight schedule, I'm beyond satisfied.

Posted by Rinz3tsu

Any Online travel agency is bound by the rules that the airline has mandated on their ticket in which even I as a consumer tends to ignore until I need to make changes or cancel my reservation. I understand the other customer's frustration wherein the fees are so hilariously high but taking it out on the online travel agency does not make sense at all. If the airlines decide to change or cancel the flight the online travel agency will try their best to find possible recommendation within the rules provided by airline its not that they cant help its the airline who has the final say on what can be done and depending on the available flights provided by the airlines. If Delta cancels your flight the travel agency can not put you in a flight with United if the airline will not agree to do so. Shooting the messenger will do no good. Try to understand the limited options provided by the airlines to your Online Travel Agency.

Posted by zoe3rd

I was very fortunate to speak with Angeli from Orbitz on 9/29/12 at 11:30 pm EST. She was not only helpful, she was thorough and knowledgable.

Posted by M. Schmitz

After posting a negative comment due to a change in my ticket by the airline and no progress over the customer care, one of the social network care team named Sabrina asked me to write down my problem I had with orbitz to investigate.
One day later I got a call from her where she apologized for the changes on my ticket initiated by the airline, the negative impression about CC and changed my routing within 10 minutes. 2 days later everything is perfect!

For this problem solving: all thumbs up!

Thanks again for your great support!

M. Schmitz from Germany

Posted by Lalima

I always book through Orbitz almost all my trips. I have been using or three years now. In fact, some times the fare looks more on their web and when I go and buy it would be cheaper than what it was on the web. Some rewards for loyalty, I guess. I strongly recommend Orbitz for trips and Hotel accommodations. I never had any bad experience so far.
Thank you Orbitz.


Posted by Sugoi

I've been using Orbitz as a mean to plan my trips in advance and to collate all my travel information in case I might need to submit some documents for reimbursement. Over all I have a pleasant experience with the people in the company although at times I might get some bad apples in the group every organization has one. I just don't understand all the complains that I am seeing here, when changes are made on a flight schedule its not the travel agency that does that it's the airline. If they do change your reservation as to be re-accommodated to another flight the the airline has. If you the agent is not any to find any they can refund the cost of the ticket. Just because you booked the reservation with the travel agency doesn't mean that they can change your airline as well remember rules are present in any reservation you make they can only work within the rules of the airline.

Posted by Janetrpalmer

I got the help I needed in a timely and very courteous manner!! Thanks so much!!

Posted by Joseph

I found the customer service really good as all the executives i talked with were knowledgeable I got every information correct and really satisfied with the service

Posted by Mattitude

I left a comment on 5/7/12 regarding a serious issue I had with Orbitz and their lack of notifying us in time that our international flight was cancelled due to airline strike. They have recently owned up to their mistake and have made amends. Although I did not intend to use Orbitz again, there response was both professional and honest, and I will continue to use them going forward.

Posted by Anonymous

I had booked an airline ticket with Orbitz and I wanted to compliment Orbitz on a job well done. Unfortunately our connecting plane in Salt Lake City had problems and we had to deplane and wait for a new one to be available for us to continue our flight. Orbitz continually sent me text messages and kept us up to date with what was happening with the flight, more than the airline did. They even sent me a message telling me since we were now delayed almost 2 hours what would be the correct arrival time now to our final destination. I can't say enough good things about the service I received from Orbitz.

Posted by natjoy

Orbitz customer service was quick to help us cancel our reservation once we realized we had booked a terrible hotel and made a new reservation for us in a very nice one.
The representative was experienced, supportive and resolved our issue very quickly. They even had me stay on the line until they called the front desk to clear up our reservation issues.

Posted by ????

orbitz was great to me, especially in a bad situation.sper 8 falsely advertised a price and orbitz fought with their corperate.the entire super 8 add was a lie,it said completely remodeled,it was a dump.but orbitz did their part.the room was dirty,ac not working properly,had a stick tokeep windows from opening 2 of 3 locks broke on door.the continental breakfast must have been from a dirty little continent,i would look into dropping this hotel so it doesn't bring your ratings down. ART

Posted by ebarker57

Okay, This is easy, we booked 6 tickets from SF to Belfast in early January 2012. Waited until prices looked good on Orbitz and spent 6000.00 plus dollars. On the 18th of january the same ticket on Orbitz was 100.00 dollars less per person. Orbitz is trying to tell me that no one got this price. The plane was packed, the price was on Orbitz for the exact same itinerary. I confirmed the "price assurance" deal in February was going to be effective for our purchase. When I called Orbitz (had to set aside a day to do that) I was informed that I was out of luck. Will someone please go back and research what I am speaking of. I feel Orbitz has made an error.

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Posted by vdagcuta

"Customer" in the first place orbitz never cancelled any of your flight reservation. infact Orbitz provides great customer service. We always look for reaccomodation for you "Customers"

Posted by vlao12

Some customers do not read policies.All they do is complain. They expect Orbitz to do everything for them even spoon-feeding them.You forget that u as passengers and customers have responsibilities too. Orbitz agents work so hard to help u. Theyre not some financial institute to refund all the money u paid for if u do not like your reservations anymore.Learn how to read rules and restrictions.Learn how to review before agreeing and book.You're not the only busy people in the world.Try working as customer service rep and you guys will know theyre not just sitting on their asses.

Posted by What

I love the comment that they had to wait for 30 minutes! Do you even realize how busy a company can get? Do you even know how hard those employees work? People nowadays have nothing better to do than complain!!


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