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Oracle customer service is ranked #853 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 19.87 out of a possible 200 based upon 68 ratings. This score rates Oracle customer service and customer support as Terrible.


67 Negative Comments out of 68 Total Comments is 98.53%.


1 Positive Comment out of 68 Total Comments is 1.47%.

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    • 19.87 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 67 negative comments (98.53%)
    • 1 positive comments (1.47%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.4 Issue Resolution
    • 1.5 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 3.1 Friendliness
    • 1.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by DZnuts123

Every day I have to call them for Opera and the interfaces that constantly keep failing.
Terrible Customer Server - Constantly placing users on hold and constantly transferring my calls

Posted by Herman

My Oracle Primavera Software went down for some unexplained reason. Reported the issue/fault with Oracle Customer Support, however it's been over a week and still not sorted. It's the worst service I've ever seen from a company. Why do we pay for a support licence and there's no support. It's like Oracle is just stealing our money. An independent company fixed my Primavera software free of charge. Oracle please close your doors, useless.

Posted by qA

I can thoroughly empathize and sympathize on the some of the feedback shared. I too have similar pathetic experience with Oracle Support. I often question myself and wonder, why the heck we are paying them support cost. Horrible and Pathetic support service.

Posted by OracleUser

Using the words Customer Support for Oracle is an oxymoron. It takes weeks for them to actually resolve something. They often respond to tickets just repeating the problem, I guess to show they "worked" on the ticket to satisfy their reporting metrics. The workers are not knowledgeable, one actually asked me what OCF was. Oracle Cloud Fusion, you work there and do not know this? Larry Ellison you need to stop sailing and have a serious review of your support department.

Posted by Sum Ting Wong

Absolutely terrible. While some of the reps are friendly, actually majority of them are. They need training. Terrible customer service and a huge disconnect on what cases need to be escalated as urgent. You cannot have people working in IT who are not IT. I don't even care about the customer service, just have someone with product knowledge or know where to find the necessary resources to fix issues. Micros is a reliable system...probably only run into 1 major issue/year that can be fixed normally within 2 hrs. Server has now been down for 4 days running and I am still being asked the same questions as day 1. Why is it so difficult for you to just arrange the help - payment is not the issues so it must be that you have no clue as to where to take it from here. Front line workers at Oracle - you need to voice your concerns for the lack of resources provided to you. This is not on the staff at oracle but Senior management. Get yourself together

Posted by CantBelieveWePayForThis

Response times are abysmal. People are generally not knowledgeable enough to resolve the pressing issues and simply pass it on to the next shift. Then they ask you to repeat yourself time and time again (because they don't read the SR). Then they request information from you one small step at a time, with hours going by between each request (even if you respond immediately). Just like my mother; she calls me and I miss the call. I call right back and she never answers. YOU HAVE THE PHONE IN YOUR HAND STILL! When your obvious frustration shows in your responses, they get short with you and basically say there's nothing wrong with your system. AND WE PAY FOR THIS???

Posted by Anonymous

No Product Knowledge to Oracle. Worst Support. They always give some task and keep the SR status as customer working.

Posted by HateOracle

Oracle support for Opera system is worst! I was on hold for about nearly an hour and when somebody answered the phone, I explained the errors and problem the business is having but the lady on the phone just told me that she will create an incident ticket since she doesn't have permission. Are you kidding me!!!! Why do you work in support when you don't have permission or security to fix a problem!

Posted by Mickey Cho

Ever since Micros has been purchused by Oracle they have been the worst to deal with. It is unbelievable that a industry giant such as Oracle can operate so dysfunctional. I have owned restaurants for 30+ years and use to be the demo site for Micros. We even were the first in our region to adopt their KDS monitors for full service restaurants. Literally we were their test location and their demo site for all potential customers. When we have a computer problem, hardware or software it is a minimum of two days before ANYONE shows up to fix the system.

Posted by OracleIsTheWorst

Oracle's customer service is the absolute worst. They lost my application for over two months to the Oracle Partner Network. I didn't even realize it was possible to lose an online application. So, after back and forth with a rep there, I reapplied and my second app went through. Then Oracle miraculously found the first application and charged me an additional $535. Who needs two partner accounts? No one.

Now I've been asking for a refund to my credit card and for them to close the account that was created due to their website error. They can't seem to pull it together and refund my credit card.

They obviously don't think customer service is important because they're so huge. I'd be embarrassed to work there.

Posted by 1997sleepy

My company is using Oracle Fusion Applications. My major work is depends on financial report. It is the worst applications that I used for financial report. It is not user friendly. When your export to excel, it is bad, heading is center, can't show you right tab name, no formula is at excel. Compare with other applications that i used before, it is the worst one, but it is the most expensive one. Their studio for finance report is very outdated, it is designed back to 20 years ago, then that's it, no more new version. Why no one at Oracle try to work to work on finance report and make it more user friendly?

Posted by usually happy

Oracle probable have the worst customer service and support that I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. They do not look at calls that you log until you chase them, they do not take ownership of issues. DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND USE ANOTHER COMPANY IF POSSIBLE. 0/10 ALL ROUND SCORE.

Posted by Jeremiah Czyz

I am getting so fed up with this company i am getting ready to rip it out and start from scratch. problems with billing they take out there payments every month thru vend lease and they are still sending me bills for the same equipment hours on hold and boom someone that doesn't speak english i wish i knew what i was getting into with this company 25 thousand dollars later and i can't even get a call back. 3 months later after submitting a problem with the programming i got a call back.funny how this company works up your ass sideways to sell you 25 thousand dollars worth of equipment and then you get the shaft when you have a problem the worst part is you pay a yearly service for there support wtf PLEASE DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT EVER! from the edison grill

Posted by Anonymous


Your comments are valid (and the worse has not yet come) and can be attributed to customers not insisting that Oracle staff its' support to the professional level they
expect and deserve.

So the bottom line is that customers are paying your support fees and getting less for it (in effect paying more).

Legacy (application and database) support has been all but decimated as these people have left Oracle out of frustration - as well as being laid off - and the replacements (if any) are unable to address your issues because they lack the technical expertise.

Please focus your frustration where it deserves to be - that is: Oracle management and not the poor support person who took the job for a paycheck.

Now the reason these new people don't address your issue (or call you back) is because they have little or no idea what the problem is or how to address it .... so your SR's just sit there for months (and even years) with just token entries made to give the appearance it's being worked.

Again, this is all something YOU - the customer- are going to have to address with Oracle. You need to stand up and insist on the support you deserve. If you don't then you have to accept things the way they are and continue to vent on forums like this.

Oracle will ignore you until you - as one voice - stand up for yourselves. Oracle understands one thing: money.

If Oracle starts losing revenue because people refused to continue to over-pay for support contracts (which have a profit margin to Oracle of 90+%) only then will Oracle change it's ways.

Unfortunately, Oracle is counting on "where else can you go?" and lazy, apathetic customers ie: "it's not my money - it's the company's money".


Go where Oracle really wants you to go: Public Cloud. Sign a small check now and just watch how soon you'll be writing larger checks (then you do now) to Oracle in the near future.

That's it.

Posted by Anonymous

Opened a case with them for an issue we were having with their ORS system back in February. Called back two weeks later and nobody had so much looked at the issue. Tried getting our account manager involved, and he emailed back to say he'd look into it. I emailed him back 3 days later asking for an update, and he was on holiday for the next 3 weeks. We've emailed him 10 more times and have yet to receive any sort of response.

I started tweeting at their company account who assured me someone would get in contact with me. Nobody did. Tweeted them again that I hadn't heard from anybody. They assured me, again, that someone would be contacting me. Been waiting a month now for that "Somebody" to contact me.

This is, without a doubt, the worst customer service support I have ever experienced in my life. At this point we're going to begin legal action since we're paying them for a service, and they can't even be bothered to provide that service.

Posted by India Localization and financial


We had implemented Oracle Ebs 12.1.3 last 3 years back, accordingly we faced issues in various modules. In this we approach to oracle support thru by Service Request on SEV basis the support it goes to India Localization team (Major part) and some general SR it goes to some other country.

I work with oracle on 2015 onwards, previously the support team member continually follow the SR and provide the necessary solution timely. But last three years i watching your support team not properly provide the solution and timely we are not get the solution. Suppose they provide the solution if any further changes required in our SR immediately the act and create SPIN SR. (This is not a play ground and not a cricket) In Sev 1 on SR more than 6 months its going on. And Service Tax Entry data not in Service Tax report the SR created on Feb-2016 still this is going ... So how we will close our Service tax return monthly and what are the responsibility of your support engineer?.. We are paying your service support not for free service..

Further advise to your support team, to attend the support in time and correctly provide the solution on timely.


Posted by Davis

Opera has probably the worst customer service ever! Major billing issues, sent invoices for someone elses hotel, threatened to be sent to collections 3x over a bill I paid and they can't figure itout even with a cancelled check. Asked 10 times for an invoice for annual support so I can pay (no kidding), but they can't seem to figure out how to send the invoice. Account managers beyond worthless, won't return calls or e-mail until they have a chance to send you an invoice. Love the fact that October 2015 was the date for CC chip readers, but as of today, they are still in the "testing" phase with Opera and we can't use them. Worthless, worthless, worthless. Really, just a worthless company. The worst...ever...

Posted by Anonymous

Micros Opera is really BS. For all the hype that the hotel industry gives them on how they are the number one s/w in the market, I personally can say if your current system works and your vendor supports you, stick with them and never ever consider the switch to this ghost of a company. Not only do the Account Managers not manage their accounts, but once their initial sale is over, you will just get auto respond emails forever looking for someone to help you out on your next purchase or question.

Posted by Anonymous

Micros POS and Opera PMS support was BAD before, but since Oracle took over it reached unbelievable levels of incompetency, delays and excuses!!! Don't think your account managers will help you, they just keep making promises and don't even bother to respond to emails for months....Do they even understand what customer service means? Funny enough, they are very quick to send you contract renewals and invoices...

Posted by Anonymous

Been In Business For 20 + Years, This Is The Very Worse Service, Wait Time And
Customer Support I Have Ever Witnessed In My Life.
Can Not Wait To Get Rid Of Oracle

Posted by Randy

Painstakingly researched aftermarket headlights resulting in the purchase of Oracle lighting for my 2007 Chevy Silverado. After getting ready and returning passenger headlight for repair or replacement was told cutting wires would result in 89.00 tech fee to repair. Light was repaired after payment for a Light That WAS LESS Than 2 MONTHS Old RETURNED To ME THEN TAKEN by me in unopened box to creative audio where approximately one hour later I was called by audio and lighting installer that light ballasts was not returned in box. Called oracle and was totally given the runaround and told shipping supervisor said ballast was returned and never taken out of box. Second lady I talked to almost immediately hung up on me. I personally have been in construction business for over 12 years in that time dealt with people from all walks of life with my share of issues dealing with public and I can honestly say in that 12 years I have hung up other one sinless person. I have always striped to resolve issues to the best of my ability. I must the fist oracle lady I talked to was a extreme dimwitt the second was a total jerk. I can only promise my rating for anything oracle is a total below zero. What a sorry customer service dept.

Posted by John

Support is not their priority. Bringing up concerns with their senior management officials goes nowerhe.

Posted by Wayherisks

Logged a case for almost a month and yet it is still not resolved by Oracle Support Team.

On top of that, they were extremely slow in responding my inquiry (not until I sent them multiple follow up emails a few days later) and responded that the delay was due to their heavy workload with other clients.

Besides that, I was asking for a targeted closure date and yet I received no positive feedback from them.

The way they responded, is totally not professional and rather disappointed since Oracle is supposedly a well-established global organisation.


In the past, Micros was perfect example of the worst customer service you could experience. Since Oracle acquired it, they reached new level of incompetence! Processing even simple sales order (bringing them money!!!) takes ages. Organising simple resource request is just ridiculous, not mentioning development requests that can take MORE THAT A YEAR to be accomplished!!! Paperwork that take weeks to be prepared, then another weeks to be processed, incompetent development team reminds of 70s or 80s type of IT operation. I really don't know how they survived over the years... well, I actually do... they sales team promises everything but deliver old, clunky and old system. When you realise, you are at the stage of having large group of businesses where replacement with new system becomes so expensive, you prefer to focus on more important initiatives and try to swallow shitness of Micros system. After few years of dealing with it in dynamic and complex restaurant environment, I can tell you one thing - NEVER EVER CONSIDER MICROS!!! WHATEVER THEY PROMISE WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!! RUN AWAY FROM THEM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! They are absolute joke!

Posted by Noble Gem

My company (not me) wants to buy Oracle Hospitality Opera and Micros. We had a proposal pre-Oracle purchase which is no longer valid. We want to spend over 1.5 million but the sales organization is so wrecked we have been unable to give them our money.

We have reports from the field that Opera support is so far behind that most phone calls go unanswered and unreturned.

Add your review!

Posted by GSTAR13

Oracle Sucks, 3omin On Hold And Then They Hang Up, Very Un-professional!!!

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