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Optimum customer service is ranked #519 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 30.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 55 ratings. This score rates Optimum customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


52 Negative Comments out of 55 Total Comments is 94.55%.


3 Positive Comments out of 55 Total Comments is 5.45%.

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  • Optimum

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 30.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 52 negative comments (94.55%)
    • 3 positive comments (5.45%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by tcg

Optimum has eliminated live customer service. It is now impossible to talk to a human being about any issue. Even the chat has been eliminated. Cablevision was a decent provider. Optimum is foolishly destroying itself with miserable customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

Just had very poor experience with an arrogant and dismissive tech support person. She treated me as if I were a fool, and left me with no suggestions to address the problem. She represented the company very poorly

Posted by Anonymous

$80 charge to troubleshoot poor reception since my service was installed a few months ago. Charged me for the period for which it sent a replacement box and the time I sent it back. I cannot rewind live programming. The representative wants me to troubleshoot the issues, as well as drive to an Optimum store to pick up equipment. I am paying a monthly fee for poor service (a variable fee as the bill is never the same).


Tried Again To Get A Superviosor, They Did It Again. They Hung Up On Me. I Even Mentioned This Website And Told Them Their Stats. He Changed His Tune. They Are Definetly Blocking Customers From Supervisors!!! This Is Not How A Buisness Should Be Run!!!


CRAPPY Customer Service. Their Customer Service Agents Play Head Games, When Asked To Speak To A Supervisor They Give You A BS Story How There Isn't Anyone There. They Will Disconnect You If You Are A Few Days Late. Nasty Horrible Scum!!! They Only Have My Buisness Because They Have A Legal Monopoly. I Hate Them So Very Much. This Company Hires People Who Do Not understand anything about technology, And give incorrect information. Thanks A Lot Cablevision For Selling Out To These MORONS!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

Terrible customer service watch your bill closely they are crooks very disappointed time to find a new internet provider.

Posted by Optimumlypoorservice

Optimum now charges 59.95 for service appointments. It's completely illogical to charge the customer, who is paying for a company's service, to fix the service which is not working. Is this a new trend? Charge the customer for mediocre service and when they have a problem to be fixed, charge them again. It's not like it's my car that needs service; I'm paying for Optimum's service. Now they offer service plans, like were dealing in used cars. Can you believe it? Service plans for cable/internet service.

Posted by Anonymous

Why you hired uneducated people, stupid who don't have any knowledge what he is doing. Your employ came to fix my neighbor's net but he stupid disconnected my line. Since morning I don't have service. Now I'm soooo mad cause my important calls and phone not in service. I hope you fix fast as possible.

Posted by Anonymous

Called to inquire on the internet and phone package. The representative seemes very disinterested in my questions and my business. I asked him a question and he responded with an answer that was not related to my question. They need to train these reps better on how to provide correct information along with being more pleasant.

Posted by Nycgirl

My service has been out for 2 hrs.I called these idiotic fools but of course they gave me the run around. The customer service is honestly disgusting. It's like they have no sense of urgency what's so ever. The idiotic representative had me checking the cable boxes for over 10 mins before she says, oh sorry there is an outage in your area. Like, where do you guys get these representatives from.

Posted by Nycgirl

Optimum is absolutely the worst company ever. The customer service is horrible, they don't value the customers that have been with them for years. I'm so glad that Fios is in my area now because I want out. I would tell any and every one not to do business with these guys.

Posted by Bicycle Joe

Optimum will not accept my Payoneer Pre Loaded Debit Card for on line bill pay. I can pay my Con Ed Bill and I can use it for Amazon, Verizon, Ebay, Paypal, and other online purchases. Its a Master Card branded card. So to pay Optimum I must go to an atm pay the ATM Fee, The Payoneer Fee and then the Bill pay centers fee.

Posted by tun

I have been using 3 package deal with Optimum for over 7 years. I have 2 package business accounts and one residential account. The internet speed has been so slow, sometime extremely slow. I am having consistent problem about the internet speed. Sometime internet is on and off even in 1 minute. I called them a few times now. I am starting to look for the other solution.Whenever I call them, they want me to upgrade my service, asking more money a month.

Posted by rockabilly

Apparently Optimum would rather I do business with my landlady instead of with them. Because of employment circumstances I'm temporarily (6-12 mos) renting room(s) from someone who has Optimum internet. Optimum's policy (since the company was founded and with no exceptions so I was told by a supervisor) is that they can only have one account at the same residence. I need faster internet since my landlady doesn't and her router is way out of the way (even an extender doesn't work well).
Their solution was that I enter into a contract with my landlady to either add a business account or get faster service. I could pay her instead of pay them.
Sort of a Ma-Bell policy when they are the only game in town or on the street.
Oh... it also took 3 phone calls (2 dropped) and 20 minutes of wait time to get the bad news.

Posted by Kim

This is my first time having an issue with Optimum. I enjoy their Internet service, it's just an agent I encountered. He was being very rude about me cancelling services due to the promotion ending. "So what other Internet service will you get that'll provide thousands of hotspots? So are you saying you can't afford internet for $45?" Maybe this is how people act, I just thought he came off as annoyingly rude. Also, he lied about the closing hours.

Posted by Christina

Optimum allowed someone who was not an account holder to access my account and the representative gave them my WIFI password because they knew my house number. I live in an apartment building where my neighbors have my house number. so that means they can call and get access to my locked wifi. I am disappointed and extremely upset that they allowed this to happen.

Posted by cullinan18

My mother in law moved into an assisted living facility that already has a bulk package with Optimum. We originally thought she would be able to use her computer still and ordered a triple play for her. Optimum tried telling me there would be a $180 installation charge payable at the time of install. What a scam! This is how they steal from the elderly.

When we realized she wouldn't be capable of using it, we cancelled the triple play before it was activated. Then we got charged $183.00 for equipment that wasn't returned.

The assisted living facility had the boxes in her room before she moved in, so we shouldn't have anything to return, especially since they are still providing and charging her for their bulk cable package.

Posted by Peter

I have been trying to get my on demand to work since Wednesday. Today is Sunday evening and still no resolution

Posted by bitsyboo

I went over other reviewers complaints about this company. A majority of them were about the huge bills they're getting, vs. what was quoted. I know Optimum's game. It's the same one Sprint plays, and it's an old one.

You are never actually paying for the month that you owe; rather, the mysterious "past due" balances. Optimum will say they give a "courtesy" 60 days past due, but if there is always a "past due" balance, it's not; technically, it's 30 days. The next day, you're REALLY 60 days past due, not 30.

You may pay November's bill, but told it was "applied" to September's - therefore, it's impossible to reconcile.

I'm paying a whopping $270 - $280.00 PER MONTH for the "triple play business package" which is supposed to be the best promotion @147.50 (extra charges and taxes included). I cannot remember when I actually paid $147.50. It's $285, $270, $260.....4 months ago I paid a whopping $305 - and still carrying a "past due".

I've been told different things. I am billed in reality, "a month ahead, plus my bill", politely, and sincerely, as a 'valued customer', "and the past due.

I told Optimum I wanted the origin of these "past due" balances. I'm now back to 2009 - and still, no answer. I am going to have to continue to when the service began - in 2006. Since this company has the monopoly in my area (so much for the American fair competition crap), I couldn't/cannot leave them.

I have a small entrepreneur business which counts on the internet (and that's how they have you by the balls - that's most of us). I'm going under from these huge bills, while the top 1% make money off of Optimum's IPO stock. Optimum will CUT YOU OFF, no ifs and or buts if one does not pay not what you owe, but what THEY believe you owe. No compromises. And in this depression (not recession), it's nearly impossible not to drown.

If you're getting these whopping bills vs. what you're quoted - look at the last time you didn't have a "past due" balance plus the current month. This will explain the ballooning payments.

Posted by Maria

I have only a comment:


They do false advertisement about their services. When you call them they give you the run around and they even lie to you.

Posted by Anonymous

the customer service representative note down the credit card and debit card number given to pay the bill but started charging her personal charges onto my debit and credit card

Posted by Anonymous

I have notified both Optimum and ESPN that the volume for cable ch. 36 Optimum, ESPN, is so low that I have to turn it up to about 85% above normal to hear it at a "normal" level. When I change channels the volume is blasting loud. Both entities claim it is not in their control. I find this very annoying and would like this rectified or I will consider changing to another service. let's be honest and have this fixed. Sincerely, Louis Thompson, Torrington, Ct.

Posted by Anonymous

I Had a saleman come to my home last year and give me a (set) price to add cable to my service this was for 1 year NOT SET.. then when I called to disconnect the cable I was given a new set price for 1year of service then an the first month the bill was higher so I called and talked to another rep. she gave me another set total only a few cents more than the last guy I talked to and told me that would be the price for the next year and guess what the bill has gone up again this month so after 20 years and a lot of problems there is a new company in town now I will be calling them on Monday to receive there service...

Posted by Slim

I am getting tired of paying full price for optimums services an having the tv programs loose their sound or start digitizing right during the key parts of the program. For example Blue Bloods tonight losing voice tonight for 5-10 min, twice. This has been happening too often.

Posted by Anonymous

STOP to show garbage channel #1168 ITV gold their picture quality worse & poor better to watch cassettee stupid people showing the same repeate programme in worse quallity never display the name of movie only showing prime time movie & matinee show without name of the movie show us something fine channel instead of this garbage

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Posted by Barbara Lino

I have been an optimum customer for many years and have dealt with a number of representatives. Today I would like to commend Bianca ID Badge S16 for her impeccable service. She was professional, very friendly and understanding towards my situation which made me feel very happy to be an optimum customer. I will definitely encourage my family & friends to choose optimum.I hope to be lucky enough to get her should I need to call back in the near future.

Thanks again to Bianca!

Barbara Lino

Posted by dennis

after having problems with my new cable box from optimum for almost a week i had a service call bye a tech and had all my problems fixed after a second trip made later that night.the tech made a special trip back after hours to bring me a new cable box.what service,and a great piture.Rick tech#0166 should be requested when ever pos in the grand juntion co area.great service.

Posted by Anonymous

my recent installation
your service man was great he did a excelant and professional job and was very informative
william strecker
1070 old town rd
coram ny

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Posted by chim

I have been with Optimum or Cablevision since September 2010. I have had issues with their service but nothing that rose to outrageous like the call I got last night on Thursday, 2/16 at around 9PM. The woman called and said that a previous tenant in the same building owed them monies from two or more years ago and that their were adding this to my account. Sure enough today I went online and Cablevision added $400 to my account. Unbelieveable but true.


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