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Onkyo customer service is ranked #207 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 45.84 out of a possible 200 based upon 110 ratings. This score rates Onkyo customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


95 Negative Comments out of 110 Total Comments is 86.36%.


15 Positive Comments out of 110 Total Comments is 13.64%.

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  • Onkyo

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 45.84 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 95 negative comments (86.36%)
    • 15 positive comments (13.64%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
    • 3.1 Reachability
    • 2.8 Cancellation
    • 3.8 Friendliness
    • 3.9 Product Knowledge

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Posted by ralph

ONKYO customer service and the ELUSIVE PRODUCT SUPPORT group services are horrific. Very hard to get through to talk with someone. Would love to return my receiver because of this. I will never purchase nor recommend ONKYO products to anyone.

Posted by Anonymous

On hold for over 1 hour no one ever picked up. This is the worst. I will never buy from Onkyo again.

Posted by Anonymous

Thw worst custumer support. Called many times. On hold foe ever. No one ever picked up.

Posted by Pete

I had many problems with a TX-NR709 receiver over the course of the 5 year warranty. Had 4 occasions during warranty that both onkyo & store techs diagnosed HDMI not working. 2 months after warranty expired, the HDMI problem was once again diagnosed by Onkyo tech support in an attempt to get this stinking receiver to work!! The techs were patient, courteous, and professional. They suggested I speak with their senior technical specialist to either have onkyo repair or replace this unit under the terms of the expired warranty (being that this was a recurring pre-existing problem). WOW! the rep Brian Tecchio is the most arrogant, discourteous, demanding poor excuse of a service rep I have ever encountered!! After meeting all his myriad requests for documentation and going-in circles debate in his arrogant attempts to deny the problem, he finally agreed to replace my unit with a comparable quality unit. 2 months later I had to call on the status of the agreement. The next day he sends an email offering a refurbished TX-RZ710 receiver for $390 bucks!!! I can buy that model new for $250 bucks!!! WOW! Onkyo stuck me with a $1,000 buck defective receiver, and then this arrogant, smug, smartass tries to pass off some replacement garbage receiver I could buy new for $140 bucks cheaper!!! Onkyo should send Jersey boy Brian Tecchio to Japan for repairs!!!I had many problems with a TX-NR709 receiver over the course of the 5 year warranty. Had 4 occasions during warranty that both onkyo & store techs diagnosed HDMI not working. 2 months after warranty expired, the HDMI problem was once again diagnosed by Onkyo tech support in an attempt to get this stinking receiver to work!! The techs were patient, courteous, and professional. They suggested I speak with their senior technical specialist to either have onkyo repair or replace this unit under the terms of the expired warranty (being that this was a recurring pre-existing problem). WOW! the rep Brian Tecchio is the most arrogant, discourteous, demanding poor excuse of a service rep I have ever encountered!! After meeting all his myriad requests for documentation and going-in circles debate in his arrogant attempts to deny the problem, he finally agreed to replace my unit with a comparable quality unit. 2 months later I had to call on the status of the agreement. The next day he sends an email offering a refurbished TX-RZ710 receiver for $390 bucks!!! I can buy that model new for $250 bucks!!! WOW! Onkyo stuck me with a $1, 000 buck defective receiver, and then this arrogant, smug, smartass tries to pass off some replacement garbage receiver I could buy new for $140 bucks cheaper!!! Onkyo should send Jersey boy Brian Tecchio to Japan for repairs!!!

Posted by datamarc

Service is terrible. I traded an older receiver for new one w promisenof refund for price difference and they have not refunded me since May. Now waiting 1 1/2 hours in hold and no one answers the phone. Guess I will have to sue them. What a joke.

Posted by jsaunders13

Onkyo has set a new low for customer service. I have 2 Onkyo receivers in my home. I have had an issue with both. 1 was fixed quickly. This recent one I can not get a solution to and it has been 2 weeks. No department seems to be able to access information that I shared with anyone else at Onkyo. I've been transferred to wrong departments and sat on hold when finally transferred only to find that person can't help me. I've had about 20 email exchanges with 1 person at the main email address that has moved me marginally ahead. She got me the proper fed ex return label. The one I was sent was to ship the receiver to myself! It took 2 people to resolve this. I will never buy another Onkyo product and would encourage others to seriously consider to do the same. After calling the company that installed the theater system for me, I learned they have also given up on Onkyo.

Posted by Lavatan

Onkyo's customer service is sub par at best. The only time that I received good help was when I was reporting a problem on a known issue and they pointed me in the direction of a link on their website. I then ordered a new receiver through their retail site shoponkyo.com. That was almost 5 days ago. I called in after I received an email from them saying there was a problem with my transaction and when they tried to transfer me they hung up on me. The second time I called in they said the person that handles the orders was on the phone. What kind of company only has one person handling orders?! I have been fighting with them ever since and I don't think I will order anything from their company again.

Posted by Mr TG

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME !!!!! Don't buy Onkyo and since they took over Pioneer I will not buy Pioneer too. Every week for 6 months been leaving messages for Julie to call me and I haven't heard a peep.
I had same sound issue with HDMI....they fixed it once and three months later same part went and they would not fix it again.

Posted by JB

Will make this short and sweet. I bought an Onkyo received due to the positive ratings it had. Used it for six months and then something went wrong. Returned it to their third party repair provider in August. Today, Nov 10, I was told parts wouldn't be available until January. Needless to say, this is not good customer service. If they cannot repair what they sell, they shouldn't sell products in the the USA.

Posted by Mahatma1

I have an Onkyo DTR 40.2 AVR. For the third time the HDMI board has to be replaced. The last time it was replaced it took almost 7 months. There won't be a fourth time.
The only thing worse than Onkyo's service dept. is their total lack of Quality Control.
Under no circumstances would I recommend any one buy an Onkyo.

Posted by Rich

In less than a year of buying the Onkyo TX-NR727 receiver the sp wire came on and shut off the receiver, when I turned it back on it popped and started to smoke. Since the receiver was under warranty I shipped it back to Onkyo. It took approximately 3wks for it to return. The receiver was working great until approximately 1 year later when the problem of the sp wire happen again with the pop and smoke. When I contacted Onkyo again and related the problem, the representative from Onkyo didn't want to hear the problem, and told me to call a authorized Onkyo repair person. After contacting the repair person, he said they would perform a free diagnosis of the receiver, then the starting cost to repair it would start around $165.00. I'm upset with Onkyo for this continuing problem of a faulty receiver, and the non-care attitude. Paying $600.00 for the Onkyo TX-NR727 was a mistake! Stay away from Onkyo is my subjective opinion.

Posted by Mohammed Ismail

I contacted chennai onkyo service centre regarding my reciever that has problem no audio I asked for spare he told we don't have ok and disconnected the phone. I am looking for onkyo tx-nr 616 reciever spare
Name: STK MOUSE PEET. If you can supply the part or any other person his name and number pls it will be great help.

Posted by RaulVillarreal

I bought a TX-SR44 receiver in March 12 and it broke in August. I spent $100 for a tech to figure out what was wrong with it. The amp went dead just after five months. I tried to get information on what to do next and where to send the receiver to get fixed. I wasted my time and money. Now, the company wants me to ship it to a service dealer and it seems most of the service dealers they recommend have incredibly horrible customer reviews. I will never buy another ONKYO product in my life nor would I ever recommend one. Worst life experience ever with a product.

Posted by Adalmir

I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and last November I bought an Onkyo Home Theater Blu-Ray 3D 120W1 � HTS5600. After two months of using it the equipment has presented problem and although it is in warranty, the Onkyo Authorized Service Center in Sao Paulo called Still Vox Eletrônica is asking me about US$ 170.00 to repair it and this is unacceptable. I bought the product relying on its quality and on the Onkyo Service Centers but unfortunately I was wrong and I am completely disappointed.

Posted by Dean Coutinho

I have been using an Onkyo amplifier for the last 6 odd years. It has been exceptional and a great product. I absolutely love the sounds and everything it has to offer. It has been a pleasant experience thus far. But since it has been malfunctioning (which i understand since every device has a certain life to it) the service centre I have given it to has been absolutely lazy and the service has been pathetic. They told me it will be around 15 days just to DIAGNOSE the problem. You must be joking. Not only that, they have kept it for more than 15 days and i call them up today and they say they've only just opened it and started work as of yesterday.
This is ridiculous to expect a customer to wait this long just to get a diagnosis of the system. It is stupid and frustrating that you're company does not provide a professional service. I am extremely angry because its been too long. The response i got from you guys today, is that it will take another 7 - 10 days for an estimate. Not to fix but just an estimate. Is this the terrible service I have to look forward to from your company. You expect a paying customer to wait a month for a quote? Their defence is shortage of staff. Honestly i don't need to know what the problem is and i don't even care. Its not professional to expect someone to wait a month for a quote. This should have been fixed in a few days time.

Posted by Dean

This is the worst customer service I ever had.on the phone for an hour hdmi problems not in warranty supposedle they extended until 2018 but not for hdmi issues. So they suggested a trade if you will dicounted refurbished av I said this would be fine they where to send a form by email today by 5pm now 8pm and know form. This Company Is a joke product just look online and then you have to call customer service should have known how that was going to go just like there ptoduct.

Posted by Anonymous

I wrote to them on 7 Jan 2016 still no reply. Calling them is a joke. Good products but shame about the service.

Posted by Hunter

Have a TX-NR616 that had the no sound issue and was able to send in under the HDMI free fix. Took about 2 weeks until I got it back, worked well for about an hour then caught fire. Yes it caught fire and smoked, called CS and was told they would issue a replacement with correspondence in 4 to 5 working days confirming. After about 8 days with no email, I called Onkyo CS for an update and was told they would send me an email by end of day with a "choice" for fix as an exact replacement was not in stock. It is 11pm and no email. Customer Service is horrible...

Posted by Anonymous

Five year old $2000 surround sound receiver has died. Things happen! Two phone calls to their New Jersey repair center requesting a callback. Two emails requesting a response and after four days ... no response. No phone call and no email. Nice receiver when it ran but would you buy an expensive product where the manufacturer provided NO service. Not requesting free service just a response to a customer with a broken system!

Posted by PapaT

i have a 5 year old, top of the line receiver, a tx nr 1008. When sirius decided to change formats, onkyo was told to do a firmware update for their products. Onkyo decided it would not support any unit older than 3 years. Thanks Onkyo for not caring about your high end customers. I will not buy from them again.

Posted by Onkyo Aussie

Broke down constantly with powerand heaven know what else issues, when shipped away under warranty came back just as bad and has broken down AGAIN now with new issues, still doesnt work, has to be shipped over 3000 kilometres away to closest repairer at my expense and cant be given a timeline for return. Last time it was away for 2 months and I had to chase it up. Our local Harvey Norman store said they had stopped stocking due to issues with the brand.

Posted by Onkyo receiver

I leave in Brazil and I have bought 2 Onkyo receivers and both presented problems with internal plates and is out of order. The price to repair is something impossible and I will start a capain here for nobody buys these equipments never !!

Posted by Anonymous

I am in Malaysia and I purchased an Onkyo TX NR 818 in 2012.. For the last eight months the amp has been shutting down with the display showing," check sp wire"..
I believe its the hdmi port from the amp to the tv that is not functioning properly.. As the set is out of warrantly I took it to the recommended repair center.. Yi Seng Electronic Enterprise on 25/6/2015.. I was told they would check and let me know on Monday 29/6.. They never called..I called them on 2/6..and found out that they have yet to check.. I called them today 8/6 and the technician said he will call me back as he needs to check.. I informed him not to do any checking as it has been over two weeks!.. A few minutes later someone called me to say it has been checked.. I do not believe them..

I am very disappointed with the after sales service in Malaysia and I will never buy nor recommend anyone to buy onkyo in malaysia.. There is no after Sales Customer Service in Malaysia!

Posted by Anonymous

Receiver failed after half a year of VERY light use (around two movies per month). Apparently, I have to get it serviced at a repair centre, and the closest one is still really far from me. According to other reviews, the repair centre provides extremely poor service, doesn't fix products, and actually returns them in a worse condition. Also, reaching out to both companies is extremely difficult and I was only email to receive one email reply from Onkyo after 2 weeks (phone did not work). I guess that's the problem with small/new companies, I still have no idea how I'll get it fixed.

Posted by NoMore

Bought a brand new TX-NR 636. Zone 2 would not work, either through the line or preamp outputs. I immediately called Onkyo, and they said the 636 was discontinued, but I was welcome to pay more for the 737, or wait for the 545. After talking with Onkyo customer service multiple times, they finally responded with "It happens. It's not our problem".

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Posted by Derek Forbes

These ratings and comments are extremely st*pid and wrong ..anyone who believes this and not even worth enjoying one of their great products.I had a fantastic experience with helpful and capable contacts on several occasions. Most of these comments are from the old pioneer crew, who leave anonymous comments because they were fired.. Just wonder why that was? Onkyo is as I have heard the only company that has a customer care programm set up and extends warranty even 8 years after buying for the DSP chip issue .

Posted by Phyllis

I sent an ONkyo TX-NR 609 for repair under their extended warranty for certain receivers. I could not be more pleased
with the service. they immediately sent a box with packing to return the receiver--at their
cost. The repaired receiver was returned back to me within about 10 days--that includes shipping
back and forth, all at their cost. Receiver works perfectly and they even sent a new remote
and fixed receiver to recognize remote. they didn't ask for a receipt, where I purchased it
or when it was purchased, just the serial number. The receiver was purchased new in November 2011 and the sound had just stopped. I found out online about the extended warranty, and
it covered my receiver. All of this was done online with no phone calls. Great service.

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom it May concern,
Earlier today we were having a devil of a time hooking up and setting up a recently purchased TX-NR727. Your help line attendant Laurance/Lawrence gave us a great deal of help and lead ins to the rest of the installation. Please pass along our kudos to him and his supervisor
Guy & Elaine

Posted by jrh0

Onkyo repaired my out-of-warranty TX-NR509 Receiver at no cost, and paid the freight both ways. I emailed an inquiry about service, and eleven days later, after receiving a box and sending it in, I got the fixed Receiver back. I couldn't be more impressed. First class all the way.

Posted by kitkat

I want to say up front that I know nothing about stereo equipment and all that entails. My parents have an Onkyo stereo and I was watching a ball game and the power flickered and the stereo went out (even though we have surge protectors for the stereo). I called customer service and told the gentleman the problem and the fact that I know nothing. He was extremely polite, kind, and patient with me as he walked me through how to fix the problem. I had to review instructions multiple times with him and he never got irritated with me. His calmness and kindness really helped me to not freak out. We worked through the problem and he was able to solve the problem for me. I am really thankful that Onkyo has such a wonderful customer support staff.

Posted by Onkyo USA Product Support

At this point, after more emails than I should have had to write and getting silver-tongued by Onkyo's social media spin doctors--who had the audacity to claim my receiver wasn't under the auspice of Onkyo's replacement program, the choice is to either gamble with Onkyo's inferior design, their refusal to take responsibility for their malfeasance or purchase an A/V receiver from another source. Congratulations. Because you've refused to stand by your product and admit a design that blows out HDMI ports, You just lost a loyal customer who was single-handily responsible for between myself, friends and family members, no less than 16 purchases of Onkyo receivers.

You can be assured that as a published writer, I will spread the word through every magazine, review and social media website available, how lousy your products are
and the dismissive treatment Onkyo provided this once, former customer.


Timothy Hurley
Berkley, Michigan
hurls 1/16/15 7:05AM

Hello again Tim Hurley;

We wanted to provide some missing information- that we can also provide the weblink and email chain regarding your previous communication for the TX-SR 804 that you have owned for over 9 years. As you eluded to, this receiver is NOT eligible for the Special Service Program; as the program covers specific models manufactured from 2009-2012. As your receiver was manufactured mid 2006 (as per the serial number you provided when asking for warranty repair- it was found that your unit was NEVER serviced and the parts were obsolete. An offer for a factory reconditioned late model Onkyo receiver was offered and as it was constantly advised that due to contracual agreements; we couldn't alter to the pricing for this reconditioned unit any lower than agreed for our authorized refurbished Onkyo dealers- as a gesture not to undercut their profitable- plain and simple. You were the one to not agree to this option- which is fair. It not provide the correct information: again we can provide the Facebook weblink upon your approval (as you are also an author to this correspondence and can't publish w/o consent); they were also some other FB users who also questioned your reasoning and had VERY valid arguments. Especially the one referring to recent recalls and your ideal that you should receive a FREE and then you changed to irrational discount for a NEW car due to your previous ownership from the same manufacturer- but as you admitted you never had a problem; expecting to demand a new car because of a public notice to service specific Network ready receivers (as your receiver is NOT also network ready.

As the social media correspondent; we are help to a high level of advocacy, compassion, and integrity. As I was able to help many other current and previous Onkyo owners to a satisfactory resolution and provide the level of new-found service and support; and 100% functional units- upon review of my colleagues/ management: it was deemed that no further accommodations were to be offered due to the realization that we couldn't resolve this issue with our Parts &Services email correspondence requesting an extensively repeated unfair price discount. It was shown that no matter the supervisors and senior representatives you spoke with- your demands became more forceful and unrealistic. Again; we are sorry that we couldn't justify and remove your demands- but as stated before via email and postings: we will gladly assist you again and provide info to assist you with your future Onkyo/ Integra Home Theter purchase

Posted by dmaIII

This morning 11/22/14 on a Saturday I woke up and turned my TX-NR809 receiver on and had no sound. Nothing on cable, bluray, not even the radio would put out sound. I gave up and went to the website and found an 800 number. I did not expect to get to talk to anyone. To my surprise somebody did. Not only were they extremely helpful they told me they would send a box, replace the motherboard, and ship it back for free even though it is out of warranty. Here's the link. https://repair.onkyousa.com/na/. They were more than polite and apologized many times for the inconvenience. I write this because many folks only provide negative feedback when they are upset. But hardly anyone provides positive feedback when something goes their way. They just expect it. I was prepared to purchase a new stereo because it's out of warranty and that's what I expected. Due to great customer service by Onkyo I believe I will be a customer for life.

Posted by Gene

I just wanted to say that Jibril Rasul, was a big help for me today. He was knowledgable of my product gave very good instructions, has very good people skills, and had the ability to explain things very well. Wish all customer service reps were as astute as Jibril. Good job, though my issues continue, I'm sure he will help to resolve them.
Thanks to Jibril,

Posted by NKMZ

Had a bad 809. Previously had same no sound problem with another 809, 80.1 and 818. Warranty service denied by United Radio. Contact with Onkyo - explained situation - they contacted UR and OK'ed repair. Very satisfied with the service.

Posted by dwtjan

My experience w/Onkyo phone tech support was outstandingly superior in every way!!!!!

Posted by Steven64

Just purshased a Onkyo TXNR616. I hooked everything up but had no picture on tv. Called Onkyo customer support and received return call in about 20 min. There was a software update required. Tech walk me thru it and corrected problem . I found support tech to be very friendly and extreamly knowledgable. Had great experence.

Posted by BC BLUE

Had a problem with my hdmi board e-mailed onkyo and the nearest service center ABL electronics. The unit still had 2 months of warranty left both responded and told me how to send unit in for repair. I was very pleased with onkyo and ABL, repairs took less then 8 days. The txnr-808 works great now.I would purchase a onkyo product again because they stood behind there warranty.


Posted by jgsmooth23

Spoke with agent at 11 pm Central Time and he was very helpful and informative. This is a good number to call and get help.

Posted by ismmem

I had a lousy experience with an NR709, but I'll tell you that Customer Service was alright to deal with. I treated them very respectfully, and in return they replaced my unit with a new one. I have nothing to complain about.

Posted by Anonymous

For the sake of fairness, I have to ammend my previous comment on the TX NR807
Onkyo receiver.
After sending it for the 3rd time for repair, the service workshop said they could not find anything wrong with it.
They sent it back to me and I decided to use it as a sound amplifier only, since the HDMI signal was not working with me at home.
But, oh wonder, the receiver is working perfectly now. (needless to say I did not change anything, same cables same TV).
I have been enjoying the receiver for almost 3 weeks now without a problem.
Sound is great!!.
Go figure what was wrong!?

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