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OnStar customer service is ranked #244 out of the 947 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 43.06 out of a possible 200 based upon 487 ratings. This score rates OnStar customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


438 Negative Comments out of 487 Total Comments is 89.94%.


49 Positive Comments out of 487 Total Comments is 10.06%.

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    • 43.06 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 438 negative comments (89.94%)
    • 49 positive comments (10.06%)
    • 4 employee comments
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    • 2.1 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Muss28

Iâve just survived the worse experience with Onstar. We left Libertyville Illinois With our destination New Freedom Pennsylvania, our home. With usual stops 12 hours. Ourâs took 14 because we were routed incorrectly. It took us correctly to Pittsburgh, we did a rest stop in Monroeville switched drivers. My husband said they want us to take 79, I told him trust Onstar, there maybe a problem with 76. I called to check and was told the fastest route is automatic in system. When we realized we were in West Virginia I knew there was a problem. Not only was it lengthy, it was a pot hole nightmare. Iâll have my vehicle checked this week for damage. I was hungup by one operator, given shady excuses for error. Satellite problem, vehicle software needed updating, I finally spoke with a supervisor who apologized and said would comp next month fee. Iâm still wondering if Onstar is the service Iâll continue.

Posted by Marie Jones

For 13 years I have had On Star. I am 72 yrs old and still travel, as well as use it to find local places. However, my services were recently disconnected. No bill was sent to me. Name on account is Linda Kemp-Porter. Vehicle is a 2014 GMC ACADIA. WOULD appreciate if I could be told why I was never notified. What us the cost for reinstating services. After 7 months of being displayed due to Hurricane Harvey, I have finally found a place to live.

Posted by Linda

I have had services for 14 years. We were misplaced due to hurricane Harvey for 6 months. Just got our own place and would like to restore phone and direction services. Have spoken with someone several times but was never ontactacted about costs, etc.

Posted by Anonymous

I want to know if I got on star dropped off my account because I was in a accident and had not called you guys to turn it back on why are you taking money from my account?

Posted by Brenda

I spoke to someone today to start my service on my new car. She said they would send a email for me to confirm but I never received the email.

Posted by Rachealturner77

I'm trying to locate my car my ex boyfriend took off with my daughter and her children who she admitted to me that he is the father of both girls my daughter is 17 now but was 15 the first time she got pregnant by him and 16 the second time the VIN number is please help

Posted by Inaccurate

Last several times we�ve asked for driving directions we have been given routes that troop us on state roads (from Napierville, I�ll to St Louis, another route from Lemay Ferry,Mo to a address downtown St. Louis took us all through the city instead of interstate which would have been more direct and faster. These are just a couple of examples. Very disappointed. Google Map on my phone has been more reliable. Not sure we will keep OnStar on our two GM vehicles.

Posted by Anonymous

Iâve been trying to connect to OnStar for over a week. Every single time I call I get the same run around, âthis will work this timeâ. When I called and tried to reach to tech department he would not transfer me because he was sure I was connected already. Itâs been over a week and still nothing.

Posted by Anonymous

We have been trying to contact you for days and all we get is a recording. I have heard this so much that I could quote it.
I am flustered from all of this.
It makes us want to quit your paper
I suppose I will try one more time on Jan 2 and if it is the same old routine we will quit the paper!
If you decide to finally call mMr Warren please wait until the afternoon as he does not hear. Someone will be there in the afternoons. Now he was a World War 2 vet and does like your paper but as you can hopefully appreciate his limited budget he cannot afford 53 a month. It is a shame to take it away from him but he will have no choice.
Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I pay all this money for OnStar and they won't even open my car when I lock my keys in it because I am not on the account. They told me they need to speak to the account owner. Well that's not happening, because he is at the dentist having surgery. Cancelling On star

Posted by OnStar NOT Reliable

I bought a Cadillac SRX from Glen Sain in Kennett, MO. When I bought my SRX it had less than 35,000 miles on it. It still has warranty as well as three months of On Star and XM Radio. The On Star has failed to work since the day I drove it off the lot. I have called them 4 or 5 times and get the same run around. Same protocol every time I call. My conversation goes something like this:
On Star: Hello, how may I help you
Me: my On Star has not worked since the day I bought the vehicle from the dealership
On Star: I am sorry can I put you on a brief 3 to 4 minute hold while I review you file. This call may be recorded.
Me: sure, but to save us both some time, why don't you listen to my last 4 or 5 conversations with Onstar and we won't have to go through the 15 steps and then you tell me that you will have to have your manager to call back in 4-7 days.
On Star: I am sorry, I can not listen to your past conversations (probably because....they don't really record them). Mrs. Campbell, are you near your vehicle?
Me: yes
On Star: Okay, I need you to start it while I trouble shoot it.

so the call goes on for nearly a hour each time. Same crap, different day. I tell them they trouble shoot my vehicle every time I call. I tell them the last I was told (two weeks ago) I would receive a phone call in 4-7 days. Never happened. When I call back two weeks later...the case was magically closed. This means that they never followed up with what they said they were going to do. This is 4 or 5 times! I am about fed up with On Star. My next step is to run On Star services in the ground with everyone I come in contact with. With my job, I have just the right contacts to get the news spread quickly. I keep getting letters from On Star that my package is about to expire and it has yet even been used! This is the most ridiculous service I have ever gotten. On Star either needs to provide services to their customers or not promote for people to buy it. We have 3 vehicles with Onstar services and they are all fixing to be cancelled.

Posted by Anonymous

Worst experience ever, I'm not sure what country this call center is in but damn, come on the offices were closed, no one to help, system was down. Lucky I had my cell phone Cancel Cancel Cancel!

Posted by Mad Consumer

After being a customer for over 3 years, we're done! We bought another Cadillac and tried to get it linked...forget it! We talked to 6 Reps in a 6 hour period and finally gave up when they couldn't "find" the car. They told us they'd get back to us in a week. Don't bother!

Posted by JCS

Absolutely terrible. It's clear that my account has been corrupted so I can't load any pages or details. The phone app can't retrieve any data. Customer service doesn't understand this and has no path to solve this. They actually are guessing that it will resolve itself. I've really just given up on the service altogether as I've wasted hours upon hours trying to get into my account and don't have time for this.

FWIW: I work partly as a software developer. I know exactly how to click on a link. The site is simply broken if you have a corrupt account.

Posted by Larry D

They couldn't conduct any more meetings to make this OnStar account setup completely impossible to work with. The submit button after you enter your postal code doesn't work, tried it on my phone, laptop and desktop computer. Back out to truck, press the blue button, get someone with an accent so heavy I can't understand a single word she is saying. Forget it, I've already wasted 2 hours on this exercise in futility. They can stuff their OnStar, I give up.

Posted by Charging Complete Email in Junk

I am having an issue that the "Charging Complete" email always ends up in my junk folder, although I've added the address to safe mailing list, to safe senders list, and I even created a contact in my address book. also made sure it's not in the blocked senders list.

I've contact Microsoft twice (my email provider) and was told both times that I need to contact OnStar to get this resolved. Which I did and whatever Microsoft suggested, the people at OnStar were not willing to do that, and insisted that Microsoft needed to fix it. All that Microsoft asked is that OnStar needs to apply for removal from their blocked list, either through this link

Unfortunately, OnStar will not do that.

I will have to look for an alternative to OnStar now.

Posted by Anonymous

Our experence with On-Star since purchasing our new vehicle, to say the least has been embarrassing, dangerous, disappointing, and downright not worthy of our very hard earned money. We have had nothing but problems with On-star working properly in our new vehicle. When we attempt to find a resolve On-Star either tells us their IT department is not there to assists, or they blame our problems on GMC. GMC says it is On-Star's responsibility to resolve the issues. With yet one more extremely frustrating day with On-Star we are discussing bailing out of our GMC vehicle and/or giving up our On-Star service in our vehicles. Quite frankly we are safer to run a Google search on our phone (which is the advise or all of our friends who have witnessed the danger of On-Stars direction where we have been forced to retreat to Google searches to bail us out of mis-directions from On-site that have placed us in dangerous situations). We are officially the joke of our friends and family who witness this mess and realize how stupid we are to continue to spend this kind of money for something that is worthless, and on several occasions, has placed us in danger. Even our adult children have witnessed the extreme mis-directions from On-Star and they are concerned too that we are paying for a service that places their elderly parents in danger. Based on the craziness of places On-Star has placed us and so far off-course from reality, we can only discern what could possibly be happening. Thoughts of: is the map On-Star looking at upside down? Is there a serious mechanical issue with our vehicle no one wants to address?

Posted by Anonymous

On Star support is terrible! They have no idea what is going on. We were transferred numerous times and each time the person had no idea what was going on. Get it straight!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello My name is Helen Kee. I want to ask if you could turn off my onstar for a couple month. Ill start by my onstar when I get my financial fix it Right now Im kind of in the hardship situation. Please don't take my direct payment from my checking account. Ill start it back up or call back in couple monthe. Please email me at this Thank you, very much.

Posted by Karekkaa872

Today I went to visit my granddaughters & OnStar led me to two different areas which were incorrect. I called them & the woman was very nice & did try again, however, I was led once again to a different street. I ended up calling granddaughters & getting directions from them which was confusing in itself. Also this week I asked OnStar for directions to Rockford, MI & got lost again. OnStar kept telling me to make a U-turn and then another U-turn. I'm now getting concerned that OnStar is having much difficulty & this is a worry for me. Tks & I await your reply.

Posted by Anonymous

9-8-16...a letter was sent to you on 8/6/16 regarding the monthly charges on 7/15/16 and 8/15/16 to my AMEX account. Letter was in regard to the monthly billing which I requested for past years for OnStar to send me a statement for Annual so I could send a check. I have never authorized to have billed on AMEX. My annual charge last year was $179.00 for Protection Plan.

Not getting a reply, I called AMEX today to have those charges removed. Please send me a statement for Annual (deducting the 2 charges of $17.99)and if amount is correct, I will issue a check.Please acknowledge.


Mary H. Tannehill

Posted by Anonymous

My mother has an on star account, has had it for years. She has been traveling alone all week here in the Carolinas. She is 66 yrs old and a past stroke victim. It is a sad day when she calls for help and she is informed she does not have an account with y'all. She just used you 2 days ago. Then the lady finds her and says she has to update her account. Do you not realize SHE IS DRIVING!! That account could have been updated when she got home. It didn't need it 2 days ago our last week when she called. Isn't it just a little more important to get someone home SAFE!! That's okay,I got her to Google maps. You have got your last dollar from this family!!

Posted by Anonymous

I've had problems with On Star due to the routing ethics. I'm a senior an do not like being on express way because I may have to use the rest room or get gas an there is no where to stop on express way. Those conveniences are on the main hwy. I went to Pennsylvania which is off I-95 and I was taken off of I-95 at least a couple of times and routed on any express way and then put back on I95. I would have preferred to stay on I95 the entire way. I recently left Durham, NC to go to Garner, NC. I told the On Star representative that I did not want to go on any express ways. That I wanted to go I-40 to exit 299 to get to Mechanical. He stated that he would make sure I went through back roads. I got lost and ended up late to a meeting. I feel that was intentionally done because when I left the building was told to make a right out of the driveway, a right at the stop light and go 5 lights and turn left on I-40. How simple is that. Now I will know how to go back by myself. I was taken around on a street name Yeargan or something similar. When I told the people in the meeting the route that I used to get their, no one could figure out the route. I feel that people should be give a choice of route. The google map provides the best and most simple route I've found. I don't feel that I should have to give the representative the directions, On Star should already have them.

Posted by paula

had the rudest guy at 8;00 pm on august 11, 2016 on the phone for hours not happy

Posted by Don't know

I bought a brand new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze on June 23rd this year. The salesman set me up for a conversation with OnStar. I was given Usernames and Passwords, of which I have forgotten, I am sorry. I do not know how many of each I should have, for use, including using your website. Then on July 08th, I received an email from you, and completely by accident, I unsubscribed, of which I apologize again. I have been emailing ever since, approximately 5 times, and a reply comes back, that you will respond, but to date, nothing. I emailed about wanting to know what my Username is, and an email came back with a heading saying Username, but it was blank under it. I spoke live to one of your representatives, and they said that they will email me instructions, and neglected to do so. That was approximately a week ago. I have no idea what you need for my setup, because I have done nothing at all, to this date. Can you help me, please. This really is very frustrating. Honestly speaking, I wonder what kind of response I would get from you, that possibly was even life threatening? I have waited about 5 weeks to just get information. How long would I wait for serious trouble, really? You really do not show customer service, of any kind. Can you please, please, email me back at [email protected]? I told your representative last week, that I would prefer email feedback, because I have very bad hearing, and even with two hearing aids, it is difficult. Also, I am trying to put in a verification code below, and it is next to impossible. Your letters are a terrible way to show.

Add your review!

Posted by NONE

Raymond H Stetter -
On a trip, last week, I tried to get directions from On Star & was told my contract had expired.

My contract was supposed to expire in 2016. That expiration date is included on my monthly vehicle report.

Posted by Anonymous

Hi! I would just like to thank you very much. I was out in the middle of nowhere to do a job. When i got out of the car i heard my car lock. I always leave the keys in it in case anyone needs to move it. My supplies to do the job were still in the car. I called my daughter to bring me spare key but she couldnt find it. i then told her to call lock smith but she was reluctant because of the cost because i was so far out. I told her to call onstar just in case or maybe they could tell us what to do. THEY UNLOCKED MY CAR!!! IT was such a relief!!! Thank you so very much!!!!

Posted by ssmayo

Locked my keys in the car today and when I called OnStar, within 2 to 3 minutes my car was unlocked. Great, immediate service.

Posted by Linda

One of my grandchildren locked my car and the keys inside. I called OnStar and within 3 min. OnStar had my car unlocked. Thank you OnStar.

Posted by Anonymous

Thanks onstar you have been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. We will be renewing the service. And will recommend it to friends. Service was always prompt and courteous.

Posted by Thomas

Yesterday June 13th/2014 I saw OnStar in action.Wow! Just like you say in your advertising. I witnessed a crash at 12th avenue and Ontario Street Vancouver B. C. Canada at about 2:40 pm between your client, a lady by the name of Machu and another vehicle. I parked my bike to go to assist her. The safety airbags had deployed of course, and by the time I was at her door OnStar was conversing and reassuring her that emergency vehicles were on their way. I interacted with your operator as well, as the driver was shaken up and slightly disoriented to have a coherent conversation. All details considered, I had to write to you with kudos. I will retell this story to others. It is nice to see honesty, integrity and competence in a service offered today. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Thomas Fahey Vancouver, B.C.

Posted by Anonymous

on star is the best it has helped my family out of a jam numerous of times especially when i am miles away from them and cant get there thanks gmc for putting this in your vehicles it has save me money and time

Posted by bill44041

I have had on star since 2006, came with my monte carlo. other than the phone I have used the service two time. once with a tire. on star kept me on line from 30 mins, (of my air time), not to worry they gave me 90 free mins. tire fixed back on the road in 45 mins. 2nd time was wife locked keys in car. on star had her on the road in 5 mins. pick up my new Malibu Monday, with 6mos on star. I think on star is great. I will be using it for the next 8 yeas. sorry others are having problems. I give it 10 stars.

Posted by lovinlife2004

I love onstar! I paid for 3 years and have already used it within the first few months due to hitting an item on the road and having an immediate flat. They had someone to me in less than an hour and totally free of charge. The people I have spoken to have always been friendly. I also enjoy the onstar app. I tend to lock my keys in the car very often! Thanks onstar for helping me out!

Posted by LOMATH

While I Like On Star I Have A Complaint. When I Got My Credit Card Bill I Saw A Charge From On Star. I Was Not Asked Or Was I Notified That This Charge Was Coming On My Account. I Want To Be Notified So I Can Agree Or Not. If I Am Not Notified I Will From Now On Refuse This Charge.

Official company reply


I definitely understand your concerns regarding this issue. OnStar does notify subscribers at least 30 days prior to a renewal date, before being billed. I'd be glad to look into your account and make sure we have the correct contact information on file for you. Please send me your information here : http://bit.ly/10XAM43 and I will contact you shortly. Thank you.

-Johnua, OnStar Advisor
Social Media Team

OnStar Advisor 2/22/14 8:56AM

Posted by Anonymous

On Thursday 01/02/2014 our car was hit by another coming from the south on a local road. The OnStar came on almost immediately and assisted me with contacting responders. The operator, who had a really soothing & pleasant voice stayed on the line with me until the first responders got to me. I was very shaken up and it really helped calm me to have that voice there in the car with me. My current vehicle does not have onstar and I will greatly miss it. In the five years we have owned the Aveo I have enjoyed the monthly service reports and the hands free telephone service. Thank you OnStar!!

Posted by Anonymous

Went on line to get OnStar verification and did not have any problem getting the information that I wanted. Everything I wanted to know was available and I made copies. Happy New Year.

Posted by Anonymous

Worried about my elderly husband driving a new car for the first time in slippery conditions. He was very late coming home and did not have a cell phone with him. OnStar called him directly and he affirmed that he was fine...just delayed at the dealer.

Thank you, OnStar!

Posted by Teenangel

Traveling to Florida in early July I found that my Onstar would not download navigarion directions. I tried numerous times and on each occasion the system would beep for ten minutes and then tell me there was a problem.
I contacted Onstar and after a couple of minutes worth of telling me that they hoped I was haveing a wonderful day and thanking me for choozing onstar and the they wanted to make sure they addressed mu concerns we got to the meat of the matter. After a five minute interrogation it was decided that I needed to be escalated to a senior technician. This process took a half hour and involved updating my software and eventually getting cut of and forced to go back to the entry level Onstar rep and start all over. We did two updates and two system inspections and the reps could tell me nothing. After I was four hours on the road after stopping for lunch south of Knoxville the thing started working and continued working till we reached Florida and then worked all the way home. I am getting ready to travel back to Florida in a week and I thought I would test it yesterday just to be sure it was still functioning and sure enough it was messed up again just like the last time. We hae superior cellular service in this area so I know that is not the problem. I curently have the dealer working on this problem and we talked to Onstar yesterday and they didn't have a clue as to what was going on. We suspect a hardware problem but I wondered of anyong else had ever experienced this.

Posted by Anonymous

Subsciber; George McKenzie

Account #132-701-535

On 11 March 2013 I exchanged automobiles at Ken Batchelor Cadallac and via ON STAR, arranged for the transfer of my account to the newly acquired car; 2010 Cadallac CTS Sedan. My ON STAR account was recently renewed with the "Safe & Sound" Plan. I wish to continue with that plan and I want the balance of my account transfered to the 2010 Cadallac CTS model. I realize that the transfer can be accomplished over the ON STAR connection, but I prefer to do the same transaction using E-Mail. Please contact me at and confirm the account balance transfer to cover the 2010 Cadallac CTS Sedan. Thank you; George McKenzie

Posted by AWyatt

I love their customer service their always trying to help you save

Posted by CA Medicine Woman

Recently, I purchased a 2002 Suburban Z71. It has the OnStar equipment already installed. Being disabled, I thought it might be worth looking into activating it.

Total time spent on the call was 23:41 (mm:ss). It took about 2 minutes to get through their menu system and get a human on the line. This is on a Sunday night at 10:30 pm CST. The representative I spoke with appeared to be polite, knowledgeable, and very patient with my numerous questions about the service and how it works.

Because of the type of vehicle I have and the model year, the existing OnStar system cannot be upgraded for the new digital requirements, so I would be required to purchase the FMV (rear view mirror) version, the price of which includes installation (takes 2-3 hours). Lockout and Family Link services do not work with this version, but roadside assistance for lockouts is included, and my family can call in to find my location in emergencies.

My plan to deal with the billing issues most of the complaints here are about is to use a "disposable" prepaid debit card, which I will use exclusively for OnStar, and load each payment a few days before my billing date to keep them honest.

I will update in a few months (if I do decide to go with OnStar) my experiences at that point with the installation and service.

Posted by Anonymous

Onstar has been great with me. i have had it for 3 years. just went to denver colorado and onstar navigation took me right to the door step of my destination. all the reps i have talked have been very nice.

Posted by bandit2012

Just wanted you to know I have had OnStar for 4 years. Had it in 2009 Chevrolet Traverse, sold that and now have it in my 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. I have used it when I travel, has been a real lifesaver, got lost and they statyed on the line until I knew where I was. But Mapquest has changed, Google is impossible can't use either one. They want me to download directions to facebook or email account. Can't get it to my vehicle. I contacted OnStar, very nice women told me just call us, we'll set directions for you and keep in touch if you have any trouble. I think OnStar should let Mapquest and Google know their service "SUCKS" but OnStar is way ahead of the curve when come to service. God Bless your reps, they are the Best.

Posted by Anonymous

I just spoke with a young man called "SAM" in customer service. (Billing) He was great and said I reminded him of his Grandma. He had a great sense of humor and has to have that because of customers like me!!!! I just want you to know I appreciated him listening to me and how he made me feel so important as your customer. I will continue to keep my on star calling because of people like him.....Thank You....
Donna LeSage
48 Juliet Lane
Alton NH 03809

Posted by manofgod1223

I have a 2011 chevy malibu with onstar i work bad at first then the tech team did a software update and it works perfectly with no issues. My new phone nokia lumia connect so quickly to it it's almost scare it also has a text feature so when i recieve a text the car will read it and then reply withhaving to touch the phone great feature for las vegas.

Posted by Anonymous

I just wanted to let you know what an invaluable service Onstar is. On 5/2412 in the evening myself and another nurse were driving hom from a conference on 192. She began to show signs of having a stroke. I pulled over to the side of the road and called 911. I didn't know where on 192 I was and there were no landmarks. 911 was having trouble locating us and then I remembered my onstar. I pushed the onstar button and in a matter of minutes the rescue vehicals were there. They pinpointed our lacation and talked to us until the rescue arrived. They played a critical part in saving my friends life, including the quality of her life, by responding so quickly. They patched in her husband on the speaker to try to get her to respond and keep her calm.They went above and beyond and after this experience I will never do without onstar!

Posted by Mrs. Holmes

Charissa #57708 in your Warren, Michigan technical support office. GETS THE JOB DONE. She is so professional and very knowledgeable at her job. Your Warren office could do no better than CHARISSA #57708.


Posted by michele shari

I had a brand new 2011 GMC Terrain. Onstar malfunctioned and caused the car to malfunction. The dealer was wonderful and tried repeatedly to fix it. I told them I was done. I upgraded to a fully loaded 2012 Terrain and a significant discount. I just got the car back this morning after the 4th fix since November and onstar is still not working correctly-GM replaced the VCRM (Very Cranky Rotten Machine) module and gave it back to me. A week later they got it back again and replaced the entire radio/navigation module. It is still sending me to the middle of the ocean. I hope GM and onstar are not supplying our military. But...I do love my dealer for outstanding service. I am thinking that a deluxe GPS may work better. But, when onstar does work it is great. The regular onstar people are great (all speak perfect english) but the higher level people were idiots. Just goes to prove there are less brains the higher you go on the food chain.

Posted by Force

I am so thankful for ON Star. My husband as he ages is having problems remembering routes even in our town, He left one morning and three hours later had not returned. I called local law enforcement and told them we had on star in vehicle and they contaced you and he must have been told to move over to side of road. He had traveled over 70 miles in the wrong direction. Deputies there located him with your help and called me to come and get him. I am afraid to imagine what could have happened if not for On Star

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Posted by Anonymous

not a chance of keeping service when you want to charge people to ask questions, I have been in customer service for over twenty years,and would never dreams, to be that disrespectful to a customer,for a service that is included with new purchase of a vehicle you would think you would allow questions. This is a joke.38 dollars to ask one question,you should be ashame to be working for this company, I have to much self respect to do your job

Posted by anon

The Onstar brand is owned by GM, however, it's call centers are operated by a Canadian company. I work for them. I too was very surprised to learn that two of there call centers are not in the U.S.(Phillipines and Canada- others Michigan and North Carolina) However, I was laid off by an American owned company, and this was the only job I could get at the time. I think more subscribers should complain about this. I think is is very offensive to ask for help from the American people, yet, hire non-Americans!! with the jobless rates here ( especially in MIchigan). As for the charges after the 3-12 month comp service ends, when subscribers call for there initial welcome call, they are told that their card will be charged to avoid disruption of service unless Onstar is contacted and a cancellation request is made. Many people don'y pay attention to that- I think because it is very scripted. Do not give them your c/c or checking acct info. they will bug you, but they can not charge you.

Posted by if you only knew

Many customers are rude, abusive and insulting. Many employees are found shaking and crying in bathrooms Do you kiss your mothers with those mouths? Do you know we get penalized every time YOU ask for mulitple searches, that it is sometimes hard to hear and understand certain sounds over a phone system? p,t,v,b. Yet for some reason you feel you have the right to swear at us if we don't hear you correctly, screaming the address makes it harder not easier. Passenger speaking is very difficult to hear and understand. Two or three people talking at once makes it difficult. We try to help, and if we can't find a location one way, we do have alternate methods of finding it, yet the common response is to call us idiots, useless and worse. I was sworn at recently because I couldn't tell a person when the heavy traffic they were experiencing would lighten up. No, no accidents, or other crisis, just heavy traffic. Let me get my crystal ball out.

I have had onstar myself for 3 years, before I worked for them. Found it a very good service, but have never made the mistake of assuming it is infallible. And no we won't locate your vehicle without a police report for more than one reason. One being we don't want YOU running off to get it, it's not safe. And 2, we've actually been asked to track a cheating wife or husband, and to find the party your teen is at. We are not big brother.

Don't swear at me because I ask you verify your home address before I route it. If the car was stolen, you'd be pretty ticked if I sent a thief to your house, or unlocked your car just because. All vehicles have airbag deployment, not ALL have auto crash response because the sensors are not there. And no I can't tell you if your brake fluid is low, even a mechanic has to look.
As for the routing, it is a system not a person calculating that route and it is not all seeing. It is not a God. WE may know going through Manhatten at the dinner hour is not good, the system, just sees it as the most eficient.

I sent a man to wrong location, (previous route) because he would not let speak in order to clarify what happened, and just what he was looking for, "just shut up you idiot and do it" So I did. I don't even know where he wanted to go, he wouldn't say, just kept calling me names, so sent him right back to where he was.

We want to help, and we want to do it right, help us help you. Thank you won't make you implode either.





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OnStar, Movistar y otras 'stars'
El servicio es de primera y lo sé por una anécdota que te cuento en tecnoempresa.mx, pero por eso me hubiera gustado preguntar ¿cuál es la garantía de que la red de Movistar atenderá la demanda de más autos conectados?, ¿cómo será la migración a 5G ...
Opel Connect nutzt Technologie von PSA
Bei einer Fahrzeugpanne oder einem Unfall wird manuell oder automatisch der Kontakt zu einem call center aufgebaut. Dort kümmert man sich dann um die Entsendung eines Pannendienstes oder der Bergung von Auto und Insassen. Außerdem gibt es...
OnStar disables stolen pickup; Madras man arrested
A 21-year-old Madras man was arrested on car theft, strangulation and other charges Thursday after police called off a pursuit of a stolen pickup truck -- but the pickup's OnStar navigation system was able to disable it minutes later, police said ...