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Olympus customer service is ranked #170 out of the 946 companies that have a CustomerServiceScoreboard.com rating with an overall score of 49.09 out of a possible 200 based upon 35 ratings. This score rates Olympus customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


30 Negative Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 85.71%.


5 Positive Comments out of 35 Total Comments is 14.29%.

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  • Olympus

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    • 49.09 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 30 negative comments (85.71%)
    • 5 positive comments (14.29%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 2.5 Issue Resolution
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Posted by Sky

I am so disappointed Olympus customer support.I bought TG5 camer as brand new but it was defect and I sent to Olympus. Two weeks later my camer hadn't been back and I contacted them and I was told to give them my credit #. And it should be under warranty. Can they inform us if there is something missing instead of holding my camera until I realized my camera is not back yet? I even did not get invoice or any notifications.How do I know what am I waiting for?!I checked the process online but it does not show about it.As I mentioned it is brand new and when I sent the form I choose under warranty box to check.i should have returned to the shop I bought from and gotten refund instead. It is so frustrating. They seems to think customer should know the process instead of helping customers.Again it is a brand new camera!

Posted by babylon

Trying to contact Olympus customer service is an impossibility. They are beyond bad. It amazes me that such people actually keep their jobs! What such truly terrible sevice shows is the contempt Olympus have for their customers. Shop elsewhere in future that's the only way that they will learn.

Posted by Olympus FAIL

Where do I start.....
Olympus customer service is HORRIBLE.
My camera was shipped to Somewhere in my city. No address just the city.
Took weeks to get it sorted out.

Countless e-mails ignored. Countless phone messages never returned.
Now over 6 weeks and I'm still being ignored in the same way.
Do yourself a favor and buy on E-Bay.
Olympus sells products and then dumps the customer.
I would only recommend buying from Olympus to my worst enemy.

Speaking with customer service and their supervisors was pleasant.
But-everything they said was basically a stall tactic until you get so frustrated that you just give up trying.
They did not follow through on anything they promised to do.

The worst part is that it cost me so much money in long distance charges, I probably paid for my camera twice over.

Posted by Banjogirl

Purchased an OMD EM10 Mark II. For no reason camera stopped working less than two months after purchase. Olympus will not allow return or exchange. Was told repairs take 5-7 days. Have been waiting over 3 weeks. Customer service is not knowledgeable and simply tell me that there is a delay and that it could take another 3-4 weeks. Wish I never purchased this lemon and will never buy another Olympus product again. BUYER BEWARE!

Posted by Ying

My experience with Olympus after sales service in Singapore and product is so disappointing! Not only did the product (LS-14) spoil in less than a year, the after-sales service was not prompt in addressing the issue, conveniently said that the parts that were damaged were not under warranty. I have to call them for the status on the repair, instead of responding in 8 to 10 working days as promised. They were also not opened on the day that i made the first trip to Olympus, even though its website and other related links said that it was opened for the day.

Posted by Anonymous

Tried to pay an invoice for one week - called, emailed, no return response. Called again. This time - got through to customer service at 3pm on a Friday. The customer service rep stated he tried seven different people and could not get anyone. He also stated "they must be in a meeting"!!! LOL!
Anyway - I ask to speak to the President and he pretty much told me I didn't need to do that. I hung up and stated I would be emailing him on Monday.

Posted by urchindog

Very poor ! sent an Olympus Tough TG 1 for repair. Camera was a lemon from the start.
never droped or in water ... case looked as new.
Sent it in and it sat at their location for two + weeks and called rwice to ask if misplaced. Finally updated under repair where it sat for and other week ... said they would "expedite" for repair and ship. Got it back todya with letter stating "parts" no longer available for this ....

WHAT A JOKE ! never again Olympus

Bryan K.

on top of that they hit my paypal for $7.85 !!

Posted by Christy

Olympus has the worst customer service. My tough waterproof camera leaked so I sent it in for repair. I was told that my camera would be fix or a replacement comparable to the one I have would be sent to me. I got the camera back unrepaired and no replacement was sent. I called and ask if I was going to recevie a different camera and I was told they didn't have one comparable to the one I have since mine was a few years old. So along with my unrepaired camera they sent me a 20% of coupon for a new camera. Why would I want to purchase a new olympus camera when they don't stand behind there products and do nothing to fix the problem. If I wanted to buy a throw away water camera then that is what I would have done. Not bought one that cost $300 just to throw in the trash. So don't waste your money on any Olympus product. You will be money ahead to buy a different brand.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought an Olympus VR 340. The first Olympus I ever bought and the last... The Camera has never worked right since the day I purchased it. Wanted me to send money to fix it (under warranty). Customer service is AWFUL. They will not help unless you send money with the camera. VERY DISAPPOINTED. DO NOT EVER BUY OLYMPUS!!!! You will be sorry.

Posted by kamaleon

Just to let you know that I just spent 350 USD to buy the new Olympus TG 3 and what is my surprise that they don't even give you a memory card with it! Moreover, I can't check the instructions to see what memory card is needed because the box comes with a CD, who uses a CD nowadays?My laptop doesn't even have a CD drive! Weren't you supposed to be an innovation company?

Last time I buy any Olympus product. You guys got out of the market, by far.

Posted by Jimmy

I've bought one of the tough camera but got inside of LCD screen steamed after one used only in the shallow water which made me losing a opportunity of taking a family holiday photos.

I called customer support 1300 659 678 and spoken to a woman named Cindy or Cidyma sounds like that anyway, She had no emotion in her voice in the whole time I was on the phone at all just like a machine. No sympathy for cutomer's experience with their products.

To me, this kind of person shouldn't be in that role as it made me having a strong determination that never buy any products from OLYMPUS again. This is not because of the product issue but the representative.
I have to say that every one in the whole world working hard every day for their lives and this person is just harming company by losing customers.

Everyone who doesn't believe this, please try it yourself how this person respond with your inquiry.

Posted by Anonymous

Customer service is awful, I called ALL of the phone numbers available. Yet i could speak to noone,
return products apparently are not highly regarded!

Posted by chrisdiver

I have been trying unsuccessfully for almost three months now to have a repair issue with an Olympus underwater camera housing resolved. The people on their tech service telephone line know nothing of their own product. Managers are not much better. Avoid their products if you can.

Posted by gabrielle odoyo

I was a customer of olympus and had buy many products from them and nothing happened like this i was very dissapointed of the warranty service that they said i can avail on cytek i completed the process of having my carmera fixed all problem occurs when i tried to bring and have my camera back almost took 6 months before having it back from the service center and the olympus service center would not accept my complaints because they said i did not bring my warranty to them very bad experience hope you fix it well

Posted by Pissed off

my olympus omd has been in the shop for over 16 weeks. Olympus customer service is crap. They finally replaced my camera and alas i just sent that back to them.Their so called technicians are incompetent at their job. What they need to realise is I am the customer who has spent top dollar on their product. I expect professional service from Olympus and havent recieved it.

Posted by nitemayor

After less than 10 min. video and 30 or so stills (mainly to test my new camera and brag about its features) my factory-reconditioned 6020 crapped out. At $120, it was a steal but, less than a week after the 90-day warranty expired (60+ spent in its own little Olympus box), the camera refused to recognize the fully charged battery or any battery. Throughout this period, despite the cameras freezeproof, waterproof, and shockproof
"abilities", I coddled this baby (no more than 20-30 pix and less than 10 mins of vid). After weeping on the phone to Olympus they said theyd take a look at it and maybe clean the contacts or something. I sent it special UPS ($12-recommended) and after a month of various delays, the service center finally said that they could repair it for $130. Uh...How bout just cleaning it? NO. Diagnosing? NO.
After threatening bad reviews they lowered the price to $73--as you can see, Id rather warn you guys. BEWARE OLYMPUS RECONDITIONED!
--Bernard R

Posted by Anonymous

dear Olympus
I have bought a camera from your agent in Egypt last December.
it has been in repairs for 3 months of this period after taking only 22 pictures.
it has entered repairs 3 times with no avail.
it is now in the maintenance section.
My name is Dr Diaa Fakhr
Please if possible run interference

Posted by chris

bought a E3, said shutter was designed for 150,000 clicks, got maybe 30,000, sent ionto service, they won't tell wjhat is wrong, only it ios 162 dollars to fix it, when i asked what was wrong, they told me they did not know, but couldn;t fix camera unless i apid for repirs, what the hell?

Posted by Anonymous

I sent a camera TG310 for repair (18 month it worked, a "tough" camera! ...) and I'm asking for more then a month for what exactly is included in the repair fees that they are asking me. Never get the answer be email, after 45 days. By phone they said it will cover inspection, repair, shipping and taxes. I asked for a written confirmation, to avoid surprises (like paying the repair more then the camera). NO ANSWER

Posted by Unhappy

I ordered a camera on 8/6 and was told it was kind of in stock - already shipped and expected any day. I was told it would be about two weeks before i got my camera. I emailed and was told two weeks and when I asked if that was the two weeks they already quoted or another two weeks I got a message saying my issue was too difficult for email and I should call. When I called, I was told they had more orders than cameras and it would be ANOTHER two to four weeks. A request to speak to a supervisor went to voice mail. Shoddy.

Posted by Anonymous


Dear Sir,
I refer to mail below with regard to the above.I am writing this mail to you as there has been no response at all from the service centre..My camera under warranty has not been returned to me after repairs till todate.I was also informed by the proprietor of Bavens Studio-Kottayam,Mr.Prasd that this complaint has been informed to your Calcutta office.Grateful if you will kindly check into the matter urgently and do the needful.Sorry to inform but if there is no further positive response from you all,I will be forced to take up this matter in the consumer court.

(contact no.9947046453)

Dear Sir,
I wish to inform you that i have given my digital Olympus camera(FE-46) which was under warranty for repairs to your authorized service centre in Kochi-JSK Marketing Pvt Ltd on 28/5/12.I regret to inform you that till today the camera has not been repaired and given to me.On enquiring with JSK,i was informed it was sent to the service centre in Kottayam-Camera Scan.It has already taken more than 45 days and i still dont get a proper reply as to when it will be repaired and returned to me.
Grateful if you will kindly enquire into it.
I wish to convey my total disappointment on the service.

Best Regards

Posted by Olga

How can I find a dictophone with the functions I need, if Olympus site has neither search options nor dealers who are aware of these functions? Just FYI in M-video I was offered a "decision" to this problem -to come to the store and read instructions to every model they have and that's with the price range from 200 euros. They have the worst customer service Ive ever seen.

Posted by blue spruce

I bought a new Olympus PEN 13 months ago. It started having problems after 6 months and quit working within 8 months of purchase. I sent it in for repairs through the store I bought it from (Fry's) and it came back 2 months later with some of the issues resolved but not the original problem (the body not communicating properly with the lens). I tried calling Olympus Customer Service and spoke with Jim O'Neill, who seemed very helpful but tried to tell me that the problem was the way I was operating the camera. I knew this was not so, but agreed to do some tests to remove all reasonable doubt. The tests he suggested proved conclusively that the camera was indeed defective. After this, I tried both leaving phone messages and emailing him several times with no response, so I finally took it back to Fry's to have them send it in to Olympus again. Long story short, they kept the camera another 2 months until the 1 year warranty expired, and when I finally got the camera back, the first time I used it the autofocus failed, the manual focus ring was so stiff as to be virtually unusable, and after 36 pictures the screen said the 16GB memory card was full. (The camera had none of these problems before I sent it in.) I took it back to Fry's a 3rd time and they were nice enough to set policy aside and let me trade it in for a new Canon Rebel. Needless to say, I am disgusted with all aspects Olympus--the quality of their product, the complete lack of customer service, and their inability to service their own camera! I will never buy from Olympus again.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought the EPM1 camera recently from the UK but I live in Cyprus.I read through the operation manual, both the basic and the advanced, but as concerns the PASM functions I had certain difficulties in following the instructions. Hence, I contacted by phone the franchise representative in Nicosia- Cyprus, Mr.Lefkios, and I asked whether he could assist me being frank to him that I had bought the camera from abroad. The aforementioned without asking the difficulties i was encountering he refused to help by saying in an extermently rude manner that "when I sell the camera I explain to the customers how it operates" and he advised that I "sit down" to read the manual and find out how it works. Our first conversation ended there, but when I processed it I felt that this attitude was compeletely unacceptable, so I called back. When i complaint to him that such customer service from his end is not professional and not appropriate to a representative of a universal product, such as OLYMPUS products, he told me that he will receive no rebukes from me and that I have no right to lecture him. I got infuriated by this attitude and I hung up the phone which was my only mistake (other than my mistake of beleiving that I could be assisted). After a while, Mr. Lefkios called at my office number and asked for me, but I didn't wish to talk to him. So he hung up only to call after a while to ask for me, pretending to be a "friend"; and of course his intention was not to discuss amicably what my complaint was about, but to be offensive and sexist: in particular, he said that my attitude of hunging up the phone to him shows how spoiled the WOMEN in Cyprus are who expect everyone to fall on his knees for their sake. I underscore this last comment as particularly worrisome and I ask you this question: maybe he's not obliged to assist but is this manner justified in any way? Lastly, but not least I cannot help but wonder: in case my camera needs service or fixing how could I ever trust this person whose loyalty to the Olympus products is restricted to the items that HE sells? Thank you for your attention and I apologise for the length of this complaint, but I felt really strong about this that I could not keep it short and sweet :))

Posted by Steve

Have an Olympus uTough, purchased a year and a half ago. Although it had worked great for a year (warranty length, unfortunately), one day the software stopped working (with no fault of my own). Many cold phone calls and explanations later, they told me to just send to the repair shop with a note. It was just the software that needed a reinstall: they told me $96 for repairs, including scratches. Not what I asked for, could never get through to a customer service representative in canada, nor one who even cared to resolve the problem. OLYMPUS = WEAK.

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Posted by Anonymous

Customer Service was terrific. Talked to Santiago. He was able to provide all the information associated with my inquiry.

Posted by rep2413

I purchased a TG-4 waterproof camera, it failed on the first outing. However, Olympus customer support was excellent and replace the damaged camera with a new one!! I am a manufacturer, and we pride ourselves on making good products, but ours fail also sometimes. However, it's how you take care and resolve your problems that makes you a good supplier or vendor

Posted by Anonymous

My name is Laine Lundmark and I have got the camera back today and all was ok. I did get it back for some weeks ago and it
did not function then so that why my return process is a 1.

Posted by english101guy

I bought an Olympus E-410 dslr on clearance and found that the battery was hard to take out of its slot. I had to shake the camera to get the battery out enough to pull it out with my fingers. But I didn't want to be shaking my camera on a regular basis. I called, and they asked me to send it in. I did. They looked at it, tried to fix it, and sent it back. I called and said it was the same. They said send it in again. They were always friendly and helpful on the phone, but the fix was taking a bit of time, talking, packing, sending. I sent it back, offering to pay the difference for something else. They looked at it again, and said they were trying to find a replacement to send back to me. The person I talked to in the service center was always helpful, and though with some delays of a day or two, I was always able to reach him. It took a couple weeks and they sent me back a refurbished E-510. That was fine with me. It's probably a better camera, and it worked well, no battery problems. They even transferred my extended warranty over to the "new" camera. I was quite happy with their service. As a result, I've become a dedicated Olympus customer buying lots of lenses and accessories to go with the camera.

Posted by john

Olympus is one of the best customer service ever! My camera's lens wouldn't come out and it was out of warranty, but i called them anyway. They sent me a box that I could ship it to them. A few days later it came back, But to my surprise they gave me a better camera! I will always buy form olympus!

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