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    • 37.52 Overall Rating
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    • 114 negative comments (92.68%)
    • 9 positive comments (7.32%)
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Posted by Anonymous

I have to be honest I only go to Olive Garden for my wife and I don't like going because your draft beer is crazy and price everywhere else 250 draft three on the high side and that your organization you want close to 6 bucks it's ridiculous

Posted by HealthyWay

This comment applies to my visit to Olive Garden in Wentzville, Mo. First I will say I am ecstatic that the menu is offering vegetable (zucchini/squash) noodles! My family does not eat grains of any type so we have not eaten at Olive Garden for about one year. I wanted the Chicken Carbonara only with the pasta switched to the vegetable noodles (no wheat noodles just the vegetables). This was politely done for me in Decatur, Ill. but NOT at the Wentzville location. I was told that I would have to be charged full price for both the vegetable noodle scampi and the Chicken Carbonara. This greatly limits our menu choices when it is such a simple switch that previously occurred at another Olive Garden with no problem at all. I would like to suggest that the pasta dishes would be offered with the vegetable noodles instead as an option at all locations. Sadly, we will not be returning to an Olive Garden soon if there is only one option for the vegetable noodles.

Posted by Ernie Lyon

Went to Olive Garden Sunday 2-11-2018 with my husband and two grandkids we all order Cheese Ravioli and was very dis please with them . They were tough and very little cheese in them I always get Raviioli and this time they were different my grand kids would not eat them needless to say. that burnt me for a while on Olive Garden but we were unhappy with the food this time I don't know what they did but it was different.

Posted by Soaringeagle

I have been dinning at Olive Garden for years, Probably in excess of 100 meals. I need to tell you that I have enjoyed every morsel of food put before me.Sometimes I go once a week.
However I must insist you tell me one of your secrets. What do you do to the salads? Without a doubt it s the FRESHEST when compared to any restaurant anywhere! You must have some special process to be able to consistently serve such high quality salads.... so good. Keep up whatever you do what you ..

Posted by Torrain was the waiter

My family visited your restaurant on DECEMBER 27th in Greensboro. We had horrible service. No water or silverware at the beginning of our meal it was brought to two managers on gate city blvd. All I got was my team will be in touch it has been over a month no one has offered a resolution just what they could do and nothing was ever sent

Posted by Anonymous

Went to olive garden in Gurnee got there at 11.00 am and the restrooms were dirty paper towels empty garage over flowing and on the floor. Told at least 4 people and never was cleaned the whole time being there pretty sad after being told and nothing done

Posted by Anonymous

Are you guys opening a Olive Garden in West Kendall near Sw 88 st and 162 ave 33196 in Miami Fl

I hope so this is my favorite restaurant

Thank you

Posted by Anonymous

Tonight me and my family had the worst dining experience ever at the Texarkana Texas Olive Garden. First, it took ten minutes for a server to arrive after we were seated. Second, my spaghetti had something in it that resembled human skin. Third, the server dropped a tray of drinks on our table which in return soaked my lap. This experience was a total nightmare.

Posted by Melissa

My family and I love going to Olive Garden. However last night was the worst experience we have had at the Olive Garden on Grape St in Whitehall Pa. They were not busy and it took over an hour for our food and when we got our food you could tell it had been sitting out for a while. My steak was to be cooked medium it was very well done and very dry along with my noddles and sauce they were one big stuck together mess. The same thing for my husbands plant they were both cold even to the touch. We had to wait for the waitress to come around as she was not very good at all when we told her she rolled her eyes and said oh... we asked for new food she took the plates came back 10 minutes later said it will be about 5 minutes I told them to rush it. Well 15 minutes later we finally told her to forget we didn't want anything anymore as our food still wasn't out nor did she come back to tell us what was going on. So the waitress tells her manager we didn't want the food. He comes to our table and says with an attitude I hear your food was not to temp?! I will have it removed from your bill and talk to my cook. First I know you aren't talking to your cook is what I wanted to say but I didn't. However we said yes please remove as we come here all time and this is very upsetting that you and your waitress don't seem concerned about this. It will be a long time till we go back to this Olive Garden again if we go back after the service or should I say lack of service we got last night.

Posted by Anonymous

Today july 2 I was. Visiting the restaurant Olive Garden in cross county mall in Yonkers with my family, Having a very. Bad experience with one of the waitress Wichi turns aggressive against my family just because we ask him for a salad, he started yelling at us going out of control. I called the manager and complaint against the waitress.
Very dissatisfied with the service!!
We abandoned the facility .

Posted by Hollywood

My husband and I along with my sister and brother in law were at the Olive Garden on Saturday night in lawrenceville nj around 5:30 pm for a anniversary/ birthday dinner, when there was a fight that broke out between two women servers during their shift and that it made a scene where everyone heard the yelling and screaming that was so scary that a group of employees had to hold the woman down from attacking the other server!

In today's society you can never feel safe anywhere you go and this certainly was uncalled for! Luckily the police were called and they intervened, but the four of us just started to take our food home to go because we were very scared and disappointed! All we wanted to do was go for a quiet dinner and we had to see this drama!

Hopefully no one will have to see this again and maybe when and if we come back, things will be different then!!


Lory wood

Posted by Anonymous

Went to stockton Olive Garden. Waited 13 min and no service even though the 2 families around us were getting waited on. Went to the front to ask if we had s server and they had no idea. Finally a server cam up with a total attitude like we were bothering her. And then the manger (Edward Anderson) did not apologized nor did he care that we were uphappy about his staff. He is the worst case of a manager and Olive Garden must be desperate to hire him

Posted by Anonymous

Went for a return visit to local Olive Garden on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia. Hoped for a better experience, but disappointed again. The potato gnocchi soup was thin & the alfredo watery with no taste. The waiter didn't return until the others were done even if I wanted to return it. The meal was taken off. Fettucini should be creamy & tasteful. Very poor overall!

Posted by Unhappy cAmper

Peoria az. I am outraged at the reply from the manager after I spent a lot of money buying dinner for my family for final four..The food was worst I've ever seen..I picked up tour of Italy..They looked like the bombing of Italy..Everything mixed together in sloppy mess..I called to explain..Instead of calling me down.your manager basicly cAlled me a lier..With people like that working for you..fAmilly values are not with olive garden...I'll find new places to feed my family and employees when need be..Yours trully. Unhappy camper..

Posted by [email protected]

There is no Olive Garden in the upper west side of Manhattan in the neighborhoods called Washington Heights and Inwood. The only Olive Garden is found in Times Square. Please look at our northern Manhattan neighborhood for possible location sites specifically on Broadway and West 169th Street where there are vacant storefronts. Broadway is a major road with heavy foot traffic. There is the A, C and 1 subway trains within the block. Many busses stop one block south.

Dana Hockenbury

Posted by Dr. G Grace

Horrible experience We had take a dinner in your Visalia Ca restaurant. The prices are considerably increased and the portion reduced,, the waitress need more training about how delivery the order..!!!! We used attend very often, but never more.

Posted by Anonymous

My Customer service @Olive Garden 4415 was the absolute worse.
I waited 25 minutes for walkin carry out while others came in after me to place a carry out order.
Cashier advised me she was only 1 up front was the reason for delay after she personally asked me as I was sitting down "are you still waiting for your food?"
My response in frustration Yes! After I received my order I asked to speak with a manager, of which when he arrived the cashier acted as though she had No knowledge as to why I asked for a manager. The manager then asked me, "What's the problem?" I explained I waited 25 minutes with my husband who has the flu is in the car we just left Urgent care up the street & I ordered soup, breadsticks and spicy shrimp & dressing. His response Ok! I then added why did it take so long. Cashier responded again "we just busy & I am only 1 up front". It appears no one cares about my time or business so I said ok I will just call corporate office. Manager responded again, Ok. I hope your husbNd feels better & he walked off.
I then checked my food order to find my dressing missing & inquired with cashier. She replied what dressing? I responded the one I paid $5.00 for! Now I am completely annoyed! The cashier responds "I thought you got the dressing when you asked me about it!" My response No I assumed you would get it from the back! She says No you just pick up the bottle yourself!
I thought Wow!
This visit occurred 2/25/17 @ 16:06.
My husband & I eat at Olive Garden every other week but not this location frequently at all, only my 2nd visit there. I will NEVER visit that location again & will share this rude experience with family & friends as it relates to Brian Jordan location to avoid eating there.
I love Gate City Blvd & university Drive -their management should train others!

Posted by GLORETTA

I order take out at your Olive Garden location in Sherman,Texas.
When I got home, half of the order was missing.
I called and talk to the Manager on duty, He toke my information and was going to send
a gift card . I guess he was just trying to make me happy at that moment.
Still a month later.. NO gift card.

Posted by Anonymous

Very poor service at the St Peters Missouri location. I have never had that poor service at any other Olive Garden. I will not visit an Olive Garden for some time.

Posted by Anonymous

I was a guest at the Pineville SC Olive Garden today between 4&5pm. My waiter was great. I ordered Stuffed Chicken Marsala with mash potatoes. Out of Mash Potatos. When I got my chicken marsala it may have had 1 tablespoon of Marsala Sauce on it. So I asked for some. It was so salty I couldn't eat it. So I ate the rest of salad and breadsticks. Ordered Tarmasu to go. Meal was $28.44. Check number 35639. I paid with debit card. Then I ask to see manager. Young lady came to my table. I told her all that I was dissatisfied about my meal. She NEVER apologized, she said " well, we were busy Sat. And Sun. And we ran out of stuff" Then I told her about my Chicken Marsala being too salty to eat and she said" I will have to check on that so our dinner guest meal won't be too salty" I'm thinking well what about my meal? She was no more concerned about my meal experience than my pet would have been. Never apologized just excuses. I have never received such a don't really care attitude from a manager. Today was my day off work. I've been working 12 hour days and was so looking forward to my meal. It was the worst dinning experience ever. I didn't tell her my bad experience to get anything free, I paid my bill before I talked to her. I was appalled at her attitude and response.

Posted by David jenson

I walked out of your restaurant in Addison Street in Chicago twice because there's no server the only contact you have is with the host or hostess today was my same experience to be in the bar at a table to people behind the bar working when I asked finally can someone take my order they said we're not on the clock obviously there's no training there no one telling these people the only reason it there they are is because we are here. If they walk in to work they need to know they are there to serve . 3 times same location Addison st chicago . Will never go back. David jenson

Posted by Anonymous

On Saturday January 21 my family visited the Richmond va location . When we arrived the wait was 45 minutes which we happily waited. While waiting we watched multiple parties seated while we waited in excess of 45 minutes. When we inquired when we would be seated the receptionist became rude and argumentative. As I was visibly disturbed by this interaction I stepped outside the restaurant. At this timeDiamond that is the receptionist name decided to trash talk the customer not realizing his family was sitting in the waiting area. This young woman needs a course in customer service and quickly her behavior was absolutely inexcusable to Olive Garden customer.
Thank you
A concerned witness and patron

Posted by Anonymous

On 1/20/2017 I called in a togo order and was told it would be ready by 7:25 pm. I arrived at 7:20 pm and told 2 ladies who were just standing around at the counter doing absolutely nothing that I was there to pick up my order and gave them my name and one of them said "oh it's being prepared" so I sat down right in front of them. after 15 minutes I walked back up to them and said, "how much longer will it be for my order" and neither one said a word. The gentleman who was greeting everyone who came in said to me, "May I help you" so I told him my name and that I had been there for a while, so he had another lady named Irene go check on my order. Irene came right out with it and apologized for my wait and did give me a $5 discount which I appreciated. I have never been treated so rudely before as I was by those 2 ladies who never said a word, no apology or anything. I never saw these women do a thing but talk to each other, laugh, etc. They didn't greet anyone, seat anyone, absolutely nothing. I guess they get paid to do NOTHING! I have been a loyal customer of Olive Garden for over 15 years and I will continue to eat there but I will never place a togo order at this location ever again. The location is Olive Garden #1820, 4860 N. Hamilton Rd., Cols.,

Posted by Anonymous

My husband & I have been loyal customers for years. I give your gift cards as presents to family & friends. Always received great service until last night. We were seated very quickly as it was early & not busy at all. That was it..we sat for 20 minutes and never saw a waitress at our table. 2 more couples were seated after us and we're serviced right away. We left and told the host that he could give table to someone else. Manager came to the sidewalk to apologize and said he could have our food in 15 minutes! My question was, why didn't you? I was appalled! Never been completely ignored as last night. I have strong reservations about going back.

Posted by Anonymous

At the Olive Garden at Hamilton Place in Chattanooga my husband was accused of stalking a waitress when he was only trying to get tea to go on Thursday. An unidentified employee told him to leave the premises Jan. 5. While hw was there, he had mistakenly given the waitress a $50 gift card. On Friday, he went back to ask the waitress about the gift card and was told to wait for her in the front lobby. In the meantime, security was called and he was almost arrested. He left and then was followed by someone  from Olive Garden who was trying to get his tag number. This is extremely unacceptable behavior on the part of Olive Garden. My husband is not a pervert nor a stalker. He fought for these people's rights but he had none when it came to Olive Garden He served in Vietnam for 2 years, served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam and received a bronze star for saving 6 men's lives by pulling them from a burning plane. We will never, ever go to Olive Garden again and will make sure none of our family or friends ever go there either. He was humiliated in front of several Olive Garden staff and customers. Again, this is extremely unacceptable behavior. They are lucky we are not filing charges against them for harassment and defamation of character, not the mention the humiliation my husband suffered because of them.

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Posted by David

I WANTED TO SHARE A POSITICE EXPERIENCE.On Saturday March 3,2018 my wife and I took my 2 sons and my mother out for dinner at the Janesville WI location. It was a very busy time at the OG. Our servers name was Emily. Everything started out fine with ordering. We received our salads and bread sticks in a timely manner. We even received a visit from Manager Tina Dare as she introduced herself and asked how our salads and breadsticks were. It was refreshing to see a manager stop by all the tables and make sure all was up to our liking. The guests seemed very receptive to Manager Tina. We soon ordered our 5 entr�©es from server Emily. Approximately 45 to 50 mins. had passed since we had received our salads. I had to be to work in 45 minutes and we had a 15 minute ride back home. Our concern was that we were not going to have enough time to eat. We informed our server of our time concern and why it was taking so long. She showed genuine concern and said she would be right back. She immediately returned with Manger Tina and they apologetically explained that Emily had a computer issue when ordering our food. We said we understood but we won't have time to enjoy our meal. Tina asked us with honest concern if we wanted our meal "to go". We stated that it was probably our only option at this time. Tina apologized again and surprisingly stated that there would be NO CHARGE for the entire meal and would be back shortly with our food packaged to go. Tina and Emily returned shortly with 2 bags filled with our entr�©es, numerous bread sticks and 3 large salads. Tina even gave us a $25 gift card for our inconvenience towards our next visit. Although it was not an optimal situation we were very surprised and impressed at the efforts made to make this situation right by Manager Tina Dare. My famiky and I will definitely be back. KUTOS TO TINA AND HER STAFF AT THE JANESVILLE WIS O.G.!!!

Posted by Catherine

On Sunday January 8, I had lunch at the Lynchburg, Virginia location with a friend. Service was friendly and prompt. Later that day, I realized that I was missing an earring. After calling the location and speaking with the hostess, the store manager offered to mail it to me. This exemplifies a commitment to service that goes beyond the average establishment. I will make an effort to frequent your establishment more based on this incident.

Posted by Sandy

We just now ate at the Olive Garden restaurant in Lee Summit Missouri. We ordered an appetizer, five meals, and two desserts. As I was finishing my meal, I found a small piece of glass in my last bite. I contacted the manager and he handled this very professionally. He comped my meal and both desserts. I think he did a really nice job of handling this difficult situation. I'm still curious what broke in the kitchen� Thanks for a great meal!!

Sandy Halbrook

Posted by Anonymous

I took my two friends and my daughter to you Olive Garden Rest in Robinson Twsp in PA It was a luncheon for my friends birthdays ..........I have to tell you we enjoyed it so much. The food was wonderful our waiter Jake was so good and attentive to us and in the end was the best part when they brought their desserts with a candle and sang Happy Birthday. It was a wonderful experience and I know we will be doing it again soon. Thank You and please let Jake know we really enjoyed his special attention too.

Posted by Anonymous

Getting our meal took over an hour. We decided to get it boxed. MY food very overcooked, could not eat. Had sphagetti. Our waitress was very accommodating. MOREHEAD CITY N.C.

Posted by Anonymous

I am on business and ate at your D'lberville, MS location. We ate at the bar and Ms Courtney L served us. She greeted us warmly and enthusiastically. A delight! It had been yrs since I visited your chain (was a regular taking my children) Your menu choices were abundant. Chicken Piccata was so good. Courtney backed my choice 100% and I chose the Lemon cake for dessert. Once again Courtney agreed. When I get back home, I will be dining at my local Olive Garden in Hoover, AL. Too bad Courtney won't be there to greet me. Shannon C.

Posted by Anonymous

Tonight my husband and I Had the pleasure of dining in your fine establishment. We had traveled to Bloomingon, Indiana for an appt. and wanted a bite to eat after. We actually stopped at O'Charleys where we encountered live roaches crawling on our plate of food that they had delivered to our table. Of course, we left there. We were quite sickened by the whole thing, but as my husband is diabetic, he had to eat, so we made our way to your Olive Garden. It took me a while to get over being sickened by the whole incident, but he is quicker. We had a short wait, so that helped. Everyone was friendly. Our server Beth was exceptional too. (I hear that they can earn a trip to Italy, so I would give her our vote.) Anyway, we were very impressed with the look of this restaurant. Not only was it decorated nicely, but very clean! I enjoyed looking at the decor, but the cleanliness was very appreciated after our horrible experience a the other restaurant. I just want to thank the staff and the professionalism that has trickled down to this restaurant. Thank-you! I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by [email protected]

We had 59th high school reunion at the Crain Highway Olive Garden in Waldorf, Md. The manager was so helpful and pleasant along with a magnificent friendly staff. The food was delicious and there was not one complaint out of the 90 people who attended. You should be proud to have these great people working for you.

Posted by Anonymous

For the past two years every six months between 25 to 35 people get together to share the joy of each others company and keep us updated on what is new with their families. On May 22, 2015 we again met at Olive Garden at 6700 Hwy 19 Pinellas Park Florida 33781 for our gathering of people that have worked with Patricia Davey retired Principal of John M Sexton Elementary School and Cheryl Maggio Principal of Blanton Elementary in St. Petersburg.

Fun was had by all with exceptional help from Matthew Fox, General Manager and servers Dylan Shytle and Joey Pataco. Everyone was helpful, prompt, efficient & a joy!

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Posted by Anonymous

The spaghetti we bought was not good i could make better at home with ragu

Posted by Anonymous

Your gm at your bristol location was very disrespectful when my daughter couldnt be at work i called and spoke with him and told him she would be late he was fine with that then when she got to work on time he fired her made her write out a stament saying she lied about coming to work also refused to take a doctor's excuse on another time she missed work he is a rude man to start with and the male managers you have working there sexaully harass the young girls working there and make comments and she was afraid of saying anything or she might get fired i call the dm left a message with no response back from him either very poor way of running a store and we gave alot of people and family that go to this store that cant believe that it has been letting this go on

Posted by Anonymous

Honestly this place makes me sick...I work any and all shifts get get reviews to be sent home over high coupon report I'm losing my job because I work like crazy turn over my tables double others so ofcourse I would have mote coupons then others. So now to lose to good server for nothing


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