Posted by Anonymous

I have spoke to and tried to get help with my Oldsmobile Bravada because it had issues with the fuel delivery system according to detail information of the recall. We got the run around and finally gave in and took it to a dealer,.I quote " dealer!" who told us to put a fuel pump in it. Well guess what,..event he dealers do not know what they are doing! It did not need a fuel pump!. So finally we took it to our mechanic on route 202 of Torrington Connecticut Superior auto,.and wella! Fixed. antoher $700.00 though. Thanks Oldsmobile corporate ! I have three children. I have drained whatever savings I had thanks to bad advice and no one wanting to be responsible for the Bravada needing the recall fixed. I had to put the fuel injection in it! I will never trust anyone except superior auto again!
Maybe you don't care,.but some of us live pay check to pay check and we need to feed our children. I have three children. Your not wanting to be responsible cost me dearly and now I hope Karma pays you a visit ! Over $120.00 for the analasist. Then over two hundred for a fuel pump and the labor as well. To learn it was not even the trouble!!!???? This world sucks,.no one wants to be responsible anymore and no one wants to be honest and even the dealers have no clue!