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    • 180 negative comments (97.83%)
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Posted by sunshine

Two skirts and pair of shorts purchased. They are brand new, tags on, never worn. These items are still on their website at full price. I took them to the store for return since I do not having the shipping receipt. They wanted to credit me a measly $5.41 for all three items. The manager said that their computer simply rings them up for what they would have to list them for on their store racks. Their computer does not look at web pricing. Such a shame. I still enjoy Old Navy clothes and their free returns by mail, but it makes me leery of buying out of season clothes. Purchased the skirts and shorts this winter at a good price but now I'm realizing the skirt is too heavy/hot and I didn't need the extra pair of shorts. If you are selling items full price online, I don't see why a store would so devalue them.

Posted by [email protected]

Never got my refund by mail. Feels like I've been robbed.
Won't be shopping at Old Navy again.

Posted by Anonymous

Bought some leggings tried to returns them after 48 days with receipt and tags still on was told I could not return for a refund or store credit because it was over 45 days, I can't tell you how upset I was . Just ridicules in this day and age with all the places there are to shop, I am thinking about closing my old navy account and Never shopping there again, they shouldn't treat their customers like this, in my book it is unexceptable. Sooo mad.

Posted by Disgruntled

I purchased several items from store 06428. Bought rockstar jeans and plush t. The jeans had ââ?¬Å?grease looking markââ?¬Â? that showed up when I washed them. And the plush t has a hole Iââ?¬â?¢ve the left breast that looks like a fabric malfunction. I attempted to return these items to Vancouver mall store and a very unkempt trashy looking sales clerk very rudely told me they were not returnable or suitable for exchange. I had my receipt. What happened to your store? Staff obviously have no dress code and no customer service training and your clothing is substandard. Walmart is more high end than you. You shouldnââ?¬â?¢t be in a mall. If this is representative of Gap and your other affiliates I wonââ?¬â?¢t shop at any of them. I have shopped at Gap and old navy for years and it wasnââ?¬â?¢t until recently that I have seen your stores go so far down hill.

Is there any recourse for your substandard clothing?

Posted by Unhappy shopper AGAIN!

Purchased a belt and it started to split within the first two weeks. Want to see what they do about this. Looking to see if it's a store wide problem

Posted by BG

I went to Old Navy on December 22 to return an item i bought November 3. It was a shirt, tags still on, never worn. I had my original receipt. Before i went to return the shirt, i looked up the return policy and was well aware of the "Holiday" return policy. According to the policy, i had till sometime in January to return the shirt to get refund (with original receipt) since it was purchased after November 1. The manager of the store was very rude. She would not give me a refund but instead i will be receiving a "check" in the mail that acts like store credit that can only be used in that store. And if that wasn't bad enough, i didn't even get the full price i paid on the original receipt i had in my possession. Instead i received the lowest selling price. I knew this was not the "holiday" return policy that was printed on my original receipt. Before i left the store i had corporate on the phone. Coporate customer service verified that I was indeed correct. I should have received the full amount I paid and a refund in the same manner I used to pay for the shirt. I received a case number from corporate. As soon as my "check" comes in the mail, i will be going back to the store to get my full refund in cash and will return the store credit check. Of course with this screw up, corporate will have to walk through the process with the store how to fix their error when I get there. Overall it was very frustrating because i knew i was correct and instead of the manager calling corporate to verify my concerns while I was there, she was too busy staying she was "correct" in her interpretation of the "holiday" return policy.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst service at the Tanger Outlet Old Navy in Charleston SC. The line had over 50 people and 4 cashiers just left and when asked if additional cashiers were available, the manager page the employee and said she âof course noâ. She did not addresses the situation, just ignored the situation. The only pleasant experience was the front cashier. The store was a mess everywhere and you could not find a person in the store.

Posted by Becky

On October 14, 2017, I purchased early Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. I
like to do my Christmas shopping early. When I started to wrap these gifts
yesterday, I realized that I had purchased the wrong size, so I wanted to
exchange them for a larger size. So today (December 15, 2017), I went to the Old
Navy store in Dewitt NY to exchange them,with my original receipt and was told
it was past 45 days and could not return or exchange them. These gifts were 6 items
of clothing still in the bag with the tags still on them totaling $50.00. I asked what am I
supposed to with these close now? The girl said donate them. I think that was
a rather rude response to tell a customer.

I think that the 45 day return policy is too short for exchanges, especially
when they are intended as gifts for Christmas. When I have a receipt, unworn
clothes with the tags still on them, I should be able to exchange them for a
different size.

Posted by Anonymous

I am very upset with the service of Old Navy. I have been a Old Navy credit card holder for over 12 years and out of the twelve years I have never been late with a payment. Due to Hurricane Harvey I had a major setback and it caused my payment in September and December to be returned but two day after I was aware of the return payment I immediately took care of the payment. On yesterday I called to get my available credit and I was informed that the account had been closed. I tried talking with a manager that was very unconcerned and rude and said there was nothing he could do. I explained to him about Harvey and all of the major issues I have had due to Harvey but long story short after being a dedicated customer Old Navy didn't even consider keeping my account open, I will never buy anything from Old Navy ever again.

Posted by Very Upset Customer

I am beyond upset with the service I was provide or I guess not provided today!! I had a store call another store to put an item on hold and even specified that I would be there to pick it up on a specific date. We then come in on said date and my item is no where to be found. I am told that maybe the hold bin was cleaned out since then. Mind you it's only been two days since the store called ahead for me. I was not offered any other way to find the item I desired. The only effort taken was to search the rack where the items where displayed to no avail of course. I just wished I would have had other options offered to me so that the item I really wanted could have been purchased and a sale would have been made for the company!! Sorry to say I probably won't be shopping here for a while.

Posted by Sarah

I returned over 180 worth of clothes but was wanting just to exchange so the lady had to send me my in store or online return through the mail and I believe it's been 2 weeks and I haven't reviced any gift card that's what the lady said it would be please contact me back so I can figure out what's going on thank you very much

Posted by Shamo

I purchase a sweater for my daughter n she wore it like five times and the zipper broke. Is it possible to return it for an exchange. I do have my receipt. Item was not on sale.

Posted by Shammy1019

I ordered some jeans online on 9/11/17 and tried to Return 11/1/17 in store. The cashier told me that because my purchase was over 45 days that I would need to contact customer service directly because if I tried to print a shipping label online that it wouldn't accept the return. I contacted customer service by phone and they gave me no issues in my return. They emailed me the shipping label. She did state that it was a one time concession but now that I am aware of the short return time, I am okay with this policy.

Posted by Tbryan18

I had a online order that I returned to the store. No problems there but she didn't ask me to slide my card that I used to purchase the items. . . Is this normal? I have never not slide my card for a refund to said card. Should I be worried ? I kept Eveything from this exchange.

Posted by Judy DeVoogdt

Pixie Pant 2 Roseprint too big

Posted by Anonymous

Went to return about $200 worth of clothes I bought online with my ON cc and was unaware they changed the return policy from 90 days to 45- I was about a week over go figure. They said they could give me the amount that the items were currently being priced at but would be mailed to me as a check. I lucked out and got a good amount back but I'm really hoping it's not in the form of store credit so I can use it towards my cc bill for the things I kept/ money I lost out on.

Posted by Lisa

Past 45 days and never left the bag, yet I can't return it for cash or exchange. I am done shopping at Old Navy.

Posted by Anonymous

Ridiculous! I bought my son a pair of jeans from Old Navy. They fit so I kept the tags on them and hung them in the closet. Being the 8 year old that he is, a month later when I needed them they were already too small. I took them back to the store and wanted the next size up. They didn't have them so I decided to get him a jacket instead. I didn't have my receipt so taking the sale price was fine, since I just wanted to put it towards the price of the jacket which was more expensive. The cashier told me she could only mail me a check since I had paid cash. Why can't you put it on a gift card and apply that to the jacket?!? I worked retail for 11 years and we would have never mailed a customer a check. Now I'm waiting who knows how long to get a check over something that could have so easily been taken care of. As a frequent shopper at Old Navy, I'm pretty sure I'll be finding a new store.

Posted by Natalie

Unbelievable! I travel quite a bit with my job I purchased online
Several items, long time customer here. My one weekend I had a chance to stop in old navy to return unworn, new three items with my packing slip, past 45 days by 2weeks unbeknownced of their unfriendly consumer policy . They need to keep in mind my shipment came in 2 different deliveries so our truly not sat 45 days by 2weeks they want tags are you kidding me!?! The code inside garment matches yourr receipt. Rancho Cucamonga manager sucks. I will not be shopping at old navy anymore
They will probably shut down like their gap stores are with this type of service . If it's unworn and tags were by human error thrown or lost. They should be able to honor a return with
Liigitnate packing slip. Closing my account with old navy!!!

Posted by Disregarded

I tried to return shorts that had neither been wore or washed, tag still attached with original receipt. Because it had been over 45 days the manager would not exchange,give a store credit or give me current selling price. I have never heard of a policy like this anywhere. In fact I left the store with the merchandise. She said their computer system will not allow them to help me. I will be calling a regional manager.

Posted by No longer an old navy customer

I just tried to return two pairs of pants and was told that since I was past their 45 days, they would only give me the lowest price. I paid $40 for each pair and they would only give me 9.99 even though I had the email confirmation that I paid $40 each. They also made me take the refund as a store credit which would be mailed to me. I will no longer be shopping there as I just ate $60 on two pairs of pants.

Posted by Gramma

I have routinely shopped at Old Navy for clothes for my 4 grand children. On 2 separate occasions, my daughter has had a difficult time with returns. The first time, I discovered that she could not return without a gift receipt. So, with next online order, I was careful to order as a gift with receipt enclosed. She still had delays, was only able to return for merchandise, and indicated it was a tedious process. She waited in long lines when she checked in & again after shopping for exchange merchandise. Also, she felt like clerk did not have understanding of return policies because he/she had to call store manager for help. Old Navy needs to clarify return policies & be sure all stores apply same policies.

Posted by I need a exchange

Old Navy don't exchange for different size anymore. ..won't be buy anything else there

Posted by I need a exchange

I used to love old Navy I brought some school uniform and then need to exchange for bigger sizes wouldn't let me do that..same colors didn't sizes no receipt...that's crazy

Posted by Rome

Wow old navy only gives 45 days now for exchanges. I guess I was not aware that it isn't 60 days anymore. I attempted to return baby boy shorts with tags still on and receipt. They were willing to give me the "sales price" of $5. I looked it up online and the same shorts were priced at $14.97!!! Usually baby fit correctly but these didn't and I just wanted to make an exchange old navy. I've never had this issue with returns in a store. It was very embarrassing because I was holding up a long line in the store.

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Posted by Anonymous

Thanks old navy for having great customer service,Today 7-14-2016, I placed a order and the person that assisted me over phone,her name was Esther,I didn't get her last name,but she were so kind and pleasant also very professional,Thumbs up Easter, Greatly Appreciated.Terri Harris.Cincinnati Ohio.

Posted by Paul

I had a great experience with customer service. Wanted to exchanged some shorts that were too big and it was done quickly and easily. Customer service agent was very pleasant and accommodating. I am very impressed.

Posted by ON1994

I would like to first say that I have overall enjoyed working for Old Navy very much. I have been with the company for 4 years as a manager and I am Brand Proud. I think it's amazing how our company is so involved in charity and volunteer work. I enjoy volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House with my peers each month and really making a difference in the world. It makes me very proud to be a part of such a great team.

I would like to suggest a few things, opportunities for improving the culture at Old Navy.

I think that payroll should loosen up a bit, especially in the markets where workloads are so high due to Signage, Shipment, and Merchandising. Here lately, they seem to be back-to-back, and our goals have become unobtainable. This hurts us and creates an atmosphere of feeling defeated, unappreciated, and incapable. In these last few months, I have watched many of my management peers (3 GM's, 5 grade 3's) throw in the towel. Now, I will say that of these peers, I personally knew 2 of them who I had grown much respect for over the years, and was very shocked to hear of their intentions on leaving.

I feel that we have lost something very special to our brand, and that is costing us our overall and individual success. No one is happy lately, it has become so stressful and overwhelming to commit to.

That is my insight on the store logistics. Something seriously needs to be done. I fear we will lose our Brand Veterans if we can not bring back a sense of ease.

On another note; Our customers are being effected as of lately as well. From what I have read, there are a few things that I really feel for our customer on.

Signage (S2S) has been a real struggle in our stores. The Contingency signs we use to sign items when the whole store is on sale have brought to surface a lot of problems in our customer experience.
The customer can not easily understand what items are on sale when a wall is clustered with red signs. The question arises constantly, "How am I supposed to tell which sign is for what?"
Now with our other signs that have the item description written on it, our average intelligent customer can understand. But with our contingency signs, even our brighter customers struggle.

Another thing concerning our customer experience; Store neatness. This has suffered tremendously with hours constantly being cut and left strictly for logistical tasks. The time to sort, organize, and recover our store deeply is simply not there. We have very aggressive shoppers in our market and clothing/accessories constantly need tidying. We get complaints often about how our store is messy even when it's clean. This is upsetting to us, as we try very hard to keep things in order. We can't keep ignoring these complaints. More hours need to be permitted for deep recovery, and a designated day to execute.

These are my suggestions on opportunities to improve Old Navy, for the customers, and for the hard working employees.

Posted by KarenM

Old Navy has always been my family's go to store. We live in Gresham Oregon and we always get greeted with a smile. In the past 3 years there is a young man named Brian who works there that is ALWAYS so nice to my kids, One who has special needs and sometimes screeches really loud! Him and his coworkers bend over backwards to find clothes for us. Sometimes they are out of clothes and should have more, but I've been reassured by Brian many times that they have freights tues, wed, and thursdays and they do! Thanks Old Navy for being so welcoming!

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