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OfficeMax customer service is ranked #234 out of the 947 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.75 out of a possible 200 based upon 193 ratings. This score rates OfficeMax customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


168 Negative Comments out of 193 Total Comments is 87.05%.


25 Positive Comments out of 193 Total Comments is 12.95%.

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    • 43.75 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 168 negative comments (87.05%)
    • 25 positive comments (12.95%)
    • 5 employee comments
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    • 2.2 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
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    • 3.7 Friendliness
    • 3.6 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Steven

I recently purposefully went to your store with a $30 coupon to buy HP printer ink. The cashier had to point out to me that in small print on the back of the coupon read the HP exceptions. I think sales must think that this deception successfully got me into your store. I was a regular customer and I don't like businesses that I support with my patronage trying to deceive me. So instead of getting me into your store I will now be going to staples. Good job sales!

Posted by Anonymous

Useless service
Kona Commons Office Max Big Island Hawaii

Worst customer Service disgrace to customer service.

We left after waiting for over 30mins reminding them we are still
waiting at computers. No one came.
The counter guy and a colleague didn't care or apologize when we said we were leaving. They laughed at us. I will go to trip adviser too to let customers know what service they will get at this store.

Posted by LanaG

I was attempting to return a planner without receipt. In fact, I was going to purchase one that cost a few dollars more. I had hoped they could find the sale through my rewards card or the coupon I used. The cashier was new but spoke to a couple other people who said it was fine to put the return amount on a card so I could purchase the other one. A guy, a manager I guess, decided he'd handle it. He went off to find the sale with only the planner. How was that going to work? It didn't. He couldn't find the sale. Knowing the exact date and register would help he said. It didn't. He tried to look me up through my phone number and my reward's number but nothing showed up. I go online to see if I can find the receipt (he says it's under my account) but that doesn't work. I ask if there's a number I can call. He didn't know but apparently the department who looks up sales is closed on weekends? He said he might know another way to find it. He goes off for the 3rd time. We're well over 30 minutes at this point. He returns with a receipt and asks what else I purchased (it was a week before really?) I said why? What is your return policy? He said 2 weeks for planners and a required receipt. So what do you do when there is no receipt? I told him I remembered purchasing highlighters. He said, okay I found it. I'm ticked off at this point. I get that I didn't have a receipt but this process is ridiculous. It's hot and we're working on 45 minutes. He issues a refund on a card (where we were almost an hour before!) and I went to another register to buy the 2nd planner. The cashier looks me up by my phone number and finds me immediately. Go figure. I wouldn't have bought that 2nd planner if I didn't have a store credit. Even though I'll have to drive 30 minutes out to the closest Office Depot I doubt I'll shop at OfficeMax again.

Posted by Anonymous

I went into Office Max on Black Friday, I purchased two desks. I had to wait 1 week or so for the people who put your desks together to arrive. My appointment was with Apollo your subcontractor between 1pm and 5pm. I waited from 1pm to 4pm, at 4pm I called to confirm that someone was still coming. I was told they would have to call me back. At 4:45pm I received a call back stating that they came out and I wasn't there, I asked what time did they come and they said 8am. My apointment was for 1pm to 5pm not 8am. I was told their tech had a doctors appointment so they had to chnage my appointment. When were they going to tell me. They rescheduled me for Friday 2 days later at 8am. I ws there at 7:45am at 8:20am I called Office Max to see where the tech I had to leave a voicemail. At 8:30 Linwood Green called to advise me that he is the tech and he is at Bojangles having breakfast and he will see me at 9am. I said my appointment was at 8am. He very rudely said "no madame, your appointment is between 8 and 12 and I get to come at my time." I explained to him that since there was a mix up two days prior they set this up so i would not have to wait a second time. He said they had no right. First headache.

I then go back to Office Max and purchase another desk. This time it is not in stock it has to be ordered so it must be delivered. The delivery date was Dec 19, 2016 between 8:30 am and 5pm, at 4:30 December 19, I called Office Max to check on the delivery to be told, the delivery company is overwhelmed with deliveries and it will be delivered between 8:30 and 12 noon December 20th. Guess what it is 4:52pm December 20th, no desk. So I call Office Max, and I get told give it a couple days to get resolved. Are you for real. I just waited two full days. 8:30 to 5. I think Office Max owes me big time.

Posted by Anonymous

I have had bad experiences with the store in Santa Cruz before, but today was truly the last straw. I was trying to find the right refill for th desk calendar stand on sale. I looked up to see an employee watching me. I asked if he could help. He grunted. I explained what I was looking for and he laughed and said he had no idea. I asked if someone there could help and he said probably...a manager maybe. I asked if he could get a manager and he pointed across the store and said "you can ask her." I said that perhaps I needed to try Staples instead and he said "sure."
I get that retail is not super fun. I've been there and can attest. But seriously? Does my business really mean so little to your company.

Anyway, I thought you should know. If my customers were peeved with the way I run my business, I would want to know. But I'm not a corporation.

Posted by Anonymous

I have just had a terrible experience at the Silverthorne, CO store. An employee there by the name of Dakota began by telling me he could not help me with my question and did not know anyone who could (I was looking for a print server). I asked him to show me where I met be able to find the product, and he acted very annoyed. Unfortunately, he checked me out as well. During this transaction he acted annoyed that I did not have our tax exempt code with me and said it would be an lengthy inconvenience to look it up. There was no line so I asked him to do it. Again, he acted annoyed. Just thought someone would know.

Posted by Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern. My Name Is Samuel Habib. My Email Address Is [email protected] Friday 10/7/2016 I Went To Office Max Located To Have The Comp.technician Check My Friend's Laptop Becaue It Was Very Slow And Infected With Virus I Was Highly Welcomed By A Professional Technician His Name Is Alex Hrenandes, He Was Very Friendly . After Explaining All The Problem With Comp. I Asked To Cler The Virus And Install The Antivirus Protection Plan With One Year Guranty. When She Started To Use It, It Was Still Withe The Same Problem. On 10/10/2016, I Took It Back To The Store. This Time I Talked Eddy - Another Tech. Who Was Gloomy, Unfriendly And Rude. When I Asked About Alex Who Helped Me Me Last He Said " I Don't Know, I Asked Him When Alex Will Be Back He Didn't Give Any Answer. At That Moment I Felt That I Was Talking To An F.b.i Agent Or C.i.a Personnel . When I Told Him About The Virus That Is Still On The Comp He Told Me That I Probably Okay The Virous. And Asked Me How I Use The The Comp,thinking That He Was Talking To A Little Kid Or An Idot Person With No Respect Or Consideration To My Age. My Friend Who Was With Me In The Store Told Me The Reason Eddy Was Talking To Me That Way Because I Have A Stron Accent

Posted by Equigal45

After taking my computer to office max to have Windows 10 installed, ( I had them do it to make sure everything was backed up and I wouldn't loose anything), I have not been able to use my computer! It's destroyed. I can't even get the screen to come on. I keep taking it back and now they say I need a new computer. They should give me one since they ruined mine. Never had a problem with my computer before they got it!.

Posted by Anonymous

I will never use your store again. I was in store 06174-130 Commerce Blvd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030. I bought a trifold board that came to $7.94. I gave the cashier $20 & when I got my change he said I only gave him a $10. The manager-Rossi-counted the drawer & said it was only over by $5. I don't make mistakes with money as I'm a statistician. A cashier should be taught to keep the money on the side until the transaction is completed. Mr. Rossi was not particularly nice & didn't accept my idea as to how the cashier should handle the transaction. You lost a customer for life. I no longer want the $10, but an apology! A horrible experience! For $10, you lost me as a customer & I plan to tell all my friends.

Posted by Anonymous

They were very rude didn't want to assist me .Sales lady acted like she was drunk .Big Mexican guy said this not his department yet he was not doing anything sad people are treated that way store #06682

Posted by Anonymous

Riverhead,N.Y. office max store.
Altho nobody is ever in that store, it has been my go to location for supplies, office equipment, etc.
The store employees have been very friendly & helpful till this past weekend where a guy named LOUIS & the office manager LINDSEY were very unhelpful and actually rude to me when I asked them for some help with the copy machine. Despite my past overall satisfaction with the store in the past....I will never shop there again.
An old business proverb says---"it takes 2 dollars to maintain a customer,3 dollars to get a new customer, but 5 dollars to get an old customer back.

Posted by Anonymous

Office Max in Riverhead,N.Y.
Nobody is ever in that store and tho I do alot of business there and the workers have been very friendly & helpful....this past Sunday I had a very horrible experience there with an employee named Louis and the manager on duty named Lindsey. Tho clearly in the wrong, she did everything to protect him.....never trying to fix the situation or apologize to me. In fact, she walked away from me 3 times and I had to call her back. Never will I go there again.
An old business proverb says- "it takes 2 dollars to maintain a client, 3 dollars to get a new customer & 5 dollars to get an old client back.

Posted by Anonymous

The driver of truck is a maniac. Just came speeding through our parking lot and camne around the corner and almost hit my vehicle. Then it looked like he was mocking me as I gestured for him to slow down. This guy is out of control!

Posted by Robert

I had been recently dealing with officemax in Hampton Virginia riverdale Shopping Center they are very poor keep losing by orders when I drop left the order for business cards and they never done them on me and never contacted me I will never deal with them again

Posted by Kp

Been looking for a desk for my sons room. Saw a nice bundle $237 office max in oneonta ny on Sat 2 13 Called Sunday 2 14 said we have it in stock Drove the forty mins he tells me that it was a sale price that ended yesterday I said i never saw anything that said it ended yesterday or i would have made the trip back yesterday with my truck What a liar i thought as he tried to sell me a bigger desk I left the store pretty pissed that this guy just wasted an hour and a half of my Sunday Anyway there was no one in the store 5 people working I will assume that this will be the next big block store to go down I told my wife to order something online with free shipping no hassels nobody wasting my time What fools

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a Commercial Mesh office chair about a month ago.I didn't use the chair for about 2 weeks because I was on vacation. I tried to return it for another chair but the manager at the Strongsville Oh location would not make an exception especially when I told that I was in pain from neck down. They didn't even care. That is poor customer service. I work for Progressive Auto Insurance we have rules but when you have a very unsatisfied customer. We make exceptions. I will never buy another product from Office Max again.I really need another chair.I had my first chair from you for 5 years.

Posted by Anonymous

Our local store here in Twin Falls Idaho is a joke as far as their ads and getting their merchandise. I went in to get an item and they were out and wouldnt do a rain check and dont know if they will get any more of the item. Ask a person stocking shelves for help finding something and they didnt know and didnt even go ask anyone else either. Two young men at the register no help at all.

Posted by Anonymous

This evening December 2 6:32 PM I going to OfficeMax to make one copy stood in line that was no line for 15 minutes one person I'll help and one person another person Stella at the register for the same amount of time I was the second customer service person with his back to us the whole time never asking help us Norfolk Virginia OfficeMax military Highway is by far the worst customer service oriented business I've ever been in

Posted by Anonymous

At the Clifton Park NY Office Depot/Office Max on 10/13/2015 I purchased 6 items. One being item number 281-536 a Dell Series 2 Color ink cartridge for $35.99 plus tax. Upon arriving home, i installed the ink cartridge in my printer, it did not work because it was empty. I called the Clifton Park store and asked to speak with the manager. A young man got on the phone. Told me to just bring it back and get another one. He was short with me on the phone, to the point where I felt I was interrupting him and he did not want to take my phone call. The store location is a good 30 minute ride for me one way. I just wanted to be sure there was another in stock before I made the trip again. On 10/18/2015 I returned and exchanged my empty cartridge for another. This time when I went to install the ink cartridge in the printer I opened the box (which showed no damage) the ink cartridge inside was not in a foil pouch and was a black cartridge not color! I was very upset. I did not call the store I returned to the CP store on 10/25/2015 and went directly to the check out desk and asked to speak to the manager. I waited 3 minutes then I asked again for the manager and was it was pointed out to me that he was at the print shop area and I went to him. He identified as Tony and I explained my unsatisfied two transactions with Office Max and he walked with me to get another cartridge and said that's the way it is do you want another cartridge or not?... No professional understanding or courtesy was extended to me for my trouble. I have been a customer of Office Max for many years and have bought many school supplies, ink cartridges, etc. I very much resented the way I was spoken to and treated. The third cartridge is working and when I need to have more in the future I will think about whether I want to return to Office Max or of this writing, probably not.

Posted by Anonymous

I'm a business owner and busy. Lines are terrible always at the Hampton, Va. Store. Here I am again in line. Lady in front of me just left upset. Also new extra help from 4 to 6. 45 minutes last time to get waited on.

Posted by Cj

Refused to fix a defective printer issue when the product was only used once.

Posted by Anonymous

I suggest that you invest in decent equipment for your department that creates pads, booklets, invitatons, etc. for the piblic. I recently gave the local store my business. I needed some padding done. I provided the supplies and had it set up just as I wanted. It was due on 9/19 but was finished on the 20th. Since that was a Sunday I went to pick my order up the next day. The workmanship was horrible to put it nicely. They were to redo it and I was to pick it up today 9/25. It was not ready because an employee who cares about the quality of her work has spent a great deal of her time making sure that the job was done well. Unfortunately the quality and lack of equipment needed has meant a simple job is made most time consuming. I have no idea at this time how much it will cost me but because of the attitude of corporate headquarters and the people in charge of keeping the equipment in good working order I doubt I will be giving you anymore of my business and I had plans to do so for Christmas gifts. I have some suggestions if you are interested. I have worked in bindery and I am trained in the printing/graphics field.

Posted by Never again

Worst customer service ever!! I shop for all office and school supplies for years at OfficeMax (well shopped). I've never felt so low in my life after walking out of 2 of your stores, transit rd and main st in buffalo, ny. I have been searching for laptop deals so I could have enough laptops for the free after school program I have for neighborhood kids. I found a competitors coupon that allowed me to have enough money to buy what I needed. I traveled around and finally found these 3 stores had what I needed. 1 store had 1, another 1 and the other store had the other 4 I needed. The first store on milestrip gave me no problem, but the other 2 were a different story. Gave me the hardest time. After tony on main st called the district mgr she told him that it is company policy and to sell me the laptop. Ok cool. I go back to the other store and Michael wisnewski the mgr made me feel so aweful saying he doesn't care what the DM said he aint calling her and refused to sell me the laptops with my coupons. Great, now don't have enough laptops for the kids. Thanks office max. Will NEVER step foot in an office max or depot again and every person I know and every social media site I belong too will know also.

Posted by WendyC

I ordered a putty-color 4-drawer filing cabinet online. A black filing cabinet was delivered to my front porch instead. Instead of removing the item and delivering the correct one, their only "solution" is to cancel my order, send the delivery company back to pick up the item from my house, and eventually refund my money. Then I would have to reorder and hope for a better outcome. After this experience I doubt that I'll be taking that chance. I've sent emails and gotten 2 identical emails from different customer service representatives that were worded in such a way that it was apparent they only handle "returns," not really replacing bad deliveries. I'm very disappointed in the lack of accommodation.

Posted by [email protected]

Since this merger a customer cannot order by phone or online. Your customer service people are not trained in your products, how to take an order, how to talk to or deal with people. Get someone that speaks English to answer your phones. Put out the correct phone numbers for the customer to make an order. Your company is now very unpleasant to try and deal with, let alone try to order from. Your changes are unproductive, unpleasant, and very frustrating. I will try to avoid your company in the future.

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Posted by Cindylee

Thanks Office Max for letting me resend all my fax info again. I am pretty sure it got there the first time. Did it on a weekend, in care of 3 different names, not the best time to send when these 3 people were probably not in the office then. I sent everything again during the week free of charge thanks to office max. Will shop here, so polite.

Posted by A Norfolk Teacher

I have just received perfect service from Kai in the Military Highway store in Norfolk, VA. She did an outstanding job answering my questions and assisting me with my account. I am very appreciative.

A Norfolk Teacher

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to recognize Tony at the Midway Center OfficeMax. Store # 6044.
I accompanied an international friend, "Olga S." to the store last Friday, January 8th, 2016. Olga had an unusual problem with her 3 week old laptop.
Tony diagnosed the problem and then fixed it for her. He was very calm, kind and super helpful to my upset friend. (she had important research data on the computer and was afraid she would lose it.) (she is going to back up everything from now on!).
Rosie Bauer

Posted by Anonymous

Store in Hatillo, Puerto Rico, no legal paper 8 " x 11" available for sale . It must be a joke !!!!. Please verify what is happening . Always got everything.

Posted by Pearl

I want to tell you how pleased I was the service I received at the store in Sheboygan, WI #619. I believe the staff their and especially to Cameron, Jeremiah and Kim. They went all out in satisfying my needs. I believe kudos are in store for them. They made my experience in buying a desk & hutch a pleasure. I am sure I will return here for other items that I may need.

Posted by Mary Ann

Recently, I had the pleasure of being helped by Anthony Baylor, who works in your store in Shelby, North Carolina. I first went in to seek help with my laptop and Anthony added McAfee for me and I have been very pleased.

As a follow-up to that, I could not get my printer and laptop to work together. After trying diligently twice to find the problem, it appears as though it is my printer that does not work properly anymore. Anthony did all that he could and was so helpful to me and was very patient with all of my questions and my lack of computer knowledge. Another employee, Richard, helped me and was very patient as well.

I would recommend this store and these employees to anyone. When my budget allows, I will head to Office Max in Shelby to purchase a new printer from Anthony. He said that whenever I was ready to make my purchase, he would be happy to assist me in getting it hooked up to my laptop.

Thanks so much for the exceptional customer service!

Mary Ann LaSelva
[email protected]

Posted by Anonymous

I was a customer in the store when the customer was trying to return the file boxes on Feb. 13,2013. Yes she had a receipt, but the receipt did not match the items being returned. The manager on duty tried several times to return the items with the receipt provided, but was unable too. To make a long story short, the customer got very angry and cussed at the Mgr. trying to make the refund. Another mgr. stepped in to take over. The customer continued to yell and cuss at him and threw some small plastic boxes at him. Told him to give her receipt back and that she was going to report him to the home office. She left in a huff cussing as she went. It made me feel bad that your employees have to endure such treatment. I shop Office Max 319 all the time and will continue to shop there.

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I had a problem with our computer's monitor, which we had purchased at Store #319 in April of 2011. The monitor was still under warranty, so we took it to customer service. Arthur Mitchell, Jr. "Mitch" did a service check on the monitor and brought it back to life. Needless to say, we were thrilled. Mr. Mitchell was courteous and very helpful. We will return to this store again for our future needs, because of Mr. Mitchell. He is a super employee!!!

Posted by jesusislove316

I had a very involved return where I needed a smaller pack of 1099-INT forms for taxes and, since they have to be sent by the end of the month, I needed them NOW. I went to my NC officemax and the customer service could not have been better. Event hough they did not have the 1099's there, they were able to call and hold the pack at another local store, and even offered to transfer or drive over and have someone bring it to their store. Exceptional! I trust that none of the other local stores would have even offered to do such a thing!

Posted by PCUFC

I wish to commend Staci, Lynn and Pat who work in the impress department of Office Max in East Peoria, Illinois. These individuals provided excellent customer service and outstanding printing services for a project involving over twenty five churches and organizations. I imposed on them twice a week over a two month time frame, and not once received any negative vives or impatient overtones. These three young ladies are an example of how a team works together in harmony and unity. Office Max is should consider them and extraordinary asset to the business.

Posted by Anonymous

Mr. Boyga Adeseye at the OfficeMax on 14 mile road in Farmington Hills is an outstanding representative of your company! He models excellence and deep, personal concern for every contact. Singlehandedly, he prioritized the production of 200 copies of my 132 page book. This is the 5th printing and his work was nothing short of flawless. (The job requires many special things and each of the other printings contained errors in coalating or printing.) He cared about my concern and worked on it only when he could devote full concentration. His expertise and professionalism are extraordinary! Today I came into the store - nearly 6 months later - and needed a very small Boyga for only a small order. He gave me the same, friendly, professional service for even a small order. Boyga cares about customers, cares about each job, and truly works to maintain the best image for the company in the public's eye. How great to watch EXCELLENCE in motion!

Posted by Elaine

Monica in the Juneau AK store was ACES for me last week. She was patient, knowledgeable, pleasant, and had time for my questions and concerns. Knowledgeable, gracious, informed. She greeted me, met my needs in a professional and learned way, thanked me for shopping there, invited me back. What a wonderful impression of what Office Max thinks of its clientele, how it cares for & about customers. If I had a company, I'd want Monica on my team!

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to praise Aaron at the Willow Grove, PA office max. He was very kind and patient as he waited on my several times the past few days. He should be commended for his tireless effort day in and day out.
Nancy from PA.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been going to the Office Max- 1030 West Roosevelt Blvd, Monroe, NC- for the past month or so. I have been very pleased with the service that Sarah Shaw has provided. She is very professional, efficient and courteous. I had to have some business cards printed up at the last minute before the store closed. When I saw Sarah, I knew that she would handle it as quickly and professionally as possible. She had me out of there in about 5 minutes.

Posted by kygrl3

I was wrong. Office Max came through like champs. Shortly after my post yesterday Bonnie emailed. She shipped out new laptop yesterday and it was delivered today. Turns out the delivery person made an honest mistake and delivered the laptop to the wrong house. The neighbor "didn't see my name on it" so he kept it. I am returning the original one to office max using the pre-paid postage label that Bonnie emailed me. Thanks Bonnie!

Posted by JudeyJ

I went to the store off of north academy and briargate in Colorado Springs ( think they said it was store 276 if that helps )This was one Saturday march 3rd and I noticed that everyone was really friendly and nice. The few guys that were there had alot of knowledge on computers and a lot of areas. So I was able to get my questions answered and I plan on bringing in my computer to have one of the techs have a look at it. But before I left I noticed, what I guess is the store manager. I think they said his name was James Barrett, was rude to one of the people that work there. Dont know what it was about. But I can see he is terrible at working with his customers or the people that work there. Now I have no idea if thats something your company does by treating your people like But I dont agree with it. And I hope that he doesn't stay there as a manager. After this manager was rude he went back into his office while there was alot of people around that also could have been helped and as far as I know. I didn't see him come out as I left. But I'm writing this to let you know I found most of the people that work there other then the store manager very friendly and attentive. Thank you very much.

Posted by Thundercat

I shopped at Office Max on 2/2/12 beacuse they had a furniture item for a great deal. At other stores like Target and Walmart they wanted a bookcase for the full price of $129.99 at Office Max they has the bookcase for $69.99. I was very excited for Ive been waiting for the price to go down for months. I was helped by 3 different sells man 2 of them were managers. They were very friendly and very helpful to let me know about their Protection plans and add-ons. They also offered to carry it out to my car for me. Im a very happy that i got great customer service from all 3 retailers. Thank you OfficeMax #525.

Posted by Anonymous

Fair is fair. When I'm dissatisfied, I'm happy to share, so when I'm pleased, I should do so.
Several months ago (six? I don't know), I bought an OfficeMax brand inkjet refill cartridge, HP57-equivalent, but didn't need to install it in my home printer until a month or so ago. Seemed to work fine until last week when the colors turned funky. I went through the three-stage cleaning process, but no better. The printer registered it at 3/4 full, at least, but for whatever reason, the magenta was not working. Whether it was not properly filled in the first place or just clogged, I don't know, but my color cartridge is usually good for at least a year or more, not a month, so I knew something was off.
I had no box, no receipt and little hope, but I took it down to the San Francisco Store (Division St.) to ask if they could diagnose it or whatever. I was prepared to be blown off and never to buy an OfficeMax branded product again. Instead, the woman I spoke with (sorry, no name) offered me another one at no charge, only asking to keep the cardboard box it came in. I just installed it, printed a test page, and it's fine.
Thank you to OfficeMax for backing their products, and to the employee who took me at my word. I'll be back, happily.

Posted by tlt1898

I want to thank Stacy, a manager at the Office Max located at 1800 Oakdale Road in Modesto, CA. Stacy was extremely helpful, and definitely maintained my faith in Office Max. Because of Stacy's attitude and commitment to the customer, I will continue to shop primarily at Office Max. A huge thank you!

Posted by david sky

Hi, I hope this is the right way to give a compliment to a store employee .If not please pass it on to the correct dept.Office Max Store #325 in Willow Grove PA.Ryan the manager was very helpful the staff at this store has always been nice.Thanks David Saplansky

Posted by Angie

Office max on Pines Boulevard & Dykes Road is the best!!! Awesome customer service & always friendly :) Eddie Santana (the Store Manager) helped me fix my lap top in just one visit & was completely attentive the whole time making sure I understood what the problem was & how to fix it. Thank you, you guys are great!!!

Posted by Mrs. Crutchfield

I am Mrs. Crutchfield from Tullahoma, TN. The Office Max located on Jackson Street in Tullahoma, TN is where I shop and obtain profession assistance regarding my business. I want to compliment a young man by the name of Jeremy for his professionalism, friendly manner, and overall knowledge regarding ever
service that needed and that I inquired of him. I do hope that this comment makes it to his employmee file records, he was so informative and patient and deserves it.

Posted by Been There Done That

Honestly, all the complaints I find about OfficeMax are the same I find in other retail places. Nobody and nothing is perfect. However, I do believe that you are having issues, and this is what I have found that helps.

Talk to the store owner where you purchased your product. If they will not work with you then call another store in the area. We do not want you to be an unhappy customer.

My ratings are at a store level. I realize not every store is run like mine.

Posted by Eliss055

I ran out of business cards so I decided to go to the impress department at officemax. I was imediatly greeted by a young lady by the name of Mabel. I told her about ordering some more business cards. I handed her the business cards and she politly asked me if she could make some adjustments to make my card stand out. She read my mind and got to work. In a matter of minutes she transformed my plane card into a work of art. Im amazed by her enthusiasm...this young lady is extreemly talented. I am so pleased by her positive attitude and my business cards look unbelivable! I will be sending alot of my clients here!

Posted by Anonymous

I was greeted very pleasantly by Sherry, who then went out of her way to insure that my return was handled. Everything was done efficiently, smoothly, and cheerfully! Thanks so much!

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Posted by Anonymous

I've been working at OfficeMax for three years now. I feel sympathy for the employees who feel their stores are lying/cheating/poorly run, etc. In my store, things are always very honest. We do our best to assist customers with integrity. OfficeMax isn't evil, but I will admit that its MaxPerks program needs an overhaul, and sales associates should have more power to help customers with special orders and other things.

Posted by anonymous

DO NOT EVER WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. They find ways to "write you up" and give warnings for things that should not really even matter. Supervisors are always in horrible moods and never willing to help when you need it. I would not advise anyone to ever work for this company. They state company and customer first but when you are on the phone to long assisting the customer, you get in trouble. I feel bad for their customers. Horrible place to work and work with.

Posted by Store 0253

As an employee of Officemax, I can say we try to screw most people out of there money. Not only does management not care about us, we are underpaid and overworked. We are trained to lie about our Max Assurance Plan, in order to sell them as they cannot be returned. We will tell you it covers everything, when in fact it covers very little.

Our "Ctrl Center" is complete BS, as a "Certified Tech Expert" will diagnose you PC for free. The Free PC Check up is rigged. Regardless of the PC, it will say its performance is "poor." The "experts" who you hand your PC to is nothing more than a normal associate with a different shirt.

Posted by old emplyee

I would like to apologize to all of you. Working for OfficeMax is just as horrible as being a customer. They do not provide us with the inforamtion we need to help you. And we really have to forward everyhing to the Office that your items shipped from. If you need help with the website we can do that. We cannot send out replacements, or issue and refunds. Nor can we track your shipment. In fact, like I have notice a lot of people say. We in fact do not know the carrier. All we see is a letter of number, and they do not provide anything else. They do not want us to call the carrier.

Posted by Anonymous

OfficeMax is placing many positive ads and reviews all over on the internet for their own. Some OfficeMax employees paid or promoted on management level if they are following the customerís review and turn some negative notes to positive by their own reviews just to make OfficeMax positive for easy customers. I know it by first hand, donít be fooled.


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