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Office Depot customer service is ranked #145 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 51.47 out of a possible 200 based upon 246 ratings. This score rates Office Depot customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


204 Negative Comments out of 246 Total Comments is 82.93%.


42 Positive Comments out of 246 Total Comments is 17.07%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating

  • Office Depot

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 51.47 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 204 negative comments (82.93%)
    • 42 positive comments (17.07%)
    • 4 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.6 Issue Resolution
    • 3.8 Reachability
    • 2.5 Cancellation
    • 4.5 Friendliness
    • 3.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Last night, after driving several hundred miles to our second home we could not make our laptop operate . We took it to the Office Depot near our home in Upland Ca @1937 N Campus Blvd . The desk clerk called for assistance and Ivan Marrufo promptly helped us with our ( senior) problem . He explained what we needed and we were out in 5 minutes . Thank you for hiring people like him . Also, Thanks for supporting NASCAR racing and Tony Stewart .

Frank Lambert

Posted by Anonymous

Very impressed with Kelly, manager in Wethersfield, CT. I attempted a pricematch on an already discounted weekly special. I'm pretty sure that I had a valid point, but I couldn't bring myself to argue with this guy. Too nice, genuine, and helpful. He was patient with me while I cited OD's pricematch policies to him. We ended up talking about technology and for 15 minutes. Even though I didn't get my discount, I had an extremely positive experience. I will gladly drive a little farther to shop in Kelly's store. A+++

Posted by kellyjean

I want to praise Office Depot after my recent experience. I purchased a lenovo G570 laptop on 7/19/11. Trial Mcafee expired, I found a 2010 Mcafee disc and along with MSN defender thought I was covered. Planned on buying Mcafee, shopping around. My computer started acting crazy, said no disc space, my husband said that's usually a bloated virus. I called NEW Technologies, I had purchased a 2 yr tech support product for $79.99. After a nightmare of a call, the young man was so rude and condescending, he told me I was missing software, goodbye. I looked at paperwork that came with computer and it said specifically that lenovo would not help with missing software. For that reason I took it back to Office Depot. (Notice, owned comp for less than 3 mos) $209 later, computer seemed right for awhile, then screwy again. Called Office Depot tech support, (Icon on desktop from service) tech could not get onto my computer, he told me take it back in and gave me an order #. The asst mgr did not try to hook up to him thru in house system and basically tried to hold me up for more money even though machine was not fixed. I have an Indian tech support Co. I-Yogi I have used for years and they are great, asst mgr said they must have screwed things up, no way. I begged and pleaded for help, then I lost it.
Ripped plug out of wall and I should not have but I cursed at him. He threw me out of the store and threatened to call police. In my car I called Office Depot 800#, they connected me to lenovo, lenovo tried to reset machine to factory defaults which satisfies me all the way, he couldn't do it, that means the viruses crossed over some kind of "partition" in the works of the machine. So I still have viruses, $50 useless back-up discs, I wrote Cust. Service and asked for full refund. Lenovo is sending me discs so we can do the re-set. Contacted them I think last thursday, rcv'd call today, they apologized (the store mgr) profusely, and credited our CC WITH A FULL
REFUND! I am so happy and I sent complaint team a thank you and obviously they do care about customer service, I feel vindicated and sure can use that money, so don't listen to haters, sometimes even big corps do the right thing!

Posted by Anonymous

Your employee Erica at your Hayward store on Hesperian Blvd., was very helpful. She used every means to find the item. Please let her know that I appreciated all her help.

Thank You!


Posted by Kajd27

Our local store is FANTASTIC and customer service is always outstanding. However, we recently placed an order online which turned into a DISASTER. Our order was for approximately 250.00 USD. Our receipt indicated the correct amount and the receipt they emailed also indicated this amount. However, when we checked on the status of the order the next business day we had been charged 4,500.00 USD???????? This caused an overdraft on our account. I called immediately and spoke to Joel in the Philippines who cancelled the order but no-one could explain why a 97c item was now being billed at $21.00. Then to ensure we weren't charged an overdraft fee I called the bank. They said OfficeDepot (OD) had to confirm that the amount would be released. I called OD back and got Fiona in Guyana who said (after 40 minutes on the phone) that she had lodged my request with the Resolution Center and someone would call within the next 4 hrs. After 5hrs and no call I ended up calling our local store where the manager has finally taken care of the matter. Thanks Susan!!! We will be sure to NEVER order online again.

Posted by Anonymous

Today 9/11/11 I had exceptionally good service when I talked with Jeff at Office Depot Silverdale, WA via phone. I only buy computer stuff at Office, due to nice techies like Jeff. Sherry Arnsby

Posted by Anonymous


Posted by Anonymous

Gary Hood in the Cobb Parkway store in Atlanta was most helpful and courteous. He took the time to climb up on a ladder and opened several boxes that were in storage to find for us exactly the kind of filler paper we were looking for. He was patient, persistant and caring.

Satisfied Atlanta Resident

Posted by Mission Omega, Inc.

I use Ofc Dep store at Creve Coeur, Mo. I have received the finest service, tremendous help, wonderful courtesy and. I
find the prices, quality and convenience to our office wonderful.
Rob, the manager is always on the floor making sure you get what you need, especially the price you can pay- & quality
item. The clerks are also busy helping everyone and are patient and king. You products are great! Sincerely, Mission Omega, Inc.

Posted by gloria conway

i visited the Columbia Tn store to purchase school supplies. The cashier was very nice and helped me find all the supplies i needed for school. I am not able to do a survey online at work but i wanted you to know about the good service at our office depot store #2517. employees no:560280
new gentleman. thanks office depot doing a great job. gloria conway in columbia

Posted by Anonymous

Great company all around!

Posted by Anonymous

My name is mo Hussein i do a lot of things at your store i Clackamas OR #864, I was doing some printing, Scanning at at the store, I met your store manager Barb, I told her about my problems was my printer scanner at home and how i couldn't get it to work, She told to bring it over and she is going to have her staff to look it, I did so, She asked Terrance
to check it out he spend at least half an hour with, Then he asked Rose if she got any ideas regarding the problem, Rose went at it for an hour, She never gave up she kept at for more than an hour tell she solved the problem i could not believe the time and effort they spent to help me out. I wish all the store managers and employees are as good as your people at the Clckamas store. Thanks Mo Hussein

Posted by Anonymous

took care of my problem and I am very satisfied

Posted by Anonymous

On 11/27/10 I went to the Office Depot at 1275 East Valley Pky, Escondido Ca. I met with a lady
with a store manager tag on her person. I do not recall her name, this person went out of her way to resolve my issues and should be recognized as an asset to Office Depot. I am sure my treatment at that Office Depot was much superior to service at a Staples or Best Buy in my area. Again you made a loyal customer.
Thank You

Posted by mpryer

I would like to make a positive comment about one of your employees Jonquil(1651 Millerville Rd. Baton Rouge, La 70816). I had an extraodinary experience with her in assisting me with an order that had to be done right away and instead of sending the book off, she volunteered to go the extra mile to print the book and bond it and was ready the next day.She was very professional, knowledgeable and informative which I really like. At times the store was very busy and she would multitask making sure that customers left with a smile on there faces and I can see why because Jonquil is wonderful. She knows many of the customers by name and they usually ask for her by name.

Prior to this I was in the store 2 days before, and had the pleasure of meeting Luis (technology specialist)concerning installing software on my laptop. I told him that it would be next week before I could have it done. He explained to me the importance of installing the software.Everytime I entered the store, he would remember me and say hello.

This wasn't the first good experience I've had at Office Depot, one other time(May 2010) I needed a class reunion book copied and Whitney helped me with it and she too was awesome. Very helpful and very nice personality. When they would get busy then I noticed the Manager (Kimula) would assist. This store work so well together as a team which is a recipe for success. I've worked in customer service over 30 years as a Buyer and Manager and this is hard to find today in many stores which is why I give all my business to Office Depot. I really can't say enough about your team, very proud to have known them all.

Posted by Anonymous

We shopped Office Depot,1317 State Hwy 114 W, Grapevine, Tx today (Store #0406). As we walked around looking for an item, Carl saw what we had in our hand. Carl was very busy but immediately asked if he could help and walked us directly to the display. Open the container, but it in our pen, and said "This is the replacement you need." WOW - We were impressed. AND because of Carl, we will shop at this Office Depot location more often!!!

Posted by sancarla

I just took my computer to have a virus removed at my local Office Depot. I was appalled that the Tech was crammed in to an end cap and had to stand at his station all day answering questions,by phone and in person, making bills and, finally, fixing computers. The only thing missing was chains holding him to his station. Can't you afford to have a chair for the Tech to sit on or an area where he can work on the computers....SOMETHING!!!! It is pathetic and very poor example of how Office Depot treats it's employees. That was store #2383
The Tech was extremely good and courteous. I think you should really help him out.


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