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Office Depot customer service is ranked #145 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 51.47 out of a possible 200 based upon 246 ratings. This score rates Office Depot customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


204 Negative Comments out of 246 Total Comments is 82.93%.


42 Positive Comments out of 246 Total Comments is 17.07%.

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    • 51.47 Overall Rating
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    • 204 negative comments (82.93%)
    • 42 positive comments (17.07%)
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Posted by johnny9

I was stupid enough to get the extra two year plan thing. Well its been less than 30 days, My receipt is in an email I have to find and the service I got the two warranty thing with needs the receipt as they dont have me in the system after I bought the policy. The store has no customer service dept. NONE. I ended up leaving the store with my failed item (a shredder) and hope to go back tomorrow if I can find my receipt on another system.

Posted by Savannah noire

I was turned away with returning my ink cartridges I bought a few days ago but wasn't given receipt I told them that it was never given to me will they turn me away saying they can't help me not even with the in-store credit gift card

Posted by Anonymous

I wasn't given a receipt they one register was down

Posted by Complaint

I bought file cabinet it fell apart. Trying too get it resolved. It's like talking too a parrot,They take your money and give you junk,told me to call the wananty department,which is a joke,I feel this is a form of stealing from client,and they should be out of business,If they don't start taking care of people complaints,it's a matter if time they will be out of business, stealing from the hadicapp.

Posted by RippedOff

They promised me over the phone I could get store credit for my magellan realspace desk hutch which is so cheap a piece of tape peeled off the surface. When I arrived, they pretended like that manager I spoke to didn't exist and refused the return. After trying to escalate the matter, they replaced my hutch with the same cheap junk. I only wanted store credit. What a bunch of liars and rip off artists. I will never shop there again and neither should you. Let the buyer beware.

Posted by RUSSELL

I may be in the minority of shoppers today but I still like to go to stores, look at products and buy them on the spot. I went to Office Depot tonight. I tried to buy an external hard drive. There wasn't anybody to take my money. A person that looked like they worked at the store walked by and looked at me but walk on by and didnt say anything. After 15 minutes I gave up. I gave it my best shot to spend money with your company. I guess I will figure out how to order stuff on line and wait several weeks for it to be delivered. I miss salesmen and real stores. Sign of the times I guess. Mark me down as extremely disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

Hello Office depot
I just wanted to give my feedback, as I have been a happy customer of office depot until today. I love the fact that your company offers the penny sale to your customers and in 2013 and 2014, I made sure that I was in one of your locations this time of the year. I have 5 kids and 4 are in school, plus I like to give school supplies to others in my family, as these items will always be useful. Today I go into one of your locations all to find out that you have to spend $5 or more to buy the penny items, that I am okay with but you only allow 3 per household, and even if I wanted to do separate transactions I have to spend $5 each time. This is misleading and you might as well sell those items like other retails store are selling them for $0.50. I come out cheaper spending my money with Walmart or staples. I really hope that you will send this message to your supervisor or to marketing as this defeats the purpose of your sale.
Best Regards

Posted by Anonymous

Office Max In Irvine (jamboree Rd) Is Absolutely The Worst Technology Type Store In The Industry - Extremely Inept Employees And Manager, Greg, Is The Rudest, Most Stupid Individual. Do Not Believe Website When He States That He Will Help You As Much As The Other Store Employees Because He Does Every He Can To Avoid Working Inside The Store, Especially, When Approached By Other Employees When A Customer Has A Warranty Issue, He'd Rather Be In His 'cubby' Hole Office Being Worthless To His Employer, Office Depot (parent Company). Wake Up Office Depot, Your Own Employee Is Costing You $$$!!!

Posted by BRCC

I Placed And Order With Office Depot Said Free Shipping, Then Charged Shipping To My Gift Card, Said Would Remove It, Then Asked For My Credit Card For Over 8.99 On Gift Card. They Charged Purchases To My Credit Card And Not The Gift Card Info Given. Talked To Them Several Times, Talked To Manager, Too Stupid To Reverse The Charges Off Credit Card And Apply To Gift Card.. Had To Have Items Returned...they Were Not Of Good Quality. One Was Defective. Could Not Get Back Attached. Screws Went Into Plastic. Not Good Customer Service. Will Never Use Them Again. Asked To Have Items Picked Up. Was Told No Charge. Guess Again

Posted by Linda

I arrived at office depot at 1:29 pm. No one spoke to me on the copy and print depth. There were 2 people ahead of me and only one person behind the counter. Another customer arrived. The girl at checkout finally realized that I had been standing at the counter(20 minutes) apparently she couldn't do the binding job I needed done. So she helped the gal who came in after me. Finally the gal behind tr counter asked me what I needed to have done. The next person was helped... she did say she would be with me in a minute. Finally she finished with the customer before me.. then tells me that she is going to have to stop on my work if someone comes in. I told her I expected 30 minutes of time.
It took me 50 minutes to get a 8 minute job done. Please put more service people behind your counters and teach them customer service.

Posted by Danby washer

Will not order from Office Depot again. Ordered a Danby washer on 20 March 2016 and arrived on 1 April 2016. Only after calling to find where my shipment was because by 30 March 2016 washer hadn't even been shipped yet. The customer service was helpful and made coordination to deliver on 1 April 2016. Was happy until the box was opened or should I say the bottom of the box was barely holding on. I noticed the box was damaged on one side didn't give much though because the packing material should have protected it. WRONG! I called the customer service again but this time about the washer being damaged, was told to wait 4 -5 hours for a response from their team. Waited 5 hours and called back, won't be able to do anything till Monday because now everything is closed. I needed this washing machine No Later Than 5 April 2016 because my household goods are being shipped the next day and Office Depot does not ship oversea. I was offered to have the shipment expedited but won't be here till 7 April or latest 8 April 2016. This does me absolutely no good. Customer service was nice and friendly but could not help me with this issue. Will be refunded the money but needed the washer. Extremely disappointed!

Posted by sprimo

Do not buy from these people. I bought a printer from them and 1 month later the document feeder stopped working. They said "too bad" call your printer manufacturer. If it is over two weeks they will not stand behind anything they sell. There are much better companies to work with.

Posted by Anonymous

I'll never shop at office Depot again because of crapy return policy for Unopened HP Toner cartridges. 30 Days...really. So they are saying they are no good after 30 days?

Posted by rapierwit

I overbought supplies for a specific job and then discovered their stingy 30 day product return policy on office supplies. What that implies is that their products have no value after 30 days so I won't ever buy anything from Office Depot again. The sense one gets from being in one of these horrible "warehouse stores" is that the customer is not welcome nor has any value. I would like to see Office Depot go entirely out of business as they have the worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with.

Posted by NEVER AGAIN INK!!!

Why only 30 days return/refund for Office Depot ink products. This sucks; may be that Office Depot ink cartridges tend to dry up.

Posted by Anonymous

They will not exchange wrong printer ink purchased because I did not have a receipt. Without a receipt I could only exchange them for the same type? Huh? How does this even make sense? They sent me on a wild goose chase to hunt down my receipt and had to wait days for it to never come. Had to call again and make a second request. Still waiting!! What retailer requires a receipt in todays technological day? I will NEVER do business with them again! So long.. after 20 plus years!

Posted by Tony

Do Not buy their "remanufactured" inkjet cartridges. They charge top dollar and they dont work. Do the rest of us a favor and dont recycle your empty cartriges. It is not a real recycle program its just aa cheap way for them to make more faulty products.

Posted by Anonymous

I am writing about our delivery man, Willie Barefield, he delivers to our office in Overland Park, Kansas. Since the first day he started delivering to us it's been such a wonderful experience. I have worked for Allstate Insurance for 37 years and I order all the supplies for the past couple years and he is such a pleasure to work with. Always helpful, has a smile and willing to do anything to make us happy. Please pass this on to the appropriate person or persons because he deserves to be complimented and is an asset also. My name is Kathy Shackelford at . What an amazing employee. Thanks for listening.

Posted by Lynn

This store sucks the workers act like they don't want to be there they are rude and have very little knowledge about the job they should learn all products not just copying and faxes I was in the store 1 hour and 40 minutes and paid for something I can't use it and is not what I asked for I did tell them what I needed I had it written down this was in Jackson ms Robinson rd the morning shift never again and no I didn't realize I had the wrong item until I got back to work with it

Posted by Ms S. Carter

After walking around this store, I then approached a young, White male at the front counter, & asked about a product. He immediately told me that the item was sold out. Then suggested I try looking in 2 diff locations, within the store. After walking around for about 10 min, a young White female agent, asked if I needed assistance. She then walked me directly to my requested item. There were lots of Rolodex products, with many different sizes & prices. That front counter agent later said, that these items will be discontinued. Only 2 items were on sale, but everything else still showed its regular price. After paying for my items, the cashier(another young White male, wearing glasses), was barely polite. While placing my change into my wallet, this cashier's whole demeanor became very different, while assisting the next person in line,(an older White male).Not only did he say "Thank You", but also "have a great day". I am a tall, older Black woman, & I feel that all cashiers should consider thanking all of their customers. This is a great store with lots of great inventory. I will definitely return, but not anytime soon.

Posted by abcynd

I have been trying unsuccessfully for about a month to return a defective computer. I got return authorization right away, but instead of providing me with a return label, they sent UPS to pick it up....from the wrong location. The first mistake was understandable, but after confirming the correct address two more times and UPS continuing to go to the wrong address, it was obvious I had to have the return label. Oddly enough, they were the ones that suggested the label when I asked if I could just take it to UPS myself. I have never received the label. I've called and called and they open a new ticket. My emails are responded to with the original form reply that says they are working on it, and ironically, that it will be "picked up at the earliest". There is a major language barrier - it is obvious that the customer service center is in India. It took me five minutes to confirm my mailing and email addresses with one woman because she did not understand me nor I her. I have had enough of them and will never buy anything more than paper and ink from them in the future, and that only because they are the most convenient supplier. I have contacted the VP of customer service hoping I may still be able to receive my return label, and ultimately the refund. We'll see...

Posted by Anonymous

My business had ordered online office supplies for years. My last order on October 12 seemed routine until I did not get my order. I called and was given the official line that they would check on it. After 4 phone calls and 2 emails I never received my order. Twice I insisted on talking to a supervisor but still nothing. They stated they had attempted to deliver it and gave me the times and guess what the office was open and personnel were present. I call that lying. There was NO customer service and no one made an effort to deliver they actually sent my order back to the warehouse.

Posted by Darby

Bein an avid OD shopper, I found this to be atypical of my shopping experience there.

Wanting to have scans mare of my prescriptions, I went to the counter where I was met by Jason. He had other customers so we waited patiently.

Once freed he came to the counter and I have him my request. He demenor was already curt and unfriendly To begin with. To the point of being downright rude.

With every question he became noticably exasperated and less attentive. I felt I was interupting him with my purchase.

Another Office Depot sales associate stopped Jason to ask him a question. He replied to him in the most disrespectful manner 'go away from here!'

How unbelievably unprofessional and shocking! No one should ever be spoken to in that manner AND in front of customers.

This sad unhappy man, I later found out, is a supervisor! Imagine that this is the man you hired to train your staff and represent your company to the public.

Is this part of your company culture?

How sad for you as a company to have this sort of antisocial, angry maniac as an Office Depot icon for the public.

Shane on you for your lack of training.

Posted by Anonymous

I tried to get a booklet bound and the manager refused to do the work as asked. Had to go to an Office Max in another part of town to get the work done. Will not return to the Creve Coeur store again.

Posted by TomWP

I purchased an HP laptop through The laptop did not meet my expectations. So, I contacted customer service and asked to return it. I was told I would get return instructions via email in a couple of days. When I got the instructions, I was told that a service would pick up the return in a few days. I contacted customer service and told them that I could not stay home from work and wait for a pick up. I asked for a UPS return label so that I could drop off the laptop at a local UPS Store. I was told that they would send me a label in a couple of days. When I received the email, it said that UPS would pick up the return. I called customer service back and told them that I had asked for a return label and that I do not want a pick up. They told me they would send me a label. I did not get a label, and on my fifth call to customer service I was told that they would have someone pick up the return. I told the agent that I had repeatedly said that I do not want a pick up because I will not be home, to which I was told I could leave the return outside my door. I told the agent I was not about to leave a laptop out in the open for anyone to take. A supervisor was supposed to call me back, but did not. I contacted my credit card company.

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Posted by Anonymous

I went to the office depot on airport way July 18 to buy a telephone with two or three additional.the brand wanted had sold out. The nice salesman (I think his name was Sharif) recommended two other phones and explained their functions. They were out of my range but,he adjusted the price and i got an excellence phone at a good price. the receipt faded so bad that i could not read his id. thanks again, mena

Posted by CindiLou

I think Office Depot is awesome. Polite and knowledgeablw employees at Poplar Bluff Mo store. Really helpful! I got a desktop and it did not work out for me. Great PC just not for me. No questions asked. Return up to 14 days with receipt and packaging. Pretty good deal if you ask me! Thank you Office Depot! Definitely, a returning customer.

Posted by Tracey

Store #2171 of Conyers GA took very good card of me yesterday. I was not happy about a warranty issue. However ever Steve the maanger gabe a solution I could live with. His management and associate Jason are the reason I don't shop else where. I am a lifetime customer for that store. I work retail and I'm a award winning customer service associate for my company. I take pride in my work so that both my employer and my customers are happy. So my hat is off to conyers. Please honor me by honoring them. No Recognition could be big for the service they provide.

Posted by Shirle

Recently I was in a fruitless search for a metallic printer paper that Office Depot no longer carried. After exhausting all other possibilities, I returned to Store #855 on Liberty Rd. in Salem, OR. I was most fortunate to be met by Ceasar. Rather than merely assuring me they no longer carried the paper, he instituted an online search. He was determined, encouraging and most helpful.

The company had changed their name but he was able to find exactly what I was looking for and arranged to have it delivered directly to my home. There is SO much difference between just saying you don't carry an item, and personally working to fulfill the customer's need. This paper will be used for centerpieces for our granddaughter's weddingso this is a very happy grandma! Thanks to Ceasar!

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a sound card that didn't fit my IBM machine. I called tech depot customer care and talked to "rachelle",she assisted me in the return of my shipped card,refundage,shipping back said card, and recommonded (after talking to me of my concerns)an alternative sound card which I purchased with confidence from her (and office depot).although the local store in daytona didn't know nothin about nothin,and could not/would not help me,rachelle from tech customer care did. thanx,jim gadbaw

Posted by customer

I love going to office depot, I have always been given great customer service.

Posted by Carolyn in Chicago

If you want your work done right the first time, every time, go to Copy & Print at the Office Depot at W Grand in Chicago. Randel Paige handles every job patiently, peacefully, professionally, as though the success of the whole store depended on his skill. He knows every product, every price point, every piece of machinery, and can think of a solution or work-around for any problem that arises. He makes your blood pressure go down just by saying "Hello." He ensures that the staff around him is well-trained and on the way to being as knowlegeable as he is. This is a fine store in all aspects, and Randel sets the tone.

Posted by Anonymous

The employees went out of their way to fix my label document so it would fit to their labels! I'm very pleased with their service.

Posted by cynthia

I enjoy coming to this location they all show kindness . very helpful and experienced, managers are #1 . employees keep up the good work. thks

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to comment about an employee of the Paducah, Ky store.
Brandy works in the print & copy section. I went in with a big problem with the cookbook I was working on. Brandy was most helpful, courteous, kind, and very patient.
She worked with me to complete my project while she waited on customers.It is very refreshing to see such a nice employee who doesn't mind helping.
She should be recognized for her customer service !!

Posted by 1551339995

I just have a question. Last time I was in to my O. D. store, the check out gal said to me at the last, "Your credits for the toner recycling will appear on your next statement." And, tonight I'm looking at things & it tells me I have no credits. What happened?

Posted by Anonymous

My family and I went to the Coastal Way Shopping Center store (Brooksville) this AM. A young gentleman by the name of Lance waited on us. He was very professional, knowledgable and explained the options and questions we asked.
He made our visit there very pleasant and we will be making a purchase there soon.

This store, I know is known for their excellent customer service and we do purchase our office neeeds from them.
Thank you

Posted by linz

I visited the New Orleans store on St. Charles when I was visiting a few weeks ago. The customer service was amazing. The product I wanted was not on the shelf and the associate went to look for one in the stock room. While I was waiting, the manager and another associate came to ask if I needed any help. I was very pleased with the friendliness and willingness to help their customers. If I ever have any computer needs when I am in this area, I will be sure to head to this Office Depot location. The product was out of stock (a $8 cord), but the associate gave me one off one of the display computers!

Posted by Nancy

I went to office depot to do my son's school shoping it was very busy an employe by the name of Fanie helped me she was great she took the time to walk the whole store with me and help me get everything on the list i realy appreciate what she did it was very refreshing she didnt just point and walk away she was very helpfuloffice depot won them selfs a new customer this is the office depot in front of the dadeland store i repeat she was very helpful

Posted by JarrahJellie

Manager Dan at your Office Depo Anchorage AK - Tudor location gave us a wonderful service. He went out his way to make sure we will be able to go home with the "protector sheet" (customized by him) to fit into the memorial book. Thank you Dan.


Posted by Anonymous

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I shopped at the Office Depot store at 19800 Hawthorne Blvd., Suite 248, Torrance, California today. I was assisted by the manager, Shawn, and the cashier, Jody. Both were very friendly and helpful and are assets to your company. Having just opened my business practice, I will not hesitate to shop here again. Again, I thank them and Office Depot very much and am happy to see that customer service is a top priority of Office Depot and their employees.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently did a purchase through the office depot rpf in Long Beach Ca. I just wanted to give a shout out to Caitlyn, who made sure I got the cover done right on my books. She has been very helpful, and super nice. She gave the best customer service that I've recieved in quite a while. Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently shopped at the Rapid City, South Dakota Office Depot. I just want to give a BIG Compliment to 2 young men who work in this store. I believe STR. 2003 Reg 2 would designate to you which store I refer to. I came into the store to buy a product for a calculator, didn't even know what I needed. Marcus found the correct ribbon and patiently explained how to install it so that I could understand. I was very impressed with this young man who went above & beyond assisting me. Mark, at the cash register was so polite and helpful with my problem. I wanted you to know that I will continue to buy at Office Depot rather than going to a competitor.

Posted by peaches

I shop at office depot for most of my home office needs. I like it's customer satisfaction policy.

Posted by Anonymous

Just want to say that my shopping experiences at your store #2286 dealing with Sandi and Martez are very satisfactory. They have a good service attitude and are well trained and helpful to make my needs met with a smile and willingness that makes me want to come back to the store.

Posted by Barb

Ref: Mr. John Millers outstanding customer service

To whom it may concern:

On March 13, 2012, I entered Office Depot located at 2406 Westgate Dr., Albany, GA. to have documents faxed out of state. While waiting for assistance I observed Mr. Miller assisting a school teacher copying photos for her student class project. It appeared that the she was not quite clear on what was needed to make the project work; however Mr. Miller was very patient, thorough, and determined in assisting her with different ideas to help solve her problem.
While continuing to work with her he acknowledged my presence by letting me know that he would assist me shortly. As he proceeded to assist me, I received the same professional courtesy and service as the individuals serviced before me.
I returned to Office Depot the next day for additional service in the same department. There were three customers in line and Mr. Miller assisted each of us with same pleasant attitude so that we would remain or become returning customers of Office Depot. Since experiencing this outstanding customer service, I have shopped at Office Depot three times this week.
As a former business owner, I am aware of the importance of employees who display outstanding customer service and the ability of that service to enable businesses to thrive or grow for future existence.


Posted by Anonymous

I had to do some shopping for my office and went to office depot #12. A Mike Garcia help me with all my questions and made it very easy for me. I will be back.

Posted by RightWriter

I have been a very pleased Office Depot customer for as long as your store has been on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. Your service representatives have always been knowledgable, gracious and helpful. One employee with whom I have done most of my business is Associate Ricky. He is a great
asset to Office Depot and I wish to make that
known to those who find such information of value in your public relations efforts. I thank Ricky and I thank you for making my shopping a treat.

Ann Sheridan

Posted by Janet Webb

Frank Endicott at Meridian, ID store us one of the most incredible Electronic Sales people I've met! His knowledge is unsurpassed. I shop with Fraqnkj often and it is always an enlightening & rewarding experience. He does a marvelous job of educating the customer! He's a valuable gem, don't lose this gentleman!!

Posted by navyenduring

Store 2161

I would like to thank Chris, Brady and the evening store manager for their great customer service. Very friendly and helpful. I will return to the store again because of them.
Mary Powell

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Posted by m

dear I worked in samsung offic at syria damascus I has been loved samsung mobile more than tow years I had very devloper steps in my market
we worked as usaall in defcult circomstances
but we have high market shar in mobile market and we always push in
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is this back treatment for our forces and it's right i am shoked
samsung the big company i am proud of it
no it's big shoked
we are foue guys our salary is not more 1200$ right now cause dollar is high and we take our salary in syrian pounds is this number to high for samsung
I don't know I think it's from my right to get explain for this

Posted by D85

I worked for office depot for over 6 years. When i first got hired i was a stocking associate and nothing more, after a few months of no training i was put in technology. Not having a clue of what was going no i was suddenly ask to stay their. having customer come up to you and ask a basic tech question with no answer to give them made me look like a foo. asking my manager to assist me he just tole me to handle it as i am the tech specialist. The company prides themselves on customer service. what kind of service can you give if you don't know whats going on in your stores. and the only time i saw my store manager was when we got a visit from the corporate office. I'm glad i left as a big relief struck me the day i was gone knowing that i didn't have to deal with a company who didn't care fro its people or customers all they cared for was $$$$$$$$$$

Posted by Anonymous

I used to be a employee of Office Depot and I can tell you the management is just awful. There is an obvious form of favoritism that management will show towards certain employees (the "qualified" technology associates" by giving them larger incentives and raises, while employees who work on the registers or in the printing department get absolutely no recognition and incentives for delivering quality customer service experience. What is also appalling was the fact that the store would be so low on payroll for a few weeks that literally, we'd have three associates in the entire store, maybe even two depending on how bad payroll was. With that being said, it made customers angry when they couldn't even check out because the only associates working could not get to them to assist them. On top of the lack of employees working, the management expected associates to do over and beyond on goals that were impossible to meet. I left Office Depot on a sour note, I'm not proud of it but quite frankly, after dealing with the low pay for years, the management, how things were handled, I could not take it anymore. They showed no remorse for anything and didn't even appreciate the service I had done for them. A horrible company to work for, I'd rather work for a grocery store at that point.

Posted by officedepot12313

i work at office depot and i admit sometime depending on which stores you go to there will be some rude associate and managers. i myself have walked through some stores to see what there customer services is like and sometimes i am disappointed with what i see and the help i get, but trust me not all stores are the same and to you that have had a bad experience i do apologize.


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