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    • 37.47 Overall Rating
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    • 92 negative comments (92.93%)
    • 7 positive comments (7.07%)
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Posted by Anwar

I am a new online customer of Oakley and did purchase few items recently. My last purchase was a backpack on April 10th. After waiting for a fair amount of time, I have communicated Oakley through "Live Chat" with no luck. Surprisingly, the agent had no idea what happened to my order. The I have tried contacting customer care. After checking (which took a while), the gentleman informed that it is out of stock, I can either wait for an unknown amount of time or cancel my order.

I thought I would get this sort of information automatically, not after trying to contact few places, at least not for Oakley.

I did purchase the item on sale and spent a fair amount of time browsing. I could use that time for some other offers instead of browsing Oakley.com and get it from somewhere who would deliver on time.

Online its showing - Delivery within 5-7 days...

Its already a month, not sure how long I need to wait.........

Posted by Anonymous

My fiancé bought me a pair of Oakleys for Christmas. They were almost 200.00, and now less then a year later I needed them to glue back a rubber piece and they said they don't offer that service, but could give me a new pair for 25% off. I put my sunglasses in a case when I am not wearing them, so I have taken all the preventive measures and now they won't fix them when they are less then a year old. Horrible customer service for such an expensive pair of sunglasses. You have officially lost me as a customer. I didn't even need anything replaced and that's obviously too difficult for your store to handle. What a waste of money your sunglasses are. To anyone that hopes to get great customer service this not the company. Look elsewhere!!

Posted by Anonymous

I finally gave up after being on hold for customer service for 22 minutes. My reference number is 141572646. I was promised a replacement frame for my polarized M-frame Oakley sunglasses TWO MONTHS ago. All calls to the Lenscrafters store where I left the item have been the same, the frame is on 'backorder', with no timeframe for arrival.
This is unacceptable. I was promised a replacement for my broken glasses, please either fulfill your promise or send me a new pair of sunglasses.
I'm not impressed with your business model. Please rectify this situation immediately. I paid over $200 for these glasses and would greatly appreciate it if you would fix them, as you promised. Very Truly Yours, Bobby van Deusen 850-261-5025 [email protected]

Posted by Simon

Well done Oakley. After 20 years of buying your product - 30+ pairs, you have now lost me as a customer forever, but you wouldnt know that because you have no idea who your customers actually are until they want to return their product. Your service is disgusting, your systems antiquated and your people powerless to do anything except replay the same passive rhetoric eg. "we are having shipping delays at the moment".... really ? 4 months and you cant get a truck organised ? I have waited 4 months for my replacements and still no commitment on when I'll receive them. Look for yourself on claim number. You guys are a joke.

Posted by Anonymous

Horrible customer service. On January 11, 2017, I order a part for my Oakley frames, and on February 2, 2017, I placed a follow-up phone call to check the status of the part. During the phone the call I was informed the part was not available, but I should have the part by February 11. However, I still have not received the part. I called customer service today to follow up on the part and I was put on hold for over an hour. Now, customer service has no record of my ordering of the part.

Posted by jnlager

Worst customer service experience! Had a pair of sunglass lenses that started to delaminate. I filed an online claim the beginning of January 2017. Never heard back from them. Called the end of January and was told the claim was lost during their move to Atlanta?? Refiled the claim the beginning of February. Never heard back from them after sending 3 follow up emails. No response.

Called today. Waited on hold for 32 MINUTES! Told this was typical for a Monday. Was told my claim had been approved Feb 7th. They were waiting on me to ship glasses back. No explanation for why I was not contacted in any way. Argued and finally got a paid shipping label. We will see if I actually get the new glasses. I am not hopeful. How does a major brand stay in business with this kind of customer service? Unreal. I would never order Oakley again. Only positive was the girl I finally got today was super helpful and very apologetic.

Posted by Anonymous

I have waited and waited on phone for customer service and have not yet gotten to talk to anyone. I have the old M Frame sunglasses and I can't get any accessories for it. I been told those sunglasses are discontinued. So what am I suppose to do now?

Posted by Beba

OMG!! Worst custmer service. Im trying to get my garantee on my glasses every claim is through Luxottica and they dont have direct ph

Posted by Anonymous

My purchase with Oakley which started on Nov 25, 2016 and finally resolved on Jan 13, 2017 has been by far the worst purchase and experience I have had purchasing a product. Long story short purchased a custom pair of glasses and paid extra for etching. Received the glasses and etching was extremely poor quality. Spoke to customer service and was advised I could return them for a refund. Ordered a new pair of glasses without etching and was told they would be expedited because we needed them by a certain date and it was Oakley's fault that the originals were not done properly. Oakley made to many charges against my account and overdrew the account. Was advised they would credit that overdrawn amount (which took 34 days but Oakley only likes to count business days so therefore it took 22 business days). We did not receive the glasses for the date we needed them by and there had been more phone calls than I can count checking on the status of the order and even offering to pay for overnight shipping myself of which I was told they could not do. As for the refund of the original pair of glasses it took 35 days (that's 25 business days) to receive it!
It shouldn't take 45 days to complete a transaction.I will NEVER recommend Oakley and will go out of my way to discourage anyone from buying their product.

Posted by FORMER Oakley Customer


If you want to be led down an endless rabbit hole of false promises, false advertising, and literally zero opportunity actually purchase a pair of sunglasses, DO NOT special order any sunglasses from Oakley.

On December 14, 2016, I visited the Oakley website and saw that a customer could "customize" a pair of sunglasses. Fantastic! I thought this was a great offering, customized my Flak 2.0s, and submitted an order. The website said allow 5 - 10 days for special orders. OK, seems reasonable. To ensure arrival before a Caribbean vacation, I ordered 2-day delivery and paid an extra $25.00.

Fourteen days after order, I called Oakley to inquire why I had not received the sunglasses. No real explanation was offered and I was asked if I wanted to cancel the order. Although I would not receive the sunglasses in time for vacation, I was still enthused enough to continue the order. So I refused the agent's offer to cancel.

Now, January 11, 2017, still no sunglasses. Yet another customer service call and they couldn't find the order. After some period of being put on hold, the agent came back and send the company had not processed the order. A full month and absolutely NO action of this offer. Again, I was asked if I wanted to cancel; I asked if I let the order stand, when could I expect the glasses? The agent could not offer NO timeframe for delivery. This is a black hole of dreadful customer service.

This is false advertising to the highest degree - the company cannot deliver on what is advertised on the website. Avoid special orders at all costs!!!!!

Buyer beware.

Posted by Anonymous

Their dealer customer service is awful! No one EVER answers the phone and emails are not returned.

Posted by DoD

Penn Square Mall Oakley Store, Oklahoma City, OK Phone

Ref: Official Complaint filed on the Manager on Duty @ 10:15 AM, December 28th, 2016. Complaint filed against Emma Allison (MOD). Structure of Complaint: Probably the rudest, most obnoxious so called 'manager on duty' I've ever encountered in any store. I simply went into the store to exchange a Christmas gift received from the Oakley Store at North Park Mall in Dallas, TX. I needed a Small instead of a Medium. She acted as if I was trying to pull a fast one and just immediately stormed over and cut the legs right out from under the very nice Store clerk that was helping me from the beginning. He actually was trying to help me find a Small or have one shipped to me. She hated the fact he was assisting me, because she wasn't making another SALE for the padding of her sales numbers yesterday. She found the lowest possible figure to throw out to refund to me from an Outlet Store, did not even ATTEMPT to find me a Small at any other location. I specifically stated that I had recently bought over $600 in Oakley Prizm Technology Golf Radar Lock sunglasses and also the Aviator Daily Prizm Polarized sunglasses from Oakley store and would NOT ever step foot back in the store again as long as she was in any type of a manager role. She stated.."yes, I rembember". I am a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with the United States Dept of Defense and customer service is one of the biggest things for a company to do well in order to succeed. Well, the Oakley store in Oklahoma City at Penn Square Mall just lost significant annual sales from me alone because of Emma Allison alone and her absolutely pathetic and sarcastic demeanor, not even close to management or leadership material. It is obvious she craves power as it was shown in the way she just overtook the customer service rep that was helping me at the store. He felt bad and apologized and was very professional about it all. Her parting comments to me while I was walking out of the store after stating I would never return to that particular store because of her were "Have Fun". If Oakley is wise, they will most definitely administer some type of formal reprimand to her and I'd like to know what it entailed and timelines. In the meantime, until I hear that it has been done, I will not buy another Oakley product. Her actions were totally uncalled for and she had ZERO input on actual helping me find the Small Golf Zipper top, Item Number

Posted by Anonymous

They never sent me a discount for a pair of discontinued glasses

Posted by Dew

I reason I ordered Oakley sunglasses because of a good service and quality. I got my order but there is no case in it so i called Oakley they said that because it is on sale that is why it didn't come with the case but if I buy a full price then it will come with the case! They ask me if I want to buy it, it will cost $25 for the case. So i told them what is the purpose for the on sale? I didn't know that Oakley is so tricky this way. I am not happy!!

My order if Oakley complaint department ever read this! 408

Posted by clj1186

The warranty is such a bad system. They only cover for manufacture defect. We are paying up to $300.00 worth of glasses. May i remind you just one pair. My dog chewed up the frame of mine. The customer service person said it will cost $50 for just the frame or full cost to get another pair. Oakley needs to upgrade their warranty for such expensive products. I'm no longer buying oakley products whenever I can get the same style and cheaper somewhere else.

Posted by Andrew G.

I have been an oakley customer for over twenty years. I now have 3 pairs of frames with peeling polarised lenses. The oakley agents keep telling me that the frames are discontinued and now I have three useless pairs of lenses with indestructable frames. What good is this to me?

Posted by platypussdown

Oakley canceled the last 2 orders that I made through their website on their clearance products. The 2nd time they did not even bother to inform me of their decision to cancel. This is maddening enough but it is significantly more problematic for me when I address my concerns with customer care and literally do not get a reply back. Oakley doesn't seem to care at all about their customers, even one that has literally purchased a dozen pairs of their glasses.

Posted by Anonymous

On January 12 2016 I call the crossiron outlet store to comferm they had the batwings I was looking for they said yes we do. I drove one hour to the store and once I got there they told they did not have then but the did all the had to do was change the lenses to the ones I wanted. He told me it could not be done.I work outdoors for a living and can not work with out sunglasses I told him that he did not care. I have owned batting sence the came out unfortunately I lost my at work. I have owned Oakley sunglass sence frogskins came out. Sadly I went out and have bought a pair of Scott's to replace my Oakleys first time in 25 years I have not owned a pair of Oakleys sad but true had know choice need a pair for work Immediately. Aftet my Experience I think it will be hard to ever go back to Oakley again. If u would like to contract me give me a

Posted by Anonymous

I have a question about marketing a new line of glasses. Why haven't u developed a pair of glasses for exterior work? Like snow goggles but for places that have alot of dust and dirt in the air. Do u think that those types of glasses aren't cool? Please reply to

Posted by Disappointed

I received a new pair of Commit Sq Oakley sunglasses at a golf tournament. Love the glasses, however, they are too small for my face. I contacted Oakley and was informed since I didn't buy the glasses, I could not get a replacement. What is wrong with this solution?? Anyone else had this problem??

Posted by Tanaka

I got a pair of oakley Deviation sunglasses in Brazil and after 6 month the frame just broke on the right side. I send to Luxottica (rep of Oakley in Brazil) and they told me that it was my fault that the fram broke. After I receive my sunglasses again I realized that the customer care of oakley check the left side which is the wrong side that I had problem with the frame misalign and warped. I was a fan of oakley's sunglasses but after this no more.

Posted by evnh

I am disgusted. I have spent over $1000 on oakley products over the years and the way they handle warranty claims is just ridiculous. I bought an oakley backpack (black dry goods) for my wife. After a few months of usage carrying 4 or 4 light books to school, the bottom corner seam blew out. The bag literally looks brand new still. Took it to Oakley store where I bought it, and they would do nothing for me. They told me I had to start a claim with Oakley. I emailed Oakley and they said it will take them 4 - 6 days just to respond!!! What is my wife supposed to use to carry her books in the meantime? Why on earth would the Oakley store not be able to make this right for me??? This is expensive stuff and they really need to learn how to take care of loyal customers, because they just lost one!!!

Posted by screenname

I was just informed by Matt in customer service that Oakley will NOT stand by their product. I returned a pair of sunglasses that were originally 130.00, and which had defective polarization coating. After normal wear, the lenses were so obscured by the crackled coating on the surfaces that they were not wearable. They issued a return label, but it took a month for the "warranty department" to deny replacing the product due to no receipt (which had not been requested when they told me to send the glasses back). I will not buy Oakleys again; there are many other good companies out there who will stand by their products.

Posted by disappointed dave

I sent them an email question and got a reply they would answer in 4-6 business days. It has been 9 and no reply. Good luck to you.

Posted by Anonymous

Have many pairs of Oakley M-Frames with the Hybrid-S lenses which fit my face perfectly.
Now they have discontinued this lense and replaced it with a gay looking, one shape only
M-2 lens that looks like an old woman's lense! The very cool looking M-Frame frame has even been remodeled with cheap looking add-on "wings" that are very counterfeit looking!
Glad I bought enough different M-frames and lenses to not have to resort to wasting my
hard earned money on this facsimile B&L"Oakley"crap!

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Posted by kirrino

Went to buy some cycling glasses. Couldn't decide which to buy, either polarized or prizm with radar or flak 2.0, the staff was extremely friendly and patient. I was very satisfied with their service and they even got me to buy more than what I went for. They made me forget about the price tags and enjoy the experience of getting my first Oakley's.

Posted by Anonymous

your employee Omid was very helpful I would recommend to my friends that they talk to him if they ever have a problem or need help thanks for your help today

Posted by thebadgerbeater

I contacted Oakley about some scratches that appeared on my glasses that were less than a year old.They gave me an e-mail and told me to send some images of the scratches. Got back to me within a couple of hours saying that they would replace the lenses FOC. Could not be happier with there service. I wish other companies could take a leaf out of Oakleys book introduce hassle free procedures such as these.

Posted by Ronnie

The problem i had isnt with Oakley at all but with USPS.They never devlivered my custom sunglasses i order.AFTER Fighting with usps for four days .I called OAKLEY CUSTMER SERVICE.The same day i called is the same day they reorder me my glasses,with NO PROBLEM.

Posted by Chucks Oakleys

Ive used Oakley store once to get extra set of lenses for my Flak Jacket Oakleys & ordered pair of Ice Iridium lenses. Oakley sent me e.mail by 5pm Eastern saying my order was finished & UPS had it & gave me my UPS tracking num. With link to UPS site. UPS said my tracking num. Was invalid so i got freaked thinking i got stiffed. When i called Oakley customer service the guy i talked to was cool & professional & said to give it till next morning & if UPS site still said this they would start investigating it. Well next morning at about 6:30am the UPS site had showed the 3 or 4 stops it had to make & it was actually in route to being delivered & it be at my house by 10:30am So about 9:30 heard by dog barking so got up to see if it UPS & it was. I only had 2 days free so i had paid the $29 next day fee cause i wanted to be here when they arrived so nothing would happen to them. So i had good experience with O.C.S. & if i need new pair or anything i would go same route in a heartbeat mainly because were i live there is no Oakley stores around. Dick's & Hibbets sporting goods only places i know were to get Oakley's & they both pretty much had the same 6 or 7 pairs to choose from. These are my 1st pair so i just thought those were only styles they made which i found out is far from it. I hope if i use them again i have another good experience & not some off the horror stories Ive read about.

Posted by Helmet Visor

Had to wait 10 minutes but the customer service was fast and very professional. Original item back-ordered so rep help change order and rushed new order. Excellent job.

Posted by AndyP

I've been a customer of Oakley for a long time, and have never had a problem with their customer service. Everytime I call in they've always been very nice and helpful with any questions or concerns I would have before purchasing anything. If something on my glasses break, I make sure I have my receipt like I would with any product, and get it sent in to get fixed. I don't understand what people are complaining about on this forum. If an item is on backorder then that must mean it's popular. It's not an excuse to run your mouth and complain about how you don't have your glasses right now. Back orders happen, it's a part of life. Why should a company that is making so many different for so many different people make something specifically in the time frame you wish to? I've dealt with other companies before who have had stock issues, and trust me, Oakley is not the first. Overall, I love the product and customer service has always been nothing but kind with me. I really wish these people would grow up and realize that if you don't have your glasses right away you're not going to die.

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Posted by oakleyemployee

Cheap product, horrible company, horrible people. As an employee of Oakley, I have to comment on this awful company. The product is cheap, yet twice as expensive as what you get for similar brand names with the same quality. The employees at the Foothill Ranch location walk around like their s++t donít stink, and they are hourly. You can read all the blogs regarding their wanna be military products by real servicemen who complain continuously about how the boots fall apart in only 3 months.

I would advise everyone to do their research before they fork out money to buy their cheap products. Donít be a walking advertisement for them, and donít buy into the hype. They claim to listen to the customers, to the employees, and the market. They donít. They only care about what they think looks cool and some people are willing to sacrifice quality and comfort just to wear Oakley. I read some of the comments, and some people were praising the product despite complaints it poked them!!

Read the blogs before you buy! There are lots of people who dislike the product, the customer service, and the general disregard from a company who pretty much represents a big sphincter. And this is coming from an employee who works there.


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