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    • 128 negative comments (93.43%)
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Posted by customer_one

this from og&e via e-mails...
..."We have reviewed your account and we have already waived a late payment fee on your account within the last twelve months as a courtesy. We will not be able to remove the fee"...
late as in one to two days, i requested the fee to be removed and i ask for the written word on this "courtesy" and received a reply...."You will need to call customer service at 800-272-9741 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm."
however, i did request for the billing due date to be moved out 7 days to avoid any further late fees and og&e did indeed move out the due date. thank you.

Posted by Weda

I know the supervisor of customer,

is in need of retraining his CSR or,have a JOB FAIR, "out with the old,in with the new"... HIRE!


Posted by Autumn Flaherty

At Approximately 8:25pm, I was headed west bound on hwy 109, in between Subiaco and Scranton. An OG&E company truck had swerved multiple times across the median going east bound towards Clarksville. I turned around and followed. They continued to swerve across the median, exceeded speed limits of 65mph around �¢curves. The license plate number is 3BG856.

Posted by searchingforservice

Am trying to get power lines removed from a house that is to be demolished . Can't get past the blasted chatbot. [email protected] customer does not exist. It would have to actually exist to be sorry. If there were ANY other option for electrical power I would take it, even if it cost more, in order to get decent service. Their attitude is send us your money, otherwise we don't want to hear from you.

Posted by Caitlynn

I've been waiting two months to get electricity turned on. I have two babies and a house we can't live in because we don't have electric. They keep saying "two more weeks" well its now been two months of that and I am over it!! If there was another company, I for sure wouldn't have OG&E!

Posted by Anonymous

I just tried to call customer service about some tree trimming issues in my yard and they're system is "down". they said to call back in an hour. it's concerning when your electric utility's "system is down".

Posted by Disappointed Customer

I contacted OG&E Customer Service this morning in reference to a hazardous situation that occurred from trees continuously hitting the power lines which caused the line to burn and snap last week after the OG&E person that answered the work order cut a few tree branches. OG&E had to call out a tree service before the line could be re-installed...so my side of the street was left without power from Thursday at 5:30 p.m. to Friday at 12:30 p.m.

The tree company did come out 2 hours after OG&E put in the request and now my backyard is covered in trees and I am unable to move them. I contacted OG&E for assistance to see if they knew which tree company they called out and got to speak with "Alex"...who must be in a training program. He did not have a clue what he was doing. He was rude, unapologetic, and stated that since this was an act of nature he couldn't have anyone removed the trees. I asked for the name of the tree services and again he said all OG&E does is send out work orders to them, but did not know which company. He couldn't located my original work order numerous times and then after 10 minutes he found it only to say that his computer was not working and that there was nothing else he could do. I was transferred to the automated line when I requested to speak to anyone else (besides him) that had a working computer that I could speak with. I am very disappointed in my call to OG&E Customer Service this morning an "Alex" who is definitely not an employee I would want to represent my company. I have had great service with Customer Services Representatives in the past, but not today. The frustrating part is this is the only electric company that I have in my area. If you call and get "Alex" you might want to ask to speak to someone else because he is clueless.

Posted by disappointed in OG&E

Called to request a fee be removed that was applied. Amy said she would request a supervisor and see if it could be rescinded...after futher investigation I was told NOBODY put in that request (customer service rep lied)

Natasha said that SHE is as high up as I will get and she denied my request to refund the inappropriate fee. She didn't bother trying to come up with a mutually agreeable solution. "just NO and you won't get any higher up than me." No YOU refuse to escalate my call. I believe this is total disregard to the guidelines for ethical decision making...
#3 Have I taken the time to think carefully before acting?
#6 am I defining the problem correctly
#7 Am I rationalizing
#8 When in doubt, do I know whom to contact?

I am so made that I want to file a class action law suit, specifically because of the erroneous fees ($10.00) for each account where the routing number was incorrect. And now interest on those fees which is over $5.00 and it's only been 2 days since my bill was due (and I corrected the error and paid the bill immediately upon discovering the error. The bill wasn't even late and is receiving interest fees. Then I'm denied web access because the automatic payment processed just a few days after the first error processed. So that makes for 2 $10 fees + interest for the same routing number error. Ridiculous.

If you have any questions you want to ask me about the above situation, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Posted by Hall of Fame #1

I called customer service and the representative named Terry was the most impatient rude disrespectful representative he made me feel like I shouldnt has called I have two infants and trying my best to provide for them I have assistance on my bill this month as well but they ran low on funding and it would be 39 days before they will assist me but I had half of the payment this nice wonderful representative told me about other assistance in my area also told me about the medical review for infants so I had to call back with all the Dr. information when I did I got Terry he was so rude to me and had a very smart mouth and and disrespectful towards me I'm disabled never once I called and was treated or spoken to like that and that I was inferior to his intelligence because I provided a wonderful Christmas and I have another son birthday was today but the representative named Terry was an butthole to disabled person forgive my language but I spoke to terry very respectfully I usually dont report things like this but as parent I wouldn't dare wouldn't let nobody talk to my son like that my mother and my child's mother was hearing everything neither would he but his tone was very much like I was really bothering him I hope he gets better he needs to work customer service skills and let the customer explain their situation and be sympathetic even if nothing he could nothing for them I get a check once month I was treated I wasn't realivent just because I needed some type of assistance og&e pride themselves on the best customer service I hate they I was talked to and treated like that by Terry today fort Smith, ar

Posted by Anonymous

I am trying to get service in my name and og&e customer service is telling me that I had service in my name in 2011 and there is a bill oweing that I am liable for and want be able to get service until this is taken care of. I am 20 years old and never had service before. I think that my mother had service in my name who do I talk with/

Posted by Sj84

Absolutely the worst company I have ever felt with. They do not care about anybody. I did a medical emergency plan and because they couldn't find the papers the Dr sent they gave me a 24 hour notice, to shut off my electric. Really? I need my electric service. I have a child that has to take breathing treatments. Absolutely horible.

Posted by Anonymous

Og&e is the.worst power company I have ever seen. Its like living in a third world country. Power outages every week. What excuse vould you have? Its windy or its cold? Actually its just a piece of crap company that should have its MONOPOLY revoked!

Posted by Anonymous

So I recently moved my mother to an assisted living home. Her OG&E bill is automatically deducted from her checking account which is continuing. I attempted to get the billing address changed to her new assisted living home but they refused unless I send in two picture id's and a power of attorney form. This was after the hours of navigating their phone options, hours on hold, discussions with two different reps. They would not help me and refused to transfer me to a supervisor. What??

Like others have said, it is quite obvious OG&E does not realize we are their customer and not the other way around. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen.

I have filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission but I am not holding my breath.

Posted by Not Happy

I've been with og&e for quite awhile. I pay my bill on time but sometimes may be a few days late depending on my pay schedule. My current bill was due on the 24th this month and 3 days later I already had a disconnect notice. Its really funny how I'm just a few days late and get a disconnect when tons of my friends (who don't ever pay their bills on time) can go 3 months without paying and then get a disconnect notice. They don't care about anybody but themselves. And this company will shut your power off in the dead middle of winter. They don't care if you have kids in the house or not. Very slow on getting any outages fixesd. But when your the only power company in the area I guess you can do whatever you want.

Posted by Anonymous

If I could give this company no stars I would. This is the worst company in the world, they are money gaugers and the customer service department is a JOKE! They cannot help you or even transfer you to a supervisor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention they have NO training in customer service. I have never been so completely disrespected by a company IN MY LIFE!!! Also, PLEASE KNOW THIS: if you pay a payment online the day it is due, it WILL say Processing. THEY DO NOT COUNT THIS AS BEING PAID ON THE DAY IT IS DUE. Their records will show you paid it the day it comes out of your account. Which is probably making everyone late paying their bills!!!! They say that it is posted if you call and that it will come out of your account the next day. NOT TRUE, sometimes it takes 3 business days to clear you account. Also, don't leave anything on your account! Not even $5, they will cut your electricity off and they will charge you $35 reconnection fee AND $300 SECURITY DEPOSIT!!!!!!! If this was not a monopoly, it would be out of business. Also, why are the power lines not in the ground???? Everything else is being put in the ground, Cox, Direct TV, AT&T, soon Google Fiber... why are the power lines not put in the ground...is it because it will help them gauge money out of people???? I think so. Go drive in Dallas you won't see any power lines. Worst. Company. Ever.

Posted by Monica

Our State Representatives should do an audit... The way you trick ppl into payment arrangements and lie. Its and installment + the current bill... Tell ppl that. The customer service is a joke.

Posted by Brian Speligene

It is quite obvious OG&E does not realize we are their customer and not the other way around. If I treated my customers the way they do I wouldn't be in business for long. I guess that is what you get with a monopoly. Sure wish Eufaula OK. had an option for electric providers. I simply wanted to start service at an existing location and all I got were reasons why they could not do it. None of which made any sense. I have 30+ years of commercial and residential service with OG&E. The customer service rep. even asked for my SS# so they know they aren't dealing with a dead-beat. Come on OG&E wise up!

Posted by donnycofer

So get this folks. My dad passed away less than a month ago. I have been working on getting everything switched over into my name. Well, I come home from work this evening and guess what??? No power!!!! Are you kidding me???? I had 10 business days to get it switched over!!!! 10 business days!!!!! I'm sooooo pissed right now I can't even think straight!!!! There is no balance on the bill...next bill isn't due until Oct. 4!!! Are you kidding me???

Posted by Banditshipp

We are originally from Louisiana and are here for work At 11:00 pm on the 24th are electric went I didn't think it would be off long because the storm wasn't really that bad and where I'm from it takes awhile (so I thought) for our electric to be restored. Well got up this morning on the 25th and it was still off. I looked online thinking the storm might have been worse but no. It only affected 50 people or a little more. Well to make a complaint short I'm still sitting here on the evening of the 25th at 4:05pm with no electricity and a freezer full of bad food. They are just now beginning to work on it. I have complained in the past about our electric company at home but after this experience my home company is excellent even in the eye of hurricanes

Posted by Anonymous

Wow unable to report an outage after hours

Posted by Ogesucks

The absolute worst company!!! Terrible customer service. No respect and very dishonest. Just want your money and will add excessive charges to your account. Will definitely be getting rid of oge as soon as my lease is up!

Posted by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible customer service. Nothing good comes from waiting nearly 20 minutes to speak with them.

Posted by Anonymous

The worst company ever. I've been calling these people for two weeks about my bill and its either I'm waiting 30 mins or more or get hung up on. Worst people ever!!!!! The manager should get sued for being dummy!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

this company is "HORRIBLE" talk about getting too big for their britches this company is way out there and the ceo ""SEAN TRAUSCHKE"" is far to uppity to even speak to his lowly customers and there phone number is constantly busy I, spoke to a real smart elec named "KEVIN" who thought he was running the company--and maybe he was since SEAN isn't around---who knows who's running it AT any rate it's a shame we don't have a electric company that we can depend on and say we can be somewhat depend on--- and oge is not "liable for any power surges that damage your appliances they say that's what you have home owners insurance for I, HATE THIS PLACE AND IT'S CEO---he's worthless

Posted by Anonymous

I am horrified at your customer service. Waiting for days to get service turned on and have paid the deposit - -but nothing. Cant get through on your automated system....just some horrible drum music that annoys me. I have roofers waiting in motels for you to get service turned on. But none of us can get through your system. Ridiculous!!!!

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Posted by Tony

My power go on and off one to two times a week. Going to damage my house hold appliances.I have live here two years.the neighbors said it has been like this for 8year and noting has been done about it

Posted by Sha

Can never get anyone to explain to me why my bill keeps going up rather than down when I pay on it and why my bill that comes in the mail said one thing and my online bill says another don't understand why they won't even give us money back if we go solar and put energy into their grid nothing but greedy people don't care if we've got kids latest pay for electric after the wildfires burn it out and made us buy the poles as Indian electric gave their customers $200 for poles the smart meters are not smart and if you review your bill online and buy mail I bet you find errors too. The meter should be optional rather than a money hungry company tell us how we have to get the only way of electric. And if you get behind on your bill they don't care yet the sheriff office gets $250000 behind and it's OK something is wrong with this company

Posted by Anonymous

We would like to express our gratitude for working so quickly to restore power to our home. We are blessed by the service that your Company provides for us, thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

Thank you OG&E for your fast service to getting the power back on in the Midwest City area

Posted by Anonymous

We currently was recipient of OG&E home Weatherzation Program. We just want to say thank you and how much we appreciated the service.

We knew we needed some things done but were unable to afford at this time due to health reason and fixed income. We can't tell you how we appreciated it. Skyline Energy Solutions were very professional. Carl & Bonnie RogersP.S. I also like getting smart readings and energy useage for past week helps us watch things a little closer

Posted by Anonymous

The field rep for the Sapulpa area on 6-13 was perfect! Prompt, friendly and fixed all my problems before he left. It was a hot stormy weekend, and I didn't look forward to another night of no air conditioning! Thank you sir!

Posted by BSW

June 5 10:30 pm we called because our lights dimmed and then only had lights in two rooms. By 11:30 we had lights. Thank you for the great service!

Posted by tracy

I called them to raise my line because it was hanging low. They had a man in the area and it was done in less than an hour after my call. I think I got lucky.

Posted by leslie

I cannot believe these stories at all. They are all ridiculous. Does anyone actually believe these stories?? I mean paying a bill when you are not getting service..how does that even make sense??? What bill are you paying then?? And customer service reps are polite but need to be assertive when you are getting cussed out by people who make up every excuse NOT to pay their bill. OG&E gives so many opportunities to pay your bill, payment arrangements and such. But when you do NOT pay when you agree to pay, you get upset at the Electric Company?? It is like going into a restaurant, ordering your dinner and asking for a payment arrangement, or better yet, telling the waitress you do not want to pay your bill. It is too funny. Just pay your bill people. I swear it really isn't that hard if you budget. Just pay YOUR bill.

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