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Norwegian Cruise Line customer service is ranked #228 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 44.25 out of a possible 200 based upon 166 ratings. This score rates Norwegian Cruise Line customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


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Posted by Saundra

While my husband and I were sailing on an NCL cruise in October 2017, we paid for the onboard special allowing us to sign up for two future cruises with a deposit of $500, the deposit on the second cruise to be waived courtesy of NCL. Unbeknownst to us for a few weeks after returning home did we discover we were not issued the special promotion leaving me at a disadvantage to rectify the situation. After contacting NCL, I was given no other reasons other than being informed the on-board special was no longer available once disembarked.
It's obvious I am not going to be given an explanation as to how the person in charge of doing the paper work did or did not do something that did not register us for the onboard special. It is disheartening that you and NCL seem to have no regards for the fact that we are latitude member with 10 cruises between us and that we are now considering never cruising on NCL again. In reality NCL interest in having a noteworthy reputation is obviously one that doesn't seem to care that our loyalty was a factor in us partaking in the specials that allow us to continuously cruise on NCL when we could have easily traveled on the many other cruise lines. Your lack of attention and effort to this matter falls short of our expectation and is a reflection of how NCL's a cruise line cares about its passengers.

Posted by Archie

Hi this is Michael Archambault, i was trying to get some pricing from one of your operators today i figured go right to the source. When he reached out to me he said he could not give me pricing in an email it had to be over the phone and i don't like that i need to see things in writing. Being a customer that has cruised many times on your ships i am very disappointed, there are other cruise lines out there that do accommodate there customers and i'm very surprised you don't do the same. Time was definitely the essence because we all wanted to travel on December 24th in the Caribbean, so now i will be looking to now travel with another cruise line. Thank you, i will also be contacting the CEO.

Posted by Mumbles109

I am booked on the Escape for February 17th. Originally, the itinerary was the Eastern Caribbean, St Thomas and Tortola. Changed to the western after Hurricane Irma. Royal Caribbean is docking at the Eastern ports that week. Will NCL follow suit?

Posted by Anonymous

My husband and I are going on the breakaway for the third time in Jan. 14 day cruise. We are well aware of the troubles that are going on in the carib. but do not understand how you take three islands away from this cruise and think it is ok. we had to pay the balance of this cruise or cancel five days before the route was changed. Now we are at sea all toll seven and a half days . Finding out this I feel that I was fooled by you not letting me wait to pay and maybe staying on the date or picking the gem instead. needed to vent I have been on at least ten of your cruises and over 40 cruises and find this very upsetting

Posted by Mickeyd

My wife and I booked two months ago; it was paid in full at the time of booking. Due to damages resulting from hurricanes, our cruise was amended, with a different itinerary and a cheaper price. NCL refused to do anything to rectify the problem, and wouldn't even refund or credit the price differential. We were simply bilked out of $400. This unethical practice will result in the loss of many customers, not to mention the alienation of a major travel agency.

Posted by cameron

We would like to thank Norwegian and all of their staff for the quick rescheduling of our cruise on Nov 6, 2017 on the Jade. Several of the ports we were to stop in had hurricane damage, so we thought our cruise might have to be cancelled but because of your dedication to your customers, in such a short period of time you pulled together another schedule with new & exciting ports. We appreciate all your hard work & team spirit that accomplished this, just an amazing feat in a couple of weeks. This why we always go with NCL & Luis Talavera, he's the best. We can always depend on Norwegian & know our vacation is important to them, making sure we are safe, comfortable and & have a swell time. Look forward to sailing with you again & going to these ports you made possible for us, truly appreciated.

Posted by catfish

Booked a trip to Cuba with my cousin, her husband and her friend. We all live in Florida and were impacted by Hurricane Irma being without power and water until a couple of days before the cruise departure. In addition Havana had flooding and structural damage from the storm and there were very rough seas. We asked NCL to cancel the trip due to all of these circumstances. They replies that the port was open and they would continue with the trip. No other offers. We are in the process of filing a claim with travel insurance and are awaiting the outcome. In addition NCL was to refund taxes, visa fee and excursions that were prepaid. I was only refunded a portion as the remaining portion was given to my cousin's friend that was to share my cabin. NCL was contacted and stated that I needed to get the money back from my cabin mate. She is traveling and I really don't know her that well. NCL should have acknowledged their mistake, apologized and made the correction. Very very poor customer service. I would never book another trip with NCL. I am going to post all of this on social media so that travelers beware.

Posted by Anonymous

just cruised the pride of America ship to Hawaii, this was the absolute WORST!!! ship I have ever traveled. let me make this clear, guest services, shore excursions, photo desk was the best service. THE room steward should be beyond fired, the buffet was horrible and shut down by 10pm(who does that), I was sick 2 days!! barely saw room steward, called her at 8am and SHE told ME she was on break, had old BLOOD on pillows, not pillow cases sick), room steward walked in our room twice unannounced, no toilet paper in room, no animals on bed, NEVER GOT A FULL BUCKET OF ICE, workers walked past room window unannounced, only saw cruise director once, smhhh I complained on ship, no type of compensation or rectification what so ever!!! I did not get monies worth on this ship, the absolute worst, still waiting on a response from headquarters!! I have called several numbers, I would never recommend this cruise line in life.

Posted by kdownes529

State of Emergency declared in Florida. Airlines cancelling all flights. You have a cruise booked to Cuba on Monday. No way to get there. Can't get into the state. When are you going to cancel? I am trying to book another cruise for next week with NCL but can't until I know the other is cancelled. HELP!

Posted by Sandi

I am now sending a letter to NCL Corporate about the fiasco aboard the Escape. Three of us cruised on Aug. 19th, supposedly to Belize, Roaton, Costa Maya and Cozumel. When we got through security and our luggage sent up, the ports were changed. We were going to St. Marten, St. Thomas and Nassau. We tried to leave and decided to go at a different date, but our luggage could not be found, my friend who is disabled, was panicked, and my daughter was crying. We were encouraged by some officers to go on the cruise. I am not going to go into more detail, but we all came home ill from the mold in the cabin. Do not travel with NCL. They just don't care.

Posted by Mike A

We cruised June 2 - 9, 2017 and were charged for 3 beverage packages for 2 people. We called prior to cruising and also on the cruise. They both told us that we were only charged for 2. I requested a refund and a case number was opened on June 12th. As of yesterday July 5th, we are still waiting for a refund and have sense have had 2 billing cycles (plus interest) of our credit card. They told us that it would be credited July 11th vs. the 15 days from the original filing date. I wonder how much income they make mischarging and using their customer's money per year?

Posted by Anonymous

Please Cancel your promotion cruise emails to me.

I have tried to stop this mailing several times,

Posted by Marcia

I am about to take a NCL cruise on April 13, 2017. My husband and I booked a guaranteed room through the NCL reservation number. We just received our room and we were assigned an inside cabinet (as requested). We were assigned a room that is above the bowling alley,the night club and is located next to the elevator/stairs. Upon learning this I called customer service on 4/8/17 to ask if we could be switched to a "quiet room". They still have available rooms for the same price and guaranteed classification as shown on their website. We were told that we could not be moved because of their policy that it is to be an assigned room. If we wanted a choice then we would need to pay $200.00 more per person. So I guess they taught me a lesson which is--NCL DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE COMFORT NOR SATISFACTION OF THEIR guests. Their philosophy is "YOU GET WHAT YOU GET--AND YOU JUST HAVE TO TAKE IT". We have been on several NCL cruises and I am sure that they are able to view that information in our customer records.

Posted by Anonymous

My customer id My wife and I made a $100.00 deposit for a cruise in May. We had a medical problem and cannot go. I would like to have the deposit refunded. Thank you.

Richard L. Terry

Posted by Anonymous

please unsubscribe my email address from your mail list - there is no unsubscribe tab to go to - I will never cruise with you again if there is no way to unsubscribe or I will contact authorities.

Posted by boycottNCL

NCL rejected me to board vessel and took my 26,000 Euros!
Disgusting what they did to me and my family. I followed all rules to get Canadian visa and due to their embassy delay i couldn't get visa on time. The cruise i was supposed to board was leaving from Seattle going to Alaska and on way back they would stop in Victoria. I have USA visa already i applied and got in a week. Canadian embassy does not reply to any questions, neither does any of their other locations in usa. i called NCL several times to ask them about the rules and they had no clue, i was even advised that since i had American visa i could just stay on board and it would be ok. on the day of departure i arrived and they rejected my whole family as i had children and they could not go alone. i asked them to rebook my cruise and they rejected and said they would only refund 3,000 euros. i request that at least rebook me during lowest season or on another route and i would be willing to pay additional but they refused and through pennies back at me. BEWARE of NCL!!! They hustle you and are in every opportunity to take all your money. They just want to wash their hands and say it is my problem when i followed all rules and process for visa. This is their reply, "We are sorry for the denied boarding but each guest is responsible to verify the visa procdures and Norwegian Cruise Line is not taking responsiblitiy if guests did not inform themselfes about the visa regulations for all countries where the ship will stop and apply and receive on time their visa." What BS? I called NCL and asked them and they were clueless and kept suggesting to show up and see what happens and i asked embassy but they never pick up the line. Per usa visa i'm allowed to board since we were going to Alaska, all major stops were in Alaska. Worst part i'm returning client, i stayed in same in VIP room one year before and this is how i'm treated. then at the end they say... we hope you will join us again. hahahaha Really furious at their behavior.

Posted by Disatisfied Platinum Customer

Norwegian's Guest Services Department are the worst of any company I've ever dealt with, both on and off the ship. They spend lots of money advertising but do not carry through. On a back to back trip on the Jewel, I protested because I had to move my cabin mid trip (get out of my cabin at 8:30 a.m., & not get into my new one until 2 p.m.). I had booked through NCL - why would they make a guest get out of their cabin mid trip? Guest Services only response was "You have no choice, you have to move." No offer of anything to mollify me. It escalated and the Head of Security told me "You will get out of your cabin by 8:30 tomorrow morning or me and my men will come into your cabin and forcibly remove you." All the while eyeing my cleavage in an effort to intimidate me. Is this what I expect when I've paid to have a lovely stress free holiday? Never was there an "I'm sorry but..." Everything was intimidation & aggressive. No consideration for their guests. What a shame. We've done a lot of cruising with NCL but are now rethinking this line. Also, called guest services Miami this morning, after being on Hold for 47 minutes I got a guest services person who told me I'd have to wait up to 15 days for feedback from the company on the issue above! They should change the name to NON guest services.

Posted by arvin

I planned a holiday of life time with NCL cruises.This was a retirement and birthday cruise for my dear wife.We boarded the ship from Los Angeles for a Mexican Riviera cruise on 09/10/16, after spending two days at sea we got to puero vallarta we were only suppose to be there for the day.We were told due to maintance being carried we will be there next day until five in the evening but did not leave until after mid night there fore two of the other destinations were cancelled so we spent another two days at sea to get back to los vegas.We are very disappointed we request the full refund or another cruise in compensation.This was our second cruise with NCL.I hope this will be fulfilled so that we have the confidence of travelling with NCL in future.

Posted by Derfy

We cruised with Norwegian Epic and are still waiting to get our service charge of $189.00 back. We have sent 3 emails and spoke to a customer service representative who assured me that we would get it in a week or so. Took the cruise beginning of August, this is middle of October. We are still waiting. What a joke, they have lost us as a future customer for the sake of $189.00.

Posted by DAVE

To whom it may concern,,Hello,
My family & I are gold latitudes members & love NCL
But I feel I need to write & air my displeasure about the new NY-Bahamas cruise aboard the Breakaway
We have taken this cruise before,although we usually go to Bermuda
But the kids wanted to do the Atlantis waterpark like we have done before, (it was a shore excursion that NCL offered & was great)
But now you have changed the DAYS & âÄúTIMESâÄĚ that we will be in the Bahamas & because of that we cannot do the waterpark which is the main reason for cruising to the Bahamas in the first place
I mean who really cares about the days that we will be there,, but now getting into the Bahamas at 1:00 pm !!!!??WHAT'S WITH THAT????? WE MISS OUT ON HALF A DAY! & any full day plans are virtually impossible
The other way we had the whole day to spend in the Bahamas since the ship got in at like 8 am,,this new schedule is ridiculous!!
Needless to say the kids are devastated because one of the best parts of their vacation is now gone for some strange reason

Thanks,,, Dave

Posted by Anonymous

Your customer service lines are not really CUSTOMER SERVICE LINES. On hold for 45 min 2xs with no other way of contacting. Your service charges are totally out of line. Shame on me for not reading the fine print. Booked 2 rooms for 4 people and was blown away at $13.50 per person per day. Not to mention the $99.50 service charge per person for the drink packages.
All total $800.00 in service charges after tipping the invisible stewart and grumpy bartenders.Filled out service charge reimbursement form online. I really think they ignored them.

Posted by Anonymous

We just sailed the Dawn to Bermuda, cabin 9196, Peter and Bernadette Kozak 8/19/2016. The ship smelled of toiled waste by day 3 and many of the public toilets had out of order signs on many of the stalls around the ship. On our first day in Bermuda, in and around our specific cabin they were doing lifeboat repairs, unloading, banging, hammering, lifting and unloading the four or five boats while we were trying to rest. We called the guest services and Maria felt it was an appropriate time as we were assumed to be going ashore. I told her that work is for dry dock, not to be experienced with that extreme noise by passenger's that just paid $3200 to enjoy a balcony cabin. The work continued, we were brought chocolate strawberries amd.a bottlemail of wine! Our cabin steward Govind was five star and exceptional. The Bartender's in O'Sheehans should be bussing tables with less interaction of the guests. While not one person was at the bar in the late afternoon I asked for a glass of wine waiting for my dinner mates. The bartender looked at me and walked away, returned, walked past me and not untilet I asked for a third time did he actually get menough a glass of wine. Dan the rec director was very funny, perfect position for him but the lounge activities are of a nursing home itinerary. The only one hopping night on board was the White Night. That type of energy and music should have been an every night choice and it was not. Very disappointed, my husband has said it will be his last cruise and because of this experience after having such wonderful memories on the Norway, I'm disappointed.
Thank you.
Bernadette and Peter Kozak

Posted by Anonymous

Traveled With Ncl On The Gem This Summer, I Had Such A Terrible Experience, The Room Was Backed Up With Sewer Rubbish, It Smelled Horrible, The Air Conditioning Didn't Work Properly And The Balcony Curtains Had Mildew On Them. I Complained To The Front Desk But They Didnt Even Change My Room Or Offer A Credit. I Will Never Travel With This Cruise Line, Aldo Tipping In Not Optional It Is Taken From Your Credit Card Then You Cant Even Get Thru To Customer Service To Request Any Credit. Terrible, Disgusting And Horrible.

Posted by Anonymous

I sent the service charges for on 5-18 and it was returned to me. We went on another vacation to Mexico for 2 months to Mazatlan. We returned last week and just got thru all our mail and I found the return letter. Please call me so you can advise me where to send it. Rose Marie Guajardo Sail date4-16-16 Norwegian Jade.

Posted by Melissa

Years ago (probably about 25-30) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED NCL. I took a few different cruises and experienced incredible food, with incredible service. I can NOT say that any longer. I think the freestyle eating and prepaid tips have ruined EVERYTHING. NCL used to be great, but now it is just another cruise line. So disappointing. I had such good experiences in the past, that I got my sister and brother in-law to join my husband and I this time. We all felt the same - not so great. I knew the freestyle was going to make it different, but not that different. Before freestyle, you had to choose a time to eat and you were assigned a table. (I didn't think that was so bad). In that dining room there was a waiter and few other staff assigned to a few tables. The service was INCREDIBLE. Also, without having any paid restaurants on board (or none that I was aware of back then) the food was FABULOUS. I even remember a night when the waiters all lined up, and to fun music they did a sort of congo line around the restaurant - I think they were carrying a dessert. It was so much fun and great entertainment. It was memorable and made the cruise special. No more of that. ALSO, the entertainment on my previous cruises was unbelievable! I saw broadway productions - and they were good. Not just lame singing and dancing - EVERY NIGHT!! The magician and comedians were great - but on the previous cruised, you got BOTH. GREAT entertainment at 2 different times, and THEN you also got extra entertainment in another room later in the evening - good entertainment. It was SO MUCH BETTER BACK THEN. I will not recommend NCL to any one, unless you go back to what you used to be. For now, you are not worth it. Next time, I will try Princess or Celebrity. I hear good things about both of them. One more thing - cruise ships need to have separate pool areas for kids and adults. Yes - there were two pools and a designated adults only hot tub - but they were right there together. I work hard for my money and when I take a vacation, I want to be with other adults - not kids. I'm with kids everyday.

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Posted by Paxton41

I love everything about NCL. Cannot find a single negative starting with their travel department. I have had the pleasure of having Anthony Furbush as my cruise consultant. He is absolutely the best and will go the extra mile for you.

Posted by MF

I have just finished a cruise arond the Mediterranian on the Norwegian Epic. The service and staff were fantastic so friendly and helpful.
I would recommend this cruise to others. The staff are a credit to NCL (well done and thank you).

Posted by Anonymous

We just ended our cruise on the Gem 8/1/15. We had exemplary service. The concier Federico and staff were extremely attentive and caring towards my family. The room was great ( Family suite) 11530. The staff at the steak house ( Cagney and Lacey) was wonderful. The coordinator for the sweet 16 party colette and DJ Richi were great. The photographer did and amazing job. This was the best vacation ever!!!!!! Thanks Norwegian cruise line

Posted by NCLHawaii2015

We cruised on Pride of America for our 40th anniversary along with my brother and his wife celebrating their 35th anniversary. We had a fabulous time and recommend this cruise if you want to see Hawaii. The balcony cabin was very nice, service was great and entertainment tops. We had one glitch when we first boarded in that one suitcase did not arrive. It was found that evening and for our inconvenience we were given free dinner and wine at Cagneys as well as wine for our room with chocolate covered strawberries. Our steward was very attentive. All the staff provided excellent service and were very helpful. Plenty to do on the ship and it was very clean. Go see Hawaii the best way - on NCL Pride of America. We also cruised on the Breakaway out of NY last year and loved it. We are planning our next cruise now!

Posted by JCB

My wife and I just returned from a 7 day cruise on "The Getaway" our 5th cruise with Norweigian. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, finding the staff very friendly and helpful with the exception of one. On 5/7/15 my wife fell in the Atriam on a piece of paper which someone dropped. One of the Norweigian crew came over and asked if she needed a wheel chair - that was his only concern. A passenger brought over a chair for my wife. At no time did the your staff do a incidewnt report or recommend she see the ship doctor. After about 1 houir - we just walked around and I went to the front desk and one of your managers asked what the problem was, I stated I believe a incident report should have been done at the time of my wifes fall. She immediately too us to the desk and they did a incident report and we saw the ship Dr. Juan Carlos, a very nice man who examined my wife. She had a swollen knee and severe headache. After a restful evening the next day she felt better and we received a bottle of wine, chocolate strawberries and a rose. A very nice jesture . Thank you. We do look forward to cruising with you again and hope to next year. We didn't manager to prebook and get the credit for our next cruise as we were to shook up from the incident with my wife falling. Hopefully some specials will come out for next year. We were celebrating our 46th Anniversary.

Posted by Anonymous

Given the size of the ship and the number of passengers, it is a remarkable feat to organize everything as well as it was done. However, there are some "faults" in the ship's interior design that may or may not be amenable to correction. First and foremost, the casino is placed in such a location that it is difficult to circumvent. It would appear that the ship's designers wanted the bulk of the passengers to pass through this area as much as possible to lure the reluctant "gambler" to stop and drop some money there. Worse yet, the cigarette smoke is overwhelming and nearly choking to a non-smoker. Further, the fumes ascended and could be smelled to upper decks and in nearby restaurants. Why aren't filters or smoke squelchers installed? As for the main atrium (lobby?), it is relatively small for such an enormous number of passengers. There is inadequate seating for those who want to participate in the activities that take place there. Furthermore, given the seats that are available, many are occupied by the elderly who use the area for napping. In due respect to our senior citizens, there are lots of places to take a snooze, including one's assigned cabin. Hence, there was a modicum of seating available for the activity participants. Obviously, the ship's hallways were narrow, but that is tolerable. There was some maneuvering required when passengers were coming at you or a wheel chair had to pass but, again, that is quite acceptable. I think there could be more hallway signs strategically placed so one would know in what direction one was walking. My wife picked up on the fish design of the hallway carpet which did, we believe, intentionally indicate forward and aft. If the truth be told, everyone we spoke to complained about the cost of excursions, what you got for the money (e.g., a far out beach requiring a long rough van ride on St. Kitts with a relatively brief stay for an excessive amount of money, given the brevity of the visit), the inflated cost to dine in the specialty restaurants, the multitude of "drinking stations/bars" and the general sense of nickel and dime-ing to extract the most money possible from the passengers, many of whom very likely saved a long time for such a trip. On the positive side, the personnel on board were friendly, helpful and polite. The cabin steward (Stem) was especially meticulous and delightfully accommodating. The assistant hotel manager, Erik Huber, was also a definite asset to the ship's leadership. ARTML, M.D.

Posted by Ari

My friend and I went on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky last week.
All the cruise staff were terrific, friendly and helpful and we had a wonderful time. I would, however, like to point out a few items that unfortunately hampered our enjoyment.

1. During the pre-sail muster station drill, we were not previously warned that drinks were not allowed at the muster stations. We bought our drinks in the souvenir glasses and then were told that we could not bring them with us. We did not have time to return to our rooms as we were being waved on to our stations. This was a waste of $20 worth of drinks that were just purchased. Plus, we lost our souvenir cups and had to buy another.

2. As a Latitudes member, I had a letter stating that I would get a discount in the Duty Free Shop. Despite spending close to $200 there, no discount showed on my receipts. I also was not given a pin. I had to ask for it from the front desk.

3. On our final night, the air conditioner leaked and soaked our rug. A maintenance man came up with a large fan and we were told what happened. Instead of moving us immediately, we had to wait hours in the bar. Every time we periodically checked, the fan was still going and the room smelled awful. Finally, we got too tired to keep sitting in the bar and upon going up to the room, found a note which we brought down to guest services. They told us that they were trying to call us but we didnít answer our phone. (Which would have been difficult since we could not stay in our room.) We were given 10 minutes to shove everything into our suitcases and move to a new room. #9046 had one bed (not separated), but it was already 11 pm and we were exhausted. We hardly slept because we were so strung out over hurriedly trying to move half packed suitcases down the hall and we were afraid of hitting each other because we were both on one bed. The next morning, we found that the shower handle was broken and the water was scalding hot. We had to resort to taking sponge baths in the sink.

4. We received our accounting sheets the night before from the front desk. Mine reflected a credit of 27 cents. (It was listed in the credit column and no one asked us to settle up so we thought nothing of it.) Upon debarkation, I was detained, escorted by an agent who kept looking at me and scowling, and taken to the finance desk. The woman informed me that I owed 27 cents. Rather than point out that it was a credit on my statement, I gladly paid her the 27 cents. I then stepped back into line to get out. The agent there would not let me leave the ship until she entered it in the computer and it came up on his screen. He tried to make me step aside so others could go through and I told him that I was not going to be held hostage over 27 cents which he could clearly see on the table. I realize that it was not the agentís fault but being treated like a criminal was not the best thing to do to a guest who had not had a good night.

As a result, our last day in Miami was totally wasted because we were too tired to go out sightseeing.

In spite of all that happened, we still had a good time on the islands. I really miss the traditional type of cruising like we had on the Norwegian Wind in 1998. It was a lot more personable and I developed a rapport with the cruise staff as well as my ship mates. I also miss the inside observation deck. I felt that there was nowhere other than outside with the smokers to enjoy the view and really nowhere quiet other than inside our tiny stateroom or on the balcony with the smokers next door.

We have intentions of booking a longer cruise to the Caribbean next year. Because of what happened, my traveling companion wants to go back to Royal Caribbean, which we have both been on before and liked. I would like to continue to travel with NCL but this was clearly a very different experience than the one I had in 1998.

Posted by Anonymous

So happy with our cruise on the Norwegian Getaway just last week. At the very last minute I had realized that I had not made arrangements for my daughter's Gluten Allergy. She can work around most menus but i can begin to express my gratitude for the EXCELLENT service that she received in every aspect to her allergy. We had a wonderful trip and the staff was outstanding from the Maitre D to our cabin steward Diego. What a pleasure. Our extended family(All 14 of us) are planning on the same trip next August.

Posted by Anonymous

I have just returned from a 10 day cruise aboard the NCL Spirit and want to say how very pleased I was with all aspects of the holiday. The food (I ate mainly in Windows) was of good quality and well presented and the staff were courteous and helpful at all times. I ate at around 6.30 p.m, there were no queues and service was prompt and efficient. I also ate in Raffles for breakfast, which was usually busy but I had nothing to complain about. My cabin was kept clean and well serviced. In particular I must thank Carmen Martinez and Yahira Atiles for their unfailing courtesy and helpfulness throughout the entire voyage and my thanks to all NCL staff who made my holiday very enjoyable.

Posted by Fred

my wife and me have been on 66 cruises world wide so fare. NCL Jade was our latest cruise in the Mediterranean.
I have no negative comments for this specific cruise.
All problems occurred were solved. The crew was very friendly and helpful. The cuisine was excellent.
NCL we are coming back

Posted by lovedit

I just got home on Friday, Nov 1st, 2013 from my first cruise ever. I must say how impressed I am at all the wonderful services I received while on The Dawn. Over 2,000 people on board and still I felt like everyone knew exactly what and how to do everything. I am in the process of planning another cruise for 2015 with some friends who are going. I can not wait to cruise again. Thank You so much for the excellent experience that I had

Posted by 2 Texians

well, gosh! I'm sorry to read these negative comments re NCL services.
we just returned from a 7 day cruise on the Pearl, from Seattle to Skagway and back and we have nothing of note to complain about.
The service was good to excellent, the food was plentiful, varied, and tasty, the room was clean and kept well by the steward.
We didn't care for most of the entertainment provided, but we're picky about that so I don't fault NCL.
The spray disinfectant made my hands a little itchy, but hand lotion solved that.
The only thing I would change is the port call at Juneau. I wouldn't mind if NCL skipped that one and stayed overnight at Skagway or made an alternate stop at Sitka instead.
Other than that, we're very happy with our first cruise and will recommend NCL to anyone who's looking at cruising.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently took the Pride of America Cruise from Honolulu ending on the 3.9.
On arriving home and checking my cash card and amount of $207-40 has been taken out of my account.
I assume this was for tips.
My documentation sates that this fee was included in the ticket price.
The finance officer on the ship also told me that this fee was included so why have I been charged. A prompt refund is expected. Cruise was good

Posted by Serendipidy

We have been on several Norwegian Cruises. We are booked on November 21st for the Meditteranean Cruise. We're really looking forward to it. I had to call Norwegian today to get some information. Ashley, the opertor, was very informative, very prompt and very, very friendly. If all reps are like her, Norwegian has no problems! Sylvia Ritchie, in Charleston, SC, USA

Posted by Ken

My wife and I have just completed our 7th cruise---the 3rd with NCL---this time on the Gem from New York---we have thoroughly enjoyed every cruise including this one but we did notice that this time although most of the staff were as friendly as ever, there was a significant percentage of surly and less enthusiastic staff---nevertheless we had a good vacation.

Posted by Donna

I just went on a recent cruise with NCL on 8/13/11. I was on the Jewel from NYC to Bahama's. I wanted to compliment your STELLAR STAFF! They were so great and even remembered our names on first day! I really enjoyed myself and wanted to say thanks to all of your staff. They did a wonderful job and they deserve credit for there efforts. I almost felt when the Jewel was cruising away, she was smiling and happy! Thanks again!

Posted by Anonymous

Unbelievable service.Staff was awesome, including the guys cleaning glass.Buffet was disappointing and too many things at additional charges.Waitress named Nadia and bartender Edwin were especially nice.I found some things better than Carnival and some things not.Food and activities were not better.Cabins were however.I would book again but on a different ship to see what else you have to offer.Feel free to contact me with new offers.

Posted by Anonymous

My cruise was beautiful!! Norwegians staff is wonderful and service was class A. The food was excellent . The meals were the best cuisine I have ever eaten.

Posted by Anonymous

I hope this get's to the right people. I just came home this morning(10-24-2009)from cruising on the Norweigian Majesty,the first cruise I ever took. I went with my Mother(first cruise also)my Aunt and Uncle(their 3rd cruise with NCL) and with 2 of my best friends(their first time also).I must be honest with you,It was one of the most wonderful expierences of my life!!! There was so much food and drink and there was so many things going on,But the BEST expierence I enjoyed was the friendly and intentive staff!!!!! After the second day on sea(we were going to Bermuda)the staff knew your name,remembered your name and even remembered what you drank!!! The whole cruise was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!We had a VERY polite young man by the name of Charles who took care of 33 rooms by keeping them VERY clean,well stocked and even surprised us with a different exotic animal made out of towels every day. The only thing I regret about the cruise is that I had to get off the ship and come back to reality!!!! I had the BEST week of my life!!!! Keep up the good work and I am already excited about planning another cruise with you!

Chris Reider(room # 354)

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Posted by nclsucksbig

I feel the following--this is my opinion, only:

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) is an unfair company to work for or to sail with. Do not give your money or self to this unjust corporation. If you step foot on one of their ships, know that you are supporting a company that in my experience has little regard for its employees or passengers. They care about one thing, and one thing only: their profit margin. They will not concern themselves with your safety or care. The entire cruise industry badly needs better oversight, and NCL painfully demonstrates this.

Many of NCL's employees relay that they are taken advantage of. The vast majority are from the Philippines, are horribly underpaid and overworked, and are forced to live approximately 8 to a cabin, meaning they get very little sleep. These bottom floors flood with toilet water containing feces, as there are frequently severe plumbing problems on these bottom levels. They work demanding jobs in the bowels of the ship lacking sleep, for long shifts, accidents waiting to happen, without representation. And rest assured, when an accident occurs, NCL will do anything to avoid paying a claim--it is all about the money, not concern for their passengers or crew. They make money hand-over-fist, but will not devote the proceeds to protecting their crew or passengers.

Allow me to relay an incident, and I believe it is not unique. A worker, let's call them "Worker X", was on one of the NCL ships. They were performing their duties and were injured due to negligent conditions. NCL's management knew about these conditions long beforehand, but did nothing to repair them. They badly injured themselves, but were misdiagnosed by the ship's doctors as having minimal injuries! So, they kept them on the ship, insisted they work, and all the while they had serious injuries that were worsening. NCL's response was immediately to deny responsibility, and to disrespect and intimidate them. They had no concern for their well-being or care; they only wanted to cover themselves legally, and did all they could to cover-up and minimize the situation. The security staff immediately manipulated and intimidated them. It was a disgusting and shameful response.

A week later, Worker X's pain was so excruciating, they insisted they be sent home for care. Upon their return, they went to their own doctor, who found serious injuries that were not diagnosed by the ship's doctors, who had basically told Worker X to stop bothering them. These injuries were all made worse by the delay in proper care. NCL delayed months to reimburse their medical bills, so they were broke, and without medical care. So, Worker X was injured because of NCL's negligence and was unable to work for months, broke from the medical costs and could no longer afford proper medical care, and NCL only denied responsibility and delayed support. Their claims office office did nothing but toy with them and give them the run-around, despite their promises to the contrary. I WOULD BE HIGHLY SKEPTICAL OF ANYTHING NCL CLAIMS!

I understand the captain himself mocked Worker X when they brought the dangerous conditions to his attention. So, think about that: the captain himself expresses apathy and lack of concern for safety and conditions. I wonder what that translates into as a whole for the safety of passengers and employees.

Workers should know that NCL has arbitration clauses in their contracts, which you are forced to sign upon arrival on ship so that you really have little choice at that point. These clauses protect NCL from being truly accountable in case of injury onboard, so if you have an accident, they will most likely never be held fully accountable, and you most likely will never receive care or compensation as you deserve. These clauses all but prevent jury trials, where the public would see the abuses of this company and compensate people accordingly, and provide much-needed publicity to keep the actions of this company in the public eye.

I personally would not trust being on a NCL vessel. I feel their medical staff is ill-trained, their security staff is primarily there to manipulate, intimidate, and protect the interests of the company, and the management seemingly has no decency. FROM MY EXPERIENCE, I FEEL YOU ARE IN THE WORST OF HANDS WITH NCL.

In my opinion, NCL is an example of an American company subjugating and manipulating passengers and crew for their financial gain. They should be ashamed, but are not. And yes, they are an American company--they have nothing to do with Norway--and they fly a flag of the Bahamas in order to circumvent American law which would provide better working conditions and protection for employees. Employees are made to sign a contract with an arbitration clause once they are aboard (so they have no choice at that point), so that legally NCL is protected form the multitude of enormous law suits they may otherwise face.

As a side note, it is my understanding (though I am not entirely clear on the matter) that NCL had to be legally forced to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act--they would not do so voluntarily. They would not of their own accord make travel for their disabled passengers more comfortable because it would have cost them money--kindly consider that fact as an example of their apathy and lack of respect.

I feel you should choose any other line on the seas if you choose to cruise, and you will be in better hands. The entire cruise industry badly needs better oversight, and NCL painfully exemplifies this. Affect this company legally and fairly and in the only spot they may care: in their pocketbooks! Do not support this company. Stand up for the little person... in this case, EVERYONE: passengers, crew, the INDIVIDUAL. STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH! I FEEL YOU SHOULD NOT SAIL WITH NCL AS A PASSENGER OR CREW, AND THAT YOU SHOULD BOYCOTT NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES (NCL)!



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