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Northwest Airlines customer service is ranked #232 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 43.85 out of a possible 200 based upon 59 ratings. This score rates Northwest Airlines customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


50 Negative Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 84.75%.


9 Positive Comments out of 59 Total Comments is 15.25%.

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  • Northwest Airlines

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 43.85 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 50 negative comments (84.75%)
    • 9 positive comments (15.25%)
    • 1 employee comments
    • Attribute Ratings
      (out of 10 possible)
    • 2.8 Issue Resolution
    • 2.7 Reachability
    • 1.6 Cancellation
    • 3.4 Friendliness
    • 3.8 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous


Would you happen to know the name of the union and the local number, for flight kitchen workers at Northwest Airlines in the early 1970s? IF so could you please send it to me at Thanks so much,

Kelly Mulleady

Posted by Anonymous

I Have Been Tryng To Retreive A Toll Free Number For Northwest Airlines Cargo, And All That Keeps Comming Up Is A Phone Number For Delta Airlines, What Gives

Posted by mare

My friend and I just made our reservations to fly from ogg to sea on may 9th 2012 today. I flew to ogg in feb 2011 and ret to sea may 2011 and back to ogg nov 2011. I checked 2 dogs into cargo both times. I am now returning on may 9th and cannot take my two dogs back on the same flight. I had to book two flights, whereas my friend goes earlier in the day to sea with one dog and I go later with the other. This may seem like no big deal to you guys, however, It is actually a huge hassle for us. We have to make two seperate trips to the airport for one, and then instead of arriving at sea at the same time now we have to book a hotel and wait for the other person to arrive many hours later. I live 5 and a half hrs away from seatac and my friends ticket was more expensive than the flight we were going to take together. I was told that the rule for pets in cargo had changed on aug 2011, however I was able to fly with both dogs in nov 2011 to ogg. I was told to try booking with Hawaiian airlines, however I use alaskan miles and the flight and the cost of flying the dogs is way more on Hawaiian, it is actually more than double to take the dogs on Hawaiian. I spoke to another alaska rep that said no problem when I asked to reserve for two dogs, then she was denied when putting it through to cargo. I was also told to contact cargo directly to book two dogs, when I spoke with them, they said book one dog and then call back 20 days before your flight and see about booking the other dog in cargo. If I call and find out that I can bring the both dogs on my original flight, now my friend is still having to go back many hours earlier. Our intention of traveling together is for him to assist me with the dogs and our luggage. My dogs are small and are in the smallest dog carriers allowed, they weigh less than 20lbs with the carrier, and I dont see why I cannot reserve space for both dogs. I feel my dogs will be more stressed to fly seperately as they are always together and have flown together every time I have gone back and forth to hawaii. I pay quite a lot of money to alaska going back and forth to Hawaii let alone the cost of traveling with the two dogs. I think this is a huge inconvienience for me, my friend, and for my animals. Last yr when I was flying, I was also told that only one animal per person flying was allowed and therfore I enlisted my friend to fly with me so that I could have another person accompany the animal on their ticket. When I got to the airport the representative told me that I could have taken both dogs on my ticket, therfore my friend did not even need to bear the expense of flying with me to seatac in order to escort the dog on his reservation. I would like for my friend and I to be able to fly on the same flight and be able to take both of my dogs home on the same flight. I would like to know if something can be waived so that this can happen, and it needs to happen asap so that if so, my friend can actually get a reservation change to get him on the same flight with me. We both have purchased trip protection and hope that something more creative can be done in this case. I spend a lot of money on Alaska and having pets to fly is a huge extra expense, and they do not recieve any frequent flyer miles. It is also insane that the cost of checking a pet is so much more than checking a bag, considering that the dogs go into cargo, just like a piece of luggage. My conformation# is KISYWA, I hope there is someone rational there that can see what a hassle that this situation has created for me now and for all of my future trips to and from seattle to maui, where I travel to once or twice a year. Thank you for your considerate regard to this issue. Mare Nemeth

Posted by Anonymous

You have a customer by the name of Cyndy S. Howes/Dinwiddie who has been getting the run around in Lagos Nigeria. She was told today that the fare for Lagos to DFW was 1360 originally and because Lybias leader was killed this past week that the fare is now 1810 and I am sure that you aren't doing this to am American citizen without a really good reason. She has been trying to get back to the states for over a year and has had one thing after another stop her from being with her future husband! Please tell me that it is now the policy of NWA to raise fares and stop someone who was once put on an incorrect flight and was sent to Manila in the Philippines from Lagos when she was supposed to be on her way back to the U.S., but because of a bad attendant who has since lost her job, my future wife is now being told that she has to pay her own fare and that it has gone up to 1810 from 1360 and that because of NWA's mistake she has to bear the brunt of the fare! If this is in fact NWA's policy then you will hear from my congressman and the FAA and a whole host of people who will want to know why you would do this to an American Citizen!

Posted by Z. Cheryl Saltarelli

My husband and I just returned from a 4 country, month long trip to Europe on your Airline. ( My husand works for Ittochu Corp.) and I would like to voice a very serious concern. On two of our flights there were mechanical issues on the planes delaying our flights and when it wasn't our flight the gate next to ours also had mechanical issues. This to me indicates you are not maintaining your planes and I worried through out each flight of the possibility that we could crash because of this. This does not give me faith in Northwest Airlines. Nor does it make us want to fly your Airline in the future.

Posted by Anonymous

To anyone interested in providing quality customer service.
I will start by saying the gate agents at the Northwest airline counter at the Detroit MI Airport are by far the most unprofessional,rude,incompetent,lazy employees of any airline or any other company for that matter I have ever experienced in my life,I might add that I am not a young man.I have traveled for work extensively over the past 20 years and I can tell you this much neither myself or any of my employees or anyone that I have an association with will never use Northwest again.I urge all travel agents and individuals who book they're own travel to avoid Northwest Airlines completely.The nightmare I experienced is so horrific I am writing an article for a national news publication,soon to be published.

Posted by Beckers

I just tried calling the Northwest 800 number and it said due to high volume of calls leave a message. That's crap!! I can't believe an airline would make you leave a message. That means that no one and I mean NO ONE will call you back. People stop flying Northwest. I've always had pleasure flying Sun Country so try that airline. The planes are a bit smaller but the airfares are so much more affordable.

Posted by Anonymous

I recently had a very unfortunate experience with baggage claim service in St. Louis Mo. The area was short staffed and the service attendant became rude with customers. I have a family member that is a pilot for NWA and I find it to be a friendly and pleasant airline. I have had may gate agents go above and beyond to accommodate me and provide excellent service. However, it is a situation like this that you don't want to complain, but only bring to your attention a weaker link in the system. Many customers had to stand outside the claims dept as they were told not to enter the office by the attendent while she was assisting one other customer. This made passengers very upset when luggage was visible for claiming and empty seating was available in the office. I think the agent could of handled it in a better way. Many passengers began voicing negative comments about the airline and lack of good service. It was a long day for everyone. I'm sure this added to the lack of patients by all. Please don't acknowledge me as a disgruntled family member, but one that is proud to have a family member working for your company and only want it to be recognize for its excellent experience and service. thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

how can a 1 800 number be BUSY!!????? this is ridiculous!

Posted by rodjazz

Typically, I let this go, but not today. This was the worst experience! First, you wait forever and then when you finally get someone, they are rude and very unhelpful!!

Horrible customer service and depend too much on automation!

Posted by Frequent Flyer

My pregnant wife was traveling home for the holidays. She thought that she had missed her connecting flight but when she arrived at the gate the plane was still there. The attendant stated that they could not let her board and she had to wait in the airport for 6 hours. They told her that they called her name several times but she did not reply. I guess pregnant women should run faster. Very poor service and the situation was not handled correctly.

Posted by Anonymous

Sure is hard just to try and verify my flight
information. NWA is too busy!

Posted by fly

Horrible service. The customer service is non existent and rude.

Posted by MB

On hold for 2hrs now.. starting 4:50 am on a Sunday. Ridiculous... HIRE MORE PEOPLE

Posted by Anonymous

Can you believe it. I am still on hold.

Posted by Anonymous

Waited on hold for an hour just to be told that the person I spoke to earlier transferred me to the wrong dept. After being on hold I was disconected. Now 30 minutes into the 2nd call still on hold. This is the worst airlines ever.

Posted by Anonymous

I've been on hold for 2.5 hours now. All I need to do is change an existing reservation that cannot be changed online because it was booked with mileage.
I've been transferred 5-6 times and it is currently 11:44pm. Are that many people trying to call at this hour?

Posted by Anonymous

Unable to get through to customer service. Instead of putting me on hold, they disconnect the call.

Posted by Anonymous

My sister and I came to Hong Kong from U.S on 10/19/09.My sister returned to U.S this morning
(11/2/09) with NW296K.I helped her to communicate with the check_in counter staff named JAGDIP DHILLON at HK airport.Due to his poor experience, going back and forth and forgot my request of aisle seat and refuse to redo it again. All people ( about 25 ) behind us were all done.After my sister's bording pass was done and got her passport and U.S green card back. I had run out of patience and just told him one word "You never seen this kind of passport". Then he call the air port security to catch my sister. After knowing everything the security let my sister go. Any way we had lose our personal honor among people. If this is not corrected, people travelling with Myanmar or any smaller country passport combined with US green card will be the next victims

Posted by sandy

My sister who is pregnant is traveling across the country solo with 4 small children. I wasn't sure if there was any kind of assistance available if she would need it, and I asked the customer service agent this. She was rude, I felt like she almost laughed at my question. It can be very difficult to navigate through an airport since family members are not permitted to accompany travelers very far. I don't agree with the policy of not helping passangers simply because they are not considered disabled. But what bothered me more was way the agent handled my call. It was insulting and offensive. So much for customer service.

Posted by Disappointed

Customer Care is awful at NWA/Delta. I spoke to Andrea. She continuously spoke over me. Very rude and unprofessional...I will definitely select another airline for future business.

Posted by Anonymous

The customer service is really poor. All answeres are not resolved. Don't flight with Delta and Northwest.

Posted by sesink

I couldn't agree more with the previous comment. Gettint to speak to a person at this crap airline is apparently impossible. How can they have "High call volume" problems at 10:00 pm, 11:00 pm; 11:15 pm; 01:00 am, 02:15 am, 6:00 am, 6:45 am; 8:00 am, 4:00 pm?????

THis has to be the crappest phone support I have EVER experienced. Heck -- they could outsource this to India and have better support.

If I never have to fly with these idiots again, it would be too soon.

I dare anyone from NWA to respond to this post

Posted by Beagle

I have an issue regarding a damaged suitcase. I have written two emails regarding this and in 3 weeks have not gotten an answer back. Rating for customer service.......a BIG ZERO

Posted by anonymous

My relative recently booked a flight online with Northwest. Her flight was delayed due to weather. While trying to rebook a flight; she experienced the worst customer service than she had every had with any airlines. She received no help with locating her luggage for the rescheduled flight. I called 502-361-6801 to help her find her luggage, someone picked up the phone and immediately hung up. How can any airline afford to treat their customers with such negligence. I do not intend to book any future flights with Northwest.

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Posted by drew

thanks to jill in cargo/pet first, she helped me when no other airline would bother to help us ship a puppy to the united states from canada. Jill you rock and you deserve a major raise. txs. canada

Posted by Anonymous

Now Delta...
I had a very positive experience. Everyone was very helpful and considerate. I was afraid of what I'd be dealing with after reading other comments, so was pleased to find such good service.
Reaching a computerized message is always annoying and time consuming, so I did try the trick of hitting the # symbol instead, and found a human after only 3 clicks. However, I also tried the 800 number and got through to a representative quickly also.

Posted by Valerie

I called the 1 800 number and got through immediately, with A+ customer service!

Posted by Anonymous

I just called the 800 number got through right away and was helped. kinda shocked after hearing the other comments.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Northwest Airlines Customer Support -

Thank you so much for your assistance in correcting the problems with my flight reservations. You've restored a bit of faith I lost long ago when it comes to Northwest Airlines. To be honest, I was pissed when my administrative assistant booked me once again with Northwest. She's dumb as hell - blond dumb - and I'd swear she hates me even though I keep food on her table. If only it was easier to find good help. Anyway, speaking of help, I have a question -- will Northwest guarantee in writing that its pilots will fly the God-damned plane? If so, please email an official correspondence back to me. My attorney needs all the help she can get in handling my estate in case we run out of gas over Minnesota.

Thank you,

Jonathan Myers
Executive Director of Operations
Initech, Inc.

Posted by Anonymous

On December 2nd, 2009 I had a reservation for a flight traveling from Philidelphia through Detroit with an ending destination in Bloomington Illinois that was cancelled due to an accident with the baggage mechanism. Although I was eager to get home and quite upset that I was unable to fly out as planned, two customer service agents made this uncomfortable situation more than barable. Beth Mahoney and David Hicks were friendly and worked hard to get my needs met. David worked diligently to get my flight rescheduled and coordinate lodging for me while Beth made sure I had meal vouchers and was able to take my luggage with me to the hotel. I have flown many times on different airlines and must say that I am impressed with the attitude and diligence that they showed to accomidate me during this unfortunate episode. They are the perfect example of excellent customer service agents and due to thier actions, I will fly NWA if possible on future flights.


Alicia Lenard

Posted by don't know what you mean

Called during busiest time of day. After a brief phone survey, I spoke to a real person who answered all my questions. No long waits, I was off the phone with all I needed in less than 5 minutes.

Posted by Anonymous

In this age of difficult travel, the pressure often impacts on both traveler as well as airline personnel. As a frequent flyer, I've become inured to it and have reduced my expectations for acceptable service to near zero.
Then today, I met Nicole Altri, your ticket agent at Logan, who changed my view and restored my faith that excellent service and customer focus is still alive and least when Nicole is on duty.
Here's my story...
I missed my flight to Minneapolis today from Boston at 1120.
The next flight was at 1:50 pm but Nicole told me that it was sold out but there might be seats on the 6 pm flight. Since I was on my way to Minneapolis to give a speech tomorrow morning, I was not panicked-but getting there.
Nicole assured me she would do all she could to wait list me on both flights if necessary and since I was first on the wait list, she reassured me that one way or the other, I should get to Minneapolis.
She suggested I head for the gate, and she would call me with a status report. Between her counter and my arrival at the gate, she called me twice advising me of my status and reassuring me each time that "it looked good." Perhaps I did look panicked......
As I walked onto the plane, her final call was to congratulate me for getting on board.
Nicole's concern and professionalism is a great compliment to NWA, (and I assume her mother).
She's an outstanding representative of your airline.

George Labovitz, PhD

p.s. My speech is at the American Society for Quality World Conference. Know that Nicole Altri of Northwest Airlines is now included in my remarks...

Posted by Anonymous

I flew on NW 808 from HNL to MSP 27 OCT 2008. Denise Martin was a flight attendant working in coach. She is outstanding. She has a special concern for passengers you don't often find on board American major carriers any more. I strongly recommend you have Denise Martin teach other NWA flight attendants how to provide customer service. You could only improve your cabin service. I am in the Navy and was travelling to Houston, TX via MSP and I saw Denise help many passengers who were just not happy about various little things that most flight attendants would not have concerned themselves with. My request to move to another seat in a near full plane was not really reasonable itself. But Denise showed nothing but great attitude and customer care. Promote her, and beg her to teach your other flight attendants. She is a ray of sunshine in a dark stormy sky that is today's airline passenger experience. Aloha, Tom

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Posted by Anonymous

As a Northwest/Delta gate agent I have always tried to help passengers in any way I can, but there is only so much we can do or are allowed to do.
-Lost items - we try to find the owners, but if the item does not have contact information on it exactly what do you expect us to do? I have personally mailed items to several passengers (using my own money) but some nights we end up with several dozen items to turn in to our local lost and found. And only the "high value" items are sent to the home office. All lesser value items are donated to charity.
-"Delayed" baggage - Make sure you keep your medication with you!! And NEVER pack electronic items. Even if I could actually find/locate your luggage in your departure city, if there are NO MORE FLIGHTS tonight it will not be here until tomorrow. I am sorry, I have also had my luggage delayed, and I did not like it either. I know many of the baggage handlers and I know they do their best, but getting a bag from the ticket counter to the aircraft requires the work of at least half dozen people. Your bag is not picked up and hand carried to your flight so a direct flight bag can also get left behing.
-Rebooking - As agents we hate rebooking passengers. First you have an entire aircraft's passengers standing in line and they are all pissed that we did not hold their flights (even if they are 2-3 hours late!). Now we have to search the computer system to find a way to get them to their final destinations and provide hotels (hopefully, as when we cannot it makes everyone really upset). As for your luggage hopefully the ramp is going to unload your luggage, but if it is a bad weather "event" with multiple delays there may not be anyone available to sort thru all the luggage to find yours.
Believe it or not, I do like my job. And 95% of the passengers are wonderful to work with.
But I do not think it is fair for passengers to get upset with the agents or the airlines because WE cannot locate the items YOU lost/left on the aircraft. If you don't want to lose it, leave it at home!
As for the delayed luggage, I agree the system need to be improved. So until it is improved be sure to put your name inside and outside your bag. Also, to avoid the items in your luggage from getting wet in the rain use plastic bags when packing your stuff.
Hope you all have a wonderful trip next time, whichever airline you use, because as you leave NWA/Delta to fly another airline we are getting all their mad passengers. It's the nature of the beast.


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