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Nordstrom customer service is ranked #51 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 74.70 out of a possible 200 based upon 189 ratings. This score rates Nordstrom customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


165 Negative Comments out of 189 Total Comments is 87.30%.


24 Positive Comments out of 189 Total Comments is 12.70%.

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    • 74.70 Overall Rating
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    • 165 negative comments (87.30%)
    • 24 positive comments (12.70%)
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Posted by Anonymous

Can i just give y'all a thought. ( returns) From what I've read it seems most of the comments are about a change in our policy. Returns you say ate not ( easy ) as they once were?? I believe they've never really changed.. Have your reciept, tags are on clothes. No sign of used or damaged merchandise. Mail it in, come to our store. Show i.d. reciept. Cash or credit card ..walla money back!!! I dont understand all the angry comments about returns???

Posted by Emsjuju

I know you've received my return back, by now. C'mon, Nordstrom, issue my refund. I had to return because you sent me the wrong item. At least refund me.

Posted by gretagarbo123

Some of the posters are ridiculous. The woman who felt she should keep the perfume when she ordered the bath gel is totally greedy. Get off your sofa and send it back. Nordstrom bends over backwards for customers. I don't believe some of these posters. There is so much fraud and people who just want to wear an item once and return it that soon you won't have a Nordstroms, or any department store for that matter. The rest of us end up paying for the cheating. The world doesn't exist to serve you. These stores have any right to make rules regarding returns. You have a long time to return items to places like Nordstrom or Macy's. There are stores where you only have 30 days. Stop acting like children. Yes, some posters may have legitimate complaints. If there is a sales person who you feel just doesn't want to process a return, ask for the department manager or the store manager.

Posted by Char

I sent an expensive bottle of parfum back to Nordstrom...but it wasn't to the store I purchased it at.
It somehow was headed to KY. But fortunately, I had copies of the "free" return label, with tracking etc. And receipt. Emailed it to N. Got a full refund.
Note..keep detailed records of process.

Posted by JMB

I recently purchased a dress and returned using the online feature to print a return label and handed the package to our postman. The package was never received by Nordstrom yet they handled the return in a timely manner and gave me a credit for the item. I will return any items in person in the future but was pleased with the customer service. I see others saying they never got a response which I find obsurd as you can always call or walk-in to any Nordstrom and receive great customer service.

Posted by Anonymous

I returned an expensive dress by mail, and Nordstrom's says they didn't receive it and will not even reply to my emails. I have never been treated this way by a company.

Posted by Outover$600

I've heard stories about Nordstrom issuing a refund for a tractor tire rhat could not possibly have been purchased there. Yet, I have all of my tracking information and even pictures of return labels and I am being denied refunds for $625.
Nordstrom is perpetrating a scam, preying, especially on the sick and disabled, who rely on online shopping because they cannot get to a physical atore location. I shop at many online stores and do not have any issues with any except Nordstrom. I have repeatedly had to spend hours and hours apeaking to customer service about returned items that were verified as received by their warehouse but not credited. I can only assume that since I purchase a lo of merchandise online amd mail back a lot of returns, I am a prime target for warehouse crime.
In the past, Nordstrom has issued what they call "courtesy" refunds for items verified as received but lost or stolen at th earehouse. Because of this, I am now being denied refunds for anything they cannot locate.
I have tried to tell them on multiple occasions that I have a serious medical conditoon and I do not feel well enough or have the energy to print out labels, schlep empty boxes to the post office, then spend countless frustrating hours talking to CS, to scam THEM! Their accusations are ludicrous and insulting! I have every tracking number from everything I have mailed back and I have NO control over what happens once the boxes arrive at the Nordstrom warehouse. I don't drive there and steal my paclages. Furthermore, the post office weighs everything. They could see that all the weights are sifferent. I spent 3 days compiling tracking numbers, correlating them with returns and mailing dates as well as photos of mailing lables, only to be told by he Nordstrom VP that regardless of what I could provode, I would not be getting a refund because THEY cannot locate the merchandise. Of course not, tou morons, it's been stolen! So, anytime an item is lost or stolen at the Nordstrom warehouse, despite proofnof delivery, they can withhold a customer's refund. This is nothing but a scam and a way for Nordstrom to use defenseless customers as scapegoats for their poor financial performance, incompetence and warehouse inefficiency. I would not go to these lengths and make myself more ill than i already am, if I was teying to scam them. I have even socuments proof that the warehouse is providing false return tracking numbers to deny my refunds. The system is corrupt from he executives to the earehouse workers. I urge everybody to boycott a store that takes advantage of h sick and disabled and operates in such a mean-spirited and unethical lanner.

Posted by Joyous

I have sent back an order of beauty products. The reason, the colors were too dark another too light plus the product gave me allergy. After waiting over 6 weeks not receiving the credit or any emails I called and a customer service guy tells me it has been received but I will not get the credit - its been too long and it is a beauty product the dept in charge said no. I asked for the beauty products back so I can give it to someone instead. Guess what another representative says? We haven't received anything from you and therefore no credit will be issued. It was a considerable amount of money and I sent it with tracking so I will open a case with the post office.

Posted by paruda

I have been a loyal Nordstrom customer for more than 10 years. I recently found out that their return policies have significantly changed. Now in order to return to the fulfillment center all items need to be brand new and in selling condition. If I try something on and didn't like it didn't fit or isn't the right item why are they asking for it to be with tags on and unworn? There are a couple of people I can name called Sarita J. and another called Matt R. They don't like to process returns and they will send the items back to you. Refrain from shopping online at Nordstrom

Posted by Anonymous

I didn't have a receipt but the tags were still on the clothing.. The Lady told me she couldn't give me a gift card because I didn't have proof of purchase..these people give a hard time to the customers if they dont have a she gave me back the clothing and told me to gave a nice day

Posted by Lomelda

I ordered some bath gel for my daughter who lives in another state. Nordstrom sent the wrong item (Kate Spade cologne). I discussed this with customer service. They said they would send the bath gel, but I had to return the perfume or I would be charged. They sent the bath gel to me instead of my daughter. Another distribution mistake. My question...why should I have to return the is their mistake.

Posted by Young

The online chat assistant ended the chat before giving any help! Here is a copy of chat (some personal info is replaced by XXX):

Seleta J.

Hi XXX, I'm reviewing your request, and will be with you shortly

Seleta J.


I am sorry your order was cancelled.

Are you using a freight forwarding service to ship your items?

I don't know what you mean. The shipping address is my apartment in WA.

Seleta J.

After researching your order it looks like you need to call our Finance Department they can give you more information on why your order was cancelled.

I spent time selecting items and placing the order. You keep canceling them. It was a waste of my time!

Seleta J.

It looks like you order has been cancelled already.

You are all set! Have a great evening.

Chat ended.

Posted by Anonymous

For those of you complaining about the return policy and taking your business elsewhere, is like to know where. Every other high end department store has a much less lenient policy, all issue returns only to the original form of payment long before Nordstrom changed it's policy, and most have time limits even if the item is unworn.

I can honestly say they have gone above and beyond for me with returns that are legitiment. I'd say most of the people complaining were trying to abuse the policy

Posted by RoRo212

Nordstrom and I had a couple of issues in the past, but I continued to order from them, because they offer free returns and price match and I like the fact you don't have to worry about shipping items back within 30 days. I continued to shop with them, even though they had inept staff. This time around, I ordered 3/12 and 3/16 8 dresses arrived in two separate packages and I shipped 6 items back to them on 3/17 and they claim only 4 items arrived and holding me liable and just because I had issues with them before,they're being accusatory rather than understanding of my situation. I am now liable for these two poor fitting dresses. They claim they have done me too many favours, but I had tracking numbers for those unaccounted for items and yet, still no refund.

Posted by Sarah42067

I too had a very bad experience when trying to return something to The Rack specifically. I had a dress that I got as a gift and its a beautiful fancy dress that I have no where to wear it to and its a 344$+ dress so I brought it in the exchange it in perfect condition with tags and extra beads all attached and because I had no receipt I was treated very poorly by a staff member there who refused to even look or scan the dress and basically told me they never have accepted items without a receipt before and that I was wrong to expect to be able to exchange the dress without a receipt. Nordstrom is actually known for accommodating its customers and making it easy to exchange and return items as long as they have a tag and are in a condition that's the same as when it was purchased. They are known for that. So to be treated so poorly and not be able to exchange the dress is very upsetting to me and I won't EVER buy anything from these stores again NOTHING. To have spent almost 400$ on a dress and not be able to exchange it is beyond frustrating and very wrong and has cost them a very loyal and good customer who spent thousands of dollars easily a year. Bad business

Posted by Sophia

Like every other organization... it's really sad to see Nordstrom become so political and drop the Ivanka Trump line. Didn't realize the CEO is a snowflake and doesn't like our President of the US!

Posted by cmc1126

Love Nordstrom and greatly respect their decision to drop the Trump brand.

Posted by BetchezTrippin

I can't believe people are using this feed to complain about Nordstrom dropping a brand. They are a huge business that operates with a business mindset, much like the mindset (supposedly) of our currently elected president. They will drop any brand that their consumers are not buying. As a nation and through our electoral college we may have elected Donald trump, but the American people are taking a stand against the man by not purchasing anything with his name attached, and unfortunately that includes ivanka trumps line. I admit she makes really cute stuff but ever since he began running for president seriously, I would not buy anything of hers and I know lots of people in the fashion industry that feel the same. It is politics but it's also business, if you want ivanka trumps line to remain in major stores then you should start buying her stuff. Supply and demand, the first lesson in economics.

Posted by FedUp

I've been a loyal Nordstrom shopper my whole life. Actually, my whole family has been...My mother is a long time card holder (she literally shops there every week, and spends thousands there every month). But I am finally so fed up, I'm never going back. I doubt any of my family will shop there again either, because they have all had similar experiences.

I've bought and returned, both to Nordstrom and the Rack, many times. They used to make it easy for the customer, but not anymore.

An example: My mother bought me a leather jacket from Nordstrom for Christmas. The following week, I went to return it. It was never worn, all tags attached, still in its packaging. I was fine with store credit, as it was a gift, and I obviously didn't have the receipt. They told me it was out of the question because it was purchased online, and therefore I would need to have the receipt with me to return. I asked them if I could just exchange it for the smaller size that I needed, and again they said no. It was a gift, purchased with a Nordstrom card, with Nordstrom tags on it. I dont see why its so complicated. Now I'm stuck with a leather jacket that is too big, and my mother wasted her hard earned money.

Another thing I've seen- at least when shopping at the Rack - once an item is purchased, it's immediately marked down in their system to practically nothing. So, without a receipt, I'll never get a dime back from them (or store credit for that matter), because they will only refund the current selling price. That's pretty low.

I also hate how they now force me to give them my personal information when purchasing anything. It seems a little intrusive. I've never abused their return policy, although I'm willing to admit I've returned a good amount to them (but usually within 30 days and with receipt). I tend to be an indecisive shopper, but I guarantee that they keep more of my money than I return.

Recently, when Ive gone to return anything, I feel like the employees are rude to me. It makes me really uncomfortable. It almost feels like they are instructed to be rude about returns. I know the economy hasnt been the best in the past few years, and I would guess that's why a lot of stores have taken away their previously decent return policies. However, I'm sure Nordstrom as a company is making enough money to afford to take back the small percentage of items that people return. I think its sad that they have lost touch with their customers needs, and instead are just as money hungry as the rest of the big corporate retailers.

Posted by LoyalShoppersince2011

Nordstrom, just recently proved to their customers and the world that they are not only going down the political incorrect path by pulling Ivanka Trumo's line, but also they are showing no regards for the consumers. They should remain neutral and not meddle in the politics of our country, I am sure they endorsed her fashion line and saw it worthy to add it to their line of exclusives, no doubt there were many shoppers who loved the Ivanka fashions will have to find a new place to shop.
Regarding the return policy this can only work under the legal jurisdiction of the customer's right.
Quite a disappointment that the store seems to have more internal issues and now the customers are the victims of their wrath - There should be a better way.
Nordstrom you show your self as Operating from a position of weakness now and lack of resilience to the matket I am no longer interested in doing business here. Will be done with your cards

Posted by MDC

Dropping the Trump line was the right thing to do - I fully support this decision!

Posted by Anonymous

nordstroms is a great store and am glad they discontinued ivanka trumps clothing line`1

Posted by Standingup

I have been a loyal shopper for 25 years. So sad you have to play politics. Your customers, like me, can play the game too. I really wish you the best, but from what I am hearing, this will not go well. Until you can stick with business, I will not be purchasing from Nordstrom. There are many other competitors who even if they have political beliefs aren't stupid enough to risk losing customers.

Posted by LoyalShoppersince2011

Nordstrom, just recently proved to their customers and the world that they are not only going down the political incorrect path by pulling Ivanka Trumo's line, but also they are showing no regards for the consumers. They should remain neutral and not meddle in the politics of our country, I am sure they endorsed her fashion line and saw it worthy to add it to their line of exclusives, no doubt there were many shoppers who loved the Ivanka fashions will have to find a new place to shop.
Regarding the return policy this can only work under the legal jurisdiction of the customer's right.
Quite a disappointment that the store seems to have more internal issues and now the customers are the victims of their wrath - There should be a better way.
Nordstrom you show your self as Operating from a position of weakness now and lack of resilience to the matket I am no longer interested in doing business here. Will be done with your cards

Posted by Anonymous

The banning of Ivanka Trumps fashion line leaves me no other choice but to STOP SHOPPING NORDSTROM...........

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Posted by adamS

Having had a terrible experience with Neiman Marcus and Not so great one at Bloomingdales I can say Nordstrom exceeds both easily. also their facebook assistance is top notch as well as their online chat..

Posted by JL

shopped at Nordstrom's in Rideau centre in June. The service was so great with Samantha Morello.; she made me comfortable and provided suggestions for a bday gift that were within a reasonable price range.She was pleasant and considerate of my time to browse which is a rare train in retail in many places you are either ignored and can't find anyone or they hound you the whole time.
At the cash she carried on pleasantries and with this positive experience it brought me back the next day (despite the prices) I then metTommy Duong who approached me in the manner; introduced himself, offer to assist me and when I said I was just browsing he was considerate of my time and noted he would be available if I needed any assistance.
He managed to address two of us and in a manner that did not rush you or persist that you make the purchase.
The retailer managed to hire 2 amazing people
KUDO to Nordstrom's Sales Associate hiring and training.

Thank you both for the stressfree shopping experience.

Posted by Anonymous

Maria Louella at the Kids shoes department at Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, CA was extremely helpful. She made our son's first show purchase a big celebration that our family will never forget.

Posted by Anonymous

Tiara Burns St Louis Galleria
Incredible sales person.

Friendly,highly interactive, knows the merchandise and calls back to make sure you are satisfied customer.

She is a keeper.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to take the time to let you know about
your wonderful employee Shae Griffin in your
Clinique Department . She really went out of
her way to find the compact I was looking to
replace. Shae is very professional and cordial.
My experience was exceptional. She is a true
example of Customer Service, and an excellent
asset to your company.

Posted by raul

Last year ..I forgot,to comment..but we went for lunch at the bristo cafe in nordstrom naples there was a singing waiter doing a birthday song ! I thought it was wonderful!...thank you for just been different it made my family very happy...

Posted by NordstromCafeNo.1fan

I would like to compliment David, Adam and Joe -- the wonderful workers at the Nordstrom Cafe in Chicago. I accidentally left a laptop on my chair and did not realize it for about 10 minutes. I returned to the Cafe (panicked!), and they said they had already brought it to lost & found at customer service. Sure enough, it was there. I will be a loyal Nordstrom (and Nordstrom Cafe) customer for life!

Posted by Add your comment

Dear Nordstrom Management,

I would like to take a moment to convey my gratitude to you for the remarkable customer service I have been receiving from one of your employees at the "Santa Anita Mall" located at Arcadia, California.

The employee's name is Maria and she works at the Women's Fragrance counter of this store.

I have known Maria for quite a few years. I am really impressed with the caring and thoughtful service she provides to all customers. I usually do not have the time to shop at Nordstrom often, as I do not live close to the store.
Over the years, Maria has made my shopping experience at Nordstrom a real pleasure by taking and charging my orders over the phone and setting it aside for me, for as long as it takes me to make a trip to the store to pick it up. She has always taken the time to keep me updated and informed of any upcoming special events, not just in fragrances but also cosmetics and any other items I may be interested in buying. She always takes the time to call me in the timely manner when a limited/economical sizes or supply of my favorite perfume/deodorant would be available during your special anniversary sales.
Maria has given me the peace of mind that even if I do not get time to rush over to the store before the limited supply runs out, I can always call her and be sure that the item will be there for me to pick up . She has also done the research on any specific item for me on your website and would order it to arrive at my home.

Maria is courteous, professional, caring and hardworking. She has excellent customer service skills. She has made me feel like a family member of Nordstrom with her thoughtfulness. Maria is really an asset to Nordstrom and a gift to the residents of all the communities located near this store.

Please convey my best wishes to Maria for a continued advancement in her career. I wish her a promotion and advancement she deserves.

Once again, Thank you for having Maria as one of your sales persons at Santa Anita Nordstrom.

Posted by claire

Want to send praises for Nancy at the Nordstrom Rack, Spokane Valley Mall store, Spokane WA.

Today l2/2 she not only efficiently rang up my purchases but told me about being a level 2 customer and about an extra points day.. She is always so helpful, as a customer I go to the RACK because of her service and knowledge. Thank you for having such a wonderful employee.
Claire Wickham

Posted by Brandin

I would like to say “Thank you” to Julia Morozova (Cherry Creek Nordstrom, Denver CO Shoes Department) for doing an excellent job. She helped me make the right choice for myself. She is also very friendly and professional.
I can tell that her passion is all about helping other people. She represents the company very well and makes customers feel welcome.
Great work! Thank you!

Posted by JC in CO

Thank you for your stand on keeping stores closed on Thanksgiving since 1901. You are to be commended. By this, hopefully you realize what it is all about. Giving thanks to God for whom the holiday was started in the first place. It's like Christmas. Without Christ we wouldn't have CHRISTmas. Thanks again.

Posted by Mother daughterduo

I think Store 232 I looked it up on my receipt, I hope that is correct, But im trying to write about the store in West County Mall. I am a african American and I normally shop there with my mom, normally they just give me stares and maybe a smile, but i wanted some shoes for my son and my mom and I went to kids Shoes and was helped by I think her name was Janelle, and she as so nice and she was telling us about other deals they had and I left to go browse around before I made a decision but when I came back with my mom we saw her leaving but we knew we wanted to make sure she received credit and her co worker whome I dont remember her name but she had black curly hair said that she would give her credit for the sale and we was glad to make the purchase then. I thought out of all the african american workers she was the most genuine and I will be back to buy more Tom Boots for my son with her.

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of shoes here. The same pair of shoes were 30 dollars higher at JC Penney. Nordstrom has the best selection of everything, and their prices are very reasonable. Love this store.

Posted by mf

I let my Nordstromm points expire and lost the notification letters. Customer service looked them up and reactivated them so I could use the $200 credit. They were very willing to go the extra mile. I now shop there and love the customer service every time

Posted by Cherished from Wildomar

I have had the best shopping experience at the Westminster, CA Nordstrom. I usually shop at discount stores, but for my daughter's upcoming wedding she wanted me to dress really nicely, so my sister insisted on shopping at Nordstrom. I have never been so doted upon in my life.
I am a plus sized woman, and am very self-conscious about my looks. The sales woman was very helpful. She showed me dresses that fitted my criteria (purple, tea length). When I found a few that I liked she showed me to a fitting room that looked like it was fit for a queen. Large room (approximately 8x10) with a mirror covering one wall completely. There were numerous hooks on the wall for clothes and there was an elevated pedestal on which to stand. Plush carpeting, an upholstered chair and a side table with a table cloth and flowers completed the furnishings. I was not used to anything like this.
The sales woman was knowledgeable about what was in stock and other items I might be interested in. She showed me several undergarments that would enhance the look of the dress. The dress I like the best was not in my size. She researched the dress to see if another store had it in my size, but she found out it was not available from the manufacturer in that size. But she found me one that was similar, from the same manufacturer that did come in my size. That Nordstrom did not stock it, but she was willing to give me the stock number so that I could look for it at a store near me (since I was shopping at a mall over 100 miles from my home at the time).
I also went to the lingerie department and got the same great service from another sales woman in that area. She also brought me many items to try on before I found something that worked for me.
I ended up buying undergarments from both women and had a sense that, for once, someone actually cared that I found the things that I wanted and needed. Both women spent about 45 minutes with me. I have never had such personal and excellent service in my life.

Posted by buyer

Nordstom is one of the few businesses that offers EXCELLENT, and ALWAYS EXCELLENT customer service.

Posted by Fan

I've shopped Nordies for years. Unfailingly great customer service; products and ethics Love this store.

Posted by Sara

The ladies are always so sweet and friendly! I buy all my under-amour wear from them! I also bought make-up from there, and my dog ripped it up. The ladies replaced it, since I had bought it that day. AWESOME STORE.

Posted by chechimartinez

On a recent visit to Chicago, I forgot my makeup bag and went to Nordstrom to buy a few things and the Lady at counter asked me if that was all I needed, and when I told her that I went to Chicago for a meeting and I forgot my makeup bag at home, she talked to her coworkers and went all over the other counter and got samples of make up, cleansers, perfume etc. and gave to me for free. I was so impresed with her actitud and generosity. I called the manager of the store and thank them so much for the excellent people that work for Nordstrom - Chicago

Posted by Anonymous

Very Helpful. NIce to get a live person immediately.

Posted by Francie

Nordstrom is the Best Retail Store, I am aware of!!! Their Customer Service ethics are unparalleled!!! I can not think of one bad thing to say about Nordstrom or their customer servive, except I wish they had more stores in the Minneapolis and surrounding areas. I only wish all retail stores were as customer oriented, and high principled as Nordstrom!!! Also, you can always find someone to help you at Nordstrom. And no, I have no relations to anyone at Nordstrom, I am just a HAPPY and loyal customer.

Frances L. Williams

Posted by Anonymous

Trust customers and makes returns easy. Makes me want to keep going back to buy.

Posted by SydneysMommy

I've become a faithful Nordstrom customer after purchasing from their stores over the years. Any time there was ever any issue with .com orders, or in-store items, it was resolved quickly and to my satisfaction. I have never been disappointed, and that is why I now rarely shop elsewhere. All of my beauty items, shoes, clothing, jewelry, handbags, undergarments, and athletic gear is purchased from them. I had a pair of expensive cashmere lounge pants that began to unravel at the hem, and they took them back no questions asked. Full refund. After they were worn! Of course, some people could abuse their system this way, but hopefully will govern themselves properly in honor of what they provide to all consumers. Try them, you won't be disappointed!

Posted by CaitlinJ

The best customer service I've ever experienced anywhere, and their Norstrom Rack outlets are just as good. Also very nice high-end clothes for reasonable prices.

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Posted by Anonymous

MusicTeacher is the item out of stock perhaps? If thats the case its the manufacturer that isn't sending you the item. Try calling a physical Nordstrom store and have them do a merch search. When an item is low of stock it won't show up online. And also call a Nordstrom Rack. They can ship it to you from the Rack to your house. There is a shipping fee of $7 but you will get the rack price. Online doesn't really have all the resources that most people think. They are good for shipping items from there warehouses. Hope that helps. I am an ex employee but if you need help just let me know.

Posted by Anonymous

Blake Nordstrom

I was enjoying what I believed would be a long and continued successful career in the Designer Division of Nordstrom until the unthinkable happened. I was injured on the job. I was 50, single and I loved my job and the company I worked for, or so I thought.

After being thrown into the spiraling medical cesspool referred to as Worker's Comp, I spent 4 years attempting to navigate thru the system. I did return to work briefly after a successful surgery, against my Dr.'s orders. My immediate supervisor was calling me at home, and I knew if I did not respond in The Nordstrom Way, I was committing political suicide and would never see the ladder again, much less climb it.

Unfortunately I was reinjured moving gondolas while setting up for in store fashion shows, causing the plate in my neck to shift and sustaining permanent damage, leaving me partially disabled to this day. I had hired a lawyer who midway gave up because the laws had changed regarding insurance defense and made retroactive, and he felt there wasn't much of a reason to continue. He pretty much gave the Nordstrom lawyer cart blanch to railroad over me. They challenged me, followed me like a dog while producing video tapes alleging I was a malingerer. I really don't know anyone who walks away from a six figure job to receive $460 a week, from Worker's Compensation. I had no choice but to hire legal counsel when I realized my dream of returning to my job was evaporating in front of me. I needed legal help to ensure my long term disability would see me thru the major surgery and recovery. What I discovered about Worker's Comp lawyers is that they work on a volume basis. You become a number and they just throw you under the bus. If you make it, they get something and then are on to their next client.

What I had hoped is that Nordstrom would step up to the plate and make sure I was whole again and could return to my job. Regrettably, that never happened. I suffered with hives covering my body from stress and depression I never could have imagined. When the time came to settle my case in court, I had emptied my bank account, 401K, gone thru my savings, sold all of my gold jewelry, and turned in my car because I couldn't make the payments. Had it not been for my good friend Jenny, I probably wouldn't have made it. As for the settlement, it was gut wrenchingly insulting.

So almost 10 years have passed, and I had always promised my Mother I would write Blake Nordstrom a letter and share with him my personal experience as an injured employee. Sort of like a customer service letter, ten years after the horrible service. I wrote the letter in November of 2014, receiving no reply. I really never expected he would answer but then I harkened back to my Nordstrom days and knew no letter ever went unanswered, good or bad. So, after a month, I called Blake's office and got the "oh we never received it" could you send it again, response. And I did. I also sent a large priority envelope containing some of the outstanding awards and accolades I had received over the years. I wanted him to read for himself what kind of employee I had been while working for Nordstrom. It was only a smattering of the recognition I had received by Nordstrom. As the Christmas holiday approached, no communication, until at 8:30 a.m. December 24th. On Christmas Eve, Blake Nordstrom finally called me. He professed his remarks saying he wanted an opportunity to address some of the issues in my letter. On Christmas Eve.

He began by saying he was incensed by some of my statements. That he did not believe that this type of treatment was prevalent throughout the company because he is "out in the trenches with the employees "in the stores, and he that would know if this was happening. Of course when I told him we were always supposed to hide these things when Corporate was in house, he took that as a great affront. Blake did say that many years had passed and there really wasn't any way of talking to people about what had happened. He was missing the point completely, the Nordy 101 class. I wrote that letter to tell him about my experience, how I felt I was treated thru the entire process. I am angry because I trusted, believed, and gave unconditionally to Nordstrom. It was my hope that the entity I trusted, intimately, would reciprocate by helping me. This letter to Blake was my perception of how I was treated after my injury in the store. His condescending remark about the whole system failing me did not go unnoticed. Never once did he refer to the service I gave to Nordstrom or the letters and awards I received over the years. He said he was sorry about the state of my health, and happy holidays.

I did write another brief note to Blake asking why he chose to ignore the service I had given to the company, and it elicited a full page response ending with 'I'm sorry you felt my brother's and I failed you'.
When Nordstrom customers came into a store with complaints about anything, the teaching moment for everyone was always about how that customer felt. At all times it was what the customer's perception of how they were treated while a customer in the store. What we could do to make it right with our customer and insure they would be a customer for life. There were never too many hoops to jump thru with our mantra of "under promise and over deliver". Above and beyond awesome service was what you gave, every day. Sadly, that same courtesy is not extended to their employees. Behind that façade is just a dirty little secret. I learned that once you were a non-producing entity, they just stepped over you.

I am partially disabled now, and my health has deteriorated because of that injury. This was a traumatic experience that has caused panic attacks whenever I have tried to enter a store, making it impossible for me to frequent a place I once called home. Christmas Eve was also the day I lost my Mother, the year before.


Its A Disgrace To Work For A Company That Some How Is Spoke So Highly Of. I Had No Choice But To Quit When I Was Harassed Multiple Times By An Employee. And To "resolve" The Rpoblem I Was Switched To Another Department Not The Other Employee. No Action Was Taken Whatsoever. On Top Of This, The Manager Sin The New Department I Was Working In Treated Me Horribly.

Posted by Anonymous

I am a weekend packer, at the Cedar Rapids, IA Fulfillment Center. I have been very impressed with the cosmetic smart sample program. Our sales volume has tripled in the 3 years that I have worked for the company. I am very concerned that my line

management expects me to substitute missing smart samples to speed up the process of getting orders shipped.

I believe this undermines the effectiveness of the program. I am a dumb guy who knows nothing about cosmetics. The key to my 32 years of happy marriage is to get my wife what she asked for.

Today my line manager told me that I needed to find a substitute for the perfume sample that was requested by the customer. I complained to my friend in inventory integrity when she came by later in the day. She stated that the policy is that I'm supposed to guess on a replacement. She helped me and went to the cart within 20 feet of my work station and found the exact item. (The box wasn't labeled.) It took her less than 2 minutes.

I would think that you would expect us to try to get the customer what they ask for before we give up.

I would like for you to tell me that it is OK to make random substitutions.


Paul Sabotta

Posted by Anonymous

I worked at Nordstrom for several years. It was a wonderful experience in many ways. That is why I care. With the economy and shopping habits changing I think it would be behoove Nordstrom to retrain their sales staff a bit. Christine D at SCP Lancome in Costa Mesa yesterday, just wanted every customer and gave no real attention. Elaine same store in mens furnishings. Very argumentative. Told my husband that they did not nor ever sell mens long dress shirts. Ok. We bought 4 N shirts. Knew she was wrong. Came home and looked at found most of his shirts saying LONG. Some still packaged. That to me is not the Nordstrom way.

Posted by Mollies

Nordstrom belive in punishing their employees.
Nordstrom put so much pressure in their customers
for them to get the debit and credit cards from Nordstrom.
The benefits that they offer to their employees are
not true...
Don't ever buy in those stores!!!


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