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NordicTrack customer service is ranked #809 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 47 ratings. This score rates NordicTrack customer service and customer support as Terrible.


46 Negative Comments out of 47 Total Comments is 97.87%.


1 Positive Comment out of 47 Total Comments is 2.13%.

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    • 46 negative comments (97.87%)
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Posted by Shane

This email is being sent to everyone I can locate at NordicTrack. I will also be sharing my story on your webpage as well as every social media outlet. I have discovered that NordicTrack has absolutely no after the sales service to speak of and I am going to do my best to get this information disseminated to everyone that will listen. I have been trying for almost three months to get my machine repaired to no avail. I have spent countless hours on the phone speaking with a half dozen different customer service reps and supervisors. I have been assured over and over again that the issue of getting my machine fixed is being taking care of and told that everyone is doing everything they can do to make sure my problem is being addressed. I can tell you unequivocally that is not the case.

Posted by [email protected]

Is a shame, an order was made in Dec 27th, 2017, as of today, Mar 25th, 2018 there is no machine. I already made the first payment. You were very quick to charge the account, but your delivery sucks, customer service is awful.

Posted by KentP

Purchased a E7.7 Elliptical on 10/29/15 $980 with the extended warranty. Towards the end of the first year I called for the annual maintenance to be done under the warranty. The tech broke a bolt off the shaft the upper shaft the arms swing on. The shaft is welded i place so a new upright assembly was sent out. The tech comes out again but can't get the upright off to replace it because the axle is seized. He leaves with a broken machine left in pieces. After some time a replacement machine was sent out. I was sent an SE 7i. Fast forward to February 17 this year, barely more than a year old, I was using the elliptical when the shaft that the arms pivot on sheared off and luckily I was not injured. Also it appeared the drive belt was wearing as there were shards of belt. under the machine. The belt was ordered at the same time.

I called for warranty repair the same day. I described the problem and they sent parts to my home. When I got the parts I realized they weren't the right parts and called back again. The correct parts were shipped. The contractor, Integrity Fitness, could not come out until March 8th. He was very knowledgeable and professional but he ran into a snag, a bolt broke foo the axle that holds the upright assembly. I was told he would order the parts and have to come back out. Followed up with Integrity Fitness a few days later and the parts were not ordered and I called back and placed the order. Not all parts were sent some were back ordered. When a I called they said wouldn't be long. When I called back to check the status again they said they would would check with the vendor of the part. On March 23rd I got an email saying it will be another 30 days before they have the axle.

Getting a service call scheduled with Integrity Fitness can take 2 or more weeks because they say they are very busy. This really isn't acceptable to take this much time to resolve the problem.

Posted by Anonymous

Your company and service is a nightmare! I am a 50 year old woman who has recent heart problems and went and bought one of your treadmill's. I was not aware that I was forced to have Ifit and that it will tack on an additional $500 to the cost of the treadmill. Then there is a huge delay in delivery because the service they used lost my gigantic Box and it took an additional couple of weeks until they finally found it and delivered it. When they delivered it the Box was Tore up and I almost didn't sign for it except for the fact that they said it would be covered if something was wrong. Thankfully the machine was just fine. After using it for 3 weeks I realized there is no way I am going to use the Ifit and subscription that I got stuck with. I called nordic track they told me there is no way to remove it I was stuck with it. I called back again to see if there is anything they can do yet again I was told absolutely not so then I questioned if this treadmill is reliant on Ifit then what happens when the subscription that I'm stuck with runs out will my machine no longer work? And they said of course not it'll be just fine so I asked yet again why do I have to have the Ifit. Now yet again I'm having problems with the credit company that I financed my treadmill through so I call nordic track for a 3rd time and they give me a manager finally and they said that if you would have called 2 weeks ago we could have refunded you for the Ifit. I told them that I have been calling and they said that it didn't matter now because we are 1 week after the 30 days. So I really could have taken that off and then refunded for that period all I want is to pay for and keep the treadmill. So as far as retail credit another thing that made me intrested in buying the treadmill was the fact that it had no interest for so many months I go through Fortiva, your creditors, and they are already tacking on interest and it's been only one month! I went to my bank and got a loan just to pay this in full and end this nighmare! I do not know if something can be done from a corporate level? If yes please refund and remove Ifit or I will spend all my time leaving my story and horrible reviews anywhere and anyway I can. This whole experience is not good for my heart!!!

Posted by Anonymous

you have the worst customer service ever! i have been on the phone for over 40 mins. still no help! no human ever got on the phone, been listening to music the whole time.

Posted by fedup

Wow, had I read all this before purchasing mine, I wouldn't have! Mine worked for 5 minutes before the resistance "broke" and is too hard to peddle. They wanted me to watch a video and replace the motor "in just a few minutes" ON MY BRAND NEW MACHINE myself.I insisted on a service call. Came out 2 weeks later, replaced 2 motors to no avail (1.5 hours later!!!)and 1 week later ordered all new "insides". So 4 weeks into this sitting without being able to use it. CHARGEBACK dispute is now in process! I will not pay for something that never worked! RIDICULOUS that they won't just send a whole new machine.... but, I suppose that something else would be broken if they did.....

Posted by AreYouKiddingMe

I purchased my Eliptical in June 2017. Everything was perfect until it started making this horribly loud clacking sound with each rotation. I called yesterday, and was astonished when the guy sent me a pdf of the manual, and proceeded to walk me through troubleshooting steps. I finally stopped (after tightening-up the first set of screws that didn't stop the clacking). I told him I fully expected him to send someone to fix it. He informed me that their technicians "don't diagnose" problems. They just fix them. WTH??? So I have to troubleshoot for them to come and fix? If I had known that, I wouldn't have bothered with Nordictrack. He did set me up to receive a call in the next few days for someone to come out. We'll see how that goes. But the shocker is that, I apparently now have a side-job with Nordictrack - as tech support (and I'm not even getting paid). I can't believe this huge company has such a horrible support policy. I will definitely spread the word of my experience. You can count on it.

Posted by unhappy

I am with everyone else..tho the person who I have been dealing with is stellar..Cheyanne..her hands are tied by the fact the only option she can give me is sit and wait for my brand new machine I got in march to sit not working in my kitchen
I may call and ask to sw someone who really needs to hear how unhappy people are..not the poor gilr that's been helping me

Posted by Anonymous

Bought / Paid in full on 4/6/ and assembly. Company couldn't assemble it, so refused delivery on 4/20/17. Sent email that afternoon, called and spent 30+ minutes on hold, sent a contact us email and still waiting for somebody to fill me in on when I'm going to get the treadmill I bought on 4/6/17. Not real impressed with the lack of responsiveness in the Customer Service arena!!!!! Maybe somebody will read this and contact me?????????

Posted by beyondannoyed

WORST customer service ever! Going on 4 months now waiting to get a part in to fix our elliptical. So glad we paid for the extended warranty only to waste it on waiting. Your on hold for hours and never get a chance to speak with anyone. Never again. DO NOT RECCOMENT NORDICTRACK AT ALL!!

Posted by kr

I bought my treadmill the end of December and had surgery the beginning of January so really did not use treadmill until beginning of February. By the end of February the thing wouldn't run. I emailed customer service and I had to do the ridiculous troubleshooting and they determined that it was the motor. They told me they would place the order, it is now March 31st. When I emailed them again earlier this week, they apologized for the inconvenience, but the motor is out of stock and it will be a few more weeks. Are you kidding me, I didn't get a full month of use out of a $1500 treadmill. I should get the treadmill replaced for the amount of use I got out of this one. You people should get out the of the business because you have no idea what you are doing! Worst purchase ever!

Posted by vicky z

bought a x22i incline trainer - it only works some of the time, if you start up the machine about 1 out of 5 times (if you are lucky) it starts. Spent an hour with customer service on Monday, no help. Product development is supposed to call, but haven't yet - probably very busy with others who have bought this piece of junk.

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying to reach Billing and Returns. Attempted on 1/20 - on hold for an hour. Attempted again 1/23/17 and have been on hold for over an hour. How do I get through to resolve reimbursement for service not delivered and to cancel an order for assembly???

If you gave a better day and time to reach this department, that would be helpful.

Posted by DJC

Horrible customer service when you're always on hold for 20+ minutes. Nobody answers at any of their listed customer service phone numbers.


Posted by todd

I am so disappointed with Nordic track costumer service..There is none! Becky was the agent i spoke with and she could not have been more rude, unwilling to help or even try to sell me a wanted different product. I was willing to buy an upgraded product!!! She has completely turned me off from wanting to deal w Nordic tract all together. Its worth every penny of the money i will be out to not use this company. Todd A. Hughes Mcdonough Ga

Posted by T H

I purchased a Free Strider in 2012. I purchased the 5 year parts and labor warranty. I have spent the last 2 months trying to get my machine repaired. There process is a nightmare. They asked me to describe the problem over the phone then told me they would send the parts needed for the repair then I would need to call a tech to come out and repair the machine. I described the machines defect as best as I could (I offered to email photos but they declined), but this method of diagnosis is the worst! Half of the parts I described didn't come and I have no idea what parts are truly needed! They need to have some one qualified come out, look at the machine and then determine what parts are needed. The customer service phone wait times are crazy long and I was repeatedly told a manager/supervisor was not available. At this point I have no confidence that the machine will ever be repaired.

Posted by Shocked and Disappointed

I purchased my Elliptical C7.5 machine for $799.00 from the NordicTrack website on June 16th and paid the extra $249.00 to have it shipped and assembled. I had a broken toe at the time so I was not able to use it right away, when I did finally get to use it the machine broke after only getting on it 3 times. I called the customer service line (after sitting on hold for 20+ min.)and they told me I had to register it first then I could call back. I went on line and registered it and when I called back the next day (on hold for 20+ minutes again)I was told it was out of warranty, I told her it was not even a month and a half old! After she finally pulled up my registration number she apologized and said she could help me but we need to do some troubleshooting first and that I need a screwdriver and my manual to take the cover off the machine, she said this will take a while and that she could not stay on the phone with me so I need to call them back once I have the cover off!! I could not believe that this well-known company was treating their customers like this!! I asked her to let me speak to a manager and that I paid all that money to have it assembled I should not have to read the manual to partially dis-assemble it to fix it myself. She put me on hold and when she came back she told me she ordered some parts to be sent to my house, opened a work order and someone will be contacting me within 3-5 business days. It is now day 8 and no one has contacted me. I called Nordictrack customer service again on the 7th day and they gave me a phone number of the company that is supposed to be sending someone out to fix my machine, when I call I get voicemail and the voice mailbox is full. Now what? I still cannot use my machine and I cannot get anyone from this so called respectful company to help me. At this point I want a full refund and I will go to Bowflex and buy a machine I can use. I will never buy anything from NordicTrack again and I will make sure my friends and family know not to buy from this company that does not stand by their product. I am truly disappointed and shocked.

Posted by jdm

I bought an elliptical from the Nordic Track company in April of 2015. From the time they put it together, it squeaked terribly. When I called to complain, they initially refused to send anyone out unless we took apart the machine and told them what parts to replace. Finally, they sent someone out who replaced a few parts which did not fix the problem. I am not sure how many service calls I've had to date, but none have fixed the problem. I am now told that it is no longer covered under the 1 year warranty, even though the problem was always there and they were unable to fix it. I am currently on the phone with them for 45 minutes - most of it on hold. I was transferred to someone who kept me on the phone for 20 minutes but couldn't help and then transferred me back to the original people. I told him I did not want to be left on hold and that's exactly what happened. I would not buy another Nordic Track.

Posted by CritterCamp

Never Purchase a Nordic Tract ..Mines been down for 5 months and I have called and tried to get them to fix it the entire time....I will be calling them again tomorrow....the repair person again didn't show up for the 10th or more time...If I ran my business the way they do, I would have been shut down a long time ago....

Posted by jbw

There Customer service sucks. I bought an elliptical in 05/2015 It has never worked properly and all they due is send out replacement parts that never solve the problem. I demanded a refund or a replacement and they said I am not eligible I now have a 900 machine I cant use

Posted by South Florida

I purchased my treadmill the first week in March. My charge card was charged within 3 days and supposedly product shipped. After 4 weeks, no product and nobody knew where it was or could confirm it was shipped. They even argued that it was impossible to be charged for it if it wasn't shipped. They said another one will be shipped and in 2 weeks I received a call it was in a the area for delivery. It came with the wrong bracket to upright it. Customer Service said they have none in stock and I would have to make a warranty claim(whu do I have to make this a warranty issue), unknown when and if the product will be available. I refused delivery and now I to have to wait 30 days for my refund! The Finance people were very rude. and almost everyone who said they would get back with me, never did.

Posted by rnh723

Freestrider 7i put in service on January 25th, 2016. On February 4th, 2016 the machine broke down. Six weeks later no parts or repair with non responsive customer service department with endless loops and 30 min waits to speak to someone leaves me absolutely discouraged with Nordictrac! I thought I was purchasing a quality piece of equipment. Does anyone in this organization CARE?

Posted by GT

If you ever wanted a career in logistics, this is the company for you. After your purchase on the internet, it is all up to you to manage shipping, lost orders, and re-ordering. Unfortunately, as an outsider to the company you will also have to wait endlessly until someone has time to answer the phone. Fortunately, the Nordic Track has a single song that loops endlessly while you wait. For those of you old enough to remember, this is exactly the way the telephone company used to treat its customers. I would not recommend doing business with this company.

Posted by Dusty

First - Nordictrack customer service sucks! As a Group VP for a billion dollar company I will say your customer support is just terrible. I have sent email to contact us and sat on the phone for 3 times - 30 min each and never reached a human being.

My experience
- Machine supposed to be delivered on 2/5 between 5-8pm
- Delivery guy calls at 7:50 and says he's 30 min away
- They arrive approx 8:15 and begin to set up
- Turn machine on and the incline, fan and speed increments do not work
- They call their boss and will send a tech out
- I play around with the machine and download the latest firmware when I connect to wifi
- I reboot the computer and now it is working better

These guys had zero clue how to operate the machine or do ANY basic trouble shooting. They couldn't even figure out how to demonstrate the functions on the computer for me. This was by far any "White Glove Service"

Now my latest fiasco - I have been trying to reach somebody to assist me with the Platform Cushion feature. I have the manual from online as the manual that came with the machine doesn't mention the platform cushion anywhere. The manual online it shows to slide it from front to back for the cushion. Do I have an older version of a machine without this feature or what am I missing? Unfortunately, I am unable to locate the platform cushion on the machine. I am mechanically inclined and this is throwing me for a loop.

I am beyond frustrated

Posted by Crissy

I had tried to reach CS for over two weeks via email, phone and live chat. I had one email response, which told me to call the 800 #, which no one answers. I just wanted to purchase the rowing machine. It boggles my mind that in over two weeks, I cannot get anyone to answer an email, phone or live chat to purchase one of their products. Do they really want to sell anything? I now will not be going with Nordictrack, obviously, nor will I consider them ever again just because of this issue. Very bad business.

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Posted by CLINT

Clint was awesome from start to finish (a few hours) through no fault of his own. Well's Fargo credit card limit was too low, he did everything humanly possible. I kept getting denied on website so he handled personally. I asked how long it would take to get my unit, he checked & was "honest" 4-5 weeks. Even checked w super & offered a discount for long wait. I know there are crap reviews out there, but when a fancy strider like this is backordered, they must be doing something right!

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