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Nokia customer service is ranked #654 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.81 out of a possible 200 based upon 190 ratings. This score rates Nokia customer service and customer support as Terrible.


182 Negative Comments out of 190 Total Comments is 95.79%.


8 Positive Comments out of 190 Total Comments is 4.21%.

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    • 26.81 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 182 negative comments (95.79%)
    • 8 positive comments (4.21%)
    • 0 employee comments
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      (out of 10 possible)
    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.8 Reachability
    • 1.7 Cancellation
    • 3.0 Friendliness
    • 2.3 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Daniel

I had contacted the support of Nokia with an issue with the display of my brand new N6. The CSR had lost 1.5h of my life, not providing a solution, at the end admitting there is no solution in his reach. He literally told me to do whatever i want with my cellphone.

Posted by Anonymous

telephone number is disconnected! I have been trying for 3 weeks to connect my email to my phone. Even you instructions on line don't work-perhaps it is time to upgrade to apple

Posted by Unhappy_Lemur

This watch was working fine until I changed the battery on it as per the instructions. After the battery change the watch would intermittently stop keeping track of time or activity. I would have to reset the watch and re-sync it to my iPhone losing all activity tracking. I installed a 2nd battery thinking that would reset things and fix the problem. It didn't. So I made the mistake of contacting Nokia Support to assist with the problematic watch. That is when the nightmare really begins. The only thing worse than this watch is dealing with Nokia's tech support. 17 days and over 20 emails my watch is no closer to being fixed. I am done with Nokia/Withings and will move on to some other device that is more reliable with better tech support.

Posted by Guanjoe

They don't know their products and can't offer troubleshooting. Their new smartphone, Nokia 6, is riddled with connectivity problems and none of the 10 customer service people I've dealt withhad the slightest idea how to troubleshoot leading to a lot of wasted time.

Posted by Frustratiion

I have been trying for 2 months to get the Nokia BPM+ to synch with the Health Mate app. It won't. The only way to communicate with Nokia is thru emails which take 1 day each to process. I have been asked the same questions and given the same instructions over and over to no avail by several different agents. My blood pressure measuring device from Withings worked fine until Nokia entered the scene. After that neither the Withings nor the Nokia devices will pair with my iPhone 6s.
This has been one of the worst customer service experiences I have had.

Posted by None

The NOKIA support phone number does not work. The line does not appear to be functional; I tried a number of times the whole morning but the line gives a busy signal! The truth might be no one appear to be working there. Do you have working phone number for Tech and customer support?

Posted by Anonymous

Want to unlock my Nokia lumina 521 to use in foreign country .please help me the code.thank you

Posted by Anonymous

The telephone number has been disconnected and I have no other way to contact Nokia. This is truly pathetic.

Posted by About Nokia 6

I am very disappointed and regret to buy Nokia 6. First, the phone does not function well. Second, when I back up Whatsapp or photo by copying the files to my external harddisk, it prompts "Error"!!!!! Worse still, I bought in Hong Kong, but no phone number for technical support !!!! Now, I don't know how to get the technical support here. I really want to get my money refunded !!!! Has Nokia ever considered / thought that people need technical support or customer support in Hong Kong !!??? If not, why they sell their phone in Hong Kong?? Really crazy!!!! Please answer me how I can get the technical support, my new buy Nokia 6 has many problem !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anonymous

tried calling call did not go through at all got only dead line Terrible phone 1520 as well as customer service need help with clearing up space have tried all with no success.

Posted by Rob

I have been a Nokia user since the mid 1990`s, but am now changing to Samsung or Iphone as the idea of smart phone and apps does not seem to compute with Nokia as they do not or will not allow APK files.

This limits the usage so much that I have now decided to move away from Nokia completely. I know several others who have also done the same

Posted by Elainebah

10 hours later I'm still trying to contact the Nokia helpline without using the premium rate number several people later who have all passed me onto someone else I have now put my Nokia in the bin. DO NOT BUY A NOKIA WINDOWS Phone

Posted by Elainebah

I'm trying to contact customer help online and I can't !!! I used the details off my phone and was told they can only help people in India !!! Please can you point me in the right direction

Posted by Christian Agyei Darko

i formatted my nokia lumia 710, and upon re-installation, i was asked to log in with my windows live ID which i did, after that, any download i made, i am being prompted there is a problem with my ID therefore i should log in with another ID. with this problem, i cant download nor install any app on my lumia 710.
thank you.

Posted by antonio [email protected]

My name is Antonio thornton at Antonio,my phone number, my luma phone will not change up, I had this phone for about 8 mons. Would like to send it in for repair, please respond back???

Posted by Anonymous

i have nokia 5230 mobile phone. i have lost the usb and av cable, connections. where do i buy them from. pls. let me know asap. many email --

Posted by Kim Hansen

Dear Nokia,

I am not claiming against support but I have 2 comments and as you always want to have comments I shall hereby give you - I have since my first mobile in begin of the 90' always been using NOKIA and have had a very positive impression and like to use the NOKIA phone - my last is a LUMNIA 520 (my earlier was a 610):

1. I have start using whatsapp for some time ago but then suddenly 3 weeks ago I got a message saying that I need to upgrade to WINDOWS 10 on my phone and when I tried that there is not enough space - I think this is a very very bad way of treating customers so now I am looking into having another brand of mobile phone when I am treated so bad from NOKIOA

2. I have been looking forwards and backwards and been asking whoever how to cancel/delete allready downloaded programs on my phone but it is always only explaining how to download not to cancel

SO I am sorry to inform - I think this is may last NOKIA phone.

Kind regards, Kim Hansen mobile

Posted by Anonymous

I have a Nokia Lumia and this phone has been a real headache! It takes up to 10 seconds sometimes to connect with certain people. It drops calls randomly in the middle of conversations or before even connecting. It mutes people so that they cannot hear me or vice versa! I've had problems with texting at times too. I will NOT purchase another Lumia phone EVER!! Please work on these glitches. This phone is not good quality and even the people at the cell phone store say the same thing. The don't recommend Lumia to their customers. I am disappointed because it has a great camera and I like the onedrive connection for the photos. But, sigh, it is not a good quality phone so I will try a different brand.

Posted by nokia e7

Hi I have Nokia e7,its giving me problem not, charging and battery does not last,when sending it for repairs at vodacare,they said it's an old model,where else to send it for repairs

Posted by Anonymous

A couple days ago a Nokia charger had blown up on me when i plugged it into the wall. I have many pictures and i still have the charger that was defective. It burnt four of my fingers causing blisters and completely destroyed my outlet. Has this happened to anyone else? I've been trying to get ahold of Nokia to send pictures but it seems they frown upon such things. please mail me with any information that could help my situation

Posted by Anonymous

Your times listed on the website are different than the times given on phone message. WHO is around to help consumers who have purchased your faulty devices???

Posted by Anonymous

I am having trouble hearing on my cricket zte. I tried turning up the volumn but didn't improve. I was told to contact Nokia n u would update some listening/hearing device in my phone that it may be defective. That is what I was told

Posted by pacoshroyer

Your phone does not work.
Your email does not work.
Your phone does not work.

Posted by Anonymous

I have recently been given a Nokia mobile(Model E63)phone by my daughter but have no means of down loading photo images I have taken with phone into my laptop. I was given only the mobile phone with no ancilleries. Could you advise me how I can obtain the necessary info and ancilleries to enable storage/printing at the laptop.

Posted by Bear

My family and I all have the Nokia Lumia 520. Three of the phones are having issues charging the battery. The charger lights up then the phone quits charging.
Here is the problem. Only one of the 4 phones (all purchased new ) actually has a Nokia Brand Battery. ? Why would the other three phones purchased not have Nokia batteries installed ?... Why on earth would cheap Knock off batteries be used. I've put the Nokia brand battery in all three phones and it charges just fine. I shouldn't be stuck having to replace batteries ( 3 ) in phones that should have had the better, longer lasting batteries.

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Posted by ali

I got phone 2 days back. I am facing issue with sound during call. It shardly audible even if the volume is in max. It doesn't matter whether I call or some one call me..Nokia XL really bad experience.

Please suggest if anyone else having same issue.

Posted by Warren

I've called Nokia two or three times just to get some operating information about my 2320 phone. Each time it was easy to find the contact number and I quickly got to a person who was very friendly and knowledgeable and I got the information I needed. I'd rate my experiences as excellent.

Posted by Anonymous

I logged a complain on the site some weeks ago about my Nokia E7, but am here to say Nokia customer care has attended to my case. Thanks to Nokia customer care Kano and Lagos offices in Nigeria.

Posted by hunter

Dealing with nokia customer reps have been very satisfying with me. Though there are some problems that are considered hardware issues or service provider issues, the reps are very nice and professional. Hope others appreciate it as well and not be too racist about it. :)

Posted by User

i bought a nokia 1600 phone in 2007 and it has been giving very good service even now.neither the phone or the charger has ever needed a servicing.i am satisfied!

Posted by Snowhite

I love Nokia. The customer service is so friendly, they help me alot on my problems setting up emails, to troubleshoot they did their best to resolve the issue.

Posted by Robert

Replaced my item easily.

Posted by Anonymous

go nokia careline! very great customer service!!!!

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