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Nissan customer service is ranked #677 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 26.34 out of a possible 200 based upon 678 ratings. This score rates Nissan customer service and customer support as Terrible.


654 Negative Comments out of 678 Total Comments is 96.46%.


24 Positive Comments out of 678 Total Comments is 3.54%.

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    • 26.34 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 654 negative comments (96.46%)
    • 24 positive comments (3.54%)
    • 0 employee comments
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    • 1.5 Issue Resolution
    • 2.7 Reachability
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    • 2.8 Friendliness
    • 2.5 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Anonymous

Un going issue with sun roof leaking on 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe & seems to be a major problem for Nissan according to all the complaints on the internet- Dealer Younger Nissan Frederick MD have never been able to resolve the problem - so agravating we just stopped driving the car and parked it. Can't'get any satisfaction from dealer wittout sinking more money into it after already paying them numerous times to fix it! It's a very nice car that only has 59,865 miles on it and still looks like new. Shame on Nissan for not having a recall to have this problem resolved since this has been going on for the past several years with their sun roofs.

Posted by Anonymous

I purchased a Frontier on March 30,2018 from Nissan of Bakersfield. Was promised a second key which paperwork verified was available. After 3 long distance calls, still no key. These people flat out lie. Also I was told by finance mgr that I could cancel expensive security system at any time, still no response. Will never buy another Nissan product.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my 2017 Rouge to Trieber Nissan in Johnstown, NY for the third time to fix the DTE. They said a service bulletin on this vehicle states in order for this to work I have to let the fuel gauge go to 3/4 of a tank or four gallons of gas be put in. I have had two other Rouges and never had this problem. My wife is on her third Sentra SV no problem. Received a call from Nissan rep and she said if I should take it back again to the dealer. I am NOT GOING back for a fourth time. This is totally unacceptable. I am paying $333.00 a month for this lease vehcile, the DTE should work.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2017 rouge that i leased. The dte has not worked since I have the vehicle. I had it to the garge twice. I am upset that they cannot fix it. I keep putting miles on it going to the garage.

Posted by Russell

Brought brand new nissan patfinder when I came home from deployment I have had the vehicle for 5 years loved it. Also recommend someone else to buy one. Visited the dealers which always give me service. They told me I have transmission code showing up now that I am out of warranty. I do not feel I am should be paying for a new transmission. Because there was a recall on this problem nissan knew about.

Posted by Anonomous

I have had countless issues and problems with the Nissan customer service (which does not exist within this company) for 3 years. I will never advise anyone to purchase a car from them, specifically the Worcester branch. I paid £20,000 cash for my car, two days later it was in the garage for 6 weeks with no explanation, I wish then that I had returned it never to deal with them again. You can never get a courtesy car and have to book 6-8 weeks in advance and cannot even book the car in for 2-3 weeks which is not realistic if you a problem which arises last minute. They offer no service for people who work monday-Friday as they simply cannot fit you in on a Saturday and luckily for them it is a half day, yet they sell vehicles 7 days a week. The staff clearly must not enjoy their jobs and have no common courtesy for their customers. I tried very hard to help find a solution to the problem with my vehicle and trying to book it in with and without a courtesy car (they should have been the ones to try and find a solution), to then be told "there is no solution and I do not care and cannot be bothered to help you", EXCUSE ME?! The managers are even worse - you can understand where they may learn this attitude from, and head office are useless and will make every excuse under the sun. I am absolutely fed up with the way I am treated there and have been treated for last 3 years, what they now say to me and how they behave never surprises me. I have a background in customers service and I would never dream of speaking and treating a customer (or any human being) the way they have treated me. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM NISSAN! You will live to regret it!

Posted by Fking

Nmac Doesnt Care About Man Having 3rd Bipass Heart Surgery. Rules Rules Rules. Used Up His Delayed Paments. Would Not Consider Human Suffering . To Hell With You. Many Cars Bought With Nissan

Posted by Anonymous

Does anybody know if the region code on the replacement headrest dvd player (manufacture can be changed? I purchased this as a replacement but after hooking it up and testing with different dvds, it keeps telling me wrong region.

Posted by BLong

As a physician and consumer, I am writing about your latest commercial featuring the young woman racing around the track with the wimpy man who is supposed to test her for a license.The young woman represents the worst of our youth, arrogant and clueless, as is her mother who tells her to drive as they practiced--recklessly--with the girl thanking the man for the fun ride and his looking cowed and intimidated while telling her "well done." Really? This commercial is completely the wrong message to our youth, whose number one cause of death is accidents, often caused by reckless driving like demonstrated in this offensive commercial. Please find a new advertising agency and discontinue this commercial, which makes consumers like me go running to Honda or Toyota rather than your company for a new car.

Posted by Anonymous

I have a 2012 Frontier with 46,000 miles on it. The clutch went out and the local Nissan dealer told me there was nothing they could do about it and advised me to contact Customer Service. I did on Thursday last week and was told that a Regional Customer Service rep. would contact me by the close of business the following day. Did not happen. I reached out to them again on Monday and was disconnected twice. On Tuesday I called again and was told that the Regional Customer Service rep was scheduled to call me today. Here it is late afternoon on Wednesday and no contact from Nissan. So much for Customer Service. I will be eliminating Nissan from any potential future purchases if this is typical of their definition of Customer Service.

Posted by Hate nissan

Nissan does not stand behind their product. They will limit their recalls to particular VIN numbers and if you don't have that number you are screwed. Numerous vehicles were recalled for the exact same fuel gauge issue I am having and they refuse to even consider looking into my case. I was stranded and lost all control of the vehicle after gas gauge showing over a 1/4 of a tank when really the tank was empty. Poor customer service and poor product. I was only asking for partial reimbursement.

Posted by Anonymous

Just wanted to let you know, I bought a 1997 Pathfinder in 1997. I still have and use this vehicle. It has over 300 thousand miles on it. Thank you for making a good quality, dependable automobile .

Posted by Yo mamma

Nissan dealerships are the shadiest Fkersthere ever was we brought a certified used car that the breaks went out. Used car Mgr admitted car was never gone over so their selling us vech as certified used was bull$hit I want my money back before I have to sue them back to the stone age

Posted by Anonymous

I have been trying several different numbers and all end up to the same recording. I have been on hold for over 30 minutes. Worst customer service I have ever dealt with.

Posted by Ben

I have had many Nissan cars. They are great cars to own until you get Nissan service department
They are slow and goofy. Like lost puppies /
Customer service is slim to none. Lots of yes sir yes sir but no action.

Posted by Overcharged for product and dela

I bought a Datsun GO T car from NISSAN showroom in Sector-3 Noida.
At the time of booking they provided a breakup of total amount in the booking form. So I paid what they asked.
But When I received all the documents and bills, I found a huge difference in total amount.
It was a Rs. 26000 difference in ex-showroom price, Rs. 1299 in RTC/Registration charges, Rs. 7550 in insurance, which sums up to Rs. 34849.
When I asked to refund the extra amount paid, they simply refused. They told me that they charged what they told me earlier. When I asked to provide the bills, they failed to provide the same.
It is clearly a fraud, I am not asking for a discount but asking for bills for whatever I paid.
Another thing is delay in RC,
I booked the car on 22 Aug 2016 and after loan approval and other formalities I finally got the car delivery on 27 Aug 2016 and paid the remaining amount on the same day. I have receipts of whatever I paid.
They provided the RC on 19 Oct 2016, in almost 2 months, I was promised and assured that the Registration Certificate(RC) of the car would be provided to me within 15 days.

Posted by Anonymous

Never been so frustrated in my life talking to consumer affairs. The women on the phone have no clue what they are talking about. Nissan does not stand by their inferior products. Like many many more before me, the steering lock on my car left me stranded, $1,000 to repair. Completely unacceptable. Will hear from my attorney this week.

Posted by Upsetting Experience

I have been to your company/service department on five different occasions . Allow me to explain my story. I originally came to the service department in July because my cars' Check Engine light came on. I took it to Auto Zone first to have a diagnosis done and they told me it was the throttle body position switch. I then took it to Nissan and had them to do a diagnostic test as well. They confirmed what Auto Zone stated. The service department stated that I had the option of purchasing the NAPA part the lesser valued part or the manufactured part which was the Nissan part. I opted for the lesser value because that is what I could afford at the time. They replaced and I paid $635. Two - three weeks later my car was doing the same thing. I took the car back in, they kept it again a couple days and told me the part was defective and that they replaced it. Two-three weeks later I took the car again because it was still not fixed. They told me they would have to put the manufactured part on the car because my car was rejecting the NAPA part. I agreed, they replaced it and I paid an additional $416. Two-three weeks later the car was still doing the same thing and I took it back and a day or so later a service person called to say they couldn't find anything wrong with my car and I pointed out that brake switch light was still coming on and its still stalling. The service man said that he would change the battery somewhere in the car I don't remember but I ended up paying $5 for that. In total I paid $1056.xx. I went and got my car back because they claimed it was fixed. I got my car back on Wednesday of last week and Thursday morning when I went to crank it, it still wasn't starting, the brake shift light was still coming on, the check engine light was coming and when I put it in drive it shut off. It stalled twice again so I brought it back to the dealership Friday. Explained to Ja what happened and he said he would keep the car until they find out what's wrong with it. I received a call Monday from another service man (Jaime) to tell me that the main wiring computer harness needs to be replaced and that it will cost an additional $800. Upset doesn't begin to describe my feelings. The service manager Rich Phelps is nonchalant about my car being fixed and quoting me a ridiculous price even though they may have misdiagnosed my car. I have researched my type of car with the same type of problem which is the brake switch & sub harness which cost no more than $60. I called today to ask them to put the car back together and to refund the entire amount I have paid out of pocket and he said he would put the old part back on my car which I believe may not even be there because it's been well over a month since it was changed and if it's so easily to put back the part that makes me think they never changed the part. I have no complaints about the service department as a whole because they have awesome customer service skills every time I have arrived there; however, I don't like being given false information and handled as if I do not know anything.

Posted by Anonymous

This is by far the worst customer service I have ever had. I loved my Nissan but I am so glad I switched to a Honda just because of the service. I paid off my car over a month ago and still haven't receive the title yet. When I called held for 30 minutes pretty much every day no one!!

Posted by Anonymous

Made a appointment on the 22 of July 2016 to get my Nissan Quest to be serviced at the Nissan on 6840 Vincent Drive, Colorado Springs CO for a oil change & tore rotation. They advised me my van needed the 72,000 mile check up which they wanted over $800 plus dollars to do it. Had the work done at Elite Auto for less money & they said a part was missing in the van. When I got the van back also the air sensor light would not turn of. Took it to Discount Tire & they checked the air and could not turn of the light. Made a appointment this time with Nissan on South Academy. They explained that one or several of the sensors could be out and would have to be replace. Also informed them of a noise underneath the van that I wanted checked. Called around 2:00 pm and they still could not find the source of the noise but Swiss only one tire sensor needed to be replaced. They later called me and asked if they could keep my van overnight because they still could not find the noise coming from underneath the van. I said yes and told them I would pick up my van the next day around 10:00 am. Called the next day and they still could not find the noise so they said it would take 1 1/2 hour to put the van together. By then I was not happy with their service so I called Mr. Brown, the Service Manager and left him a lengthy message. IMarvin called me to tell me my van was ready but Mr. brown never retiurned my call. Spoke to Mr. brown when I went to pick up my van and told him how dissatisfied I was with their service. It was not better than the other Nissan Agency on Vincent.

Posted by disgruntled customer

Absolute immoral, unethical charlatans..If their objective is to rip people off, lie to their faces continually, excessively waste peoples time & insult their intelligence then Mossy Nissan excels above and beyond their goals. I am not sure collectively I have seen such a collection of low level con artists working synergystically together to scam people. They are like an ant colony all on the same page with the same goal 'to F*** the public & generate commissions'
I bought a Versa there & immediately has gas milage issues. This I partially take responsibilty for, previously I had my Xterra serviced there and everything in my truck was stolen while in their possession, when I inquired they said "we have new car wash guys that have been caught stealing customers items & they have been replaced" Really, how about replacing the items stolen ?
So after purchasing an extended warranty at signifigant cost they still will not fix the issue, rather they have me bring the car in take a day off work, rework my entire schedule & get a rental car..Then they won't fix anything & call me 30 minutes later saying come pick up the car, its still not fixed and its just a constant run around & games. They have done this to me almost 2 dozen times before I decided I will have to sue them to recover losses. When I asked to speak to the manager yet another series of games, when I finally spoke to him his resolution was to have me take a substantial loss & sell the car back to them & buy another one ? Really ? You want me to buy yet another car from you when you won't even honor or fix the current one ? Churn & burn scum bags ! Shameless scumbags at that, they look you directly in the eye as they tell you a litany of lies . I have left a ton out trying to shorten this up, bottom line if you buy a car from Mossy nissan you may as well set fire to your cash, time & sanity & just pray you don't have a problem, My God !
Let the buyer beware..If your looking for an unapologetic thrill ride of lies, deception, lack respect for you & your time, shameful lack ethics & you just enjoy being run through the ringer & treated like dog turds, look no further you have found your dream dealer !!
If your life is lacking in these areas 1) not being treated terrible enough 2) You really like being talked down to 3) You have incredible amounts of time you need wasted 4) you feel your not being lied to enough 5) You feel you need to be disrespected more in life 6) you enjoy throwing away money 7) if you enjoy metaphorical shots to the groin 8) if your surrounded by good people & feel you need some scumbags in your life for diversity 9) If things are going well in your life & you desperately want to add stress & 10) or finally if your in love with not being called back & constantly like to re-shatter your faith in dealing with car dealers...........Then I am here to say all these issues can be addressed in one fell swoop, just buy a car from MOSSY NISSAN & rest assured all those prayers will be immediately answered & addressed 10 fold.
I am not a hateful or spiteful person generally but if Mossy nissan were on fire & I had the only extinguisher, I'd watch them burn, not because I am angry but in the interest of saving someone else a tremendous amount of aggravation & loss.

Posted by

i have been with nissan for several yrs got a letter from nissan in delware his name is sunny durham i called him because they said they could put me in a new car he didnt even have the respect to call me back if this is your new way of doing bussiness with a customer that has faithfully been with you since 2007 i will go some where else

Posted by Mario

Just got the computerized report on the state my 2005 Extera; not good! I am aware that at 161K mileage problems happen but losing a trans, and mother board on the dash, containing all important gauges is simply not acceptable. I bought once 1995 Camry with 145,000 miles and sold it 5 years later with the accumulated 247,000 miles, having had only one serious repair!! Now that, you Nissan, folks is quality!! I don't think that you had maintained quality and reliability you once had. I don't think I will look at the Nissan as my next vehicle. From an SUV one expects the performance and quality which would keep it going over 200,000 miles.

Posted by Anonymous

Just got off phone with customer service regarding our 2013 Altima passenger side air bags which we have had a recall on and taken it twice and it is worse now then before getting so called fixed. So we have spent about 10 hours of our time and now the representative says that I need to send them proof of ownership really? All I wanted to do is get it fixed right and let them know it's ridiculous that it hasn't been fixed they say it's a software issue what if it not and airbags don't work what then when heaven forbid someone is really hurt We love our Altima just have issue with customer service and recalls!

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I am a sec tomorrow I've been a loyal Nissan Z 1985 and now I was taken the fool but I bought a vehicle 2 years ago and I found out today when I bought another Nissan 2016 June my telephone number and very

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Posted by Anonymous

I'm very satisfied with the salesman Tyler Forzani who was my Salesman at Nissan at Rt. 33, Hamilton,NJ. My car purchase was in Nov. 2015. Tyler was GREAT! He got me into the car I wanted, was very helpful and kind! I've purchased cars previously from this dealership and have always been satisfied with my purchase! Loving my new car, and will continue to refer prospective buyers to Tyler! Great Job Tyler & to the Manager!

Posted by Anonymous

I want to make sure to recognize the team over at Nissan 94 in South Holland IL. Specifically Tremaine Young and Tony in service!! They were exceptional in there customer service and helping me solve an issue with another Nissan dealer that was not cooperative with my needs. They took the time to truly listen to my concerns and take a look at my car. They were able to fix with no charge and hardly any time at all. Whereas the other dealership wanted to charge me $368 to fix and when I said no they still charged me $75 to pick up my car. Very poor customer service at Napleton. Thank goodness for the team at 94 Nissan to save the day! A little customer service and a listening ear go a long way. Thanks guys!! :)

Posted by sergio

I recently purchased a 2015 sl armada. Come to find out when my son was trying to turn the ac that feeds that rear panels wouldnt turn on and after looking at the manual i figured 5hey installed the wrong control panel on the overhead. I had a switch for a sunroof instead of knobs to operate ac. My armada is in the dealer waiting on parts which is frustating. I should be driving my new suv instead im in a rental. I have been a nissan customer for a veruly long time. Bought two frontiers currently own a 1996 nissan pickup a 2013 altima. Traded my 2011 armada for the 2015.i believe nissan should pay more attention to mistakes like this one. Im really pissed off and disappointed.

Posted by Anonymous

I would just like to say that Stephen Lukovich, with Courtesy Nissan in Richardson, Texas, is awesome! He always takes the time to explain things and does a fantastic job!

Lynda Stevens

Posted by Marcel

I experienced both Canadian and US customer service and have the car repaired in Bowling Green Ohio at Thayer Nissan. Despite all the bad customer reviews I was very concerned about Richard from Canada was ok, his follow up was not excellent however Kelli from US proved OUTSTANDING customer service skills, just perfect. I'm really impressed. I think Nissan can make a difference in the relationship with the customers going on this path.

Posted by Anonymous

Nissan Malmesbury was so supportive when my car broke down on my way to the airport with my UK guests.
I was offered a courtesy car.
The English was so surprised by the excellent service as my car wasn't even a Nissan.
Thank you Simon Kotze and Johan!

Posted by Anonymous

The service dept at Ganley Nissan, Mayfield Hts., Ohio, needs special accolades-- it is a true service dept. The Service Advisor I have recently worked with, David LaLonde, who advised me of what I needed for my 2010 Cube, discovered a nail in the tire and repaired it, and when that tire went flat, found the cut in it, tested it for 3 day to see if it would hold air, and then returned it to my car. He had also arranged for the damaged tire to be picked up because I have a sick husband and can't always get away from home. All of this done in an efficient, friendly, kind manner that certainly helped this very grateful customer. He is a treasure!

Posted by whitehairedward

Terry sale person at nissan at west hillbrough. He did everthing to get us aprove for us, and he did a great job for all of the cars he help us to get aprove for. He a nice and kind sale person for nissan. My name is edward ray whitehair, everything i say here is ture

Posted by Anonymous

I would to thank Danny in Blytheville, AR Nissan Service Department for his concern and the steps he goes beyond to give customer satisfaction. On Saturday, June 14 2014 my 2009 Nissan Altima stopped on me and had to be tow there Monday. I arrived there 7:25 am with car on tow truck before opening at 7:30am. Danny came out with the biggest smile and welcome us there with encouragement that we will gladly take care of you . This is what customers need on their arrival and this is what bring us back on our departure. I have watched this fine man in the past and I can't speak on all.others. However, the first word comes out of anyone mouth when you have contact about going there for service is" isn't that a nice friendly guy who work in that department. " Thank you Danny, and you have changed my heart about Carlock Nissan in Blytheville, and I look forward coming back and buying my next Nissan car there. Danny ' s love & concern brings us BACK!! Please let him know ..

Posted by Mark

I went to service my versa today @ Nissan in Pompano Beach on 201345 S.Federal Highway. Christina Chambers greeted me. She was extremely pleasant & informative. My drivers side door handle had ripped off in my hands several weeks ago & I asked her if the door handle was covered thru warranty. At first she said no since its a 2001 versa. But she kindly looked my info & discovered it was covered with a $50 deductible. I was delighted about the news. She also had the technicians reprogram my tire sensors for a great price & arranged for new A.C. dials to be put in place due to corrosion. I told her I would return on Wednesday to get the door handle installed. Christina is a breath of fresh air at the Pompano location. I will be calling to have her take care of my auto needs from now on. Thank you Christina & thank you Nissan.

Posted by vjcasey

Anthony Simmons was my sales person. He was professional and personable. I had a great experience and would recommend this company to anyone who is shopping for a vehicle. Also Stephen Scott is very good at his job should be rewarded greatly.

Posted by Anonymous

I took my car to McCarthy Nissian Blue Springs for service and had a wonderful experience. Jim bent over backwards to accomodate me and my car was in and out very quickly. I called at the last minute and was able to take the car in within the hour. I am very pleased with the service department and will continue to take my car there.

Posted by Anonymous

I would like to mention that the service I received at the Gurnee Nissan dealership, by Terry the Mgr. & Andrew Freeman in sales, was outstanding. I was treated like family with all requests addressed. Will buy my next car from them.
Julie Steiner

Posted by mamerc

Just got off the phone, hold time less that a minute. Questioned the report on published concerns on the Pathfinders transmission problems before committing to buying. I have read Nissan was working on a fix to be released May/June 2013 He informed me Nissan has extended the warranty on transmissions and I would have to discuss this with a local dealer. Nice Customer Service....

Posted by baseeluos

Welcome Nissan
I want to explain some problems for Nissan in Syria
My name is: (Basel) and I work for Nissan in Syria in the maintenance department with the rank of (technical)
Maintenance department is the only one which I have not been shut owner of the company so far because of the events in Syria
The general situation is difficult for the living and life very difficult in Syria
We are still working on car maintenance
But we are faced with many problems by the company's owner, himself a general manager of the company name (Omar Shallah)
* I am not a documentary in the insurance two years ago
* Do not be distributed monthly salaries until further notice.
* Big discount of the monthly salary
* There is no administrative or management services for general corporate so interested in our problems >>>> director resigned because of security discount Monthly Salary
hr also resigned ......... administrative staff of the company did not come none of them for the company for months
* The provision of resignation of the company is is embarrassing for us >>>>> that the owner of the company does not give one the compensation payable to workers!!!!!
Therefore, I on behalf of my friends at work hope you solve this problem or to communicate with the owner of the company on the solution.

Posted by Anonymous

I had simultaneous (out of warranty) CD player issues with my two Nissan Pathfinders. Bose was pretty quick to pay for 1/2 of each. Nissan wouldn't budge. I sent a letter to the CEO in Tokyo naming names and before I could say Toyota I had check for the rest (and then some), service coupons and Good As Cash coupons for a new purchase (which I didn't use).

Posted by Heriberto Leyva

I would like to let you know that the attention and the customer service that Mr. Tony Goodman has towards my expectations are more than excellent. Mr. Goodman is always attentive in helping me with any kind or need i have with my 2011 Nissan Altima. He always has an answer to any question i may have.
Mr. Heriberto Leyva

I Would like to also add the attention that Mr. Angel and Mrs. Clarissa have they are excellent in meeting the customers need. They are always willing to help and they take there time . I appreciate all there help.

Posted by Azizi

I'm user for Nissan Sylphy 2.0 year made 2010. During my service for 5000km (Nissan Service Centre Sg Rasau Shah Alam), I have made a complaint to the mechanic about the left side lights. Whenever raining or after washing my car, I can see there is a water vapour around the lights. After that no further action taken.

When I'm doing my 2nd service, the same complaint/problem address to the mechanic, but todate no further action and never received any calls on my car problem. This problem occured will gradually make the lights become rusty.

Please check on my last complaint to this service centre and look into this matter as I am now feel not confident / satisfied of being a Nissan consumer.

Posted by burnedcubeowner

I bought a Certified Pre Owned 2010 Nissan Cube from Jim Keras in Memphis TN, from the employee who was original owner of car. The first weekend i had it, i was going out of town. 50 miles into the trip i blew a tire, because there was a PLUG IN IT! they fixed it but cut my bench sit in the process. Two weeks ago while the Cube had been sitting in my company for over 6 hours, i go to move parking spots to find the interior of the car completely melted! Turns out there was a AIR BAG CONTROL MODULE MALFUNCTION, now INS sure is low balling me and Nissan acts like they are not at fault. Now i have to pick up my pieces, and NEVER BUY A NISSAN AGAIN.

Posted by 2012 Altima

Customer: Sam H. Scaief
Salesman: Efrain Overby
I wanted to compliment Mr. Overby and the
other staff at Southpoint Nissan in Austin, TX for their assistance in finding
the Altima that I wanted at a reasonable price, quick financial service and outstanding delivery. Also prompt delivery of the license plates and title.
Mr. Overby was easy to work with from start to finish and provided a through explanation of the car's equipment.
He also has made follow up calls helping with additions planned for the

Posted by Luvtruchateservice

I absolutely love my Nissan and have had it for 10 yrs (Nissan it w/ 7 miles on it!). About 2 years ago, I was driving from San Antonio to a small town an hour away. I was about 15 minutes from being home when there was a ton of smoke that was coming out of my hood and through my vents - the smell of sulphur is the best descriptor. Anyway, the truck stopped itself and luckily there was a patch of land by the road and I steered into. I immediately jumped out thinking someone very bad was about to happen. After some very, very, very nice people came out to help me (I was also on the phone with the insurance company...multi-tasking/panicking), it was determined that the radiator was out of water. So, the nice man filled up my radiator with water and followed me home. The next morning, I immediately drove the truck to the mechanic and he determined that the radiator hose had corroded and needed to be replaced (relief that it was not as bad as I thought). I was dumbfounded as I had taken the truck in for a routine 7500 maintenance check 2 weeks prior at the San Antonio Nissan where everything "checked-out" great. I went to Nissan HQ in the US and got a very annoyed call from a Nissan Customer Service person. He said that Nissan USA and Nissan Service are two very different entities. He said that the only thing he could do is ding the Nissan parts/service company (I guess they are on some sort of points system) and that was it - no offer to refund the hundreds of dollars I spent on the maintenance...that did not get done! He essentially said that Nissan HQ was not involved at all in customer complaints...sounds bogus to me. Everyone knows that dealerships make money from vehicle sales and service costs. How would this not affect the HQ office?? Anyway, I'm usually very good at resolving these things...obviously with the help of the company. I will never/ever use a service department in any dealership again. I was so very disappointed. This has no bearing on my truck however. It is well-made and has seen me through a lot.

Posted by Dfeeney

The experience that I have had with Nissan is this, i live in Virginia beach Virginia and I was in desperate need of a car and I went to Nissan in Virginia beach on Bonney rd, and the online Internet team helped me so much, John Precise,Jason Bradford and Mark Eckerd helped me so much, I first was put in a Nissan sentry, and the let me drive the car home,but I needed to show some proof of extra income from my ex husband, needless to say they tried everything to help me get financed,but to no avail. So I turned the car back in and John Precise, Jason,Mark, continued to call me to see if I was alright and if it was anything they could do to help me. So one night my fiancé took me back to the hall Nissan in va beach va, and he spoke with Mr Precise and the next thing I know they had me test drive a Nissan altima, those guys HELPED!!! Me they never gave up, and the most wonderful part was that they didn't treat me like a customer, they treated me like family, like a friend and that is so rare in this world today. If anyone and I mean anyone need a car and want to be treated with love and respect call the Internet team of John Precise,Mark Eckerd and Jason Bradford because they are an awesome,awesome,awesome team and if I could I would send them on a 2week cruise to Hawaii because they are awesome my fiancé is even planning to buy a Nissan armada suv. Hats off to an awesome team of workers, they are a asset to nissan

Posted by Thoroughbred Nissan Tucson

I bought a car from Thoroughbred Nissan in Tucson, AZ. After having bought many cars in my long life, I have never ever had such a positive experience as this one!! Clarissa was my sales agent and Angel is her manager and both are very aware of your personal experiences and willing to cut red tape if you are an experienced buyer. They were super! While waiting for the paperwork from the State to register the car (you will like Rod, the Finance Mgr as well!), the store owner, Oscar, came in to personally thank us for buying a car from his store! Oscar treated my wife and I like we were neighbors, and I am anxious to share this with you if you are thinking of buying a car. I usually HATE buying cars because of the negative experiences I have had, but you will even enjoy having these folks as your vendors!! Thanks, Thoroughbred, for bringing back the fun in car-buying!
Dave R.

Posted by Anonymous

I had a starting problem with 2001 Nissan Sentra that I purchased new in Stockton. CA I think it was called People's Nissan then. I called and went in to explain problem and the Service Adviser said the problem was most likely due to recall on crank sensor. There was also another recall, but he said this would not be causing the non-starting problem. He quickly handled the problem, and, he was correct that the problem was the crank sensor. I just want you to know how much I appreciate his expertise and professional service, and, promptness. He is indeed a real asset to your customer service division. His name is Patrick Halnan. I wish there were more service advisors like him, and, I want you to be aware of his excellent and superior business philosophy on handling service issues. I will no doubt go back to this dealership to buy our next Nissan. Thank you. K. Bates

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