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Posted by Anonymous

This is in regards to the nes classic edition console. You people are shameless aren't you? Do you honestly believe you're fooling anyone with this "we apologize for shortages" nonsense? Even Forbes magazine has openly accused you of intentionally inflating demand by not producing enough. You say some of the parts are "difficult to procure". Are you kidding?! Thumb size computers, raspberry pie mini pc's, and cell phones from ten years ago can all run your roms but you can't seem to get your production rolling because of parts? You did this on purpose like you always do. Just like Apple, you make things people want but the way you do business is absolutely terrible. But you do it because you can, isn't that right? I'd love to see nintendo fail and get bought up by someone who actually understands about respecting customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Can't seem to get help!

Posted by Brianp86

Wow where do I start I have been a Nintendo customer since 91. Sent a Wii u pad charger received today without charger when I called the person I spoke to called me a list said they inventory everything. When I told her I've spent over 4000$ over the years with them y are u doing me like this over a charger I was told sorry but they weren't sending me a charger I know you are worth billions now and my 4000$ means nothing to you as a company but it u have any shread on integrity as a company and care about the fans that put u guys where u are today. If you do I can be reached

Posted by Madsplatta

Your splatoon game online is so bad about getting into a battle the wait time is b.s. if ur gonna make a game make sure it works r ighr before people pay 60 bucks for something that disapoints. And when u do get to a battle 80 percent of the time the battle stops from some dropping out or they're bad signal.I would like a refund on the game. You guys need to do some work and,step it up. Why isn't there more game selection x box and ps 2 is even is alot better .

Posted by Anonymous

How to install the Wii Nintendo.. Bcoz when I connect the av connector... They got showing code error003...I don't know how to solve this problem... Thanks.... Please give me the solution....

Posted by Anonymous

My Wii U tablet was originally supposed to be covered under warranty. Two weeks later I got a call it would cost $106.00. I negotiated a lower price to $36.00 and both charges showed up pending when I DID NOT authorize a charge for $106.00
After speaker to a supervisor and a 35 minute phone conversation she said she would refund my account in 3 business days causing me to pay 40.oo I'm over draft fee's! This should NOT ever happen!!!!!

Posted by leab

I have a WII no sound is on all of a sudden
I have used this for net flix and some games now no sound
I have replaced the cord and tried different tvs with it and still no sound
can you please tell me what the problem could be

Posted by Anonymous

Sent my WiiU (gamepad and console) in for a repair due to the gamepad and the console not syncing properly. This started happening about 8 months after the system was purchased.

Repaired it quick and shipped it quick...problem is they shipped it to a location 2 states away from me. Called and confirmed that my address was correct in their system, and after a few days of waiting for them to figure out what happened they just sent me a replacement (not a new one, one that was "factory certified").

It has been a few weeks in the process now and I came home today to find the replacement WiiU sitting on my doorstep. Awesome. NOPE, not awesome. These boneheads sent me only the console, not realizing that when I sent it in for service I sent my console AND THE GAMEPAD. I now have a (used) console that looks nice and pretty but no way to use it. Now I have to wait even longer for them to send me a replacement gamepad. Not holding my breath on that actually coming to the right place or working properly with my hodge podge of parts and pieces I now have.

Oh, and when I asked for a refund of any or all of the service fee of $115 that I paid they really tried to make good by offering me $10 to be added to my account. Wow, great customer service. I guess since they gave my original gamepad and console away to someone in NC they didn't want to lose any more money by taking care of the consumer. Great business model, Nintendo.

Posted by John

Horrible, they will never help me. Call, chat, mail and email. They never help. I have spend like over 10,000 on them over the years but now that I need help they do nothing. Worst services, yes even worst than Comcast. What kill it for me no just that they will never help but that they are rude why will someone be rude if I'm just asking to be help, well that Nintendo. Lost a life time fan here.

Posted by Zz?kx (something like that)

Alright, so I have worked in customer service for 5 years and 1 thing I know is that you do not just disconnect from the customer. I was talking to some person over their chat and after they told me about not being able to help me in figuring out a resolution for a malfunction with a DLC code they disconnected my chat. Even if there was really nothing they could do there is a more professional way of telling a customer that. I am very disrespected and wish I had their name. Nintendo you need to fix this or I will never buy another product of yours again I am upset by this.

Posted by Anoyomus

One word: the worst.

The first time I called them, they gave me money and never explained why. So I bought sonic 2.
After, I called about missing dlc and they had to delete games that I really owned and keep sonic 2.
I complained and they were like: No.

I don't know if I should sent in my DS for repair. They Robbed me.

If this ever happens, just get a flashcard and prove that you own the game and Nintendo were idiots.

Posted by Michelle Jedych

Just want to talk to a person is that to much to ask.
Well stop purchasing your products, due to such inability.
Thanks for nothing
Oh yeah anybody want to buy a piece of sh!t wii system that won't read a on real cheap

Posted by SKU1L

24/7 7 days a week customer support but they couldn't cancel my order before it shipped and there is no way online to cancel an order that has been placed (and not even processed yet).

My option is to return the item on my own dollar to receive a refund within *TWO* billing cycles. The item I ordered was $20 so now I have to pay ~$5 to ship it back, and wait two months for a refund? Forget it Nintendo.

Nintendo you are years behind every company in every area. This isn't the 1980's why can't I have a button to cancel orders, why is it so difficult to transfer data between systems, why do you continuously do things backwards and make everything difficult.

Posted by kwolt13

Summary: They have become a gimmicky company that generates income by tying accessories to the console.

We bought a used Wii-U off a third-party reseller and the LCD gamepad was busted. Since it is necessary to configure the console, we have been unable to use it.

That's perfectly fine, we knew the risks of buying used. However, for some unknown reason, the company does not sell the gamepad separately.

When we contacted customer support to attempt to repair/exchange the gamepad, they held onto for two weeks and ultimately told us they could not repair it, and could not exchange it.

So we asked if we could order a replacement from the company. They explained that it is against company policy to sell the replacement peripheral.

The only profitable incentive for them to do so is so that you're forced to buy another console, and to discourage the sale of used goods. This is not only terrible for the environment, but it is *terrible* for the consumer.

For this reason, I will make it a priority to get a used replacement and make sure they don't personally receive any of my money.

Posted by Anonymous

They banned me for no reason and then wanted me to send them my photo ID to unlock it, this occurred as punishment when I unlisted from the promotional email list. Company policies are the worst. Going downhill, way to drive away your most loyal customers.

Posted by Anonymous

Changing out batteries on controllers and they do not work - do they 'expire' after a certain time?

Posted by Anonymous

I have purchased my last Nintendo product. The wii u is garbage. I purchased it for Zelda now your not even going to release it on this platform. The only games offered are old games. Totally upset.

Posted by Anonymous

I PURCHASE A WII AND DIDNT HAVE IT A YEAR AND GIVES THIS ERROR CANNOT READ DISC EVERYONE SEEMS TO HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM . WII GAME COSt Lots of money. Im very disappoint in this produce is tbere somewhere I file a complain and receive another wii im call the better bearu investigatiin to check on this product and the bad thing about it if I had of know it was foreign made and owned I wouldnt have purchased it

Posted by SeveredBone

I am upset with Nintendo. They had me buy games which I like then tell me I can get more out of them with Club Nintendo. So I followed the steps in registering them filled out surveys and it would say I had been rewarded. Come time when I am suppose to be getting my rewards for spending money on their products nothing appears. Because there system had a fault in it, so now I have to wait longer, and I have to pay more money for something that they said I earned already. I may be done with Nintendo after this.

Posted by DMC

I bought a Majora's Mask 3ds xl as soon as it came out. It has been a massive disappointment - the 3d is much worse than my old one and I see ghosting all the time so it is giving me headaches and eyestrain.

I sent it in for inspection which took a week and they say there is nothing wrong with it. I have had to turn off the super stable 3d altogether which defeats the purpose of buying a new one.

Since it came back I have complained at least 5 times and been completely ignored.

Looks like I just wasted my money.

Posted by Snarker

Waited over an hour and a half for a chat representetive that never came, the phone number does not allow to wait for a next available rep and simply hangs up on me, meanwhile leaving me out 140$ because online purchases are system bound not account bound.

Posted by Anonymous

The box says 1-4 players on the box. Very missleading. Only uses 2 players. I intend on writing letter to the company. Very upset.

Posted by DetoXdude

i can not believe the lack of reply's to emails i have sent many a time to nintendo. what is the point of customer services if there is no cutomer service at all. i have been a long time nintendo fan buy eveything to do with nintendo and i can not believe this at all i am actually so disgusted in this i am actually thinking of stopping myself from buying any more nintendo products and also telling everyone i know to join me. customer service HA don't make me laugh!!

Posted by Martin Evans

I purchased two games and because the offer of CDs and Downloadable Content was confusing and misleading, I had to contact Nintendo Customer Service.

I emailed on the 17th December. It is now 1st January and I've had no reply of any kind and no action has been taken in response to my query.

Each of these games costs about £40 - it's absolutely disgraceful that such expensive purchases come with zero customer service.

Posted by Kachupi

i emailed Nintendo asking if i can register my 3DS because i bought it pre-owned and it didn't come with a code, i just recieved an email which wasn't even a straight forward answer but they basically said no, which means I can't even do any of the 3DS promos. i registered pokemon alpha saphire on club nintendo so i can get pokemon art academy for free but you need to register your 3DS too, and obviously I can't and they have told me no as well.
I just find it anoying that they expect everyone to be able afford everything brand new or they can't be involved in any promos or extra stuff.

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Posted by Anonymous

Had to email Nintendo CS in order to unlink my NNID from my Wii U, the replies I got were very friendly and in-depth as in what I needed to do. They were finished with unlinking my NNID in less than a few hours (though I technically needed to wait an extra day to allow the Nintendo servers to update). Overall, brilliant customer support, and I'm glad to be a fan of Nintendo.

Posted by Skyefall

I have never had a problem with Nintendo; they have always gone above and beyond to help me over the phone. I wish every company cared about their customers like Nintendo does.

Posted by Anonymous

I was on the phone with Alexander and I had almost no clue what I was talking about :) but he was still the sweetest person no rude comments no nothing I'm only 13 lol and my uncle asked me to call for him and I am so lucky I got Alexander. He truly deserves a raise or something like a bonus check lol i don't know but what I do know is he was the sweetest person about my problem please tell him thank you for me. :) ( Nintendo Wii U )

Posted by Tyler Baker

Nintendo - has to have - the very BEST Customer service. They are very understanding, they work very hard to help you the most they can. I was chatting with a client - who at the same time - was helping another. Its amazing to me how they keep their mentality, even with a Job that seems boring. They never seem to dissapoint:)

Posted by pakratking

I just bought a New 3DS XL and had to call to transfer my Nintendo ID and had the best service ever on getting this done My Rep's name was Cory and very kind and quick about his work

Posted by Corners

Had issues with a predownloaded game that was now missing from my sons 3ds. Earned a headache trying to trouble shoot it myself.
Called the hotline and a well spoken man had me fixed up in less than a few minutes.

To be honest, i was surprised such a large company had quick customer service, that actually knew what they were doing. Ive had horrible luck with cable and phone company customer services, this was nice for a change.

Posted by Anonymous

When I had an issue with a 3DS that was out of warranty they dropped the repair fee from 120 to 80 dollars, nintendo actually understands about their customers and about new products coming up so that we know the same!

Posted by package problem

Hello, today I'm writing to you because of the problem of your DS game case/package. I find it somewhat wasteful because from all the calculations I have done I have worked out that one case can hold 32 game cartridges. Also that is a lot of wasted plastic because you have plastic layered around the case then the case itself and the paper artwork. My suggestion is to make a case that is just a little bigger than the game and put a little piece of folded paper that has a link to your website so that everyone that wants to read the "heath and safety" information they can find it there. Than by doing so you can help stop the waste of all the plastic and save yourself some money by ordering less plastic and paper. So to finish off I would like to say I love your games but not the packaging. Thank you for reading and I hope you take this into consideration.

Posted by Koto

Nintendo's customer service is one of the best I interact with compared to other companies. Let me explain ...

My 3ds xl analog stick won't snap back into the center and when it did break I heard a snap so the rep for repair notice it was a physical issue. First it was about $135 which is a bit much but little low so I said I can't pay that now but I will surely do it in the future.

Then he said "no problem" but followed me with a price drop which was out of nowhere and said about $104 roughly then I'm like "I still can't do it right now but thank you so much" but then he said exactly these words "It's surely not a problem Mr.XXXX but I can give you even a lower drop to say ... $80 and do not worry because this offer stands about 6 months! We want to keep people in the nintendo family..."

I never heard a rep sound so "concerning" but yet business like and not out of desperation. I had no words but thank you for this guy.

If I had a list for Customer service then Nintendo should be at least number 1.

Posted by Anonymous

The thing about Nintendo consumer service is, yes, nintendo does have some policies and procedures that not all may agree on.
But the bottom line is, if you have a problem, call Nintendo and seek help from the reps.
They DO want to help, not all, but some people still care about customer satisfaction.

Posted by Anonymous

They did fine it was a very good call.

Posted by Anonymous

the best helper was the person who helped me at 5:51 pm central pacific here in houston TX thanks to the person i never caught his name

Posted by kajemi2

I called Nintendo Customer Service twice today, after realizing I could possibly fix two major issues I've had (One of which was my fault, the other was not). The first call went nicely, I informed the employee of my issue: Super Paper Mario wouldn't load. He assisted me in solving this, but even though he came to the conclusion that I would have to purchase a new game, I found him to be friendly and helpful. He even went so far as to suggest I don't buy a copy from their website, as there were many places it could be bought from for cheaper, which I found to be very nice of him.
The second call was made because I had lost a 3DS XL with a Nintendo Network Account linked to it, so I was worried that if it were found, it could be abused. This time I was put on hold for maybe a minute or two, when a nice lady picked up my call and assisted me. I gave her some information, and then was put on hold again, for maybe 2 minutes. After that, she checked to see if I was still there, gave me a little bit more information on what she was doing, then put me on hold again. I was only on hold for about a minute before she picked up again and helped me with my issue, step by step.
While neither issue was completely resolved right then and there, Nintendo's customer service is much better than many others I have utilized, and helpful with a short hold time.

Posted by Boink!

Nintendo has the greatest customer service.
Thanks man.

Posted by Anonymous

I never had a problem with Nintendo and I have been using their products and services for over 20 years. Based on the negative comments that look like they were written by 5 year olds, they don't seem to know anything about the products and think everything was somehow nintendo's fault. I'm sure their kids broke their stuff and they think Nintendo should cover the costs. That's not how warranties work.

Posted by Anonymous

Fixed my Nintendo Wii for a reasonable price when it broke. Sent me free games, and random surprises in the mail for registering products.

Posted by Anonymous

Called Nintendo Customer Support today. Didn't even have to wait a second, I was already talking with the guy who helped me. Even though I speak English very terrible, he understood me perfectly.

Posted by 1pastor

I called customer service and they answered right away. They were very pleasant and helpful.

Posted by Anonymous

I had to call twice in one day LOL but the people i spoke to helped me ! It dint take long and all very nice people ! They know what there doing !!

Posted by PJCoolidge

UPDATE: I did send our unit in for the intermittent touch screen problem and Nintendo did replace our unit with a (what I am sure is a refurbished) unit, at no charge. All seems to be in good working order. I was happy with the emailing of what was happening and that they had received my unit and when it was coming back to us. The UPS shipment was on the exact date they said it would be.

The only downside.. I wish there were some kind of paperwork showing what the problem was. They did say that the problem was repaired/or unit replaced..but did not tell me what they found the problem to be. Other than that this was a good outcoming. Exactly as it should have been from the beginning. Thank you Nintendo!

Posted by Nintendo Customer 427

I have mixed feelings about my customer service experience with Nintendo.

First off, let me say that I LOVE Nintendo products. Over the years we have purchased and owned every single console that they have released without incident. So I was confident I was making the right choice when I decided to buy my daughter a Nintendo DSi for Christmas.

At first, it worked as expected, but after a month of owning it we went to play a newly purchased game and the console was not recognizing that a game cartridge was inserted. We tried other games that had previously worked, and got the same response.

I looked online to see if there were any remedies and was directed to call customer service, which I did. I spoke to a wonderful woman who was extremely helpful and understanding. and instructed me on how to submit the DSi for repair. So that particular customer service experience with Nintendo was extremely pleasant and positive.

Fast forward a week. I checked my inbox and noticed I had an e-mail from Nintendo stating that the reason for the DSi not recognizing games was deemed to be physical damage and they wanted $95.00 in order to fix it and ship it back. This presented 2 issues.

#1. I knew there was no way my child could have physically damaged the system as she was never permitted to play with the system unless supervised by myself or my husband.

#2. The $95 repair fee is obscene considering the that the actual retail price of the unit is $99, and they can often be found on sale as low as $69 (what I paid).

I called customer service to get information on what issues they found that lead them to believe that the system was physically damaged.

I spoke to a man who was professional enough, but quite condescending in that he basically made me feel like a villain and told me in not so many words that one way or another we broke the console and would be responsible for the costs.

I stated that wasn't a satisfactory resolution given the above, he offered to take $20 off the repair fee, which would have still left me paying $75....still more than I paid to purchase the console.

He said that was all he could do for me, so I requested to speak to someone who could do more for me and was put on hold for his supervisor.

I must state that during the entire conversation I was extremely pleasant and calm, but firm.

The same customer service representative came back after a few minutes of me being on hold and notified me that he has spoken with his supervisor and was authorized to do a one time Non-Warranty repair at no cost to us.

I am extremely pleased that that was the final outcome, but displeased that I was made to feel like I was somehow scamming the company. It's faithful customers such as myself who continue to pour money into the company that keep a company such as this one thriving. To insult and alienate us does nothing to secure future customer and brand loyalty.

Posted by PJCoolidge

AFTER leaving my comments earlier today I received a call back from NICK in Nintendo customer service.. They will honor my previous calls and do the repairs under wty for me. AND that the customer service rep I talked to earlier today SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THE SAME THING. I will keep you all posted. I THANK Nintendo for following up.

Posted by Anonymous

Great customer service, got insight away, and answers right away.

Posted by captpan6

I had my Nintendo 3DS shipped to them to have a button problem fixed. They returned it good as new and even renewed my warranty. Shipping took its time but that's just UPS. When I wanted info about the shipment from a rep the wait line was virtually nonexistent and I was talking to someone in no time. They helped me with my concern and even gave me the tracking order number to allow me to follow its course. Needless to say I was very impressed.

Posted by Tiaradw

My call got answered in under a minute and My Wii was back connected to my internet in under 20mins so I'm as happy as can be.

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Posted by Anonymous

As an employee of Nintendo, I can personally say that working here is one of the most awesome experiences ever. As a rep I strive to make every consumer I speak to as happy as the day they purchased their first Nintendo system. AMAZING!


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