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Posted by Eyeinthewild

Sent a lens in with AF problem. Estimate very non-descriptive. Want an exorbitant amount to fix (half the cost of brand new lens, same cost as used). Last time I sent this lens in it was under warranty and they sent it back with a screw missing (lens stop mounting screw). This is just another of several bad experiences with NIKONUSA western u.s. service. Very disappointed as usual.

Posted by Joe905

Sent my D750 in to Nikon Canada for the shutter recall. I checked on the status after 1 week - "waiting for parts". Really? You issue a recall and don't have the parts in stock?
Received my camera back after 3 weeks but the eyecup was missing. I called Nikon Service back and told them of the missing part. They said they would send me the eyecup immediately. After 10 days of waiting, I called back. They said they mailed it out a couple of days back (meaning they waited a week to send it). I have now been waiting 2 weeks for something that should have taken 3 days to reach me.
It's gotten to the point where I'm going to purchase a new eyecup because I'm tired of their lies and waiting for Nikon to correct THEIR mistake! I won't even start on the broken contact and chat links on Nikon Canada's website!

Posted by VERN

Disgusting service from there repair centre. Said camera was damaged by me a refused to repair under warranty. Camera lens than 2 month old.

Will never buy any Nikon Products ever

Posted by bicycleagent

Nikon CS Sucks. They have an email based system where they send you cryptic responses to your problem, and in my case they have yet to offer a solution or accept my suggestion after about 10 interactions and elevating the issue to a supervisor.
My problem is the objective lens covers for my binoculars broke. They don't have the replacement part in stock, won't tell me it will be, and won't send a reasonable alternative part I have identified from another Nikon bino. Terrible customer service.

Posted by drchowhan

I had worst support from Nikon who denied to give service to my newly purchased camera (sparingly used that too for indoor photography on few occasion) saying that the camera has water spot on body of camera, truly this happened as I had taken to a service centre as suggested by Nikon customer care support.
Does Nikon manufacturing camera that can not stand normal temp? and normal weather condition?
This is beyond any rational experience.
Moreover why 2 different service centre of Nikon give different reason for not covering service under warranty?
I feel cheated by the company and its service centre who are there to sell an expensive camera and later to say that the camera is out of warranty even citing flimsy, fabricated reasons, probably to make the company rich by dishonest means.

Posted by JB

I sent off a camera (Nikon D600) to have a repair due to the mechanism getting dry and sticking, It had done around 140K actuations but still worked. It reached Nikon on the 11th of October, and I'm still awaiting a repair, Ive rang their support centre 3 times and currently awaiting one of their staff to speak to a member of management. Its about to go over 30 days away now and as a Nikon Pro user and a continued Nikon camera enthusiast. I can honestly say this is the worth service I've had out of my 10 years with them. I would not recommend sending your equipment for repair with Nikon and to go with a third party like Fixation.

Thanks for reading,


Posted by Vicky

I have had my Nikon L830 lense fixed back in jan 2015.
It always said lense error ever since got it back.
Didnt want to send it back, for l take lots of photos.
So when it would say that, i just turned it off and it would fix itself. Now it wont fix. Just saying lense error and wont come out again.
I have used Nikon Cameras for mannnny years!!!
Im just disapointed that this L830 is not living up to your products.
My mom and brother paid $300 something for it.
What can we do to fix this problem sir/ma am.
Im soo upset and disapointed.
Im scared to just send it back again and pay another 75.00, and it not work.
I take good care of my cameras, l keep them in a soft toboggan, and keep them safe in case! Thank you for help in this matter.

No one has reached me in this matter. I wrote them in sept or Oct. please need someone to try and fix it.
Thank you.

Posted by Anonymous

nikon is losing customers and falling behind. I remember when Nikon was god. for decades i have been a loyal nikon enthusiast. For the 4th time my camera is back to repairs. I did not complain the first 3 times but now I have to. I have hundreds of out of focus images from my last 2 weddings and nikon basically will do nothing. there is an inherent flaw in this camera. they havent fixed it the first 3 times and i had to pay for 2 & 3. who in their right mind would use this camera with its history. nikon wont help or accept their is a problem. 4 times in repair. They will not even give me names of corporate to speak to about this problem. If I have to i will even mail japan. this is so wrong of nikon. If I did not own so many cameras and lenses I would change brands

Posted by Ricky

Last November 2015 I purchased your Nikon Coolpix L840 Digital camera, in February 2016 had many problem issues, was repaired by your warranty department, sent a second time for the same warranty repair issues July 2016, now again August 2016 in repair for the third time for the same problems back in February, don't you think this camera has a serious manufacture defect & should be replaced, come on three repairs in seven months for the same problem. I purchased your Nikon camera assuming that your name brand was one of the top of the line not so in my case, this camera is a piece of crap, and after the second repair should have been replaced with a new one, so I will look else where for another digital camera, differently not Nikon, very disappointed with your camera. Just terrible

Posted by MindGuru101

I have been a Nikon user for a long time ..... a Nikkormat FTn (1975) and Nikon N90s (1997) and some P&S Nikon Coolpix last few years and now considering to get a D500 or D7100 ..... However, after seeing these Nikon Horrors, I'm extremely hesitant to subject myself to other options. I think I'll just let my fine old Nikkor lenses I have stay as showpieces in a display case ...... I do sympathise with those who have suffered the Nikon whiplash. I make these comments to add power to a consumer voice. Gppd luck

Posted by Anonymous

Hello I reside in Athens Greece.I've been using Nikon cameras and lenses for the last 10 yrs. Recently I bought two bodies of the D750, the 70-200f/2.8 VR II the 24-70f/2.8 VR spending over 7,000.00 euros. Couple days ago I downloaded from the official site of Nikon the the English and Greek user manual for the D750 and the reason was that I wanted to rearrange some pages and to my surprise I found out that the manuals were lock in and I needed a password to open the manuals and rearrange the pages I wanted to arrange. I think isn't fair not only to me but to all Nikon customers world wide. I completely don't understand the reason you did that. About two years ago I had bought the D7100 and then I was able to do exactly what I want to do now. I hope soon correct this unfair arrangement of yours.

Posted by herodotus

Nikon has abysmal customer service - I sent a nikon coolpix 840 is for warranty work back in April 2016 and in spite of weekly lengthy phone calls to nikon customer service have still not received the camera back or any explanation - they have the camera for over 13 weeks now and have called them every week - Never buy any nikon product -unusually poor customer service - be forewarned

Posted by Dr. Hilarius

Sent my Nikon Df to Los Angeles for repair. I'll note that my local camera tech can't do any work on it as Nikon no longer makes parts available to independent repair shops. OK, I agree to the estimated cost and ship the camera. Given an estimate of work starting in 3-5 days after receipt and work taking up to 7 business days. Two weeks go by. I contact Nikon and get a two word response: Parts Hold. Call Nikon. No additional information but I'm told they will try to get an estimate of how long to obtain parts. Mind you, this is not an outdated model or some cheap throw-away. No parts on hand? Absurd. Even if they have to get parts from Japan they should be able to get them in under a week. Waiting to see if I even get a response to my inquiry. This is not acceptable service for a high-end product, particularly after Nikon has cut out independent repair shops.

Posted by RockyTop

Nikon D5 and NIKKOR 70-200 compatibility issue
I have been shooting Nikon professionally for 35 years. I bought the D5 immediately only to find that the 70-200mm f/2.8 ED VR II doesn't work on it. The lens works on every camera I am shooting now: D3, D4, 800, 800E and the 810A. I have never had a problem with the lens. I sent it to Nikon and they said I would have to pay $400 because the lens was out of warranty... it's 5 ½ yrs old. She told me that Nikon Tech said is it was "misaligned"! I have never had a "misaligned" lens in 35 years. Nor have I had any problems with Nikon equipment that I didn't create.
It turns out service is not in charge of customer relations and cannot, according to the supervisor, authorize free repair, even when it is clearly a Nikon problem. This is a classic "head in the sand" stance. I finally gave up and sent it back today.

Posted by Jane Murphy

I am a Wildlife / Nature photographer. I recently brought your Nikon Coolpix L840 after having a Nikon P90. The Coolpix L840 is the worst camera I have ever used. First of all why doesn't have a viewfinder. I never thought I would have to check the specs for a viewfinder but I was mistaken. Second when you take a picture you do not get what you photograph the picture actually moves in the frame. Third after this experience I will never buy another Nikon again. I am so disgusted with this camera that I do not want it anymore. I feel like throwing it away as right now it does not meet my needs. I paid over $250.00 plus for this and I would have been better off with a disposal digital camera . I am a Wildlife / Nature photographer. You can not take pictures of birds or any animal that moves. I would like you to exchange this for a camera with a view finder. I brought it off of amazon but it is still your product. I would like some sort of compensation for this camera. I would like an answer as soon as possible. Thank you

Posted by NickL

Nikon Service is very slow, unresponsive, and maybe even deceptive. They issue a Service Advisory for a $2000 D750 camera and then don't have the parts on hand to fix it without a delay. They try to cover up the delay by not updating their web page and then after waiting for a week or more you get told the repair is "on hold for parts". Hello Nikon, you know based on s/n which D750 need the service, therefore you should know how many parts you need. Why issue the service advisory until you have a reasonable amount parts on hand? Or are you really happy pissing people off for selling a $2000 camera with a defective shutter and then to make them wait weeks for it to be repaired. In this day and age Nikon Service needs to be up front and honest with its customers. Had I known there was going to be a 3 to 4 week turn around time ahead of time i would have delayed sending in my camera. Very poor customer sevice.

Posted by richbmw

Followed the UPS delivery schedule of my Nikon. They acknowledged receipt of my camera a full week after it arrived at their repair facility. A week after that and they have done nothing about the repair. Extremely SLOW service.

Posted by Pissoff

Nikon would not repair my rangefinder as trusted. They would not take my "faded" Bass Pro receipt. They sent my rangefinder back. Rangefinder had fog damage from I don't know how, as the item was only used in 72 degree weather. Rangefinder is ONLY 6 months old. Im buying a Vortex next.

Posted by Anonymous

Dear Nikon representative,

I have been a faithful user of your rifle scopes for about 20 years I've never had an issue with one ever until the scope I just sent you. Now you sent me back someone else's scope damaged as you observe the abusive ring indentations in the scope from someone else. What type of an operation are you running? I sent you my brand new out of the box scope to be repaired and you sent me someone elses damaged reworked POS. Regardless of this works or not this is not the brand new rifle scope I sent you and is 100% unacceptable I expect to get the brand new scope that I sent to you or a brand new replacement scope sent to me. I am NOT paying to send this back to you either. I paid for one to send to you first. Totally unacceptable I expect a phone call by c.o.b tomorrow.

John Polinsky

Posted by stephen latimer

Having suffered the now infamous 50mm stiff zoom on my 24-70 2.8mm IF ED, sent it off for repair and of course Nikon Uk wrote at the top of the estimate 'shows signs of impact damage', I suppose its my word against theirs, my gear is stored in a foam filled peli case and has never been bumped or dropped, the cost to repair this 'inherent' design fail in this lens is a whopping £508 GBP, shame on you NIKON, if you design something that doesn't work, don't punish the consumer.

Posted by Chris Mullane

I sent my Nikon D800 and 50 mil lens for service repair direct through there website it took 8 days to get there. After speaking to a very unhelpful customer service agent i then spoke to a ver helpful manager who assured me it would be done ASAP after not hearing from them for a further 5 days i rang again to again speak to a different unhelpful agent. This is the worst service i have experienced.
I had fooled other companies that could do this service and found a lot of terrible reviews about them thats why i decided to go with Nikon bad mistake very unhappy with this very poor service Chris Mullane

Posted by sachin mittal

My contact no. . I bought a camera of Nikon in November, 2015. The camera started giving problem around 15 days back and around 2-3 days back, I found that camera did not start. I visited Service Center of Nikon and they told me that the lens of the Camera is broken and it would cost 6000-7000 Rs. In this regard, I have two complaints that firstly how the lens could be broken when I dont have any idea about the damage to the product and secondly, I am just wondering that how the repair cost can be 6000-7000 Rs. for a camera or around 5,900/-. I sent a mail to Nikon around one week back but till date got no reply.

Posted by Canyoner989

Customer service is extremely bad. All they say is their average turn around is 7-10 days and they can't explain why my camera took 2 weeks before they ever even checked it out. Extremely dissatisfied with this repair facility. I will never by a Nikon camera again due to this being their authorized repair company.

Posted by pattial

I see where help is 24 hours a day 7 days a week however when I called for help She says I called outside your business hours of operation (I thought 24 - 7 was around the clock. I need help with signing into my login for Nikon.

Sincerely, Patricia Banning

Posted by Herdtown

I needed Two adjustment caps, which cracked in cold weather( why is a scope of your Quality and price have plastic caps.) I called and was told to get the serial # I had to remove the scope that was sited in to hunt. Now I have to put the scope back on and site in. All for 2 plastic caps. I use Nikon on all my T/C Pro hunters. This has made me think why?

Add your review!

Posted by George

NIKON encounter of the BEST kind!!!
My D7000 would not release the 70-300mm lens. I took it to the Australian Service Centre and the service managed to separate the two components. Upon examination it was revealed that the little stop screw in the lens had fallen off and jammed the lens to the body. I pleaded with the serviceman to have it fixed for me in a hurry as I wanted the lens to go with my daughter to ANTARTICA within a few days.Three days later I had the lens all fixed and was also given the repair job COMPLEMENTARY!!Great job and thanks to the Customer Service Manager for his understanding and kindness.
George Petrou

Posted by Oregon Sandy

We had an amazing experience with Nikon customer service and in particular their warranty repair department for Sport Optics! We have an older pair of Monarch Binoculars that had been broken. I went online and set up a repair request and mailed them back. As soon as they received them they offered to fix them under warranty with no charge. The fix was super fast and we received them back in about a week looking good as new! I will always purchase Nikon hunting optics!

Posted by Mike

I was on vacation and "somehow", my brand new Nikon Coolpix P340 had a lens error halfway through. I was pretty bummed about it, but I think I was dreading the idea of spending more on this camera just to have it working again. After reading all the negative reviews here, I was only expecting the worst. But, in the end it was a relatively pain free experience to deal with. Yes, I did have to pay out of pocket to send it in to Torrance, but the camera was under warranty and it came back working just fine about 10 days later, no charges. I can see when two-thousand dollar lenses get sent in, it might be more complicated than a higher-end point and shoot. Nonetheless, I had no problems with the repair and service.

Posted by Zorro

Great Tech support company. I wanted to know if I can charge my coolpix AW 110 through my Lap-top. The answer is YES! Yes! thank you Nikon.

Posted by Erik

Breakdown Coolpix S31.
Lost my invoice, purchased in South America, warranty normally not in Europe....

Nikon did replace S31 anyway....


Posted by Joe

Thank you guys so much for your prompt service on replacing my scope caps, free of charge, for my monarch scope. I have several nikon articles, rifle scopes thru cameras and love them all. My camera took quiet a beating in Viet Nam, in stride, and kept on working. I love your gear and will always purchase them.

Joe Wilkerson

Posted by Sofia

I called on a Thursday morning. A customer service rep answered the phone right away. No wait. Didn't have to press a lot of numbers before being connected to a live person.
Customer service rep was knowledgably and friendly.
Over all good service!

Posted by Anonymous

I wrote a review and comment yesterday 6/3/13 regarding Nikon camera warranty problems and customer service. By coincidence when I returned to the office from a trip yesterday, the camera was indeed returned and finally repaired despite all their internal communication problems and the significant delay. Their problem is poor communication and lack of timely feedback, but the overall comments yesterday are not actually relevant now since Nikon did in fact finally honor their repair warranty. Thus, please delete and remove my comments posted June 3, 2013. Please confirm same by reply email. Thank you.

Posted by Malangbaba

Took my Nikon D300S for checkup and a missing Battery-grip cover. Nikon provided the cover free of charge. Checked the camera, found everything in order. Camera was returned after five days with no charge.

Posted by Fernackerpan

My Nikon D700 shutter unit developed problems almost a year ago and was sent back to Nikon UK for repair via the retailer. Unfortunately the camera was out of warranty and cost me £670.OO to get it repaired. They did carry out some other work within this cost, including a clean.

In August this year the shutter started playing up again, and gradually deteriorated to the point where it became unusable.

I decided to bypass the retailer and contact Nikon UK direct via a form on their website. I was amazed at how quick they responded by email and to date I have received nothing but politeness and useful guidance. Regrettably, the shutter replacement carried out in January 2012 is out of repair warranty, but I was advised to send the camera in for investigation and that I could do this for free by completing a form on their website.

The camera was posted to them on Wednesday via Parcelforce, and today I have received emails from them to inform me that the camera has arrived and providing me with information on how to track what is happening regarding the repair.

At this point in time (2 Nov 2012)I cannot fault Nikon on their communication. It remains to be seen what happens from hereon yet it felt important to give them a thumbs up so far (especially to Lauren who has responded to all my emails at lightning speed).

Posted by Anonymous

I'm going to break the chain! This story has a HAPPY ENDING. I had trouble with a Coolpix 8100 and called Nikon. The tech had me try several things and then decided the camera should be sent in for repair so I shipped it off. It was received July 3 and there it sat. Whenever I checked, it was waiting for parts. I had an important vacation coming up and got nervous and called Nikon. They were courteous but told me that it was on hold for parts. Finally, within days of having to leave, I made several more calls and finally asked to talk to a supervisor. Edgar listened to my plea for help and said he'd do what he could to resolve the issue. I was delighted that a camera was shipped to me UPS Overnight and I received it the next day. Tomorrow I leave on vacation. Perfect timing. Thank you, Edgar, for making this possible.

Posted by LTL

Everytime I have called Nikkon for information, I have received a rapid and correct reply. I think their support team of the DSL series is sensational. I would buy the cameras for the technical service intelligence as much as the quality of the product

Posted by Connie

Thank you Erik (born in Conneticut) at Nikon in Dominican Repulic. You think outside the box - you helped me even though it had nothing to do with my wonderful Nikon CoolPix 500 (2). I appreciate you and your company. TY TY TY
Connie Buchal from Minnesota!

Posted by woodard6

I usually don't post comments, but figured I would give Nikon the recognition it deserves for this one. I was taking pictures with my D3100 DSLR and after reviewing the picture there were spaces on it that were flashing like a shadow. I very quickly explained just that and the customer service rep, Jose, told me what to do and it took care of my issue. So grateful for his expertise. Thanks Nikon! It was the highlight setting that had been changed.

Posted by Tanner

I have had Nikon Monarch Bionculars for 14 years. Whenever I have sent them back for repairs they have gone above and beyond and either repaired or replaced them with a comparable product at no charge to me. I would highly recommend this product as customer service is excellent. Tanner Griggs

Posted by Anonymous

I was given a Nikon 5100 as a birthday gift. In reviewing the manual, I came across instructions that were not clear. I called Nikon support. Customer service responded at the first ring. The representative was pleasant, informative and patient. My issue was resolved within minutes. Nikon, thank you!!!

Posted by superma2

I just bought the Nikon p500 Dec 2011 and March 2012 the mode selector dial malfunctioned. I sent it into Nikon for service and was very impressed on how fast they turned it around (I requested it back quickly as I needed it back for a trip in a couple weeks.) However the dial was still not working. Upset and reluctant, I sent it back in (overnighted at my expense to expedite each time.) To my surprise, another quick turn around and it was a brand new camera. No questions. I was more than satisfied with the final resolution and outcome!

Posted by Happy Customer

I can't believe the negative comments. I called for repair and was told they will pay for shipping both ways by one person and was kept to that...then wrote letter saying what is wrong with my camera, also said the I know you are a profitable, reputable company and that I know you will do everything you can to fix my camera under warrenty or I will have to buy a Kodak because they are cheaper. In 2wks. the camera was at my front door fix with no charge and no shipping charges. Cool! Thanks Nikon Coolpix! It pays to sweet talk. Happy customer.

Posted by Anonymous

Recently purchased a D7000. Had taken approx. 750 JPEGs, a number of which I had editted using the in-camera "Retouch Menu". When trying to view images after taking my latest pics, I found that at least half of the pictures could not be accessed. Recovery software was able to get most of them back, which were subsequently saved to a CD. However, contacted Customer Service to find out what was causing the problem. Was able to connect with customer service right away and spoke to Manny in the Dom. Republic who was very helpful - suggesting several things which could be causing the problem. Was very happy with the customer service.

Posted by jonathan davis

excellant service, received!

Posted by carolenic62

My Nikon camera pictures came back just terrible! I thought it was the store developer's fault. When I discovered it was my camera I called Nikon support help and was very pleased by my technician's advise. Not only were we on the phone for what seemed like an hour, the camera is now in perfect working order!! Thank you Gustavo, G. I hope you get a raise!!!!
Carole Nichols

Posted by Bob Nelson

On 4 Jan, 2011,I sent my 14 month old Nikon D-90 to Nikon for repair.Camera was rec'd at Nikon on 6 Jan. Serv Ord #5469543. On 14 Jan I was notified the repair estimate was $200.04.After talking to Customer Service,ie John, Joel, Jay,I was notified by Nikon that the repair would be handled under "Good Will" at no charge to me.I had informed Customer Service the camera had minimal use since I owned it and I requested that the repair be covered under warranty,which Nikon graciously did for me.Thank You for your understanding of my situation. Cudos to Nikon customer Service

Posted by Anonymous

Very helpful rep. I had two questions and he answered them in a couple of minutes. Thanks!

Posted by racingphotog

After 2 years of solid use of my D80 with a 80-300mm lens, I switched to a 70-200mm Nikkor lens I had bought with the camera and never put into service. From the outset, it was clearly mis-focusing and was hopelessly "soft" when manually focused. I contacted the Nikon Repair facility in El Segundo and was told that my 5-year warranty (which I had sent in at purchase) would cover any repairs. After the first repair, the problem was better, but still not right. They asked me to send the D80 body with the lens, at their expense, and took another whack at it, cleaning and adjusting the D80 at the same time for no charge. Again, better but not right. When I sent in the lens a third time, they conceded that the problem was too elusive for them to continue trying to fix, and they sent me a brand-new, updated (VRII) lens to replace it. I have been a Nikon user for more than 35 years, and now will be one for the rest of my career as a professional photographer. They were reachable by phone, completely approachable and sympathetic when contacted by email, and professional. My tip: Use their website first, and keep records of names, dates, and emails.

Posted by Jim

My D70 stopped working after 2 years
sent it in and they fixed it( major parts and labor) for free. I would buy again.

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