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Nike customer service is ranked #300 out of the 946 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 39.13 out of a possible 200 based upon 79 ratings. This score rates Nike customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


74 Negative Comments out of 79 Total Comments is 93.67%.


5 Positive Comments out of 79 Total Comments is 6.33%.

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  • Nike

    Customer Service Scoreboard

    • 39.13 Overall Rating
      (out of 200 possible)
    • 74 negative comments (93.67%)
    • 5 positive comments (6.33%)
    • 1 employee comments
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    • 2.3 Issue Resolution
    • 3.5 Reachability
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    • 4.4 Friendliness
    • 3.7 Product Knowledge

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Posted by Disgruntled Nike Cistomer

Nike sucks. Will not honor return because their own tag came off the shoes we returned because Velcro no longer held the shoes closed.

Posted by Doug

bought a pair of mike had them 2 months and the front of the shoe the toe is coming apart and I like Nike

Posted by Nolongeranikefan

I have never heard of a company such as Nike being so inconsiderate to their loyal customers. I bought 160.00 sneakers july 11th and 2 weeks later there is a promo code for 20 percent off. They will not do a price adjustment or make any exceptions. Well Nike you lose because now I am returning the sneakers and instead of getting the 40 dollar credit you are getting the almost 170.00 loss in sale. No loyalty and will let everyone on social media know about this.

Posted by Anonymous

Just purchased shoes in one of your Beijing stores . not empresses that an international company such as yours in 2017 China still do not except credit cards from overseas. Your staff was very good just the policy an issue for me . Whilst leaving the shop your assistant did say good bye see you again, which I don't he will all the time you have these antiquated policies.

Posted by Horible at returning christmas g

Where do I begin, I purchased an item for my adult niece for Christmas, on the website it says that returns are no problem and items purchased have 60 days to return. My niece decided she didnt like the shoes and wanted to exchange them for something else this was in Jan. She called customer service the guy on the phone told her she can not return them and that i would have to return them the re buy the new shoes she wanted. I went online and spoke to Arlene whom asured me that was a mistake and that they could send my niece a gift card. after 45 minutes of giving my nieces address, email address and setting up an Nike account for my niece because Arlene siad she had to have one, I thought this was handled. Arlene assured me that all was taken care of and that she noted my account for when the return came in so that they couodl send my niece a gift card. my niece inquired with Nike today to find out about the return and gift card. they said they refunded my account. I check my accoutn there is no refund. I call Nike and speak to someone and tell them whom I had spoken to a few weeks ago and that we spent 45 minutes supposingly taking care of this issue, she says there are no notes on the account and sorry but they refunded my credit card it may take up to a week before i see this on my statement. I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHIN FROM NIKE AGAIN. for such a big corporation you should be able to do a simple refund with out all this hassel . expecailly around the holiays

Posted by Sepideh

I got a hole on one pair of my flynit nike sneaker and after callng nike, they asked me to send it to another state! After I did they told me I should snd both pairs and returned the first paird, after I sent both pairs and spent 21 more dollars on mailing cost and 2 weeks wasted time! They decided it was not a company defect and rejected to refund me. That was for sure the last time I purchased from Nike.
You have the trashiest customer service I'va ever seen.
You could have done that inspection the first time, not making me sending you the flawless pair again and spend 21 more dollars for nothing and waste my time as well.
I will put this review on any Nike review site for sure and let every one I know about this very poor customer service to stop them from going through what I went.
Very disapponting!

Posted by Amal

I purchased a pair of Nike for $139.00 about a month ago. The toe rubber tip is already starting to rip. I've been purchasing Nike sneakers for a while. This doesn't happen to me. I love these sneakers but I don't know what to do.

Posted by Unsatisfied Customer

My experience with Nike's customer service was terrible. I spoke with three different people because the first two both messed up my order! So my original situation was, I dropped off two pairs of shoes at my nearest UPS in attempt to exchange them for a larger size. I called Nike's customer service an hour after I dropped off the shoes to see if I can receive my new pairs of shoes in less than three days because I was to leave the country for a couple of weeks. The first person I spoke with told me that I needed to return and get a refund on the shoes I dropped off because I would'nt be able to receive the new shoes until next week, if I were to go through the exchanging process. I listened to her and asked for a refund on the shoes I bought, and place a new order for the exact same shoes with a larger size. After she placed the order for me, I received the email that contained the information of my order and instead of a two-day shipping, she placed a standard shipping, meaning I would be out of the country when my shoes would arrive. So my 40 minute phone call with this polite woman was pointless because I ended up with the identical problem that I asked her assistance for. I made another phone call after receiving the email and I provided him with my information as well to re-purchase the same items. I never received a confirmation email stating that he made the purchase for me, even though I was on the phone with him for nearly another hour. I waited until 25 hours to make sure that the email wasn't just late, and I called for the third time. The woman told me that my order was never placed that's why I didn't receive an email. So I had to provide my credit card information for the third time, and go through the process three times, with three different people to find a solution to my primary problem. It was an incredibly frustrating experience for the employees kept making mistakes and I spent nearly 2.5 hours on the phone with Nike's customer service in the sand of two days. The only positive part of my experience was that the employees were very polite and seemed to have great attitudes. The biggest problem is that they failed to double check their work which results in mistake that can be easily preventable if they were to double check the customers' orders.

Posted by Anonymous

My daughter bought me a pair of Nike sneakers vomero 9 was the style and sent them to me for Mother's Day I started wearing them about the middle of the month ( may ) I walk about 4 miles a day and these sneakers are falling apart. I have a hole through the bottom of the sole so I can't wear them anymore. They ate supposed to have a better sole is what you said about these but I totally wore out the sole I have pictures if you would like to see them is there anything you can do to help

Posted by H519

I am looking for the Nike Blazer Mid Retro (all white with the red swoosh) and the only kind available online is mens. I was wondering if you were able to add to the women's OR allow for a Nike iD option so I am able to create my own.

Please get back to me as soon as possible.


Posted by Bgm

I am trying to get a hold of someone to have a custom air max 90 shoe made please contact me back thank you

Posted by Anonymous

I bought a pair of fingertrap max about a month ago. I live an hour away from the Nike store where they were purchased. The air heel of the left has already blown out. Nike.Com will not help at all and the store wants me to ship them the shoes, after they "inspect" them they will mail me another pair. Mean time I am supposed to go without any shoes! Nike does NOT care about the customer after they have their money!

Posted by Anonymous

I recently made a online purchase for my son's birthday. I got size 6 kids LeBronXIII AND went through the checkout with no problems, but when I received my confirmation it showed that I purchased 2 identical pairs. Within an hour of my order I called to cancel one pair and was told that I have to wait till I get the shoes and return them. I think this is horrible customer service when a mistake is made and my money is tied up for a week plus. Needless to say I doubt I will ever use your website again to purchase anything and I am a die hard Nike head. This is highly disappointing to someone who has 40+ Pairs of Nike's and spent tons of money on you product through out my life.

Posted by Radmation

Guess what I will never buy nike's again. The reason why is because I saw a youtube advertisment that was about a transgender athlete. I know what you are thinking "this guy hates transgender people" and you would be wrong. I don't think a company should take a side - and they clearly did - so they lost a customer for life.

Posted by Jo

I bought the Nike Fury 2 running sneakers and didn't wear them for a month because my gym closed and was searching for a new one. When I finally did wear them longer than the amount of time it took to try them on at the store, I felt a lump in the left shoe. Every time I go on the treadmill I think the lump will be gone but it is always there and by the end of my workout it becomes a painful pressure point. I would have returned them to the store but it was over a month before I discovered the problem so now going forward I wont be buying sneakers from Nike.

Posted by Olskoolgal

Attempted to purchase sneakers for my grandson and order the wrong size. Called and was told that they indeed had an upsize and would ship them upon my returning the purchased ones. Was asked to wait for a return label to my email. It never came. Called back and a gentleman apologized and resent me (2) labels. ??? Returned the item, waited a few days and called. They said they received the shoes, and were issuing a refund. Explained that I requested an exchange. Okay, let's do the exchange now. Received cancellation notice. Called. No, it hasn't been cancelled. Received email. Yes it's been cancelled. Called again, no it was a duplicate order cancelled, your exchange is on the way. Today, email indicating my refund was returned to my account. Called---indeed you will receive a refund in 10-12 business days. DONE

Posted by Anonymous

Hibbets do not stand behind Nike products. Purchased shirts a week ago washed them onced and they came apart, obviously defected but Hibbets will exchange them or anything. I have my receipt, also. Manager is adamant and says if it's been washed they don't take them back. FRUSTRATED!!! I paid $30 bucks for nothing!!!

Posted by Vitor C


From the website an online Nike shoe store:

My order from April 28 2016, $84,99 Nike Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 shoes, request shipping to Portugal

never arrived neither I got any feedback following payment.

Site never responded to the contact form or product review on subsequent attempts of contact.

The website seems dead but will accept your payments and I lost my money!

I wish I could get reinbursed on my credit card!


Thank you

Posted by [email protected]

I bought a pair of Nike Dual Fusion X in the month of October and I loved them.
They were gray and black with pink trim.size 8. I have only wore them in
normal wear for a 63 year old woman. They felt great. So you can imagine how
disappointed I was when I noticed that the material is already coming apart
at the seam at the side of the toes. Just wanted to let you know because I am
sure that I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Thank you

Patricia Wainscott

Posted by TeoH

Nike sent me a wrong order. When I called to inform them about he incident, they told me that the correct order will be expedite with next day delivery. After 4 days of waiting, I had to call them back and went through a 30mins hold time. A rep informed me that their higher resolution team haven't have a chance to look into it. At this point I was quite upset because it was 2 weeks since my order date already. On the following day, I received an email saying that they had sent the order out to ware house and I should be expecting in in a day or two. Then the very net day, I received another email from their warehouse stating that my order might be delayed up to 3 weeks, and I can cancel it if I cannot wait. Frustrated, I called Nike again and the rep just stated that it might be delivered earlier but they have up to 3 weeks to deliver. It has been over 2 weeks and I still have not receive my item. If this what you call expedite and next day deliver, then Nike is not only overpricing their products, but also their customer service as well. Very disappointed!

Posted by Cindy

I have bought Nike products for many many years for all of my family. This is the first time I am incredibly disappointed. I bought a pair of dual fusion sneakers months ago & put them away. I recently pulled them out & have worn them 4 times just to go to the store & near the front on both sneakers the stitching has come apart & they are ruined.
I cant take them back or return them because I have had them in my closet for 3 months. I have never complained to a company before but, I spent almost a hundred dollars on these shoes...very sad. I didn't want to ever change my brand of shoes but, I'm afraid to have this happen again. I hope Nike isn't cutting corners like we hear so much about other products lately.

Posted by Lizzie_stew

Very bad service.

I was just told by the Nike support staff that my return is being rejected so to "customer error".

When I asked them what they meant by that they didn't know. This dispite waiting on the phone for a very long time - for them to try to find the answer.

I returned my sweatsuit after trying it on once and sending it back well within the 30 day timeframe. I can't imagine what customer error was caused

I had to order the new sweatsuit in the right size separately. So now I have two sweat suits!!

Obviously Nike just wants to steal my money and blame me for it. Stay away from this site!!!!!

Posted by Bstep

Why has it been 4 days that your gift card purchasing is still not working? Is your technical support department not doing there job? Please let me know when it is fixed. Thank you. R.S.

Posted by Anonymous

Brought some AJ12 MASTERS RECENTLY ONLNE FROM NIKE STORE AND EVERYTHING WAS ALL GOOD,THEN FEW DAYS GOES BY N I NOTICE PREPARING TO SHIP AND I WAS EXCITED. NOW TODAY 3/2/16 I GET AN EMAIL We�re sorry, but we are unable to fulfill your Air Jordan 12 Retro order . The item turned out to be so popular that the number of orders placed exceeded our inventory and the product is now unavailable.

To help make up for it, we�re setting aside a pair of the Air Jordan 12 French Blue that will drop in the coming weeks, exclusively for you, in your size, for you to purchase should you want them. You�ll also receive 20% Off your next order, whether it�s for the Jordans or something else. NOW IS THAT BOUT I GET THE ONLINE SUPPORT SHE SAYS THE SAME CRAP LIKE COPY N PASTE THAT STUFF. THIS COMPANY IS SO MESSED UP PERIOD.

Posted by Anonymous

At about 9:23, my son contacted a Nike store in Nike Roosevelt Field. I do not know what the name of the woman was, but she wasn't seeming very willing to help us at first. My son tried asking her a question; however, she immediately put him on hold. He waited for a strait 28 minutes, only to find that the woman had left. This ruined my son's mood and left him crying the whole night-I don't think it was a very nice thing to do on the woman's part. You guys made me waste that much of my airtime and I think it was a very mean thing to do. I have been a long time customer with Nike, but this really upset me...the poor kid just kept saying to himself "who would do such a thing..."

Add your review!

Posted by Anonymous

A big "Thank You" to NIKE. I work at the Marriott as a Spa Attendent. I am on my feet 8 hours a day and walk at least 5 miles during the shift. Two years ago I purchased a pair of Nike Free TR Fit 3 and they have been wonderful. My feet have always been comfortable and the shoes are still like new and I am going on my third year with them. They are amazing. They are attractive. and they have made my job possible as I have a knee replacement and am 69 years old...I walk on tile and through wet shower areas and have never fallen. They maintain a grip on the surface...and they always look lovely and my feet have always been comfortable. THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING SHOE!....I highly recommend them for anyone who is in the service industry or on their feet all day long.

Posted by Paris hemphill

Hi my name is Paris Hemphill and I have two young kids that gets disappointed every time u release a new shoe. My 13 year old has been trying so hard to get at least one retro pair and I find it so disturbing that you would put kids threw that. I realize your running a business and your looking r think u have found the answer but u have only made it worst.think back to yourself as a kid and wonder how bad it may have felt when u could have what others did. Sad, but worst now cause the parents are finding it easier to afford it but impossible to purchase. I think u all need to reconsider how u decide on your distribution. I'm tired of telling my children that they can get them when I work hard for them to have them. Now we will still put our name in the drawing because I have to show them I at least tried but disappointment after disappointment is getting a bit frustrating. Paris Hemphill Write r call me if you ever consider to change how u distribute your retro styles. June styles is their latest request. God bless u.

Posted by Anonymous

My friend had purchased nike shoes last month and she lloves them. She is a runner so she likes to have good support on her heel and the ball of her foot and she always is saying how nike shoes always does that whether they are the nike air or what veer series. SHe loves them so much she wears them like everywhere we go.

Posted by Anonymous

Best customer service I have ever dealt with so polite so helpful so patient . AWESOME!

Posted by Anonymous

Best customer service line I've ever used. It was a pleasure doing business with you Nike! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous

We love Nike shoes, we have two boys and we buy at least 8 pair or more a year. The last two pair we have bought at Academy Sports they tore at the front. The first pair lasted 3 months and the next pair lasted about 2, we took them back with receipt and the store told us theres nothing we can do. I thought the shoes should of lasted longer, don't know for sure if it was the style or not, all he buys is the black, grey, or red ones. My older sons last usually over al year. We bought Rebock the last time and they have lasted over 6 months and still look good. Didn't know if anything can be done or if there was a defect in the Nike shoes on a certain style last year. We would like to go back but not for sure.


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